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56 reviews for Charter Van Lines

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  • Terry Murphy
    5 2 days ago

    It was a very short distance the movers had to cover to move my belongings. Quite frankly I don’t even own a lot of furniture. But I still had to hire Charter van lines simply because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a van and carrying things. The young and strong men took almost no time to pack up my 2-bedroom apartment. I honestly wasn’t expecting them to be that fast. But, I will definitely hire this company for a whole different reason. They managed to deliver my belongings in one piece without charging me a ridiculous amount. That is amazing in my book!

    Move cost: $4100
  • Ernest Turner
    5 6 days ago

    In the days when efficiency is obsolete and making money is what everyone cares about, Charter van lines was a breath of fresh air. They took such great care of me and my belongings during my last move. I couldn’t afford to pay too much so they gave me a budget deal where I did the packing and they just moved my things. I was happy with that. The movers showed up on time and we weren’t ready just then. They waited for us to finish for an hour. They didn’t even charge us for it. These guys are so considerate and helpful. My valuables were safely transported on time. I can’t believe companies like this one still exist in today’s world.

    Move cost: $2970
  • Richard Baker
    5 1 week ago

    I called Charter van lines and asked them to send a crew as soon as they could. I was at risk of becoming homeless but it's not really about that! The movers made this hasty move very simple. They were all very professional and easy to work with. They systematically packed everything into boxes and then loaded the van. The delivery was made a week later after I had found a house with all my valuables intact inside the van. This move had disaster written all over them. I can’t thank these guys enough for making it easy.

    Move cost: $3700
  • Charles Cooper
    5 2 weeks ago

    We have been relying on Charter van lines for almost a decade. They always make sure that our valuables are well taken care of. They always maintain their timings. They have transported our goods every time with efficiency and care. I hired them last two weeks ago to move my valuables. They were as amazing as I remember. All my valuables were safely transported and I don't feel like anyone else can do a better job than these guys.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Albert Morris
    5 2 weeks ago

    My wife and I have relocated a few times before. We didn’t feel the need to hire a moving company because we don’t really have a lot of belongings. But our family grew with time. So this time we just had to hire Charter van lines to move our valuables. I have to say, it was the most stress-free experience of my life. This company is so professional. They sent their movers sharp on time and every man was very efficient. They took merely any time to pack up all our belongings and then started carrying them down to the vans. Believe me when I tell you, everything was spot on. None of my furniture or other belongings suffered any damages on the way and the delivery was made on time. It’s way easier to hire these guys than moving on our own.

    Move cost: $3400
  • Bobby Cooper
    5 3 weeks ago

    I have heard terrible things about them from my friends. But it was impossible for me and my family to make the move on our own. I asked around and many people suggested that I hire Charter van lines. The man on the phone, when I called them, was very friendly and assured me that they would take good care of my things. He did sound quite sincere and so I hired them on a very reasonable quote. Their men turned out to be just amazing. They worked tirelessly in my old house packing everything very carefully. They carried everything out with great caution. They seemed very sincere and honest. When everything arrived at my new house, they were all there and nothing was damaged. I really couldn’t be happier.

    Move cost: $3680
  • Henry Edwards
    5 4 weeks ago

    I never imagined my last move would turn out to be so easy. I hired Charter van lines after a friend recommended them. Their quote was quite low which made me wonder about their capabilities. But the movers turned out to be gems. They showed up on time and finished packing everything within just 2 hours. The loading process went very smoothly. Even the van they brought was new and spacious. It took them 3 days to deliver as they promised. All my belongings were safely transported. I really am thankful to this company.

    Move cost: $3200
  • Phillip Bryant
    5 1 month ago

    My experience with moving companies has never been that good. But since the moment I called Charter van lines the first time, they have been nothing but professional. The movers were on top everything. They maintained their timings throughout. All four men were very efficient and they carried giant pieces of furniture quite comfortably. Everything was boxed properly and traveled excellently due to that. This move was simply perfect only because of these guys.

    Move cost: $4090
  • Eugene Brown
    5 1 month ago

    I wasn’t counting on much given how dubiously Charter van lines quoted for my move. Fortunately, they weren’t inefficient at all. The movers arrived right on time on the moving day. They were very experienced. They offered me four movers for the same price other companies would send only 3. Having four movers meant the packing was done a lot quicker and the whole process were completed very fast. They packed everything so well that none of my things suffered any damages on the way. They maintained their schedules perfectly. This company is totally reliable.

