One of the most frustrating experiences in life is moving day. There is so much to do, from buying moving boxes and packing supplies to labeling, loading and finding a help. Household move or commercial relocation in Iowa requires plenty of organization and attention to detail. If you find the process too overwhelming to handle on your own, turn to cross country moving companies Iowa. Professional assistance will make this whole process much simpler, efficient and stress-free. And, Verified Movers is here to ensure you make the best choice in your moving team. We’ll also assist you if you’re in need of an intrastate move with long distance moving companies Iowa, so have a look at our website and track down reputable moving teams from Hawkeye State.

A bridge in Iowa

Hiring cross country moving companies Iowa is the right choice when leaving this state.

How much does it cost to leave Iowa with moving experts by your side?

Interstate relocations are by no means short trips, and the prices tend to reflect that to some extent. Why to some extent? Well, the prices for cross country moves are certainly higher than for the local ones. But, the good thing is that the cost of hiring interstate movers in Iowa could still be much lower than you expect it. Now, we can’t know for sure how much you’re going to spend, at least not until you share some details with us. So, if you’re really interested in the price of your move, we have a quote calculator on our website, and we encourage you to use it. Otherwise, we’ve prepared a few examples of interstate relocations along with their average price ranges, so let’s jump into it.

  1. Moving from Iowa to Nebraska; $1,900 – $3,500
  2. Moving from Iowa to Illinois; $1,900 – $3,500
  3. Moving from Iowa to Florida; $2,900 – $5,000
  4. Moving from Iowa to Texas; $2,600 – $4,600
  5. Moving from Iowa to California; $3,300 – $5,700

Things to look out for in the search of experienced cross country moving companies in Iowa you can rely on

We wish that finding reliable movers was easy and straightforward, but unfortunately, it isn’t. This is because of so many fraudulent moving companies operating in the business nowadays. With the sole intention of taking advantage of you, these are the companies you need to avoid at all costs. We don’t want you to think that finding trustworthy interstate moving companies in Iowa is overly complicated either, we just want to show you a few things to look out for to make this search more efficient and quicker.

A man thinking of hiring cross country moving companies Iowa

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing interstate movers in Iowa with whom you’ll relocate.

Always start with a license check in order to separate the licensed moving professionals from the fraud

As with almost any other business in our country, moving companies are strictly regulated, whether on the state or federal level. In the case of cross country moving companies Iowa, we’re talking about the federal level. Some rules and regulations need to be followed, and if a company has passed the necessary test, and therefore, obtained the required permits, only then should you consider them. You’ll find the information you need at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It’s a federal agency that has data on cross country movers from all over the country, Iowa included, so this is a great place to start off your search.

Proceed by taking a look at cross country moving companies Iowa reviews

Now, we could argue that the first step is more important than the second one. But, in all honesty, it’s difficult to separate them. So, the importance of reviews is similar to the importance of checking the licenses, and here is why. The traits of a good company, as well as the shortcomings of a bad one, are easily identified through reviews where the previous customers of the company in question have shared their experiences. On our platform, you can find plenty of these testimonials, so make sure to take a look at Verified Movers reviews and ensure you’re making the best choice for the upcoming relocation out of Iowa.

A woman reading cross country moving companies Iowa reviews on her phone.

Use our platform to browse through cross country moving companies Iowa reviews.

Get in touch with interstate moving companies in Iowa you’re considering and see how they communicate with you

In the end, it won’t matter if the company has the best reviews and ratings, whether they’re licensed or not if they don’t treat you with respect. Remember that you want to have the best moving experience, and it won’t be the best unless the company you’re doing business with treats you the way you’re supposed to be treated. If their customer support is poorly organized, lacking information, or simply rude, look elsewhere. You need a company that will stand by you from the beginning to the end, be there for you when you need them the most, and not one that doesn’t appreciate you. Don’t worry, you’ll find many diligent and polite cross country movers in Iowa here at Verified Movers, so feel free to browse through our platform until you find the right team.

