Guidelines to move by if you want a trouble­-free relocation

  • Create a To Do list tops our list of moving tips
  • Go to your new home before the day of the move and clean it thoroughly. It is going to be so much easier to do it now than when you arrive with all of your items.
  • Check the market for a reliable moving company in your city, New York for example. If you are going to get professional help for your move, you should get in touch with at least three relocation companies.
  • The cheapest price should not be the reason for you to choose a moving company over another one. Make sure to see a bigger picture and focus on what you get rather than on what you pay.
Money lying on a table

The price should not be your main interest, but the quality of service

  • Get help to pack your items. Packing is a serious business that takes time.
  • If professionals are going to come to help you pack and move, do not stand in their way. They know how to do their job, so let them take care of it their way. Keep in mind that refreshments are always welcome.
  • If you are going to go with a DIY move, one of the moving tips is to get enough friends to help you move no matter whether you are moving to South Dakota or elsewhere.
  • Are you going to need to rent a moving truck for a DIY move? If you are, try to get the best rate possible.
  • In the case that you will be renting out a moving truck, you should make sure to feel comfortable driving it. Therefore, make sure to try it out on the parking lot before you decide to rent a moving truck.
  • When loading your items onto the moving truck, make sure to load heavy furniture first. Smaller items can fit all around.
  • Save on your move by obtaining free moving cardboard boxes. The best place to get them? Clothes stores and warehouses. Reuse them later. If there is a liquor store close by, pay it a visit. Liquor boxes are perfect for wine glasses.
  • Here’s one of the top moving tips: in order to save space, pack your clothes, duvets, blankets, and pillows into vacuum bags.
  • Cardboard boxes are basic packing material. However, do not forget to put your suitcases, crates and other items that can hold weight into use.
  • Would you like to save on packing material? Instead of investing a large amount of money into it, try coming up with out-of-the-box moving solutions. For example, use newspapers or towels for padding instead of bubble wrap.
  • Are your moving boxes too large to handle by yourself? If they are, you might try to drill holes in them for easy lifting. Be very careful about lifting really difficult stuff like this. Therefore, smaller boxes should hold heavy items. Pack them singularly.
  • If you have plenty of electronics around your place, take pictures of the cables. This way you will easily know which one goes where and what a particular cable belongs to.
One of the moving tips is to take picture of your cables if you have plenty of them

Take pictures of your cables so that you know which one goes where

  • Check to see if you have original boxes for your electrical appliances. TVs and monitors could use good packing, so do your best to find them.
  • Pack items for the first few days separately. Keep them close to your essentials box. These are the things that you are going to need very soon, so make sure that you know where they are.
  • Feeling strong but on a tight schedule? Leave all of your items in your drawers when moving. Wrap them with plastic wrap and move them like this. It will make the move quicker and less messy. On the other hand, it will make the move physically more difficult.
  • Follow these moving tips and make a list of items by rooms. It will help you place your moving boxes straight where they belong.
  • Mark your moving boxes with different colors to know what belongs where. If you are moving to South Carolina, you would want your items to match wonderful colors that this state offers.
  • If you are running out of space in your moving truck, rent a storage unit. All that does not need to come with you right away should go in there. Afterward, you can come to pick it up.
  • You should pack liquids separately. You would not want them spilling on your favorite blouse, would you?
  • Have excess items? If you are not into yard sales, donate them. Unfortunately, there are many of our fellow citizens who could use your old clothes. If you are moving in the fall, even more so with the winter on the horizon.
  • Prepare for the move, know your route. If you are going to be driving a rented moving truck, you should be sure which way you are headed.
  • Quit buying food at least 5 days before the move. The easiest way to move is if you do not have any food to take with you. Food is difficult to pack, while it is easy to spoil.

This is how much food you should have in your place on the day of the move – none.

  • Are you taking your fridge with you? If you are, make sure to defrost it before the move. A few days ahead would be the best. Leave it open, unplug it and leave it dry.
  • When you are packing dishes, make sure to protect them. Pack them vertically and put paper napkins between them. It will help keep them in one piece.
  • Stretch wrap is a great way to protect your furniture. Furniture is large and bulky. Hardly anything is going to happen to it through the course of the move. However, it easily gets dirty. The plastic stretch wrap is going to keep it clean.
  • Are you moving cross-country or long distance at least? If you are, you might want to ship your car and take the plane yourself. By doing this, you will save money on driving and be able to focus on other important tasks.
  • Babysitters are super helpful when moving. You may leave your kids with your parents if they are too small to help on the day of the move.
  • Organize your belongings and get rid of everything you don’t need. You can sell your unwanted stuff to make some extra money or donate it to charity even.
  • Make sure to notify people about your move (your landlord, your boss, friends, bank, insurance company etc.).
  • Cancel any regular home deliveries (newspapers, magazines subscription, etc.).
  • Cancel or transfer your memberships (gym, club, etc.) is one of our moving tips.
  • Start packing in advance. Begin with items that are less used and finish with the things you use on a daily basis.
  • Don’t forget to pack an essentials box, including a change of clothes, medications, hygiene items etc
  • Make sure to acquire the proper amount of packing materials and supplies: cardboard boxes of all sizes, protective wrap, packing paper, duck tape etc.
  • Wrap your fragile items separately is one of the worthy moving tips.
  • Make sure you don’t overpack your boxes, otherwise you risk damaging your own belongings.
  • Make suitable arrangements for your pets is one of the great moving tips. It’s better to keep them with a friend or hire a pet sitter.
  • Think about who will do the final cleaning. Consider hiring a professional cleaner to make the process easier.

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