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Cross Country (Interstate) Moving Companies West Virginia


If you are looking to explore some Appalachian traditions and heritage, then you will love West Virginia. However, be mindful that a lot of traveling in the state depends on its infrastructure. After all, it is nicknamed the Mountain State for a reason. So, before you decide to tackle your interstate move alone, you might want to consider the easier route. And by an easier route, we refer to professional cross country moving companies West Virginia. Given that they know the roads and setup of the state, they will help you execute a trouble-free move. And we have the best moving companies to match you with - all you need to do is contact them.

You should book cross country moving companies West Virginia during the summer months.
Summer months are ideal when it comes to interstate relocation to West Virginia.

Guidelines by cross country moving companies West Virginia

Whether you opt for DIY moving or professional assistance from interstate movers in West Virginia, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Due to the mountain layout of the state, navigating the roads in WV can be hazardous. So, you should schedule your relocation between April and October.
  • Because summers can be quite hot and humid, you should do all heavy lifting after dusk to avoid the summer heat. Also, make sure that all the utilities in your new home are switched on before you move in.
  • You should always make a detailed plan of your moving route. If you are driving the moving truck, avoid going off highways and major services areas. Side roads in WV don't have that many service areas, so you can easily run out of gas. Pay strict attention to speed limits and check your brakes frequently on down-hills.

    Side roads in West Virginia can be tricky to navigate, so you should avoid them if possible.
    Cross country moving companies West Virginia advise that you stick to highways and major roads.
  • Due to the forest areas in West Virginia, there’s a lot of trucking year-round, including logging trucks. So, if you’re renting a moving truck, make sure to bring a well-stocked roadside emergency kit with road flares in case you break down on a mountain road. The other option is always to hire cross country moving companies West Virginia and enjoy a peace of mind.
  • Check if any road construction is planned along your route. You can do this with the West Virginia Department of Transportation.
  • Don’t drive during busy weekday commute times. This is a good way to avoid traffic and save on gas. Instead, plan on booking interstate movers West Virginia on a weekend, when roads are quieter.
  • Streets are accessible in West Virginia, so moving permits aren’t required. You can check local parking restrictions and street cleaning schedules with your municipality ahead of time.