    Move cost: $4280
  • Dennis Coleman
    5 1 month ago

    I know that many moving companies provide very capable movers. But not everyone can afford to pay such substantial amounts. That is where Charter van lines reaches out to much bigger demographics. They charged fairly low for the amazing service they provided. All my valuables were safely and timely moved to my new house. I was very impressed by the movers as they took such great care of my belongings. They didn’t charge anything extra and I am a happy mover. They really are the moving company for us middle class people but they certainly don’t compromise with quality.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Victor Lee
    5 1 month ago

    When I hire anyone to do jobs that involve handling my valuable things, I expect nothing short of perfection. Perfection or not, men from Charter van lines were utterly professional during my move. Their packing skills impressed me the most. All the men were very well organized, taking half the time it would take any other mover to finish all the packing and loading. I can't call them perfect because they did manage to damage a rug of mine but it may have been a result of pressure from my couch and not something done by them. Anyways, they did their jobs very well and these days that means everything!

    Move cost: $3700
  • Kenneth Collins
    5 1 month ago

    The stress was too much before this move. But my instinct-alarm went off when I was on the phone with Charter van lines! Something told me these guys would be really good. The movers were very capable and friendly indeed. They packed up my whole apartment so fast. Not only were they fast, but they were thorough too. They finished the job so efficiently. They really were the break I needed while dealing with the stress of relocation. All my belongings were delivered safely and I just couldn’t be more thankful to these guys. I am so happy that I hired them.

    Move cost: $3380
  • Johnny Barnes
    5 2 months ago

    My family is quite tired of moving to new places. This, hopefully, was our last move. I hired Charter van lines because last time we tried to move on our own and it was a disaster. They sent over 3 men who were all very well trained and extremely helpful. They didn’t cause any damage, not even a scratch, to my furniture. I wasn’t really expecting them to be that professional given how low their quote was. But they really surprised me. I think it’s much more convenient to just hire a moving company who knows how to this job than trying to do it on your own. It was a good lesson learnt and I highly recommend this company.

    Move cost: $4100
  • Henry Murphy
    5 2 months ago

    I love people who put best to what they do. The best I give back to such personalities is the space and time to enable them work best. I remember well the dedication Charter van lines gave to me during the relocation process. At first, I did not think it would be so easy to them since I had very many items in my house. It was shocking to the eye when all the packing was done in approximately thirty minutes. So hard to find such dedicated teams like them.

    Move cost: $3290
  • John Morris
    5 2 months ago

    Charter van lines has the nerves of steel. I was a terrible client to them. I called them 10 times over one week just to make sure that they have an available slot for me on my desired date. They never seemed bothered with my burgeoning queries. The crew of four men arrived right on time and they were all very experienced. The foreman led the team to great efficiency. They were just amazing at packing everything. They carried my furniture very delicately to their vans. These guys made my move look so easy. I was a manic man when my valuables were on the way. They delivered on the promised day but I had already called and emailed them too many times by then. But they never lost their patience. Thank you so much guys.

    Move cost: $2900
  • Craig Cooper
    5 2 months ago

    We were moving for a better job offer. My wife and I are not experienced movers and so it seemed wise to hire a moving company. I called Charter van lines after they were referred by my sister. Their customer service was just amazing. They were very thorough with the questions and it was really easy to get a quote. The movers arrived punctually on the moving day. The four men were very efficient. They were very fast to finish packing and loading our whole house into 2 vans. They used sufficient amount of packing materials to safeguard our breakables. We didn’t even have to lift a finger and all our valuables magically moved.

    Move cost: $3220
  • Joseph Thomas
    5 2 months ago

    I am, by no means, an easygoing client. But I had no issues with the way Charter van lines handled my move. They were punctual, efficient and very friendly. The movers amazed me with their skills and strength. Their packing abilities were out of this world. I was told that they would deliver everything within 5-7 days. The van showed up at my new house on day 5. I was constantly looking for flaws but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. Even their final bill was less than the original estimate.

    Move cost: $2800
  • Mark Howard
    5 3 months ago

    They moved my things out very quickly and with care. I have a lot of antiques and expensive furniture so I was defiantly looking for a company I felt comfortable with and could trust. From the very beginning I had a good feeling with Charter van lines. I highly recommend this company. You will not be dissatisfied what so ever.

    Move cost: $4160
  • Juan Bennett
    5 3 months ago

    Charter van lines is such an amazing moving company and I can vouch for that. They took such great care of my valuables while moving them. I originally hired them only because their quote seemed amazingly reasonable to me. I wasn’t expecting much but their performance turned out to be very satisfactory. The movers arrived right on time with all their tools. They wasted no time while packing everything. They were extra careful while packing my breakables. They neatly finished packing and loading everything shortly. The delivery was made the next day and nothing went missing or damaged. It was then I realized how perfect this move really was.

    Move cost: $3900
  • Roger Harris
    5 3 months ago

    We were relocating for my new job. We went for Charter van lines because they gave us the lowest quote. They were very efficient at everything. The movers arrived on time and everything went really smoothly. Nothing was broken or damaged when they made the delivery. They made our move so easy. I recommend them very highly.

    Move cost: $4350
  • Fred Jones
    5 3 months ago

    Having to move halfway across the country is no easy thing. So, naturally, I was worried how my things were going to travel this long distance. I have consulted many friends who relocate frequently and most of them advised me to hire Charter van lines. When I called the company, the guy on the phone seemed very friendly and well informed. He fixed me a slot on the moving day and gave me a rational estimate. Their movers arrived on time to my apartment and they were all very well equipped. They efficiently packed all my stuff. Even the corners of my furniture were packed with cardboard. They gave me a week long window for the delivery but thankfully the delivery was made in the first quarter of that window. All my things traveled without suffering any damage. They billed me exactly the amount they quoted and I was so happy.

    Move cost: $4300
  • Lawrence Davis
    5 3 months ago

    No one on this earth can possibly understand your attachment to the things you bought with your hard earned money. The movers don’t even understand which paper could be useful, let alone packing with care. Since the moment the men from Charter van lines arrived, they were very polite and friendly. Their work was very efficient and they wasted no time while packing and loading all my belongings. By the time the men had left with my belongings, I was sure that my valuables were safe in their hands. They really did deliver everything unbroken and undamaged. I still can’t believe how easy they made my move seem like. Luckily, there are still companies like these who don’t just pretend to care, they actually do!

    Move cost: $2800
  • Martin Nelson
    5 4 months ago

    Charter van lines gave me a nice crew of prompt movers who were highly dedicated towards the success of my move. I was able to settle in my new home within no time and embark on other more important business, thank you guys. From what Charter van lines did for me as I moved a long distance, there is hardly any better mover in the country. Everything about this company is splendid, from their quality of work to skills of their movers and their moving fees; Charter van lines is simply the best.

    Move cost: $2980
  • William Moore
    5 4 months ago

    Relocating during the Easter is a trauma in itself. Although I had been contacting the moving companies for months, no one could find me a vacant slot. My apartment was already rented out and if I couldn’t find a moving company, I would have become homeless. After calling so many companies, finally charter van lines called me back and gave me a very early morning slot. I’m not an early riser but I took the slot immediately. Their men arrived right on the scheduled time, 7:30 am. I hadn’t packed anything the night before. Anyways, the movers took on the job of packing literally everything. Thank god for these guys because I had too mean of a hangover to help them with anything at all. They finished with all the packing and loading quickly and I was very impressed with their quality of work. Two days later, my things turned up in perfect condition. I’m grateful to these guys beyond any words.

    Move cost: $2430
  • Laura Smith
    1 4 months ago

    If you are planning your move and are considering using Charter Van Lines, there are a few things you should know.

    1. They are ONLY a brokerage company and are not the ones delivering your stuff.

    2. They will give you a low quote to get your deposit and when you get your call to confirm your shipment the price will double. We were quoted 2200 for our move which included 35 boxes. We removed the boxes completely and our order still increased by 150 dollars. Why, because they did not record the measurements of the furniture correctly.

    3. They assure us that our furniture would be there with in 5 -10 days. However when we called to see when it would be delivered after the 5 days were up, we were informed that they had 35 business days to deliver our stuff.

    They say they are a 5 star company but they are not.

    Do not use this company. You've been warned.

    Move cost: $2500
  • Craig Hernandez
    5 4 months ago

    The companies I had hired in the past to move my things were not awful but they weren’t the most efficient either. Then I came across Charter van lines, which amazed me with their superb services. This last move was their absolute best. Nothing needed to be done by me. They know everything of mine probably better that I do. Relying on them makes me feel relieved. As a frequent mover, I feel safe having them in my contact list.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Richard Bryant
    5 5 months ago

    Charter van lines is a moving company worth hiring. This company sent over their movers on time and all the men were very energetic. They were very strong and it showed in the way they carried my heavy pieces of furniture. They were creative in packing and didn’t run out of packing materials. They have been very well trained and I could tell that given how professionally they behaved. They were done with my 3-bedroom house in just 2 hours. The delivery was made on time and all my stuffs were unharmed. I keep hearing people complaining about moving companies. I have no complaints though.

    Move cost: $2790
  • Junior Vallon
    1 5 months ago

    I hired this company after I read their reviews. It was one of the biggest mistake of my life. The agent that took my quote his name was: Daniel, oh ... He is a very dishonest person. Lier and lier. He lies about the stuff and wanted me to pay more money when it's time to come to pickup my stuff. It took them for ever to bring my stuff. Boxes destroyed. I miss my bed frame. They don't respect customer. Please stay away of Charter Van line ok don't deal with them. Specially Daniel. Zero 🌟

    Move cost: $1890
  • Carlos Rodriguez
    1 5 months ago

    I will never recommend their services to anyone. Not even my worst enemies. After all the headaches to cancel and losing out on $610.00 You have not made an enemy of me and others that witnessed all the aches and pains. I will make sure to destroy your business for its not legitimate.

    Move cost: $610
  • Sean Wilson
    5 5 months ago

    Charter van lines didn’t give me the lowest quote but they provided amazing value for the money I paid. I was well aware that the delivery might take a while since they had to cover a long way. But they delivered right on time. The credit really goes to the movers. They maintained the schedule throughout. Their packing skills were amazing and I was blown away by easily they carried everything. It really was a mighty effort by the boys. All my belongings were transported in great condition. They even unpacked everything and put them in place. This level of efficiency is so rare these days.

    Move cost: $1680
  • Faith James
    1 5 months ago

    While all my things arrive in tact the experience was horrible. I needed my stuff to arrive on a certain date and at no point did they tell us that it could take up to a week for my stuff to arrive PAST the date we had originally said I needed the stuff to arrive. Customer service representatives were mean and bitchy when I called to talk to them which I did several times during the whole process. While it was in the contact that we signed at no point in the process or during the numerous conversations did they mention that in some cases it could take UP TO 20 DAYS for my stuff to arrive due to the distance. I am not faulting them for what is in the contract but I would have been able to plan better if they had just been upfront at the beginning about that the time period I wanted was unreasonable. They left a lot of things unmentioned and then got mean and snippy when I asked about why these things where not mentioned beforehand. I would not use them again and I would suggest you don't either.

  • Ernest Parker
    5 6 months ago

    Having to leave your home where you grew up, feel in love and raised your kids is not easy. But when your employer of 35 years decides to lay you off suddenly, you really don’t have a choice. But at least there is a moving company who made sure I move the least painstakingly way. Charter van lines performed an excellent job at moving all my belongings. I'm saying that because many of my friends have had terrible experiences with other movers. As if the movers stopped caring about us just like the economy. At least I have all my belongings intact while I'm starting to make a new life. This moving company has taken very good care of us and our stuffs, that also at a very low price. I am forever grateful.

    Move cost: $2070
  • Miriam Magnuson
    1 6 months ago

    We selected Charter Van lines bc it had reasonable reviews, but we had an absolutely terrible experience. I should note that the subcontractors they actually sent were ok, but Charter underquoted the job by over $3K and once the subcontractors showed up, they said they wouldn't take our things unless we paid more money. That is 50% over the quote. We had also paid for packing services over two days, however, they only packed on the first day and toldus we'd have to pay even more to get the rest of our things packed--so we ended up paying over $9K and had to spend a half day packing last minute.
    Also, many of our things arrived damaged and a lot of our art wasn't packed as promised.
    We reached out to Charter multiple times for explanations of the fees (they will NOT release your stuff to you unless you pay them the outstanding amount--so basically extortion), and to request payment for our damaged items (including one box that never arrived), and did not hear back from them. We also filed a claim with BBB to which Charter has not responded. Do not use them. We did a full inventory and then they claimed things like "heavier than anticipated." A terrible experience when you HAVE to move and can't research other options last minute. This was a very expensive lesson to learn.

    Move cost: $9300
  • Andrew Smith
    5 6 months ago

    I have hired Charter van lines several times now and I can honestly say that they are very reliable. Many movers often complain that moving companies had lost their valuables. But this company is yet to lose any of my boxes. In fact, they do the job so efficiently that my belongings don’t even suffer the slightest of damage. The crews I worked with have always been friendly and helpful. Their customer service always checks up on me even after the move is completed. That really is a nice touch. One thing to note: even if the movers finish the work early, you have to pay them for the whole hour. I think that’s a small price to pay for the amazing job they do.

    Move cost: $1970
  • Johnny Wilson
    5 6 months ago

    Charter van lines is a company that has a huge network, a large fleet and superbly efficient movers. I know this because I have hired them before. They were just as good, if not better, during my last move. They took all the information, cross referenced with my previous move and gave a very reasonable quote. The men who moved my stuffs charged by hour so they had to be quick; and they were. All my stuffs turned up at my new house right on schedule. I am so happy to be recommending them.

    Move cost: $1700
  • Neil Floyd
    5 6 months ago

    For the last two moves I have been hiring Charter van lines. All the people I have dealt with from this company have been very professional and active. I learned many things from them. They showed punctuality in every step of my moves. They are also more economical than others. The movers are very efficient. They packed our all stuffs properly. They have delivered my properties undamaged both times. I think I’m sticking to these guys for all my future moves.

    Move cost: $1900
  • Donald Jenkins
    5 7 months ago

    I wonder why we all can’t get our dreams jobs at the cities we call home. Home will always be home but the big apple does provide me better opportunities in my professional field. The only consolation is that the things that remind me of home are still here with me, thanks to Charter van lines which immaculately transported all my things. They were very professional at their job and they really know how to do their job. I have never seen anyone packing things so perfectly, not even the packing lady at the gift shop. All that at such a good price!

    Move cost: $1800
  • Jordan Rowe
    5 7 months ago

    I've never used a moving company before, and I am so unbelievably happy that we did! I requested a quote from Charter van lines and someone called me just a few minutes later. We scheduled our move and they called to confirm the day before. The two movers they sent were great - they arrived on time and got right to work. They were so nice and kind and took such great care of our things! They were also super-fast -- it would have taken us over a day to take care of everything they did in just over a few hours! Thank you so much for making our move the easiest and least stressful move I've ever had. Now I can rest easy in our new apartment tonight! I'm so incredibly grateful. If you're moving interstate, go with these guys!

    Move cost: $2310
  • Alba Lopez
    1 7 months ago

    Horrible Services from bigenning to 3 weeks later when we got our staff..some broken, and boxes falling apart after being in a warehouse in Chicago for 3 weeks....DO not recommend this company nor Househaulding.
    Will never used them again. Very unhappy

    Move cost: $5
  • Keyer Ganesp
    1 7 months ago

    Very bad service and they charged more on the moving day. I have no other option and paid them. My wife was upset with their services. They delivered scratched sofa.

    Move cost: $1800
  • Karthik Gajula
    1 7 months ago

    A cheating company, they give very low quote and take deposit.On moving day , driver wont agree even for what it is in the contract.They say some stupid reasons that sofa is heavy,boxes are not clean.
    They will leave us and go and don't even refund the money.
    I reserved it and later heard from my friend that its a cheating company,immediately I asked for cancellation but they didn't and on moving day they charged $983 extra.

    Move cost: $2300
  • jags Mji
    1 8 months ago

    This is a broker company, They have tie up with
    Charter van lines is not responsible for any of your items damaged/missing. Even also wont care about your words. I missed my bag which costs $3k with my valuable items. They brought a bag to me which was not belongs to me and when i refused to take that bag, they simply thrown that bag in trash near my building.

    Move cost: $5000
  • Stephanie staton
    1 8 months ago

    This is the type of company we all heard about on the news.
    I was dumb enough to believe them when I went to a moving quite website, they called me. Didn't realize (stupid) the site sold my number to 50 companies.
    Their quote for moving me from TX to MA was $4500. I gave them a $950 "deposit". A few days later, I found out they were a scam. Called to cancel, they refused to refund my money. I disputed with my bank. Bank ended up siding with them because of the contract even though they scammed me.
    This company doesn't own not 1 moving truck much less a van/18 wheeler.

    Move cost: $4500
  • James Hook
    1 8 months ago

    Charter Van Lines underquoted my move by 30%, provided little documentation to justify the increased quote, and then I had 12/40 crushed boxes (due to stacking heavy items on top of light), water damaged cloth furniture (from a leaking trailer and torn heavy duty plastic wrap), and plenty of broken heavy duty plastic totes.

    In a bright spot, Robert, the mover on the delivery, was an excellent and professional fellow who was level headed and did his due diligence for his company in documenting issues.

    However, I would discourage others from using this van line due to everything - especially warehousing and trailer loading at warehousing - leading up until the delivery.

    Move cost: $3000
  • Lisa Moreno
    5 9 months ago

    Charter van lines helped me move to Oregon. It was difficult for me to find a trustworthy moving company, but after I did my research, they somehow stood out. They had plenty of positive reviews and testimonials so I called them immediately. They seemed professional and reliable during our first call, so I decided to go for them. To be honest, I was concerned if my valuable breakables would survive the trip. I was impressed when I realized that nothing was broken or lost throughout the process. They are the best movers I’ve ever met and I’ll be happy to move with them again!

    Move cost: $3200
  • Heather Brown
    5 9 months ago

    Charter van lines managed to accommodate my move although I had only a couple of weeks to move to Indiana for my new job. I got detailed instructions from the sales person so I knew exactly what to expect at any stage of the move.
    I was referred to Charter van lines by my friend and according to his experience I knew they were an honest company I could trust with my belongings. The transition to a new state was an extremely demanding and stressful prospect and these amazing guys were a huge support. They managed to put my mind at ease with their professional and friendly approach.

    Move cost: $698
  • Andrea Hartzach
    4 9 months ago

    I was very impressed with Charter Van lines. I decided to hire this company on such short notice. Although I was nervous, they really fulfilled my needs as a customer. They didn't break anything! That was such a fear of mine. I have already recommended this company to a friend.
    They did everything up to par and was able to help me reserve the elevators on my delivery apartment. The customer service is way better than most that I have dealt with.

    Move cost: $3420
  • Andrew Heinzman
    5 10 months ago

    Charter van lines inc helped me during my cross-country move from California to Jacksonville, FL. I had to move for my job and I didn’t have much time to organize everything. While I was researching moving companies, I noticed that Charter van lines stood out somehow. I went through their reviews which were mostly positive so I called them immediately. Their proactive approach and professionalism actually helped me decide. They were willing to handle everything on short notice and more importantly, I didn’t pay too much. A reasonable pricing combined with a quality service seems to be the best possible option when it comes to choosing a moving company.

    Move cost: $6000
  • Max Denysov
    5 10 months ago

    We used Charter van lines inc to move our family home to Calabasas, CA. I have to admit that researching moving companies was a painful and time-consuming experience. At some point the colleague of mine recommended Charter van lines. I called them immediately, our communication went smoothly and they answered right away all my questions and concerns. There was a slight issue with the truck, but they took care of it in no time. They took care of my items with the utmost care so I didn’t have to worry about anything. Eventually I paid exactly the same amount that was previously quoted.

    Move cost: $2650
  • Kasey Carroll
    5 10 months ago

    I’m so glad my friend referred me to Charter van lines. It turned out that hiring them was one of the best decisions ever. Great customer service and moving and packing skills make this company one of the greatest service providers I’ve ever dealt with. Everything was pretty straight-forward with them – transparent pricing, quality and timely service, great communication, friendly but professional approach.
    Now all I can say is that I will recommend these guys with all my heart to all my coworkers, friends and relatives. I will use them again for sure if I have to move house again. They are definitely one of the best in the business.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Lindsay Grystar
    1 10 months ago

    Charter Van Lines is a moving broker who contracted another (awful) company for my move out of NYC. I was told one thing on the phone when booking the move, and when the movers showed up the entire opposite was true and they tried to charge me $1k more. Of course I when I emailed Luke, who scheduled my move, to tell him they need to understand how the moving companies they are contracting to ACTUALLY work and bill, I got no response. They'll say anything to get you to sign that contract and then it's all out the window. What a shame. Your deposit goes right to Charter for doing nothing and falling off the face of the earth, and then you pay another moving company on top of that. Just be aware!

    Move cost: $1800
  • Kym Buchanan
    5 10 months ago

    Charter van lines movers helped me wrap some of the fragile and sentimental items I wasn’t sure how to pack. They ensured a painless move and I’m really grateful for it. I had a terrible experience with another company during my previous move and I even considered moving everything by myself this time. Luckily, a colleague of mine recommended Charter van lines saying that they were a great help for his family. He actually convinced me to give them a chance and at this point I’m glad that I did that. In order to keep me as a customer they even offered a free furniture disassembling service. Best movers ever!

    Move cost: $2500
  • Tla Tla
    1 11 months ago

    I had a bad experience with Charter Van Lines, trust the user experiences on Yelp even if their company has an A+ rating on BBB. It's incorrect.

    They do not disclose a lot of information during the quoting process which resulted in me sleeping on the floor for 3 weeks without my belonging and the actual movers (some company contracted out of another state) overcharging me $200 the day of delivery, incorrectly too, but didn't find out until after the movers left.

    The real delivery times per the Bill of Lading Contract for the contracted movers (not Charter Van Lines)
    Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions--Carrier will attempt delivery within 10 (Ten) days for delivery within 500 miles, 14 (Fourteen) days for delivery within 501-1000 mils and up to 21 (Twenty-one) days for delivery within 1001-1500 miles and within 30 (Thirty) days for delivery over 1500 miles from the FIRST available delivery date requested.
    Which means, say the first available delivery date is the next day, no matter what. I went without my belongings for 3 weeks in an empty house. Had to sleep on the floor and put my guests visiting (who were excited to stay in my new place) up in a hotel. The broker agent will not care about responding or helping you after they've made their deal.

    A flight of stairs equals 10 steps, if you have a landing in between each floor then the moving company will count that as 2 sets of stairs. So when I told the agent I was on the 3rd floor, he didn't ask if there was a landing and when I negotiated the price down by the amount of additional floors. What they really did was deduct the $60 fee from their own brokerage profit and left the 1 flight of stairs so the movers ended up recharging me for the additional and more stairs than expected at delivery. The contracted movers threatened me into paying the additional fees: "Either pay me an extra $200 or I leave all your things outside on the ground"

    I paid $2,600 just to wait for my furniture for 3 weeks. And had to go buy basic living items during that time. If it's going to cost you about that much to hire local movers at each location to load and unload, a U-Haul and 2-3 days driving time. I would suggest you just move your own things, you'll save on the heart and headache.

    Move cost: $2600
  • Dimmie Nalson
    4 11 months ago

    My husband and I used Charter Van Lines for our recent move to Boston. We decided to find our own moving company after reading some of the reviews of the movers his employer was willing to pay for. This company was great at communicating with us every step of the way. There was an issue with one of the drivers at the pickup site. He was rude and on his personal cell phone for the majority of the time he was at our house. We called and spoke to their customer service after the pickup was completed and they assured us this would be addressed as they do not tolerate this type of behavior. We later found out that mover was fired and they made sure the driver and the crew that arrived for delivery was A+. We did have a few items show up scratched which was easy to fix on our own so we did not file a claim for. I would rate them 4/5 stars.

    Move cost: $5400
  • Hana Avramov
    3 11 months ago

    I moved with Charter Van Lines and it seemed at first that they did a good job. I wasn’t involved in the process because I had other personal issues to deal with and I decided to trust them with my belongings. They took care of packing and transporting my belongings and they seemed totally trustworthy.
    When I was unpacking I noticed some unfamiliar items that weren’t mine. What’s more, those items were damaged and my movers claimed they had nothing to do with it. It was an unpleasant situation for everyone involved and I don’t think I will recommend this company to anyone.

    Move cost: $3100
  • Jade Gorziaman
    5 12 months ago

    I had two weeks to set up a move since I waited until the last minute of my lease. The company got me set up and picked up within three days. Awesome. I have a small two-bedroom apartment. It was packed and loaded within two hours. The unfortunate part is that I am on the fourth floor. No close by elevators or stairs and the ‘easy’ access is a very long parking garage. It didn’t seem to faze the movers at all.

    Move cost: $5000

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