A long distance move puts a lot of miles between your current location and your future one. When faced with the challenge of getting to your new home in a safe, swift, and smooth manner, your best option would be to hire professional long distance moving companies Arizona from our offer. In most cases, finding them takes time and nerves that you’ll spend on research. That is unless you turn to Verified Movers for help. With our assistance, you will be able to get in touch with reputable movers from the Grand Canyon State, whether it’s long distance or cross country moving companies Arizona, and have the relocation process you are hoping for. Therefore, we invite you to check out our platform because some of the finest moving companies are just a few clicks away.

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We Are Your Reliable Ally in the Process of Finding long distance movers in Arizona

You can always count on Verified Movers when looking for moving professionals in the Grand Canyon State. With the resources we have up our sleeves, you’ll be able to find numerous companies along with reviews that give you a real insight into the company’s values. Our priority is helping you track down some of the finest long distance moving companies Arizona. To achieve this, we are constantly updating our database, which at this moment contains over 27,000 moving professionals in the USA.

Of course, if you need any additional help or have some questions, we will be more than happy to help you out. Make sure to read Verified Movers reviews on our website and find the moving team that suits your needs perfectly. Also, you may find our Verified Movers blog very helpful, especially if you aren’t sure how to handle some specific moving tasks when relocating to or from Arizona. We’ve gathered a lot of knowledge throughout these years in the moving field, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share it with you.

What Kind of Long Distance Relocation Do You Need?

Before contacting any companies in your area, it would be good to determine what kind of relocation you actually need. There are two types of long distance moves, and they are easy to mix up. This is because of the similarity between the two terms, intrastate and interstate moves. So, which option is right for you? Let’s get more into what these different types are and what sets them apart.

Interstate moves

Relocating from one state to another counts as an interstate move. These relocations are also often referred to as cross country ones. No matter how long the distance is, if more than two states are involved, the move is an interstate one. So, if you’re, for example, moving from the Grand Canyon State to Texas, California, or any other state, make sure to call cross country moving companies Arizona, as they are the ones who’ll be able to help you out.

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Intrastate moves

Any relocation that exceeds the distance of 50 miles, and stays within one state, in your case Arizona, is an intrastate long distance move. If you need professional assistance when moving from Phoenix to Tucson, Mesa to Yuma, or any other move that stays within the Grand Canyon State, you’re in the right place. This information will be important to know when you decide to hire your movers.

Moving Trends in the Grand Canyon State

Arizona rates quite highly in terms of moving trends. They are positive, and they have been like that for years now. When you look at the recent stats, 55% of relocations happening in Arizona were inbound, so that speaks a lot about the appeal of this state. The main reasons for this are the reasonable cost of living that’s around the US average and business opportunities. The Grand Canyon State welcomes people from all over America. However, the majority of them are coming from California, Washington, Texas, Colorado, and Illinois.

It’s worth mentioning those who decide to leave the state of Arizona are mostly going to California, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas. In terms of the most popular cities, Phoenix is easily at the top. Other cities in the Phoenix metro area are popular as well. We shouldn’t forget about Tucson too. The second-largest city in Arizona is gaining more and more interest each year. But we’ll cover that in more detail in the next few sections. We’ll assess the moving trends for major cities in the Grand Canyon State and see why people are moving there (or why are they leaving). If you’re still undecided on where to move, stay tuned because this could help you out.

Phoenix is the place to move to

Even if you’re an Arizonan, you’re probably aware of Phoenix’s popularity. Phoenix is the U.S. leader when it comes to attracting new residents. In the recent years, well over 100,000 people have moved to the Phoenix metro area. The City of Phoenix itself is obviously the most popular destination in the Phoenix metro area, but other cities like Mesa and Glendale, for example, are following these trends. However, there is one interesting thing about Phoenix. It’s more popular among people from other states than among Arizonans. The Valley of The Sun offers so much to people from other states, especially the expensive ones like California. To Arizonans, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the state.

A lot of people from Arizona are settling in some cheaper Phoenix suburbs. The most frequent long distance relocation for top movers in Phoenix is the one to Tucson. Between 5,000 and 7,000 Phoenicians are moving to Tucson every year. Truth be told, the vice versa move is done by virtually the same number of people. There might be slight differences looking at each year, but when you look at a five-year period, it’s pretty much the same. Otherwise, the most popular destinations among Phoenicians are Flagstaff and Prescott Valley. And, of course, a lot of people are moving from Phoenix to the city’s suburbs.

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Plenty of long distance moving companies Arizona help people move to Phoenix

The whole Phoenix metro area, including Glendale, Mesa, and Chandler, is growing rapidly

It wasn’t so long ago that Phoenix’s suburbs were considered completely separate cities. But, Arizona has grown so much in such a shirt period that the whole Valley seems like one enormous place now. Needless to say, relocations among these suburbs, and of course, Phoenix, are happening on a daily basis. People are constantly looking for a place in the Phoenix metro area that suits them the most.

For example, those who want to experience a note of suburban life and a slightly lower cost of living are moving from Phoenix to Mesa to make life easier. It’s a similar story to Glendale. And when it comes to Chandler, this is a more expensive place. It has a great location and everything you need in a less crowded area than Downtown Phoenix. All of these cities are moderately popular among Arizonans. But that shouldn’t surprise you because, after all, the Phoenix metro area is the undisputed center of the Grand Canyon State.

Arizonans love Flagstaff

Even at times wrongfully overshadowed by Phoenix and Tucson, at least among movers from other states, Arizonans truly appreciate Flagstaff. It is a great city that offers you the highest chance of leading a healthy life in the whole of Grand Canyon State. The National Forest surrounds it and is home to some iconic natural sites that will leave you in awe. The city of Flagstaff is very diverse and perfect for family life without much noise. In spite of having the cost of living 15% higher than the Arizona average, it doesn’t have a difficult time attracting movers from the Grand Canyon State. Not only that, but this great city has a positive net migration in relation to almost every other big city in Arizona.

Over the last 5 years, almost 10,000 people have moved from Phoenix and its suburbs to Flagstaff. And yet, Flagstaff sent just over 5,000 of its residents in the opposite direction. It’s a similar story with Tucson, Sierra Vista, Yuma, and Prescott Valley, except for, naturally, the lower numbers. Instead of thousands, they are usually in hundreds, with somewhere between 300 and 700 people moving each of these cities to Flagstaff on a yearly basis. And, at the same time, Flagstaff is not losing residents to either one of them.

Tucson started showing big improvement in the last few years

Even when the positive moving trends started hitting Arizona, Tucson wasn’t too involved in them. But, the overcrowding of the Phoenix metro area resulted in people looking for other big Arizonan cities to live in, and Tucson was the obvious choice. The second-largest city in Arizona started gaining residents, and now, the moving trends there are positive. Although the largest number of Tucson’s newcomers are from Phoenix (between 5,000 and 7,000 Phoenicians are moving to Tucson yearly), the Old Pueblo is most popular among the residents of Sierra Vista. Almost 2,000 people have moved from Sierra Vista to Tucson in just a few years. The Old Pueblo is not losing residents to many of Arizona’s largest cities. The only exceptions are Flagstaff and, of course, Phoenix. And, needless to say, the most frequent relocation for top movers in Tucson is the one between Tucson and the Valley of The Sun.

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Tucson is a location you want to consider when moving

What Are the Main Reasons to Move Around Arizona?

You can’t overlook the reasons that impact people who are leaving one area of the state for another. They can be more personal or more practical. Each city in the state will have its benefits and downsides. So, we’ll cover some of the main reasons why people and families decide to move to a new location. Here are some of them, including:

  • Job opportunities
  • Costs of living and housing
  • Retirement options
  • Educational opportunities

New job opportunities

New job opportunities significantly influence relocation decisions within Arizona, driven by the state’s diverse and expanding economy. In Phoenix, the tech and finance sectors are represented by companies like Intel Corporation, which operates a major semiconductor manufacturing facility in Chandler, and Banner Health, a leading healthcare system headquartered in Phoenix. Tucson is known for its aerospace and defense industry, with Raytheon Missiles & Defense providing numerous engineering and technology positions. Statewide, large employers such as Walmart and Honeywell Aerospace, along with employment opportunities within the State of Arizona government, contribute to a strong job market. These companies across various cities underscore Arizona’s appeal for individuals seeking career growth alongside the lifestyle benefits offered by the state’s unique regions.

Housing and lifestyle costs

Housing and lifestyle costs significantly influence relocation decisions within Arizona. Cities like Sierra Vista and Bullhead City are known for their more affordable living costs, offering a lower median home price compared to the state average. For instance, Sierra Vista boasts a median home price of around $250,000, making it an attractive option for those seeking a cost-effective lifestyle without sacrificing access to amenities and natural beauty. Bullhead City, with its proximity to the Colorado River, offers a median home price near $230,000, appealing to those who prioritize outdoor recreation alongside affordability. In contrast, metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Scottsdale present higher living costs, with median home prices in Phoenix around $400,000 and significantly higher in Scottsdale, reflecting the demand for their vibrant urban lifestyles, amenities, and employment opportunities. Overall, there’s a big variety of places to enjoy, whatever you might prefer.

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Know about the finances of the state before contacting long distance moving companies Arizona

Certain places in Arizona are better for retirement

Cities like Prescott, Green Valley, and Sun City stand out for their appeal to those seeking a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. Prescott offers a unique blend of mild weather, historical charm, and a vibrant community of retirees, with numerous outdoor activities and cultural events. Median home prices in Prescott hover around the mid-$500,000s, reflecting its desirability and the quality of life it offers. Green Valley, known for its active adult communities, caters specifically to retirees with its golf courses, social clubs, and health care facilities, all set against a backdrop of scenic landscapes. On top of that, homes here are more moderately priced, with medians around the low $300,000s.

Sun City, as one of the first planned retirement communities in the U.S., continues to attract retirees with its quality amenities, including recreation centers, swimming pools, and an array of clubs and activities, with median home prices in the area around $300,000. These locations exemplify Arizona’s commitment to providing diverse options for retirees, combining affordability with a high quality of life.

Education is an important factor

Arizona has a variety of educational opportunities, from highly rated public schools in suburbs around Phoenix and Tucson to esteemed higher education institutions like Arizona State University (ASU), the University of Arizona (UofA), and Northern Arizona University (NAU). These universities not only offer top-tier undergraduate and graduate programs but also contribute to local communities through research, cultural, and sporting events. For families, areas such as Gilbert and Chandler stand out for their public school systems, which consistently receive high marks for academic excellence and student achievement. Gilbert, for instance, is noted for its strong STEM programs, while Chandler’s schools are celebrated for their innovative educational approaches and extracurricular offerings. The emphasis on education in these communities, coupled with Arizona’s commitment to improving its educational landscape, makes the state an attractive option for those who value academic excellence and diverse learning environments.

The Average Cost for Long Distance Relocations in Arizona

Before you call long-distance moving companies in Arizona, it’s natural to wonder how much their services are going to cost you. Many moves are happening between cities within the Phoenix metro area. However, due to the really short distance between them, these are usually considered local moves. We’ll focus on the long distance ones, so let’s get into it.

  1. Relocation between Phoenix and Tucson: $600 – $1,900 (116 miles)
  2. Relocation between Phoenix and Flagstaff: $700 – $2,000 (145 miles)
  3. Relocation between Flagstaff and Tucson: $950 – $2400 (260 miles)
  4. Relocation between Mesa and Yuma: $800 – $2,200 (194 miles)
  5. Relocation between Chandler and Sierra Vista: $700 – $2,000 (152 miles)
  6. Relocation between Tucson and Prescott Valley: $750 – $2,100 (185 miles)
  7. Relocation between Prescott Valley and Phoenix: $500 – $1,700 (96 miles)

Bear in mind that these are the only average price ranges. We encourage you to contact long distance moving companies Arizona and ask them to give you a free moving quote. In less than one hour, they’ll be able to give you the most accurate price that surely won’t change much before you sign a contract. Nevertheless, we still hope that these averages have been helpful, as our goal was to give you at least some idea of what to expect.

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What Affects the Final Price

There are many factors that can make your price go up or down. In most cases, the difference is not significant, practically negligible. However, there are 6 factors that can cause larger price swings. It’s important to at least be aware of them, and if you do so, you may even be able to find a way to lower the price.

  1. Distance – As you were able to see in the previous example, moving from Tucson to Flagstaff is much more expensive than moving from Phoenix to Prescott Valley purely because the distance between the cities is larger.
  2. Time of the year – Even in spite of hot summers in Arizona, June and July are two months when movers in the Grand Canyon State are busiest. During the peak moving season, the price will increase. The most affordable months for professional moves are January and February.
  3. Total weight of your belongings – If your home has a lot of furniture and similar bulky items, expect the cost to increase slightly. This is due to the weight of these items, as it requires better trucks.
  4. Quantity of your items – Similarly, as with weight, larger trucks will be needed if there’s more stuff to transfer. Hence, the price will rise or fall depending on the number of belongings you’re transferring.
  5. Special services – When you ask long distance movers in Arizona for special services, there will, naturally, be more work for them to do, which obviously affects the final price
  6. The difficulty of loading – Some households are simply more difficult for movers to navigate than others. If your home in Arizona has just one level, then it won’t be that hard. However, high-rise apartments and two or three-story houses are way more difficult, which is why those relocations cost more.

What to Expect When Relocating With Long Distance Moving Companies Arizona?

The first and most important thing you should expect is a safe relocation. And, you can agree that the price can’t be put on that. What matters the most is that your belongings arrive safely at their destination, and this is what long distance movers Arizona will take care of. Additionally, you’ll have a smooth process as well, throughout which you won’t have much work to do. While this isn’t as important as safety, it certainly won’t hurt to avoid some gruesome moving tasks. These are the main reasons you should consider asking professionals for some help before you take a life-changing trip across the Grand Canyon State. During the process, Verified Movers will be your companion, and we’ll join forces to ensure a seamless moving experience for you and your loved ones.

Choose the best moving company based on reviews for your stress-free move

The more you get to know about a company, the easier it is to pick the movers that fit your needs. And what better way to choose your long distance movers in Arizona than to figure out what their customers are saying about them? That’s where we at Verified Movers step in and provide you with a variety of companies and reviews. That will help you out whatever your long distance move all over the state of Arizona might require. Visit our website and find reviews that will simplify picking a moving company, and ensure that everything goes by smoothly.

How to Recognize Reputable Movers in the Grand Canyon State

Although it requires some work, doing some research on long distance moving companies in Arizona is something Verified Movers will always advise you to do. Also, it is something that we’re going to help you with. Choosing movers is a very important decision. Besides the fact that research is needed to find an optimal moving team, it is also crucial in avoiding scams. So, let’s see how to do it right.

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Find out if long distance movers Arizona are licensed

Making sure that your movers are licensed is an absolute must. With so many fraudulent movers out there, it’s easy to get scammed if you’re not careful. Luckily, checking if the company is licensed is not difficult at all. You just need to know where to look. For example, intrastate long distance moving companies are regulated by each state individually. Arizonan movers need to be registered at the Arizona Department of Public Safety in order to operate. This is where you’ll be able to check if certain movers are legit, and if you have any suspicions of moving fraud, you can file a complaint there.

For interstate movers, it’s a different story. That’s because cross country moving companies are regulated on a federal level. Every company that provides interstate moving services needs to be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation in order to help people relocate. This institution provides a unique USDOT number, which you can use to check if the company is really licensed or not. The best way to do this is by inputting that number on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for more information. So, in case you change your mind at the last minute and decide to leave Arizona altogether, this is how you’ll be able to check the moving company you’re thinking of hiring.

Take a Pick From the Variety of Services

When you’re picking a moving team to assist you during the moving process, it’s important that they provide everything you need. If you’re paying professionals to help you out, then you shouldn’t accept anything less than the moving process navigated exactly the way you want it. Even if you have a lot of specific requests, don’t worry. There are so many moving professionals in Arizona, so rest assured you’ll find the one that checks all boxes. Plus, we will be more than happy to help you out during this quest.

A woman lifting a heavy box instead of contacting long distance moving companies Arizona
There are plenty of services that reputable long distance moving companies Arizona offer

Moving experts in the Grand Canyon State can help you with both household and business relocations

Whether you need residential or commercial moving, reputable movers in Arizona will be able to take care of it. Even though household moves are more frequent than commercial ones, the Grand Canyon State has become a great place for entrepreneurs, so a lot of people are moving their businesses there. This especially goes for the Phoenix metro area, which welcomes a lot of business owners from other parts of Arizona.

Some long distance moving companies in Arizona offer storage services

Renting a storage unit during the relocation is something many people tend to do. This option allows you to put some valuables or non-essential items in a safe, usually climate-controlled, space, which ultimately helps you organize the relocation much better. There are various storage options you can choose from, so make sure to ask long distance movers Arizona for their storage services if you think that this is something you need.

Ask for professional packing services

We can all agree that packing is a time-consuming task nobody is looking forward to. It is one of the worst, possibly the worst, tasks in the whole relocation process. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that a lot of long distance moving companies in Arizona are offering packing services to their clients. You won’t even have to worry about gathering packing material because movers will bring their own.

People packing on their own
With Verified Movers, you can find quality moving companies to pack everything for you

Specialty items moving services

If you have some valuable items that are difficult to move either because they’re fragile or bulky, don’t worry, long distance movers in Arizona will come to the rescue. They have the necessary experience to relocate these items without jeopardizing their safety. Here are some of the most common specialty moving services:

  1. Quality auto moving – Over half of Arizona’s population are licensed drivers, and with 6 million registered cars in the state, it’s safe to say that Arizonans love driving. Moving professionals can transport your beloved vehicle without it touching the road.
  2. Fine art moving – Moving art pieces is a very complex task because these items are so delicate. Avoid putting them at risk and ask long distance moving companies Arizona to take care of it for you.
  3. Piano moving – Another thing that Arizonans seem to be passionate about are pianos. Phoenix alone has over 50 piano stores. So, if you have this instrument in your home, you don’t have to worry about relocating it because the Grand Canyon State’s moving experts will transfer it safely.

Long Distance Moving Companies by Cities in Arizona

There are so many reputable moving professionals in the Grand Canyon State, and they are not difficult to reach. However, to make things even easier for you, Verified Movers has prepared a list of long distance movers Arizona by city. Wherever you find yourself in the state, you can be sure that you can find a company that is close to you and provides you with the necessary moving assistance. Are you in Phoenix? Do you need a company in Scottsdale? Are you looking for long distance movers in Yuma? Let’s go over some of the places where you can find help in the state:

Compare the Quotes From Long Distance Moving Companies Arizona

If you’re looking to save some money during the relocation, this might be a good way to do it. It is still recommended even if you don’t care about spending a few extra bucks. Long distance movers in Arizona have prepared estimates for everyone, which can help budget for people who are moving around the state. So, since these free quotes are available to you, why not make use of them? Ask several companies for the quote, and compare them in order to find not necessarily the one that’s most affordable but the one that suits you the most. Also, when you see the prices, you’ll be able to organize your budget much better.

A woman looking for long distance moving companies Arizona on the Verified Movers website
Use Verified Movers to find a company that fits your budget

When to Schedule a Moving Date?

It’s not easy to choose the optimal date for your relocation. Sometimes, you don’t even have a lot of options to choose from because you have to move during a certain period due to your work. But, it’s still a fact that moving dates can affect both the price of your move and your moving experience. We already talked about the cost and mentioned the moving date as a thing that affects that cost. But it won’t hurt to mention it once again. The months of June and July are the busiest ones for long distance moving companies in Arizona. If you were to move during this period, the price would definitely be higher than during winter when the movers are least busy.

However, we wouldn’t recommend moving during the summer. As you know, the Grand Canyon State is really hot during the summer, sometimes even to the point where the temperatures are a danger to our well-being. Needless to say, you would struggle to have a pleasant moving experience in Arizona’s summer heat. That being said, a desert climate is specific, which is why it can get really cold during the winter months. So, if you’re looking for a perfect moving date, you might want to avoid a winter move as well. That leaves us with fall and spring, which have the most optimal temperatures, and these two seasons are great for relocating to Arizona. To be precise, the months of September and April, maybe even May, would be an ideal time for your move.

Be sure to book with long distance moving companies Arizona as soon as possible

Making a Moving Plan

Exceptional organizational skills are required to create a moving plan that covers everything. Not everyone is able to create such a plan, and we want to help you out. Remember, the relocation process is so much more than just a moving day. While we understand that you probably can’t wait to move to the Arizonan city you have set your heart on, we must warn you that the whole process that’s ahead of you requires some top planning. You can create a moving checklist on your own, or you can ask long distance movers in Arizona to help you out. When you ask for a full-service move, moving experts will create a customized plan that fits your needs. We wanted to help out, too, so in the list below, you’ll find some things that you shouldn’t forget about during the moving process.

  1. Calling a few long distance moving companies Arizona
  2. Asking them for a free estimate and comparing these quotes to find the best one
  3. Scheduling a moving date
  4. Notifying your employer about your move and asking them for a few days off
  5. Transferring (or canceling) your subscriptions
  6. Transferring utilities
  7. Letting U.S. Postal Service know that you’re changing the address
  8. Gathering medical records
  9. Gathering and making back-ups of all the important documents
  10. Enjoying a smooth move assisted by the finest professionals in the Grand Canyon State

Avoid Fraudulent Movers

Arizona is not immune to fraudulent movers. With each day, there are more and more companies that are looking to take advantage of their clients. That’s why there is a hotline available at the Arizona Department of Public Safety so that everyone who has been a victim of moving fraud can file a complaint on time. It’s very important to successfully recognize these individuals, or otherwise, your relocation experience could become a nightmare. Now, we already said that reading reviews and checking licenses are two of the best ways to track down reputable long distance moving companies Arizona. If you do this, it will help you avoid moving scam as well. Still, since this is a very important decision that will make or break your moving experience, it’s worth mentioning a few other things that can be considered red flags.

Scam alert written in white on a black background
Let us help you avoid scams

So, apart from the bad overall rating and the lack of licenses, here are a few other things you should keep in mind. It’s important to pay attention to how they communicate with you. Communication is the key to every successful business transaction (at least successful for both parties involved). So, for example, if you see movers who are pushing you to sign any contract, let alone if it’s a non-binding estimate, you should walk away from them. Reputable professionals in the Grand Canyon State will never do this. The same goes for movers who don’t want to give you all the information you want to know. This is a highly suspicious activity, and you shouldn’t get yourself involved in that. Finally, impoliteness and bad manners of any kind should not be tolerated. Remember, you deserve nothing but the best!

One of the movers you find with the help of Verified Movers packing items
Hire efficient long distance moving companies Arizona for your next move

Verified Movers Will Help You Find the Companies in the Grand Canyon State

In spite of the complexity of every relocation process, everything can be much easier than it seems. When you opt for a professionally-assisted move, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Long distance moving companies Arizona will do what they do best. Your transfer between Arizonan cities will be swift, smooth, and effortless. While finding moving professionals might take some time if you were alone, that won’t be the case because you have Verified Movers on your team. You can count on our unconditional assistance, and rest assured we’ll be able to get you in touch with some of the best moving professionals in the Grand Canyon State. With that in mind, give us a call if you have any more dilemmas. In the meantime, read Verified Movers reviews to be one step closer to the final decision. We are happy to help, and we want to be your companion in an exciting journey that’s ahead of you.

Facts About Arizona

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe


Katie Hobbs

US Senators

Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly

State Website


State Moto

God Enriches

State Nickname

The Grand Canyon State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

12,637 ft (3852 m)

Lowest Elevation

72 ft (22 m)

Time Zone



03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

Phoenix Country Day, BASIS Mesa, BASIS Flagstaff, Self Development Academy, BASIS Tucson Primary,

Top 5 Middle Schools

BASIS Scottsdale, BASIS Tucson North, Phoenix Country Day, BASIS Phoenix, BASIS Oro Valley

Top 5 High Schools

BASIS Scottsdale, BASIS Tucson North, Phoenix Country Day, BASIS Phoenix, BASIS Oro Valley

Top 5 Colleges

Arizona State University, The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon University, Prescott College

04. Rates

Crime Rate

29.36 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate



Is there anything that long distance movers Arizona won’t move?

When you're relocating, it's necessary to prepare as much as you can. One of the things to know when relocating will be what you can't and can't move. Professionals will have certain things that they just can't move. That's because there are certain regulations and even laws, and not because they won't. On top of that, there are certain belongings that will perish when moved longer distances and others that can cause catastrophic problems. Overall, movers will refuse to move some items. These include: Weapons and ammunition Fireworks Pool chemicals Acids Paint Motor oil and antifreeze Gasoline Car batteries Bleach Nail polish


Can I ask for moving insurance?

Moving insurance is a very important part of doing business with professional movers. So, yes, you’ll definitely get a chance to have moving insurance. In fact, long distance movers Arizona usually offer 3 types of insurance. They vary in price, and which things they cover. Limited liability Added valuation Full-value


If I ask for packing services, how much time will it take movers to pack up my home?

Since we’re talking about experts here, it’s obvious that it won’t take long. Movers will sometimes manage to pack up your home in just one day. If that’s not the case, then it will be 2 or 3 days tops. Above all, quality movers will want to keep your items safe and sound at all times. That's why every minute spent packing your items will be well worth it.