It’s no secret that moving is a complex venture. If you add an entire plethora of moving tasks to that, it can be too much for a person. That is why it’s smart to consider hiring professional moving assistance and it’s where cross country moving companies Colorado can be very helpful. The same goes if you opt for a relocation within the Centennial State. It’s simply better to leave it to reputable long distance moving companies Colorado. With experienced movers taking care of your relocation, you will be able to have not only free time on your hands but peace of mind as well. Verified Movers provides a database with over 27 000 moving companies you can choose from. Reading Verified Movers reviews is the best way to find the perfect moving company, so make sure to contact us and we’ll do our best to get you in the safe hands of true moving experts

A lake under the Rocky Mountains
By hiring cross country moving companies in Colorado, you’ll have more free time to enjoy the Rocky Mountains before you leave the state.

Is Moving Out of Colorado an Expensive Endeavor?

We encourage you to contact interstate moving companies Colorado, as they will provide a free moving estimate with a more accurate price. Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to help you by showing some average price ranges.

    • Moving from Colorado to Texas. Relocations between Colorado and the Lone Star State are the most frequent ones, both inbound and outbound. If you’re about to go on a move involving these two states, it will cost you between $2,600 to $4,000 on average.
    • Moving from Colorado to California. The Golden State is a little further from Colorado than Texas, and you can expect the price to reflect that. Still, it won’t be a lot more expensive since you can expect to pay somewhere between $1,184 – $4,979 for moving 1 bedroom apartment.
    • Moving from Colorado to Arizona. Arizona is the closest state to Colorado out of all the states on this list, so this relocation is likely to be the most affordable one here. The average price range for this move is $1,100 – $3,743 also for 1 bedroom apartment.
    • Moving from Colorado to Florida. Now, this is a larger distance, 1,600 miles to be precise. Moving from the Centennial State to any state on the East Coast won’t be a cheap endeavor. But, cross country movers in Colorado will give you a fair price we’re sure. All things considered, the average range for relocating 1 bedroom home is $1,243 – $4,840.
    • Moving from Colorado to New York. Although the Empire State is not so close to Florida, the distance between these states and Colorado is practically the same, which is around 1,600 miles. So, expect the relocation cost to be the same as above, somewhere between $1,194 – $4,734 for one bedroom apartment.

    Let the Reviews Guide You When Choosing Cross Country Movers Colorado

    Finding a trustworthy and legitimate moving company for your cross-country relocation from Colorado starts with thorough research. Reading cross country moving companies Colorado reviews offers invaluable insights. These reviews, left by the company’s previous clients, are your window into their reliability and service quality. A consistent pattern of positive experiences and customer satisfaction speaks volumes, setting the expectation for your own moving journey. Dive into Verified Movers reviews for an even deeper look, where feedback is meticulously checked for authenticity. These aren’t some fake online moving reviews. This ensures you’re reading genuine experiences, not promotional content.

    Reaching out to those who’ve been on similar moves can add a personal touch to your research. Their firsthand accounts can shed light on the nuances of their moving experiences, offering practical advice or recommendations. This mix of online reviews and personal stories equips you with a well-rounded view of your options.

    Remember, a moving company’s reputation is built on the pillars of transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Look for signs of professionalism, such as clear communication, detailed quotes, and responsive customer service. These matter the most to customers when reading moving company reviews. Companies that go the extra mile in addressing concerns and customizing their services often stand out in the competitive moving landscape. Your move from Colorado deserves a partner who prioritizes your peace of mind and delivers on their promises with integrity and care.

    A woman sitting next to a window and reading cross country moving companies Colorado reviews on her laptop.
    It’s important to read cross country moving companies Colorado reviews before making a deal.

    Make Sure That the Company Is Licensed to Relocate People Across the Country

    Of course, besides having good ratings and reviews, the company you choose should be licensed as well. Every state has its own regulations regarding moving companies, but that is mainly about the moves within the state. For example, in the Centennial State, intrastate movers need to be registered at Colorado Public Utilities Commission. But, since you’re probably here to learn about interstate moves, know that this is regulated on the USA level. Moving professionals need to be registered at the US Department of Transportation where they get their unique USDOT number. You can check for this on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There are thousands of licensed moving companies out there, so choose them instead of taking risks with the ones that aren’t.

    Interstate Moving Companies in Colorado Will Offer You an Abundance of Moving Services

    If you need any additional help regarding your move, rest assured that cross country moving companies Colorado will have everything you need. You will enjoy a unique moving experience without putting in too much effort. These are some of the most popular services you’ll be offered when doing business with top moving professionals in the Centennial State:

    • Packing services
    • Auto moving
    • Junk removal
    • Storage services
    • Fine art moving
    • Piano moving
    • Pool table moving

    Two workers from cross country moving companies Colorado holding carton boxes.
    Cross country movers Colorado with whom we match you will give you some much-needed assistance with packing.

    The Length of Interstate Relocations

    The length of cross country moves varies depending on the distance. There are some other factors impacting the total number of days you’re going to wait for your items to be transferred, but the distance is the most common one. While the majority of interstate relocations take between 10 days and 3 weeks, it could even be longer than that if you’re moving from Colorado to New York for example. However, if you’re moving from the Centennial State to the nearby states like Arizona, Utah, Texas, etc., expect the relocation to last somewhere around 2 weeks.

    A man looking at his watch while talking with someone on a phone.
    If you’re moving to one of Colorado’s neighboring states. the relocation should be done in less than 15 days.

    Cross Country Moving Companies by Cities in Colorado

      What to Expect When Moving Out of Colorado?

      We assume that saying goodbye to the Centennial State is not something that will be easy. Everyone knows how great Colorado is, but try to not look back, and instead look forward to the new adventures you’re going to experience somewhere else. Regarding the moving process itself, expect a lot of hard work. Chances are you won’t have enough time to be lazy and relax while waiting for the moving day to come. If you don’t feel like doing an overwhelming amount of tasks throughout the moving period then your best bet would be to give a call to cross country movers Colorado.

      A man and a woman on the floor looking at each other with suitcases behind them.
      It’s important not to underestimate the difficulty of a moving process. One of the best cross country moving companies Colorado offers is sure to help you with that!

      Verified Movers Can Help You in Numerous Ways

      Moving is challenging, difficult, and stressful. And that is why you need all the help you can get. But even after you decide to hire some of the best interstate movers Colorado, a lot of work still needs to be done. Finding some of the best cross country moving companies Colorado has to offer, and choosing the right one is more difficult than you think. And that is exactly why Verified Movers can be a perfect moving companion.

      We are here to help you find the right professionals for the job. The one that will be able to give you the moving experience you’ve always wanted. Out of 20,000 moving professionals here at our database, rest assured there will be more than a few of them that are tailor-made for your needs. And, to make things even better, you’ll get a chance to read Verified Movers reviews which give you the best insight into the quality of Centennial State’s movers.

      Moving Trends in Colorado

      All things considered, Colorado has been very popular in recent years. The peak level of interest for Colorado was the decade between 2010 and 2020. Over this period, Colorado was amongst the most moved-in states in the nation almost every single year. These numbers have started dropping in the last couple of years, most notably after the coronavirus outbreak. In 2021, Colorado had an equal percentage of inbound and outbound moves (50% both). Although that’s not a bad result considering the effects of a pandemic, still, taking into account the numbers Colorado has been showing not so long ago, this percentage of outbound moves is a worrying sign. Of course, we’ll get into more detail in the next few sections, and try to determine the cause. For starters, we’ll take a look at the reasons why people are moving to the Centennial State.

      Data from the end of 2023 reveals that Colorado still stands as a top destination for movers, with Denver ranking as the second-most popular major city for new residents, trailing only behind Charlotte, North Carolina. For every person leaving, Colorado welcomes approximately 1.34 new residents. Denver, specifically, sees an even higher influx, with a move-in rate of 1.48 for each person who departs. This surge in newcomers underscores the area’s attractiveness and growing economy. Boulder outshines with an impressive rate, gaining 1.83 new residents for everyone that leaves, placing it 18th nationwide without any population limit constraints. These statistics not only showcase Colorado’s popularity but also signify its role as a key player in the nation’s moving and relocation trends, driven by its lifestyle, economic opportunities, and amazing landscapes.

      The Perks of Living in Colorado

      As we mentioned earlier, it wasn’t long ago that Colorado was at the top of US states regarding inbound moves. That has changed a little bit today, but there is still a healthy number of newcomers, and now, we’re going to see what’s their motivation. The Centennial State surely has a lot to offer, and we defined some of the main reasons why people are moving there these days.

      A person holding a magnet that says "Colorado"
      The Centennial State has so much to offer, which explains the positive moving trends it has been showing prior to COVID-19.

      Colorado is home to one of the best economies in the nation

      We assume that this won’t be the first time you’re hearing this, but Colorado is known for having a strong economy. In fact, the state’s economy ranked 2nd best in the USA, only behind Washington, according to U.S. News & World Report. The leading industry in Colorado’s economy is manufacturing. The use of advanced technologies has put the manufacturing industry in the Centennial State in front of the competition. Of course, many other industries are growing in Colorado, such as mining, agriculture, and tourism. And, it’s obvious that a strong economy means that there are some great job opportunities, so it’s not difficult to see why are many of Colorado’s newcomers motivated by this.

      A growing job market with respectable salaries

      As of January 2024, the state’s unemployment rate impressively sits at 3.40%, signaling a strong job market and economic stability. Workers in Colorado enjoy an average salary of $27.12 per hour, translating to an annual income of $56,401. Denver, the state’s capital and economic powerhouse, outpaces the state average with salaries reaching $32.55 per hour or $67,707 annually. The state’s commitment to innovation and sustainability not only attracts businesses but also job seekers from across the nation, further fueling its economic expansion.

      A man and a woman sitting across each other in the office, talking about hiring one of the cross country moving companies Colorado.
      Only 10 states had better job growth than Colorado in the past 12 months.

      Most in-demand jobs are registered nurses, followed by account executives and sales associates. If you want to know which city has the best job market, that’s difficult to say. However, you can’t go wrong with choosing the state’s capital and its largest city, Denver. But, truth be told, every one of Colorado’s largest cities has more than enough job opportunities for its newcomers.

      Healthy lifestyle based on outdoor activities

      Even though the State of Colorado has a great economy along with plenty of job opportunities, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about this state is nature and its wonderful scenery. People from all across the world have heard about national parks in the Centennial State, with the Rocky Mountain National Park being the most famous one. Pretty much every city in Colorado offers everything you need in terms of outdoor activities in nature. Acres and acres of forest, beautiful lakes, and fresh air can provide you with a healthy lifestyle you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

      Although, speaking of air, it might be tricky for some people, because of Colorado’s altitude. Altitude sickness is possible since the average altitude of Centennial State is almost 7,000 feet. Even the largest city in the state, Denver, has an altitude of 5,000 feet. So, we would advise you to consult your doctor before moving to Colorado, especially if you have never been to high altitudes. To the majority of people, anything less than 8,000 feet won’t cause any issues. Not only that, but it can be quite beneficial for your respiratory system since the air is drier. To sum up, Colorado is one of the rare states where the climate and landscape are one of the main reasons for people to move there, so that tells you how beautiful the Centennial State really is.

      A forest photographed over the lake.
      Not many states have the opportunity to attract movers due to their natural beauties, but Colorado is one of them.

      Quality of life

      Colorado stands out for its exceptional quality of life, making it a top choice for many seeking natural beauty, safety, and wellness. The state prides itself on having clean air, thanks to stringent environmental protections and a population passionate about preserving nature. Low crime rates across many of its cities and towns contribute to a sense of security and peace of mind for residents. Colorado’s focus on health and wellness is evident in its abundant outdoor activities. The state also has a health-conscious community, with numerous organic markets, yoga studios, and health retreats. This commitment to well-being is further supported by Colorado’s healthcare system, ranked among the nation’s best for access and quality. Together, these factors create an environment where residents can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, embodying the essence of a high-quality lifestyle that Colorado offers.

      Cultural richness

      Colorado stands out for its cultural richness, offering a mix of arts, music, and culinary experiences. The state’s art scene provides numerous galleries, art districts, and street art. Music lovers will enjoy Colorado’s diverse music environment, from classical concerts at the renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre to jazz in downtown Denver clubs and bluegrass in the mountain towns. Food enthusiasts can explore a culinary delights, with a strong farm-to-table movement that emphasizes local, fresh ingredients. Colorado’s breweries and distilleries are also a key part of its culture, with the state often referred to as the “Napa Valley of Beer.” Festivals and events throughout the year celebrate everything from film and literature to food and craft beer, bringing communities together and offering visitors a taste of local life. Colorado is a unique place where art, music, and cuisine intersect, enriching the lives of its residents and attracting visitors from around the globe.

      It’s an excellent place to spend your retirement

      Colorado emerges as an exceptional choice for retirement due to many factors. The state’s mild climate and abundant sunshine encourage an active outdoor lifestyle year-round, perfect for retirees. Colorado’s health care system ranks highly, ensuring retirees have access to excellent medical facilities and services. The cost of living varies across the state, offering options for every budget, from bustling cities to peaceful mountain towns. The strong sense of community in many Colorado towns and cities means retirees can easily find social groups and activities tailored to their interests. With its stunning landscapes, opportunities for an active lifestyle, and supportive communities, Colorado provides a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement setting. Explore some of the best places to retire in Colorado and enjoy your golden years!

      an elderly couple watching tv
      If you’re looking for a place to retire, Colorado is a state you should consider!

      Colorado is also one of the best places to raise a family

      Colorado’s reputation as one of the best places in the U.S. to raise a family is well-deserved, ranking 18th overall in 2024. The state’s appeal lies in its opportunities for education, outdoor activities, and family-friendly communities. Colorado’s schools are known for their high standards, with many districts receiving top marks for academic achievement and student satisfaction. The state’s emphasis on outdoor living encourages families to explore its stunning natural landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to the vast forests, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

      Key family-friendly cities and towns in Colorado include:

      • Boulder: This city is among the top winter moving destinations in 2024. Known for its excellent schools, abundant parks, and a strong sense of community.
      • Fort Collins: Offers a mix of cultural activities and outdoor adventures, with a friendly, small-town feel.
      • Highlands Ranch: Praised for its safety, community events, and recreational facilities.
      • Castle Rock: Features a picturesque setting with a variety of outdoor spaces and a growing number of family-oriented activities.

        These communities offer a safe environment, quality education, and plenty of recreational opportunities, making Colorado a top choice for families looking for a place where they can enjoy life.

        Colorado’s Inbound Moves

        If you wondered where the majority of Colorado’s newcomers are coming from, we’re going to answer it in the next few sections. We’ll take a look at the top 3 states people are moving from in order to live in Colorado, so let’s get into it.


        The Lone Star State is responsible for most of Colorado’s inbound moves. Not only that, but Colorado is the second most popular destination among Texan movers, only behind California. As many as 30,000 people are moving from Texas to Colorado each year. It’s difficult to point at one reason this is happening. After all, moving trends in Texas are positive compared to Colorado’s. So, we must go back at the main reasons people are moving to the Centennial State which tells us that a healthy lifestyle in Colorado, and being surrounded by fresh air motivate Texans to move up north. But of course, there’s also the fact that these two states are quite close to each other, so there must be some family-related relocations as well.

        Finally, although Texas has a healthy economy as well, a lot of people complete this relocation due to career-related reasons. Looking at the most popular moving routes between the cities of these two states, moving from Dallas to Denver is the most frequent relocation. However, it’s worth noting that Houston is not far behind Dallas when it comes to sending people to Denver. In fact, 2 years ago, the difference was less than 100 residents.


        We have the Golden State in second place. And it is very close to Texas. We said that 30,000 Texas leave their state to live in Colorado, and with California, it’s just a little less than that (around 28,000). The cost of living difference has to be one of the biggest reasons people are moving from California to Colorado. The Centennial State is known for many things, but the cheap cost of living is not one of them. Despite that, Colorado is still around 35-40% less expensive than California. When it comes to larger cities in these two states Los Angeles is 15% more expensive than Denver.

        A car driving on the road that passes between mountains.
        Many Californians are leaving behind beaches and warm temperatures for the Centennial State’s fresh mountain air.

        This difference is surely the reason why moving from Los Angeles to Denver is the most popular route. Between 4,000 and 4,500 people are leaving the City of Angeles each year in order to live in Denver. The Mile-High City attracts people from all over California as well. San Francisco is not too far behind Los Angeles. Denver is welcoming 2,500 residents from San Francisco each year. If we take a look at other cities in Colorado, for example, Colorado Springs and Aurora, the moving route is pretty much the same. The majority of people are coming from either Los Angeles or San Francisco, which is not surprising considering the population of these two Californian cities. It’s also worth noting that moving from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs is popular as well because more than 1,000 people are going on this very relocation on a yearly basis.


        Similar to Texas, Florida is also one of the most moved-in states in the country. Despite that, a lot of Floridians are choosing the Centennial State as their next destination. Truth be told, the number of Colorado newcomers from Florida is two times smaller compared to California and Texas. Between 10,000 and 15,000 people are moving from Florida to Colorado every year. The Sunshine State has a lower cost of living than Colorado, around 7.2% cheaper, and the job market there is quite good. So why are people moving to Colorado? Well, although Florida’s weather conditions are the reason a lot of people are moving there, a lot of them are simply not enjoying hot temperatures all year long. Once again, we look at healthy lifestyle prospects in Colorado as a motivation for people to move there.

        coastal city in Florida
        Many people decide to leave Florida and move to Colorado.

        Of course, Colorado has other benefits as well. Some people simply find the same job that pays more in the Centennial State and decide to leave Florida to grab this opportunity. Once again, Denver is the most popular destination in Colorado, but there isn’t a standout city in the Sunshine State when it comes to Denver relocations. Tampa, Orlando, and Miami are sending between 1,000 and 1,500 of their residents to the Mile-High City, which isn’t so popular among the citizens of Jacksonville. Another moving route we need to mention is the one from Miami to Colorado Springs because Colorado Springs welcomes almost the same number of Miamians as Denver.

        What’s the Biggest Reason People Are Leaving Colorado?

        We mentioned in the introduction that Colorado is not as popular as it was a few years ago. More and more people are deciding to leave it, but why? Well, surely the biggest reason is the cost of living in the state that’s 20% higher than the nation’s average. With houses, the difference between the two is even bigger since the median home in Colorado costs $527,000 whereas the average price in the USA is around the $342,000 mark. There’s no denying that Colorado is a great state to live in, but there are definitely more than a few states that are more affordable, and more tax-friendly as well. Among American movers, family-related relocations are also common, and the majority of Coloradans who move for family reasons won’t go far away, mostly to the neighboring states.

        A man counting money on the desk above the notebook.
        The high cost of living, especially when it comes to housing, is one of the biggest reasons people are saying goodbye to Colorado.

        The Preferred Destinations Among Former Coloradans

        We’ll do the same thing we did with the inbound moves, and that’s mentioning the top 3 states in the list. This can be particularly useful if you’re among those people who are about to leave the Centennial State. Seeing where your fellow Coloradans are going might benefit you more than you think, so let’s take a look.


        Once again, Texas is at the top, this time in the Colorado outbound moves list. Almost 20,000 Coloradans are going on this relocation each year. As you can see, that number is smaller than the number of Texans moving to the Centennial State, but of course, considering that the Lone Star State is the second most populous state in the nation, this is perfectly natural. Moving from Colorado to Texas is usually motivated by the lower cost of living. There is a huge difference when it comes to the cost of living between these states because Texas is 21% cheaper than Colorado. Furthermore, the median home price in the Lone Star State is yet to surpass the $296,000 mark, while the median home price in Colorado is almost $530,000.

        A valley in Texas on a sunny day.
        A lot of Coloradans are choosing to move to Lone Star State to enjoy a lower cost of living along with a lower tax burden.

        On top of that, Texas is way more tax-friendly than Colorado. The Centennial State isn’t among the states with the highest tax burden, but living in Texas is way more beneficial regarding that matter. The most common moving route in this direction is from Denver to Houston because this move is done by 2,600 people every year. But, with the difference of only a couple of hundred people, moving from Denver to Dallas is close to the first spot.