You can expect customized services when relocating with top professionals in the Hawkeye State

Every relocation project is unique, just like all of us. There are no two relocations that are completely the same. And that is precisely what makes things so hard to handle. You can never know what’s next, especially when you are a novice in the relocation process. There can be plenty of unpredictable instances up ahead, and you can find yourself struggling pretty fast. That is where professional cross country moving companies Iowa step into the picture, as they can handle every situation that arises. After all, with so many services on offer, it’s obvious that a lot of these experts from cross country moving companies Iowa are well and truly ready for any scenario. Here are some of the services you can expect when doing business with them:

  • Packing services
  • Storage services
  • Junk removal
  • Furniture moving
  • Senior moving
  • College moving
  • White glove moving

Needless to say, these are the services you can ask for whether you’re about to go on a residential move or a commercial move. Also, whichever services you need, for your household or for a business, location, or the moving distance to be precise, won’t matter because cross country moving companies in Iowa have it all. Local, long distance, cross country, and even international moving, the sky is the limit. Among the movers from our database, there is truly something for everyone. If Iowa is your starting point, rest assured that no matter where the destination is, reputable professionals from Hawkeye State are ready to safely transport your goods.

two men from cross country moving companies Iowa carrying boxes.

If you need packing services, you don’t have to worry, because experienced cross country movers in Iowa will take care of it.

Interstate movers in Iowa can also deal with your specialty items

If you have some valuable item sitting in or around your house that you find hard to relocate, the answer is simple – turn to interstate moving companies in Iowa. You’d be surprised to see how many different items they’re able to transport expertly and without any disturbances. Reputable professionals will simply have a solution to each and every one of your moving problems. To give you a slight idea of the sheer amount of specialty item moving services they’re offering, check out the list below.

  • Auto moving
  • Piano moving
  • Fine art moving
  • Antiques moving
  • Pool table moving

Verified Movers is here to make the moving process easier for you

When looking for reliable cross country moving companies Iowa has to offer, know that you are in the right place, as Verified Movers and its team are here for you. And even more importantly, the interstate movers in Iowa you are able to find on our platform will understand you and your moving needs. That is why we are the ones you should turn to when looking for moving assistance. Moving across state lines is everything but easy. However, we’re doing everything in our power to facilitate your quest toward ensuring a safe and fun moving experience. With 21,000 companies sitting in our database, rest assured that we can live up to your expectations.

Three friends with boxes talking in the street.

Ensure a safe relocation for you and your loved ones by using all the benefits that our platform provides you with.

But, our assistance doesn’t stop there. To help you make the best choice, we made reviews available on our platform. Browsing through Verified Movers reviews will surely give you a quality insight into the pros and cons of hiring certain cross country movers Iowa. We are proud to provide you with honest reviews, and we work daily to ensure that only these honest testimonials remain on our website, completely eliminating the fake ones. It doesn’t matter to us whether they’re positive or negative, as we’re doing our best to give you the most transparent information. And, even if you need help with some other moving-related issues, feel free to check out our blog. With countless guides and tips out there, we’re certain that you’ll find some articles very handy.

Cross country moving companies by cities in Iowa

Moving companies in Hawkeye State are numerous, and the fact is, you don’t need them all. It’s optimal to look for those companies who are operating near you, even though most Iowan companies are able to help you. But, with those close to you, the whole process is simply much more efficient. So, to help you make your relocation more efficient, here is a list of interstate moving companies in Iowa sorted by cities:

The duration of your cross country relocation

People tend to be very impatient during the moving process, and that’s perfectly understandable. Sole preparations for the move can last for months. So, it’s normal to want everything done and dusted as soon as possible once the moving day comes. But, in reality, that’s not possible. Cross country moves simply take time. Just try to remember that the most important thing here is that your belongings arrive safely at the destination, while you’re relieved of all the work. After all, that’s what cross country moving companies Iowa are here for. So, what’s the timeline? On average, it is between 10 and 15 business days, or 2 to 3 weeks in real-time. But, once again, it will depend mainly on distance, but a few other factors could be involved as well.

