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61 reviews for Sentry Van Lines

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  • Lance Decuir
    1 4 months ago

    These positive reviews are fake reviews. This company is a broker and will farm your business out to whoever and you won't hear from them again once they get your first payment and once they call the day before your move to get an "accurate" account, which will surely jack up your price from original date. Don't expect a timely delivery either as they are legally able to hold your things for 1 month, which they sell as free storage. Don't do it. Dante and the crew are not up front at all with what actually happens here.

    Move cost: $5400
  • Elliot Henry
    5 5 months ago

    The movers were courteous and made me and my family feel comfortable on what was a very important day. They were efficient and took good care of my family's belongings and our building. And their pricing was a great deal!

    Move cost: $5000
  • Ada Atkinson
    5 5 months ago

    Very professional and great service they made the booking very professionally . They were on time and within a few hours seamlessly moved my stuff and reassembled everything . They were very thorough and efficient . The made moving day stress free . Great job! Very reasonable.

    Move cost: $4800
  • Marta Johnson
    5 5 months ago

    The guys moved our family yesterday from a 3rd floor condo to a house. They really made my day go so FAST and EASY, and they made me laugh the entire time. Nothing broke, everything went smoothly and I am so glad I found these guys. Would recommend them to anyone, price was very reasonable, thanks for keeping me laughing guys!

    Move cost: $7800
  • Deforge marc
    5 5 months ago

    I would highly recommend this moving company to anyone! Great service, great prices, and they made my moving experience stress free!

    Move cost: $6400
  • Marisa McCain
    5 5 months ago

    We were extremely pleased with Sentry van lines! They were efficient, punctual, professional, and friendly! They were also very careful with our furniture and thorough in their wrapping. The price was also very reasonable as well, and ended up being even less than what I was originally quoted. I would highly recommend this moving company!! Great job guys!

    Move cost: $4700
  • jeff pellot
    5 5 months ago

    From start to finish, I had what undeniably was our best moving experience They were so pleasant and easy to deal with whether over the phone, email, or in person. And they were very reasonably priced compared with all of the other companies that we contacted and received estimates from. The movers themselves - awesome!! Recommended.

    Move cost: $6553
  • Kenneth Delgado
    5 5 months ago

    They did an awesome job getting my stuff to my new home. The came on time, finished early, and offered an good pricing. They handled the stuff most precious to me with care. Would highly recommend. Also very professional and friendly.

    Move cost: $7300
  • Earl Bettis
    5 5 months ago

    I can't say enough about this moving company- I would use them for every move and recommend them to everyone! We are so happy with Sentry van lines!

    Move cost: $6220
  • Rosie Farrington
    5 5 months ago

    I highly recommend this company. They were fast, they were good and not one thing was broken, scratched or damaged in any way - including our giant plasma tv. They are very reasonably priced. I would recommend them to everyone I know. The truck fit all of my one bedroom apartment, but it was tight. They are packing experts when it comes to getting your stuff in to the truck. I will definitely use them again in the future!

    Move cost: $6640
  • Tyler Wenzel
    1 5 months ago

    Sentry is the worst!
    My original quote of $6,000 (1,200 CF) increased to $8,000 (1,600 CF) two days before the move. Not a big deal. But then the day of the move, after the movers had loaded up 90% of my house onto the truck, they called me at 9PM and told me my bill was $18,000. And I owed them 75% of the $18,000 that night in cash.
    Sentry is a broker, so they weren’t the moving company, but that they would hire a scam artist like this speaks volumes.
    After forking over cash (no credit cards allowed - super sketchy) I was assured by Sentry that the delivery would be there in 3-10 days. It took 11. Read the fine print it the terms and conditions though, because Sentry says they have up to 30 days, no matter what the quote says.
    Upon delivery, it was discovered that the moving truck only had 1,700 CF of goods. So the $18,000 dollar bill should have been reduced back down to about $9,000. After much arguing, Sentry could only lower the bill to $16,000 but they did say that they would reimburse me $3,000 (their cut for being broker). That was back in February. 8 months later they still have not reimbursed me. I have multiple emails stating that they would pay me, but they now have completely stopped responding. I even sent a demand letter, to no avail. I have spoken to a lawyer, but once again read the fine print. Any legal action must be filed on Montana. I live on the other side of the country. While I would love to sue them, I foresee them dragging this out to the point where my legal fees outweigh my return of $3,000. Please note, they are not registered with the BBB and they do not come up on Google maps.
    There is much more to this story, but for the sake of keeping it relatively short, keep this in mind: DON’T USE SENTRY - THEY ARE CROOKS!

