Moving to Alaska means living in one of the most challenging, but beautiful places on the Earth. A journey to your new residence in Alaska is an experience filled with emotions, excitement, and stress. So having a professional help in relocation process reduces the pressure in a most efficient way. Cross country moving companies Alaska have special professional skills and wisdom to help their customers move. Verified Movers can connect you with these companies, as well as with long distance moving companies Alaska, many of which will be able to help you. With this in mind, head out to our website today and find an ideal team!

A lake in Alaska surrounded by mountains.For a successful journey from the Last Frontier to the mainland, get in touch with experienced cross country moving companies Alaska.

Having a reliable moving company at your side, one that has had plenty of years of experience and knowledge is one certain way of ensuring your relocation will be successful. And, finding such a company is easier said than done. Still, this is the most important step in your relocation process. However, you needn’t be alone in the process, as reading Verified Movers reviews can be extremely valuable. Our goal is to help you have the positive and pleasant moving experience you want and deserve, which is why we will be more than glad to help you find the right cross country movers in Alaska.

Leaving Alaska Is Not a Cheap Endeavor

Considering that Alaska is separated from the mainland, it’s only natural to expect higher expenses for relocation. Your stuff needs to be transported all the way across Canada in order to reach the rest of the United States. Even though the starting point and the destination are in the USA, this can be considered an international move since you’ll have to pass through another country. Well, at least your belongings will, while you can travel via plane. So, with the big distance in mind, here are a few examples of relocation expenses for the moves that involve Alaska.

  1. Moving from Alaska to Washington: $2,000-$4,300
  2. Moving from Alaska to California: $5,334 – $6,804
  3. Moving from Alaska to Texas: $5,665- $7,260
  4. Moving from Alaska to Florida: $3570 – $7430

Bear in mind that the price of your move depends on several other things besides the distances, such as the weight of your items, difficulty of loading, moving date, special services, etc. We have a quote calculator on our website which is completely free, so you can fill it out to get the most accurate price.

Finding a Trustworthy and Dependable Company for a Cross Country Move

Settling on the idea of moving with professionals is great. However, there are still big decisions to be made, and probably the most important one is choosing a team of cross country movers Alaska who will assist you on this journey. You need to make sure you’re picking someone reliable, so here are a few things to keep an eye on. First of all, make sure to look into the licenses. Interstate moving companies Alaska have to be registered with the US Department of Transportation. However, that’s not where you check their licenses. You can do this on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration by using the company’s USDOT number which should be visible somewhere on the company’s website.

A couple researching cross country moving companies Alaska on their laptop.

Read about other people’s experiences with moving companies here at Verified Movers reviews.

While the license check may sound complicated at first, it really is quite simple. You just need to devote some time to it, but it will be worth it. Now, the background check of a moving company should also have reviews high up the list. We mean this, of course, in the sense of checking the reviews to see how did company treat its former clients. Reputable cross country moving companies in Alaska will have a lot of positive reviews, as well as a good rating overall. By that logic, we would strongly advise against hiring movers with bad ratings and bad reviews. One of the simplest ways to to check the testimonials is to head out to our website and read Verified Movers reviews.

Here’s What Services To Expect From Cross Country Moving Companies Alaska

Relocating with cross country moving companies Alaska will give you an opportunity to ask for many useful services. With so many services at your disposal, your relocation can really be a breeze. Here are some of the most popular services you can ask for:

Migration Trends in the “Last Frontier” Have Been Negative for 10 Years in a Row

Alaska is really struggling with moving trends, and that has been the case for a decade. More people are leaving the state than moving in, and things probably won’t change in the near future. In recent years, Alaska has seen a nuanced pattern of people moving in and out, significantly influenced by its economic conditions, job market, and unique living conditions. For instance, data from the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development showed that in last few years, nearly 40,000 people moved to Alaska, but about 44,000 left, resulting in a net population decrease.

This trend of more people leaving than arriving has been consistent in recent years, impacted by factors such as job availability in key sectors like oil and gas, fishing, and tourism, which can be seasonal or volatile. The allure of high-paying jobs in these industries often brings people to Alaska, but the state’s high cost of living and the challenging weather conditions can lead to a high turnover rate. Here are the most common destinations for people who are leaving Alaska:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. Washington
  5. Nevada

Besides Washington, Alaskans are mostly moving to warmer states, and no wonder that’s the case. California is the most frequent choice. Los Angeles is the preferred choice when it comes to Californian cities. The most common route between these states was from Anchorage to LA. However, when it comes to relocations from Alaska’s largest cities, it’s interesting that there were slightly more people who decided to move from Anchorage to Seattle and Las Vegas, rather than to LA.

