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Cross Country (Interstate) Moving Companies New Jersey


Moving rarely comes easy, especially when you are looking to relocate across the country to New Jersey. But there is a bright side. You see, many things can influence the course of a move and the toll it takes on you. And perhaps one of the most important influencers is the decision on whether or not to turn to cross country moving companies New Jersey. If you do make the choice to hire a professional long distance moving company, you will need guidance. And that guidance comes in the form of certified interstate movers’ reviews.

What should you expect from New Jersey

The fact is that the Garden State has a particular atmosphere that is very hard to explain. It is different from other states you might have resided in until now. It is a place that will welcome you and provide you with a certain peace and quiet, whilst still giving you the chance to live life to the fullest. And New Jersey interstate moving companies follow the same principle.

Although a small state, New Jersey is well divided

Broadly speaking, New Jersey is divided into three different regions, each with its own culture and geography. These regions are:

  • North Jersey
  • Central Jersey
  • South Jersey

Although cross country moving companies New Jersey will swear to you that only North and South Jersey exist. When it comes to Central Jersey, they swear it only exists on paper.

There is a total of 565 municipalities in New Jersey, which are grouped into seven Metropolitan Statistical Areas by the Office of Management and Budget. Since New Jersey is such a small state, this means that the average size of each municipality is only 15 square miles. However, the actual size of each municipality can vary greatly.

Cross country moving companies New Jersey have pretty balanced weather conditions

What most interstate movers suggest to clients is to research the climate of the new state they plan to move to. And when it comes to New Jersey climate, it is as it should be. The summers are usually hot and humid, with temperature ranging from 60-80°F. Winters are quite cold on the other hand, with an average temperature between 16-30°F. Do bear in mind that there are always weather phenomena which can influence these conditions So, be mindful not to choose the hottest or coldest months to relocate to New Jersey.

Best places to arrange for interstate moving companies New Jersey to move you to

These are the largest cities in the Garden State to consider for your new home:

New Jersey landscape - enjoy your new home with the help of cross country moving companies New Jersey.
You just choose the location and cross country moving companies New Jersey will get you there.


  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth
  • Trenton
  • Clifton
  • Camden
  • Passaic
  • Union
  • East Orange

When it comes to New Jersey transportation, it is fairly straightforward in most cities and towns. The fact is that the public transportation is well-coordinated and covers most parts of the largest cities. When it comes to smaller towns, the choice of transportation is of a more healthier nature. People prefer bicycles or simple walks when the weather is nice. On other occasions, the ownership of a car is preferable and quite affordable, in case you are looking to arrange for car transportation services.