The ideal season for leaving Iowa

Iowa is a state that has really tricky weather in terms of relocation suitability. Living in a state that truly offers you all 4 seasons is usually bliss, and most people enjoy those conditions. But, for relocations, it means that if you do it during the summer it will be hot and difficult to navigate, if you do so during the winter, it’s freezing and it’s even harder. So maybe a springtime move could be perfect for you? Another thing to look out for is the price of the move. Even though summers in Hawkeye State are very hot, they are usually the busiest seasons for cross country movers in Iowa. Naturally, this means a slightly bigger cost, so choose wisely.

Des Moines during spring.

Spring is the best out of all seasons in Iowa, so relocating during this period is never a bad idea.

Getting in touch with cross country moving companies Iowa

Choosing one of cross country moving companies in Iowa can be scary. Once again, we want to emphasize the importance of doing a background check on movers in order to know you’re hiring some of the best ones. After a good research, you will know that the company you choose is trustworthy and conscientious. Once you ensure that, all that’s left for you to do is make a few calls. Why a few? Because it gives you an opportunity to ask for a few quotes, which leads to hiring the company that truly suits your preferences the most.


With such a complex period in front of you, we’re sure that you still have some questions. That’s normal, and that’s what we’re here for. In this section, we’ll cover some of the most frequently asked questions about relocations with cross country movers in Iowa. If you still have some dilemmas, try visiting our blog, because you can find various moving solutions there.

How far in advance should I book the services of cross country moving companies Iowa?

Relocation is an unpredictable process, so it’s better to take care of everything on time. You simply don’t know what will come up in the later stages of the move. With this in mind, we think that it would be best to get in touch with interstate movers Iowa one month, or even two, in advance.

Do I get a notification before movers come to my doorstep?

Movers will notify you 24 hours before they come, so you’ll have plenty of time for final preparations.

What is a binding and what is a non-binding estimate?

A binding estimate is the final cost of your move. Movers in the Hawkeye State will put this offer on a table, and if it suits you, feel free to sign it. Once signed, it becomes a valid contract and it cannot be changed. A non-binding estimate is an estimation in the true sense of the word. You get an approximate price, but not the final one. This estimate is usually free of charge.

How much does it take for interstate movers in Iowa to complete the packing process?

If you hire reputable cross country movers in Iowa who are offering packing services, you’ll be delighted to see how fast and efficient they are. Your belonging will be packed expertly and with care in less than one day.

Where can I file a moving fraud complaint?

You can contact FMCSA, the agency we mentioned earlier when we talked about licenses. But, this isn’t your only option. You can reach out to the Better Business Bureau as well as the American Trucking Associations. Bear in mind that in most cases, you need to file a complaint within six months after the move, so don’t procrastinate.

Iowa has improved its moving trends lately, but they are still negative

The previous decade in Iowa was marked by more people moving out than moving in. But, the pandemic of COVID-19 actually benefited Iowa in terms of migration, because more people started considering it as their moving destination. We’ll get into the reasons for this later, and focus on the numbers for now. So, while moving trends in the State of Iowa were fairly negative a few years back, now the number of people moving in and out has become almost the same. It’s still slightly negative, but the difference is almost negligible. 51% of moves in Iowa last year were outbound, compared to 49% of inbound moves. It’s not ideal, but it’s nowhere near as bad as in some states. This result actually puts Iowa in the middle of all states in terms of attracting movers, which is ok.

A building in Iowa.

Moving trends in Iowa have started improving right after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Low living costs are the main motivation for people who are relocating to the Hawkeye State

You might have guessed it because to be fair, it’s quite obvious, but low living costs are easily the main reason people decide to move to Iowa. And why wouldn’t it be? The cost of living in Hawkeye State is 18% lower than the nation’s average. One of the most affordable states in the country is welcoming more and more people each year now. Sooner rather than later, inbound moves will prevail over outbound ones, and moving trends in Iowa will be positive because of this. Speaking of living costs, one very important thing we need to mention is that the median home price in Iowa is $199,000. This makes Iowa one of very few states in the country where the median home price is yet to exceed $200,000. For comparison, the median home price in the USA is $350,000.

Of course, the low cost of living isn’t the only reason people are considering Iowa. For those who aren’t fans of (extremely) urbanized areas, Iowa is simply perfect. The job market is also very healthy, although it seems like it doesn’t have something for everyone. For example, if you want to work in agriculture, you’d struggle to find a better place than Hawkeye State. Safety is another big factor why people, most notably families, are moving to Iowa. Low crime rates in all of its cities, and hence in a state overall, are surely a great thing. Finally, weather-wise, the climate in Iowa definitely suits a lot of people, since it offers 4 distinct seasons a year, which is not so common in the US.

Who is moving to Iowa?

Residents of Illinois are the first in line for moving to Iowa. Around 10,000 Illinoisans moved to Iowa last year. Why would someone go on this relocation? Well, the cost of living plays a huge role. The Prairie State is 8% more expensive than Iowa, so obviously this is the biggest reason. We should mention safety as well. Chicago, where the majority of Illinois’ population lives, is infamous for high crime rates. Compared to Windy City, Iowa is much safer. The most common route here is from Chicago to Des Moines. As one the best US cities for renters, Des Moines gives Chicagoans a chance to enjoy much lower prices than those in Windy City. Over 500 people relocated on this route last year, and it’s worth mentioning that Cedar Rapids attracted almost as many Chicagoans as Des Moines during the same period (slightly less than 500).

Des Moines Skyline during the winter.

Des Moines is one of the most sought-after cities among Illinoisans.

Next up, we have moving from Nebraska to Iowa as the second most common inbound route for the Hawkeye State, with 7,000 relocations last year. These states are very similar, and since they’re close, people are often moving between them. There’s really that not much that separates them. Here, by far the most common route is from Omaha to Des Moines with almost 1,000 relocations out of a total of 7,000 from Nebraska to Iowa. The next in line is, again, Cedar Rapids, but the city welcomed only 300 people from Omaha last year.

Finally, we have California. Golden State is being left by so many people due to its skyrocketing prices, and needless to say, Iowa’s affordability is the reason number one why Californians are moving there. California is 41% more expensive than Iowa, not to mention the difference between say Des Moines and Los Angeles or San Francisco. These Californian cities are at least twice more expensive as any city in Hawkeye State. 5,000 people relocated in this direction last year, out of which 500 of them moved from LA to Des Moines.

Why are people leaving Iowa?

While living in Iowa is quite easy to afford, there’s no denying that there’s a lack of opportunities. Here, we’re especially talking about job opportunities. This was also the most cited reason for leaving among those Iowans who left the state. There are some great opportunities in several sectors, but other than that, it’s nothing above average. So, young people especially, but families with kids also, are leaving their Iowan homes and moving somewhere else. The most common destinations are the nearby states, but more on that in the next section.

Illinois is the top choice for Iowans on the move, with Nebraska and Missouri right behind it

In terms of most popular relocations outside Hawkeye State, moving from Iowa to Illinois is the first choice. It’s not the first choice by a mile, but the appeal of Chicago was enough to secure the first spot for this route. Roughly 10,000 people relocated in this direction over the course of 2021, and similar numbers can be seen in the years before that. Windy City has too much to offer compared to some cities in Iowa, and needless to say that most people from Iowa are relocating there. Moving from Des Moines to Chicago is the most common route, with over 500 relocations last year.

Chicago after sunset.

Chicago, along with Omaha, is the preferred destination for Iowans who decide to leave the Hawkeye State.

Even some other Iowan cities are sending hundreds of people to the largest city in Illinois. For example, 300 people decided to move from Iowa City to Chicago in that same period. Other than Illinois, we have to mention Nebraska again. The same reasons we mentioned earlier when talking about the relocations between the Cornhusker State and Iowa, work for the vice versa move. Similar states, similar lifestyles, and closeness were all factors that contributed to a large number of relocations. More than 6.000 people chose to move from Iowa to Nebraska in 2021. Omaha was the preferred choice last year, welcoming 1,000 people from Des Moines, around 200 from Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, and over 100 people from Ames.

We’ll finish the story about moving trends by mentioning Missouri. This state welcomes around 5,000 Iowans on a yearly basis. Most of them are moving from Des Moines to Kansas City. The number of relocations between these cities sometimes even exceeds 1,000. But, it’s worth saying that St. Louis is also a fairly popular choice.

A few tips for moving your office across the state lines

Moving your business across the state lines is surely a brave decision. But, as they say, fortune favors the brave, and we have no doubt that the same will work for you. Still, we don’t want to rely on good fortune during the move, especially not when your business is at stake. Office moves are very complicated, and it’s truly better to leave them to cross country moving companies in Iowa. Meanwhile, you have enough work to do on your own. Even though the relocation itself is very complex and difficult, its success of it often lies in taking care of the paperwork. Dozens of documents need to be taken care of, and one of them is licensing.

A happy woman showing a thumb-up.

Your office move can be a smooth transition if interstate moving companies Iowa are by your side.

For example, Iowa doesn’t have a general business license, but depending on the nature of your business, you still have to obtain certain permits. So, make sure to research the state you’re moving your business to along with its regulations. While you do this, you can forget about the transport of your inventory, because interstate moving companies in Iowa will easily and expertly handle this.

The importance of teaming up with cross country movers Iowa rather than moving on your own

Moving a house or an office can be a tricky business. And especially if you have never done it before. There are just so many tasks that need to be completed, all with a pressure of a deadline. Not to mention the relocation in itself and the challenges it brings. Also, moving problems, mistakes, injuries, and scams are quite common. They can happen to anyone. Finally, we need to mention that this is an interstate move too. Whichever tactic you’d implement, you’d end up feeling exhausted.

For all these reasons, you should have interstate movers Iowa on your team. Having such movers by your side is the only thing that can prevent all these troubles from happening. You might get lucky when moving by yourself and avoid unpleasantries, but if you move with reliable professionals, the safety of your items will not be in question. If you do decide in the end to go on your own, make sure to visit our blog where you can find several guides for organizing a DIY move and doing your best to ensure its successful completion.

Turn to Verified Movers and match yourself with interstate moving companies Iowa you can put your trust in

Cross country ones are much more efficient, and most importantly safer when the professionals are by your side. Don’t leave anything to chances hire, and reach out to reputable cross country moving companies Iowa. Our website allows you to find the ideal moving company sooner rather than later, and we have plenty of information about them through company profiles and reviews that will come in very handy. Make sure to check out our platform as it is user-friendly and rather easy to navigate. Relocations can be stressful enough as is, and we want to do our part on ensuring you have the right sort of assistance at your side. Visit us today and ensure a great beginning to your moving adventure!

Facts About Iowa

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City


Kim Reynolds

US Senators

Chuck Grassley, Joni Ernst

State Website

State Moto

Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain

State Nickname

The Hawkeye State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

1,671 ft

Lowest Elevation

480 ft

Time Zone



03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Maharishi School, Rivermont Collegiate, Hopewell Elementary, Pleasant View Elementary, Riverdale Heights Elementary

Top 5 Middle Schools

Maharishi School, Rivermont Collegiate, Pleasant Valley Junior High School, Gilbert Middle School, Waukee South Middle School

Top 5 High Schools

Maharishi School, Rivermont Collegiate, West Senior High School, Pleasant Valley High School, Ames High School

Top 5 Colleges

Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa, Grinnell College, Drake University

04. Rates

Crime Rate

18.7 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate