For all of us that find the combination of summer, country music, professional sports, and love for the outdoors and animals utopian, the state of Arizona holds all the answers. In fact, if you are already established here, you know what we are talking about. There is much that the Grand Canyon State can offer to its residents. But to get to your new home, you still need some professional assistance. And with a little mediation from Verified Movers, you can find the very best long distance moving companies Arizona to handle your move.


Facts About Arizona

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe


Doug Ducey

US Senators

Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly

State Website

State Moto

God enriches

State Nickname

The Grand Canyon State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)

113,990 sq mi

Total Population


Highest Elevation

12,637 ft (3852 m)

Lowest Elevation

72 ft (22 m)

Time Zone



03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Phoenix Country Day, BASIS Flagstaff, BASIS Oro Valley Primary, BASIS Chandler Primary - North Campus, BASIS Scottsdale Primary - East Campus

Top 5 Middle Schools

BASIS Scottsdale, BASIS Oro Valley, Phoenix Country Day, BASIS Tucson North, BASIS Peoria

Top 5 High Schools

BASIS Scottsdale, BASIS Oro Valley, Phoenix Country Day, BASIS Tucson North, BASIS Peoria

Top 5 Colleges

Arizona State University, The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon University, Prescott College

04. Rates

Crime Rate


Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


A long-distance move puts a lot of miles between your current location and your future one. And, when faced with a goal of getting to the latter in a safe, swift, and smooth manner, complete with your belongings in their current state, your best option would be to hire professional long-distance moving companies Arizona. In most cases, finding them takes time and nerves spent on due research. That is, unless you turn to Verified Movers for help. With our assistance, you will be able to get in touch with reliable long distance movers, and further have the relocation process you are hoping for.

Road in Arizona, one of many that long distance moving companies Arizona use.

The road might be long, but expert long distance moving companies Arizona can help make it short.

Long distance moving companies Arizona that offer a secure relocation

The priority of any top-quality long distance movers will be clients satisfaction. And that is completely natural and logical. So, it is in that manner that one of the ways to achieve this during relocation is a guarantee of safety. After all, people are trusting moving companies with their valuables. And the Arizona long distance movers that we can match for you will definitely focus on your move being done:

  • Quickly
  • Stress-free
  • Without any type of damage or harm

Being in this line of business as long as we have, you tend to see how often people underestimate the challenges that come with relocation. And one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to disregard the planning and organizational preparations for a move. If you do so, it can only lead to complications. But instead of doing this by yourself, long distance moving companies Arizona can ensure that your relocation is conducted in a secure manner.

What should Arizona long distance moving specialists bring to the table?

The University of Arizona - just one of the countless reasons to start looking for long distance moving companies Arizona.

The educational opportunities that Arizona offers are definitely something worth considering when relocating.

There are many qualities that can make long distance moving companies Arizona stand out. However, out of all of those, there are in truth only several that you should focus on. And those same factors will determine whether your Arizona relocation will be a breeze or a hurricane. So, here are some criteria that you can use to your advantage when you consider potential relocation specialists:

  1. Credibility is a key trait. Professional long distance moving companies Arizona should convey trust. And that only comes with certain verifications and testimonies that our website can offer.
  2. Affordable estimates are always a good seller. What good are the ideal Arizona movers if you can’t afford them? This is why we provide you with a list of companies that match your budget estimates.
  3. A moving crew should be comprised of professionals. You need movers with experience and knowledge, all the while conducting themselves in a professional manner.

And with the help of our long distance moving companies Arizona database, you will have easy access to companies that meet these criteria. So, all that you need to do is book your summer relocation (much cheaper because it’s the off-season) and start packing.

Long distance moving requires detailed planning and preparation

There are many long distance moving companies Arizona to choose from. But, finding a reputable and reliable moving company that has the license and insurance isn’t an easy task. This is when Verified Movers come to the rescue. With our database of long distance moving companies, you can find the best match for your moving requirements. Our network of moving companies offers you a big chance to find the one company that is your perfect fit. Among long distance moving companies Arizona you should find top rated movers who can handle your move with dedication offering your unique approach to your needs and budget. Every long distance move requires careful planning and preparation. That’s why every reliable long distance moving company offer a custom-made plan.

Pick a long distance moving company that tailors their services to your needs!

In order to find the best moving services in Arizona, you should pick long distance movers that tailor their services to your needs. No matter you are moving your household items or office equipment, we want to be sure you have found the best moving company for your needs. That’s why we are offering you a wide range of long distance moving companies Arizona so you can pick one you can trust the most with the transportation of your belongings. You want a company that can respond to all your requests at the same time respecting your budget.

Remember, reliable long distance moving company has two priorities: saving your time and safe transportation of your belongings. In order to accomplish it, professionals use quality materials and equipment. Verified Movers is a great database of professionals with different knowledge, experience, and tools to make your move a success!

Planner for long distance move

Planning is half of the successful long distance relocation.

We are your reliable ally in the process of finding high-quality moving services

We are proud of the customers’ relationships we have built. As the great source of long distance moving companies Arizona you can find the honest reviews so you can have a real insight into the company’s values to speak for themselves. Providing you with the right long distance moving company is our main priority. It is up to you do you want full moving services or help for a specific moving task, our responsibility is to help you find the company as easy as possible.

In order to help you find the most reliable long distance moving company, we are regularly updating our network of long distance moving companies Arizona. We want to help you with any question and concern you have about the move. When moving long distance we want to take care of your relocation by providing you with the best source of companies and additional moving services. Read long distance moving reviews on our website and you are just one click away from your perfect match!  

Long distance moving companies by cities in Arizona

We have narrowed down your search by listing companies near some of the bigger cities in Arizona. However, our database allows you to individualize your search even more, finding professionals right in your town, if not in the nearest one.

Verified Movers are here to help you find moving experts in Arizona

Remember that we are here to help you. With that in mind, please make sure to give us a call if you have any questions. Verified Movers are here to provide you with reliable and experienced long distance moving companies Arizona, and thus ensure your relocation process is smooth, swift and successful.