    Move cost: $18000
  • Mitch Erving
    5 5 months ago

    We hired these guys for our move and have nothing but great things to say. They were friendly, careful, and quick. They were a joy to talk to and made quick and strategic work of our move. We would absolutely hire these guys again and recommend them for your move.

    Move cost: $5700
  • Chiara Katharina
    5 5 months ago

    They were quick and efficient. It had started raining but this did not deter them from being effective movers. I would definitely recommend and hire them again. They were also easy to communicate with - They did an awesome job with being my point of contact. The rate was also quite reasonable.

    Move cost: $5500
  • Shelley Kearns
    5 5 months ago

    The crew that came today from Sentry Van Lines were so nice, so quick and so professional. Have only wonderful things to say about them and would certainly recommend them to family and friends. Thank you Sentry Van Lines!!

    Move cost: $6500
  • Jacob Wuest
    2 6 months ago

    Over the course of working with this company, the cost for services increased twice. I originally asked for a quote for 850 cubic feet of space. I was given that quote and asked to list a "few" of my items just to get the process started. I received a quote that wasn't the most expensive nor were they the cheapest. 2 days before the move I received a call from the "quality control" guy and after going through each piece, he quoted me $2k more than the original price. His reasoning was that there were only a few items listed on the original quote. After negotiations that was reduced to a $1k increase. This was still more than I was okay with, but given the move was 2 days away, I had no choice.

    The movers called and told me they would arrive sometime between 10am and 4pm. They showed up at 3:35pm and didn't finished until almost 10pm. They guys were nice, but they immediately identified there wasn't an "elevator charge" on the contract and it would be a long distance carry. I disclosed the elevator charge and the distance to both Sentry representatives, but somehow that didn't make it to the contract. This cost me another $1k. Again, nothing to do at this point. We had to get our stuff moved and it was too late to find someone else.

    I was quoted that it would probably take about 2 weeks to get it from Seattle to Austin. As we approached 2 weeks, the time frame grew to 3 weeks and then eventually to 4. Apparently there was a "delay" and then the driver took a wrong turn somewhere.

    The day before delivery, the driver called asking if he could pull a semi into our neighborhood. I told him that the streets were fairly wide and as far as I could tell it wouldn't be a problem. The driver showed up the next day and pulled his truck under our tree that hangs over the street. He immediately jumped out of the truck and began telling my wife that we would be responsible for the damage to his truck. He was being aggressive and rude to the point where my wife no longer felt comfortable speaking with him. I went to speak with the driver and he did the same thing with me. It eventually took me getting aggressive with him before he backed down. He didn't seem to understand that it was his choice to drive the truck under a tree.

    When we received our things, there was quite a bit of damage. Boxes clearly marked "fragile" had huge holes in the box, bookshelves were broken, metal bed frames were bent/scratched and we didn't receive a rather large box.

    I give them 2 stars because we did receive most of our items and the movers that picked up our stuff were nice, but otherwise it was a pretty bad experience. When I would call to get an update on delivery, their customer service team was generally rude and uninterested in my concerns. I would not use this company again.

    Move cost: $6000
  • Joe Jones
    1 6 months ago

    Professional swindlers - prices are inflated after the process has begun. BEWARE!!!