A field in Alaska with snowy mountains in the background

For over a decade now, Alaska hasn’t managed to stay on the positive side of the moving trends.

Moving from Alaska to California

People are moving from Alaska to California for various reasons, each seeking something different that the Golden State offers. The appeal of California’s diverse economy is a significant factor. With industries ranging from technology and entertainment to agriculture and manufacturing, California presents broader career opportunities compared to Alaska’s economy, which is more focused on oil, gas, fishing, and tourism. The climate is another major reason for the move. California’s warmer weather and sunny days are a stark contrast to Alaska’s cold and dark winters. This climate difference not only affects lifestyle but also health and well-being, making California an attractive destination for those seeking a milder environment.

Additionally, the cultural and recreational opportunities in California are vast. From the lively cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco to the scenic beauty of its national parks and beaches, California offers many different experiences. This variety appeals to those looking for an active, social life, access to the arts, and outdoor activities year-round. Education and family considerations also play a role. California’s extensive network of universities and colleges offers excellent opportunities for higher education. For families, the prospect of better schooling and more child-friendly recreational activities can be a strong draw.

Despite the higher cost of living in California, with around $7,749.9 needed in Los Angeles to maintain a standard of life that $6,200 can afford in Anchorage, the promise of higher wages, combined with the lifestyle benefits, makes the move appealing. The significant difference in home values, with California’s average home value at $750,709 versus Alaska’s $361,900, reflects the broader economic and lifestyle trade-offs between these two distinct states.

Moving from Alaska to Florida

Florida ranks at the second position in the ranking of where people in Alaska are moving the most. Many people are choosing to move from Alaska to Florida, with 1,418 making the move last year. This trend is driven by several appealing factors that Florida offers. The state’s sunny climate, with its abundant parks, lakes, and beaches, makes it an ideal destination for those who love warm weather and outdoor activities. In addition to the lifestyle benefits, Florida’s financial advantages play a significant role. The state’s lower taxes make it an attractive option for many looking to stretch their dollars further.

Affordable housing is another key reason behind this migration trend. In most parts of Florida, except for high-demand areas like Miami, families can find good homes for around $360,000. This is a competitive price, especially compared to Alaska, where median home prices are above the national average. The job market in Florida also contributes to its attractiveness. With an unemployment rate of around 3.2%, lower than Alaska’s 5%, Florida offers more job opportunities for newcomers.

Moving from Alaska to Texas

Moving from Alaska to Texas brings a significant change in lifestyle, primarily due to the climate. Texas enjoys a subtropical climate, offering hot summers and mild winters. This shift is perfect for those who love being outdoors all year. The state has beautiful beaches, providing endless opportunities for sunbathing and surfing.

Job seekers find Texas appealing because of its growing economy. With thriving sectors in healthcare, technology, and finance, cities like Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are hot spots for career growth. Despite the cost of living gradually increasing in Texas, it remains more affordable than Alaska, making it an attractive option for many.

A critical financial benefit of moving to Texas is the absence of state income tax. This policy allows residents to save a significant portion of their earnings. Additionally, the welcoming nature of Texans adds to the state’s appeal, making newcomers feel at home.

Considering the size of Texas, finding a city that matches one’s lifestyle and needs is crucial. The state offers a diverse range of living environments, from bustling metropolises to quiet, small towns. The cost of living in Anchorage, AK, one of the best places to live in Alaska, is 13.7% higher than in Dallas, TX, with the median home price in Texas at $342,400, highlighting the financial advantages of moving to the Lone Star State.

two cactus plantsMany people decide to move from Alaska to Texas with the help of cross country moving companies Alaska.

Moving from Alaska to Washington

Last year alone, 1,435 people made the move from Alaska to Washington. Job opportunities are a significant factor, with Washington’s diverse economy offering careers in tech, healthcare, and more. The state’s warmer climate compared to Alaska’s harsh winters also attracts many. Education is another draw, with Washington offering some of the best universities and schools in the country. Cultural attractions and a dynamic lifestyle in cities like Seattle enhance its appeal.

Washington State is known for its high quality of life, excellent healthcare, and educational opportunities, making it an ideal place for families seeking a better life. Although Alaska is 11.1% more expensive than Washington overall, Seattle’s living costs, including a median home price of $790K, can be higher than in Anchorage. Despite this, the overall benefits of moving to Washington, such as its economic opportunities, educational resources, and lifestyle, make it a popular choice for those relocating from Alaska.

Moving from Alaska to Nevada

Financial incentives like lower property taxes and the absence of a state income tax make Nevada an appealing choice. To maintain the same standard of life, you’d need around $6,192.8 in Anchorage, compared to $5,700.0 in Las Vegas, NV, showcasing the affordability of living in Nevada. The average rent for an apartment is almost identical in both locations, with Las Vegas at $1,457 and Anchorage at $1,459, highlighting cost similarities in housing.

Beyond financial benefits, Nevada offers a wealth of entertainment and recreational activities. The state is known for its entertainment scene, especially in cities like Las Vegas, which is a major draw for those looking for a lively social life. Nevada’s natural beauty, including parks and recreational areas, offers residents a chance to enjoy the outdoors and engage in various activities. It also has a great sports scene, appealing to enthusiasts and participants alike.

Nevada landscapeNevada is one of the states the most Alaskans move to.

Where Are Those Who Are Moving to Alaska Coming From?

While there aren’t too many people moving to Alaska nowadays, it’s worth mentioning the states where those who are moving to Alaska are coming from.

  1. Texas
  2. California
  3. North Carolina
  4. Florida
  5. Washington

So, we can see some similar names as in the outbound list with the exception of North Carolina. Anchorage is the most popular choice when it comes to moving to Alaska with the help of cross country moving companies Alaska.

Moving from Texas to Alaska

More people move to Alaska from Texas than from any other state. One major reason is the desire to escape the intense Texas heat. Alaska’s cooler climate offers a refreshing change with its more temperate summers and cold, snowy winters. This difference in weather is a significant draw for Texans looking for a break from their state’s scorching temperatures.

Economic opportunities also play a role in this migration trend. Both states have strong energy sectors, leading to business interactions that often introduce Texans to Alaska. Historical connections, such as the construction of pipelines, have left a lasting impact, with many Texans who came for work choosing to stay for the lifestyle.

Alaska and Texas share a spirit of independence and resilience, attracting individuals with a pioneering mindset. The unique cultures, vast landscapes, and sense of adventure in Alaska appeal to those from Texas seeking a change of scenery and lifestyle. This migration reflects a pursuit of a different climate, new opportunities, and a community of like-minded individuals with strong character.

Moving from California to Alaska

People moving from California to Alaska are often seeking a significant change in lifestyle and environment. The climate shift is one of the most noticeable differences, with Alaska offering cooler temperatures and a stark contrast to California’s generally warm weather. For those weary of California’s crowded cities and constant hustle, Alaska’s vast, open spaces provide a refreshing change. The state’s low population density means less traffic and more tranquility.

Alaska’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures attract Californians looking for a closer connection to nature. From majestic mountains to expansive forests and stunning coastlines, the allure of the wilderness is compelling. While California has its own natural wonders, the unique landscapes of Alaska offer new experiences for exploration and recreation.

Economically, Californians moving to Alaska may find some financial relief in certain areas. Although Alaska has a higher cost for groceries and utilities due to its remoteness, housing and transportation can be more affordable compared to many parts of California. However, it’s important to note that the overall cost of living can vary widely depending on the specific locations in both states.

California coastAlaska’s diverse wildlife and outdoor activities offer a unique appeal for those looking to move away from crowded urban centers.

Moving from North Carolina to Alaska

People are moving from North Carolina to Alaska despite the higher cost of living in some Alaskan cities. For instance, living in Anchorage, AK, is 17.6% more expensive than in Charlotte, NC. However, individuals find the unique offerings of Alaska compelling enough to make the move. The dramatic landscapes, vast wilderness, and opportunity for adventure in Alaska starkly contrast with North Carolina’s rolling hills and urban settings.

Some North Carolinians are drawn to Alaska seeking escape from the dense population, seeking solitude and a closer connection to nature. Alaska’s expansive landscapes offer a sense of freedom and tranquility hard to find in more crowded states. The environmental quality, with its cleaner air and less polluted waters, also attracts those concerned about pollution and looking for a healthier living environment.

Moreover, Alaska’s unique job opportunities in sectors like oil, gas, fishing, and tourism provide a strong pull for those seeking employment outside the traditional industries found in North Carolina. The sense of community and the slower pace of life in many Alaskan towns appeal to those looking for a change from the fast-paced, tax-heavy, and regulation-dense life they experience in North Carolina.

Despite the financial adjustments required due to the cost of living differences—like needing around $6,160.6 in Anchorage to maintain the standard of life one could have with $6,700.0 in Raleigh, NC—many find the trade-offs worthwhile for the unique lifestyle Alaska offers.

Moving from Florida to Alaska

One significant factor why people decide to move from Florida to Alaska is the economic opportunity that Alaska offers. With an average salary of $30.67 an hour or $63,791 per year as of January 2024, Alaska presents a higher earning potential compared to Florida’s average salary of $23.51 an hour or $48,903 per year. This wage difference is a strong attraction for those looking to improve their financial situation.

Aside from the financial benefits, the drastic change in environment is another reason. Florida’s dense population and constant warmth contrast sharply with Alaska’s vast landscapes and cooler climate. For those seeking solitude, adventure, and a closer connection to nature, Alaska’s rugged terrain and outdoor lifestyle offer an irresistible call.

Moreover, Alaska’s unique natural beauty, including its wildlife, mountains, and forests, provides a stark departure from Florida’s beaches and flatlands. The opportunity to experience day-to-day life amidst such stunning surroundings is a powerful motivator.

The desire for a quieter, less crowded living environment also drives Floridians north. Alaska’s lower population density means less traffic, fewer crowds, and a slower pace of life, appealing to those looking for a break from Florida’s hustle and bustle. This combination of financial, environmental, and lifestyle factors makes moving from Florida to Alaska an attractive proposition for many.

Moving from Washington to Alaska

People moving from Washington to Alaska are often motivated by the desire for more affordable housing and a connection to nature. With Washington DC’s median home price at 599.9k, Alaska’s more affordable real estate, such as Anchorage’s median home price of 361.9k, presents a significant financial advantage. This cost difference makes the dream of home ownership more attainable for many.

The allure of Alaska’s natural beauty is another powerful draw. The state’s amazing landscapes, from its national parks to its wildlife, offer a unique living experience. Encounters with wildlife and the tranquility of nature are everyday aspects of life in Alaska, providing a stark contrast to the urban environment of Washington DC.

Seeking a relaxed lifestyle also prompts the move. The pace of life in Alaska is markedly slower than in Washington DC, offering a break from the city’s chaos. While Alaska may not offer the same bustling nightlife, it provides ample entertainment through outdoor activities and community events. This shift towards a more laid-back lifestyle can significantly reduce stress and enhance one’s connection to the natural world. Moving from Washington DC to Alaska with cross country moving companies Alaska represents not just a change of location but a transformative lifestyle shift.

Cross Country Moving Companies by Cities in Alaska

A man from cross country moving companies Alaska smiling while holding a boxIt will probably take a few weeks for interstate movers in Alaska to deliver your belongings due to the large distance.

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The hardship of finding reliable cross-country movers in Alaska is undeniable, while their assistance is paramount. While one cannot deny the latter, we can help with the former. Visit Verified Movers today, and we will be glad to help you find the team that will carry out your relocation process. In addition, feel free to check out our website as you plan your move to Alaska, and explore our platform. It is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to get all the info you need at any time you deem fit.

Facts About Alaska

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Sitka


Mike Dunleavy

US Senators

Lisa Murkowski, Don Sullivan

State Website

State Moto

North to the Future

State Nickname

The Last Frontier

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

20,310 ft

Lowest Elevation

Sea level

Time Zone



03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Aurora Elementary, Bayshore Elementary, Sidney C. Huntington, Eagle Academy Charter School, Holy Rosary Academy

Top 5 Middle Schools

Mitkof Middle, Homer Middle, Holy Rosary Academy, Academy Charter School, Northern Lights ABC K-8 School

Top 5 High Schools

Mat-Su Career & Tech Education, West High, Holy Rosary Academy, Thunder Mountain High, South Anchorage High

Top 5 Colleges

University of Alaska - Fairbanks, Alaska Pacific University, University of Alaska - Southeast, University of Alaska- Anchorage, Alaska Bible College

04. Rates

Crime Rate

33.01 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


FAQ About Alaska Cross Country Move


Which month should I choose for my relocation?

You know how cold and snowy Alaska gets during the winter, so right away, we would advise against relocation in the winter months. Although this period is when the relocation costs are the lowest, you should choose a month when the relocation is likely to be smooth sailing, and summertime could be perfect. But, beware that this is when the prices reach their highest points.


After how long can I expect interstate moving companies in Alaska to deliver my items?

Since Alaska is far from the mainland, your move can’t be completed in a heartbeat. Expect your belongings to arrive between 20 and 30 days, depending on the distance to your destination.


How far in advance should I call interstate movers Alaska to schedule my move?

We recommend you get in touch with cross country movers Alaska a month in advance.


Is it worth opting for a DIY move rather than the move assisted by cross country movers in Alaska?

Once again, we have to account for Alaska’s distance to the mainland, and this makes the DIY move extremely difficult. In this case, moving with professionals is really a much safer option than doing it by yourself.