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54 reviews for One Way Van Lines LLC

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  • Nicholas Jeffrey
    1 2 weeks ago

    They really deserve zero stars. Please save your time and money and avoid this company! I told my significant other to go with a trusted company we used before, but we went with the cheaper company and sadly we are still dealing with the aftermath. One Way Van Lines and our broker Mover Dudes promised to contact us 48 hours before the movers arrived, but they never reached out. We only found out the night before the movers arrived thanks to our due diligence in contacting them. They day they were supposed to show up we reached out, cause once again we didn't hear from Mover Dudes or One Way Van Lines, and they couldn't give us any exact time, even though we received an email that stating they would be at our place between 8-10 am. The problems started from there and everything they promised before the move were false advertising and a response I received to their terrible service was that they are busy. When the movers showed up, two didn't speak english and the third spoke broken english. They could barely communicate and introduced themselves by antagonizing my dogs and I asked them to politely leave them alone, but clearly they barely understood english and this caused a communication barrier. They blasted some Eastern European music without asking, stocked my fridge with their energy drinks and water without asking, and left the freezer open due to their energy drinks not properly placed. They chain smoked outside of my house (leaving an ashtray of cigarette butts in my driveway) and when I checked in with them, I could barely understand them and they came off as rude. They left my house a mess with tape and I had to clean it up myself. They lingered around after they finished and continued to chain smoke and make themselves feel at home. I tried to get them on the road as quick as possible and paid them and sadly tipped them (cause I was so worried about them messing with my stuff, but they didn't deserve any type of tip). They main guy who barely spoke English was on his blue tooth the whole time and was audible down the street. I tried to pay and sign stuff, just to get rid of them and they were about the leave without me signing anything. I reminded them about signing the inventory list. He never went over anything on the list, I just signed it to get them away from my house. It was a mistake, cause now I'm told the document that was never explained and I was rushed into signing stated I owed an extra $600, even though when I asked the guy that barely spoke english about cubic footage, he said we probably wouldn't owe any extra. They sent me a blackmail email the next day, sounding like something out of a Bruce Willis movie, that if I didn't pay the extra $600 my items wouldn't make it out of Baltimore. My significant other contacted Mover Dudes and the actual moving company One Way Van Lines. Both companies have continued to pass the buck and have had poor customer service and little to no follow-up. They say you get what you pay for and I regret every day that we went with this company. I'm taking the time to write this, so that you won't make the same mistake. Go with a trusted company that has great customer service and will care about the items they are shipping. We didn't save any money and have had to contact them on a daily basis with little to no response and it is aggravating and emotional draining. Please, please, please, listen to your gut or significant other swipe left on One Way Van Lines.

  • Elise Hoover
    1 2 months ago

    This company is unprofessional, unresponsive and will try to pile on extra charges.
    When loading my belongings into the truck at pick-up, the team did extra packaging (bubble wrap, etc) that they then charged me for. They did not ask me if I wanted to do that (even though I was present the whole time) and I assumed it was a part of the moving/packing estimate I'd negotiated with the company. When I was charged an extra $325, the company representatives refused to discuss any solution. I was told that it was my word against that of their employees and "there was nothing they could do". After multiple attempts to call and email the manager, I filed a claim with my credit card to refuse the charge. Only THEN did I get a prompt reply telling me that I couldn't file a claim for damages while I still owed them money.
    And yes, my belongings were damaged. Multiple boxes squished (even those clearly marked fragile) and two bookcases cracked/shelves broken.
    In addition, despite multiple requests for an estimated arrival, I received only 6 hours’ notice of delivery and had to leave work early. The truck traveled from Baltimore to Kansas City, leaving what most would assume is plenty of time to update me that the truck was on its way and to estimate an arrival day. Yet I received ZERO communication until the day of.
    Do not hire this company.

    Move cost: $2400
  • Kirsten Jones
    1 2 months ago


    VERY responsive when trying to make a reservation and get my deposit $$. But when I needed to cancel, I got ignored and hung up on.

    I made a reservation within 5 days before my move. The next morning after I made the reservation and put a deposit down of $220.00, I found out I will no longer be able to move forward with my relocation. As per their cancellation policy, your full deposit will be returned if you cancel with written notice by 5pm the next day after your reservation when booking within 5 days of your move. I did exactly that. And have sent 3 e-mails since to "Regina Pink" & "Deena Chavis". Ive made phone calls and been hung up on. I now will have to file a chargeback as well as file a complaint with the BBB since this is stealing.

    I move a lot, and would have moved forward with them when I was ready, but after this, NO WAY, especially after reading these horrible reviews (which i should have done first!)

  • Christine Cope
    4 4 months ago

    An absolutely incredible moving experience. These gentlemen were on the top of everything from the initial telephone call I made to the Customer Service. They gave the impression to be very clear with conversation and also details about the very first quote they sent to us. A couple of days from the appointed moving time, we got a couple of matters came up and they gave us permission to change our moving date without extra price.

    All round, they handled our things with care during our shift and we're extremely pleased with the kind of services they provided. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for their good work!

    Move cost: $1450
  • Lawrence Knopp
    4 4 months ago

    This company was a bit expensive but worth every penny. We relocated from a 2 bedroom apartment to a large home. They get you to fill out a form referring to the number of rooms you possess and also the distance. There is also a going per hour range. They were punctual, equipped with using 4 gentlemen, pads, rolling strollers, and cloth containers. They did not destroy a thing. They took them to the areas we preferred to have our packing containers noticeable. They look over our stuff and park the truck correctly. They were quick, robust and considerate. They misunderstood our items and transmitted one more truck free of charge in order to complete the move on effectively. The office staff members were courteous and trustworthy. They did an excellent job. Whenever we'll move again we'll get in touch with them.

    Move cost: $1825
  • William Oleary
    4 4 months ago

    My move from NY to Alabama went well. I have no complaints about the move other than a slight delay at the destination, but it was fine. All my goods arrived in one piece and I did not pay more than quoted. Movers were on time, professional and packed well. My sales rep was Adrian and she was very good at walking me through the process. I would use them again. Great job guys!

    Move cost: $5655
  • Michael Woodruff
    3 4 months ago

    These guys wasted time moving us from New York to North Carolina last month, February. After booked with them and given us a moving date, they didn't turn up until 2 days past. They made my wife and I hang around. Personally, I'm giving them 3-stars because they simply worked well as they arrived. That's all I can say!

    Move cost: $2100
  • Kris Reidy
    4 4 months ago

    They moved our office typewriters and other pieces of equipment to our new site in Norcross, GA and there was no problem. The movers carefully handled everything and we were happy with their service.

    Move cost: $1000
  • Kathy Massie
    5 4 months ago

    My husband was enthusiastic about hiring One Way van lines and they ended up providing a great service! We'll recommend them to all our family and friends!!!

    Move cost: $3300
  • Trune Sims
    5 4 months ago

    The crew who were sent for my move had a great attitude!!! I praised them for their hardworking and friendly manner and would hire again!!

    Move cost: $4150
  • Cynthia Luh
    4 4 months ago

    I had them moved my daughter's college items during the last school holidays. They used their smaller van for the delivery since it wasn't too big loads. They arrived on the said date and took charge of their duty. There were no hidden charges. The person who loaded the items was careful. The move wasn't a long distance...from Santa Maria to San Francisco. Price was reasonable and service was cordial. I recommend One Way team!

    Move cost: $850
  • Lenora Vaughn
    4 4 months ago

    The initial movers we booked disappointed us so my husband went for OWVL as an alternative. Really, they worked beyond our expectation! We didn't know that these guys have experts in the moving business until we dealt with them. We were surprised by the level of service they provided. Definitely, we will use them again and will recommend to people!!!

    Move cost: $3250
  • Kaplan Moore
    4 4 months ago

    At least, I can trust these movers! I had encountered a lot of problems in my recent moves so I took time and searched for another moving company. I am very happy that I made the right decision and One Way crew did not disappoint me. They were on the job and they finished the packing on time. Thanks!

    Move cost: $3740
  • Bradley Armstrong
    5 4 months ago

    If I should move again, local or cross country, the One Way Van Lines would be my best choice.

    Move cost: $6400
  • Eric Hung
    5 4 months ago

    They were incredible. They understood the whole thing we expected them to do. They were very careful about taking care of our pieces. The period for packing those items in the truck, they also handled them with care and attention. One Way Van Lines made the move looked fascinated from start to finish. If we need to move at some point, we will definitely make contact with the company again.

    Move cost: $2300
  • Ronald Sizemore
    4 4 months ago

    I had moved with the One Way Van Lines in two occasions and I can simply say they were all good to move with. The only problem I had with them on this particular move was their time delay! But coming to professionalism and friendly behavior, I enjoyed their services.

    Move cost: $1300
  • Mathew Kernel
    4 4 months ago

    Chartered One Way Van Lines to move my loads from New Jersey to Kentucky recently and was impressed with their performance. The team was reliable and kind! Will book them repeatedly for all my moves and will also recommend them to everyone who requires an outstanding mover.

    Move cost: $2130
  • Paul Wynn
    5 5 months ago

    This is the second time we had to make use of these movers and in all, they were great. Our transfer was out of Maryland to Ohio. This ended up being a 2 master bedroom house that needed complete packing. Overall, we were very happy with their expert services and would likely hire them again when necessary.

    Move cost: $3680
  • Geraldine Macdonald
    4 5 months ago

    One Way van lines helped us relocated 3 weeks ago and my family and I could not end up being happy with their assistance! They transformed my point of view regarding moving agencies. In no way did the movers grumble, they stuffed every little thing gently and in addition, they were prepared, and not a single thing seemed to be affected! They were extremely ethical and experts, again, they made what normally can be described as a major problem into an enjoyable experience. In regards to unwrapping, they gave a hand to put all my hefty pieces of furniture the place where I wanted. They did that also without doing damage to anything at all! This provider is obviously the most effective mover we have ever worked with, involving the reasonable cost, skilled and well-mannered employees, and also the top customer support I have ever had since using movers. I feel like to share this review about our experience with such incredible movers.

    Move cost: $12325
  • Justin Happel
    4 5 months ago

    In my continuous search for a reliable mover, my colleagues recommended One Way van lines to me and after dealing with them, I can clearly say, these guys are among the best movers around. I can’t thank them enough for the service they rendered. I’ll also recommend them!!!

    Move cost: $12460
  • Ruth Vannatta
    5 5 months ago

    We hired these movers to get our belongings shifted from Los Angeles to Portland, OR, last week and they made the whole process very easy for us. Nico was the main man in charge and he was such a nice person. Everything was done accurately. Thanks and hoping to get in touch with you guys again!

    Move cost: $3200
  • Ravin Ibrn
    4 5 months ago

    After searching for movers for several weeks I met One Way Van Lines through a friend's recommendation. Truly, they made me proud and I'll also recommend them to others! I didn't know these guys could finish the job as quick as that. They're really moving experts!!!

    Move cost: $2555
  • Patric Trevor
    5 5 months ago

    My co-tenants used One Way Van Lines, so I determined to try them too. The staff resulted to be much helpful and honest. The movers loaded up the truck in 3 hours or so and discharged at the new location the next day. All of the pieces of furniture was encased accurately and not only that, they helped bring a few closet and cardboard boxes to use for my dresses.

    The entire procedure was pretty simple, as well. The Customer Service agent was very helpful and reliable and they also let me be notified about all of the further charges which could occur in the course of the move. Personally, I would recommend them!

    Move cost: $5660
  • Arthur Booker
    4 5 months ago

    We're very pleased with the team! They really made our move simple and quick. The boxes they brought and the truck were brand new and we really proud of that. The only problem was the helpers were not fast enough as the whole arrangements were based on hourly routine but so far so good there were no hidden fees and mover did not damage anything. Thanks!!!

    Move cost: $5170
  • David Curtis
    5 5 months ago

    From the initial conversation with their sales representative, they were kind, reliable and also transparent of their entire services. The cost seemed to be inexpensive, so I scheduled the timeframe and sought after various inquiries concerning the way they work. Their foreman along with four other employees happen to be the people who shifted my items. The men were productive, patient and industrious! They got me and my household away from Carlsbad, CA in a short time and I’m excited saying how they gave us a problem-free move!

    Move cost: $9470
  • Sean Cole
    5 5 months ago

    What a nice moving experience! My wife and I cherished using the services of ONE WAY VA LINES. They are such incredible personnel to do business with! These gentlemen made everything worth the cost. Our bucks ended up being properly expended! They were doing almost everything we expected, stuffed and packed perfectly...they as well, transported by the due date and we got to notice that there wasn’t any problem at all! We 100 % recommend these people for long-distance journeys or moves.

    Move cost: $6270
  • Albert Bennett
    3 5 months ago

    They were on time but it took them long before they get started. I was wondering if they are newcomers, of course, they should be. I'm only happy they ended up doing a good job!

    Move cost: $3620
  • Judy Halstead Judy Halstead
    5 5 months ago

    This was the first time using movers and we couldn't be satisfied. They landed on time and worked fast and accurately. Everything worked smoothly and before we grasped what was going on, they sent everything to our new location and even they helped us set the furniture where they should be. The price was a little high but the guys were incredible. We'll definitely recommend to everyone!

    Move cost: $10525
  • Vicki Celina
    3 5 months ago

    We did good research before using this company. Not really that they're the best of the best but after communicating with quite a few moving firms, they gave us a good price cut. Customer service was a little bit slow in responding to calls. They could not pick our phone calls immediately. The driver drove well and understood exactly what he was hauling, several breakable products were included. The 3 laborers were also helpful and didn't rush when packing and unloading. We would hire the same crew anytime we need to move anything and would recommend them to all our colleagues!

    Move cost: $1055
  • Anakin Moon
    4 5 months ago

    We've hired One Way Van Lines in two occasions and they were on top of it. Despite the bad weather condition, not only they moved us easily but they also assisted us in every process of the move. Mostly we appreciated how they helped and arranged some of our things before leaving.

    Move cost: $1150
  • James Noah
    5 5 months ago

    This had been the best move since the past 6 years. They were really on time and did not wait to get started the minute they arrived. They did not also damage anything at all. All my stuff was delivered at the due date. Highly recommended!!

    Move cost: $4325
  • Richard Carter
    5 5 months ago

    The first time using ONE WAY VAN LINES last week and it was an amazing experience relocating from Indiana to South Carolina. Absolutely, I had no complaint against them...Everything went smoothly!!!

    Move cost: $2855
  • Everett Finn
    5 6 months ago

    The storage I rented was very decent and the price was very reasonable. They picked up my belongings on time, and they properly unloaded them in their storage facility. They made sure everything was covered with a huge blanket. That was good of them!!! The movers did also handle things with good care. They, in the same way, returned them after I had completed my home remolding work. Everything was perfectly in good condition. Great job!!!

    Move cost: $8300
  • Nelson Mysol
    4 6 months ago

    The pick up was done on a Friday 3/15/2019 from Los Angeles to Boston, MA. They were on time and engaged right away with disassembly of the pieces of furniture. This was a long distance trip so I was happy they used a new and healthy truck for the job. There was no breakdown...the move was absolutely smooth. The only thing was they spent more days than expected but everything else was fine.

    Move cost: $14325
  • Mike Game
    5 6 months ago

    This is typical long distance move, from New York to Oregon. Even as they surpassed the delivery date with a day and half, I still praised them for the quality service they offered. The crew are well experienced and they carefully handled our items. The way they wrapped and loaded the stuff in their truck was a sign of what they will end up doing. When I saw the way they were working, I felt there was no need to be there watching them. I had to leave, only for me and the driver to be communicating. With their fabulous price, they still provided astonishing service. Picked up and last minute delivery was just superb. Definitely, would use them again.

    Move cost: $10780
  • Michael Hall
    4 6 months ago

    The move was smooth and enjoyable. They were on time and did everything fast but they only reason being given them 4/5 stars is because of the delivery date exceeded 2 days. I will still hire them again.

    Move cost: $7380
  • Ralph Roosevelt
    5 6 months ago

    In all honesty, One Way Van Lines team have amazed me with the outstanding services and this is the reason why I will continue to hire them. Customer Support is a leading-edge, picked my calls at all times. The movers that sent to my move are incredibly intelligent and helpful and also experienced. I didn't find any criticism in them, they understand what direction to go to maintain their customer's satisfaction. The driver and the helpers were very kind and competent and also committed to the job. During the move, I had some problems and the CS find solutions. The company is great to use if you ever need an excellent service of your respective move.

    Move cost: $4300
  • Deborah Kim
    5 6 months ago

    Booking One Way Van Lines was a pleasure. The only issue I had was I wasn't familiar with the filling of the Quotation's Form so I had to call one of the representatives who came and gave us the accurate quote. The price was unbeatable as to compare with the four moving agencies we approached earlier. They moved us from Alabama to Florida without distress. Every process went very smooth and quick. We'll make them our family mover for all our moves.

    Move cost: $3320
  • Melvin Bueno
    4 6 months ago

    The team gave me supporting hands in the most difficult time of my move. Relocating process is upsetting and challenging, however with the movers’ support, I succeeded. They looked after my belongings to my satisfaction and went far beyond to finish each and every task appropriately. I seriously relished the moving procedure. Even though I expected a normal service, it ended up being that I got a moderate price and an excellent service. I am expecting using these movers repeatedly for every move since I am delighted by the way they managed every part of the move.

    Move cost: $3200
  • Phyllis Henley
    5 6 months ago

    I'll use one-way van lines repeatedly! They packed my saloon equipment undamaged. On like the previous movers that are impatient and they damaged a lot of my items. These men are really great...they pay attention to what they're doing. "No crack-no joke". Highly recommended!

    Move cost: $870
  • Julie Taranto
    5 6 months ago

    We’re glad we found this team. The men helped us moved our huge glass panel from Kansas to North Carolina with a little fee. When others gave us an exorbitant price, One Way Van Lines gave us an overwhelming reduced price and on top of that, they provided us with good service. We’ll definitely refer them to our relatives and friends!

    Move cost: $3780
  • Cheyenne Cherokee
    4 6 months ago

    The move was very exciting except for some reasons they showed up behind scheduled. They packed, wrapped and boxed all the delicate items impressively. The team did not waste time doing their job. They were quick and careful while performing their duty. Loading and off-loading were great and was also damaged. I will recommend One Way Van Lines to anyone.

    Move cost: $7280
  • Eric Owen
    5 6 months ago

    I had them came to my house for proper inventory and they represented an incredible price. These gentlemen helped us in our move, removed a lot of stresses. Moving from Phoenix to Alabama under a bad weather condition was horrible but the team did it!!! These guys are professional and hard working!!! They’re highly recommended to everyone!

    Move cost: $6340
    5 6 months ago

    The best move my family and I had made since we started relocating. We’re instructors with 2 kids, and we did relocate almost every 18 months with our untold stories about what we went through in our past moves. We found it unmanageable to get a mover of our choice to negotiate our belongings until some friends recommended One Way Van Lines to us. We find this team to be great in terms of price, efficiency, and reliability!!! How they handled our things had motivated us to know that really there are some great movers, only you need to search for them. We really praise the team for the job well done!

    Move cost: $1250
  • Isador Boweslyon
    5 8 months ago

    One way van lines helped me during the most challenging period of my life. The whole moving prospect was very stressful and daunting, but with the movers’ help I was able to plan it systematically. They really cared about customers’ satisfaction and went above and beyond to complete each task professionally. I really enjoyed the moving process. Although I expected an average service, it turned out that I got a reasonably priced high quality assistance. I’m looking forward to hiring One way van lines again for my next move because I’m truly satisfied with how they handled each aspect of the move.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Indy Ganes
    5 8 months ago

    I didn’t expect it to go that easily, but with One way van lines each move is a breeze.
    My interstate move from North Carolina to Pompano Beach was the smoothest experience ever. The movers were punctual and enthusiastic to start as soon as they arrived. Having seen their positive and friendly approach, I was sure of a successful outcome. Everyone who is planning a household move should contact One way van lines in order to get fair and honest quote and a reliable service. Given the course of the move, I have nothing to complain about. Each stage of the move was handled carefully and meticulously.

    Move cost: $2200
  • Monserath Kingore
    5 8 months ago

    One way van lines is the most reliable company I’ve ever worked with. They accomplished each task according to plan because they showed up on time early in the morning. As I didn’t finish sorting out and packing, they offered to assist me with those activities too. I started the unpacking process the very same night after I reached my new apartment. I’m so happy that I came across these hard working movers who were able to meet all my requirements. I will contact them for my next move without hesitation. This was one of the best moving experiences I ever had.

    Move cost: $1800
  • Jonah Paben
    5 8 months ago

    Moving to Chicago wasn’t easy for me but One way van lines proved to be the best moving company ever. Thankfully my former boss referred me to them and I didn’t hesitate to contact them and discuss about the terms and conditions of the move. I got a very convenient and comprehensive quote and since I was moving during the off-season I was able to negotiate with them and score a significant discount. At this point I’m sure that I will be contacting One way van lines for my next relocation. It’s always great to have a reliable support by your side during the hard times.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Jackson Duke
    5 9 months ago

    One Way Van Lines LLC was great to us. My other movers couldn't show up on the day of my move, so I called One Way Van Lines and they were able to get me moved out the same day. Very professional crew, great prices.
    I would more than highly recommend this company. They came when I was in a pickle and was able to get me out of it with no issues. Very grateful that I found them.

    Move cost: $3000
  • Ashley Donovan
    3 9 months ago

    They were easy to work with apart from handling our boxes with care. We were moving from Frederick to Mercersburg so not a long distance but some of our boxes were still damaged. Nothing extreme but it's still a little upsetting since we were extra careful when packing the boxes.

    Communication was poor and the movers who came to load the boxes were slow. They seemed careful so we're assuming something must have happened upon moving them from one truck to the storage and then another truck.

    Our stuff arrived on the arranged date only in a different time which was annoying as I had some plans for the day and instead I was stuck at home waiting for the delivery.

    The drivers weren't the same ones that loaded our stuff but they were quite quick this time. Rude though...

    Prices were fair and storage was free so we're happy with that but please pay a bit more attention to how you treat peoples boxes as sometimes there are important items that we wouldn't want to have delivered broken.

    Move cost: $1200
  • Connor Adams
    4 10 months ago

    Using One Way was a so so experience. There were positive aspects of the move but there are still a few things that they need to pay more attention to. Getting a quote and getting in touch was easy and enjoyable. They gave me a good quote and the prices seemed reasonable. Upon the move itself I decided to do the packing myself because I wanted to save some money as I was doing a long distance move and everyone who has ever moved know that moving can be quite pricey. I had to move out on the 2/10 but my current home wasn’t ready so I had to store my stuff at their storage and live with a friend of mine. What I find great about this company is that they didn’t charge me for storage as apparently the first month is free in you use the storage in transit service so that was a big relief. My delivery date was set for 1/11 as this is when I moved in my new house. The delivery was supposed to come on the 1/11 but guess what, it didn’t. I had to sleep on an air mattress,which I borrowed. I contacted customer service and I was assured that the delivery will come on the following date. I was waiting all day and nothing. I contacted customer services again and they informed me that there was a problem with the truck so I have to wait another couple of days until they sort their problem. So a few days passed and I finally got my stuff on the 5/11. I had to sleep on the floor for 5 days. Good thing is that everything was undamaged apart from a few scratches on the table and a few other small bits but I know from previous moving experience that it is expected. It is fair to say that although there was some frustration with the delivery, I would still use them in future.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Carlos Hoover
    3 10 months ago

    Not a bad experience but there could have been more of a personal touch per se and accurate pricing. I had to move within Shadwell so that was just a short distance one but it took them ages to deliver what could have been way quicker. I don’t know what were the reasons, according to the customer service they had too many orders but at the end of the day if you can’t handle your business then at least be accurate in delivery dates. The guys behind the phone weren’t that friendly either. None of them could give me any more information than “your items are in the truck and will be with you soon”. Yeah but soon is a broad terms especially according to one way van lines. The good thing anyway was that they did good packing and upon arrival my stuff were undamaged. One of the things they charged me for was the stairs, which I didn’t know at the beginning. Be aware that if you live on the 3rd floor they will charge you extra. It was only later that I realized it does say that in the contract. I didn’t read it at the beginning so if I have I would have known. It’s just a little annoying all the small bits they don't tell at the beginning but then again it's the consumers fault for not reading the contract.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Vanessa Olsen
    4 10 months ago

    I had to move out of my NYC crib to Lake Shore MD, I had good experience and these guys were helpful with all my heavy stuff. They came to my home and gave me a quote and the price seemed reasonable. I am glad I used one way as the guys who came to pack and load everything were great at handling everything with care. Delivery time was also reasonable although I was told one date at the beginning and it slightly changed over time but anyways the guys on the phone were very kind and explained the reasons. So basically everything was taken care of and delivered to me undamaged. It was such a good experience for a first time move. If I have to move again in future I'll call them again.
    Thumbs Up.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Nick Vladimirov
    5 10 months ago

    I rarely write any reviews but in this occasion I have to. I had to move a 2 bedroom home from Georgia to New York, which is usually very stressful and unpleasant. Oh, where do I begin? I got my quote and spoke to a guy called Paul, who was very helpful and talked me through the whole process. They gave me a reasonable price, considering the distance and the volume of my stuff. Everything was well packed, undamaged and received on time. The drivers were all smiley and approachable on arrival, did their job in no time. I didn’t have to keep calling them all the time as they kept me updated through the whole process. What a good start to my new life in Albany, NY. Outstanding service, thanks!

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