    Move cost: $8000
  • Rukia Yosuf
    1 7 months ago

    Sentry Van Lines=LIARS. I was looking for a moving company and already had one I was going to work with for half the price of Sentry van lines, but I was going out of town and needed my things delivered within a specific time frame which they guaranteed me they could do. They said if you take off work Friday and let us pick up everything we can guarantee your still will be on the shipment out in 3 days and delivered next week. It's now next week and they haven't even shipped my things out yet. They lied to me. Not only that, they gave me an estimate of about 2k and then ended up charging an additional 1k on the day of. When they are trying to get your business they answer all your calls at any hour, and then once they have it they completely ignore you and all of your calls. I've been calling nonstop for two days and only one lady continues to get back to me just to tell me sorry I don't know where your stuff is. I'm begging you do not work with this company. They are LIARS. They charge for literally everything and you will end up paying significantly more on the day of than they originally tell you. Also your stuff will get there a month after they actually tell you it's going to be there. I'm already screwed but I hope this atleast helps the rest of you.

    Move cost: $2615
  • Dona Karnes
    1 8 months ago

    unhappy Paid 12000 after a 5000 first price given already had 3000 of money. All furniture arrived damaged have call company 3 times promised paper work never received it most boxes were damage movers hide damage in middle of pile so they knew it was damaged did have zero stars

    Move cost: $12000
  • Jeff Merille
    5 1 year ago

    I move a lot for my company that i work for. Ive used so many moving companies in my experience. By far this company is the best that I have ever used! The professionalism was on point! They arrived on time and delivered on time with nothing damaged. The customer service department was always there when I called. I recommend this company to all my friends family and anyone looking for a low stress move, cause no move is stress free

    Move cost: $5700
  • Melinda Richardson
    5 1 year ago

    The gentlemen of Sentry Van Lines were prompt, professional and polite. They were careful with my furniture and respectful of my home- careful around walls, doors, etc. Although this was a small, local move- they did not make me feel like a small, undervalued customer. They respected that the items being moved were of great value to me. From the initial contact to discuss pricing through the move day, they followed through with what they said they would...when they said they would. I would recommend this moving company to my friends anytime.

  • Ben Driver
    5 1 year ago

    Sentry Van Lines are amazing!!! They picked up furniture from 3 different locations and unloaded the truck within 3 hours. They are polite, fast and affordable. I will move again in the next few years and will most definitely use them again!!!! I have recommended them to a few friends and they have the same feelings. They get the job done fast and for a great price!!!!

  • Jimmy Palm
    5 1 year ago

    Great communication, on-time, professional hard working movers. They worked hard and were very careful in handling items. Long Distance move with same day pickup and delivery. The crew had to meet a tight time schedule to get it done and they were more than willing to get it done. The administrative staff was very helpful setting up the move on short notice. Great job Sentry Van Lines!

  • Eddie Castro
    5 1 year ago

    The guys were very friendly and worked fast! They wrapped everything up to make sure there was no damage. They even wrapped up somethings that we already in the storage unit we moved too. It was our first time using a mover and it was well worth it! Definitely will use them again!

    Move cost: $2424
  • Hailey Aylantic
    5 1 year ago

    The movers and staff at Sentry Van Lines did an excellent job at getting my things moved from storage to my home. The movers were on time and did a great job at wrapping my possessions and moving them with great care. Very professional, prompt and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone needing a moving service.

  • Wendy Rothstein
    5 1 year ago

    I have moved over twenty times overseas and across States and have yet to find a nicer, fast and professional group of employees. Everything was well packed and all was in good shape when unpacked. Sentry Van Lines staff went above and beyond to respond to all my requests and I would highly recommend Sentry!!!

  • Sally Michaels
    5 1 year ago

    Excellent company with excellent customer service and excellent movers. I was very satisfied with the time it took to finish their job and their professionalism was top rated. This company is highly recommended if you want the job done right without time being wasted.

  • Tom Seave
    5 1 year ago

    Sentry Van Lines did a great job. They were on time, courteous, and above all, expert packers. The crew leader was very knowledgeable and experienced. He paid close attention to details. It was refreshing to find a moving company that had a high level of professionalism without breaking our budget - especially for our out-of-state move. Sentry is our only choice in the moving business.

  • Jared Kelly
    5 1 year ago

    The move prefect, with an excellent attitude of the three movers. Even our kids enjoyed the movers pleasant communications and assisting them with putting their belonging according to their choice in their rooms. Sentry Van Lines, we really appreciate your help and making our move smooth with no damage to any of our item.

  • Ryan Riley
    5 1 year ago

    I had the most wonderful experience with Sentry Van Lines. They were on time, time efficient and professional. They handled all my belongings with care and made sure I was satisfied. I am very pleased with their work and willingness to please their customer. I will most certainly use them again and recommend everyone to hire Sentry Van Lines.

  • Marlene Coaster
    5 1 year ago

    Sentry Van Lines had to collect our items from two separate locations across town on one day and deliver everything the next day to a different state early in the morning. It went perfectly. Furthermore, all of our belongings were wrapped carefully and everything arrived in mint condition. Their staff was exceptional from start to finish. It really impressed my wife too and a happy wife is a happy life. I would give them top marks for professionalism, service and economical on their pricing for the amount of work we received.

    Move cost: $3450
  • Nora Crest
    5 1 year ago

    We had to pack-up and move my Mom's three story house which had alot of antique furniture. We were very concerned about moving the furniture which was big and bulky without scratches or damages to her family heirlooms. They were very professional and took great care in packing and moving everything. We were very pleased with their service and would use this company again. We also felt that their fees were a good value for the excellent services they provided. This is definitely a customer service oriented company and we would recommend them to a friend.

  • Ryan Josh
    5 1 year ago

    I just booked my second move with Sentry Van Lines. I have moved many times within the country, they are by far THE BEST MOVING COMPANY I have ever worked with. They are my "go to" movers. I give them a big thumbs up! Owner always sends THREE MEN to do the job. They are efficient, prompt, courteous and so great to work with. They do their best all the time, every time!

  • Nikki Long
    5 1 year ago

    Although late for the apartment, made up for by being SOOO quick with loading and unloading the boxes and furniture. Keep in mind I stayed on the 3rd floor and all the while were careful with my dining room GLASS tables, Sofa and bed. Have never had the type of service from a moving company and did i mention they cleaned too!!! Upon leaving and doing the final inspection with the leasing office the inspector says, "I wished everyone left it like this when they left!" Will be using them in the future! 5 STARS!!!

  • Ulysses Dale
    5 1 year ago

    They would have been on time to pickup if there hadn't been bad weather, better late than an accident. What items I had left unpacked they put into boxes for me. Unhooked and disassembled my furniture for easier move. My stuff went straight to storage until I found a place. Once I got a place and contacted Sentry Van Lines to arrange delivery, they were very prompt in setting up delivery. Items were undamaged. They reassemble and hooked up my furniture. Very satisfied with this company, I would use them again.

  • Conni Dugs
    5 1 year ago

    Drew and the crew made my move soooo easy . From the initial call for quote up until the move was done everyone I came into contact with at Sentry Van Lines was great. They were courteous, prompt (early actually ) & professional. Not only that but they were fast and the price was right. I'll be sure to tell all my friends that Sentry is the one to use. Thanks again.

  • Larry Alan
    5 1 year ago

    We had restrictions when moving. We only could do a certain amount of hours and the movers said no problem. They were friendly and worked quickly and carefully. They were careful with all our stuff. We had family to help with the small stuff and they said if they ever need movers they would use Sentry Van Lines. They are going to be our movers anytime we need to move. Thanks for everything.

    Move cost: $2400
  • Teddy Holmes
    5 1 year ago

    I have moved numerous times. Because I have a piano and antiques, I experience anxiety repeatedly with each move. These movers were early, which was a new experience for me. I was also moving into a newly renovated house, so I was concerned about damage to the property itself. My move was virtually painless with no damage to anything. I spent less because they moved quickly, unlike the last moving company I used. I highly recommend Sentry Van Lines.

