Written by: Nathan Steele

Packing up their whole home or office and setting out to a new place is not something people tend to do on a whim. At least, in most cases. And this is by no means a coincidence, since this change does not only concern the address in the ID. It ensues saying goodbye to so many things you didn’t even realize are a crucial part of your everyday routine. With that being said, it is safe to say that moving can be challenging not only physically and mentally, but emotionally as well. However, you really don’t have to go through it all on your own. With professional movers at your side, taking care of the biggest parts of your relocation, you will be able to devote ample time to the things only you can take care of. Some of the top movers in Chicago are ready to help you make this big step in your life on the right foot.

Verified Movers points to some of the top movers in Chicago

Reliable assistance is one of the best means towards a successful relocation process. However, coming across trustworthy professionals is, almost exclusively, easier said than done. Verified Movers is here to prove that claim wrong, and make sure you spend as little amount of effort as possible in order to reach your ideal moving team. Our crew has done all the hard work, compared various factors, and gone through many steps in the research in order to provide you with the top 10 movers in Chicago you can truly trust. It was our goal to make sure the most important step in your moving process is made on the right foot. Here is our pick:

1. The Professional Moving Specialists

5 stars rating5

If you are looking for the top-rated movers in Chicago, The Professional Moving Specialists are here to help. Whether you are moving your home, office, or a corporate company, you deserve to have the best moving crew by your side. When it comes to organizing a relocation, this is a moving company you can trust. The Professional Moving Specialists are here to help you pack, organize and safely transport your inventory to a new location. If you have additional moving boxes you don’t want to move into a new home, you can choose one of many convenient storage solutions. For an easy and efficient relocation, all you need to do is hire one of the top moving companies in Chicago.

The Professional Moving Specialists company logo

Looking for the right moving assistance can take weeks unless you know where to find them. If you read some of The Professional Moving Specialists reviews, you will realize why so many Chicago residents trust them. Besides having years of experience in the moving business, these movers have all the right tools and equipment to handle your move. Whether you are planning a complicated relocation or moving last-minute, you have nothing to worry about. The Professional Moving Specialists Chicago movers are here to make your moving day easy and enjoyable.

Finding affordable moving services that are reliable at the same time – it’s possible! All you have to do is put your trust in some of the best-rated movers in the city. If you are relocating heavy furniture, moving a piano, or relocating as a senior- you know who to call! The Professional Moving Specialists Chicago will offer you a wide range of services you can choose from. Whether it’s packing, junk removal, or storage services – you can find them all in one place! Choose one of the top movers in Chicago and make your day easy and efficient!

2. Move-tastic!

5 stars rating4.9

Move-tastic! is a Chicago-based moving company where you can find all the help you need for your upcoming move. These experienced professionals will turn your relocation process into an efficient, easy, and enjoyable experience. They see every move as a chance to prove themselves as the best movers Chicago has to offer. Whether you plan on having a residential or commercial move, Move-tastic Chicago will be there to take care of it all.

Move-tastic offers a wide range of services so that they can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You can turn to them for a full-service move, truck loading and unloading, interstate moving assistance, intrabuilding moves, and much more! Not only will they take care of your residential and commercial move, but you can turn to them for packing services, storage options, packing supply delivery, plastic bins rental, basic furniture assembly and disassembly, home staging and disposal services. They can even provide a parking permit coordinator, because dealing with parking in Chicago can be hectic, to say the least, especially when you need to park a moving truck.

To Move-tastic sees moving as more than a job, but rather a passion, and Move-tastic reviews confirm just that. Every one of their employees undergoes a rigorous training process, so you can rest assured that you will have supreme assistance and guidance through the entire moving process. Their growing team of friendly and fit Chicago guys offers an exceptional moving experience, spared of any stress and anxiety. So, if you plan on having a smooth, swift and straightforward move, make sure to contact Move-tastic today!

3. New City Moving

5 stars rating4.8

New City Moving is a customer-centric moving company from Illinois, with over 70 trucks and almost 200 staff members and professional movers. Founded in 2009, they specialize in the greater Chicagoland area but are extremely efficient when it comes to relocations all across the state. They follow the core philosophy of “People deserve better” when it comes to their moving services.

New City Moving company logo

This is a company that always has the best interests of customers in their mind. They understand how difficult moving can be and are willing and capable to do everything in their considerable power to lessen the burden on their customers. This definitely shows in most New City Moving reviews, as their customers are eager to applaud the quality of care and service that the company provides. You can tell much about the company from the way their customers speak about it. And NCM customers definitely have high praise for the company!

Speaking of services, New City Moving is a full-service moving company, which offers the following:

  • Local Moving
  • Intra-State Moving (Illinois)
  • Business Moving
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Storage
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Loading and Unloading

But no matter what your moving requirements might be, this is a company that will do everything in its power to meet your demands. Their knowledge and experience enable them to adapt to every situation and to create solutions to any moving conundrum. New City Moving Chicago is also eager to share their knowledge, and you can ask them anything about your relocation, free of charge! After almost a decade in the moving industry, these professionals know a thing or two about relocations, after all. If you are about to embark on a move anywhere within the state of Illinois, New City Moving Chicago movers might be the answer you are looking for. No matter what challenges your relocation might present, these hardworking, experienced, professionals will find a way to make it easier and more enjoyable!

4. 606 Movers

5 stars rating4.8

606 Movers are a Chicago-based full-service moving company. With trained and experienced movers, this moving company is able to service the entire Chicago area. So it doesn’t matter if you are moving to North Shore or Lake County or anywhere in between, you can count on them for relocations of all sizes.

606 Movers company logo

Their main emphasis is on customer satisfaction and affordability. They have an hourly minimum of 2 hours but require no deposit. After that, the time is counted in 15-minute intervals, which allows you to only pay for what you use. Being focused on customer satisfaction, 606 Movers reviews are excellent. They have a 5-star rating across the board which proves their dedication and commitment to clients.

606 Movers Chicago offer a wide range of moving services that cover everything you might need for relocation. They can assist you both with regular relocations, where you use their full services of movers and equipment, and with small-sized moves. So, it doesn’t matter if you are moving items inside your own home or across Chicago, 606 movers are able to assist you.

When it comes to standard moving services they serve both residential and commercial clients. They offer residential relocation service, commercial relocation service, office moving as well as loading and unloading services. 606 Movers offer packing services as well, which rounds up their offer and makes for a truly hands-off moving experience for their clients.

One of the main focuses of 606 movers is the environment. As such, they offer eco-friendly moving solutions ranging from recycling programs to the use of reusable plastic bins. That way, the impact of your relocation to the environment will be minimal.

You can rely on 606 movers Chicago for all your moving needs. They offer a free moving estimate and affordable prices to go with it. They are, after all, one of the best-rated Chicago moving pros. Book 606 movers today for a care-free Chicago moving experience.

5. H2H Movers

5 stars rating4.8

“The IL moving company that delivers”! At H2H Movers Inc, you can get great service at an affordable price! This is a company that strives to provide its customers with everything they need to create a stress-free moving experience. H2H Movers pride themselves on reliable customer support, excelling in every moving aspect, and satisfying the needs of their customers. They will handle your belongings with great responsibility and care, providing you with the least tedious moving experience you can find!

H2H Movers company logo

H2H Movers Inc. is one of the most trusted moving companies in Chicago, IL. They can help you with everything you might need, from packing to transportation. What sets these movers apart from others is their special training process. This is a company that believes that a friendly, as well as professional, attitude is what makes a mover great in the first place. They hire only the most qualified workers, ensuring that your belongings are handled with care. The safety of your belongings will never come into question with these professionals. They also have a clear goal in mind, which is to remove any unpleasant aspects of the relocation process for their customers. To put it simply, they are best at making the moving process a breeze.

The quality of service that H2H Movers Chicago bring to the proverbial table is what earned them the spot of go-to professional movers in Chicago, IL. H2H Movers Inc. reviews speak highly of them, proving that they are one of the industry leaders in the Chicagoland area. They have 4.9/5 on Google Reviews (out of 845 reviews), 4.5/5 on yelp (270 reviews), 5/5 on Angie’s List (276 reviews), and 4.8/5 on Thumbtack (47 reviews). When you want to hire professional movers that simply “get the job done right”, you can do no wrong by hiring H2H Movers!

6. Coffey Bros. Moving

5 stars rating4.7

If you are looking for award-winning moving services, as well as first-class customer service, you can find both, and more at Coffey Bros. Moving! This is a company that is locally-owned and operated, founded in 2010, with the simple idea of combining industry-leading moving services with amazing customer support. Today, Coffey Bros. stands as one of the leaders in the greater Chicagoland area where it comes to professional and affordable residential and commercial relocations.

Coffey Bros. Moving company logo

At Coffey Bros. Moving Chicago, clients always occupy the #1 spot. This is a company that will not only meet your expectations but will work its hardest to exceed them! Most Coffey Bros. Moving reviews praise these professionals for going “above and beyond” what they expected. Their customer support team guides their clients throughout the process, even providing a concierge that will take them step-by-step throughout the process.

This is a company that does its best to have its clients get the most out of their relocation. They have knowledgeable staff and can provide detailed consultation as well. If you are unsure about which moving service to hire, simply as them about it! Their customers are encouraged to ask questions. And they have moving services for every occasion.

Here are some of the services that Coffey Bros. Moving offer:

  • Residential moving
  • Office moving
  • Storage services
  • Packing services
  • Labor-only services
  • Furniture delivery and setup

Here are some of the main reasons why you might want to entrust your relocation to Coffey Bros. Chicago movers:

  • Locally-owned and operated, taking their time to get to know their customers
  • Fantastic reputation of holding their clients in the highest regard
  • Free delivery when you purchase $100 worth of packing supplies
  • Perfect record with the Illinois Commerce Commission, as well as the Illinois Movers and Warehouseman’s Association, member of the American Moving and Storage Association
  • Pride of having the best customer service in the industry

They also offer free estimates seven days a week, unrivaled professionalism, as well as really affordable prices! If you want to see a relocation that is simple, affordable, and enjoyable, contact Coffey Bros. Moving!

7. Mid-West Moving & Storage

5 stars rating4.7

Mid-West Moving & Storage is an experienced team of trusted and friendly relocation experts who are focused on providing a timely service that not only meets, but also exceeds your expectations. They are based in Chicago, and can help with any and every part of your moving process.

Mid-West Moving & Storage company logo

Opened in 1983, Mid-West Moving & Storage has been a leader in the industry for residential local and long distance moving services, commercial and office moves, and federal government moving services. Their primary mission is to earn customers’ trust, and they do so by providing 100% satisfaction, ethical practices, and dependable, friendly, cost-effective, and timely services, while always giving back to the community. One look at Mid-West Moving & Storage reviews will let you know just how devoted and responsible this company and its movers are.

The whole point of hiring a moving company is to go through the moving process in a smooth, swift and stress-free way, and that is exactly what Mid-West Moving & Storage plan on ensuring. These moving professionals will pay special attention to details, thus providing you with the peace of mind you deserve during this unique time in your life. You will have nothing to worry about when you hire these reputable, security-conscious, licensed, bonded, background-checked, uniformed and local movers in Chicago, IL.

If you are looking to have a stress-free relocation, Mid-West Moving & Storage is your complete resource for all that you may need. They will help you whether you are a homeowner, apartment or condo resident, business leader, educator, or government contact. Make sure to get in touch with Mid-West Chicago when you need help with local, residential long distance, or international moving.

8. Two Men and a Truck

5 stars rating4.5

If you are moving within Cook County, Two Men and a Truck Chicago is a moving company to call. They are one of the most highly rated movers in the US and one of the most well-known moving companies in the world. They have decades of experience in the relocation business which perfected over the years turning them into what they are today – moving professionals that customers trust the most.

