The Natural State holds many pleasant surprises for all those who wish to venture there for a fresh start. Balanced climate, affordability, and quality of living. These are only the start of a long list of advantages that relocation to Arkansas can offer. And if you’ve decided that the time has come for you to explore this breath-taking state, we have the information you need. After all, how you can you hope to relocate without the help of proper cross country moving companies Arkansas? If that’s the case, good news for you. Verified Movers can provide you with a complete list of some of the finest interstate movers, as well as long distance moving companies Arkansas for relocations across this state, so make sure to visit us!

A couple packing boxes for moving

Your move doesn’t have to be a stressful experience with help from cross country moving companies Arkansas

Hiring a moving company for your cross-country relocation is one of the best ways you can ensure your belongings reach their destination in a safe and swift manner. After all, it takes not only knowledge and experience, but also professional tools and techniques to provide all the items you have with the necessary protection during your trip. And cross country movers in Arkansas we recommend will be sure to have all of that, and much more. Verified Movers is here to match you with the ideal moving company, making sure your interstate move is a success, so make sure to reach out to us. Be sure to reach out to cross country moving companies Arkansas in between seasons for better terms.

Some professional advice from interstate moving companies Arkansas

Once you do decide to move to Arkansas, be sure to make a detailed plan in time. Of course, any of the expert cross country moving companies Arkansas can do it for you, but it doesn’t hurt to have one of your own. After all, if you plan it all now, you can have more time to enjoy your new AR home later. The following tips will help you ensure that you’re prepared come move day:

  • The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department is a great source of information on road conditions. And this is something that will come in handy – it does for interstate moving companies Arkansas.
  • Arkansas maintains a well-balanced and controlled climate. With the weather made up primarily of mild springs, hot summers, dry autumns, and cool winters, you won’t have too many issues moving about. However, you should still do your best to avoid moves in mid-summer and mid-winter.
  • Culturally rich as it is, Arkansas hosts a good deal of festivals and events on a national level. So, make sure to check the calendar of the city you are moving to when you plan your move.
  • When it comes to cross-country moves to/from Arkansas, know that you don’t need a moving permit. However, make sure to check for any potential parking restrictions that might cause trouble for cross country moving companies Arkansas.

Cross country moving companies Arkansas that can help you settle into economically sound conditions

The low cost of living in Arkansas is primarily due to its abundance of agricultural products. Cotton, wood, rice, and soybeans are all cultivated in the state’s rich alluvial soil, while cattle and poultry farming form a significant part of its income. And this is probably why Arkansas is ranked among the five most affordable U.S. states to live in. Arkansas is also among the top five states with the lowest costs for doing business. So, you might want to consider commercial moving services as well.

With figures like former President Bill Clinton, Walmart magnate Sam Walton and singers Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell, there truly is little that this state is unable to offer. And with Ozark Mountains, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas Timberlands, Mississippi River, and Arkansas River to add to the breathtaking views to add to it all. Nature State indeed! All that’s left is to find and hire one of the certified cross country moving companies in Arkansas.

Movers from a cross country moving companies Arkansas by their van

Move to Arkansas and enjoy the natural beauty it provides with the help of interstate moving companies Arkansas

Moving with cross country moving companies Arkansas vs moving on your own

Moving on your own requires a lot of time and organization. People often get stressed under moving conditions as they try to fit it into their day-to-day life. You will need to pack all of your belongings, take care of your old home, and rent a truck. With the help of your friends you need to load everything without mistakes, and then take the drive.

Even though might seem like a couple of things, all of these take a long time and need to be done perfectly. This is where interstate movers Arkansas come in. They will take care of all of the steps for you professionally and quickly. Their experience and training mean there will be no setbacks, wasted time, and damaged things.

Additional services movers can provide you with

There are many additional moving services that interstate moving companies Arkansas can help you with, like:

  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving
  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Piano moving
  • Senior moving
  • Car shipping service

What kind of help can you get from Verified Movers?

Knowing how important it is to choose the right cross country moves in Arkansas, we wanted to help you. Our company very well knows how much you rely on moving professionals, and how important it is for them to be reliable. With many spam companies nowadays, this is the way to avoid wasting your time. Simply fill out a quick survey on our website, and get matched with a couple of interstate moving companies Arkansas. Once you have this list, you can cross-check their estimate and reviews. At Verified Movers, we save you time and give you security while choosing your movers.

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With Verified Movers, you can easily find your interstate moving companies in Arkansas

Moving organization 101

Moving is a complex process, and as such – it requires preparation. And a good one. But, do you know how to prepare and organize everything for the move? And before your moving day comes? Let our experts help you do it!

Start early

When is a good time to start preparing for a move? The answer is pretty simple actually. As soon as you realize that you are about to move. This way you will give yourself enough time and space to organize everything in advance. Also, as you already might know, time is a luxury when moving. And one not many of us have. That is why you need to use yours wisely. Don’t postpone your tasks. If it can be done – do it. Don’t wait for your tasks to cause you trouble.

Get Informed

You need to know what you are getting into before you make any final calls. Do your research. There are many cross country moving companies Arkansas has to offer you, but not every one of them is the right fit. Not for you. And that is why you need to get informed and decide on what it is that you are looking for.

Write things down

Moving can be confusing. Even if you are planning on moving locally. And you are not. That is precisely why you need to take this task seriously. Get a pen and a piece of paper and start writing things down. Even the smallest details can change the course of your interstate relocation. And that is why it is so important not to forget them.

A man packing glasses to a box

Make a list of everything you need to do or need a help with

Find a reliable mover

This step is really important. You will be giving your time, your things, and money to these cross country movers Arkansas. In order for everything to go well, you need to be able to trust them. Feel free to use our database and compare different cross country moving companies Arkansas has to offer. This way you will be able to make your final call quickly and hassle-free.

Avoid moving scams and common mistakes

Moving problems really are that common. They can happen to anyone. At any time. And at any place. That is why you need to avoid it in any way you can. And how to do that?

  • Stay concentrated.
  • Trust only fully licensed and properly insured cross country moving companies in Arkansas.
  • Look for movers with good references and positive reviews.
  • If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Ask your mover for a moving contract. This way both sides will be protected by the law.
  • Follow your schedule and never postpone any of your tasks. It may seem like a hassle now, but you’ll thank yourself later on.
  • Don’t waste your time and prepare your items for safe transportation before anything gets broken or damaged beyond repair.

And finally – start looking for cross country moving companies Arkansas on time and prevent common moving mistakes!


How can moving reviews help you with finding the right fit for cross country movers in Arkansas?

Having to find the best movers for your relocation doesn’t need to be a tedious job anymore. You have the help of reviews. In today’s world, everyone is leaving reviews for the service they get, which allows and helps other people to see if they want the same. Once you have a few of your recommended cross country moving companies in Arkansas, look into their reviews. You can see how they treated the previous clients and if you will fit in with the service they provide.

How to calculate the budget for your move?

Making a budget for your move is a great step in keeping yourself calm. It is less likely that you will stress about it if you know the average sum of it. So, there are two important factors for calculating this. Firstly you have the distance of your new home and then the weight of all the things you need transporting. You should also add any additional services you might hire. A lot of this information you can get from free estimates that companies offer.

A couple budgeting their move

There is no need to stress about money, you can get free estimates from interstate movers in Arkansas

Where do people mostly move from Arkansas?

Looking at research from the last few years, most people that come to Arkansas, are from Texas. This is not surprising as they are neighboring states, and everyone stays close to move who moves. But, Arkansas has a lower cost of living and it is attracting its neighbors. The same goes for Oklahoma, which is in second place. After that comes California, which is a long way. Moving here means having a different climate, calmer life and many people are looking for that right now.

What is the average price of moving from Arkansas to other states?

It might be funny to see that Texas is also in first place in the list of states people from Arkansas move to. The average price for moving a studio apartment between these two states is $960 – $1210. The price goes to $1550 – $1940 if you are moving to a two-bedroom apartment, and even up to $2650 – $3320 for homes with five or more rooms. The prices, of course, depend on more things, like the season of moving, special requests and others, so keep that in mind too. The best way is to get the mentioned free estimates you can from your interstate moving companies in Arkansas.

Cross country moving companies by cities in Arkansas

A woman sitting between packed moving boxes

Are you ready to move? Because we are ready to help you do it quickly and stress-free!

Verified Movers will help you find just the moving company you need

Every relocation process is easier when you have professional assistance close by. Instead of wasting time looking for moving experts, we suggest that you take a look at our platform, or give us a call so our team can help you in real-time. Our vast database filled with supreme moving companies is bound to find you a perfect match. Come and find your perfect movers among many cross country moving companies Arkansas. Start your moving process today and reach out to Verified Movers!

Facts About Arkansas

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers


Sarah Huckabee Sanders

US Senators

John Boozman, Tom Cotton

State Website

State Moto

The People Rule

State Nickname

The Natural State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

2,753 ft (839 m)

Lowest Elevation

55 ft (17 m)

Time Zone

Central, UTC


03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Pulaski Academy, The Episcopal Collegiate, Willowbrook Elementary, Central Park at Morning Star, Little Rock Christian Academy

Top 5 Middle Schools

Thaden, Pulaski Academy, The Episcopal Collegiate, Bright Field Middle, Fulbright Junior High

Top 5 High Schools

Arkansas School for Mathematics Sciences and the Arts, Haas Hall Academy, Thaden, Pulaski Academy, Subiaco Academy

Top 5 Colleges

University of Arkansas, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Arkansas State University, University of Central Arkansas, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

04. Rates

Crime Rate

33.55 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate