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Awesome summer activities in Albuquerque

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As the largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque has a lot to offer to anyone, no matter what the season of the year is. Being such a big place, it is a logical thing to expect a lot of opportunities to do fun and interesting things. In fact, Albuquerque has a lot to offer in general. It comes as no surprise to hear that people tend to hire reliable movers quite often to move here. This city is a great place to live with a family, but also by yourself. It offers many options in pretty much any area of life. However, since it is summer, we have decided to create a guide for the awesome summer activities in Albuquerque. In no particular order, we have listed the most fun activities do here, so check out the list below and we wish you are great summer in Albuquerque!

One of the most popular things during summer is going out for a drink

This is a fact for the vast majority of people. Albuquerque is full of amazing brews and you should most definitely try them all. At least if that is your thing. In fact, if you want to, you can even vote for the best ones. There is an event called the New Mexico IPA Challenge that is organized by the New Mexico Brewers Guild. Similar to good long distance movers Albuquerque offers, this tour covers the whole state and it makes stops at certain places one of which is Albuquerque. After the voting is over, they gather up the votes and put them together. This is one of those perfectly awesome summer activities in Albuquerque when you can just go out with your friends and hang out with them.

selective focus photo of glass of brown liquid
Going out for a drink in a nice city is always a great idea

How about some shopping?

During the summer the need for refreshments can reach the most extreme levels. Though there are many things that people tend to use to refresh themselves, rare are those that beat fruit and vegetables. One of the reasons why cross country movers New Mexico offers have so much work to od is that there are many growers markets, especially in Albuquerque. In a growers market, you can buy all sorts of fruits and veggies. From tomatoes, peppers, salads to dragon beans and from pies and soups to all types of fruits, there is something for everybody here. Checking out the Downtown Growers Market is easily one of the low key most awesome summer activities in Albuquerque.

Can summer pass without any summer activities in Albuquerque’s surrounding nature?

Well, the answer is obvious – No. The nature of the United States is such that is simply has a lot offer whatever your tastes may be. From deserts to mountains and from seas to beautiful glades, the USA have pretty much every type of natural terrain for you to see and experience. Of course, not every part of the country can offer all of that, but there are still numerous mesmerizing places to check out in each state. One of the most fun summer activities in Albuquerque is to check out the waters of the famous Río Grande. There are several organizations that rent kayaks and paddleboards. You should definitely try this out if you like some adrenalin and are looking for a cooldown. If you require some tips or more detailed aid, they all offer guided trips.

man riding on bicycle while standing on peak
Nature around the city is amazing

Are you in love with coffee? We have just the thing

Well, Albuquerque has. And it is technically not in Albuquerque. Going for a nice walk or bike ride through an interesting landscape is usually fun enough. If you live in a city than it can be relaxing in more than one way. Going outside on an adventure and spending the whole day there is almost always quite memorable. However, why not throw in the coffee in the mix? There is a really special little coffee shop that is not inside the city, but rather in nature. You can find it just beside the Paseo del Bosque Multi-Use Trail, at Old Town Farm. A cup of Joe or a “scookie” (which is a mix between scone/cookie) more than makeup for the fact that you have to come here by bike in most cases.

Watch a game at Isotopes Park!

The Albuquerque Isotopes are the city’s stars, there is no doubt about it. In fact, their Isotopes Park stadium is one of the most beloved sites in the city. Sitting on the stands, eating a hot dog and cheering professional baseball players is definitely a fun thing to do even if you are not a huge fan of baseball. What makes the games even more fun is a warm relationship that the staff and the club, in general, have with the crowd. There are always some thematic promotions also. So, you can get a nice souvenir in the form of sunglasses or retro jerseys.

Going on a game is one of the most fun summer activities in Albuquerque
Sports events’ atmosphere is something really special

How about going to a theme park?

There are many amazing theme parks throughout the United States. There are several of them in Albuquerque and they all really amazing. However, we have opted for visiting Cliff’s Amusement Park as one of the most fun summer activities in Albuquerque. There are so many fun things to do here that we won’t even try to name them all. However, we have chosen a couple of them that are the most essential for us. Firstly, there are Thrill Rides that are not for the fainthearted, but for those who like to push themselves forward. There are also Family Rides that can be a really fun experience. If you get hungry after all the excitement, you can always go to their restaurants that are all over the park. It is also quite easy to navigate the parks, so you don’t have to worry about that as the staff is amazing.

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