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Cross Country (Interstate) Moving Companies Washington


Whether you've had the chance to experience it or not, the truth is that moving gets difficult. It is an experience that takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you do it by yourself. And it gets even more complicated if you are moving to a different state altogether. So, why not make it easy on yourself and get professional assistance from cross country moving companies Washington. And with the help of our detailed interstate moving companies reviews, you will have a premium selection at your disposal.

You will find that 60% of Washington state residents choose the Seattle area for their new home.
With Seattle being the modern tech mecca that it is, a lot of cross country moving companies Washington make relocation to this destination.

What is making Washington so popular in recent years?

Known for its tech-savvy inhabitants and evergreen forests, the Evergreen State earns its name. If you want to surround yourself with people, 60% of its population lives in the Seattle metropolitan area. This Pacific Northwest state is currently one of the most popular in the US. A temperate climate, along with a booming job market fueled by the tech industry in the Seattle area is just one of many reasons people move here. So, it’s easy to see why Washington was ranked #8 among U.S. states in population growth.

You’ll find a utopia for the outdoorsman of America in the Spokane area. And with 77 lakes and numerous parks, and hiking trails, this should really come as no surprise. This is yet another example of a popular location for those embarking on a interstate relocation to Washington.

Plenty of open spaces and nature to explore - what more do you need to reach out to cross country moving companies Washington?
Washington is the perfect location for your typical outdoors man.

Tips from cross country moving companies Washington

Here are a few bits of advice you should know before moving to Washington:

  • As with any move, the first thing to do is make sure to change your address. You can do this online or at the post office directly. Either option is easy to do and takes several minutes. Not only do you get peace of mind, but also $500 in coupons for companies in your new neighborhood.
  • Air conditioners are somewhat lacking in most homes and apartments in western Washington. In spite of dominantly temperate weather conditions, there is a small window for extremely hot and humid conditions in July. However, in comparison to western Washington, the eastern part of the state does not record nearly the same amount of rain.
  • Seattle traffic can really disrupt you and cross country moving companies Washington. The I-90/I-5 interchange is considered among the worst in the entire nation. Prior to moving, you should follow Seattle Traffic. This will give you an idea for which time is best to get on the road. Also keep in mind that traffic is at an all-time high on:
    • Fridays,
    • sunny days, and
    • during sporting events
  • Don’t wait for prices to drop to Washington. Whether you choose to rent a moving truck or hire interstate moving companies Washington employs, it will cost you about the same all year round.
  • Be prepared to get wet or snowed in if you plan to move to Washington in the fall or winter. November through January is the wettest time of the year in Washington.