1. When is the best time to move?

There are two answers to this question.

○ If you want the best weather and full comfort for your move, summer is definitely the time when you should move.

○ If you want the best price for your move, then the off-­peak season is the recommended time for your move. For moving, the off-­peak season is winter.

2. When should I hire a moving company?

To make sure you’ll be able to hire the best movers and to get the best price, hire a moving company at least a few months in advance.

3. How do I know whether or not a moving company is licensed?

A reputable and reliable moving company has such information on their website. If that’s not the case, call the movers and ask for a proof of licensure. Never hire an unlicensed mover!

4. What kinds of moving estimates are there?

First of all, let’s learn what the term means. A moving estimate is an estimated cost of your relocation. It is provided by a moving company you intend to hire. There are two kinds of moving estimates:

○ A non­binding estimate: A projected cost for your move, but not the guaranteed price you’ll pay. The actual cost can be lower or higher than the estimate. However, a non­binding estimate is based on the experience and know­how, hence it is mostly accurate.

○ A binding estimate: The actual price you will pay in the end. It means that you’ll pay exactly the amount of the binding offer even if the actual costs are lower or higher than estimated.

5. How long does it take to move a home?

The best answer to this question is – it depends. There are many factors that influence how long your move will last. The weather, the distance, the size of your relocation etc.

6. When should I pay for moving services?

Normally, after the relocation is finished. Anyway, we suggest contacting the movers and asking if they have a specific deadline.

7. What happens if my moving date changes?

If you need to change the date of your move, contact your movers as soon as possible and discuss the alternative date. They might be busy with the date you planned, or the price might be considerably higher.

8. What kind of services do movers offer?

There are different kinds of services you can expect ­ from planning your move and packing your belongings to transportation and unloading the items to your new home. If you have some special requirements or you need some special services, get in touch with your mover and discuss all the details.

9. Should I help movers?

You are not required to put in any effort if you hire professional movers. On the other hand, if you want to help, you will be more than welcome to do so. The best thing you could do is to offer some refreshments, keep your home safe and keep your children focused on other things so they don’t get in the way.

10. Do the movers provide the moving equipment?

Yes, the moving companies should provide all the necessary tools, supplies and equipment for a safe relocation. Although, if you choose to do the packing yourself, you must secure the packing supplies or you can purchase them from certain moving companies.

11. Do I actually need assistance from a moving company?

Although most people will try anything to save on moving expenses, the safety of yourself and your property should always come first. By hiring professionals to handle your nation-wide relocation, you save yourself a lot of time and grief. This way, you can simply relax knowing that an experienced long distance moving company will handle everything for you.

12. How do I book the expert movers once I find them?

Well, once you find a match with the right moving companies through our website, you can visit their website or contact them directly. A lot of professional moving companies offer the use of online quote calculation, in addition to the regular in-house estimates. Here, you can note the distance, list of items, dates etc.

So, you can first inquire about the exact estimate and once you get that, you can simply contact the company and make a schedule for the date you need.

13. Who is a moving manager?

The moving manager is the team lead that will be in charge of your particular relocation. They will go through all the terms and organization with you before the actual move. So, you can think of this person as your point of contact for any questions pertaining to the relocation.

14. How do I prepare for the arrival of the movers?

Remember that by hiring expert cross-state moving companies, you are not getting an all-inclusive package. Handling utilities, plumbing issues, electrical or installation work is not something moving companies do. This is something that you will need to handle prior to their arrival.

So, make sure that everything you want to be moved to your new home is unplugged and taken down so as to ensure minimal complications. Most moving companies offer packing services and supplies, and some even offer disassembly/reassembly. Everything other than that is in your field.

15. Do I need to be present throughout the move?

It really depends on your discretion. As you might already know, there will always be a move manager to keep everything in check. It is their job to replace your need to supervise throughout the move. However, if you wish to remain and offer specific instructions regarding the packing and handling, you can certainly do so.

16. Are there certain periods when it is cheaper to book moves?

People always wonder whether to book during weekends or the week, morning or afternoon, summer or winter? This will vary from mover to mover, however, it will always cost you less to move when others are less likely to do so. So, moving in the middle of the week and during the fall or winter is definitely a money-saver in most cases. However, not everyone has the spare time or luxury to plan so far ahead.

17. Will they ask me to pay a moving deposit?

Yes, most companies will ask you to provide a deposit for the move. Why? Simple – the deposit serves to ensure that the moving date is booked and reserved for your residential or commercial relocation. Since there are many customers that are insecure about the moving date due to other factors, moving companies need a type of guarantee in order to prepare everything for the moving date.

This deposit (usually up to 30 percent of the overall cost) serves moving companies as insurance to protect themselves against last-minute or short-notice cancellations or date changes. This makes up for the lost time for the resources they wasted preparing.

18. Will the moving company refund my moving deposit?

The only way for you to receive a full refund for the moving deposit is for you to cancel the booking you made within a certain time frame that the company provides you with. In most cases, this is at least 10 days before the actual move is to happen.

19. What do I do with the packing materials after my move?

This is something most customers tend to wonder about before their move. After all, once you consider everything you have to transport, there are a lot of cardboard boxes, wrapping materials, tape etc. And all this is left behind after the unpacking process. You have two scenarios here:

  1. If you did your own packing and acquisition of packing supplies, you will have some cleaning to do. Recycle what you can and throw away the rest, or check if the movers have need of the materials.
  2. Most companies offer all-inclusive packing services, where they provide the materials and handle the packing/unpacking process. Once complete, they will clean up after them and leave you with the same layout you had to be with.

20. Am I protected against damage or loss?

Most professional long distance moving companies will, given the distance of the move, offer you with insurance options. These options can serve to ensure compensation for your belongings, should any damage or loss occur. This does not, of course, stop you from exploring other insurance options for those more valuable belongings that you might have (fine art, cars, pianos, pool tables, silverware, ceramics etc.)

21. Will the insurance fee be included in the moving quotes?

No, most movers will only look to provide you with the quote for the moving expenses and services. However, details such as insurance, liability, potential discounts… these are all terms you will have to discuss with the company personally once you contact and negotiate with them.

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