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    39 reviews for All United Moving and Storage

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    • Aliyah Ali
      1 3 days ago

      This is a scam company. They are TERRIBLE. They will lie to you and put things in the contract you did not discuss. My move in date was Nov 11 but they won't bring my stuff closer to Dec 16th because it's not convenient yet for them to bring it. No one told me I would be sleeping on the floor of my new apartment for over a month and be using plastic cutlery and plates. I am a health care worker and that means nothing to them. They still won't bring my stuff sooner. Horrible company. Avoid at all costs.

      Move cost: $1800
    • Esther Johnson
      1 7 days ago

      This company is a complete fraud and a nightmare. They are a broker company which they book jobs with no carrier then place it on a board to find someone that can move it. Please book directly with a moving carrier to avoid unnecessary hassle and miscommunication between the two. This company takes no responsibility and can care less about their customers, once you pay your deposit and the 48 hr window is up you lose your deposit and that is when the night mare begins. Do your research on these companies. This broker has only been in business 5 months. Be responsible with your money we are in hard times.

    • Sarah Egan
      1 3 weeks ago

      This company is BRUTAL TO WORK WITH. PLEASE DISREGARD ALL THESE REVIEWS BECAUSE IT DOES NOT SEEM TO FIT THE BILL OF WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED. Originally everything seemed great until the first Red Flag was when I couldnt get ahold the company and the sales manager I spoke with after my first initial call. On October 9th my items were picked up to move across the country. I was moving alone and I put my faith in this company to make it an easy transition. I have been out here now for over a month and my stuff still has not arrived. When I call, I get this lady named Kayla who wont transfer you to anyone else but herself even though she is not the owner or manager. She is rude and doesnt answer any questions you ask she just says "this is what was emailed on so and so date". The one thing you need to know is this is the company that just hires another company to move your stuff an you have no idea who they are going to choose. I will be bringing them to court if my stuff is not here within the next three days as this is absolutely ridiculous and no one should be at this inconvenience ever.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Farhad Banisadr
      1 4 weeks ago

      Buyer beware:
      I would give this company a Zero Star, if that was an option. They are an absolute rip off and just a middle-man that takes your money and does not deliver. Yet, the owner of the company asks you to put in a good review for them on this site. They have taken $638 of deposit from us, cancelled the contract, and promised to send us a refund to no avail. I have been in contact with the Department of Transportation, BBB, and the State of Florida about this company. I seriously hope that you don't go through what we did with these smooth-taking people.

      Move cost: $1957
    • Jesse McIntyre
      1 4 weeks ago

      Avoid this ripoff. They will low ball the quote and hand you off to another ripoff experience. I would rate them a negative number. Not even sure this company exists or just a room full of rip off artists.

    • Roneka Stephend
      1 1 month ago

      This company is not honest. I was quoted one price 2500 then it ended up being 3900. When you call back for help you can’t get a hold of anyone and the person you sold you the deal blocks you and sends you to customer service. My items were not documented well so a television was stolen from me my shoes that I pay a lot of money for just robbed on top of the extra fees and I had to pay of because they don’t tell you about the fees or that they’re a broker company until your items are finally picked up. Worst experience of my life. I’m a nurse working with covid and didn’t have time to move this was so disappointing

      Move cost: $3900
    • Meiling Kwok
      1 1 month ago

      This is not a moving company, they're brokers. DO NOT USE THEM! This is not a fake review and I did use them, until their pathetic and rude customer service made me cancel the service. They never returned my $762 deposit.
      William Adams, their sales person will be persistent and tenacious in trying to make sure all things look legit. When I told Will that I'm not going to go ahead with them based on all the bad reviews he even lies to you saying that their reviews are bad as its getting mixed with All United Moving and Storage LLC and not Inc. and the bad reviews on are for services and people that never booked with them at all. He also reassures you that he will always be available, but that is not true either. Once he gets the deposit from you, he disappears and never answers your phone or replies to emails.
      They charge you by cubic ft. and I found out later after wasting my time and energy on All United and their team, that legit, reputable and professional moving companies actually charge you by weight and mileage as those figures are actually measured and verified.
      Their Quality Assurance person Kayla is rude, reprimands you, the customer, lectures and even shouts at you like you're not a paying customer but as if they're paying you. She screamed that she's cancelling my order, is keeping my $762 deposit and hung up on me! Unapologetic and appalling, I should've trusted my instincts in the first place to not use them for moving my goods.
      The worst experience ever!!!

