Relocation is a complex process, and as such requires due attention. You would need to devote ample time, planning, and effort in order to ensure success. Or, you can avoid this by reaching out to cross country moving companies Florida. With plenty of experience, valuable knowledge, and proper tools and equipment, they will be able to give you a great moving experience. And, reading Verified Movers reviews is the way help you reach these professionals in the quickest and easiest way. In fact, we can also help you reach long distance moving companies Florida, in case you decide to move between its cities. Feel free to visit us, and we’re going to match you with some of the best moving companies in the Sunshine State.

A photo of St. Augutine coast in Florida from air.

When you have cross country moving companies Florida taking care of your relocation, leaving the Sunshine State will be easier by some margin.

Some of the Best Cross Country Moving Companies Florida Are at Your Fingertips

We want you to have a unique moving experience you’ll fondly remember. Our experience in the moving field had taught us that reliable interstate movers in Florida are not easy to find. In fact, you would have to spend hours, if not days, on this research in order to be sure you’re choosing a reputable company. That’s why we offer you a much shorter route. We analyzed movers across the whole country, with many of them operating in the Sunshine State. As a result, today we have approximately 27,000 moving professionals in our database. This is why, here at Verified Movers, proven and trustworthy interstate moving companies in the State of Florida are at your fingertips. Plus, Verified Movers reviews will be very helpful when choosing which company to relocate with.

How Much Will Your Relocation Cost?

The cost of relocation is an important topic for everyone considering hiring cross country moving companies Florida. Whether you’re moving there or you’re about to leave the Sunshine State, your relocation won’t be cheap. But maybe it will be slightly more affordable than you thought. In this section, we’re going to share the average prices for relocation between Florida and three different states. Unfortunately, we can’t give you the exact price. In order to do so, we would have to have a lot of specific details about your move. However, the good news is, interstate movers Florida will be able to give you the most accurate estimate for free. Until then, we’re going to show you a few price ranges.

  1. Relocation between Florida and Georgia. We’ll start with two neighboring states. Earlier, we saw that Georgia is at the top of both Florida’s inbound and outbound moves. So, it makes sense to start with the Peach State. This relocation costs between $362 to $4,162. The cost depends on how much you’re moving, your move date, and whether you hire a company or do the move yourself.
  2. Relocation between Florida and Texas. The Lone Star State is the preferred destination for many Floridians who are leaving their state. But, a lot of people are moving from Texas to Florida as well. Either way, in whichever direction you’re going, these two states aren’t so close to each other. The average family of four will pay between $2,000-4,000 to move from Florida to Texas.
  3. Relocation between Florida and New York. This is the largest distance out of these three relocations. Prices are surely going to reflect that. So, if you’re moving from/to NYC or any other place in the Empire State, relocation between Florida and New York is probably going to cost somewhere between $1,700 and $5,000 on average.

Identifying Reputable Cross Country Moving Companies in Florida

Before making a deal with any company out there, you should do a background check to determine if they are worthy of your trust. There are many different ways to do this, but usually, there are three things that proven cross country movers in Florida have that the others don’t, and you’re going to find them in the list below.

Online moving reviews

Identifying reputable cross-country moving companies in Florida through online reviews is a strategic approach that leverages the collective experiences of previous customers to inform your decision-making process. Detailed reviews should describe the entire moving process, from the initial quote to the final delivery. Company’s reliability, professionalism, and ability to handle challenges are among the things that matter the most to customers when reading moving company reviews.

Pay particular attention to recurring themes within the reviews. Positive indicators include consistent mentions of timely communication, careful handling of belongings, adherence to quoted prices, and professional demeanor of the moving crew. Conversely, red flags arise from repeated complaints about hidden fees, delays, damaged items, or poor customer service. It’s also beneficial to observe how the companies handle negative customer reviews. This reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and openness to improvement.

Furthermore, comparing the experiences of customers who have completed similar cross-country moves from Florida can provide a more accurate expectation of the service you will receive. While no company is perfect, those with a majority of positive reviews and proactive customer service likely prioritize customer satisfaction and quality service. Keep in mind, however, that the context of each review matters. Consider the specifics of each situation, and try to distinguish between isolated incidents and systemic issues. By conducting a comprehensive review of online feedback, you can more confidently identify reputable cross-country moving companies in Florida that are most likely to meet your relocation needs with excellence and integrity.

Positive reviews

The feedback from the company’s previous clients speaks a lot about their quality. This is why reading cross country moving companies Florida reviews is very beneficial. Good reviews in almost every case mean that the company is good as well. If you see a lot of genuine reviews that are giving praise to certain movers, you will certainly have a good moving experience with them. On the other hand, moving out of Florida with poorly rated companies would be a big risk. The importance of moving company reviews is something you should think about. By consulting Verified Movers reviews, you will increase the likelihood of choosing movers who are truly worthy of your trust.

Negative reviews

Negative moving companies reviews often spotlight critical issues that can significantly impact the moving experience. Common complaints include mishandling of personal belongings, leading to damage or loss; unexpected charges that considerably inflate the initial quote; and delays in delivery times, causing inconvenience and stress. Such reviews serve as a cautionary tale for potential customers. These also highlight the importance of thorough research and due diligence before selecting a mover. For moving companies, these critiques offer an opportunity to address service shortcomings and improve customer satisfaction. Responsively addressing these concerns not only helps to rectify the company’s reputation but also demonstrates a commitment to customer service and reliability. Also, you should know how to recognize fake online moving reviews.

A man showing two thumbs-up after working with one of the best cross country moving companies Florida offers.
If the cross country moving companies Florida reviews are positive then the company in question is probably worthy of your trust.

Possession of proper and valid licenses

One thing you never want is unlicensed movers handling your property. All interstate moving companies in Florida that are worthy of your trust can provide proof of having all the necessary licenses. The best way to check this is by using the USDOT number that should be visible on their website. If you can’t find it, make sure to ask for it. When you have that number, you can use it on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to check if your company is properly registered. No matter if it’s Florida or any other state, every interstate company in the United States needs to have this number.

Treating clients with respect

With so many fraudulent moving companies out there, it’s not easy to find a reliable company to take care of your relocation. But, a lot of these fraudulent movers show their true face in the communication with their potential clients. They are pushing for a quick signature, not showing respect at all. They often avoid sharing important information and answering essential questions. With reputable cross country movers Florida, that most certainly won’t be the case. They will establish great communication with you and be there for you whenever you need them.

Plenty of Moving Services to Choose From

If you want to ensure that your moving trip is successful, know that the safest way to leave the Sunshine State is by hiring interstate moving companies Florida. The same logic applies if you’re moving to Florida instead of leaving it because professional moving assistance is incredibly useful during the relocation period. Verified Movers have the top selection of cross country moving companies in Florida, and here on our platform, you will find everything you need to know. We’ll make sure that you’re matched with Florida-based companies that have years of experience in the moving field and that are able to provide all the services you need. And, if you have diligent and reputable movers by your side, the Sunshine State relocation will be silky smooth.

Workers from one of the cross country moving companies Florida has loading a couch in their van.
With cross country moving companies Florida, your relocation will be effortless.

Besides offering a safe transfer from Florida to any state you want, interstate movers in Florida provide various special services to help you achieve the best possible moving experience. The most popular services are:

  1. Packing services
  2. Auto moving
  3. Piano moving
  4. Junk removal
  5. Storage services
  6. Fine art moving

Cross Country Moving Companies by Cities in Florida

Why Is Florida So Popular Among American Movers?

The Sunshine State has become a go-to destination for movers lately. If you take a look at the state’s moving trends, even though we all heard that people are frequently moving to Florida, you’d still be surprised when you see the numbers. 62% of relocations involving Florida are inbound, which puts it among the top 5 states in the country in this category. Year after year, the Sunshine State’s moving trends have been positive, so why is this happening? Well, in the next few sections, we’ll get into more detail and see why Florida is growing so rapidly.

A photo of the road in Florida surrounded by palm trees.
Florida is one of the most popular states in the nation among movers year after year.

Florida is home to one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country

It wasn’t so long ago that Florida wasn’t even on our radar regarding job opportunities. There were some short-term relocations with the intention of getting a job for the summer due to Florida’s tourist potential. But, as soon as people started recognizing what Florida has to offer, the job market started growing and hasn’t stopped since. Now, it’s one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country. In the last two years, there wasn’t a single month where Florida’s job growth fell beyond the average US level. The Sunshine State’s four largest cities have tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of job openings available and there will be even more in the future. While the average salary of $68,000 in the State of Florida isn’t anything spectacular, these wages are expected to rise as well in the upcoming years.

Florida offers a lifestyle like no other and beautiful weather conditions

When talking about lifestyle in Florida, the first city that comes to mind is Miami. Miami is the most moved-in city in the state, and rightly so. Life is completely different in Miami. People love having fun, often until late at night, which is why the working hours in the majority of cities start a few hours later than in the rest of the nation. But, don’t forget about other great cities in Florida. Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and many more of them, offer you a chance to get a true taste of what living in Florida feels like.

A pelican with the Florida beach behind it.
Florida’s lovely weather and countless beaches are attracting movers from all over the country.

Whether the city you choose is right at the coast, or not, you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of beaches across the state as they won’t be far away from where you live. It rarely gets cold in Florida, even in January. Expect the warm weather all year long. If we had to pick the best season to enjoy Florida, we would recommend spring, because it can get too hot during the summer months. But even if it does, you’ll be able to get the most use out of the hot summer months with the aforementioned beaches. So, as you can see, no wonder that Florida is one of the rare states some people are moving to just to enjoy the weather.

Affordable housing

Although the affordability of Florida’s housing prices is debatable, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of people who are moving from the most expensive states. Compared to the whole United States, real estate prices in Florida are only slightly higher than the nation’s average. The median home price in the Sunshine State is $389,000. But, when you look at the majority of states on the East Coast, you’ll see that compared to them, these prices in Florida are incredibly cheap. Of course, it still depends on where you want to settle. For example, Miami is far more expensive than Florida’s average prices. Median homes in the Magic City have surpassed the $554,000 mark. And, yet, you could argue that these prices are fair considering the benefits of living in Miami. Finally, Florida doesn’t impose a personal income tax, which is another great thing about the Sunshine State.

Where Are People Who Are Moving to Florida Coming From?

Now that we’ve covered the main reasons people are moving to the Sunshine State, it’s time to see where the majority of them are coming from. The fact that Florida is attracting people from all over the country doesn’t come as a shock. However, people from some states are more likely to move to Florida than others, and this is exactly what we’ll cover below.

New York

The Empire State is at the top of the list. Every year, almost 60 000 New York residents decide to move down south and experience everything Florida offers. But, we all know that New York offers countless opportunities, especially New York City. So, why are people leaving it? Moving from New York to Florida isn’t exclusively motivated by the two main reasons we mentioned in the previous section, which are career or weather-related. The biggest reason people are going on this relocation is the lower cost of living. Florida is expensive but is not nearly as expensive as New York. In fact, the cost of living in Florida is 12,3% lower than in New York.

Yellow cab on the Times Square.
A lot of New Yorkers are leaving their state to live in Florida, especially Miami.

Truth be told, if the residents of the Empire State were only interested in the lower cost of living, they would’ve gone to states that are way less expensive than Florida. But, the Sunshine State offers them a lower cost of living combined with great job opportunities, and, of course, lovely weather. It won’t surprise you that moving from New York City to Miami is the most popular route.  Almost half of the people who leave New York to live in Florida are coming from NYC. The cost of living in NYC is huge, so former New Yorkers are seeing Miami as a cheaper alternative where they’ll be able to maintain the same living standard. In fact, Miami is the second most popular destination among New Yorkers, only behind Philadelphia.


Florida’s northern neighbor, Georgia, comes second, and not far behind New York. As many as 50,000 people are moving from Georgia to Florida each year. This particular relocation has various different reasons, but chasing career opportunities is a good starting point. The Peach State is cheaper than Florida, but not by much, just around 4.2%. Florida offers a different lifestyle and more opportunities than Georgia. Unlike NYC in the previous relocation we’ve discussed, there is not a particular relocation between two cities from Georgia and Florida that stands out. Moving from Atlanta to Miami is narrowly at the top, with Jacksonville attracting almost the same number of people from Atlanta. For example, The cost of living in Orlando, FL is just 0.3% higher than in Atlanta, GA.


Between 30,000 and 35,000 people are moving from Pennsylvania to Florida each year. Although Pennsylvania is popular among movers as well, especially among those coming from New York City, the residents of this state are often looking at Florida as the best place to live. When it comes to the costs of living in these two states, Pennsylvania is 3.8% cheaper than Florida. But if you lived in Pennsylvania instead of Florida, you would pay 10.6% more for transportation, for example. However, Florida, as we already mentioned, doesn’t impose a personal income tax, while the Keystone State has an income tax rate of 3.07%, which is a huge difference.

A woman taking a selfie from the car.
More than 30,000 Pennsylvanians are moving down south to Florida every year.

This is why so many people are opting to leave Pennsylvania to live in the Sunshine State. Miami is, without any surprise, the most popular city in Florida among the Keystone State’s residents. And, since Philadelphia is the largest city there, the most common route is moving from Philadelphia to Miami, although not by far. Between 2,000 and 3,000 people are going on this exact relocation every year, which is a small portion of the total number of relocations happening between these two states.


The migration of approximately 38,207 people annually from Texas to Florida reflects a significant trend driven by various factors, including economic opportunities, climate, and lifestyle preferences. The relatively comparable cost of living—requiring around $7,393 in Miami, FL, to maintain the same standard of life that $7,000 affords in Dallas, TX—makes the transition financially feasible for many. Despite Texas and Florida both offering warm climates, Floridian weather is more appealing to those seeking a warmer, more stable climate year-round, without the extreme heat of the Texas summer. Florida’s allure extends beyond its climate; its beautiful beaches, lively cities like Miami and Orlando, and numerous attractions, including theme parks and natural reserves, offer a high quality of life and leisure activities.

Economically, Florida’s growing economy is a significant draw for Texans. With no state income tax—similar to Texas—and a growing job market in tourism, healthcare, and technology sectors, Florida presents ample employment opportunities. The state’s population growth, one of the fastest in the U.S., further stimulates economic development, promising more job prospects and community expansion. This growth enhances Florida’s cultural diversity and contributes to a dynamic job market, making it an attractive destination for Texans looking for new opportunities and a change of scenery.


Every year, approximately 35,262 people relocate from Illinois to Florida, drawn by the significant advantages the Sunshine State offers. One of the most compelling reasons for this migration is the stark contrast in climate. Florida’s winter temperatures hover between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, offering a warm retreat from Illinois’ chilly winters, where temperatures in cities like Chicago often range from 33 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This dramatic difference in warmth is a key factor for those seeking a more comfortable, year-round climate.

Financial incentives further fuel the move from Illinois to Florida. Florida offers the absence of a state income tax, presenting a notable financial benefit compared to Illinois, where residents are subject to a flat income tax rate of 4.95%. This difference effectively puts more money back into the pockets of individuals and families relocating to Florida. The property tax comparison is also stark; Florida’s average property tax rate is around 1%, significantly lower than Chicago’s Cook County rate of 2.1%. The move is also financially advantageous for businesses, with Orlando’s corporate tax rate at 5.5%, considerably less than Chicago’s 9.5%.

Despite Florida being 5.3% more expensive than Illinois, the cost of living adjustments is favorable. For instance, maintaining the same standard of life that requires $7,200 in Chicago would need approximately $6,262.3 in Orlando, FL. This economic calculus, combined with the lifestyle and climate benefits, makes Florida an attractive destination for those moving from Illinois.

Why Would Someone Leave Florida?

As much as Florida’s inbound moves are outmatching the outbound ones by some margin, it is still worth analyzing those 38% outbound moves in order to see why some people have decided to leave the Sunshine State. For starters, we must say that there isn’t one reason that dominates the others. It’s more of a mix. For example, although the weather is the motive in many people’s minds to move to Florida, some individuals simply prefer to live in moderate climates that provide 4 seasons a year. It’s worth keeping taxes in mind as well. While there is no personal income tax, which is great, some people are greatly affected by other taxes imposed by the state.

These taxes, like commercial income one or the state sales tax, are quite high, so it’s understandable why someone who depends on them would move to a more tax-friendly state. The cost of living can be a good motivation as well. Although Florida’s cost of living isn’t huge compared to the USA average, you have to remember that there are a lot of states out there that are much less expensive than Florida. Family-related moves, and settling into a more peaceful environment can push people to leave the Sunshine State as well. And, finally, some individuals have said that they have been offered a better salary for the same job elsewhere, and hence decided to say goodbye to Florida.

Most Popular Destinations Among Former Floridians

In spite of all the benefits that Florida provides, we’ve seen that there are solid reasons to move out of it as well. With that in mind, now is the right time to get into more details about the Sunshine State’s outbound moves. After all, if you’re in the same boat and you’re about to leave Florida soon, it will be good to see where your fellow Floridians move to the most.


We’ve seen Georgia in Florida’s inbound list as well. But this is natural considering the closeness of the two states. When you have two states that share borders, know that there will be a lot of family-motivated moves. A similar number of people is moving from Florida to Georgia and vice versa, between 45,000 and 50,000 a year, to be exact. The cost of living is surely one of the main reasons for Floridians to go on this relocation.

A road in Georgia within the acres of forest photographed from above.
The majority of Floridians who leave their state are moving to Georgia.

When we tell you that Georgia has a cost of living 2% lower than Florida, it may not seem like much. But when we analyze every piece of the cost of living, we’ll see that housing is much cheaper in the Peach State (6%). And when we look at the most common route, which is moving from Miami to Atlanta, it makes even more sense because houses in the Magic City are 27% higher than in Atlanta. And real estate prices are only the tip of the iceberg. Miami, in general, is 15% more expensive than Georgia’s largest city.


The Lone Star State is very popular among movers, and Floridians are no exception. Moving from Florida to Texas is mostly motivated by the lower cost of living (8%). The fact that Texas has a friendly tax system, which is, in some aspects, a lot better than Florida’s, is another benefit of this relocation. 40,000 Floridians move to Texas each year. Former residents of Miami mostly choose Houston as a preferred destination in Texas. On the other hand, residents of Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando see Dallas as the best place to live in the Lone Star State. Between 2,000 and 3,000 people are moving from Orlando to Dallas on a yearly basis.

North Carolina

Although it’s going slightly under the radar, North Carolina has become one of the best places to live in. Over the last few years, the Tar Heel State experienced a severe increase in inbound moves. Its affordability and the fact that it has a really good job market that won’t stop growing any time soon are the main reasons people are moving there. This is why moving from Florida to North Carolina is so popular. The Sunshine State is 8% more expensive than North Carolina, and housing prices make a big difference.

The Charlotte Skyline after sunset.
Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, welcomes thousands of Floridians on a yearly basis.

The Tar Heel State welcomes around 30,000 Floridians every year. Once again, different cities are being chosen among residents of Florida’s largest cities. Surprisingly, people from Jacksonville are mostly moving to Fayetteville. As far as Magic City is concerned, moving from Miami to Charlotte was the most popular choice, which was expected. And, in the end, residents of Tampa and Orlando prefer Raleigh, a great city that is becoming a “Silicon Valley of the East”.


Floridians are increasingly finding Alabama an attractive destination for relocation, primarily due to its significantly lower cost of living. Alabama’s living expenses are approximately 6.9% cheaper than those in Florida, offering substantial savings on housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation. This financial advantage is a major draw for individuals and families looking for a more affordable lifestyle without sacrificing quality of life.

Beyond the economic benefits, Alabama also offers a slower pace of life, appealing to those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of Florida’s tourist-heavy cities. The state is known for its rich cultural heritage, including music, history, and Southern hospitality. Additionally, Alabama’s diverse landscapes, from the Gulf Coast beaches to the Appalachian Mountains, provide a variety of outdoor recreational activities. These factors, combined with the financial savings, make Alabama an increasingly popular choice for Floridians.


Floridians are moving to California despite the higher cost of living, drawn by its diverse opportunities and lifestyle. While Florida’s cost of living is only 1% above the national average, making it much cheaper, the allure of California’s economic, natural, and cultural riches is compelling. California’s median home price stands at around $800,000, reflecting its pricier housing market. Yet, the state’s tech industry, especially in Silicon Valley, offers many career opportunities for professionals in technology and innovation, making it a global epicenter for those looking to advance in these fields. Job opportunities extend beyond tech to include the film industry, hospitality, and more, supported by a robust infrastructure including 12 international airports, which facilitates global connectivity.

The geographical diversity of California is unmatched, offering residents access to mountains, beaches, deserts, and forests, catering to a wide array of outdoor preferences and activities. With over 260 days of sunshine per year, the climate is more varied and generally more temperate than Florida’s, appealing to those seeking less humidity and more comfortable year-round weather.

Moreover, California’s commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability, and cultural diversity aligns with the values of many Floridians looking for a dynamic and progressive community. This mix of professional opportunities, natural beauty, cultural diversity, and lifestyle amenities makes California an attractive destination for those seeking new beginnings and adventures.

Organizing Your Sunshine State Relocation

When the time for relocation comes, various tasks are coming thick and fast. Someone might find the number of these tasks overwhelming. There’s no way to predict how it will affect you, which is why you should take necessary precautions to navigate this period as well as you can. Don’t forget that leaving Florida is not easy to handle from an emotional point of view either since you have to say goodbye to your old home. So, let’s see how to do it right.

Planning in advance

Arguably, the best advice we can give you is to start preparing for the upcoming relocation as early as you can. Trust us, it will benefit you more than you can imagine. When we have a good plan from the beginning, everything will be much easier to predict. And you don’t need us to tell you that if you are able to predict a certain task successfully, you’ll handle it much more efficiently. For example, the success of relocations might depend on traffic. If you’re moving from or to Miami, learn a thing or two about the rush hours in the city. This works for any other place in the Sunshine State. So, before doing anything else, get a pen and paper and make a moving checklist for your relocation, preferably 2 or 3 months before the moving day.

A person holding a pen over the notebook, preparing to write something before relocating with cross country moving companies Florida.
Make sure to create a relocation plan and stick to it. By hiring one of the reliable cross country moving companies Florida offers, you can get help with this part as well.

Taking care of all the paperwork and notifying people about your move

Before you say goodbye to Florida, you need to take care of all the paperwork. This will help you avoid unexpected costs later on. This may involve many different things. Canceling your utilities is very important. Of course, it goes without saying that you should notify your employer if they don’t already know that you’re moving. Don’t forget about your medical records; if you have any kids or pets, their records should also be gathered. We can only help you by reminding you as we’re not aware of all tasks you need to do. After all, they depend on your lifestyle. The last thing you’d want is to forget something important and remember it only after you’ve left your old home when it’s already too late. And, finally, let your friends and family know that you’re leaving and spend some time with them before the moving day.

Hiring reputable moving professionals

If you have opted for a professionally-assisted relocation, you have already increased your chances of having a smooth and successful move. But, the job is not done yet. You still need to give a call to the company of your choice. Avoid procrastinating because time flies during the moving process, and if you’re late, moving experts in the Sunshine State might not be available. This is why the best thing to do is to call cross country movers Florida as soon as you make a moving plan. 50 days before the moving day is the optimal time. Still, don’t worry if you have to expedite your move. Last-minute moves are more frequent than you think, but taking care of it on time is always better if you’re not in a rush. Don’t forget to read some cross country moving companies Florida reviews before agreeing to any contract.

Is Moving a Business More Complex Than Moving a Household?

Usually, moving an office is a little bit trickier than a residential move. As far as the pure relocation goes, there won’t be much difference. You could even argue that packing an office is easier than a house. But, commercial moving requires you to pay some extra attention to paperwork and generally worry about many different things that wouldn’t be a problem if the moving was residential. The first thing that comes to mind is that there are various licenses you need to obtain because every state has its own regulations.

People sitting in an office at the table and talking about their upcoming move.
Moving an office is usually slightly more complex than residential moving.

If you’re moving your business to Florida, the first institution you need to contact is the Division of Corporations. In most cases, you would have to check in with the Department of Professional and Business Regulation as well. This is usually enough in the beginning for statewide businesses, but if your business is local, you’ll probably have to obtain licenses from your county too. On the other hand, if you’re not moving to Florida but leaving it, know that whichever state you go to will have laws and regulations you’ll need to follow. So, keep this in mind if you want to move your office without any disturbances.

Things That Affect the Cost of Your Relocation

Relocation costs can vary greatly, and here are several things that are affecting the final price:

  1. The distance from point A to point B. The longer the trip, the higher the price will be, which makes perfect sense. To give you an example, a relocation that’s 1000 miles long (roughly the distance between Miami FL, and Dallas TX) will cost between $4,000 and $6,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.
  2. The size of your household/office is another thing that can make a big impact on the total cost of your relocation. Houses in the Sunshine State are usually big, so if this applies to you too, then you’ll end up paying a higher price.
  3. Time of the year. Movers are busier in some months throughout the year than in others, so keep that in mind as well. Summer is usually the busiest moving season in the United States, but people in the Sunshine State are avoiding relocations when the temperatures are at their peak level. So, the busiest moving months in Florida are usually May, June, and September.
  4. The weight of your items. This can also play a huge role in the final price calculations. Even if you’re moving too many belongings, if they’re really heavy, the number of items won’t matter as the price will be higher.

When Is the Best Time to Move From or to Florida?

The general rule is that movers are busiest during summer. Hence, the winter period, especially January, is when they are least busy. Florida is technically not an exception. But, since Florida’s summers can be very hot, relocations in the Sunshine State are not recommended when the temperatures are at their peak level. Many people are keeping this in mind, which is why, in Florida, the busiest moving season is late spring or early fall. For your relocation, we would recommend the early spring period. However, if you’re looking to save some money, moving during winter or late fall is the way to go.

Dozens of pieces of paper with dates on them on the wooden table.
When choosing a date for your relocation, try to avoid summer because it’s very hot in Florida during this period.

Use Free Moving Quotes From Interstate Moving Companies Florida

This isn’t a way to cut the relocation costs per se. But, you will most likely spend less money on your moving journey if you ask for several moving quotes instead of one. Truth be told, you shouldn’t expect any major gaps in these estimates. Still, you could save a couple of hundred bucks by choosing the most affordable option that cross country moving companies in Florida offer. That’s why our advice to you is to dig a little deeper instead of automatically choosing the first company you encounter. Not only it could save you some money, but with good research, you will be sure that you’re hiring proven and reliable experts.

Pros and Cons of Opting for a DIY Relocation

During relocations, it’s only natural to look for the least expensive moving option. Before you even consider asking cross country moving companies Florida for some help, you’ll probably assess the DIY option. As we said, that’s perfectly natural, so let’s see what DIY moves look like. When attempting to solve the DIY moves vs. professionally-assisted moves dilemma, we need to see the pros and cons of both options. Besides affordability, which is the obvious advantage of DIY relocations, there are no other benefits that stand out. A lot of work, possibly a lot of stress, and the everlasting chase for deadlines, are the things you should expect when you’re doing everything all by yourself. Especially during Florida’s hot months, relocating without any help can be a real nightmare.

The Difference Between Interstate and Intrastate Moves

Although at first glance these two terms may look the same, there is a big difference between them. Interstate moves are the topic of this article, and they are basically cross country ones. So, any relocation that goes beyond the borders of one state is the interstate one. Therefore, intrastate relocations are those that are happening within one state. Depending on the distance, they can count as local and long distance moves. Intrastate moving companies need to obtain different licenses than interstate ones. In the Sunshine State, intrastate movers need to register at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. So, if you’re ever in need of intrastate companies in Florida, Verified Movers will be able to help you out with that as well, and you can check the company at the website of the aforementioned institution.

Verified Movers Can Help You Find Interstate Moving Companies Florida in No Time

Relocations are events that only happen once in a while. To some people, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Therefore, you surely want it to go well. It would be great to have some fun in the process as well. This is why giving a call to cross country moving companies Florida is surely the best thing to ensure a smooth moving experience. A safe transfer of your belongings while avoiding all the difficult moving tasks sounds great, doesn’t it? We at Verified Movers are familiar with reputable movers in the Sunshine State, and rest assured we will match you with some of the best ones. Contact us now, check Verified Movers reviews, and enjoy the great moving journey you deserve!

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Popular Cities

Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Naples, Fort Lauderdale


Ron DeSantis

US Senators

Rick Scott, Marco Rubio

State Website

State Moto

In God We Trust

State Nickname

The Sunshine State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

345 ft

Lowest Elevation

Sea level

Time Zone


Florida Beach

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

American Heritage Schools - Broward Campus, Pine Crest School - Fort Lauderdale Campus, American Heritage Schools - Palm Beach Campus, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Berkeley Preparatory

Top 5 Middle Schools

Ransom Everglades School, American Heritage Schools - Broward Campus, Pine Crest School - Fort Lauderdale Campus, American Heritage Schools - Palm Beach Campus, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Top 5 High Schools

Ransom Everglades School, American Heritage Schools - Broward Campus, Pine Crest School - Fort Lauderdale Campus, American Heritage Schools - Palm Beach Campus, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Top 5 Colleges

University of Florida, University of South Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, University of Miami

04. Rates

Crime Rate

21.39 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for cross country moving companies Florida to transfer my belongings?

The answer to this question depends a lot on distance. In general, interstate moves need somewhere between 10 days and three weeks to be completed. In Florida’s case, relocation between the Sunshine State and Georgia has a good chance to be done in less than 2 weeks. On the other hand, if the relocation is between Florida and New York, it will probably be at least 17-18 days before your items reach their destination


What’s the difference between a binding and non-binding moving estimate?

Usually, the first moving estimate you receive from interstate moving companies in Florida will be a non-binding one. That means the final price can change. In the case of binding estimates, the price is set in stone and cannot be changed in the future. Pay attention to these details before signing a contract.


Is there anything cross country movers in Florida won’t move?

Yes, there is. Movers in the Sunshine State, and all the other states in the country for that matter, won’t move flammable items and substances, nor the ones that are potentially hazardous in any way. This includes matches, lighters, oxygen bottles, ammunition, etc. Nail polish remover, bleach, and paint are also not welcome in a moving truck.