        Not only does Texas feature at the top of both inbound and outbound lists regarding Colorado relocations, but so does California. The famous Californian lifestyle is attracting people from all over the US, even though the cost of living in the Golden State is enormous. 15,000 people are moving from Colorado to California almost every year. Of course, California has higher salaries as well, so when a career opportunity in the Golden State comes, it’s hard to say no. Los Angeles is the seventh most common destination among movers from Denver, and this is also the most common moving route for Coloradans who choose to leave their state (3,000 people a year). Moving from Denver to San Francisco is in second place. Interestingly, after Los Angeles, San Diego is the most popular choice among the residents of Colorado Springs.


        The first and the only change in the top 3 from the inbound list is the introduction of Arizona. The Grand Canyon State is another state developing rapidly. A lot of people are moving there, and when you add the fact that the cost of living in Arizona is 15% lower than in Colorado, it’s obvious why this relocation is so popular. To give you the exact number, moving from Colorado to Arizona is the preferred choice among 14,000 Coloradans a year. Phoenix, by far the largest city in the Grand Canyon State, is obviously the most popular destination for Coloradans who decide to move to Arizona. For example, Denver sends around 4,000 people to Phoenix on a yearly basis, and only 1,000 to Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona. Moving from Colorado Springs to Phoenix was the third most frequent moving route (1,000 a year).

        A woman hugging a dog while looking at the Grand Canyon.
        Moving to Arizona is another popular choice among Coloradans.

        Managing the Moving Process in Colorado

        We’re aware that the moving process can be too much for some people, and we want to help you organize it. However, a lot will depend on your organizational skills as well. If you want to complete your relocation without significant issues, and we’re sure that you do, the moving tips you’ll see below could be very useful.

        Calling cross country moving companies in Colorado

        Without any doubt, the safest way to relocate across the country is by asking for professional moving assistance. Interstate moving companies Colorado will take a huge amount of weight off your shoulders and your relocation even has a chance to be a fun experience. Don’t procrastinate and start calling the experts in the Centennial State at least a few weeks before the move, preferably around 2 months before. An if you’re wondering what is the best time of the year to move, with our help, it doesn’t matter!

        A woman sitting on her bed and calling cross country moving companies Colorado
        Giving a call to cross country movers Colorado is the best thing you can do to ensure the safety of your transfer.

        Compare the estimates from cross country moving companies Colorado

        We know that Colorado is quite expensive, and in general, relocations are rarely cheap. Comparing a few moving estimates from interstate movers Colorado won’t cost you a dime because these quotes are free, but it allows you to choose the most affordable moving option. Still, we advise you to do a little background check on every company you’re considering, in order to avoid moving scams. Verified Movers reviews can help you with that. So, make sure to contact more than one company, and we advise you to ask all of them for a free moving estimate.

        Planning early

        A good early plan will take you the long way in the moving process. When you have a proper moving checklist before you jump to tasks, you’ll navigate this period a lot easier than you would have if you welcomed the relocation process unprepared.

        Commercial Relocation to/From Colorado

        Paperwork should be at the top of your mind when you’re in the middle of commercial moving, along with the safety of your office material. It’s very important that you don’t forget something because the future of your business may depend on it. For example, registering your business is a must. In Colorado’s case, you can do this by filing online at the Colorado Secretary of State office. If you’re moving your business from Colorado to another state, it will be different because each state has a different institution taking care of business licenses. Any mistake could be costly, so pay attention to the necessary paperwork.

        People in the office meeting talking with each other.
        Attention to detail is essential during business relocations. That’s why our cross country moving companies Colorado recommends are a great fit!

        Moving With Cross Country Moving Companies Colorado Is Much Safer than DIY

        Considering the DIY moving option is understandable due to its affordability. But don’t let that fool you. DIY moves are exhausting, complex, and overwhelming. You won’t get any of these things when you have the assistance of Centennial State’s moving professionals. Any interstate relocation is much safer and quicker with experts by your side. Not to mention if you have to complete the relocation during Colorado’s cold winter months. Opting for a DIY solution could be costly. So, if you really want to give yourself a chance to have a pleasant moving experience, you should strongly consider hiring interstate moving companies in Colorado.

        Understanding the Cost of Colorado Relocation

        The reason we emphasized the word “average” when we were talking about the prices above, is because the final price depends on various factors. For example, it’s natural that the cost will be higher than average if you’re moving a huge household. Or, for example, if your home has a lot of heavy items that need to be transferred. Not only do these bulky valuables require trucks that are able to carry more weight, but loading them will require some special tools that otherwise wouldn’t have been used. The Centennial State is known for having expensive and well-decorated homes, so if you need to ask for some special services, like fine art moving, it’s logical to expect cross country movers Colorado to charge you more.

        A woman sitting on the car and looking at her phone before contacting some cross country moving companies Colorado has
        The cost of your relocation will depend on various things, but the most notable one is the distance between your old home and your new home.

        And, of course, the distance. But we kind of covered that already. The longer the distance, the bigger the cost will be. Now you can see why we couldn’t give you an exact price in the introduction. It simply depends on too many things, and that’s why, once again, we advise you to call your cross country movers in Colorado. Tell them about everything you need, and you will get a free moving quote that will be quite accurate. Until then, we created a list of factors that impact the cost of your relocation to serve you as a reminder.

          • Distance
          • Weight of your belongings
          • Total number of items
          • Time of the year
          • Type of insurance you choose
          • Number of special services you ask for

        When Is the Best Time to Move Out of Colorado?

        In the list above, we mentioned that time of the year could play a part in the cost of your relocation. This is because choosing a time when movers aren’t having their hands full, could cut the expenses a little bit. In the Centennial State, the busiest moving season is the summer, and there’s a good reason for that. Colorado is very cold during winter which is why the majority of movers choose summertime relocations. Yes, that means that relocations are cheaper during winter, but knowing how cold it gets in Colorado, we surely don’t advise you to move during this period. If you want to avoid the summer period which is the peak of the moving season, try to schedule your relocation during spring, or early winter.

        Verified Movers Wants to Help You Achieve a Seamless Moving Experience You Deserve

        Moving can be challenging. After all, getting out of our comfort zone and breaking our routines is never easy. However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult as well, at least not when you ask for professional moving assistance. Proven interstate movers in the Centennial State have the necessary experience to expertly transfer your belongings without putting them at risk.  With that in mind, it’s clear that you should let reputable cross country moving companies Colorado take care of your move and enjoy the beginning of your new life chapter. Verified Movers will help you reach these companies in a simple and timely fashion. We want you to have a fun and seamless moving journey without any disturbances, the way it’s supposed to be. If you need any additional assistance, make sure to contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

        Facts About Colorado

        01. Main Information

        Popular Cities

        Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Fort Collins


        Jared Polis

        US Senators

        Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper

        State Moto

        Nothing Without Providence

        State Nickname

        The Centennial State

        02. Geo Population

        Area (sq mi)


        Total Population


        Highest Elevation

        14,440 ft

        Lowest Elevation

        3,317 ft

        Time Zone



        03. Education

        Top 5 Elementary Schools

        Colorado Academy, St. Mary's Academy, Stargate Charter, The Colorado Springs, Dawson

        Top 5 Middle Schools

        Kent Denver, Colorado Academy, St. Mary's Academy, Stargate Charter, The Colorado Springs,

        Top 5 High Schools

        Kent Denver, Colorado Academy, Fountain Valley, St. Mary's Academy, Stargate Charter

        Top 5 Colleges

        University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, University of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, Colorado School of Mines

        04. Rates

        Crime Rate

        36.16 (per 1,000 residents)

        Employment Rate


        Average Income (household)


        Poverty Rate



        What’s the difference between intrastate and interstate relocation?

        Intrastate moves are the ones that don’t go beyond the borders of one state, in this case, Colorado. On the other hand, if you’re looking to leave Colorado and move to another state, interstate moving services are the ones you should ask for (or cross country moving services).


        Can I file a moving complaint?

        If you’re not satisfied with the movers of your choice, and especially if you have been a victim of moving fraud, you can file a moving complaint at one of these three institutions: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Better Business Bureau, American Trucking Associations.


        Will interstate moving companies Colorado refuse to transfer some of my items?

        There are some items that interstate movers in Colorado, or anywhere else, won’t move. These are usually flammable and hazardous items that could potentially be safety risks. So, make sure to ask your movers about that on time, in order to avoid last-minute headaches.