      Move cost: $3200
    • Robert Morigeau
      1 1 month ago

      Total Scam! I was literally took for $1,993. During my initial estimate I told the rep that I had a 10x 30 unit that was completely full. I was given a quote of a little over $6,000. No big deal. I received a phone call a few days before move to confirm. And was told that my new estimate was $13,200! And we could not receive our deposit back. COMPLETE B.S. for a company to work this way. STAY AWAY!

      Move cost: $1993
    • Yong Choi
      1 2 months ago

      I would stay away from this business, All United Moving from Miami Lakes. The sales team will share this website to direct you to all the fake reviews on this site. I encourage you to heed the advice of the complaints as opposed to the 5 star reviews that are littered on this company's "verified movers" page. You can't find this company on Google reviews, nor Yelp which should have been a huge red flag to me. I'm in the process of retrieving my deposit, as I am weeks away from my move.

      The reason why I am not moving forward with their services is because I have attempted to get in contact after my initial deposit. They don't pick up their phones and they don't respond to multiple email inquires. The one time a lady picked up the phone, she informed me that nothing about our agreement can be changed until 5 days from the move date. They cannot control things like providing proof of insurance, modifying the final moving address and modifying goods. If you read other unfavorable reviews, their experiences are similar, and some are downright disasters. I was told in the sales process that these are the anomalies, but from my experience, I can only see that this is the norm. A business should NOT be run like this, and I encourage All United Moving to improve their business practices, be honest with their customers instead of causing distress.

      Move cost: $2000
    • John Jenkins
      5 2 months ago

      I am so thankful for this company. I had to move my mother to live with us due to her failing health and they took care of everything. I wasn't able to be there due to work so i paid for the full pack service and the guys packed up everything including the china. I booked my move with Frankie he was extremely professional ad was always available through the entire move as we had many questions. Thanks Again All AMERICAN!!!!

      Move cost: $2533
    • Peter Johnson
      5 2 months ago

      All United Moving did not disappoint. About a month ago I was scheduled to move with a different company, but the price that they told me changed on the day of the move. Out of principle, I decided to decline their services.

      A friend of mine recommended that I call All united moving. They gave me an accurate price, and you could tell that the movers were extremely experienced. All of my important items were wrapped and treated with care.

      You won't be disappointed if you choose to go with these guys.

      Move cost: $6180
    • Jim Keller
      1 2 months ago

      1st off, this is a broker not a mover. They won't tell you that in their slick and hurried talk., but be sure they not one truck. Once they get your initial deposit you will hear nothing from them, not even the committed QA call to reconfirm contents of your goods. Them slmost exactly 24hrs before your move date/time you will get a call. Then and only then will you get the real movers name. When i asked about the QA discussion that was to occur 5 days ahead of move i was told (abruptly) that i would need to take that up with the driver, not her problem! In my case, the mover they were sending had possibly the worst ratings i had ever seen. I would not entrust my belongings to a joint with ratings like that and im quite certain that fits their model. Beware of Jack Webber. He will tell you he will be there every step of the way, but you'll speak to him once, then he will disappear. I gave this company 99 phone calls to 4 different numbers over 2 weeks....not one time was a call answered. Now im loading a U-Haul and thankful I'm in control. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

      Move cost: $2600
    • Marie Madrid
      1 2 months ago

      I would not recommend this broker you will end up paying much more than they quote you. They do not check into these people that are moving your belongings the moving company they sent me has 1 star reviews on Google all complaints about how awful the moving company is I did not know who was picking up my belongings until they got there and did not google them until after they already had all my belongings assuming the brokers would send a reputable moving company. It has been a HORRIBLE experience I finally got my belongings today and my brand new bedroom set has damage to almost every piece! And to make matters worse I had to pay the driver an extra 300 to deliver my damaged furniture

      Move cost: $3600
    • Edward Anderson
      1 2 months ago

      Stay away from this business. I never got to move because my initial quote (which I left a non refundable deposit) didn't match the "quality Assurance guy " quote which also happens to be in the same building!!! I am out nearly 1000 and they didn't do anything but give me two different quotes.. They are scammers!! The first call is a high pressure, low dollar quote by some salesman, mines was Jack Webber, at least that is what he said. These are brokers and not movers. They make money off of your deposits. Stay away!!!!! THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM.

      Move cost: $5300
    • Mike Thornton
      5 2 months ago

      These guys did a tough job with no complaints while doing it. The whole team is amazing from customer service reps to the drivers. I am so happy with the teams professionalism from pickup to delivery. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a smooth move.

      Move cost: $3899
    • Michael Griffiths
      1 2 months ago

      I decided to give my credit card for the deposit and they come back on the line as they are charging the card and raise the pricing they just emailed over to me. Fraud, BEWARE , Do Not Use this Company!!!

    • Brett Carlyle
      5 3 months ago

      Companies that do good moving services are really hard to find here, but god we’re these guys great. They explained the job they were going to do in amazing detail and told me that due to covid -19, that there wasn’t going to be any big pricing because it wasn’t fair for people struggling. I appreciated that because even though I’m not struggling some people are and that’s incredible. They came to my ex home and did everything quickly and were done in three hours and less!!

      Move cost: $4400
    • Kai Bear
      1 3 months ago

      This company is completely fraudulent DO NOT AND REPEAT DO NOT USE THEM. They have an active investigation for not delivering consumers items! Think I’m lying? Call the BBB in Montana, Colorado, and Florida and many other states. They originally quoted me $1600, but after my belongings were on the truck, the very intimidating black men tried to force me to pay $4800 up front. They were in my home for over 4 hours threatening and putting me in distress about paying them up front. I’m a single mother of two, my late husband past last year. It was just me and my 2 children that are under the age of 5. After speaking with Aria and getting the run around they agreed to take my stuff for an additional 50% deposit of the now $4800 so called cost. They weren’t even able to fit all my items because the very small section of the truck wouldn’t fit it, even though I was quoted a way bigger space. I still have not received my items, I was contacted by not only a detective about this company but also about the active investigation on Kris and Aria as well as the “fleet of movers” they have/hire. No one knows where my stuff is, it has been over 2 months now. I had pictures of my wedding day and things of my husbands I will never be able to replace. All United has literally ruined me. At this point all I want is my stuff, keep the money but please give me my stuff. They are con-artists at its finest. In due time the law will be on my side but until then I will continue to warn people about these lying, immoral people.

      Move cost: $1600
      All United Moving and Storage
      3 months ago

      To Our Valued Customer
      We must confirm that we do not have a “Kai Bear” listed in our customer log. However, we do see it fit to address this matter as much as we possible can. First, let us extended our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this move.
      We are a reputable broker from Florida and we will do everything by the policies of US DOT, FMSCA and all other regulating bodies in the Moving Industry to make our brand a reputable one. After reading your review we have narrowed down to only two customers with us that has fall under this situation at hand. Yes, we will confirm there is a police investigation going on, NOT with our company as stated by you but with a carrier that was listed with us. We are a broker and our sole purpose is to act as a shipping agent and find a reputable carrier to transport your goods (by our knowledge at the time, we did) from pick up to delivery. The carrier listed was authorized by the legal authorities; so, unless changed or notified by such regulators of the industry, we would not have been able to foresee this issue. This was brought to our attention on 9/9/2020 by a news cast on the internet and immediately we contacted the two customers (that’s how we know who you are) and the detective to see how best we could resolve this issue. We did exactly what was requested by the Detective (to provide all customer info) including phone numbers etc. That’s how you were contacted and notified of this issue on 9/9/2020.
      Some points for clarity:
      • All issues you listed were problems encountered on your pick up with the said carrier, which we have been working on since your day of pick up and you brought them to our attention.
      • We only collected a deposit of 33% which was our initial charge for broker fees. We have NOT charged you any other fees (fees you spoke about in your review were charged by the carrier for additional services).
      • Thirdly, the two customers in question were picked up on 8/25 and 9/3 so your statement that you were picked up 2 months ago is also incorrect.
      We are doing everything we possibly can to work with the authorities to have your items delivered to you in Florida or return to you in Colorado. We will continue to work with the authorities to rid the system of companies like these. Our team is committed to continue offering the best customer service we can. Feel free to contact us for any updates

      Customer Service Manager

    • Anthony Williams
      5 3 months ago

      All United Moving & Storage was phenomenal!! Will was our agent when we called he basically went and took us through process and answered all our questions and concerns. We were given a fair rate, a little less than the standard price with what I was previously getting. Customer service was great, both Kayla and Aria have been amazing to both my wife and I. The movers arrived on time, we had to pay them extra but that's because we didn't have the packing service and we had many items that needed special packing. Kris in quality assurance surely made sure that all our inventory was accurate before the movers arrived, the cubic feet was accurate and their was no issues with the adjustments we made a few days prior to the move. I've never had this level of service and amazing team of people. This was the easiest Five star, thank you so much All United Moving

      Move cost: $6200
    • Veronica Torrent
      5 4 months ago

      Thank you GOD for my mother. Was running into problems with my last movers as they never showed up to come pick up my items(fighting with them now to get my deposit back). But luckily my mother already had previous great experiences with all United and her rep Rich. Rich was absolutely amazing and had such great manners and professionalism! Reassurance and comfort is what he sold me on and that is what I got as he understood I didn’t have the money to run into the same issue I had w/ the last movers. Aria was also a great help in the customer service department as she assisted me with what to do when the movers arrived. Not exaggerating when I say I 100% will be giving them business again when if I move again!

      Move cost: $2600
    • Anne Kory
      5 4 months ago

      From the first day I talked with Jake Webber, from All United Moving about my move and what I was looking for and needing. I was immediately impressed with Jake and his expertise for what I needed. He was such a joy to talk with sweet and kind, we even laughed, it was very relaxing and stress free for me. I also spoke with Aria who was delight as well. And then today talking with Kris, getting all last minute things taken care of was wonderful. I want to thank you all for making my move so easy. I will be letting everyone know how Awesome you are. Thanks again....Anne

    • Alex Charles
      5 4 months ago

      These guys did an amazing job. This is the best moving experience I have had so far. They are reliable and extremely friendly people. They handled everything perfectly!! Always on time, and great service! I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. I would love to use them again in future. Highly recommended.

    • Kimberly Jones
      5 4 months ago

      I have moved several times in my life and have used many different movers, All United Moving by far is the best mover I have ever used. Jake Webber was fantastic he explained all the ins and outs of the business and helped me get the best rate by making my reservation with a Military Veteran discount. Mr. Webber made the processes simple and followed up with my move to address any questions. Jake was the key to making my move STRESS FREE. When I move in the the future I will definitely use All United. I will recommend the company to all my family and friends who are moving in the future. I was compelled to do this review because of the excellent treatment that I received and I was surprised that the move went so well.

      Move cost: $2850
    • Sebastian Alvarez
      5 4 months ago

      As some one who has moved many times in the last decade. And have used different companies along the way. I can definitely say this has been by far the best experience. Nothing was broken service was great. Was the first time I can say its been great moving experience. Thank you to the guys at All United Moving. Definitely earned my business!!!!

      Move cost: $4000
    • Mike Wilson
      5 4 months ago

      I booked a move for my son to move back home in July. At first I was very hesitant but after talking to Gary my Sales rep, I was happy with the information he provided. He was very clear with his pricing and the process to have my son's stuff picked up and delivered over 1000 miles away. Their customer service answered all my questions and were with me through this the entire process. We won't be moving again but I would recommend this company to everyone I know.

      Move cost: $4375
    • Carmen Revilla
      5 4 months ago

      Extremely impressive service. My movers arrived on time and finished their work with utmost efficiency and speed. I can't praise this company enough. It was the best move I have ever experienced, specially because I did not have the best experience with brokers in the past, I must say I have found the best company. I
      was leaning towards a name know company because of previous experience and feedback from friends and family but they were completely out of my price range. All United Moving not only assisted me throughout the whole process but they found the right price for me. I was very hesitant at first but I trusted my gut feeling on this one and I am glad I did. I am more then pleased, Thank you so All United Moving. I will recommend them to anyone thinking of moving.

      Move cost: $8900
    • Rebecca Medard
      5 4 months ago

      MOST RELIABLE COMPANY! Within a few days of calling multiple moving companies in search of a decent rate. All United Moving was the only company willing to travel out of state without charging an arm and a leg. Being that I had to move back up north within a short amount of time. Rich was able to set me up with a truck for that week and The manager Manny was able to help me find a connecting route with excellent discounts. The movers literally arrived to NY with all items intact and positives attitudes in very reasonable time. I was hesitant due to the fact that they were brokers but it has been a phenomenal experience and the carrier they connected me with were excellent. I appreciate the customer service and I’m thankful for the Quality & Assurance team that called me a few days before my move to make sure my inventory was accurate, Kris was very detailed and made sure I didn’t deal with extra charges at the time of pick up this was definitely “money's worth.”

