Moving rarely comes easy, especially when you are looking to relocate across the country to New Jersey. But there is a bright side. You see, many things can influence the course of a move and the toll it takes on you. And perhaps one of the most important influencers is the decision on whether or not to turn to cross country moving companies New Jersey. If you do make the choice to hire a professional long distance moving company, you will need guidance. And that guidance comes in the form of certified interstate movers’ reviews.

Facts About New Jersey

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, Princetown, Atlantic City


Phil Murphy

US Senators

Bob Mendendez, Cory Booker

State Website

State Moto

Liberty and Prosperity

State Nickname

The Garden State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)

8,722.58 sq mi

Total Population


Highest Elevation

1,803 ft

Lowest Elevation

Sea level

Time Zone


New Jersey

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

The Pingry School, Dwight-Englewood School, Kent Place School, Rutgers Preparatory School, Montclair Kimberley Academy

Top 5 Middle Schools

The Pingry School, Newark Academy, Dwight-Englewood School, Kent Place School, Rutgers Preparatory School

Top 5 High Schools

The Lawrenceville School, Bergen County Academies, The Pingry School, Newark Academy, High Technology High School

Top 5 Colleges

Princeton University, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Seton Hall University, Montclair State University

04. Rates

Crime Rate


Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


Moving cross country is a challenging feat with plenty of potential problems ahead. With that in mind, your best bet towards having a successful move would be to turn to professionals for assistance. Experienced cross country moving companies New Jersey know just how to address, if not prevent any troublesome situation, making this whole experience rather pleasant for you. Professionals will make sure your goods are safe during the long road ahead, and that you have as few of obligations as possible. In order to get in touch with the right moving team, Verified Movers is the company to get in touch with. With the help of our platform, you will be able to get matched with the ideal moving company that can cater to all of your needs.

A woman getting in touch with some of the best cross country moving companies New Jersey through Verified Movers' assistance

Verified Movers will match you with some of the best cross country moving companies New Jersey has to offer.

Choose your best option when moving to NJ

This is the most important part of your moving process and can be quite tricky to acomplish. Every relocation project is unique. No matter if you are planning on moving locally, long distance or to another state. And that is precisely what makes things so hard. You can never know what to expect. However, with one of the best cross country moving companies New Jersey has to offer and Verified Movers by your side – you can have an efficient and stress-free relocation.

How to make your relocation to New Jersey smooth and simple?

The answer is pretty simple actually. All you need in order to make your relocation as smooth and as enjoyable as possible is to start looking for cross country moving companies New Jersey on time, and once you get at it – you need to choose a professional that can satisfy all your moving needs. Moving is complex task to take on. And in most cases – something that can take a lot of your time and energy. However, finding the right interstate mover in NJ are is something that can make things much simpler for you. So, see that you devote ample time to this important task, as it will have a direct effect on the outcome of your move.

Organization is essential for a stress-free relocation

Time is a luxury when moving. And that is precisely why you shouldn’t waste any of yours. Start organizing your move well in advance and avoid problems. Having a plan in place will make things easier in the long run. Moving across the state lines is a serious task to take on. And you know what they say – it is better to be safe than sorry. And if you need some assistance, feel free to contact our interstate movers New Jersey. They are more than happy to provide you with all the assistance that you might need.

Define your needs and possibilities

There are no two relocations that are completely the same. Just like we all are, moving projects are all unique. That is why you need to think about your specific needs. What is it that you are looking for? When are you planning on moving? What kind of assistance are you looking for? Ask yourself these questions and as soon as you get some answers – start looking for the mover that can satisfy your unique needs.

A man and a woman packing and making a list

Clearly defining what you need from a moving company will help you find the ideal one the fastest.

Auto shipping – something our interstate movers NJ can help you with

Most people forget about their vehicles when moving across the state lines. But, we and our cross country moving companies New Jersey are here to remind you to take care of yours. Visit DMV and prepare your car for the move. This way you will avoid moving problems, scams and injuries.

When it comes to New Jersey transportation, it is fairly straightforward in most cities and towns. The fact is that the public transportation is well-coordinated and covers most parts of the largest cities. When it comes to smaller towns, the choice of transportation is of a more healthier nature. People prefer bicycles or simple walks when the weather is nice. On other occasions, the ownership of a car is preferable and quite affordable, in case you are looking to arrange for car transportation services.

What should you expect from New Jersey

The fact is that the Garden State has a particular atmosphere that is very hard to explain. It is different from other states you might have resided in until now. It is a place that will welcome you and provide you with a certain peace and quiet, whilst still giving you the chance to live life to the fullest. And New Jersey interstate moving companies follow the same principle.

Broadly speaking, New Jersey is divided into three different regions, each with its own culture and geography. These regions are:

  • North Jersey
  • Central Jersey
  • South Jersey

Although cross country moving companies New Jersey will swear to you that only North and South Jersey exist. When it comes to Central Jersey, they swear it only exists on paper.

There is a total of 565 municipalities in New Jersey, which are grouped into seven Metropolitan Statistical Areas by the Office of Management and Budget. Since New Jersey is such a small state, this means that the average size of each municipality is only 15 square miles. However, the actual size of each municipality can vary greatly.

New Jersey landscape - enjoy your new home with the help of cross country moving companies New Jersey.

If you plan on moving to New Jersey, make sure to get properly informed on the costs of living, traffic and everything else that will have an effect on your life.

New Jersey has pretty balanced weather conditions

What most interstate movers suggest to clients is to research the climate of the new state they plan to move to. And when it comes to New Jersey climate, it is as it should be. The summers are usually hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 60-80°F. Winters are quite cold on the other hand, with an average temperature between 16-30°F. Do bear in mind that there are always weather phenomena that can influence these conditions So, be mindful not to choose the hottest or coldest months to relocate to New Jersey.

Best places in New Jersey to consider moving to

These are the largest cities in the Garden State to consider for your new home:

  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth
  • Trenton
  • Clifton
  • Camden
  • Passaic
  • Union
  • East Orange

Cross Country Moving Companies by Cities in New Jersey:

Verified Movers is here to help you find the ideal cross country moving company in New Jersey

While undoubtedly complicated and hectic, the moving process does not have to be a stressful event. Once you have the right moving team at your side, you will have nothing to worry about. True professionals of the trait know just how to address every part of the relocation, leaving you, the client, with peace of mind. And, with Verified Movers helping you out, you will get in touch with the right moving team in no time. Make sure to reach out to us today, and start your relocation process on the right foot.