With trustworthy movers with quality equipment and safe trucks, you can rest assured that your possessions will be picked up and delivered when promised. Interstate moving companies Oklahoma provide you with highly-trained drivers and professional packers. Safe and secure relocations are possible when you have experts in relocating goods over long distances. And Verified Movers have a list of affordable and experiences cross country moving companies Oklahoma that can help you relocate. Oklahoma is a unique state with a blend of Native American and European cultures. So, if you are looking for something new and interesting, it is definitely a state to consider for your new home.

Facts About Oklahoma

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, Edmond, Lawton


Kevin Stitt

US Senators

Jim Inhofe, James Lankford

State Website


State Moto

Work Conquers All

State Nickname

Native America

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)

69,899 sq mi

Total Population


Highest Elevation

4,975 ft

Lowest Elevation

289 ft

Time Zone

Central /UTC / MT/UTC

Wheat field in Oklahoma

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Casady School, Cottonwood Public School, Holland Hall, Heritage Hall, Cleora Public School

Top 5 Middle Schools

Casady School, Cottonwood Public School, Holland Hall, Heritage Hall, Cleora Public School

Top 5 High Schools

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, Casady School, Holland Hall, Heritage Hall, Cascia Hall Preparatory School

Top 5 Colleges

The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, The University of Tulsa, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oral Roberts University

04. Rates

Crime Rate


Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


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Oklahoma Capital City,

Oklahoma is not lacking quality cross country moving companies. Verified Movers will be happy to help you get in touch with them.

Professionals are here to make your moving process smooth and enjoyable. They have the job of providing your goods with safe and smooth transport to the new location, all in a swift and efficient manner. As you can imagine, you will not lack tasks and obligations come moving day, or even the weeks prior to it. With moving experts by your side, you will be able to devote ample time to those chores only you can take care of. Professionals will, thus, provide you with the peace of mind you will have, knowing that your belongings are in safe, capable hands.

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What can our interstate moving professionals in Oklahoma offer you?

Are you looking for a mover that can transport your items across the state lines? Or are you looking for an office moving professional that can move your business to another state? Because we can offer you both. And so much more.

Our cross country moving companies Oklahoma can provide you with:

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  • Fine art handling

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Moving tips by cross country moving companies Oklahoma

  1. If you need assistance or information after moving to your new home, just ask a local. In general, Oklahomans are very friendly and knowledgeable, and if they can’t help you, they’ll tell you who can.
  2. Oklahoma lies at the heart of Tornado Alley and sees tornadoes from spring through late summer. So, you need to keep an eye out for tornadoes. Tune your radio to a local station and if you hear a weather warning, take shelter immediately!
  3. You won’t need a moving permit anywhere in Oklahoma, but in the cities and college towns, traffic can get busy. Plan on moving to OK outside of the busy commute times, and check local parking restrictions ahead of time.
  4. Driving conditions in the Sooner State can be hazardous due to trash and waste on the roads. Be extra careful to stay alert at the wheel so you can react to anything bouncing up off the road or otherwise compromising your vehicle.
  5. When moving to Oklahoma, you’ll find that exits on the highways can come up pretty quickly. Even if you have a GPS, go over your route beforehand so you’re as prepared as possible. Or simply reach out to cross country moving companies Oklahoma and let their knowledge of the roads take care of everything.

Stay away from moving scams

Moving scams are common. And even more importantly – they can happen to anyone at any point. However, that is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem you might accouter is the lack of money, time and space to deal with this problem. And that is precisely why getting the right moving professional for the job is the best thing you can do.

The appeal of Native America

There are many reasons for moving to the Sooner State, and just as many cities and towns to choose as your new home. There are larger cities for cross country moving companies Oklahoma to move you to, such as:

  • Oklahoma City – the state capital with its recently renovated downtown area
  • Tulsa – with one of the largest collections of Art Deco buildings in the US
  • Norman – a hub of weather research
  • Enid – nicknamed the “Wheat Capital.

In addition, there are a number of other cities, suburbs and bedroom communities such as Broken Arrow, Edmond, Moore, Lawton, Midwest City and Stillwater.

Buffalos on a prarie in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has a lot of nature, culture, and diversity to offer.

Cost of Living

With almost 24% lower cost of living than the US average, Oklahoma ranked lowest in the entire country! Groceries, transportation, miscellaneous goods and services, and healthcare had some of the lowest prices of all of the states. All the while, housing, and utilities, though still comparatively low, ranked slightly higher. The low prices are the result of the state having:

  1. a significant output of both energy and agricultural products
  2. local manufacturing of consumer goods.

In addition, with an average commute time of approximately 22 minutes, gas doesn’t take up too much of a chunk of most workers’ budgets. Most employed folks can attain a comfortable quality of life in Oklahomaith, with an average household income of approximately $37,000 per year.

Farm house in Oklahoma.

Buying a home and overall life in Oklahoma comes at very affordable rates.

Cross country moving companies by cities in Oklahoma

Moving is easy with Verified Movers

All you need for a smooth move is professional, diligent and conscientious cross country moving companies Oklahoma at your side. And Verified Movers will be glad to help you get in touch with them. Make sure to visit our platform today, or give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you with the most important step in your moving process.