Two Men and a Truck company logo

Regardless of whether you are moving your household or a business, Two Men and a Truck Chicago offers a number of different options and solutions. You can get a labor-only service – an affordable way to get the most difficult part of the move done.  Or you can get a full moving service leaving all moving-related tasks in your movers’ capable hands. Of course, you can create a custom moving plan getting only moving services that you think are necessary.  You have packing services, piano moving, furniture arrangement, junk removal, and even storage at your disposal. And if you are not sure where to get quality packing supplies, Two Men and a Truck Chicago will help you as well.

If you had an opportunity to read Two Men and a Truck Chicago reviews you probably know what made them the most trusted movers in the country. Local relocations are handled by professionals that live in the area and know it well. This ensures, not only that your movers will find the best route to your new home, but it also means that they will give their best in order to help their neighbors relocate with ease.  If you are planning to move within the Chicago area anytime soon then there is no question – Two Men and a Truck is a moving company to call.

9. Bellhop Moving

5 stars rating4.5

“The better way to move in Chicago”. This is the calling card of Bellhop. This is a company that offers customizable moving services that are carried out by friendly, local, movers. They combine the talents of their employees with modern technology to provide their customers with low-stress, friendly, moving services. Based in Chicago, IL, this company offers to match you with moving services in more than 60 cities throughout the country. They were founded in 2011, with a goal to provide college students with a simple way to move in and out of their dorms. The company found great success and expanded its set of services to customers of all ages, as well as homes and offices of all sizes.

Bellhop Moving company logo

Bellhop Chicago movers provide its customers with simple rates and prorated pricing system. This ensures that they will now be surprised by the moving bill at all. And you will also not be surprised with the movers that will be arriving. Bellhop will provide you with the photos of your team, ahead of time, so you will know exactly who will be coming to assist you.

Furthermore, the company is extremely flexible, providing you with a dashboard in which you can adjust your relocation at your leisure. Even if your plans change, you will have a way to coordinate the moving effort without any fuss!

There are over 20 thousand Bellhop reviews to this date. But the most important fact is that out of these 20k+ reviews, the average rating is 4.8! The company boasts more than 200 thousand completed relocations to date. If you are looking for a company that can make your relocation all but effortless, quite affordable, and highly flexible, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing Bellhop Chicago. Here’s what you can expect when you do hire them:

  • Friendly, hardworking, moving professionals
  • A moving truck with a professional driver
  • All the necessary blankets, straps, and dollies
  • A personal move concierge for intercity relocations
  • Local movers to eliminate intercity travel costs

As you can see, it might be in your best interest to get in touch with Bellhop today!

10. All My Sons Moving & Storage

4 stars rating4.2

Sons have grown up and made one of the most reliable moving companies Chicago has to offer. If you are looking for capable and experienced movers that you can trust, All My Sons Chicago is the company to call. Decades of experience and tens of thousands of satisfied customers, guarantee you a smooth and enjoyable relocation experience regardless of whether you are moving your home or an office. They offer a number of different options and solutions for all kinds of relocation situations. From full moving services – meaning that everything related to your relocation process will be handled by their team of experts to custom moving plans that you can create according to your needs.

All My Sons Moving & Storage company logo

One of the things that is particularly noticeable when you are reading All My Sons Chicago reviews is their excellent customer service. Compassionate, polite, and customer-oriented, this family-based moving company puts your needs at the top of their priority list. Let them know what your needs and expectations are and they will make sure that you get the service you are hoping for and the service you deserve. Do not let your relocation process be ruined by a moving company that only thinks about getting your money. All My Sons Chicago will go the extra mile just to make sure that all your expectations are fulfilled.

Reliability is one of the most important traits when it comes to moving companies. And hardly any company can compete with All My Sons Chicago. Let your relocation be handled by their experienced, well-trained, and highly equipped professionals – professionals that can handle all types of relocations regardless of the distance or the number of items you need to relocate. Give all My Sons Chicago movers a call today and watch how they turn your difficult move into a smooth and stress-free process.

Is professional moving assistance a necessity?

The answer to this question largely relies on how you envision and wish your moving process to look. It is safe to say that experienced movers will be able to provide you with a smooth and simple move in record time. This makes them a necessity for such a moving scenario. After all, it is the comfort of knowing that everything will work out great that makes the customers turn to professional movers.

A man and a woman shaking hands
Professionals will provide you with peace of mind in an otherwise stressful period.

It is no secret that moving is hectic, nerve-racking, and time-consuming. Many have classified it as one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life. As people do not change their homes or offices on a whim, but rather after careful thought and consideration, there is a lot that goes into the moving process. All this augments the necessity of everything working out as best as possible. And, with every complex task ahead, the best bet for a successful outcome is to turn to professionals in the industry.

How successful can a DIY move be

However complicated the moving process may be, people still like to visit the idea of taking it on single-handedly. While this may seem logical from afar, especially for local relocations, it is often in the midst of it that the need for professional intervention becomes evident. It is rather fortunate that many amazing moving companies extend their services even after the process has begun.

Handling a move on your own means having to think of every single predictable and unpredictable instance. Not only would you have to plan out every course of action, but also pair it with a suitable timeline. In addition, you will have to coordinate the whole process with your current activities. Of course, you can start early, but you really don’t want to drag it out for too long, as you will find yourself living outside of your boxes. And, you don’t want to go about it too leisurely neither. So, your best bet is to organize it all in no more than 3 months.

Moving is complex, and trying to plan it all out can be quite challenging for a novice. There is plenty to take care of, and not much time. While shorter distances are always easier to overcome, it is with long-distance relocation that professional assistance is virtually a prerequisite for success. One can undertake a DIY move, and make it a successful venture. However, the sacrifices can be great, and the money saved might not be worth it in the end.

What experts bring to the table

With experienced, reliable and professionals at your side, there are simply no worries to be had. It is their job to ensure your move is as you want it to be. Depending on the services you hire them for, you can make your relocation into a truly smooth, simple, and stress-free process. With the expertise, knowledge, tools, equipment, and experience they bring to the table, you can rest assured that every task will be handled as properly and efficiently as possible. They bring forth the peace of mind one can have, knowing that this otherwise demanding process can be rather smooth and straightforward.

A woman sitting amongst boxes
Having a smooth and simple move is much easier with professionals at your side.