      Move cost: $2800
    • James Carter
      5 4 months ago

      These guys have the best customer service. I really felt taken care of by their friendly and attentive staff. I had compared prices and these guys have the best, wouldn't go anywhere else. They made my moving process a breeze - Highly recommended!!

      Move cost: $1900
    • Oscar Rosales
      5 4 months ago

      All United Moving & Storage saved us. We hired another mover who weren't able to make it. But All United Moving & Storage were fast and efficient. They were very careful with our furniture. I am so thrilled with this company and will hire them again!!

      The customer service while booking the moving was EXTRAORDINARY!
      GREAT choice.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Jordan Henry
      5 4 months ago

      When I first moved my original movers bailed the day of, I was furious and felt hopeless, I was advised to contact All United Moving by a friend and put into contact with Kris, who was extremely helpful and willing to work with and even honor the price that I had with the other company and expedited the process and made it possible to get me a transport! I would use them again without a question.

      Move cost: $2700
    • Dominique Brown
      5 4 months ago

      This company is the best by far. They helped out with my family's move when we had trouble finding someone else. They are very professional to say the least... Aria, Manny the manager & the rep Joe were exceptional I would recommend them to anyone!!

      Move cost: $4200
    • Michael Figueroa
      5 4 months ago

      I highly recommend All United Moving. I called a week before my move and they were able to accommodate my move at a great cost. The price was very fair not the cheapest versus other companies I called. Kris and Monyk are amazing and we're there with me throughout the whole process from the point of sale to the delivery of my goods! I was very hesitant dealing with brokers, but honestly they made my experience so worth it and directed me to the right carrier and will be recommending everyone I know to this company, I did have to pay at a little more on site, but that's because I forgot a few items but the movers were kind enough to give me a discount.

      Move cost: $7500
    • John Latgers
      5 4 months ago

      I had no idea what to expect. I have heard so many horror stories but I knew that i still needed to hire a mover, so I put my info out there and poof Patrick called me and made this whole process make sense and I felt at ease. The movers came a day early and I was ready. The move went incredibly smooth and my cost was less than expected so I am very pleased

      Move cost: $3750
    • Scott Carruthers
      5 4 months ago

      Put my information in online. Got a lot of calls...annoying! I got a few quotes from multiple moving companies before All United Movers contacted me. Reviews looked good with them, and the price was reasonable. It wasn't the cheapest but some companies were quoting me WAY too low, so i was cautions about those companies, and i was right...other companies had reviews about item hostage, low price then the SLAM you with another bill from what i read. All United gave me the price, and that was the price, start to finish. took about 10 days to get my items, which i expected, items showed up intact and they did everything for me...very satisfied. If i ever move again, (hope i don't have to) i'd use them again for sure.

      Move cost: $4890
    • Anthony Rodriguez
      5 4 months ago

      Really helpful
      This was my third long-distance move and I'm happy to say that it went very smoothly. I'm very happy and satisfied with the service I received from everyone. I'll definitely use their services again the next time I need to move my entire household.

      Move cost: $4150
    • Steve Winesberg
      5 4 months ago

      Very impressed with the quality of the move, the team stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process which definitely gave me a peace of mind. My Items were delivered in great condition and everything was done in a timely manner. I have moved quite a few times and I can say I will be using this company again.

      Move cost: $5127
    • Ismael Florentine
      5 4 months ago

      Was VERY hesitant w/ hiring a moving company due to all the horror stories I hear about the moving industry. But... hiring All united to be my mover was the absolute best thing I could’ve possibly have done. 10/10 these guys were amazing!!

      Move cost: $3690
    • Cherise Carberry
      5 5 months ago

      Absolutely satisfied with the work that All United has done! I was curious on using a moving service company and so excited and happy that I finally pulled through with it. The guys who helped me out were knowledgeable on which items to prioritize and load and unload. Honestly an upgrade from using a moving help anywhere else. I was impressed with the efficiency All United provided overall and I am greatly appreciative of the workers professionalism. Will bookmark them for future use and for friends and family. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional like them, best decision you can make!

      Move cost: $4250
    • Emmanuel Mouss
      5 5 months ago

      We had 3 movers for our move from All United moving and they were so professional, so helpful, and went above and beyond to help us. They got along with my puppy and they were just respectful. None of our furniture was damaged because they took the time to wrap everything up. They are just the best. I recommend them highly.

      Move cost: $2800

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