Whichever way you look at it, moving is always a tremendously easier process when you have professional assistance at hand. This is true with every complex task. And, when it comes to relocations, there is never a lack of things to do. Especially when you are moving over long distances. With this in mind, Verified Movers steps forth with some of the best long distance moving companies Ohio has to offer. With them at your side, you will get to experience a smooth and simple relocation. On the other hand, if you’re looking to move somewhere else in the USA and need cross country moving companies Ohio, you’ll find these movers here as well. So, don’t hesitate, check out our website, and find just the ideal moving team for your needs.

Representative of one of the long distance moving companies Ohio

Verified Movers will match you with some of the most recommended long distance moving companies Ohio has

Seek movers that will tailor your relocation process according to your moving needs

We, at Verified Movers, understand that every move is a unique process. There are so many steps that need to be completed and nobody will require the same dedication to certain tasks. For that reason, we have created a platform that contains a number of long distance moving companies in Ohio. Our database will give you chance to find movers that can anticipate your moving expectations and tailor their services based on your moving needs.

Whether you need moving experts to help you pack your household items, or you require labor-only services we are certain that you will be able to find what you are looking for. And the long distance moving companies Ohio reviews will give you an idea about the movers that are suited and equipped to meet your requirement. Check our platform as some of the most reliable movers Ohio based are waiting for your call.

The moving trend in Ohio

Ohio is one of the few states that saw the impact that COVID-19 had on the migration trend. In 2019, prior pandemic, Ohio was the number 7 Growth State in America. It raised eight spots compared to 2018 and the state had more inbound moves than outbound relocations.

Still, the situation changed in the post-pandemic period. In 2021, Ohio ranked number 9 on the list of the states with the most outbound moves. The annual report shows that in 2021 more people relocated from Ohio (56.3%) than the ones that have decided to move to Ohio (43.7%). According to the research, the main reason for people leaving Ohio is job opportunities. There were more than 37% of outbound relocations because of the job opportunities. Retirement is another major reason for people leaving the state of Ohio. In 2021, 28.12% of retirees moved out of the state which is a high number compared to 2020 when 19.4% of Ohianas left the state because of retirement.

A women in the office

The main reason for the big number of outbound moves from Ohio are new job opportunities

On the other hand, the main reason for the people to move to Ohio in 2021, was for the family. Out of all inbound moves, 43.56% of people have moved to Ohio because of family reasons. There is no doubt that COVID-19 had an influence on the growth of the state and it changed its migration trend. However, it is expected in the years to come that this trend will change and Ohio will become again a leader when it comes to inbound moves.

Where are people from Ohio moving to?

One of the most common cities where people from Ohio choose to move to is Chicago. The reason why people choose to move to this vibrant city is its strong and growing economy and the stable job market. Also, it is a city that has a lower cost of living compared to other large cities in the USA. Because of all this, many people decide to hire long distance movers Ohio to relocate them to Chicago. In 2020:

  • 1,340 people have moved from Cleveland to Chicago
  • 1,599 people have moved from Columbus to Chicago
  • 2,263 people have moved from Cincinnati to Chicago

Other cities where people from Ohio decide to relocate include:

  • Tampa, FL (880 people have relocated from Dayton to Tampa)
  • Charlotte, NC (592 people have relocated from  Akron to Charlotte)
  • Washington, DC (1,346 people have relocated from Columbus to Washington)

Where are people that are moving to Ohio relocating from?

According to the research conducted in 2021, Springfield, Huber Heights, and Miamisburg are three leading cities when it comes to migration growth. Still, apart from those cities that started attracting more people, there are few cities in Ohio that were always appealing to people from other states. For example:

  • Cleveland is the number 5 most common destination for people from Erie PA
  • Columbus is the number 2 most common destination for people from Huntington WV
  • Cincinnati is the number 2 most common destination for people from Lexington KY

The moving trend within cities in Ohio

Even though Ohio is having trouble with the number of outbound migrations, relocation within the cities in Ohio is still popular. Many decide to move to another city because of the job opportunities or affordability that some cities can offer. There are 4 cities that stand out and where most Ohioans decide to relocate.

Cincinnati has a low cost of living

Cincinnati is one of the main cities where people from Ohio move to. The main reason why people decide to hire long distance movers in Ohio and relocate here is the low cost of living. According to US News and World Report, Cincinnati is the 10th most affordable city in the United States. Columbus is the number one city from where most of the people relocate to Cincinnati, followed by Dayton, Cleveland, and Toledo.

Columbus offers plenty of job opportunities

Columbus is another place where long distance moving companies Ohio relocate people to. Most of the young professionals decide to move here because of the job opportunities and strong economy. Apart from the stable job market, the city has really competitive housing market making it one of the best cities in Ohio to live in. Because of the housing market that is 18% below the national average and appealing job opportunities most of the people from Cincinnati, Dayton, and Akron are moving to Columbus.

Cleveland offers a small town feel with big city opportunities

Cleveland is the number one destination for people from Akron. The main reason for people to relocate here is the quility life that can offer. It has a cost of living that is 27.4% lower than the national average. Also, housing prices, utilities, groceries, and transportation prices are lower than in other cities in Ohio. Apart from the people from Akron, most of the people from Columbus, Youngstown, and Mansfield decide to use long distance moving companies in Ohio and relocate here.

Dayton is one of the best places to live in Ohio

According to the U.S. News and World Report, Dayton is among the top places to live in Ohio. It is a city that is affordable, offers rich culture, and it offers a lot of outside activities and recreational parks. Many people from the state of Ohio are deciding to relocate here but is the number one destination for people from Springfield. Apart from Springfield residents, people from Toledo, Cinncinati, and Cleveland are more and more deciding to find reliable long distance movers in Ohio and relocate here.

Average moving cost when relocating within Ohio

The distance and the size of your move are the two factors, among the others, that will have an influence on your moving cost. Verified Movers have singled out the average moving charges between cities where people most commonly relocate with the state of Ohio.

Pins on a map

Learn the average moving cost when relocating within the state of Ohio

Moving from Cleveland to Cincinnati

  • Studio apartment – $680 – $850
  • One bedroom apartment – $950 – $1190
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $1990 – $2500
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $2380 – $2990

Moving from Akron to Columbus

  • Studio apartment – $450 – $570
  • One bedroom apartment – $720 – $900
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $1020 – $1270
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $1340 – $1690

Moving from Cleveland to Dayton

  • Studio apartment – $570 – $720
  • One bedroom apartment – $840 – $1060
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $1140 – $1440
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $1480 – $1860

Average moving cost when relocating to another state

Moving costs when relocating to another state will mostly depend on the distance. Long distance moving companies in Ohio have singled out average cost when relocating to some of the cities in another states.

A picture of a map

Learn what is the average moving cost when relocating from Ohio to another state

Moving from Cleveland to Miami (from Ohio to Florida)

  • Studio – $1610 – $2020
  • One bedroom apartment – $1950 – $2440
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $2320 – $2910
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $2720 – $3420

Moving from Akron to New York City (from Ohio to New York)

  • Studio – $1050 – $1320
  • One bedroom apartment – $1360 – $1700
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $1700 – $2130
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $2070 – $2610

Moving from Cincinnati to Houston (from Ohio to Texas)

  • Studio – $1370 – $1720
  • One bedroom apartment – $1690 – $2130
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $2050 – $2580
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $2440 – $3070

Moving from Youngstown to Chicago (from Ohio to Illinois)

  • Studio – $990 – $1250
  • One bedroom apartment – $1300 – $1630
  • Two-bedroom apartment – $1640 – $2060
  • Three-bedroom apartment – $2010 – $2530

Other costs that you may encounter along the way

When relocating there are expenses that are directly related to your moving day and that without any doubt you will have to include in your moving budget. Still, there are some charges that you might not think about but should be part of your moving budget. Even though they are not directly related to your relocation day it is certain that you will need to spare money aside for them as well. These other charges that you may encounter along the way during your relocation process include:

  • Building fees – if you are moving into the apartment have in mind that there might be a building fee. This includes coverage for the services such as supervision while tenants move in and out or setting up the service elevator.
  • Professional cleaning services – when relocating to a new place you should consider professional cleaning services to ensure your new space is cleaned properly and with the right products.
  • Change of address expenses – when you are changing your address you should think about the expenses that come with it such as vehicle registration, change of the address in your driver’s license, etc
  • Groceries – include this in your moving budget. When you move to the new apartment your fridge will be empty which is why your first grocery shopping list will be long and pricy.
A women in the grocery shop

When you relocate you will have to do big grocery shopping, so include the shopping list in your moving budget

Who regulates the moving industry in Ohio?

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regulates all the moving companies that provide services within the state of Ohio. If you are planning on relocating within the borders of Ohio make sure that your movers are registered with PUCO. Also, be aware that according to PUCO your movers must provide you with:

  • Moving cost in writing unless your move is less than $500 or it is scheduled within 5 days of your request
  • Bill of lading which is a legal document provided by the carrier that acknowledges receipt of the cargo shipment
  • Liability coverage since all the companies are responsible for partial or full reimbursement of goods that they are transporting
  • Claims that is a written explanation that you will submit to your movers in case of any damages or lost items

If you are relocating outside of the borders of Ohio Federal Motor Career Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the one that regulates these types of moves. In order to have reliable and licensed long distance moving companies in Ohio that will relocate you to another state, they must be registered with FMCSA and follow their safety standards. You can easily check if your movers are registered by asking them to provide you with their unique identification numbers.

What does a move to Ohio has to offer?

Ohio is located in the center between the Northeast and the Midwest. So, it is not surprising why much cargo and traffic comes through its borders. The “Buckeye State” has its own well-developed highway network, so it is easy to commute with long distance movers. North Dakota is just a one-day drive of at least half of North America’s population, which makes your long distance move a lot easier. If you want to live in the home country of many notable people including Halle Berry, Neil Armstrong, Marilyn Manson, and Dave Grohl, hire long distance movers to help you relocate to the state capital Columbus or other most identifiable cities Cleveland and Cincinnati.

What types of moving boxes will you need when relocating to/within Ohio?

Moving boxes are something that will play a critical role in your relocation process. This is because most of your belongings and valuables will be packed there. If you are relocating to another state, Verified Movers suggests you find one of the interstate moving companies Ohio that have a wide range of moving boxes each specified for different items. When it comes to the size of moving boxes there are four types.

Moving boxes in a room that one of the long distance moving companies Ohio that you choose will transport

Depending on the size and purpose there are different types of moving boxes

Different types of moving boxes by size

  • Small moving boxes (12 to 14 inches long) – about 1.5 cubic feet of space. Usually, people refer to them as book boxes because they are suited for small and heavy objects such as books, CDs, small appliances, canned goods, etc.
  • Medium moving boxes (14 to 18 inches long) – about 1.5 – 3 cubic feet of space. These kinds of boxes are also known as all-purpose boxes and these are the most used during the moving process. You can place any small to medium household items such as pans, pots, toys, bed linen, etc.
  • Large moving boxes (19 to 24 inches long) – about 2.5 – 3.5 cubic feet of space. Large moving boxes are used for large, bulky, lightweight items such as clothing, bedding, towels, etc.
  • Extra-large moving boxes (more than 25 inches long) – more than 3.6 cubic feet of space. These ones are used for large items that are awkwardly shaped and are light in weight such as some toys.

Specialized types of moving boxes

Apart from the different types of moving boxes based on their size, there are also different types of moving boxes based on their purpose:

  • Wardrobe boxes – these are large boxes that come with the bar for hanging clothes. They are perfect for suits or any other clothes that you don’t want to get wrinkled.
  • Telescope boxes – these boxes come with separate bottom and top pieces that together create one box. They are designed for the relocation of mirrors, flat TV, and artwork as they prevent them from cracking and getting damaged.
  • Mattress boxes – you should consider purchasing those for your relocation as they will prevent your matters from getting damaged. They come in different sizes such as crib, twin, standard, and queen/king sized boxes.
  • Dish and glassware boxes – these boxes are ideal for your plates and glasses such as other kitchen items. They come in small and medium sizes with dividers that will protect your fragile items.
A man writing kitchen on a moving box for one of the long distance moving companies Ohio to pick up

Use dish and glassware boxes for the kitchen items and avoid possible breakage

The average number of moving boxes for your Ohio relocation

Studio apartment

  • 13 small boxes
  • 9-17 medium boxes
  • 5-6 large boxes
  • 2-7 extra-large boxes

One-bedroom apartment

  • 15-18 small boxes
  • 18-29 medium boxes
  • 10 large boxes
  • 4-9 extra-large boxes

Two-bedroom apartment

  • 35 small boxes
  • 27-38 medium boxes
  • 15 large boxes
  • 6-11 extra-large boxes

Three-bedroom apartment

  • 38 small boxes
  • 36-47 medium boxes
  • 20 large boxes
  • 8-13 extra-large boxes

Relocating a business to/within Ohio

Ohio business market is growing every year and the main reason for that is because people decide to relocate their offices here. The major factors that influence entrepreneurs to relocate their business to Ohio are lower taxes and cheaper office space. If you are a business owner and you are moving your office to Ohio be aware that you should register it with the Ohio Secretary of State. On the other hand, if you are hiring commercial long distance movers in Ohio to relocate you within the state don’t forget to update your business changes and file Ohio Amendment. This way your business will be registered at the correct address in the state of Ohio.

What are the 6 steps that your moving plan should include?

Moving long distances can be hard. Still, with good organization and preparation, it can be fun as well. Long distance moving companies Ohio from our database can help you plan, prepare and finally move. But – there are still some things that you will need to do on your own. This is why it is crucial to make a plan and start everything on time. The moving 6 steps plan is very simple:

  1. Pick a date of your relocation
  2. Research different moving companies and find one of the most reliable long distance movers Ohio has that will fit your needs and budget
  3. Take an inventory of your belongings, declutter and decide which items you will take with you
  4. Pack on your own or let professional Ohio packers do it for you
  5. Change your address and transfer your utilities
  6. Enjoy your moving day
A planner and writing material

Follow 6 steps moving plan and enjoy your smooth relocation process

Should you seek services from moving experts or relocate on your own?

It may seem at first that organizing a DIY move will save you money. But in the long run, it is not like that as there are many perks that come with it. As moving is a time-consuming process there is no doubt that you would spend a lot of time on packing and other tasks related to relocating. Also, you are risking injury while carrying heavy boxes and you may hurt your back while loading and unloading them. This is why Verified Movers is here to make your moving process easier and match you with one of the most reliable long distance moving companies in Ohio.

A person packing for a relocation

Relocating on your own can be fun, but it is time-consuming as well

As we understand how challenging and tiring this process can be take our advice and hire professional movers. With them, you will not have to worry about any step along the way and you will end up saving time and be able to focus on other things. Also, moving with the moving experts will save you money in the long run. With reliable and licensed Ohio long distance movers your belongings will be covered and you will not have to worry about their repairment in case of any unexpected events. Do not get overwhelmed by your relocation process. Check our platform and find the movers that will cover your whole moving process.

Services that you can expect from your long distance moving companies Ohio

Moving is not only our job, it is our specialty. And that is why we are the best choice when planning a move. Whether you are in the need of reliable long distance movers Ohio or planning a business move the first step is to understand your personal needs. You need to evaluate the size and weight of your long distance move. And what are the services you are looking for?

Household long distance moving services

Long distance Ohio moving experts know the challenges that residential relocation can bring. For that reason do not stress and entrust your household items to professionals. They will handle your fragile and delicate items with care and caution.

Office long distance moving services

As we are the owners of the business we understand how much you care about your clients and that you want to provide them only with exceptional services. For that reason, Verified Movers will help you find movers that will allow you to focus on your clients even during commercial moving. Do not let your business get affected by the relocation and let office long distance movers Ohio handle your office inventory.

A person carrying box labeled office as representative of commercial long distance moving companies Ohio

With commercial long distance moving companies Ohio relocation of your office will be a smooth and easy experience

Specialty long distance moving services

Whether you need auto moving services, art collection move, or you need assistance with piano relocation our database has the right crew for you. Check out the platform and rest assured that you will find long distance Ohio movers that have the skills and equipment to relocate any type of items that you might have. There is no reason to worry about your valuables and antiques when we can find the right match for you.

Packing and unpacking service for your valuables

Packing is one of the most important tasks during the moving process. This is why you should seek services from moving professionals that offer packing and unpacking services. And most importantly, they have a crew that knows all the packing secrets. With long distance moving companies Ohio that provide packing services, you will know that your valuables are protected with the right material and placed into the right moving boxes.

Storage services for your excessive

If you need storage units to place your excessive items Verified Movers can help you with that as well. Our database contains a number of Ohio long distance movers that offer storage solutions. Choose the one that can anticipate your storage needs. Whether you need a climate-controlled storage unit, portable storage container, or long-term or short-term storage solutions we are certain that you will find them with our help. Entrust your valuables to the professional and rest assured that they will be under constant supervision.

Moving with kids – let Ohio movers make it simple

Are you planning on moving with your family? If so, that means that you’ll need some assistance. Moving all by yourself is a much simpler task to take on. And now – you have to think about others as well as about your personal needs. That is why you should definitely consider hiring long distance moving companies in Ohio. Let professionals handle everything for you. Create more time and space to spend with your family. Long distance moves with your kids by your side means only one thing. It means that you need to help them adjust to the change. And our moving professionals are going to allow you to do that.

A family of four in a kitchen preparing food

Help your kids cope with the relocation and long distance moving companies Ohio will help you relocate your belonging

How will Verified Movers help you have an unforgettable moving experience?

We at Verified Movers, understand the challenges that you might face during your long distance relocation. And there is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges is to find professional movers that you trust. This is why we have created a platform that will help you find just what you need for your moving day. You will not only see the services movers in your area offer but  you will be able to compare prices. And to help you make a decision we have invested in our technology and our fake reviews control system. This way we give you an opportunity to read accurate testimonials from our users and comments regarding different moving companies. Rest assured that no company is allowed to alert or remove reviews. This way you will get only honest and true comments about long distance moving companies Ohio.

The importance of long distance moving companies reviews

While mouth-to-mouth recommendations are still in use most people use digital methods to get informed about different things. And when searching for movers online resources are extremely important as well. They give you an insight into the moving world and inform you how certain moving companies perform. For the business, reviews can have both positive and negative impacts. But for you, as a user can be very useful. By reading long distance moving companies Ohio reviews you will get a better idea about charges, services, moving teams, and other important factor that you will take into consideration when choosing movers. Verified Movers is here to provide you with all this information in just a few clicks. There is no reason to spend your time researching different websites and wondering about the accuracy of the reviews. Visit Verified Movers and get true and trustworthy testimonials.

Help others relocate with ease and leave a comment after your relocation is over

We know that once your chosen long distance Ohio movers finish relocation you just want to settle in and start exploring your new neighborhood. Still, spare some time and write a review about your movers. Remember how much those reviews helped you when you were searching for the movers. So try to help others as well. It just takes a few seconds and it will mean a lot to somebody else who decided to embark on a new journey. Verified Movers guarantees you that there will be no modification to your review and that it will be published the way you wrote it.

A person writing long distance moving companies Ohio review on a laptop

Help others find the right Ohio long distance movers and leave a review

What should you take into consideration when you are calculating your moving cost?

There are different factors that will influence the cost of your move. Mostly they will depend on the services that you will require but there are other factors involved as well:

  • Whether you are relocating during the peak season for movers or off-season will have a big influence on your moving cost.
  • The distance of your move and the size of your move is crucial as well since your long distance movers Ohio will base their charges on the weight of your shipment.
  • The moving services that you will require will play a pivotal role in your moving cost. There is a difference if you decide to opt for labor-only moving services or a full moving experience. Also, if there are any special services, such as storage or piano relocation, those will be added to your costs.
  • Whether you will require any additional insurance and coverage for your belongings is important as well. For example, if you have a valuable artwork collection you might have to purchase additional coverage.
A person calculating their moving expenses with a paper and calculator

Calculate your moving budget by taking into consideration all the important factors

Compare moving quotes from several long distance moving companies

Whatever services you are going to require from your Ohio long distance movers it is crucial to first compare prices with different movers. With Verified Movers that is easy as we simplified the process and you can do that in just a few clicks. Still, ensure that you get an accurate moving estimate. Ask your movers to come to your home and take an inventory as that is the most accurate way of getting your moving quote. Be aware of the different types of moving estimates as well. There is a binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed estimate. With a non-binding moving estimate, your movers will be able to add charges at the end of the move. For that reason make sure to sign only for the binding or binding not-to-exceed moving estimate. This way you will be certain that you will not pay more at the end of the job.

FAQ about long distance moves

We are sure that you have many questions regarding your relocation process. Do not hesitate to reach out to long distance moving companies Ohio and ask everything you need to know about your moving day. Still, there are a couple of questions that most people are curious about. For your convenience, Verified Movers have singled out some of them.

Frequently asked questions written on a piece of paper

Among all the possible questions regarding long distance moves, there are few that are frequently asked

What is a long distance relocation?

Any move that is less than 50 miles away is considered to be a local move. And as a general rule, long distance relocation is any relocation in which distance is over 50 miles away. Depending on whether you are relocating within the same state or to another state it can be also called cross country relocation or intrastate move.

How much do movers typically charge for this type of relocation?

Movers usually base charges of your long distance relocation on the weight of your shipment. Also, the price of your move will depend on the services that you will be using. Prices for the long distance move can vary and go up to $11,500. On the other hand, when it comes to a local move, moving companies typically charge by the hour and the charges will depend on the size and the hourly rate.

When is the best time for a long distance relocation?

Moving long distances can be done any time of the year. However, overall the peak moving season is between May and August because of the weather conditions. Have in mind that this is the time when movers are busier than the rest of the year and that your move might be more expensive compared to the months that are off-season.

Can I move everything that I possess?

If you are relocating within the same country you will probably be able to relocate all your possessions. On the other hand, if you are moving to another state check regulations since there might be some restrictions. This usually refers to plants, flammable, and explosives.

How far in advance should I start planning my move?

Of course, you should start planning your move as soon as you decide that you will be relocating. Still, for long distance relocations, it is recommended to start with preparations 4-6 weeks in advance. This way you will have time to organize everything on time and be stress-free on your moving day.

Long distance moving companies by cities in Ohio

Verified Movers is the assistance you can count on

Professionals are the ones that will always best handle your relocation. And, getting in touch with some of the finest long distance moving companies Ohio is really not that much of a challenge anymore. Verified Movers is here to help you find just the ideal team for your needs and wants, thus ensuring you have the smooth and simple move you deserve. Visit our platform today, and let us help you make the right first step in your moving process.

Facts About Ohio

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo


Mike DeWine

US Senators

Sherrod Brown, J. D. Vance

State Moto

With God, All Things are Possible

State Nickname

The Buckeye State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

1,549 ft

Lowest Elevation

455 ft

Time Zone


Ohio State Capitol

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

University School, Hawken School, Hathaway Brown School, The Seven Hills School, The Columbus Academy

Top 5 Middle Schools

University School, Hawken School, Hathaway Brown School, The Seven Hills School, The Columbus Academy

Top 5 High Schools

Western Reserve Academy, University School, Hawken School, Hathaway Brown School, The Seven Hills School

Top 5 Colleges

The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Case Western Reserve University, Kent State University, Bowling Green State University

04. Rates

Crime Rate

21.82 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate