Just like every other big change in life, moving can be overwhelming and stressful. Relocations are notorious for the abundance of tasks, and no lack of deadlines, so the best way to give yourself a chance of having a stress-free move is by giving a call to one of the best long distance moving companies Illinois has to offer. Reading Verified Movers reviews will help you pick the right moving team by providing you with a rich database to go through. Our database offers more than 27,000 movers you can choose from. Even if you eventually choose to leave the Prairie State, here on our website, you’ll be able to find cross country moving companies Illinois, too. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at our platform, and make your long distance relocation in the Prairie State as smooth as silk!

A road in Illinois in the middle of the woods.

Your Prairie State moving journey will be effortless if you hire long distance moving companies Illinois offers.

Just like every other big change in life, moving can be overwhelming and stressful. Relocations are notorious for the abundance of tasks, and no lack of deadlines, so the best way to give yourself a chance of having a stress-free move is by giving a call to one of the best long distance moving companies Illinois has to offer. Reading Verified Movers reviews will help you pick the right moving team by providing you with a rich database to go through. Our database offers more than 27,000 movers you can choose from. Even if you eventually choose to leave the Prairie State, here on our website, you’ll be able to find cross country moving companies Illinois, too. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at our platform, and make your long distance relocation in the Prairie State as smooth as silk!

A road in Illinois in the middle of the woods.
Your Prairie State moving journey will be effortless if you hire long distance moving companies Illinois offers.

Verified Movers Is Aware of Moving Companies That Operate in Illinois

Our experience in the moving field shows how difficult it is to find reputable moving companies that fit your needs. Let’s face it, every client is unique, with their own requests and preferences. Even when you successfully eliminate fraudulent movers, there is still a lot of research ahead of you if you want to find movers who fit you perfectly. Verified Movers wants to help you achieve this. For years now, we’ve been analyzing moving professionals all over the USA, and we most certainly didn’t forget Illinois. As of today, there are 27.000 companies in our database, so matching you with the finest companies that are operating in the Prairie State won’t be a problem. You can always read Verified Movers reviews to check the companies’ credibility.

Women looking at laptop searching for the best long distance moving companies Illinois has
Verified Movers can point you to reputable long distance moving companies Illinois has to offer.

The Difference Between an Interstate and an Intrastate Move

Before we jump into any more details, we want to clarify the difference between these two relocations. Due to similar names, they are easy to mix, although their meanings are completely different. Though both intrastate and interstate relocations are technically long distance relocations, intrastate moves are the ones that are referred to as long distance ones more commonly. It means relocating between cities that are both in the same state. When talking about Illinois, intrastate relocation is the one where you move from one city in the Prairie State to another, if the distance between them is more than 50 miles. If it’s less than that, then we would be talking about a local move.

On the other hand, interstate relocations are between 2 states. They are also known as cross country moves so if you’re for example, moving from Illinois to Tennessee, make sure to ask for the services of cross country moving companies Illinois instead of long distance ones.

Relocating With Long Distance Moving Companies Illinois

So, why is it important to have Prairie State’s moving professionals by your side for the long distance relocation? It’s because this is your best chance of having a seamless moving experience without putting in too much effort. If your relocation involves the Windy City, just imagine how difficult would it be to move in or out of Chicago during the infamous wind that’s responsible for the city’s nickname. So, if you opt for a full-service move, you can complete the relocation to or from Chicago, or any other Prairie State city, practically without lifting a finger.  But, even if you don’t choose this option, there will be plenty of services to pick from, which we’ll talk about in the next section. Just know that no matter which city in Illinois you’re moving to, and whichever city you’re moving to, Prairie State’s moving experts will transfer you successfully, and you can choose the right ones after reading Verified Movers reviews.

A white van of one of the long distance moving companies Illinois with a mover next to it
Hiring one of the best long distance moving companies in Illinois has to offer guarantees the success of your relocation.

Moving Services From Long Distance Movers Illinois

Professionally-assisted relocation wouldn’t be anywhere near as good if the company didn’t have a variety of services to choose from. Whether these services are common ones or related to moving specialty items, they are needed to offer a client a chance to have the moving experience just the way they want it. This is why we wanted to mention these services, at least the ones you are probably going to find with almost every reputable moving company in Illinois. Hopefully, this will help you realize what are the ideal moving services for you, which will lead you to having a unique and fun moving journey in the Prairie State.

  1. Residential moving. If your Illinois relocation is about moving a household from one place to another, then this is a service for you. It’s the most common moving service out there, so every long distance moving company Illinois that you encounter will offer you residential relocation.
  2. Commercial moving. On the other hand, this service is for people who want to move their businesses within the Prairie State. Asking for assistance from long distance movers Illinois is maybe even more important with business relocations, as they often turn out to be more delicate than residential ones.
  3. Packing services. The moving task that people need the most help with surely has to be the exhausting packing process. Your Illinois movers will also bring packing supplies with them, so you won’t even need to waste time going through stores and gathering this material.
  4. Storage services. This is another useful service because it allows you the opportunity to put some of your belongings in a secure storage facility. It will make your Illinois relocation much easier, and your items will be stored for as long as you want.

Long distance movers Illinois can expertly transfer your specialty items, too

  1. Fine art moving. If you are a proud owner of one or more valuable pieces of art, you don’t need us to tell you how important it is to keep these items secure during relocations. You’ll be glad to hear that long distance movers Illinois are qualified to take care of it.
  2. Auto moving. Since many relocations in Prairie State involve Chicago, whether you’re moving to or out of it, you will have to pay attention to traffic in Windy City. Movers will be able to navigate it, but the question is, are you prepared to get through these Chicago traffic jams with your own vehicle? And don’t forget about all the driving between your old home in Illinois and the new one. It will surely be difficult, but luckily, you can avoid it by asking movers to transfer your car along with the rest of your items. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
  3. Pool table moving. Pool tables are another type of bulky valuables that some Illinois homes have. But, you won’t have to worry about transferring it, because Prairie State’s moving experts will be able to do it for you.
  4. Piano moving. Finally, pianos are valuable and wonderful additions to every household. However, as beautiful as they are, it’s so difficult to relocate them, at least by yourself. If you ask piano movers Illinois to help you out, then you’ll have nothing to worry about.

A room with paintings on the wall.
If your Illinois home has some art pieces, experienced movers will be able to transfer your valuables without a scratch.

Long Distance Moving Companies by Cities in Illinois

Verified Movers is able to match you with countless moving professionals operating in the Illinois area. If you don’t live in Chicago, one of the best cities for job seekers in Illinois, or some other big city in the Prairie State, you have nothing to worry about. Long distance movers Illinois with whom we match you will be able to assist you no matter where in the Prairie State you live. Here is a list of long distance moving experts in Illinois by cities.

The Prairie State’s Struggling Moving Trends

Lately, Illinois has been experiencing a significant drop when it comes to newcomers. Actually, a significant drop might even be an understatement, because the moving trends are truly awful. The Prairie State is one of the worst states in the country when it comes to net migration. Outbound moves make up 61% of all relocations involving Illinois. Even before COVID-19, Illinois has had negative net migration, and the pandemic just added fuel to the fire. People have been leaving Illinois in flocks for almost a decade now, and it’s mostly because of the heavy tax burden that the state imposes. High crime rates certainly aren’t helping as well.

A woman strolling a luggage.
Moving trends in the Prairie State are worse than they’ve ever been.

Illinoisans on a Move: Are They Staying in the State Or Moving Somewhere Else?

Well, based on the high percentage of outbound moves, it’s easy to see that a larger number of Illinoisans who are relocating are choosing to leave the state entirely. But, make no mistake, a lot of relocations are happening within the Prairie State as well. After all, if you’re here to look for long distance moving companies in Illinois, you’re probably looking to move somewhere else while staying in Illinois. This is why the next few sections are going to be about the moving trends in Illinois city, and see how many people are moving from one Illinois city to another. If you haven’t decided where in the Prairie State are you going to move, seeing these moving trends could definitely give you a better idea of where to go.

The curious case of Chicago

For years, even decades, many people have been relocating to Chicago, and it has been considered one of the top American cities. Even today, the Windy City is so popular, and the city’s population is huge, with almost 3 million residents. If you add the population of the whole metro area, the number of residents will be twice as big. But, moving trends are awful. In fact, the city of Chicago provides the best representation of negative moving trends in Illinois. Far more people are leaving the city than moving there, so why is this happening? Chicago, for a city of that size and reputation, is not an expensive place to live. It is the most expensive city in the Prairie State, but compared to similarly-sized metros, it’s not that difficult to afford. Yet, Illinoisans prefer to live in other cities, and Chicagoans refuse to stay there.

The Chicago Skyline
In spite of offering great job and lifestyle opportunities, Chicago is one of the most moved-out cities in the country.

There are some problems when it comes to living in Chicago. First of all, the pandemic of COVID-19 pushed people towards leaving big cities and moving to more affordable places. More often than not, these cities were in the same state, so we’ll see which Illinois cities benefited from the Chicago exodus the most. Other than that, Chicago is infamous for high crime rates, and when you add the fact that the tax system in Illinois is far from being friendly, it’s understandable why Chicagoans are looking to move to more affordable cities in the Prairie State. Top movers in Chicago have been very busy the last few years, and it seems like this situation won’t change any time soon.

Where are Chicagoans moving to?

With the number of outbound moves in Chicago practically matching those of 61% in Illinois, we can safely say that Windy City is shrinking in numbers heavily. The city that benefited the most from these awful trends in Chicago is Champaign. Taking into account both Prairie State’s cities and cities all over the US, Champaign is the most popular destination among Chicagoans. Close to 10,000 people are moving from the Chicago metro area to Champaign on a yearly basis. Keep in mind that this involves other cities from the Chicago metro, like Elgin, Aurora, and Naperville. Moving from Chicago to Rockford is another popular choice besides Champaign, with around 5,000 people going on this relocation annually.

The Cloud Gate in Chicago.
The majority of Chicagoans who decided to leave Windy City have moved to Champaign.

Many choose Aurora

People are choosing Aurora, Illinois, for several compelling reasons. The first reason is that the city has a crime rate that is 40% lower than the Illinois state average, making it a safer place for families and individuals alike. Also, Aurora offers more affordable living options, with real estate prices that are 4% lower than the state average. While the cost of living is slightly above the state average by 2%, the benefits such as lower crime rates and affordable housing present a favorable balance for many.

Aurora is also rich in family-friendly attractions, adding to its appeal as a desirable place to settle. From engaging parks and museums to recreational centers, the city caters well to family life and leisure activities. These attributes make Aurora not just a practical choice for relocation but also an enjoyable one, where community and quality of life are prioritized. This combination of safety, affordability, and entertainment options is driving more people to consider Aurora as their new home.

Naperville is one of the most desirable cities in Illinois

Many are choosing Naperville, one of the best commuter towns to Chicago, as their new home due to its affordability, safety, and educational excellence. This city offers a variety of housing options, from condos and townhomes to single-family houses, catering to diverse lifestyle needs and budgets. Furthermore, Naperville’s cost of living remains lower compared to nearby cities, enhancing its appeal for those seeking a balance between quality and cost.

Naperville is celebrated for its safety and community-oriented atmosphere. According to Neighborhood Scout, its crime rate is 73% lower than the national average. This statistic firmly positions it as one of the safest cities in the U.S., ideal for raising families. The city’s educational framework is also robust, with Indian Prairie School District 204 frequently ranked among the top in the state.

The local economy is thriving, underscored by a low unemployment rate of just 3.6%, well below the national average. Naperville has become a hub for both technology and healthcare industries, drawing professionals in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and various healthcare roles. This economic vitality is supported by local government and business leaders who are committed to fostering job growth and innovation, making Naperville a promising place for both new and established professionals.

Elgin is also worth considering

Elgin is emerging as one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, drawing new residents with its cultural scene, historic architecture, and abundant recreational opportunities. Known as “the city in the suburbs,” Elgin offers a diverse community atmosphere, where 38% of the population comprises Latin American and Mexican American communities, adding rich cultural diversity to the area.

Safety is a significant draw, with a crime rate that is 41% lower than the national average, making it a secure place for families and individuals alike. Elgin’s economy benefits from a solid base in education, financial services, and healthcare, providing stable employment opportunities. The Grand Victoria Casino stands as a major employer and a significant contributor to the local economy.

While the overall cost of living in Elgin aligns closely with the national average, certain expenses vary. Utilities are approximately 12% lower than the national average, providing some financial relief. However, housing and transportation costs are above average, with housing expenses being 12% higher than the national average.

Champaign is, by far, the most popular city among Illinoisans

Although it was often under the radar among American movers, the lovely city of Champaign has deservedly been recognized by Illinoisans as a great place to live. People from all over the Prairie State are moving to Champaign, and when you compare this city with any other big place in Illinois, the numbers are firmly in Champaign’s favor. The cost of living in the city is around the Illinois average, but the great thing about it is that the housing prices are much lower than the Prairie State’s average (almost 30%). This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are leaving Chicago to live in Champaign. Plus, it is home to the University of Illinois, so there are quality educational opportunities.

Buildings in Chicago during the sunset.
Champaign is the preferred destination among Illinoisans, especially the ones who are moving from the Chicago metro area.

Twice as many people are moving from Chicago to Champaign than in the opposite direction. When it comes to other cities, it’s enough to say that the trends are positive. There aren’t any relocations between the Illinois cities, aside from the ones involving Chicago, where more than 1,000 people are moving in one direction annually. Peoria and Bloomington are the two cities behind Chicago when it comes to sending people to Champaign (both have around 500 residents a year).

Rockford’s affordability is the main reason why Illinoisans are moving there

Although Champaign is the most popular city among Illinoisans, Rockford is certainly worthy of mention. It is even cheaper than Champaign, with the cost of living in Rockford being 20% lower than the Illinois average. The City of Rockford wasn’t that popular before COVID-19, but people started looking for more affordable places to live when the pandemic struck. Illinoisans found Rockford, a city that is very affordable by both Illinois and US standards. Most of these residents are, naturally, coming from the Chicago metro area (more than 5,000 a year). And, at the same time, Rockford sends less than 2,500 people yearly in the opposite direction. When it comes to other cities, net migration between Rockford and them is pretty much neutral, with the difference between inbound and outbound moves not being more than a few hundred people.

Springfield has really low housing prices, which makes it a desirable destination

Nowadays, with home prices skyrocketing across the whole nation, people have been looking for cities where real estate prices are within reach. Springfield is certainly one of these places. The median home price in Springfield is just $146,000, which is a lot lower than the average in Prairie State of $257,000. This is the main reason some Illinoisans are moving to the city of Springfield. To be fair, moving trends in this city aren’t exceptional. Springfield welcomes just above 1,000 residents from the Chicago metro area annually. At the same time, it sends around 800 people in the opposite direction. Similar to Rockford, moving trends between Rockford and other cities in Illinois can be considered neutral, with Champaign being the only exception because there are so many Illinoisans moving there.

A Capitol building in Springfield.
The capital of Illinois, Springfield, has low real estate prices, which makes it attractive to some Illinoisans.

The Average Cost of Professionally-Assisted Relocations Within Illinois

The cost of long distance relocation in Illinois varies, and it’s different for each person and their household. No wonder you want to know how much will the relocation with long distance movers in Illinois is going to cost, but we can’t give you an exact answer. At least not without knowing some details about your move. However, what we can do is give you some idea by showing you how much these relocations cost on average. But, before we do that, we want to encourage you to ask long distance moving companies Illinois for a free moving quote. This is something you should do if you want to get the most accurate price. In the meantime, we’ll show you the average prices, so let’s jump into it.

Moving between Chicago and Rockford

The distance between these two cities in Illinois is 80 miles. This is one of the shortest relocations that count as long distance ones. So, the price won’t be huge, that’s for sure. Expect to pay between $450 and $1,600 for this move.

Moving between Chicago and Champaign

If you’re about to move from Windy City to Champaign, or vice versa, the price will be higher than in the previous example. This is due to the longer distance, which is 135 miles. The average price range for this move is $700-$1,900.

A photo of the road taken from inside of a moving car.
The most common moving route in the Prairie State is the one between Chicago and Champaign. The average price range for this relocation is $700-$1,900.

Moving between Chicago and Springfield

Springfield is 200 miles from Chicago, which is 200 miles from Champaign and Rockford. Hence, the cost of your relocation will be higher, probably between $800 and $2,100.

Moving between Champaign and Rockford

Champaign and Rockford are as far away from each other as Chicago and Springfield. To be precise, 185 miles. So, long distance moving companies in Illinois will probably charge you between $800 and $2,100, exactly like in the previous example.

Moving between Springfield and Champaign

Finally, if you’re moving from Springfield to Champaign or in the opposite direction, the average price range for your relocation will be $450-$1,600 due to a shorter distance of slightly more than 80 miles.

Which Things Are Affecting the Final Cost of Your Relocation in Illinois?

The price of relocation is difficult to predict without knowing some specific details. It’s because there are many things affecting the price, such as:

  1. Using some special services. We saw there is a variety of services you can ask for when moving within Illinois. However, all of these services cost, so if you ask for one or more of them, the price of your Illinois relocation will certainly be higher.
  2. The distance. The distance plays a big role in determining the final cost. So, naturally, if your long distance relocation doesn’t go beyond 100 miles, the price will be cheaper than it would if the distance between two cities is a few hundred miles.
  3. Quantity of items. In other words, this is about the size of your household or an office if the relocation is commercial. This doesn’t require a lot of explaining because it’s perfectly logical. If there aren’t many items that long distance movers Illinois have to move, expect to pay a lower price.
  4. The weight of your belongings. Similar to the number of items, if you have a lot of heavy belongings, long distance moving companies Illinois will have to bring larger trucks capable of transferring all that weight, which will cost you more.
  5. Loading difficulty. If you’re living in a high-rise building in Illinois, or your house has more than one story, long distance moving companies in Illinois will find it harder to load (and unload) your items. Of course, they will deliver a good job nevertheless, but the price will be higher for relocations where loading is difficult to do.

Picking a Moving Date for Your Illinois Relocation

This is actually another thing that affects the cost of your relocation. However, we wanted to talk about it separately, and you’ll see why. For example, if you’re moving when the moving companies are having their hands full, it’s natural to expect higher prices. In Illinois, this is mostly during summer. No wonder this is the busiest season for movers since a lot of families are moving when the kids are on summer vacation. Plus, it’s difficult to move during winter because of the weather, and all of this resulted in summer being the preferred moving period for Illinoisans.

A planner that you can use to fill the plans you've made with one of the long distance moving companies Illinois
Try to avoid the winter months when picking a moving date.

So, when is the best time of the year to move? Well, if you’re looking for some ways to reduce moving cost, you’d have to avoid summer. But, you don’t want to move during winter too, because of the weather, especially if you’re moving from or to Chicago. The Windy City earned that nickname for a reason, and heavy wind can be expected in winter, and even more so during early spring months. So, if you have the luxury of choosing whatever moving date you want, early fall or late spring might be the best solution.

Do You Really Need Professional Moving Assistance?

Choosing between professional moves vs DIY moves when relocating within the Prairie State is a tricky dilemma. On one hand, you have the option of saving some money by opting for DIY relocation. On the other hand, you have the option of that costing a little more, but your relocation will be smooth and, most importantly, safe. To be honest, we have to choose the second option. Moving to another city in Illinois is a serious task, and one that can take more time and energy than a person might expect. But, with the professional long distance moving companies Illinois has to offer at your disposal – you will move in no time. There will be no stress and no hassle. Leave all the hard work to seasoned professionals in Illinois and enjoy your new beginning.

A worker from long distance moving companies Illinois carrying a couch.
When you have an experienced team from some of the finest long distance moving companies Illinois helping you out, there won’t be any reason to worry about the outcome of your relocation.

Choosing Long Distance Movers Illinois Requires Some Research

Finding movers in the Prairie State who can handle your relocation project is a task in itself. Just like anything else, moving can cost you a lot of time and energy. Verified Movers is here to spare some of your time by matching you with some of the finest long distance moving companies Illinois has to offer by enabling you to read Verified Movers reviews. But, we still encourage you to, if possible, do some research by yourself. For example, after finding movers that you like in our database, you can do a quick background check. It won’t take you long, and yet it will be enough to assure you that you’re making the right decision. Reading long distance moving companies in Illinois reviews is simply too important to ignore because learning about the experiences of the company’s previous clients will give you a good insight into what your own experience will probably look like.

Ensure the Safety of Your Illinois Relocation by Only Moving With Licensed Professionals

Apart from positive long distance moving companies Illinois reviews, which certainly play a big role when choosing moving professionals to relocate with, it is also very important that the company you choose is licensed. When it comes to moving company regulations, every state is unique. Movers who only provide services within the borders of the Prairie State need to be registered at the Illinois Commerce Commission and obtain a Household Goods License. On the other hand, if the Illinois-based company wishes to relocate people to other states, they would have to be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. So, before you sign anything, we highly recommend you check if the movers you chose have all the necessary licenses.

A woman looking at her laptop and researching long distance moving companies Illinois while talking on a phone.
Checking if the movers are licensed and reading long distance moving companies Illinois reviews will help you stay clear of moving scams.

Avoiding Moving Scams When Relocating

Reading long distance moving companies in Illinois reviews, apart from ensuring you’ll end up in the safe hands of experienced and reputable movers, gives you a chance to avoid moving scams. Hiring trustworthy long distance movers Illinois won’t only make your move easy, it will prevent moving mistakes, problems, and scams. Moving a household, not to mention a business, is a demanding, arduous, and time-consuming task that can introduce plenty of problems along the way. Of course, all that trouble can be easily prevented. All you need are the right moving professionals on your team. And that is something Verified Movers is more than happy to help you with.

Still, we want to show you how to identify fraudulent movers. Every state in the United States has fraudulent movers, and Illinois is no exception. Especially when it comes to big cities like Chicago. Finding trustworthy moving professionals in Illinois is simply not that easy. And, as much as it’s important to look for positive reviews and other traits of the finest movers in the business, it is even more important to keep an eye out for potential moving fraud. So, if you notice something from the list below, maybe it would be better to avoid these movers. In case you didn’t notice any of these, and hire some bad movers, you can always file a moving complaint and contact the right institution.

  1. Bad ratings and bad reviews
  2. The lack of licenses
  3. Avoiding sharing important information
  4. No customer support
  5. Low prices that are too good to be true

Planning Your Move

Moving preparations are just the beginning of your moving journey. You can consider them the first out of many moving tasks ahead of you. But, they might be the most important one, because if your moving checklist involves hiring long distance movers Illinois, then there won’t be so many tasks to tackle during the moving process. Verified Movers wants to help you with your preparations as well, so we prepared a list of things that could make your relocation process in Illinois much easier.

  1. Start decluttering and get rid of the things you don’t need
  2. Notify your providers and let them know you’re changing the address
  3. Cancel/transfer your subscriptions
  4. If you have kids, gather their school and medical records
  5. Make backups for important documents
  6. Call long distance moving companies Illinois and schedule your moving date
  7. If you aren’t going to ask for professional packing services, gather the necessary packing material
  8. Ask your employer for a few days off around the moving day

A man putting papers on a wall.
With a proper moving plan, every task during the relocation process will be easier to handle.

Verified Movers Is Here to Help You Every Step of the Way!

We at Verified Movers want you to have the best possible moving experience. In order to achieve this, we have decided to be there for you every step of the way. On our website, you can read long distance moving companies Illinois reviews, learn about the moving tasks that are coming your way, find some useful tips on how to tackle these tasks, and many, many more. We understand that all of this might be overwhelming at first. However, it’s surely much better than jumping into the unknown without any preparation, especially without the expert long distance movers Illinois by your side. Moving can be fun and effortless, and that’s what reputable movers are here for. If you have any questions, Verified Movers will be at your service. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Facts About Illinois

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, Champaign, Naperville


J.B. Pritzker

US Senators

Dick Durbin, Tammy Duckworth

State Moto

State Sovereignity, National Union

State Nickname

Land of Lincoln

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

1,235 ft

Lowest Elevation

280 ft

Time Zone



03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Latin School of Chicago, North Shore Country Day, British International School of Chicago, Roycemore School

Top 5 Middle Schools

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Latin School of Chicago, North Shore Country Day, British International School of Chicago, Roycemore School

Top 5 High Schools

Payton College Preparatory High, Northside College Preparatory, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Lake Forest Academy

Top 5 Colleges

University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Northern Illinois University

04. Rates

Crime Rate

18.79 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate


Frequently Asked Questions


When will my items arrive at my new home?

It’s impossible to give you a precise answer on how long it will take for Illinois movers to transfer your belongings. It depends on the distance between the cities, traffic, weather, etc. But, since you’re only going on a long distance move, and cities in the Prairie State aren’t too far from each other, the relocation shouldn’t last longer than 10-12 days.


If I’m not happy with the outcome of relocation with long distance movers Illinois, is there any way to file a complaint?

Of course. There are many institutions where you can file a moving complaint. Since we’re talking about long distance movers in the Prairie State here, the best solution would be to contact the Illinois Commerce Commission.


How far in advance should I schedule a moving date?

Long distance movers Illinois can be very busy during certain periods throughout the year. Although some companies are offering last-minute moves, it would be better to not take any risks. So, the optimal time for scheduling a moving date is 1 to 2 months in advance.