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Make your relocation a seamless process by turning to professionals for assistance. With some of the best cross country moving companies Rhode Island taking care of your move, you will have nothing to worry about. And, with Verified Movers as your ally in the moving process, you will be able to get in touch with just the ideal team that will cater to your moving needs.

A house on the cliff in Rhode Island

Cross country moving companies Rhode Island can make your move out of the Ocean State stress-free.

The expense of leaving the Ocean State with interstate movers Rhode Island

We’ll start off our story today with the thing that usually interests people the most – finances. It’s normal that the cost of relocation is the first thing you’re thinking of when deciding whether to hire cross country movers in Rhode Island. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll gladly show you how much should you expect to pay when moving out of RI with professionals. For starters, let’s take a look at the average prices for moves between the Ocean State and five other states.

  1. Moving from Rhode Island to Massachusetts; $1,800 – $3,500
  2. Moving from Rhode Island to Connecticut; $1,800 – $3,500
  3. Moving from Rhode Island to New York; $2,100 – $3,800
  4. Moving from Rhode Island to Florida; $3,300 – $5,000
  5. Moving from Rhode Island to California; $4,500 – $7,000

As you can see, as the distance of your trip becomes larger, the price goes up. And that is just one thing that affects the price of your move, and there are many others. So, that’s exactly why we’re only able to show you the average price ranges. Well, at least for now. If you want to get a more accurate price, you can still get it here at Verified Movers. You can use moving quote calculator on our platform. After sharing a few pieces of information with us, you’ll receive a free estimate. Everything can be completed in a matter of minutes.

A woman typing something on a laptop with calculator next to her.

it’s very important to know the approximate price of your move to plan the budget better.

Picking the right team of Rhode Island movers

Choosing a moving company sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, if you really want to make sure that you’re picking a reliable team of cross country movers in Rhode Island, you’ll have to do some research. The reason we’re suggesting this is that this is the one proven way to avoid fraudulent moving companies. When you have such a big event in front of you that as an interstate relocation, everything has to go well, and there can’t be any slip-ups. So, this is why we want to show you how to avoid fraudulent movers and pick one of the most reputable teams in Ocean State.

One of the ways to check movers’ legitimacy is by reading cross country moving companies Rhode Island reviews

Well, one thing that the whole background check on a moving company should revolve around are the reviews. By taking a look at cross country moving companies Rhode Island reviews, you’re getting a unique insight into the qualities of one company. For starters, you’ll be able to eliminate companies with bad ratings instantaneously. If most people had a bad experience with them, then there’s no point in you trusting them. Companies with good reviews should be always taken into account. But, that doesn’t mean that they are always worthy of your trust.

A person looking for cross country moving companies Rhode Island reviews on their laptop

When it comes to researching interstate moving companies Rhode Island, there’s no better place to be than Verified Movers reviews.

For example, there are some cases where fake reviews are produced in order to deceive people into hiring a certain company. But, that’s where Verified Movers reviews come to the scene. Not only that these reviews are available on our platform, but we also check each and every one for plagiarism. We’re completely devoted to giving you the opportunity to read nothing but honest reviews that will help you make the best moving decision. So, take a look at our rich selection of testimonials, and decide which Rhode Island moving company should be your relocation partner.

Don’t forget to check the licenses as well

Reviews will really tell you so much about each company, but it’s always good to be as certain as possible. Just in case, make sure that the company you’re thinking of moving with is licensed and registered. At the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, you’re able to research cross country companies by using their unique USDOT number. After doing so, you’ll know if interstate movers Rhode Island in question are, in fact, licensed or not. If you’re confused by what the USDOT number is, don’t worry. We are happy to explain this.

A USDOT number is the unique number that each interstate moving company receives from the US Department of Transportation upon registering there. Reputable companies usually put this number somewhere on their website where it’s clearly visible. If you can’t find it, make sure to ask the company for it in order to complete the background check.

The introduction to services that many interstate moving companies Rhode Island are offering

It’s time to show you the world of expert moving services. People often forget how many great services are available when doing business with professionals. Relocating with trained and skilled interstate movers in Rhode Island is way more than the transport of your belongings from point A to point B. You can ask for assistance with many different tasks. To be fair, most of these services are additional, which means that they’re paid extra. So, that is something to keep an eye on before deciding which ones to use. However, in most cases, it really isn’t too expensive. Anyway, first of all, let’s have a look at some basic services.

  1. Residential moving – In short, residential moves are household moves, and this is the most common type of relocation. Residential movers can relocate you locally, over long distances, across the country, and internationally.
  2. Commercial moving – This is strictly about the office move. Like residential movers, commercial ones can help you move your business regardless of the distance.
  3. Storage services – With various storage options available nowadays, you can put as many of your belongings in a climate-controlled unit as you like, and for as long as you want. This is an option that often comes in very handy, so know that it will be available to you at many cross country moving companies in Rhode Island.
  4. Packing services – While our team at Verified Movers can help you by sharing some packing secrets to expedite your packing process, surely the best idea is to avoid it altogether, which is possible if you ask cross country movers Rhode Island for packing services.

Moving professionals are also skilled in relocating items that require special care

We only mentioned 4 services so far, so needless to say, that was only the beginning. Interstate movers in Rhode Island can offer you furniture moving, junk removal, assistance with moving seniors or college students, a complete premium service known as white glove moving, etc. But, what we wanted to emphasize is the fact that cross country movers in Rhode Island have services that are based on certain items. So, their level of dedication is so big that they have professionals who are trained and qualified to transport some very delicate items. If you need any of the services you’ll see in the list below, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

  • Piano moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Fine art moving
  • Antiques moving
  • Auto moving

A comprehensive database of some of the best cross country moving companies is what you can expect from us

So, how can Verified Movers assist you in this journey? Well, if you want to find a unique and rich selection of interstate moving companies Rhode Island, you’re in the right place.  However, at Verified Movers, it’s not only about seeing which companies are in the business. We are actively helping you find reputable ones. So, apart from the names of companies and their profiles, you can read their reviews as well. And this goes for all companies in our database, for whom we have over 21,000. Truth be told, not all of them are operating in the Ocean State. But, rest assured you’ll find plenty of reputable cross country movers Rhode Island here on our platform.

An employee of cross country moving companies Rhode Island holding a big box

On our platform, you’ll be able to find some of the finest interstate movers in Rhode Island without any hassle.

Visit our blog if you need any further advice

To show you that we’re here to help you with anything relocation-related, we have a blog full of useful moving advice. You can explore it for as long as you want. It’s also very easy to navigate. If you’re wondering about how to organize the whole move, or need help with any given relocation task, there’s a high chance you’ll find an answer on the Verified Movers blog. With that in mind, make sure to spare some time to take a look at it. It might benefit you greatly in the long run.


What is the best season to relocate?

Rhode Island is wonderful, and its climate is suitable for moving almost all year long. Maybe avoid winter just in case. Therefore, the decision on when the move should probably be based on the weather in the state you’re relocating to.

Is the moving cost prone to changes depending on the time of the year?

Since most relocations in RI are happening during the summer, this season brings the most expensive relocations. Also, if you want to relocate when the prices are at their lowest point, that would be the month of January.

So, how far in advance should I reach out to cross country moving companies Rhode Island?

Call interstate moving companies Rhode Island on time to make sure that everything is well prepared when the moving day comes. The best time to schedule a relocation is one month in advance.

When should I expect the move to be completed?

Cross country moves can be completed in a few days, but can also last over a month. The duration depends on several factors, but the most notable one is the distance. If you’re moving to some nearby states, it will be quick, as opposed to moves to, say, California. But, know that on average, cross country moves tend to last between 2 and 3 weeks.

Will interstate movers Rhode Island send me a notification before they come?

You will be notified by cross country movers Rhode Island 24 hours before their arrival.

Rhode Island has some of the best moving trends in the nation

While you might have heard that many people are moving to Rhode Island and that it’s one of the best places to live, you’d still be surprised by how great Rhode Island’s moving trends are. It is the third most moved-in state in the country based on the percentage of inbound moves, with only Oregon and Vermont ahead of it. In 2022, 65% of moves that were happening in RI were inbound. Movers from all over the East Coast, even some distant parts of the USA are moving to the Ocean State, and in the next section, you’ll see why.

A harbor in Newport, RI

In 2022, only Vermont and Oregon had a higher percentage of inbound moves than Rhode Island.

Why are people choosing to call Rhode Island their home?

Rhode Island is one of the most tolerant states. With its motto “Hope”, Rhode Island is home to people of many different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Rhode Island is one of the smallest land areas in the USA, but at the same time, it has a big historical and economic influence on the United States. Because its area is comprised of bays, it is not surprising why its official state nickname is the Ocean State.

The cost of living in Rhode Island is 10.4 percent higher than the US average. But, the average income is also relatively high, too. Housing costs are high same as property taxes and prices for groceries (because of the import of most foodstuff). But, with great average income, beautiful cities, and great safety ratings, it is not hard to understand why the smallest state in the country, is also known for one simple world – Hope.

Here is where Rhode Island’s newcomers are moving from

Rhode Island is popular either way, but the numbers would have been entirely different if it weren’t for Massachusetts. The Bay State sends so many people to RI on a yearly basis, making all of its major cities grow steadily. High living costs and housing prices in Massachusetts, especially in Boston, are the main reason why over 10,000 Massachusettsans relocate to Rhode Island on a yearly basis. In fact, last year, this number was almost 15,000. Two routes are especially popular. First, we have Boston to Providence, which is easily the most common one. Almost 5,000 Bostonians relocated to Providence last year. But, moving from Worcester to Providence was also very popular, with around 1,000 moves.

The skyline of Providence on a sunny day.

Providence is the most popular moving destination in RI, especially among Massachusettsans.

All the way behind Massachusetts, miles behind, we have a surprising name in second place. Believe it or not, apart from Massachusetts, the majority of Rhode Island’s newcomers are from Florida. It’s not a secret that Ocean State is appealing to people from all over the country. Still, you wouldn’t expect to see Florida in second place considering how far from RI this state is. In spite of the big distance, a little over 3,000 Floridians relocated to Rhode Island in 2022. Miami and Tampa sent around 400 people to Providence during that period, which makes these two the most common routes between FL and RI.

While Florida sent a bit over 3,000 people, two states sent slightly less than 3,000. They’re almost tied for third place on the RI’s inbound move list. These two states are Connecticut and New York. Unlike with the Sunshine State, there are no surprises here. Due to skyrocketing living costs in the Big Apple, and Rhode Island’s closeness to the Empire State, moving from NYC to Providence is a very frequent choice. Over 1,000 people relocated from the New York City metro area to Providence in 2022, so it’s clear that Providence is experiencing unstoppable growth.

Where are those who are leaving Rhode Island moving to?

You won’t find it hard to guess which state comes first. It’s, naturally, Massachusetts. Although there are way fewer people moving from Rhode Island to Massachusetts than vice versa, it’s a fact that Bay State, with Boston as the prime candidate for a moving destination, is very appealing to Rhode Islanders. Around 6,000 of them went to Massachusetts last year out of which almost 2,000 went from Providence to Boston.

Buildings in Boston photographed from the nearby promenade.

The preferred city for Rhode Islanders who are leaving their state is Boston, MA.

Connecticut comes in second since it welcomed around 3,000 Rhode Islanders last year. It’s only slightly behind, believe it or not, California, which welcomed just a few hundred Rhode Islanders fewer than Connecticut. Like Floridians who are moving to RI, Rhode Islanders don’t mind the huge distance and they are packing their things and moving to California. In terms of frequent moving routes, Providence to Norwich was the most common one from RI to CT. There were around 500 moves in this direction throughout 2022. On the other hand, between RI and California, the most common route was from Providence to LA with around 200 moves in the same period.

Looking to move from Ocean State? Interstate movers Rhode Island can help you a lot!

If you are preparing to make your move to Rhode Island, some negotiation with interstate movers can help you decide what cross country moving company to hire. Whether you are moving for new job opportunities, or you need a big change in your life, interstate moves are ready to provide you with the best skilled and moving resources. With reliable cross country moving companies from Rhode Island the process will be quick and smooth. And with Verified Movers on your side to assist you through this journey, you will be able to find your trustworthy cross country movers with ease.

Once you finally make a bold and daring decision to leave Rhode Island, you should turn to the best moving professionals around. It takes a true pioneer in the moving industry to be able to relocate you across the country and help you comfortably settle into Rhode Island. If the best, most reputable cross country moving companies Rhode Island are what you are looking for, the answer lies in visiting Verified Movers’ website.

Is a DIY move a good idea when relocating out of the Ocean State?

The only advantage of moving by yourself is the lower expense. However, know that not every relocation will be as cheap or as expensive, and not every budget will match the ones of others. With us, you will be able to choose among Rhode Island moving companies that come with different prices. Of course, a lot depends on whether you are going through a residential or commercial relocation, and how many moving services you opt for. What is important is that no matter how limited or hefty your budget is, you will be able to find a reputable cross country moving professional to relocate you. And it’s all possible with Verified Movers.

A man and a woman packing something.

Forget about all the troubles of DIY moves and let one of reputable cross country moving companies Rhode Island take care of your goods.

Knowing that you can relocate out of Rhode Island at an affordable price means that there is no reason to go through struggles by opting for a DIY move. You can ensure a swift, safe, and effortless relocation by getting in touch with reliable cross country moving companies Rhode Island. Moving is not a time to be a hero, so rather than risking it by going DIY, choose the safe option of moving with the experts.

Make sure to have commercial interstate movers Rhode Island by your side if you’re relocating your business

There are many things a person has to take care of when moving business across the country. For example, you should gather all the necessary permits in the state you’re moving to. For those who are relocating their businesses to Ocean State, the agency to get in touch with is the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation. And, assuming you’re moving to another state from RI, find an agency you need to contact as soon as possible. Meanwhile, leave the difficult moving tasks to interstate moving companies in Rhode Island. You really don’t need to deal with these tasks while there is so much else for you to do.

Cross country moving companies by cities in Rhode Island

You will always have a companion in Verified Movers

We know very well how daunting the process of choosing a moving company can be. After all, your pick will have a direct effect on the outcome of the relocation. With that in mind, we like to arm you with as much information on cross country moving companies Rhode Island as we can, allowing you to make the soundest decision. Make sure that you go through the reviews, as we strongly support honesty and transparency on our website. This will help you have the most objective and all-encompassing insight into companies’ quality of service. Therefore, visit our website right away, and get matched with some of the finest moving professionals in the Ocean State!

Facts About Rhode Island

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Providence, Newport, Warwick, Cranston


Daniel McKee

US Senators

Jack Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse

State Website


State Moto


State Nickname

The Ocean State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

812 ft

Lowest Elevation

Sea level

Time Zone


Warwick, Rhode Island

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

The Wheeler School, Moses Brown School, Lincoln School, Rocky Hill Country Day School, Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary School 3

Top 5 Middle Schools

The Wheeler School, Moses Brown School, Lincoln School, Providence Country Day School, Rocky Hill Country Day School

Top 5 High Schools

Moses Brown School, St. George's School, Portsmouth Abbey School, Moses Brown School, Lincoln School

Top 5 Colleges

Brown University, University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island School of Design, Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island College

04. Rates

Crime Rate

14.50 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate