When you make the decision to relocate to a different city or a different state, you should do so knowing what to expect. There will be a lot of planning and obligations involved, the first of which will be to find the perfect long distance moving company for your particular needs. And this is where the services Verified Movers have in store for you are made useful. With our estimate and match-up options, finding the right movers will be a stroll in the park. And the best thing is that it will save you a whole lot of time and effort. If you want to find out more about this keep reading, and contact us for any questions you have!

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What Makes Long Distance Moving Companies Stand Out?

In order for you to hire the perfect cross-state or interstate moving company, you first have to understand what makes them so good. After all, you will entrust your belongings to them for safekeeping and transportation across hundreds of miles. So, this is not a decision to be taken lightly. And this is exactly why you should be aware of which qualities to look for in a professional relocation company. Here are some ideas to give you a general idea:

  1. Well-established reputation
  2. Reliability
  3. Affordability
  4. Customer satisfaction

Bear in mind that these are by no means the only traits that you should consider, but they are the most important ones. Exceptions do exist and it falls to you to decide which of these qualities will have priority. With our database of potential moving companies, you will be able to find a match for whichever of these you decide is most important if not all.

Reputation is important for long distance moving companies

You can’t just go on a whim and hire the first moving company you come across, especially one you haven’t heard of. Reputation plays a key role for any business, no matter how big or small. And when we talk about the moving industry in particular, this is something all the more relevant. After all, this is a company that you will hire to handle your valuables – you have to make sure that they are well-established and worth the investment. Otherwise, you risk additional expenses, potential damages, fraud etc. It boils down to basic logic – people always want someone they know will do a good job. You want a company that is:

  • Known to the general public and present on social media
  • Established as a brand in the moving industry
  • Operating for more than 5 years
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A company with a good reputation has a lead in the industry

Long distance and interstate movers should be credible enough to rely on

Even though the importance of all the qualities we talk about here is equal, this is one you shouldn’t neglect. The credibility that a long distance moving company conveys is something that can determine how reliable they are. After all, we live in a business age where each industry has countless companies to choose from. And not all of them have the certifications or capabilities required for the work and services they offer. This is why you should always take the time to research the movers you consider hiring before you actually do so. Verified Movers can already help you get started by offering you only state to state companies that are BBB approved.

How Do I Check If A Company Is Reliable?

There are some basic steps that you can take to ensure that a company is trustworthy:

  • Avoid unconfirmed sources – you should never put your trust in websites that are only focused on promoting businesses that pay good money. They don’t bother to check their validity.
  • Check customer feedback and reviews – you can find anything online. Included in that are reviews of moving company in question, which we can also provide you with. The simplest way to identify moving frauds is through shared experiences of others. So just check out the profiles and reviews of the long-distance moving companies on our website and you’ll have all you need.
  • Skim through the official website – all moving companies should have an official website – it’s an essential part of doing business. After all, we are living in an era where everything you need, you look for online. Unfortunately, some companies still don’t understand this, but they will have to if they want to stay in business.
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Google is a good way to search for long distance movers

Your budget will decide whether the moving company you hire is affordable

A lot of people take issue with the expenses associated with a long distance relocation. And this is to be expected – not everyone will have the same budget prepared. This is why we offer people the chance to specify their price range when it comes to the move they are planning.

So, it all comes down to finding the middle ground in the price of the moving services you are offered. Once you compare moving quotes between several long distance moving companies, you will be able to better determine this. And when find a median value, identifying the best movers for your needs will be much easier.

The focus of all movers should be on good services and even better customer satisfaction

It’s really hard to put your trust in a moving and storage company that does not convey the proper care for the wishes of their clients. Not only is this the foundation of service providers in general, but it helps build a solid customer base. If a company demonstrates to customers that they are the best at what they do, word will spread and so will their reputation. So, it all comes down to good business ethics that you should look for in moving companies. And this is yet another factor you should consider before you make your choice.

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All reputable movers should value customer satisfaction

Long Distance Moving Guidelines And Tips

Moving across the state or across the nation is no easy endeavor. It takes a lot of energy, time, and financial investment to accomplish this. This is even more pronounced during commercial moving. However, as long as have the support of a professional long distance moving company, relocation becomes much easier. Even when you find yourself in a crunch for time or last-minute dire straits, you can always rest easy, knowing that you have a safety net. Although the priority of Verified Movers is to help people find their ideal interstate moving company, we always look to go a step further. So, we will help you explore some long distance moving guidelines that will make your experience stress-free.

Rule of thumb – the longer the moving distance is, the harder it becomes to plan and execute it. However, even the most daunting of tasks can be simplified with a little thought and preparation. So, one should always do as much research as possible when it comes to long distance moves. Sure enough, expert moving companies will get you through the endeavor of relocation. But that shouldn’t discourage you from learning something in the process. So, here are some legit Verified Movers steps to help you get on the right track:

Step #1: Make a solid plan of action before you dial long distance movers

Whether you are moving to Texas, planning a nationwide relocation to California or you just need to complete simple, local moving – a plan is something you will always need. After all, you want to be prepared for any situations that you might find yourself in. And since any plan worth having is composed of several sections, so should this one be. So, here are the main areas you want to focus on when planning your relocation with a long distance moving company:

  1. Consider when is the best time to move
  2. Find the interstate movers to help you.
  3. Comprise a list of belongings you want to take with you.
  4. Plan for any additional expenses along the way.

Look at it this way: planning is a crucial part of any move – local, nationwide or global. So, by taking the time to immerse yourself in this process, you are only inevitably helping your future self. And trust us when we tell you, your future self will be extremely grateful for the heads-up.

Picture of wooden cubes with letters
You need to have a plan, no matter if you move by yourself or with professional help

When is the best time for you to relocate?

Timing always plays an important role relocation-wise. Hence, to ensure a smooth long distance move, one has to consider the best time for it. And this is why it is so important that you take a look at the wider picture:

  • Check the weather forecast to see when to expect sunny days in continuation. After all, the last thing you want to do is move during rush hour or find yourself in the middle of a storm on moving day
  • Consider which time of year people in your area tend to move around the most. This will also help you when booking expert long distance moving services.
  • The time of day during which you choose to move will also influence the level of difficulty of it all. It’s not the same to move in the morning and to have to travel during rush hour in the afternoon.

Finding the long distance moving company to accommodate all your needs

We’ve already gone through this step earlier – what makes for a good nationwide relocation business, how to identify them, and what to consider. So, we won’t repeat ourselves too much here. After all, our website is here to offer you a shortcut when it comes to finding the right moving team for your needs, no matter if you need standard moving services, or something more specialized like auto moving.

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A good moving company will be able to accommodate all your moving needs

Creating an inventory list of all your belongings

Keeping track of your belongings is something people always advise. That way, you can avoid having to question your sanity when you misplace certain items or forget about borrowing them to others. So, the plan of action here is to go ahead and create an inventory list, noting all your belongings. Don’t write off anything – take notes from the smallest to the biggest piece of property you have. Only by doing this will you be able to make sure that everything has been packed and prepared for the move ahead.

Always be sure to plan for unwanted expenses

Cross-country moving can be very unpredictable. Sure, using the professional services of certified moving companies reduces this risk. However, you can never really expect everything to go 100% according to plan. Accidents can happen to anyone, and the only true difference is whether you are prepared for them or not.

So, make sure to have a reserve budget in place in case of emergency expenses. Another useful thing you can do is make sure that all your valuables have been insured for any damages during transport. This is something you can also discuss with the long distance moving company you decide to hire.

Picture of a person that is calculating their budget before hiring long distance movers
Unwanted expenses can occur no matter how well you plan and prepare

Step #2: Time to check if the on-site price is right

This is a simple matter of having all the information beforehand. Sure, you’ve set out a certain amount of money for the upcoming move. However, the sooner you know the exact price for the relocation, the easier it will be to handle your finances efficiently. The best way to do this is for the interstate moving company to send a representative to examine the property and give an on-site estimate.

Once you do this, you will have a clearer image of just how much expense we’re talking about. However, if you find that the company does not do this or that the estimate is not to your liking, time to raise an alarm and call the next company. And if this scenario does come to pass, no need to worry – plenty of long distance moving companies in the ocean that is the Verified Movers database.

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On-site estimates tend to be the most accurate

Step #3: Lighten your relocation load – downsize via sales and donations

Long distance moving endeavors will most often cost you based on the overall weight of the property. This is why it is in your best interest to lighten your moving load as much as possible. Once you have that inventory list, you can go through it and start crossing off things you no longer need or use. Remember – material attachment easily transforms into serious illnesses such as hoarding. And hoarding often leads to health traps and potential injuries. If you were to rid yourself of all that extra clutter around the house, you would be able to:

  1. Clear your home of health violations and make your life less complicated.
  2. Save money on packing and moving expenses for the interstate move.

When it comes to efficient ways to rid yourself of all this, the answer is simple – sell or donate. Consider this – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, a garage sale is always a good way to secure extra funding for your relocation while you lighten your load for the move. Then again, there are those belongings that might serve other less fortunate people. In this case, donation is the answer. Just don’t overthink this decision and you will be fine – simply do it.

Step #4: Consider the undertaking of packing your entire household

Now that you’ve made sure that your household is free of clutter, time to consider packing. People here are often faced with two simple options to consider: DIY packing or professional packing services. There are many differences, pros, and cons.

In this case, that is – consider that you are not moving down the street but hundreds of miles away. This means that simple 101 packing will not help. You have to take it a step further. So, unless you have experience when it comes to packing and wrapping, in addition to top-quality packing supplies, you might want to opt for professional help. After all, there is no need to risk the safety of your prized possessions if you have other options. Most long distance moving companies offer their expertise to help you ensure maximum protection.

Picture of packed boxes
Packing always takes more time than estimated

Step #5: Stay informed when dealing with long distance moving companies

Today, information holds the most power in many situations we find ourselves in. Relocation is no different, especially when we talk about cross-country moves. So, if you wish to avoid all typical moving mistakes, you have to know your rights and the responsibilities of your interstate moving company.

One such useful fact is that movers are required to offer moving insurance that covers all damages and losses during your move. It’s just a matter of asking the right questions. If you are not quite sure which ones to ask, there are always official organizations to help you. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates all long-distance moves. This makes it an ideal consultant for any confusions you might have.

Step #6: Consider money-saving precautions

There are plenty of ways to help you save money during a move. Some of them, we already mentioned here, such as:

  • Decluttering your household of extra belongings.
  • Planning the timing of your relocation.
  • Packing by yourself or getting your own packing supplies.
  • Timing your long distance relocation.
  • Getting precise estimates etc.

However, there are always other ways to ensure that your total for the move goes down. One option you might have is moving in the off-season – nothing like a little cold weather to bring down the demand for long distance moving companies. Consider your job occupation or age group and ask around for any potential discounts that companies often provide. It might seem distasteful, but asking never hurt anybody.

Picture of a piggy bank
Saving money is always a good decision

Moving expenses are often deductible tax-wise

Reasons for moving can also play a role in the cross-country moving process. Hence, if you find yourself moving for work, consider the fact that moving costs can be tax-deductible. This is a great way to save some money, as long as you don’t forget to write off moving expenses when filing your tax. And, of course, make sure that you double-check what expenses you can deduct.

Step #7: Make sure your furniture fits the layout in your new home

You should never underestimate the unpacking process. Sure, once the move is done, you will have all the time in the world to set up your new home. However, what happens if certain items can’t fit inside your new home? Will you just throw away pieces of furniture?

All this can be easily avoided. Make sure to plan out the new space and what can fit where before you arrive. Once you do that, you will have a clear image of the layout of your new household. This will prove beneficial for both you and your long distance moving company. Why? Because you can instruct them where what goes on during unloading. Also, you can consult with them in terms of storage services, if the need arises. All in all, you will be much better prepared.

Picture of a living room
Make sure that your old furniture fits in your new home

Step #8: Learn how to settle in your new community

Last but not least is adapting to your new environment. This is maybe the toughest part of the long distance move. You have to find a way to feel your environment like home. You should meet people in your new town and find your new favorite places to relax. Get out into your new town and experience what offers. Find popular spots to meet new people, join book and dining clubs, and find your new home. Take the time, get out from your home and your new city will quickly become your own.

Reputable Long Distance Movers At Your Fingertips with Verified Movers

As you can see, Verified Movers saves you the time you need to spend looking for long distance movers online. Thanks to our database, you have access to some of the best movers in the nation. Contact us, and get matched to the best of the best!

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