Planning, preparing, and organizing every detail is crucial, yet highly unattainable, even if you are a professional. Be that as it may, what sets apart any true expert is their ability to adapt and further solve issues on the go. Some of the best moving companies have teams that have truly been through and seen it all. This allows them to venture into every moving process with confidence. Not only is it highly likely that they have already gone through every possible instance, but they also know that dealing with the unpredictable is something they can handle quite easily.

No one can guarantee success, regardless of the job ahead, or the person’s expertise. Simply put, you can never know for certain what may occur. However, top movers in Chicago can guarantee that they will give their best to provide you with a successful move. And, with their experience, knowledge, and equipment, that really is the best anyone can expect.

Is there anything expected of the customer?

Apart from being open and straightforward about your needs, wishes and possibilities, there really isn’t much to do as a customer. Of course, being respectful of your movers, their time and effort go without saying. Depending on the services you hired your movers for, you could only have three things to do: schedule, greet your movers, and pay for their services. Still, even if you went for a full-service moving option, we suggest that you consider the following:

  • Informing your moving company of any change of plans or otherwise unspecified details you have become aware of. As mentioned before, successful relocation is reliant on quality teamwork. And, however big or small, you are a part of that team, as it is your belongings that are being transported, and your wishes catered to. So, in order to help your movers do the best job they can, it would be most considerate to notify them of all the important information on time.
  • Clearing the pathways before the movers arrive. This is by no means a necessity, but it is, however, a thoughtful gesture. It will allow your team to be as efficient as possible from the get-go. This would be especially easy to do if you have taken care of the packing process yourself. That being said, even if the movers are going to provide a full-service experience, see that you clear as many of the pathways as you can. At the very least, you can try to take care of the one that leads from the driveway to the door at least.
  • Enjoying your move. This is more of a calming note for you than anything else. Since you are hiring a professional moving team, there is no need to worry about things working out just fine. In addition, enjoying your move, and keeping the stress low will make the job much easier for your movers. So, take a deep breath, and try to savor in this big step in your life and every positive thing that it brings forth.

Finding the ideal moving team

If you feel like hiring a moving company for your upcoming relocation is a smart move, you are now probably wondering how does one get in contact with proper movers. In the Internet era, getting in touch with pretty much any moving company across the US is rather simple. While this fact has some drawbacks of which we will talk about a bit later, it also presents a great advantage of reaching great movers without much fuss. That is, if you know where, what and how to look for.

It is important to note that there is no one ideal moving team that fits all. Just as every person is unique, so is every moving process different. Depending on what your needs and ideas are, you are rather likely to find one company better over the other only for their particular services or means of conducting business, rather than their objective quality. In other words, what you might find great, another customer might find unappealing for their particular situation. With that being said, in order to find the ideal moving company for you, you ought to first define what you are looking for.

What might help with this process, especially if you are a novice, is a simple introduction into the services you can expect. Here are some of the most popular ones people opt for:

  • Local, long-distance, or international moving services. Depending on the distance you will be traveling, you ought to find a moving company that specializes in such services. Make no mistake, every distance comes with its own challenges.
  • Residential moving services. In case you are moving your home, and are looking for a full-service experience, this is the option to look for in the ideal moving company for you.
  • Commercial moving services. For any relocations of commercial space, this is the service to go for. Moving teams that specialize in these will be able to relocate your business in record time, utilizing tried-and-tested methods, while keeping your belongings and important documents safe and sound.
  • Packing services. Being the most time-consuming part of the whole moving process, packing is more often than not something people like to leave to professionals. If you are struggling with time, and finding the task of coordinating it all simply too challenging, do consider going for this service.
  • Storage services. Moving is an unpredictable process, and you never know what might occur. It may happen that you are unable to leave your things at the new place right away. For this, or any other instance similar to this, consider renting a storage unit.
  • Auto shipping. This is the service most people turn to when facing an international relocation, while the long-distance customers are also not a rarity. Driving over long distances can prove to be quite the challenge, especially when it is preceded by a hectic process such as moving.

Defining your needs early and clearly will help you venture into the searching process in the best possible way. You will know what to look for, and what to avoid, further landing an ideal moving team for you. Also, remember that reading top movers in Chicago reviews can be very helpful as well when determining whether a certain company is good for you or not.

How to recognize reliable movers

Hiring professional moving assistance is a means of going through your move without breaking a sweat. At least, that is what you ought to expect. That being said, hoping for a smooth relocation is only logical if you contacted movers you can indeed lean on. However, this might not be as straightforward as one might hope. Unfortunately, the moving industry’s quality is hindered by dishonest individuals who are looking to make a quick buck on innocent people during this rather stressful period. For this reason, you need to venture carefully into the process of picking your moving team.

A man conducting a research for top movers in Chicago
Make sure to be thorough when researching your moving team. You want to reach reliable, experienced and trustworthy professionals for the best moving process.

The best way of going about finding quality, top movers in Chicago is educating yourself on the traits that characterize them. Luckily, you needn’t look far, as we have singled out the most important telltales to look for:

  • The way they communicate with you (a potential customer). Professionals of the trait know that communication is the key, not only with keeping a customer but also with carrying out a successful move. With that in mind, you can expect them to be courteous, professional, and genuinely interested in your situation, wishes, ideas, and possibilities. They will carry themselves with dignity, and treat you with respect throughout the process, and this will show every step of the way.
  • The way they treat their employees. Successful relocation is a result of quality teamwork. Professionals know this very well, and make sure to have a good and well-coordinated crew at ready for every relocation process. And, in order to be able to flaunt such a team, they need to make sure they are properly educated in the craft, well-trained, and able to work efficiently in teams. In addition, the way you treat your employees will have a direct impact on the service they provide, which is why you can expect professionals to treat their teams with honor, dignity, and respect.
  • Their knowledge, experience, and equipment are all at a supreme level. Moving is mostly characterized as an unpredictable business. With that in mind, people who take care of it need to know how to deal with every curveball that the situation can throw at them. The knowledge they gathered from vast experience backed up by proper equipment will ensure the best possible reaction to any instance that may occur.
  • The way they carry and represent themselves. You can expect professionals to have clearly labeled trucks and uniforms. They ought to be courteous and do their best at representing their company in good light.

Steering clear from fraudulent movers

While reliable movers are easy to reach through Verified Movers, fraudulent ones are still present on the market. While we do our part in shedding light on shady movers, your best bet at avoiding them is by learning the red flags. Here is what you ought to be aware of:

  • Moving estimates way below average. When choosing your movers, make sure to compare at least three moving estimates from different companies. If anyone seems to stick out too much with a low price – make sure to avoid it. One of the fraudulent movers’ most frequent ways of luring customers in is by throwing a low pitch price. Everyone wants to save money when moving, and that is exactly why this type of fraud is so present. While a low initial price may seem tempting, these people have a tendency of holding peoples’ stuff hostage until they receive a much higher amount of money.
  • Lack of important information, and overall obscure presentation. Just as professionals will make sure to inform you of everything that is crucial for a successful move and important for you as a customer, so will the shady movers avoid providing anything that may expose them. Pay attention to the way they answer their phone, what their website has to say about them, and their overall look upon arrival.
  • An unclear contract that is lacking relocation details. It goes without saying that the contract your movers present you with needs to contain every little detail of your move. Every service that the movers provide you with, as well as the prices you are expected to pay need to be listed in the contract. So make sure to go through it thoroughly, and pay attention to tiny lettering.

In addition, remember to trust your instincts. If anything feels shady at any moment, do not restrain from leaving that company. With more than 10 thousand moving companies in the US, so many great moving companies in Illinois, and some of the best movers in Chicago at the top of this article, you will really find it easy to land reliable movers in another place.

The help Verified Movers provides

As the choice you make in the moving team will have the direct and biggest impact on the outcome of your move, it is essential that you make the right one. This can, of course, introduce stress and anxiety from the get-go, even with all our pieces of advice. There is too much to pay attention to, and a lot that is at stake. With that in mind, we wish to help. Verified Movers has a database containing almost 10 000 moving companies, listing their most important information. This will help you filter your search, and find what you need with greater ease.

A man and a woman searching for top movers in Chicago
With Verified Movers’ assistance, reaching top movers in Chicago will be simple and straightforward.

However, that is not where our assistance stops. We support honesty and transparency, and encourage all moving customers to leave their reviews on our website. Our agents further make sure that the comments you find on our website are genuine and trustworthy. This way, you will not only learn of the company’s service through their words, but also get to know what their assistance is like in practice, straight from the people who have had experience with them. Our goal is to make sure you have an all-encompassing perspective when making your choice, and reading top movers in Chicago reviews will certainly help with that. We believe this to be one of the best ways towards reaching the ideal moving company for your particular preferences.

Save money when moving

Getting connected with a professional, experienced, and reliable moving team that is also affordable is really the best thing you can do for your relocation process and its success. However, your move will still cost some money, and there is no way of going around it. Be that as it may, you can have a great influence on the expenses you make for this endeavor, regardless of whether you are moving on your own, hiring a company for a single service, or going for a full-service option.

Purging your belongings

This is, by far, one of the best things you can do when you relocate. Not only will it lower the cost of your move, but it will also ensure you start your life anew and on the right foot, having only the items you truly need. The relocation process is probably the best opportunity to go through your goods, and finally get rid of all the redundancies that have been hiding in the dark corners of your home or office. Since you will be packing and moving everything as it is, try to go through this process sooner rather than later. Devoting ample time to this task will help you make the soundest decisions in terms of what ought to stay, and what is better left behind.

A family packing their belongings
Purging your goods of all the excess, and bringing only what you need is a great way to start your new life on the right foot.

In addition, you can gift, donate, or sell the items you do not plan on bringing along with you. That is, if they still have some use or purpose left. This way, you can even end up earning some money if you have the time and the energy for throwing a yard sale.

Saving up on packing supplies

Another great move that can greatly influence the overall price of your relocation is thinking through your packing options. With a little bit of luck, and a humble dose of creativity, you can end up not having to spend a dime in order to ensure your belongings’ safety during transportation. The first thing to consider is using what you already have. Totes, suitcases, bags, bins, drawers and the boxes you already have can do a great job in holding your goods for the road. Old t-shirt, socks, bedsheets and pillowcases can all be used for cushioning your belongings.

Before buying boxes for packing, make sure to check out your local warehouses, clothing, grocery, and liquid stores. The latter often have sturdy boxes with dividers inside, which work great for your fragile goods. Most often, these places have boxes to spare, and will gladly hand them over to you after use, as they are receiving a lot of goods on a daily or weekly basis. Just make sure that the boxes are damage and odor-free.

Of course, it goes without saying that the safety of your goods trumps any money-saving hack. That is to say, make sure to put the safety of your belongings first, and saving money second. If this means spending money on quality, tried-and-tested packing materials, by all means, go for it. Not preparing your items properly for the transport can result in irreparable damage, and will thus be not worth the money saved. After all, there are other ways you can save some cash on your move, while not risking the safety of your goods.

Being picky with the moving date

It may not come as a surprise that the timing of your move can have an effect on the final price. Moving during the off-season can lower the relocation costs to a significant degree. So, if you are in any way possible, aim to schedule your move any time from September to April. Note that January is the cheapest month to move in.

A calendar on a wooden table
If you are able to do so, plan out your move for the off-season period, and save some money along the way.

Relocation trends in Chicago and Illinois

The year behind us has been anything but predictable and calm. The worldwide pandemic has ensued massive changes in every sector of society. People have done their best in order to deal with the situation at hand, and while it may seem like the world has been standing still, we have come across data that says otherwise. Americans have been leaving the large cities in flocks, with New York City taking the biggest hit. However, Illinois and Chicago are not that far behind. What’s more, Illinois has ranked third among the most moved-out states in 2020. And while Chicago’s population has been on the decline for years, it is only in the past year that there have been calculated more outbound moves from Chicago than inbound moves to Chicago. Even the top moving companies in Chicago have become aware of this. Where have all these people been moving to and why? What does this mean for the economy, housing market, and the future of Illinois and one of its largest cities? Let’s find out.

Is Illinois getting empty?

Almost twice as many people have moved out of Illinois last year as those who moved in. According to some migration studies, this has earned Illinois the third spot on the list of cities with the most outbound moves. New Jersey took first place with 70 percent of outbound moves, followed by New York that hit 67 percent. For comparison’s sake, Illinois had previously earned the gold on that list for the year 2017.

An aerial view of Chicago
While people are moving out of Chicago, many of them decide to stay in the state of Illinois. In addition, those who moved out most often did not do it for good.

People reported to be moving for a new job, retirement, and to be closer to family. It goes without saying that the pandemic also factored in the moving decision nationwide. It is interesting to learn that that most people moving out of Illinois were 55 or older, with an income of $100,000 or more. What we can conclude from this is that the pandemic has unquestionably accelerated broader moving trends. With the Baby Boomer generation continuously reaching their next phase in life, inbound movers for retirement are by no means a rarity. The most popular states Illinois residents decided to head to included Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Washington, and North Carolina.

Not everyone decided to venture far out

While this data may seem frightening, certain numbers suggest that Illinois residents have been faithful to their state. People have indeed been leaving Chicago, but they have also decided to unpack their bags not that far away. Some found that Evanston, Illinois is the place to be, and this place is less than 20 miles away from Chicago. And, while the latter has more than 2.7 million residents, Evanston has a population of over 74,000. People have also found Oak Park to be worthy of moving to. It is less than 10 miles away, and has a population of around 52,000. There is a conclusion to be taken out of these numbers. The popularity of smaller cities has most definitely been on the rise. Let us delve into this further.

In what numbers have people been leaving Chicago?

Many of America’s biggest cities have seen a decline in their residential numbers in the past year. Top movers in Chicago can attest to this, as well as those in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas and many others. It goes without saying that the pandemic has exacerbated the exodus. Chicago’s numbers haven’t been rising for quite some time. However, in 2020, for the first time in four years, more people have been moving out of Chicago than to it. The metropolitan area has taken the biggest hit, suffering some of the greatest losses out of any major American city.

Chicago has been getting emptier in the past years. However, the biggest hit happened in 2020. Just as all other bigger US cities, Chicago saw many people leave the metro area.

The data that was based on approximately 39,000 moves within the city limits from March 1st to September 30th shows that people have been moving more in 2020 than in 2019. The number of people moving to Chicago has risen by 8%, while the number of residents moving has also seen an increase by 19%.

More than half of the moves were out of the city, while 47.7% were either people moving into the city, or current residents who were changing homes within city limits.

What is the reasoning behind such large migration?

In order to answer this question, one must not look past the pandemic. As hinted previously, the situation has had a massive effect on every sector, thus driving people’s decision to change and adapt in the most optimal way. The state of affairs has made people reevaluate the need for life in the big cities. Simply put, many have started double-measuring whether the pros still outweigh the cons. While staying in a smaller apartment and sticking through the rush hour used to make sense for all the opportunities the big city offers, the tables have turned when the restrictions came to power. Since everyone had to stay at home, many have found that bigger places would suit them better, naturally.

Big business changes

Another big change that had a massive influence on people’s decision to move considers work. Namely, the vast majority of companies had to adapt their business so that employees could handle it from their homes. Those that didn’t were certainly struggling to keep up. And, the ones who managed to make this change swiftly have found that not only is working from home viable, but it is also a cheaper option. The employee does not have to cover the office space expenses, and the employees don’t have to spend time nor money on transportation to and from work. And, since working from home is now present more than ever, one can work from any and every place that has a stable internet connection. As you can suppose, this has inspired people to move to places that are more affordable for living, since the pay is the same, but the expenses of living in the big city rarely dwindle.

People have not been moving out for good

Top movers in Chicago have indeed seen people moving out. However, they also report that they were predominantly renters, or some renters buying in the suburbs. This is due to the fact that many of them are working remotely. And since the commute is no longer a walk around the block, but rather from the bedroom to the living room, there is no need to pay the prices for renting near the office.

As more people are working from home, there is no need to rent near the center, and pay the high prices. This has made the city empty, and the suburbs fuller.

While millennials are the largest home-buying generation at present, some have decided that moving back with family was a smarter option. They decided to use the pandemic to their advantage, and save for a down payment while it lasts. At this point, we have to mention one important factor that might indicate this shift is not as severe as it might appear. A larger percentage of the moves are temporary. People who decided to move during the pandemic did so without the intention of permanently leaving Chicago.

2022 has brought even bigger problems for Chicago

The whole state of Illinois, along with its largest city, has found itself in a situation they have never been in before. Illinois was among the top 3 most moved-out states in the country in 2020, and the same happened in 2021. Based on the data we’ve gathered so far for 2022, it’s going to be pretty much the same story. It’s not even all about Chicago anymore. People are leaving the Illinois suburbs in flocks. However, we’re focusing on the Windy City, so let’s see what are the numbers telling us. And also, Chicago is still responsible for 45% of Illinois’ outbound relocations.

In 2021, Chicago lost 45,000 residents. An astonishing loss for any city, no matter the size. Windy City is among the top 4 most moved-out cities in the whole United States, along with New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Ever since the pandemic started, every year seems to have been worse for Chicago. People are not enjoying the tax rates, high cost of living, salaries that usually can’t cover the cost of living, as well as crime rates. Just to give you an idea, last year, for every 100 outbound moves in Chicago, there were only 70 inbound moves. A really worrying ratio like this is not easy to change overnight, and it really seems that there won’t be significant changes any time soon.

The Skyline of Chicago with the view of the Lake Michigan.
Chicago is yet to see an improvement in moving trends.

To make things worse, researchers are suggesting that people who left Chicago are now paid 40% more for their work than those who moved into the city. That’s an alarming message for the majority of Chicagoans and it certainly makes them rethink their future in Windy City. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that Chicago can also be a great place to live, because it really can. The problem is, currently, most people seem to think that there are more disadvantages than benefits of leaving in Illinois’ largest city.

Moving with the help of movers, or by themselves?

Looking at the previous year, and the fact that the pandemic ensued a massive financial crisis for many people, it is no wonder DIY moves gained in popularity. Americans have been more likely to opt-out of professional moving assistance in the past year, taking on the challenges of the move on their own. Professional moving companies are responsible for about 650,000 relocations each year, while about 1 million moves are DIY projects.

With that being said, there is a disclaimer to be made. A substantial number out of those DIY moves do not happen entirely without external assistance. Simply put, there are certain parts of the moving process that cannot be taken care of by an individual alone. Especially if a long-distance move is taking place. Some of the tasks that are particularly difficult include furniture disassembly and assembly, piano transportation, and moving heavy and bulky items. In addition, failing to perform any of these properly most often results in item or property damage, and not to rarely with minor or major injuries. That is why those who plan on having a DIY move still reach out for some sort of professional assistance, be it truck rental or loading services.

A couple that plans on moving, hiring top movers in Chicago via laptop
While DIY relocations take place more often, some sort of assistance is almost always included in the picture, be it smaller or bigger services.

Having that in mind, Verified Movers has seen to it that you have a plethora of affordable, top movers in Chicago in our database to choose from. And make no mistake, there are plenty of experienced, professional and reliable movers who charge more than reasonable prices for their services. In that regard, we advise you to really consider allocating a part of your budget to quality moving assistance. After all, moving ought to be a joyous occasion, as it is a change for the better. There is no need to stress, sweat and worry about your move when you have the option of going down a more pleasant route.

Where are Chicagoans moving to?

With so many people leaving the city, it’s really hard to track down where these Chicagoans went. Well, first of all, let’s talk about those who didn’t go too far. Or, to be precise, those who have decided to stay in Illinois. Considering that every city in Prairie State is less expensive than Chicago, it makes sense to move to either one of them. In the list below, you’ll find Illinois’ cities that are welcoming the most people from the Chicago metro area in 2022, so far.

  1. Champaign
  2. Rockford
  3. Bloomington
  4. Carbondale
  5. Peoria
  6. Kankakee

Champaign welcomed more Chicagoans since the beginning of the pandemic than any other city, not just in Illinois, but in the whole USA. More than 5,000 people have moved from Windy City to Champaign since the COVID-19 outbreak. This relocation is not going out of fashion, because it’s still very much common in 2022.

A park in Chicago on a cloudy day.
Those who have said goodbye to Chicago have mostly moved to Champaign.

What about those who, while leaving Chicago, left Illinois as well?

Since the whole state of Illinois is struggling pretty badly to keep residents, it’s fair to assume that a lot of Chicagoans who left the city decided to settle in another state. Of course, that is correct, and now, we want to show you which cities welcomed most Chicagoans in 2021.

  1. Phoenix, AZ
  2. Milwaukee, WI
  3. Indianapolis, IN
  4. Dallas, TX
  5. Atlanta, GA
  6. New York City, NY
  7. Los Angeles, CA
  8. Minneapolis, MN
  9. St. Louis, MO
  10. Denver, CO

As you can see, outside of those who decided on moving from Chicago to New York City or to Los Angeles and pursuing their careers there, the majority went to more affordable cities. To be fair, it’s not hard for one city to be less expensive than Chicago. However, there are a few metro areas in the United States that are more expensive than Windy City and they didn’t find their place on this list. As you can see, Phoenix was the most popular choice, with almost 5,000 Chicagoans moving to The Valley of The Sun since the pandemic begun. Three cities that are following Phoenix here are not too far behind. Also, more people from Chicago moved to Texas than to either Wisconsin or Illinois, but the two largest cities in these states are near the top because Texas has a lot of cities that Chicagoans were keen on moving to. So, it’s not all about Dallas, but Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and some others as well.

How has this influenced the housing market in Chicago?

While it may be contra-intuitive, the statewide data for May 2021 shows that the market continues to grow, both in terms of sales and prices. The start of the summer season brings many promises for sellers, as the homes are being purchased at premium prices. Contrary to popular belief, the Illinois housing market performed exceptionally in May. It has seen a massive surge in home sales and higher median prices.

Colorful houses in a row
Despite the financial crisis, housing market has been on the rise in 2020, and 2021 so far, with positive predictions for the oncoming period.

Real estate prices increase in a seller’s market, with the statewide median price in May 2021 being $252,000. For comparison’s sake, this is 21.8% higher than $215,050 in May 2020. The strong buyer demand is the main reason why the Chicago metro area prices are almost at all-time highs. Some predictions point towards an 11.5% year-over-year increase in the median sales price. Both sales and median prices experienced a positive annual change in the Chicago housing market.

Chicago home prices are on the rise

The median home sale price in the Chicago Metro Area (comprising out of nine counties) was $310,000. This was a 19.2% increase from $260,000 in May 2020. What this goes to show is that Chicago home prices are on the rise as a result of very tight supply and low mortgage rates. It is expected of housing sales and prices to continue on this positive trend, as more homebuyers will be willing to enter the bidding wars in order to land their preferred deals. Speedy sales will be a direct result of the stronger buyer activity, while multiple offers will lead to price gains. In addition, median prices are expected to rise steadily throughout the year, having a higher and broader range than the last one.

In the following years, Illinois is expected to see some price gains that will be ranging from 8.3% to 19.6% while the Chicago PMSA will witness home price gains going from 6.9% to 16.0%.

Rents are getting low

In 2020, Chicago rents fell 12%. While renters felt a huge load lifted off their shoulders, landlords saw this as a big hit on their budget. Chicago found itself among one of the most severely impacted cities in terms of falling rents. Due to pandemics, those more expensive cities with competitive job markets experienced rent decline. And, for many of them, this was a first in a decade. Some of the ones that had the biggest price collapse were San Francisco, Seattle and Boston. Chicago was ninth in the nation for the steepest drops in rental prices. Across the US, rent fell by 1.5% at the end of 2020, as compared to 2019 after the last three years of increases.

In order to follow the demand through, landlords are lowering the rents and keeping themselves relevant in the market.

On the other hand, suburban rents remained mostly stable after a brief summer dip, while cities bore the brunt of the decrease. Typically, the market experiences a winter drop in prices, having that fewer people moving during cold weather. Rents are higher during the summertime, as college students and recent graduates start looking for housing at the beginning of the school year. However, 2020 had some other stats to show.

As a result of vacancies rising, landlords around Chicago are jumping through hoops in order to keep tenants in the building. One of the most efficient ways of doing so is by cutting rent. Some landlords even go so far as to offer five months of free rent for new leasees. Others will also reduce application fees, offer free parking or cleaning services as well as cash incentives for those who sign fast.

What to expect in 2023 from the housing market in Windy City?

After several years of rising home prices, Chicago is getting ready to experience a slight decline in real estate value. In July 2022, the median sales price for homes in Windy City reached $350,000. However, researchers are suggesting that we’re in for a calmer period regarding Chicago’s real estate market. As we said, not only will the prices stop rising, they will even fall down a bit. The drop is expected to be 0.9% until the summer of 2023. For both future homeowners and investors, this is neither too encouraging nor discouraging, since the difference really isn’t too big. But, anyone who’s interested in buying a home in Windy City at current prices, they’ll have more than enough time to do so, as there won’t be any major price jumps in the near future.

What’s it like living in Chicago?

The City of Chicago is the most populous city in the state of Illinois. It is also the third most populous city in the United States, being right behind New York and Los Angeles. The count from 2019 suggests that there are about 2,693,976 Chicagoans, making this city the most populous one in the Midwestern United States. As so many people have found it worthy of being their home, one has to wonder what is the allure of Chicago. Well, let’s see what you can expect if you decide to move here, and seek out help from top Chicago movers.

Costs of living in Chicago

Overall, Chicago is only 6.9% more expensive than the US average, and 13.5% more expensive than the Illinois average. The biggest contributor to this difference are transportation costs. They are 38.5% higher than the national average and 32.3% higher than the state’s average. Other than that, virtually everything else is cheaper: groceries, housing, health, and even utilities. Here are the statistics:

  • Groceries are 2.8% cheaper than the US average, and 3.2% more expensive than the Illinois average
  • Health costs are 9.4% lower than the national average, and 2.8% lower than the state’s average
  • Housing costs are 0.9% lower than the US average, and 19.6% higher than the Illinois average
  • Utilities are 7.8% cheaper than the national average, and 4.9% cheaper than the state’s average

Transportation and commute

Although the costs are higher than the US average, public transportation is a great option in Chicago. As a matter of fact, it is being regularly used by 30% of commuters. Chicago’s public transit system covers an area that can be reached in a 30-minute transit trip, and is the largest in the country. And, with 98.5% of jobs being located within half a mile of public transit, this makes this means of commute rather convenient.

Chicago city train
Although more expensive than the national average, transportation options are great in Chicago, and rather popular, making it quite unique throughout the US.

A bus ticket is only $2.25, while the “L” elevated railway costs only $2.50 per ride. There is also Chicago Transit Authority monthly pass that works on busses and trains, and costs $105. When compared to New York City, and San Francisco, these prices are lower, but still more expensive than Boston. On the other hand, owning a car in Chicago has its own set of expenses, as the average gas price has risen by about 50 cents per gallon in the past year.

One expense that is unique to the City of Chicago is the city’s Wheel Tax. Car owners have to pay it each year by purchasing a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker, which costs between $90.88 and $144.33, depending on the size of your vehicle. In addition, Chicago is in the top three most expensive cities for metered and off-street parking, but it is also relatively less expensive for monthly parking.

The average salary in Chicago

Since the costs of living in the Chicago metro area are lower in comparison to other major cities, this means that many companies pay lower salaries in Chicago as well. While the area’s average annual income is just over $57,000 (7% higher than the US average), it is still a lot less than Boston or San Francisco workers earn. Jobs that are in the legal field are among the highest paying ones in Chicago, going as high as $128,000 per year. Lawyers in this city make 17% more annually than lawyers elsewhere in the country. In addition, construction and extraction jobs are especially well-compensated in Chicago. Salaries for these jobs are over $72,000, which is 38% more than the national average.

Choose the neighborhood wisely

Chicago is comprised of its 77 well-defined neighborhoods that are separated into nine districts. If you plan on hiring top movers in Chicago to move you here, know that each of these has its own mix of attractions, culture, history, and personality. From Hyde Park to Lincoln Square, every part of the city virtually becomes part of its residents’ identities.

  • Chicago’s Northern neighborhoods are usually considered youthful, and thus desirable. From boutique shopping in Lincoln Park and live jazz in Uptown, to cheering on a Cubs game in Wrigleyville, there is always something to do and somewhere to be.
  • The West Side is characterized by a more of an eclectic vibe. The West Loop is considered to be the city’s culinary destination, all thanks to the West Loop’s Randolph Street and Fulton Market. If you venture further west, you will be able to enjoy the stunning murals, monuments, and churches of Wicker Park.
  • Chicago’s Loop is home to all the popular tourist attractions. Here you will find the “Bean” at Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Historic Theatre District, but also art galleries, cocktail lounges, and shopping on Michigan Avenue.
  • The South Side of the city boasts an array of both cultural and social offerings. Diversity runs deep here, from monuments in Bronzeville to the Museum Campus in South Loop to Chinatown’s authentic cuisine.
Chicago during dusk
Chicago has plenty of different neighborhoods for you to choose from, and you are bound to find something that will suit you.

Narrowing down Chicago relocations

Chicago has seen a lot of change in the past few years. While some decided to search their luck elsewhere, others have gladly ventured into its borders in hope of a better tomorrow. After all, Chicago has a lot to offer. It undoubtedly carries unique energy that keeps people loyal to it even in the toughest of times. If you are pondering the idea of moving here, know that you will have plenty to look forward to. And, in order to ensure you have the easiest, simplest, and most pleasant relocation process, Verified Movers will be there, helping you find ideal moving assistance. With a whole plethora of top movers in Chicago, moving will prove to be a smooth ride, and a process you will enjoy every step of the way. Checking out our platform will not only help you reach reliable moving experts but also prepare you for the tasks ahead. Make sure to go through our blog, and reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.