Relocation is a complex process that requires time and effort. And it is always a demanding task no matter the distance or size of it. Hiring professional and reliable long distance moving companies Vermont can solve these problems. However, it might not be as simple as you think. After all, there are still criteria to consider. Luckily, Verified Movers have a way of making it a bit easier for you. Not only we can match you with long distance movers from Green Mountain State, but also, if you want to move somewhere else, we can match you with cross country moving companies Vermont. It’s clear that everything you need to make the right moving choice is here on our platform, so make sure to visit us today!

A lake in Vermont

With the help of long distance moving companies Vermont, your move across the Green Mountain State is going to be effortless!

The choice you make in moving teams will have the biggest effect on the outcome of your move. That is why you need to make sure you make the best pick. And, Verified Movers have a database that exists for that very purpose. We have collected data on over 23,000 (and counting) moving companies, complete with the reviews from their previous customers. Doing your research on our platform will allow you to get all the information you need in one place, without much trouble. It will make the process of finding some of the best long distance moving companies Vermont that much easier and straightforward.

Do you need an interstate or an intrastate move?

Before we proceed with our story about long distance moving companies Vermont, it would be smart to clarify which move you really need. It’s important to know that there are two types of long distance moves – interstate moves and intrastate moves. The difference is big considering that it affects which moving company you need to contact. Interstate moves are also known as cross country relocations, and you would be going on this move if you were planning to leave Vermont. So, if this is your intention, make sure to look for cross country moving companies Vermont rather than long distance ones. And, if you’re here to relocate across the Green Mountain State, you are preparing for an intrastate move. If that’s the case, stay with us as we introduce you to long distance moving in Vermont as well as companies that can help you on this journey.

Vermont is the state with the best inbound-outbound move ratio in the United States

Fascinating, isn’t it? Vermont is actually the most moved-in state if we use the inbound-outbound ratio as a metric. In 2022, a whopping 76% of relocations involving Vermont were inbound. Hardly any state came close to that. So why is Vermont so popular? Well, you have probably already heard about the exodus happening in major US cities, and two of them are very close to Vermont – NYC and Boston. A lot of people from these cities are flocking to Vermont.

A girl sitting on the bench in Vermont

People from all over New England, as well as other parts of the USA, are relocating to Vermont.

The Green Mountain State is also quite easy to afford compared to its New England neighbors. And of course, there aren’t many states that can compete with Vermont’s outdoors. It has the most wonderful natural landscapes, peaceful towns, and a welcoming and pleasant community. So, it’s clear why you are staying in the State of Vermont, and now let’s see what its most popular cities are, which could maybe give you an idea of where to move to.

Burlington and the surrounding cities are part of the most moved-in area in Vermont

Burlington and the whole area around with towns like South Burlington, Essex, and Colchester are the most popular moving destinations in the Green Mountain State. Simply put, this is where the most opportunities are. Although some other places in Vermont are beautiful, they can’t compete with the Burlington area in terms of job opportunities. These cities are great vacation spots, good for families that already have jobs, and of course, perfect for retirees. But for someone who is just moving to another city, Burlington is definitely the place to be. Hundreds of people from all over the Green Mountain State are relocating to this area, and not too many are leaving it. Those who decide to leave are mostly moving to a new state, or to some other Vermont town for retirement.

A street in Burlington during night

Burlington is a beautiful place to live, especially around holidays.

The cost of moving across the Green Mountain State

It’s time for us to start talking about the details of relocation. We’ll cover all the major things, from picking the right moving company, the services they’re offering, and picking the right time for relocation, to answering some of the most frequently asked questions. But first, we’re going to answer the question that probably interests the most of you – how much will I have to pay for services of long distance moving companies in Vermont?

Right away, we have to warn you that we can’t come up with the exact price without knowing a bit more about your move. This is because the cost of your move depends on a lot of things like distance, the difficulty of loading, the weight of the shipment, time of the year, etc. That’s why we’ll mention only some average prices, and for more info, fill out the free moving quote on our website and get a more accurate price.

  • Moving from Burlington to Rutland City; $450 – $1,500 (60 miles)
  • Moving from Burlington to Bennington; $600 – $1,700 (121 miles)
  • Moving from Essex to Brattleboro; $700 – $1,800 (150 miles)
  • Moving from Newport to South Burlington; $500 – $1,550 (74 miles)

The reason why we didn’t mention relocation within the Burlington Area here is that, even though this is the most dynamic migration part of Vermont, these are considered local moves rather than long distance ones. Therefore, you would have to call local movers in Vermont.

Choosing long distance movers Vermont to relocate with: Things to look out for

It is of the absolute essence that you hire a company that is legitimate and, of course, good at what they do. Normally, this shouldn’t be a big issue. However, with the moving industry expanding on a daily basis, we found ourselves in a situation where it’s not very easy to recognize true professionals. The rise of fraudulent moving companies is more than evident, and even among the legitimate companies, not every single one is suitable for you, nor particularly good. That’s why you need to do some research, and we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Do long distance moving companies in Vermont have to be licensed?

In most cases, moving companies have to be licensed. For example, all carriers that are operating across the country, and not within one state, have to be licensed by federal agencies such as USDOT and FMCSA. When it comes to local and long distance moving companies, they are regulated by their respective states. However, the problem is, there are several states that don’t require local licenses, and Vermont is one of them. So, long distance moving companies Vermont don’t have to obtain any permits to operate in the Green Mountain State. This, in the end, makes it trickier for you to understand which company is worthy of your trust. However, don’t lose hope, because there is one thing you can do to be certain of this, and we’ll discuss it in the next section.

A woman writing up a list of long distance moving companies Vermont

Long distance movers in Vermont aren’t required to obtain moving permits, so you should rely on other methods to determine if the company is legitimate.

Rely on reviews to tell you which company to hire

In the absence of licenses, which are usually a good indicator of which company is legitimate, you should rely on reviews. Other people decided to share their experiences with you, so make sure to use this. They were either happy with their experience and want to give the deserved praise to certain long distance movers Vermont, or they had a bad experience and want to help you avoid it.

The only issue with these reviews is understanding if they’re really genuine. For example, fraudulent moving companies know how big is importance of reviews, which is why they generate fake testimonials. Although, some good and legitimate companies tend to do such things sometimes. So, how to know which testimonials to trust? We have a solution. Verified Movers reviews is one the largest platforms for moving company reviews in the United States. On top of that, we check each and every review posted on our platform to assess whether it’s a genuine comment or not. Therefore, feel free to visit us and browse through long distance moving companies Vermont for as long as you want.

What is relocating with long distance moving companies Vermont like?

Relocating with professionals is truly a great experience in all almost all cases. As soon as you follow our guidelines for picking a company, and choose legitimate, honest, skillful, and experienced professionals, you will have a most wonderful experience. Certainly, much better than if you were moving by yourself. DIY moves sound good in theory, but in reality, they are one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face in your life. So many things can go wrong when moving by yourself, especially over long distances. That’s why we ever recommend this.

People usually go with this option due to the budget, but in the end, they realize that DIY moves aren’t at all cheap. As a matter of fact, with potential damages, they could end up even more expensive than professional moves. That’s why you should always go with the sure option, which is hiring long distance movers in Vermont. Apart from the safe and stress-free move, you’ll see a few other benefits of moving with experts, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

There are many moving services on offer when relocating with professionals

As soon as you start exploring the world of moving companies, you’ll see how far has the industry come. Nowadays, you can find a team of movers that can help you with virtually anything moving-related. This is achieved through various moving services on offer. Some are the usual, general services, while some are specialized. We’ll mention the most popular services from both these categories, starting with the general ones.

  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Furniture moving
  • Packing services
  • Senior moving
  • College moving
  • Junk removal
  • Storage services

We’re sure you can find much use for some of these services, and the same goes for specialty item services you’ll find in the list below.

  • Piano moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Antiques moving
  • Fine art moving
  • Auto moving

Which period is ideal for relocating across Vermont?

If you want to fully enjoy your relocation, then you should pay close attention to an ideal date. The weather might seem insignificant to you now, but it actually plays an important role in your whole experience. Of course, if you’re busy with work and you’re limited to a certain timeframe for the move, so be it. The most important thing, in the end, is to relocate safely. But, if you have the option to choose, then here is what you should pay attention to.

A house under the snow in Vermont

Snowy Vermont winters are far from suitable for relocation.

For starters, you’re already aware of how cold Vermont is. In fact, it is easily one of the coldest regions in the USA. Therefore, not only winter isn’t ideal for relocations across Vermont, but it is something you should strongly look to avoid. On the opposite side, we have the summer. It is definitely an ideal time to move across Green Mountain State. The only problem is, that is when long distance moving companies Vermont are most busy. Every Vermonter wants to move in the summer. That creates a high demand which inflates the prices. So, if you want a mix of budget-saving and pleasant, choose early fall or late spring. And, if you want to have the most pleasant moving experience possible, go with the summer move.


How long will it take for long distance movers Vermont to relocate my items across the Green Mountain State?

Many things can affect this. But, usually, these relocations shouldn’t take longer than 2 weeks. In fact, on average, long distances moves across Vermont last less than 10 days.

How far in advance should I get in touch with movers?

We’d say that one month in advance is ideal if you don’t have to expedite your move. That gives you more than enough time to prepare for the moving day, but also your movers will have enough time to plan your move as well.

When I ask for packing services, how long should I expect that process to last?

If you don’t have an enormous household, long distance movers in Vermont will get the job done in less than a day. The same goes for those of you who are looking for a commercial move.

Should I purchase moving insurance?

We think that you definitely should. Moving insurance is there to cover you in case any damage happens, and let’s face it, mistakes happen to the best of us. Whether you’ll take partial or full coverage will depend on your preferences, but whatever it is, make sure to be insured one way or the other.

Is there anything that long distance moving companies Vermont don’t move?

There are certain items that long distance movers Vermont, for safety reasons, don’t move. These items are usually either hazardous or flammable. Make sure to consult with your company about this issue and ask them which items they’ll refuse to move.

Long distance moving companies by cities in Vermont

Verified Movers will help you make the sound choice

Moving is by no means a simple feat, and leaving it to professionals is your best chance at success. On the other hand, turning to Verified Movers is your best option when looking for such an experienced team. Our platform serves just that purpose and will provide you with a unique and comprehensive stance when choosing your ideal moving team. Reaching reliable long distance moving companies Vermont is easy with Verified Movers, so make sure to visit us!

Facts About Vermont

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Burlington, Stowe, Montpelier, Rutland City, Killington


Phil Scott

US Senators

Peter Welch, Bernie Sanders

State Website

State Moto

May the 14th Star Shine Bright

State Nickname

The Green Mountain State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

4,395 ft

Lowest Elevation

95-100 ft

Time Zone


Burlington, Vermont

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Weybridge Elementary School, Killington Elementary School, Marion W. Cross School, Wardsboro Central School, Newton Elementary School

Top 5 Middle Schools

Vermont Commons School, Newton Elementary School, Long Trail School, Middlebury Union Middle School, Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School

Top 5 High Schools

The Putney School, Green Mountain Valley School, Vermont Commons School, Stratton Mountain School, Vermont Academy

Top 5 Colleges

University of Vermont, Middlebury College, Norwich University, Champlain College, Saint Michael's College

04. Rates

Crime Rate

15.32 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate