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28 reviews for Moving Pro Logistics LLC

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  • Diana Davis
    1 3 weeks ago

    DO NOT AND I DO MEAN, DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! THIS COMPANY ARE SCAMMERS!!!! If I could rate them at a negative star, I would!!! I am sharing my experience so no one can undergo the same experience my son and his family had to go through as well as my experience as a parent who tried to help her children out financially but has no control being in another state.

    First of all, this business has the WORST ORGANIZATION AND LACK OF COMMUNICATION EVER!!! Should have known better! I found this company because the internet stated it was a 4.5-star company. Therefore, I contacted this company because my son needed a last-minute move. In fact, all he needed was someone to load and transport a few boxes, a couch and a bed. Everything was already packed. Despite of how much the costs was going to be, I trusted Fred Thompson (Senior Moving Coordinator). He reassured me that they are a reputable business and can vouch for the company since the owner is a prior Marine veteran. As a result, being a veteran myself and currently stationed in the state of Hawaii, I put my trust in the company. They informed me that they had a moving company that will be passing through from Las Vegas to go to Texas and can pick up my son’s items from Golden Valley, AZ and deliver it to San Antonio, TX. However, in order to reserve the date and moving company down, I needed to put the deposit while still on the phone. He sent me the invoice to read. Should have caught it when he was rushing me to electronically sign it. But I decided to read it in its entirety. The document looked legit and after reading it, I electronically signed it. Once I signed it, he referred me to Crystal from their verification office, authorizing the deposit payment be removed from my account. Being in the military, I learned to document all information relayed.
    We never received the moving company scheduled to come for the move nor did any moving company showed up. Fred, Chris, and customer service informed us that they schedule a 2-day grace period in which no one showed up. The whole staff are avoiding any communication with me or my son. Although their site states they are 24/7 open, they are not. You call the customer service line and they direct you to a recording stating that it is passed business hours and to text only the emergency number. My son was left to rent a U-Haul and find someone to drive the U-Haul to their designated place in San Antonio, TX.

    I feel helpless for my son and his family because I am in another state.

    I contacted customer service the next morning hoping to get my deposit back since services were never fulfilled. I waited 10 minutes only to have them put me on hold for another 10 minutes. When I finally got to speak to someone, Joanna from customer service, didn’t really care about what I had to say and wanted to get me off the phone. She told me to email the support and cancellation department in which I informed her it was never a cancellation since you never fulfilled the move. She informed me to call the retention line. When I called the retention line, I received their voicemail in which you cannot leave a message because it is full. What I don’t understand, all the representatives in this company’s voicemail is full. When I finally got a hold of someone from Retention, Robert kept insisting that I do not call my bank and to give him until the end of the day to fix it. That was on 9/29/2020. I called my bank hoping to file a dispute and am awaiting. It is now October 3rd, 2020 and this company still is avoiding my call. I pray I am able to get something resolved and get the deposit I paid so I can give that to my son and his family.

    I am hoping to reach out to as many people I can so no one has to endure what we all had to go through.

    Below is what I documented from the day I filled my information in their website, to when Fred contacted me, Crystal (verification representative), Chris (dispatch manager), Joanna (customer Service) and Robert Smith (Retention). Keep in mind the time is Hawaii time. I have given them ample amount of time to correct the matter prior to posting this, yet they are avoiding me and my son. Also, attached is the contract, screen shots of the conversation via text message. This company makes good people like me lose all trust on companies online who state they are Veteran owned.

    Move cost: $1775
  • Sharon Rubel
    1 1 month ago

    Horrible, I had to click on one star but my real rating is zero stars. They sound convincing and legitimate but they will say whatever it takes to get you to make a deposit. Then when you realize they are a scam, they come up with every excuse in the book to keep your money. Do not book with these people, don't make the mistake I made! I was able to complete my move for the amound of money I paid these people for just a deposit, which I will never get back.

    Move cost: $4500
  • Richard Whitaker
    1 2 months ago

    13 1star reviews on google in the last month all saying worst experience ever, scam artist, not holding up to contracts , waiting on refunds they never receive, horrible experiences. Lied to from the beginning. Was told by Kim that my move included a month of storage at the destination and that I would have access to it. A week before the move I’m told nope, the storage unit is a warehouse I won’t have access to and is in the origin (Ie the state I’m moving out of). Day of move, no communication? I have to call and wait 45 minutes for someone to pick up as my customer service reps never answer the phone or return messages. Finally get someone whom says the movers will there midday the next day. Frustrated but dealing. 5pm rolls around and the driver calls me to tell me he’s in Albuquerque?! What?! He’s supposed to be coming from Watertown Kim said which is 1.5 hours outside Sioux Falls. WTH?!kim said the drivers could only drive 500 miles at a time?! That puts them coming Monday at the earliest. I call to cancel. Wait an hour. Lady whom says she’s the boss said the truck will be there in the evening. Said the miss communication is not their fault or problem. I say no that is unacceptable. I have children and family to consider. After she clearly could care less I ask to speak to her boss. She has the owner call me from Coral Springs. He cares even less. Lied by saying his driver spoke to my brother whom said all is good. I said really considering you don’t have his number and if you did he speaks Vietnamese. Then he turns around and denies saying that in the same conversation. He said as long as the truck gets there by the 29th it’s contract binding. So I said your telling me that you authorize your movers to drive none stop through the night and arrive late as hell and think that’s good service? Lie to, keep changing plans, keep telling me different things and think that’s good service? Whatever you do stay away from these desperate people. They will not be on time, they will lie to you, they will take your money and offer no services to you, they will cheat you, they will not communicate clearly to you or in a timely manner. They will make your move completely stressful and miserable.

    Move cost: $4852
  • Shelby Pater
    1 2 months ago

    Under no circumstances use this company. They take your money and then disappear. Joe Gordan and Chloe are scammers. They operate out of an apartment and are laughing all the way to the bank. DO NOT DO IT!

    Move cost: $2000
    1 2 months ago

    Fed a bunch of Lies
    They fed me a bunch of BS about price not changing like other companies and that I'll get my stuff within 3-4 days. My price changed twice and once they got their deposit, nobody returned any of my phone calls or texts especially Greg who stated to text him if I needed him. Once they passed me on to the movie company, they were done with me and the moving company had their own potential dates of when I would receive my stuff. Moving Pro Logistics told me I will get my stuff on July 18. Here it is July 20, and my stuff is sitting in a trailer in New Jersey waiting on the driver to finish his current route and pick up the next one. It's been a HORRIBLE experience. DO NOT USE THEM!

    Move cost: $5600
  • Kathryn B Golden
    1 3 months ago


    Moving Pro Logistics is a fraudulent company, based according to the address they list on their website, , in someone's residential apartment in Fort Lauderdale! I filed a police report for their culpability in the events I will soon relay here, on August 1st and August 3, both in my California hometown (where they were supposed to coordinate a moving pickup), and with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, where they are based.

    I booked with Moving "Pro" through a man named Ryan Franklin ("Senior Moving Coordinator" 786 539-5754), who welcomed me with an emailed welcome package, formal estimate and contract. My move was from Northern California to Delaware, and the estimate for moving our 3 bed townhome was going to be some $5k, which is really a good rate. Too good to be true y'all! Ryan sent me over to "customer service department," which I now understand is some woman sitting in the same apartment as the other crooks. She also welcomed me, and gave me a receipt for my deposit to retain their services, amounting to $1,840. She assured me that someone would give me a call in the weeks before our scheduled move, which was to take place on August 1.

    On July 23, a scumbag by the name of "Greg" (if anybody knows his last name -- please share --- I would like to thoroughly drag him and any reputation he has left), texted me to set up a call that day. He later called and we took an even more detailed inventory of all of our things we were moving across country - even more detailed than the initial call with Ryan Franklin. During this call, I added a few small items to my move, and Greg informed me that because their rates depend on cubic square feet I need to make another payment to keep my account up. I actually felt relieved to hear this, because my gut told me that the initial quote was too good to be true. I did understand that this was a rather snaky sales approach, increasing the estimate in this way, but it was still a lower rate than most other companies we researched, and the transit time to delivery was really ideal. I was willing to pay another $1,500 at that time, which would mean my final payments at pickup and delivery would be a little under $2,000. We also loved that our first deposit of the $1,840 was payable via credit. But on this second call, Greg told me that "due to covid-19, credit card processing was not able to process their customer payments" things were "delayed," and they required a direct payment. Greg mentioned zelle payment directly from my account would be preferable. I have learned a huge lesson with this ordeal. When this hogwash was entering my ears, I felt that it was lies, and it made very little sense. I should have stopped working with them at this red flag, but again, we had never made such a move before, or worked with moving companies, no less moving brokers, as Moving Pro Logistics claim to be, and not wanting the added stress of requesting a refund or potentially losing money we already paid, and being verbally assured by Greg that questions I raised about the sneaky language of their contract meant that their customers would be protected (lies!), we foolishly continued working with them, and sent them the requested $1,500 via zelle. I nothing short of regret doing so!

    At the end of this call, Greg assured me that they would have movers out to our home on the 1st. I told him this was very important because we had cleaners coming that same day, would then meet with our landlords to close out our lease, and had hotels scheduled for that night, and a cross country drive booked after that. He assured me that was no problem and they would definitely call me on July 31st to give me the exact timeframe they would come to move me out on August 1st.

    On July 31, NO ONE CALLED ME! I called them instead, repeatedly, on all numbers associated with their SCAM. NO ONE ANSWERED! I emailed all persons associated with their scam, no one responded! I called Greg's cell phone (754) 246-6684 but he ignored my calls.OnAugust 1, no one showed up & no one has EVER called me since!

    Look on the Better Business Bureau (they're not accredited!) and All horrible reviews stating that these scammers have actually either directly ROBBED PEOPLE of all of their belongings, or else hired shady local movers that even NEVER DELIVERED PEOPLES' STUFF!!!

    I am so happy I filed multiple police reports and will drag them on every review site possible and the BBB in the hopes that other good people don't get scammed and left with a huge mess to clean up, and that they can be stopped and justice will be had.

    Move cost: $3340
  • Rae Dunlap
    1 3 months ago

    Where do I begin. Let me first off start by saying DO NOT BOOK THIS COMPANY. I pray that people will google reviews on this company before giving a deposit/funds of any kind and DEFINITELY before trusting them with your personal belongings. I spoke with Brian on the phone and he was so convincing. Sounded honest and I was excited to give a small business a chance for a decent price. The very same day after doing some research I saw all these terrible reviews and immediately decided I was going to cancel. Only a few hours after paying a $517 deposit I submitted my written cancellation form like their contract states to do within 48 hours for a full refund. When I tell you for the next 30 days I called left voicemails and played tag with “customer service” otherwise known as Chloe ‭(786) 496-9301‬ who bullshited me and dragged out my refund with every excuse possible!! From an employee so call having covid to her not seeing my emails to them having to “verify” that they received the funds after the transaction being processed for weeks! Etc....Our last call she hung up on me and I called my bank right after to submit a claim. I’m still waiting the 10 business days for the result but I pray I get my money back. Even if I don’t I will still be reporting them to the police for theft of services. I feel really bad after reading how much more money others lost or even personal property stollen to these CROOKS. I hope this review helps someone in the future from making the same mistake I did.

    Move cost: $1600
  • courtney watkins
    1 3 months ago

    On 07/16/2020 I accepted a moving bid from Moving Pro Logistics LLC through Mike Wallace. On 07/16/2020 the communication and speedy response with Mike Wallace was beyond exceptional. He worked for my husband and I as we talked through our cross-country move. We worked out the bid and put a down payment on our move of $1,590.00 USD through a Debit/Mastercard transaction. Mike then sent me a receipt to my email address that same evening of 07/16/2020 and assured us that our move was set in place to be moved from point A to B on 07/31/2020 with a back up date of 08/01/2020. Mike informed me that a customer service rep would be in contact with me in the next 24-48 hours to go over the details of the move.  Here begins red flag #1. I was not contacted in that time frame of 24-48 hours by a customer service rep for Moving Pro Logistics LLC. On Friday 07/24/2020 Greg contacted me to set up an appointment to go over my inventory for the move to be held on 07/29/2020 at 10 A.M Eastern time. I asked Greg to email me with this appointment and he stressed that he did not need to do that so he would text me the date and time of the appointment. Which Greg did. On the day of this appointment time 07/29/2020,Greg texted me to confirm the appointment time. I Confirmed, but would be slightly late (less than 18 minutes) for I had technicians in my home servicing the house I am selling and was paying them (I can provide the receipt to confirm this as well). I called Greg 6 times and immediately was forwarded to his voicemail. I then left voicemails on 07/29/2020 to Gregg's number. I called Mike Wallace to express my concerns and Brian then answered. I expressed what was going on and he claimed that the office was closed that day and that Mike Wallace was off for the day. Brian had Customer service contact me. I was contacted on 07/29/2020 by customer service who then FINALLY sent me a welcome package(the one I was told I'd receive by Mike Wallace I would receive 24-48 hours after paying my deposit) less than 48 hours away from the move.  All of this concerned me about the move. Being unable to speak to Mike I sent him a detailed email expressing my concerns on 07/29/2020. The following day, 07/30/2020, when I had not received a callback from Greg or was reached out to by Mike I resent the same email relaying the same concerns to Mike Wallace. Once I did this I called Mike Wallace's direct number only to find that he had BLOCKED my number. My Number is the only one on the contract to contact for the move. This deeply concerned me as my move was set for the NEXT day of 07/31/2020. I called the numbers I have related to Moving Pro Logistics LLC over 100 times. I got a hold of Mike Wallace through *67, he the yelled at me when I asked if he could reassure me for the move and hung up. I did this again and he then screamed in the phone "YOU'RE NOT GETTING SHIT BACK, LISTEN YOU'RE NOT GETTING SHIT BACK" and hung up. Finally Customer service called me back after going directly voicemail all day. They told me they would not deal with me that I was throwing a temper tantrum and would not provide me with the recorded voice call for quality assurance and hung up on me. Originally I was ready for the move date. I had not even cancelled the move yet but Moving Pro Logistics never provided me the time that they would be at my location for pickup. NEVER. I did not want to seek a refund until these red flags began showing less than 48 hours from the move. Contacting anyone less than 48 hours away from the move was IMPOSSIBLE from a paying customer. I have my emails, I have my call records and will be happy to provide them to anyone.  I had my realtor call on my behalf. Once my number was blocked and I could not contact any one I had my community call to tell whoever would answer to contact Courtney Watkins at 402-983-4224. I climbed mountains in an effort to reach any one on the Moving Pro Logistics team, anyone. Mike Wallace even blocked my spouses phone number. I ended up cancelling my move because how can you TRUST a company that lacks PROFESSIONALISM with my personal belongings. I contacted BBB and FTC, and the Attorney General of Florida as well.

    Move cost: $1500
  • Brandy Barnes
    1 3 months ago

    Has anybody received their deposit back? I’ve been emailing them for two weeks with no response and have canceled due to lack of community and customer service and still haven’t heard back! Just wonder if anyone else has gotten through

  • Stephanie smith
    2 3 months ago

    The service bites a big one don't return calls .. not a good service . Do NOT use repeat DO NOT USE

  • s.s s.s
    1 3 months ago

    This "company" needs to be shut down. A complete scam and lie. DO NOT USE THEM!

    Note: i never had my belongings peeked up.

    they will lied to get the non-refundable payment and then will make it as difficult as it can be to peek your items.

    Move cost: $1774
  • Tracy Karlson
    1 3 months ago

    45 days and still do not have our belongings. Total fraud from the start. Charged us more 3 times after initial quote. All of our years of hard work is gone no phone calls nothing but lies. Bulls moving who they hired showed up 8 hours before we had ti be out of our house in a Penske moving truck. Do not hire this company.

    Move cost: $8500
  • Rosa Hamlett
    5 3 months ago

    So when I got ready to look for a moving company it was stressful. Then I had the pleasure to speak with Brian at Moving Pro Logistics he was able to help me and get me a quote for 4200.00 for my 3 bedroom house me and my wife discussed the price and gave him a call back. When we called back Brian was out sick so Ryan Franklin was helping us finish everything up these guys got us all set up and was able to get us picked up in a timely matter it took longer then expected for delivery but with COVID-19 going on we understood. We just want to thank Moving Pro Logistics for helping us and offering us a great price.

    Move cost: $4200
  • Preston Locke
    4 3 months ago

    So when me and my wife needed to move we reached out to Moving Pro Logistics. They was able to get us a quote for 5793.57 we thought that was high but after shopping around we decided to use them. They had a pick up of 7/10 for us ran a little late got here 7/11 and got all of our stuff picked up and give us a discount of 200.00 for running behind. We received a call from our delivery driver and he made it to kentucky before we did. I will say not a easy company to work with but, they helped us when we needed it and i have sent my mom and dad to use there service. Thanks Moving Pro Logistics.

    Move cost: $5800
    1 3 months ago

    Where to start, My contact was with Greg. This guy was good, he lied about everything. I was told one thing and then when the CS office called, I told them what Greg had told me and he was going to work with me. I had at this point already put up 2 deposits of over 2200 each. When I gave my initial estimate to Greg, the SQ FT was one thing but when I did the inventory, it was more cause the amount of the move to go up, hence the second deposit.
    So when CS called me 2 days before I was stet for pick up. she stated that Greg never said anything to me about me paying in full on delivery, I'm selling my house and would have all the money once I'm in GA. So she tells me I need to have 1800 to give to the driver on pick up. This caused me to go get a loan out to pay for this. Next day I get a call and they told me that the movers tried to call me yesterday. I only had 2 calls and the movers were neither. So i told her that I need to have the pick up pushed a week. Luckily, I wasn't charged for it.
    I get a call from the movers on Sunday saying they are picking up on Monday, which i explained it was changed to Friday. He was cool about the change and told me to contact him directly if I need pick up sooner.
    Greg is a POS human and should be fired for dishonesty, He lied to me the whole way about the cost of the move and I'm pretty sure he got my SQ FT of my items. Ill find out on Friday and I'll put a report of that as well. This company may have some good people there but people like Greg make the rest look like Greg. Should be ZERO stars!

    Move cost: $8500
  • Kris Reibling
    1 3 months ago

    Where do I begin with this nightmare of scam company. ***Note, this move never even happened due to their incompetence*** Unfortunately I succumbed to the deceitfulness of a moving broker company like this one for my long distance move from Phoenix Arizona to Louisville Kentucky and learned my lesson the hard way. Moving Pro Logistics failed miserably in providing me services for this move. On July 10th, a payment of 2,790 dollars was put down for a deposit from Phoenix AZ to Louisville KY. Ryan Franklin is the "senior moving coordinator" that I worked with, and he reassured me that this move would be completed successfully. I provided him the inventory of all of my belongings in my 2-bedroom apartment that was filled out on previous moving brokers company's estimate (that also was a scam) and from there, he came up with his own estimate based off of that. Oasis moving company was assigned to my move and two men in a very small budget rental truck pulled up at approx. 6:00 PM on 07/11/2020 wearing sandals and looked completely disheveled and unprofessional. The two movers immediately started questioning the distance of how far my apartment unit was from the truck and when I brought them into my apartment, they were confused with the move I was expecting to happen. On the estimate provided by Mr. Franklin, the inventory filled out at the bottom stated 1 HHG (Household good) with 700 cf (cubic feet), giving Oasis moving company the impression that they were here to pick up one item. The movers were not prepared in any capacity to complete this move and stated that since it was a Saturday and after 6:00 PM that they would not be able to accommodate this move and would require a larger truck and additional movers. One of the movers came up with his own estimate stating that I would need at least 1300 cf and that the cost would be an additional 6,000 dollars on top of the already paid deposit of 2,790 dollars. Needless to say, the move was not completed at all. My vehicle has already been transported back east and I am currently here without a mode of transportation with all of my belongings packed up ready to go. On 07/13/2020 I called Moving Pro Logistics and the ever so vapid, rude and condescending "customer service representative" Chloe initiated conversation that she received an email from Oasis Moving Co. that I "canceled" their services, even though they were not prepared to do the move in any capacity. Chloe then informed me that due to this "cancellation" of services that I would not be getting continued services from the "company" and that I would not be receiving a refund for my deposit. I then asked her if she could transfer me to the moving coordinator to discuss this matter further and she refused, stating that she would not allow this situation to be escalated further. Chloe then intercepted an email sent to the owner of Moving Pro Logistics continuing to withhold the money that I am rightfully owed. All I wanted to do was give Moving Pro Logistics the opportunity to remedy this issue and make it right, but in turn I was given the cold shoulder, experiencing the worst customer service I have ever encountered. DO NOT EVER USE MOVING PRO LOGISTICS FOR ANY MOVING SERVICES IN ANY CAPACITY. YOU WILL BE SCREWED OVER EPICALLY AND WILL NEVER GET AN OUNCE OF SERVICE YOU DESERVE. Moving is one of the top three most stressful experiences in life and they managed to make it even worse. Make sure to go directly through a reputable company (i.e American, North American, Allied, Mayflower) to get a quality and successful move.

    Move cost: $5496
  • Anne Newman
    1 3 months ago

    This was the worst moving experience of my life. This company:

    1) Said they could move me one day and did not show up

    2) Underquoted us severely and were going to show up in a small van when I sent pictures of my couch/bed/furniture that would take up 3x the cubic sq ft

    3) Did not share that the deposit was NON REFUNDABLE (which was $838) when you book your move within 5 days even though THEY COULD NOT SHOW UP TO MOVE YOU WITHIN THE 5 days even when you cancel within the 48 hours which we were told we would get 90% of our deposit back

    4) We’re the hardest people to get a hold of and have basically no accurate communication

    This is an illegitimate company. Do not let them take your time, money or cause you as much stress as they caused me.

    Would not recommend to my worst enemy.

    Move cost: $4000
  • krishnan chittur
    1 4 months ago

    I wonder if I have been swindled. The move was scheduled for July 7/8 - it was changed (by the movers) - we agreed on July 11 (today) and nothing from the movers - No one showed up when they said they would and no calls if they will show up. I am left wondering as to what to do next.

    I called several numbers - nothing. If anyone is monitoring this board, I would like to know the status - ...

    Move cost: $5550
    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Well - perhaps it was a post here perhaps not - I had left messages - the good news is that I got a call back - that they will come tomorrow ... so for now, I am cautiously optimistic and will be glad to see the movers (I must say that I had to scramble to make a lot of changes - and will be glad if this gets done) - so here is to hoping for the better!

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Well - they did not show up when they said they will - called two hours later and said - do you want us to come tonight OR tomorrow -? It was very late - and I said tomorrow - and then he asked about my stuff to be moved and whether I needed blankets or such - WHAT?? I said you are the mover - and I do have some furniture - He then said if I needed a cover for my mattress that is extra - I was never told that - I am very very worried that they sent someone who has NEVER EVER moved anyone - This is I am afraid going to be a colossal mistake - I will wait and find out - If anyone IS monitoring this board, I need some assurance that the movers are people who know how to move people's things from A to B. Do they???

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Curious if anyone is watching these blogs ...

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Well - the movers did come - there were some issues - took some time to resolve them - it was - they picked up my stuff - waiting for a call or some info about when they expect to deliver - will do my best to update as and when needed

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Now that the stuff was picked up - I have no idea when it will be delivered -the people who came to pick up have no idea - they said call the office - no answer - mailbox is full it said - so now I have NO IDEA where my stuff IS and when it may be delivered ... The original company that started all this tells me to call someone else - and that someone else is not responsive - so am stuck not knowing

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    I have discovered the limitations of a broker for arranging moves - if A is a broker, they give you an estimate - someone else from A calls and the estimate changes (higher) - company B comes to pick up your stuff - but company A has handed it over to B so A cannot answer any more questions - B does not answer - so I am stuck not knowing - I keep hoping someone from B (or perhaps B handing over to C) will provide me with answers on the shipment

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Still no word as to when it will be delivered. I called - and was told they are looking for a driver. Apparently, they loaded the truck - and have stored the items somewhere locally - so they loaded, unloaded and are waiting for someone to drive it. This is extraordinary in that I have no idea what is happening and am worried as to if/when it will be delivered. I noticed all the glowing reviews - and am beginning to wonder as to who actually got their stuff delivered and how long it took and all that. Is anyone monitoring this site? Anyone?

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Still nothing - no phone calls - NO IDEA where my stuff is OR when it may be delivered. I would like to know (from anyone) how to deal with this - it is not just about the money (a HUGE amount for me already paid) but also ALL my household items ... Does anyone have ideas on what can be done??

    krishnan chittur
    3 months ago

    Is there anyone who has actually received their stuff after being picked up?

    krishnan chittur
    2 months ago

    An update about - that website is not responding - I also noticed this
    (no details)

  • Laura Attebery
    1 4 months ago

    Horrible!!! DO NOT USE! It was three days of lies...took my deposit and never sent movers. Total scammers

  • Amanda Unruh
    1 4 months ago

    This is hands-down the very worst company I’ve ever dealt with and I don’t mean just as a moving company but any company I’ve ever dealt with. Our stuff was supposed to arrive around June 10, my husband and I both took off work waiting for them to show up they were a day late to pick up the moving materials to begin with and then there was no courtesy call or update that they were not going to arrive on the schedule date and then come to find out that it was a suggested schedule date which was never mentioned at any point in time. Now we are a month out from the date that it was supposed to be delivered and my husband and I along with other family members have called this company several times and we cannot get any answers and they said once our stuff was picked up their height their hands are no longer in this. Said this point we have no idea where our stuff is or when it will arrive and nobody can give us a call back and still zero stuff has been delivered at all with zero updates. I cannot stress enough How much you should stay far far away from ever using this company for anything at all the very very worst.

    Move cost: $2200
  • William Nevard
    4 months ago

    Thank you Veronica ! The guys appreciated the lunch very much .

  • William Nevard
    4 months ago

    Thank you for your service to our country Mr. Montgomery

  • Ray Gonnagetmymoneyback
    1 4 months ago

    If zero stars were possible I'd give that. Took my deposit of $882 then had "maintenance issues" the day of pickup. Never responded to any emails and only gave the one phone call. You may have won the this time but I'm coming to Florida and I will get $822 from you scam artists one way or another. See you soon!

    Move cost: $1964
    William Nevard
    4 months ago

    We’re not try not win anything sir. We offered to service your move on the backup day on the contract you signed with our representative. You became irate with my customer service manager on a recorded line and cancelled your move. We would still be more than happy to help. Please email me directly at [email protected]

  • Rosario Santiamagro
    1 4 months ago

    This company is garbage, a nutless chimpanzee with cataracts and down syndrome could be a better choice, they tried to double the th price of my move on site.Then took my deposit. They used child labor, I'm sorry but a 12 yr old cant lift a 250lb fireplace, this company is a scam, tell everyone and shut them down.

    William Nevard
    4 months ago

    This morning on June 29th movers were at your house at 7:30 AM where you in fact doubled your inventory after declining to add anything during the quality assurance call last week. Moving services are calculated by volume. Yours substantially increased and my guys even offered you a discount .

  • Olivia Woolley
    1 4 months ago

    $3,200 down the drain. Do not use Moving Pro Logistics, ever.

    This company absolutely does not care about you. They will charge you thousands of dollars for a deposit then not follow through.

    Their communication is the worst I have ever dealt with of any kind of paid service.

    The original salesman Mike Wallace told me there happened to be an entirely empty truck in my area which could accommodate my belongings. I specifically flagged this with Mike, noting that I was nervous about my move being as COVID-compliant as possible. He assured me my stuff would be alone on the truck. He had me do an inventory over the phone, which he mis-calculated. This caused Greg, my next contact, to have to add to my inventory a week later at an alarming price increase. I ended up paying almost the entire first deposit in a second deposit payment. Mike gave me his number and said he was at my service, and to call or text if I needed anything from him. He has since been completely non-responsive.

    Their customer service representative Chloe Jones was unbelievably rude and hung up on me. There was no one else I could speak to, because Chloe is the only customer service person at the company. When I asked why they could not give me a simple phone call to tell me the truck was not arriving on time, she said, "it is a waste of the company's time to call you when it's not necessary."

    They say there is a 2-day window for when the movers will arrive to load your stuff, and that they will "do everything possible" to accommodate your priority moving date. Well, they did nothing of the sort. I was told by Greg that my truck would arrive at 8:00 am on Friday, and that I would be called between 3-7 Thursday with a confirmation. I waited all day Thursday for that confirmation, which never came. If you have promised a priority day to the customer, why on Earth would you not inform the customer the priority day is not possible? Meanwhile, no one gives a damn that my timeline is now screwed up (I start a new job in Illinois 2 days after what was supposed to be my move day.) Finally, after threatening to ask for a refund, I heard from Marley Wilson, the dispatcher. She said I would receive confirmation of when my truck would arrive on Saturday between 3-7 on Friday. After calling 10 times Friday evening with no response, I finally got a text from Marley at 10:23pm that my truck would come from 4-7 on Saturday, and that the truck driver would call me one hour before arrival. I asked several follow up questions of Marley immediately, to which I received no response. (Greg, Mike, and Chloe are all completely non-responsive this entire time.)

    Saturday afternoon 3pm rolls around, an hour before scheduled arrival, and no word from the driver or company. Around 5:30pm I was called by the driver saying there are two trucks in my area, one of which is already full, the other of which is suddenly having unforeseen mechanical issues. Not only does this go against what Mike told me (that it was an empty truck and my belongings would be the only ones on the truck), but their "mechanical issues" allow them to not offer me a refund. They did offer me an alternative move date a week after my original date, but because that absolutely does not work for me (again, starting new job) I had to decline.

    They put me in an impossible position. I ended up getting a UHaul last minute and driving it myself across the country in order to start my job on time.

    All in all, this is the worst company of any service I have ever encountered. I have never been treated with such disrespect and disregard by fellow human beings. They made it abundantly clear that my schedule and my plans are of no concern to them. Chloe told me I'm the only customer they've ever had a problem with. Yes, clearly I'M the one with the problem.

    Move cost: $3200
  • Rosa Chavez
    1 4 months ago

    I am sad to share this but I feel it neccessary for future customers to be aware of the unprofessionalism from this company's quality insurance manager Greg.
    I recieved a text message confirming our over-the-phone appointment. Included in that message I felt it was odd he requested I have a measuring tape since that isn't stated on my binding estimate or mentioned when our phone appointment was scheduled. I shared, again, that my stuff is in a 10ft × 15ft storage unit and it held a basic 2 bedroom apartment. I'm not their first customer and I assume being a manager knowledge of what size truck would be needed was pretty simple.
    I shared my frustration about not being told about every item needed to be written down to make sure there is enough room in the moving truck. I had given my list of large furnishings, Tv's, number of boxes, wall frames and decor to the customer representative when I decided on going with this company. But, Greg said if it's not listed it doesn't go. Meaning, beach chairs, mud mat, and artificial plants along with everything else not in boxes would stay if there isn't enough room on the truck. I thought this would be easy seeing I gave them the size of unit my stuff is stored in. When I expressed they should have asked me to measure everything to begin with I would have before being asked to do so days before my big move. Greg then stated he doesn't want to work with me even when I said I was ready to give him the rest of out-of-box items. I asked to speak with the movers who would be picking up my stuff and he said he would have them contact me. Here we are hours later and no one from this company has returned my call and no call from the movers. My scheduled move is less than a week away and now I'm left trying to figure out what to do since Greg said I won't get my deposit back. I shouldn't be penalized for their lack of communication and lack in customer service.

    Move cost: $2184
    William Nevard
    4 months ago

    Ms. Chavez,
    It is standard Procedure to go over your inventory prior to move date ensuring an accurate price and no surprises at pickup. Price is based on volume. We understand customers forget some smaller things when initially reserving the move. You will not be penalized and you will not lose your deposit . We are absolutely servicing your upcoming move!

  • Danny Chen
    1 4 months ago

    ional charges. On the day the driver came to pick up my moving stuff. He was very late. They scheduled arrival between 7-10am. He arrived 6pm on that day. He looked at my stuff and said i had more items than on the paper. I have one less set of sofa and instead I have 5 more packed boxes. I don't understand what's his problem. He called his company and sent pictures and said i need to pay additional $1400 in order for them to load and move. I tried to contact the company. The reception was so rude said listen to the driver and there's nothing she can do and hang up. i don't want to argue with them and need the job done. so I agreed and paid. After 4 hrs moving, almost all the items are on the trailer. The driver goes "you have reached the space limit. If you want us finish loading, you need to pay us $300 more." I refuse to pay additional and they left one of my coffee table and a decoration rack out and left. I just want to warn everyone who's selecting a long distance moving company. Stay away from this one!!!

    Move cost: $3600
  • Kyleigh Pierson
    1 4 months ago

    This company is built from liars that do anything to get your money then screw you over. We booked because we were told there was a truck on it's way back to the area we were moving to. However, the day they were supposed to pickup our stuff they called and delayed a day. The next day we got another call for an additional two day delay. At this point our stuff wouldn't be there in time for us to start our jobs so we requested a refund. They denied our refund of $2500 and would not work with us or offer us any help on the matter. DO NOT use this moving company unless you like delays, lies, and horrible customer service.

    Move cost: $4200

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