Conducting a relocation involves a lot of tasks and processes that you need to complete. And when you plan to relocate to another state, this list of tasks becomes all the wider. So, when you come to a point where you have to move several vehicles to your new home, it can prove to be a challenge. Unlike your typical household or office relocation, auto transportation moving services require a bit more. Sure, if it’s only one vehicle, you can drive it to your new home or sell it. But when you can’t do this, you can always turn to professional auto transportation companies. And when you do make this decision, Verified Movers will be here to support you with the best estimate and mover match for your needs.

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Step-By-Step Auto Transport checklist

The first step on your vehicle transportation journey is to consult your moving budget and capabilities. Once you do this, if you reach a decision that the relocation to your new home should be done via plane, you are going to have to look into suitable options for transporting your vehicles in a safe and professional manner. And the best way to do this is to employ auto moving experts.

Even though the company you hire will have all the expertise and equipment needed to handle your auto transportation, there are still things that you can do to contribute. Knowing all the steps that will be needed to ensure the safety and well-being of your property is one such contribution. Plus, it never hurts to learn new skills – after all, you never know when you might need them. And so, Verified Movers is going to provide you with a short guide on how to take care of shipping your vehicles before the moving company you hire comes to load them for transport. How to prepare a car for transport across the country?

1. Check the experience of the movers. Does the moving company have enough experience in this type of project? What is their portfolio like and do they have any past records of accidents or incidents with transportation? These are some of the questions to ask yourself when searching for the right movers. Verified Movers can ask these questions for you and provide you with optimal choices of auto transport moving companies. After all, transporting your vehicle(s) requires certain knowledge and expertise that not all movers can provide. One check you can always do is look up the USDOT number of the carrier to obtain those details.

2. Shipping method? Open or enclosed shipping – now that is the question? This all depends on how valuable and important your vehicles are to you. If they are, then it might pay off to cash out extra funds ($350-$500) and secure closed transportation from the relocation company. It might weigh in on your budget, but it will also provide you with peace of mind in terms of any risks associated with open vehicle shipping.

3. Get several auto transportation quotes. Once you have your terms all figured out, submit them to us and we will cross compare our moving company database. The results will be focused on your particular needs and the expert movers that fulfill those very needs. And once you have a list of potential auto transport companies, it’s just a matter of getting in touch and doing some comparison of your own. Make a list of questions and contact each company to get answers to those questions. Once you do, you’ll be able to weigh in all the factors and make the right call.

4. Remember to ask for an insurance guarantee. Since you are going to ship vehicles and not cookies or trinkets, insurance is something that will definitely come in handy. So, it would be wise to inquire about insurance options with the moving company or a third party company. Read up on the policies and terms of the auto transport businesses you consider and check what would be the outcome in case of any damages occurring during transportation. And of course, have them provide you with a copy of the contract.

5. Once the auto transportation company you hired has your vehicle all ready for the shipping process, make sure that they fill out and sign the loading bill and a report with the condition of your vehicle. Go through the terms together and make sure that everything is in order. Another useful thing you can do in terms of the condition of the vehicle(s) is taking pictures and insist that the company do the same. This will give you a clear idea of any dents or marks that could occur during transport.

6. Ask for a written statement or some kind of a contract as proof of the agreement you made with the auto transport company. Never let it slip your mind that promises and verbal agreements are not binding, so with them, you have no guarantees.

7. Once your vehicle(s) reaches your new home, inspect it together with the movers. If you notice even the slightest damage or that the vehicle is in a different condition than it originally was, note it in a written report. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to file a claim with the professional long distance moving company.

10 simple steps for preparing your car for auto transport

When we talk about auto transportation across the nation, this is not just another everyday item and task. In fact, it is so much more than that. You can’t just call up FedEx or UPS and request to have them ship your car for you. Instead, you want to make sure that a proper auto transport company that is certified will handle the shipping process. Now, Verified Movers can aid you in finding the right companies for the job, but there are certain tasks that you need to take care of personally. One major task will be to prepare the vehicle for transport.

After all, the job of the company you hire is to handle the pick-up, transport and delivery of your car to the final destination. However, you are the one that has to make sure that the car is actually prepared for the journey ahead. So, we have decided to offer you some valuable advice in terms of how best to prepare for auto transport. Hence, here are 10 guidelines that will ensure the readiness of your vehicle for shipping:

#1: Make sure that the exterior is clean

By definition, professional moving and transportation services ensure that the item is delivered as it was originally picked up. This means that as long as you ensure that the car is sparkling clean from top to bottom, that’s the condition it will be delivered in. And consider this, if you clean it now, you avoid that same task after delivery.

#2: Make sure to do a complete inspection of the car before the auto transport company arrives

Once your vehicle is as clean as it was on the day you bought it, you can inspect it. Go through every inch of it and note any dents, scratches, marks or paint chips. When your car is dirty, it can be difficult to notice such things.

Why is this so important? Because when you document all existing damage on your car, you can make sure that it will arrive in the same condition. If there are marks that were not there originally, you will be able to note it and get compensation.

#3: Take photos of the car before the shipping process

It is good to inspect the car for any damages and note them, but that might not be enough. So, you want to make sure to take photos of any pre-existing dents, scratches, chips etc. Feel free to take as many photos as you want – the more the better. The only focus here is to capture the damaged areas and for the photos to be good in quality.

Note that these photos are for your records, but they might serve as extra insurance in case of damages during the auto transport process. Bear in mind also that most expert interstate moving companies will insist on this step as well.

#4: Time for a more detailed look

Now that you’ve gone and inspected the outside of your vehicle, time to tend to the interior. Time to check “what lies under the hood”. So, you can start by checking the bottom for any visible leaks. If you happen to find any, make sure to get them fixed as soon as possible. Next comes the odometer readings for your car, which you should note down. After all, your car will only be driven on and off the transportation truck – anything more than that is suspicious and should be marked. Make sure that everything is working properly in terms of the engine and overall car performance.

#5: Make sure to take care of any necessary maintenance

As a car owner, you know the importance of regular maintenance and technical checks. So, before you hand the car off to the auto transportation company of your choosing, make sure to visit a mechanic. Have them do a checkup of the vehicle, to ensure everything is in order. After all, better to take care of this in your old area, where you probably have your mechanic. You never know how long it will take you to find a new one in your new city. But in case you don’t have the time to visit the mechanic, here are some general things to check off:

  • Check the levels of all fluids in your vehicle
  • The battery should be fully charged before any longer journey
  • Make sure to check the tire pressure is just right
  • Leave the tank a quarter full – no need to have a full tank of gas for auto transport.

#6: Time to secure the exterior of the car

The car shipping process needs to be as simple as possible – from point A to point B. Hence, any exterior parts of your car that can be taken down should be. This usually includes items such as bike, ski, and luggage racks. Other such items include retractable antennas, folding side-view mirrors, custom spoilers etc.

#7: Make sure to remove any and all personal items

The trunk and inside of your vehicle should be cleared of any personal items before transportation. Make sure that your GPS and charges have been packed as well – you won’t need them. This will minimize any chance of theft and damage in the process. Additionally, any additional items you leave in your car might get tossed around during the auto transport process, which is yet another cause for damage that you can avoid.

#8: Deactivate automatic parking passes or toll tags.

Go ahead and remove automatic parking passes and toll tags. You are not going to need these items doing transport. If you leave your toll tag on your vehicle, it may collect the fees of every toll that your car passes through. That is definitely not something that you want.

#9: Do not remove all items.

As you were cleaning out your personal belongings from your car, you probably thought, “What is okay to leave?” ”Do I have to take everything out of my car?” While all personal items should be removed for insurance and safety purposes, some items can be kept in your vehicle. These items include the spare tire, emergency kit, jack, and hand tools. It is important to note to keep your license plate on your vehicle.

#10: Make special notes for the driver.

Note any special quirks or mechanical problems with your vehicle. Prepare written handling instructions for the driver beforehand. Although your car will be driven minimally during auto transport, these notes will be important for driving your car on and off the carrier.

Why go through all these steps for auto transport?

These steps may seem tedious and unnecessary to you, now. However, these steps will save you time and money in the long run. Not only will your car be ready for the arrival of the driver, but it will be ready to drive upon delivery at your new home.

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