When moving across Idaho, you have many different cities to choose from. There are Boise, Nampa, and Idaho Falls. Other popular places where you should consider moving include Meridian, Twin Falls, Lewiston, Caldwell, and Moscow. Idaho is located in the Pacific Northwest. It’s one of the most expansive but least densely populated areas in the United States. So, moving across the Gem State can certainly be fun, but only when you know your belongings are safe.  Long distance moving companies Idaho provide efficiency, flexibility, and value to anyone who’s moving across this state. On the other hand, if you opt to leave the Gem State, cross country moving companies Idaho will help you. Reading Verified Movers reviews can help you find moving professionals from Idaho. Verified Movers is a platform that offers more than 23,000 movers you can choose from, so visit our website and find the right moving team!

A map of Idaho

Before you hit the road and move across the wonderful Gem State, we advise you to hire some of the best long distance moving companies Idaho to help you out.

Idaho’s Moving Trends Are Flourishing

Quite a few people may be surprised when hearing this, but Idaho’s moving trends are, indeed flourishing. 60% of relocations involving the Gem State are inbound. So, Idaho is one of the most moved-in states in the whole country. But, once you take a more detailed look into all the benefits of living here, you realize that this is not a coincidence. Idaho has a stable economy, with nice growth over the years. The most important industry is the science and technology center. Having long distance movers in Idaho help you move across this state won’t have to be problematic for work. The Gem State has a strong job market and low unemployment. It is among the top 10 states with the lowest unemployment.

Based on recent research, the jobs that are in demand currently are web developer, stylist, and home health aide. The average yearly salary if you moved to Idaho would be $24.34 an hour or $50618 per year. This salary can allow you to lead a life of high quality in this state. Idaho has an index of 105 when it comes to the cost of living. It is around 2% more expensive than the US average which makes it one of the cheaper states in the Northwest.

This also makes a lot of people from neighboring states move here. But, enough about the appeal of the State of Idaho which we’re sure you know a lot about since you’re here to move across this state, and not looking to leave it. Instead, we’ll focus on the appeal of some cities in Gem State, and see what’s their story in terms of moving trends.

Boise Is the Most Popular Destination Among Idahoans

The most populous city in the Gem State is also its most moved-in city. No matter whether it’s about Idahoans or out-of-staters, Boise is appealing to everyone. There are hardly any downsides to living in this city. Boise is the entertainment center of Idaho in the sense that almost everything that’s happening in this state revolves around Boise. Of course, entertainment is usually not one of the priorities when choosing a city to move to. It’s mostly about job opportunities, high quality of life, and safety. Boise ticks all three of these boxes. It’s one of the top places for families in Idaho due to its safety ratings, job opportunities are plenty, and there are many amazing places for outdoor activities. Overall, it’s an exceptional place to live. But, of course, there are some cons to living here as well.

Aerial photo of Boise
Idahoans are mostly moving to Boise, the largest city in the state.

First of all, we have the cost of living is 8% higher than the national average. Even though salaries in Boise are good enough to match that, you wouldn’t struggle too much to find a city in Idaho that’s significantly easier to afford. Now, this high cost of living didn’t stop Boise from having exceptional moving trends. Boise gains residents about practically any city in the Gem State. Three cities in Idaho are sending almost the same number of people to Boise every year, which is between 500 and 1,000. These cities are Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello. Neither of these cities gets as many residents from Boise as it sends, so it’s clear that Boise is easily the most popular place in this state.

Also, we must mention that a lot of relocations are happening between Meridian and Nampa on one side and Boise on the other. However, due to their closeness and the fact that they are essentially in the same metro area, no data shows precisely how many relocations happened between them. One thing is sure, the numbers are large. However, these kinds of relocations are considered local moves, so it’s mostly a job for local movers in Idaho rather than long distance ones.

Nampa Is Also Very Popular Choice

Nampa, Idaho, has become a beacon for those seeking opportunity, safety, and outdoor adventure. With over 7,000 businesses, the city’s strong job market is a major draw for young professionals and families. This wealth of employment opportunities spans some of Idaho’s key industries, making it an economic hub in the region. Nampa’s strategic location near Boise enhances its appeal, offering the perfect mix of urban accessibility and serene living. Positioned in Canyon County, Nampa stands out for its easy access to major markets across the western United States, contributing to its fast-paced growth.

In recent years, Nampa has welcomed a steady influx of new residents, attracted by its affordable cost of living, which remains competitive with the national average. The city provides amazing outdoor life, with lakes, rivers, mountains, and an array of recreational activities just minutes away. For those craving city life, Boise’s cultural and urban offerings are a short drive away. With an unemployment rate at an impressive low of 2%, and crime rates below the national average, Nampa not only promises economic stability but also a safe environment for its residents. The average home value in Nampa sits at $392,782, offering a tangible sense of the quality of life that awaits newcomers.

Many Choose Meridian, Too

Meridian stands out as a top choice for many looking to relocate, thanks to its strategic location in the heart of Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Its proximity to key amenities means residents enjoy quick access to the freeway, shopping, entertainment, and the serene countryside. This balance of convenience and natural beauty, coupled with the closeness to other major cities like Boise, Nampa, and Caldwell, enhances its appeal, offering a both work and leisure opportunities.

As Idaho’s second-largest city, Meridian has a dynamic community spirit, top-rated educational institutions, numerous parks, and regular community events, making it an ideal setting for families. The welcoming atmosphere fosters a strong sense of belonging and provides a nurturing environment for raising children.

The job market in Meridian is another significant draw, with major employers like St. Luke’s, Blue Cross of Idaho, and Scentsy providing ample career opportunities. Furthermore, the city’s entertainment and shopping options, such as The Village at Meridian and family-friendly attractions like Wahooz Family Fun Zone and Roaring Springs Water Park, offer endless enjoyment for residents of all ages. With an average home value of $511,949, Meridian combines lifestyle and opportunity, making it a sought-after destination for those moving to Idaho.

The Most Popular Routes

These cities are attracting a few hundred people from Twin Falls and Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Moving from Twin Falls to Meridian

Twin Falls, known for its cozy small-town vibe mixed with some modern elements, is facing new challenges. It’s been a great place with jobs and activities, ideal for families or those looking for a peaceful place to retire. However, things have been changing. Living costs have gone up everywhere, but it hits harder in Twin Falls because paychecks aren’t keeping up. This makes it tough for some people to afford living there.

Also, as more people have moved to Twin Falls, it’s gotten busier. There’s more traffic, shopping areas are crowded, and there are some safety concerns. With the town getting bigger, issues like car accidents, crime, and homelessness are on the rise. This growth means the quiet farming town feel Twin Falls once had is slowly fading.

Because of these changes, some folks are looking at moving to places like Meridian. Meridian offers good jobs, great schools, and a friendly community. It has the perks of a bigger city while still feeling like a close-knit community. This makes Meridian an appealing choice for those thinking about leaving Twin Falls.

Moving from Idaho Falls to Boise

Many people are moving from Idaho Falls to Boise for various reasons. Idaho Falls offers limited activities, especially for those seeking more urban experiences. While Idaho Falls has a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere, Boise attracts younger individuals and professionals looking for a dynamic city life. Boise’s growing status as a dynamic urban center offers more cultural, recreational, and career opportunities.

Moreover, Idaho Falls is known for its conservative and religious community, which might not align with everyone’s lifestyle preferences. Despite Boise’s larger size, it maintains a lower crime rate than Idaho Falls, making it an appealing choice for safety-conscious residents. This mix of urban opportunities, safety, and a more diverse social scene is drawing people towards Boise, marking it as a preferred destination for those seeking a change from the quieter, more traditional setting of Idaho Falls.

Moving from Boise to Pocatello

People are moving from Boise to Pocatello for several compelling reasons. One significant factor is the cost of living, which is 11.5% lower in Pocatello than in Boise. This difference makes Pocatello an attractive option for those looking to stretch their budgets further. Also, Boise’s air quality can deteriorate during fire season due to its location in the Treasure Valley. Smoke from fires in California, Oregon, and Northern Idaho often settles in Boise, affecting the air for days. Winter inversions also create haze, impacting visibility and health.

Boise has seen a sharp increase in rental and real estate prices, pushing residents to look for more affordable housing options. Pocatello offers not only more budget-friendly living options but also a welcoming, family-friendly environment. With its good schools and affordable homes, Pocatello stands out as a charming valley city that promises a higher quality of life. These factors combined make Pocatello a preferred destination for those leaving Boise, seeking affordability, better air quality, and a supportive community for raising a family.

City of Meridian photographed from air
Meridian is very close to Boise, while being much less expensive.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire Idaho Long Distance Movers?

Your long distance moving costs depend on your needs and the services you want to use. Long distance moving companies Idaho make the final cost based on many different factors. Long distance moves are usually more expensive than local moves, and many factors are involved. From the distance, weight, and size of your belongings, to the cost of fuel and additional moving services all these things are included in the price. So, before you hire one of the companies you can find on our website, make sure to compare them and their quotes, reviews, and services to pick the one you like the most and ask for a free estimate. Until you do that, we will show you a few average prices for relocations across Idaho.