  • jason powers
    5 1 year ago

    The crew were AMAZING throughout the day. Even though my move wasn't all that big, 6 guys showed up to pack up my house. They carefully wrapped everything and loaded the truck in 2 hours. None of my furniture or my house was even slightly damaged. I was also so impressed by how positive and kind all of the guys were. They were totally professional, had the best attitudes, and worked nonstop. Tony and Tyson then drove my stuff to Charlotte and unloaded some of my stuff into a storage unit and the rest at my new apartment. They came straight from Atlanta (with no breaks!) and started working just as hard as they had in Atlanta. In the end, Tony and Tyson worked 13 hours to complete my entire move in one day to meet my needs as I was leaving town again and didn't have a lot of time to complete the move. They put together all of my furniture again with no problems, and because of their hard work, I was settled in my new place within a day! Even after a very long day (and 100 degree heat), Tony and Tyson were as friendly and kind at 11 pm as they were when I met them first thing in the morning. I would HIGHLY recommend Sentry Van Lines to anyone looking to move. They made moving so easy!

  • Ian Farce
    5 1 year ago

    I could not have been more pleased with Sentry Van Lines. From the initial contact to the delivery, every person that we interacted with was fantastic. I've dealt with several moving companies over the years and bar none, Sentry Van Lines have been the best that I have ever done business with. They handled my fathers belongings like their own, their staff was extremely professional and I could not have asked for a better company to do business with. I would most certainly use Sentry in the future if I ever had the need for movers again!

  • Paul Lands
    5 1 year ago

    Great move this go 'round. Numerous moves in my career, but this one was great on all aspects. Highly recommend Sentry VL.

  • Jermaine Simmons
    5 1 year ago

    Very happy with the service that my family and I received from Sentry Van Lines. From start to finish I was thrilled that nothing went wrong, like it has in the past. You all deserve the best!

  • Katie Lincoln
    5 1 year ago

    This company did such a great job helping us move. They made the whole process so easy and mostly stress free. To move a family of 5 its so difficult but they made sure everything got where it needed to go without any damage.

  • Jimmy Dean
    5 1 year ago

    What a move. Professionals all the way around. From start to finish, 5 Stars for sure.

  • Randy Lonz
    5 1 year ago

    Sentry Van Lines is a must use company! I spoke to 7 different moving companies and Sentry won my business. All of the other moving companies we're only concerned with taking my money.I am wanted to make sure we had an accurate Inventory so i would not be charged extra. They also asked about my tvs and glass items. You can tell they know how to operate each move individually at the same time during a busy season. I used a major van line in the past and even for this move i got quoted thousands more. Sentry Van Lines was excellent im happy i found them.

  • Ant Dean
    5 1 year ago

    Hands down best movers ever. They had 3 days notice to move us and were still able to complete the job. 5 stars!

  • Chalie Holmes
    5 1 year ago

    They did a fabulous job with our move. They were friendly, efficient, and professional. Highly recommended!

  • David Cruise
    5 1 year ago

    It feels good to be home, away from all the disturbance of the landlords. I feel even better when I remember how I came to settle in this wonderful place. It was through the efforts of Sentry Van Lines that this became possible. Their crew efficiently relocated me to my new home without any struggles. They did not make mistakes during the relocations and as such, all my properties got to my new home in Washington safely. I highly thank them for this

  • Lilly Young
    5 1 year ago

    Every single moment that I think of Sentry Van Lines, I find myself giving a wide smile. I cannot exactly tell why but I know for sure that they bailed me during one critical moment that I needed them most. They came to my aid when I went to them. On top of their reliability, they also proved to be very pocket-friendly in terms of the service charges. That is all that I wanted and I got it right there!

  • Jen Meeks
    5 1 year ago

    Out of the 3 moves that I have made in my adult / working life, this one was by far the easiest and smoothest move to date. I was contacted and asked for information, NOT hounded or stalked, like the past. I am happy that I went with such a great company that really cares about their customers.

    Thanks Tom and moving crew.

  • Sara Hughes
    5 1 year ago

    I was not looking forward to moving out of my studio and figuring out how to get all of my stuff down to Florida.. But Sentry made it extremely easy for me! Setting it all up was user-friendly, their communication was great, and they took great care of my haul. I was really impressed at how seamless the process was, experiences I’ve had in the past with other companies were a nightmare in comparison. A big thank you to all, and especially to the crew who helped me with pickup! Highly recommend this service to anyone who needs reliable, quality moving assistance.

    Move cost: $3905
  • Frank Timms
    5 1 year ago

    Moving across country can be very stressful. I have done it numerous times in my life. This time the issues and the headaches were not there. I had to explain the possibility of a major problem to my wife since she has yet to move long distance like I have. She was very happy that Sentry Van Lines took the time to care and to be there for us. 5 stars for all the help.

    Move cost: $4005
  • Gus Tuks
    5 1 year ago

    Very thankful and happy that Sentry Van Lines has the amazing staff that they do. They made sure we were completely satisfied before and after the move. I highly recommend Sentry.

    Move cost: $3424
  • Everett Neely
    5 1 year ago

    This was way to easy to be moving. Sentry Van Lines made it easy as could be for my family to be relocated.

    Move cost: $2400
  • Jacob Martin
    5 1 year ago

    I recently hired this company to do my move from VA to MI. I was taken back how efficient and awesome these guys were. The movers were very polite and careful. All of my items arrived intact and on time.

    Move cost: $3400
  • Thomas Sutton
    5 2 years ago

    My original movers literally bailed on my the day before the planned move. Luckily And Thankfully Sentry were kind enough to fit me so at the very last minute. The three moving guys did an excellent job. They were careful even when exhausted. Minor items broke but nothing expensive. I would use them again.

    Move cost: $4024
  • Jim Keong
    5 2 years ago

    I recently used Sentry Van Lines for a last minute move to NY to seize a job opportunity. Thank God for Sentry! They relieved so much of my stress by moving all of my things so quickly. I spoke with Pierre who was so understanding, professional, and nice. He was available whenever I needed him. He helped me through the moving process and got all of my belongings to NY in time for my move. Nothing was missing or damaged. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family and use them in the future

    Move cost: $4205
  • Joey Barno
    5 2 years ago

    This company was great, i am very pleased with their work, i moved from FL to NY, i had a lot of glass items, and they did a great job wrapping them. The price was what they quoted me, thank you Shoha my statue made it safe :) - i must say i was impressed with the way i kept getting messages with updates. Thank you Sentry Van Lines, i will definitely spread the word about how great you guys are.

    Move cost: $8024
  • James Bender
    5 2 years ago

    I moved on Monday I couldn’t have asked for any two better movers than the three men(Aliko,Sergio,Francisco)that moved my furniture. They were professional, courteous, hard working, and very pleasant to work with. They represented Sentry Van Lines extremely well. I will definitely recommend Sentry to anyone looking for a professional moving company. Thank you for a job well done!

    Move cost: $3535
  • Sally Pluss
    5 2 years ago

    My original movers literally bailed on my the day before the planned move. Luckily And Thankfully they were kind enough to fit me so at the very last minute. The three moving guys did an excellent job. They were careful even when exhausted. No minor or major items broke. I would use them again.

    Move cost: $3924
  • Amir Singh
    5 2 years ago

    I recently moved from FL to TN, it was a last minute move for my business, and this company helped me out so much, am not one to write reviews but i have to admit they made my life easier, Thank you Frank for your honesty. And thank you to the movers who took care of all my things. I got delivery 7 days after they picked me up like promised, and price only went up because i decided to pack some pictures, truly amazed to see there are still honest people in this world.

    Move cost: $2450
  • Jacob Thomas
    5 2 years ago

    I hired this company to do my relocation from New York to Michigan, from start to finish I have to say that they were truly an amazing company. My Representative that I spoke with was very thorough and organized I felt comfortable. on the day of the move when the movers arrived I was impressed on how efficiently they were able to handle my belongings. All of my items arrived at my destination and nothing was broken! Great Job!

    Move cost: $5722

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