  1. Moving to Boise from Idaho Falls; $1,000 – $2,4000 (280 miles)
  2. Moving from Boise to Pocatello; $900 – $2,300 (235 miles)
  3. Moving to Meridian from Twin Falls; $700 – $2,000 (136 miles)
  4. Moving to Idaho Falls from Pocatello; $400 – $1,500 (51 miles)

Professional Movers Make the Relocation Process Palpably Easier

Long distance relocation comes forth with plenty of tasks and challenges. These can be particularly hard for a novice to handle on their own. With that in mind, hiring experts seems not only like a smart move but the only one that ensures success. And success is what we all want when moving. A professional moving team can take on as little or as much of the moving process on themselves, allowing you to ration your time and energy as you like. Besides, you will have enough to take care of as it is. Keep in mind that it is not only the time these long distance movers Idaho will save you. They will also spare your nerves plenty of stress. And the latter is the one thing that matters.

Two men who are working for long distance moving companies Idaho sitting in a van.
You can save a lot of time, nerves, and money by hiring long distance movers Idaho.

Do Some Research Before You Sign a Contract

Before hiring long distance movers, do the proper research. You are trusting them with everything you own so you need to make sure you are dealing with a reliable long distance moving company.

  • Check the company’s reputation online. Look for the reviews and get an idea of what you can expect from long distance movers in Idaho.
  • Be sure they have years of experience. If long distance moving company has an established business history, you know you are dealing with a reliable and reputable team of professionals.
  • Moving companies in Gem State are regulated by the Idaho Transportation Department, so check if the movers you’re considering have obtained the required permits from this agency.
  • Make sure they are offering full-value protection type of moving insurance. Some long distance moving companies Idaho insure your belongings for the full replacement value. Under full value protection, your long distance mover is liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment.
  • Available additional services. There is a wide array of services that long distance moving companies provide. You can choose the type of services you need and ask your moving company for a free moving estimate.

Moving across Idaho can be tough since these relocations are usually filled with hassle. That’s why you need long distance moving companies Idaho capable of handling all the hard parts of the move. Professionals can turn off all the utilities and transfer them without damage and hassle. You don’t have to pack anything on your own, let professionals pack and load it into a moving truck. They know best how to pack and protect your most valuable items for transportation. So, take a look at our database of long distance moving companies Idaho to find one company that can take the stress out of your relocation.

Long Distance Moving Services You Can Use

Professionals can help you in more ways than simply transporting your things. All of the moving companies try to have a good number of additional services that you as a client can use. These services are made in a way to fulfills all the needs you might have. Since every move is a different experience, they know you might need a different moving process than someone else. Check out these reliable moving services that can make your move a success:

  • Full-service packing and unpacking, including packing materials
  • Door-to-door moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Residential apartment and house moving
  • Military relocations
  • Student moving
  • Senior moving
  • Affordable prices
  • Heavy and specialized furniture moving.
  • Piano moving, pool table moving, etc.
  • Auto transport services

Verified Movers Will Be Your Companion Throughout This Process

Selecting a trustworthy moving company is the most important step in the moving process, one that can significantly impact your overall experience. Entrusting your possessions, time, and finances to a mover requires confidence in their reliability and professionalism. Given the multitude of long distance moving companies in Idaho, finding the right one can seem like a daunting task. This is precisely where Verified Movers steps in to simplify your decision-making process. Our mission is to make finding a dependable mover not just easier, but also quicker.

At Verified Movers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive database of reputable moving companies to assist you in your search. Our platform is designed to streamline your selection process, offering you a user-friendly way to evaluate your options. By checking Verified Movers reviews, you can gain insights into each company’s performance and customer satisfaction levels, enabling you to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

We understand that the choice of a moving team requires careful consideration. However, recognizing that time is a precious commodity for many, we’ve taken steps to expedite this process without compromising on thoroughness. In addition to providing a platform for comparison, we’re also committed to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about the moving process or are seeking advice, our team is here to assist. Furthermore, our blog is a treasure trove of moving tips and resources, designed to prepare you for your upcoming transition.

By choosing Verified Movers, you’re not just selecting a moving company; you’re opting for a partner committed to making your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. With our help, you can approach your move with confidence, knowing that you have all the information and support you need to make the best possible decision for your long-distance move in Idaho.

A person researching long distance moving companies Idaho on the laptop.
Explore our platform for as long as you want!

The Optimal Time for a Long Distance Relocation in Gem State

It’s hard to pinpoint one exact period when the relocations have the best chance of being great because Idaho truly has very nice weather most of the year. So, why don’t we start with the recommendation for avoiding certain periods? For example, winter. Idaho gets snowy and very cold, considering that it is, in the end, one of the northern states. Therefore, we’d maybe eliminate winter as a possibility, even though moving during that period is completely doable too if you’re moving with skilled long distance movers Idaho.

Summer is arguably the best time to relocate across this state. however, Idahoans have recognized that, and most relocations in Gem State are happening during the summer months, most notably, in July. Why is this important? Well, it’s simply because due to high demand, long distance movers in Idaho are busier then, which results in a spike in prices. So, if you want to have a pleasant relocation, and save some money in the process, consider spring months like April, or early fall such as September or October for your move.

Difference Between Relocating With Long Distance Moving Companies Idaho and on Your Own

Knowing all of the benefits of hiring a long distance moving company in Idaho to help you decide whether you will move on your own or with help. Moving is always a hard process. It takes a lot of time, preparation, and sometimes experience. And many people struggle with it. Moving on your own means you will also need help from your friends or family. You will be charged with hitting all the deadlines, buying packing materials, and renting storage and trucks. Since not many people have enough time in their day-to-day life for all this, stress rises high during moving.

Movers from long distance moving companies Idaho carrying a couch in the living room.
You don’t need to worry about damage to your furniture when you hire one of reputable long distance moving companies Idaho.

To avoid this, you can be getting help from the best long distance movers in Idaho. Professionals can do everything for you, and you can be secure that everything is in the right hands. There won’t be a need to worry about deadlines, stress about packing everything or paying for damages. Moving with professionals means you will have a calm move you can enjoy.

Hiring long distance movers in Idaho will definitely pay off in the end

Long distance movers are those companies that are trained and skilled to help you pack, ship, and move all of your personal belongings across the state, country, or world. So, don’t forget to do a proper background check, and visit Verified Movers website before selecting one moving company. You don’t want to end up paying more for the services. Just remember, hiring reliable long distance moving companies Idaho will pay off in the end. They help you in a time when they know you are busy, stressed, and overwhelmed. Also, professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you move through the Rocky Mountain area.

Long distance moving companies by cities in Idaho

Verified Movers Is Here to Help You Find a Reliable Moving Team!

At this point, the gravity and importance of the assistance long distance moving companies Idaho is undeniable and virtually necessary for a smooth move. You can find the right company simply by going through our website. You will come across all the information you may need, including experiences from previous customers. We want to help you avoid bad companies and get you in the safe hands of true moving professionals in the Gem State. That’s why we encourage you to use all our resources in order to make the best possible decision. For any relocation, you’ll have an ally in Verified Movers, so don’t hesitate and visit us right away!

Facts About Idaho

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Boise, Nampa, Twin Falls, Meridian


Brad Little

US Senators

Mike Crapo, Jim Risch

State Website


State Moto

Let It Be Perpetual

State Nickname

The Gem State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

12,662 ft

Lowest Elevation

713 ft

Time Zone



03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Riverstone International School, Sun Valley Community School, Falcon Ridge Public Charter School, Troy Elementary, Palouse Prairie Charter School

Top 5 Middle Schools

Riverstone International School, Sun Valley Community School, Falcon Ridge Public Charter School, Payette Lakes Middle School, Palouse Prairie Charter School

Top 5 High Schools

Riverstone International School, Sun Valley Community School, Renaissance High School, Boise Senior High School, Meridian Medical Arts Charter School

Top 5 Colleges

University of Idaho, Boise State University, Idaho State University, Brigham Young University-Idaho, Northwest Nazarene University

04. Rates

Crime Rate

12.95 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a way to help your long distance movers in Idaho?

You will be having long distance movers in Idaho with you through the process of moving. There are here to make it much more simple and help you out. But there is also a way for you to make things easier for them. It is connected to your moving day. Once the moving day arrives you should be completely ready. Get up earlier on this day and pack up everything that was left and that you were using until then. This will help your movers so that they can instantly start their work when they come to your house. It will also be good for your move because you won't waste time, and the process can start early.


Will it take long for movers to relocate my items across Idaho?

It definitely won't be long until you have all your belongings in your new home. Considering that Idaho is not a small state, your relocation could last up to around 2 weeks.


How far in advance should I schedule the services of moving professionals?

If you hire experienced and diligent packers from reputable long distance moving companies Idaho, the whole packing process will probably last less than 24 hours since these professionals are skilled enough to efficiently pack up your household in a heartbeat.