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51 reviews for High Priority Movers

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  • Ralph Watson
    5 2 days ago

    I have used this company before and found them to be excellent. I requested the same movers a year later and got two of them. All three men were very good, knowledgeable on moving and acted very professional. They worked hard all day without a break and completed our move in a timely manner. They helped set up furniture and followed our instructions on placement of furniture and boxes very well also. I would recommend High priority movers to anyone and if I were moving again, I would request the same men as this time.

    Move cost: $3460
  • Joshua Thomas
    5 7 days ago

    I was afraid that I would have to pay extra because we might go over. Nope these guys were able to get everything from one upstairs apartment and get into the new upstairs apartments in two hours. They were great. They made sure to handle my things with care like it was their own. I appreciate the professionalism this company and staff has. I didn't have to wait they were early and ready to work. They were prompt and excellent in moving my things with care and quickness. I would recommend this company for moves.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Jerry Evans
    5 1 week ago

    My wife and I have moved several times in the past and this time with us both being in our 50's we decided to get a moving company. Smartest move we made by going with High priority movers. The initial walk thru and estimate is what really sold us. The movers were outstanding. Did not waste any time and extremely professional. We recommend them highly and would use them again IF we ever move again.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Sean Jenkins
    5 2 weeks ago

    What more could I say? I am simply glad that all worked out as planned. I felt so happy being a recipient of such marvelous relocation services. The movers had vowed to make the most out of that relocation. I am glad they did not bend their promise. I needed that, more than anything else. I needed to relocate in a wonderful and fantastic way. I am so happy that these movers managed to organize things in a beautiful way. Everything seemed to have worked out the way I wanted. Thanks to the crew of High priority movers!

    Move cost: $3680
  • Moshe Hoff
    5 2 weeks ago

    There is nothing I did not like about High priority movers crew members. They were hard working and demonstrated great professionalism in packing my things, and great skills and experience in navigating through the corners in my narrow corridor which also forced them to carry my belongings for quite a distance to the truck. However, they did this without any complaints and only took short breaks between the long hours of the day. I already suggested them to my mate who's planning to move soon.

    Move cost: $4180
  • Jazz Grim
    1 2 weeks ago

    This company uses Supreme Van Lines, they charged us nearly double what we were quoted and its been over a month (38 days) and we have no idea where our belongings are. High Priority keeps lieing to us every week for the past 4 weeks saying it will be to us likely by saturday. The moving company never answers the phone or calls back on messages. We dont know where our things are or if it will get them back. According to our contract the latest day we should have had our things is July 17th, its August 8th now and the moving company is giving us radio Silence.

    Move cost: $2721
  • Eugene Hall
    5 2 weeks ago

    High priority movers were on time to the pickup location, even a little bit early. They asked questions to make sure we were clear on what was being moved and what wasn't, and they checked throughout the house to make sure that all furniture would fit without marking walls or floors. They were careful with our furniture and wrapped it up before putting it in their truck. They were also extremely efficient, because they were able to move a two bedroom apartment to another state and unpack it all within four hours. They were also very respectful and nice!

    Move cost: $3640
  • Charles Rivera
    4 3 weeks ago

    My movers from High priority movers were on time and completed the entire work twenty minutes earlier. They were recommended to me by my uncle and it turned to be a very wise move as the exercise was free from any incidents. The service I got from this company was prompt and top notch. What I liked most is their affordable pricing. They gave me a top quality service at a very affordable price compared to other movers whom I contacted and were charging me more for the same services. They thus helped me save!

    Move cost: $4170
  • Harold Lewis
    5 4 weeks ago

    High priority movers was great! They sent three guys out to move me, and they were quick, nice, and very courteous. They even arrived earlier than I anticipated which is a great thing is always! I was out of my apartment in about an hour, and my belongings were brought into my new place in about the same amount of time. The movers even hooked up my washer and dryer and put my bed together without me asking. Their work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond really impressed me. Their service was budget friendly, and made the pain of moving painless! I will definitely use them again!

    Move cost: $4500
  • Umashankar Somasundaram
    1 4 weeks ago

    HI All,

    Please dont prefer these people. They cheat a lot. I had a bad experience. They have not delivered all my boxes. They simply told it is missing and left.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Brian Martin
    5 1 month ago

    It is very difficult trust in someone that has never proved to be worth the trust. That is the way I treat relocation companies that need the chance. Almost all relocation company let me down on this until I met High priority movers. Their outlook was simpler than the others, but the beast in them was far hidden in the services they offer. They did not just do shoddy work like the rest do. The crew took their time, arranged the cartons in order of importance, and tied them to prevent any movements. On arrival, they cleaned up my new residence and offered to decorate and arrange my stuff back to position. I fell for their service and am willing to do it again with them.

    Move cost: $4200
  • Steven Smith
    5 1 month ago

    All we wanted was a simple move with a reputable mover that was within our budget. The move was part of a package my employer contributed to but it was up to me to talk to and submit 3 estimates and they would make the selection. The selection they made was High priority movers. They were our personal number 1 and my company felt the same. They liked everything they saw on paper and the HR department coordinated all the payment. The last thing I ever wanted to happen was to be told one price then asked to pay another, something common I would read on the internet. Thanks to working with them that did not happen and everybody was pleased with the service. Much more goes into a move then you would ever think especially with 3 parties involved but they got it done right and within our schedule.

    Move cost: $3780
  • Jason Brady
    5 1 month ago

    We had no idea that summer time was the peak season for all the interstate moving companies. High priority movers was one of the 5 companies that called. We found them to be the most detailed and had the best credentials out of the pack. We checked them out on government sites as well as read our fair share of feedback online. They came to our home did all the packing and wrapped the furniture. They didn’t move hastily so nothing got damaged. Experienced movers are easy to spot. This was teamwork at its finest.

    Move cost: $2800
  • Leroy Leonard
    5 1 month ago

    The second time we used the manager and crew. We actually changed our moving date so that we could use the manager and we are completely happy with how it went. The manager shows up on time and starts right in. Totally professional, easy to get along with and goes out of his way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. High priority movers is surely recommended.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Fredrick Swanson
    4 1 month ago

    I am very happy with the service I received from High priority movers. They did a wonderful job and made the stress of moving much easier. They had wonderful customer service and the price of the service was very affordable. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs to move.

    Move cost: $4800
  • Richard Allen
    5 2 months ago

    I used their services last week for my move. They arrived at my home right as scheduled. As soon as they got to my home they began working. They were professional during the whole move and took great care of my items. I have used different moving companies in the past, and none of them were as professional and wonderful as High priority movers was. I was very satisfied with their services, and I would indeed use them again. I will recommend them to those that are moving.

    Move cost: $3790
  • Davis Cope
    4 2 months ago

    There are more deceptive moving companies out there than I’d like to admit, but this isn’t one of them. The original price I was quoted didn’t magically change when I was about to receive all my valuables on the drop off. That is the biggest take away from this moving experience and was one of my major concerns. Thankful that they didn’t try to change the price, like so many other movers try to do.

    Move cost: $3790
  • Brian Watson
    5 2 months ago

    High priority movers gave a marvelous team to work with during my family’s relocation. These movers were so professional that there was nothing that they couldn’t move, including some very heavy and bulky stuff, they were all moved. I liked how they ensured the safety of my furniture. Some had to be disassembled before being put into boxes. The movers were very skillful and didn’t scratch my furniture. They reassembled what they had disassembled and everything was in good condition. I will use this company again in future.

    Move cost: $4450
  • Javier Adams
    5 2 months ago

    There is a reason High priority movers are regarded as one of the best movers. The company gave me a very talented crew. The three guys I worked with were amazing. They made the packing and loading seem so simple and easy. Once they brought the things, they unloaded the boxes and placed them where I requested them to, in a room in the second floor. They did everything without feeling frustrated. I will work them again in the future.

    Move cost: $3900
  • Leroy Warren
    1 4 months ago

    I worked for this company and I can tell you the positive reviews on this site are fake. They hire a reputation company to put good reviews about them online. I know this bc I was there when the bad reviews online were becoming a problem getting new business but it's also easy to tell bc there are so many moves under $1,350 as the service cost. $1,350 is the cheapest that a move through them can be. The computer software they use doesn't allow them to price below this amount.

    Move cost: $1350
  • Scott Smith
    1 4 months ago

    You go over everything you want to ship with them. They tell you that the packing is included and when they show up they say it is not included and want to greatly change your estimate. Only 2 guys showed up in a Uhaul. Then they got very aggressive when I said this is not what we agreed upon and told them not to start. They made threatening comments and I thew them out. They would have broke my things for sure. They would not refund my almost $2K deposit! Credit card takes their side. Filed complaint with BBB.

    Move cost: $1900
  • Henry Brown
    5 5 months ago

    High priority movers moved me last month, and I was one million percent happy with the experience. I had called a few movers asking for quotes, and I felt like they were all giving me the run around. This company called me back within a few hours and gave it to me straight what the price would be, no hidden fees. The day of the move we had parking issues at all three of our moving stops, despite reserving parking from the authorities beforehand. The guys handled it great. We moved a third floor walkup, a studio in the new city we were moving from, and into a two bedroom two states away in just under their minimum hour requirement (I was thinking the move would have taken a lot longer). The movers were great and helped us put all the boxes and furniture where we wanted. They took apart my bed and reassembled it in the new place. I will never move without these movers ever again.

    Move cost: $2180
  • Josiah Carmelo
    5 6 months ago

    The very first thing I liked about High Priority Movers is that they charge a very reasonable amount. But the service they offer is exceedingly appreciable. Perfectly, the skilled and experienced team did a professional job in shifting my things. Good, that I opted for the service from them, thanks to the team.

    Move cost: $900
  • Jocelyn Sirmans
    1 6 months ago

    I would give a zero but the rating system won’t let you. Worst customer service experience of my life. They didn’t come when they were supposed to which led to me having to pay a full month rent at the unit I was moving out of. They showed up with a completely different contract than the original one that was emailed to me. The contract was also $2000 more than what we had agreed upon. The amount of stuff they said they put on the moving truck is incorrect and when asked to have their inventory checked could not get a hold of anyone. My stuff was picked up in November and I have yet to receive my belongings in fact it just arrived in Florida about a week ago. Horrible customer service. Nobody will listen to you, nobody will return your calls and address your concerns, and nobody owns up to their mistakes. Literally the worst experience of my life. Do not use them!!!

    Move cost: $5000
  • Jaclyn Wloszek
    5 7 months ago

    High Priority Movers offers the best Movement and storage services in the country. Their storage rooms are nice, their working policies and rates are customer and pocket-friendly, and the customer service is terrific. They are the perfect definition of the best service providers. I will love to engage the services of High Priority Movers over and over again.

    Move cost: $1230
  • David Santos
    5 7 months ago

    The movers from High priority movers delivered all my belongings without even a scratch on anything. If that doesn’t scream efficiency, I do not know what does. They don’t even charge that crazy. In fact their prices are cheaper than the more well-known moving companies who actually underperform during the actual moves. These guys took such care of my valuables. The movers were friendly and punctual. I own some heavy pieces of furniture. But it was no big deal to them. Everything went like clockwork and they were done with the whole thing before I realized anything. They even unpacked and assembled the furniture. I am a very satisfied client.

    Move cost: $1970
  • Tabatha Chan
    5 7 months ago

    After I contacted High Priority Movers concerning my office items which needed to be moved to a new location, I can boldly say that their services are highly affordable and customer oriented. Just give them a call, and you will be glad you did. Thanks High Priority Movers for being there for me.

    Move cost: $1450
  • Christina Collins
    5 7 months ago

    You are simply the best. Low charges, well organized team of staff!

    Move cost: $600
  • Alice Evans
    5 7 months ago

    There really is no better mover than High priority movers, I can vouch for that. I had the pleasure of seeing them at work 2 months back. I moved to be closer to my boyfriend and I couldn’t really afford to hire a really fancy mover. But one of my friends said that despite being a big name, these guys actually quite reasonable, and they were! They gave me a very good quote that I just couldn’t resist. They were very meticulous at packing and their vans seemed very impressive too. All my valuables were transported to my new house by these magicians. Thanks to them from the bottom of my heart.

    Move cost: $2740
  • Patrick Allen
    4 7 months ago

    Having to move frequently means that I know how most moving companies operate. The only time I was satisfied was when High priority movers handled my move. They quoted reasonably, movers showed up on time and everything went as smoothly as it could. All four movers were very experienced. They took such great care of all my things. It was comforting to know that my valuables were in good hands. They delivered everything on time, unpacked and put them where they belonged. I have been hiring them ever since!

    Move cost: $1890
  • Herbert Barnett
    5 8 months ago

    I have to relocate across USA every few years for my job. My last move was a few months ago. I hired High priority movers because I can’t deal with the stress of having to relocate on my own. I have to give credits to them- their work was impeccable. Everything was packed perfectly and loaded onto their shiny new vans. I understand that this company hasn’t been in business for too long but they definitely are no novice. They provide services that are outstanding. All my valuables reached my new house safely and on time. You can’t possibly expect any more from a moving company!

    Move cost: $2700
  • Richard Evans
    4 8 months ago

    My wife and I used the services of High priority movers to accomplish the transport of our fully furnished four-bedroom household. These guys just offered me a flawless moving service and I’m really glad that there are still some people who are taking their work sincerely, like these movers. In addition, none of my stuff was broken, ruined or damaged during the move. Thanks for the excellent job.

    Move cost: $1900
  • Mary Townsend
    5 8 months ago

    I went online to search for movers, as I need one to get my grand parents relocate from their old house to the city, I got in touch with High Priority Movers. I did not call more than once before there representative attended to my call. I had a very cheap quote from them. We concluded a time to get the things moved; interestingly they came some minutes before the agreed time. They moved my grannies things with so great care and had the things arranged properly. In fact my assessment of the job done was more than worth it. Thanks for earning me a good boy comment from my grannies. I will recommend you to my neighbor when the need arise.

    Move cost: $750
  • Gary  Tallarita
    5 8 months ago

    My sister needed the service of a moving company to relocate to her new apartment along with her family, she complained bitterly about a mover company she used last, then I recommended High Priority Movers to her, she immediately put a call through to them, at a sing wring of the phone she was attended to, we got a quote and a great job was done the following. She was so excited that seems to talk about in the next 7 days after the relocation. I’ll recommend this company any day to everyone.

    Move cost: $750
  • Gina Brennan
    5 8 months ago

    Shifting our office to a new base happens to be an enormous task and we needed the service of a moving company, the company we used the last time was a disappointment so we decided to try other companies, one of my staff recommended High Priority Movers. We called through to their officer and got a quote, which was absolutely affordable, the following day their moving team arrived our office 1 hour before schedule, and moved all of our things with such a great professionalism, skills and care that got everyone amazed. In summary High Priority Movers service was just exceptional. We will hire their service over and over again and sure recommend them to others around us.

    Move cost: $900
  • Tim McLean
    5 8 months ago

    I needed to relocate my office from Homestead to Orlando, I decided to get a free quote from a couple of moving companies and found a high priority movers’ quote to be more affordable; and since I do not have much money on me, I struck a deal with them. To my surprise they offered more than their charge was. I recommend them any day.

    Move cost: $1000
  • Nicky Crawley
    5 9 months ago

    I own a very expensive collection of furniture. It’s my joy and pride. I knew High priority movers is simply the best moving company. So I hired them to do the job without thinking twice. The movers arrived on time. They packed everything carefully and when it came to my furniture, they were extra careful. My breakables were also very cautiously packed by them. The loading process went very smoothly. I wasn’t resting till they delivered everything safely. The van pulled up 3 days later. I took an inventory and found all my furniture in fantastic condition. They could have easily lost some pieces and I wouldn’t be able to do anything. But they were very honest and the inventory list checked out. I am so happy.

    Move cost: $1350
  • Alan Phillips
    4 9 months ago

    High priority movers did such an amazing job during our last move. Their performance was much better than average. I have seen the not-so-efficient movers but these men were nothing like them. They maintained the appointment time and worked very efficiently throughout. They were extra careful while handling my glassware. Unforeseen bumps in the road always make things difficult to relocate. But with these guys, nothing as such happened and it was an effortless move for us.

    Move cost: $1140
  • Bobby Watson
    4 9 months ago

    After using High priority movers for my long distance move, I am going to recommend their service to everyone. From my own experience, I certify their service! They have the most skilled and experienced people, smartest sales team and great price to offer! These guys are quick, friendly, innovative, polite, committed and dedicated to their profession. Anyone can easily rely on them. Plus they will not damage a thing! Wouldn’t you want a company like this??

    Move cost: $1050
  • Matthew Johnson
    4 9 months ago

    I want to give thanks to High priority movers. I chose them because of their good reviews on many websites and obviously because of their sales rep Shane. They executed great communication throughout the move and the workers were fun to be with and not a pain in the ass. Shane was always there when I needed him and the packers handled everything smoothly. They knew what they were doing. They did not damage a single item. If anyone needs a good moving company, you should hire these guys.

    Move cost: $1420
  • Becky Hegland
    1 9 months ago

    **I'm just copy-pasting the email I sent to every name I could find at the company.**

    Good morning, everyone,

    I would say I’m sorry for the spam email, but I’m not. Because someone at your company has to have a conscience, somewhere, and I hope to god this email finds that person and they choose to think twice, while the rest of you go about heartlessly ripping people’s lives apart.

    There were several small things that went wrong, that I understand to be part of the flux of the moving process. I was told the movers would arrive on Sunday, and they didn’t show up until Monday evening, throwing off my entire moving schedule. I was told you have 24-hour customer service; that is a complete and utter lie. The price I was quoted ended up being nearly 100% less than what I was actually charged. Etc, etc. But the real shame of it came after all that.

    I was told it would be a 3-day move, as the drivers can’t go more than 500 miles a day and I was moving right at 1,000 miles (Milwaukee to Raleigh). Without my permission, and also without informing me, the movers you contracted warehoused my items—for 2 additional weeks. So I was in Raleigh, starting a new job, without clothes, without toiletries, without a pot to cook in, without a bed or even a chair to sit in, without towels or shoes or even a shower curtain to hang up. For weeks. On top of that, when my moving truck did show up, loads of items were broken or left behind, ostensibly due to the fact that they were put on a moving truck in Milwaukee, moved to a warehouse and taken off the truck, put on a truck again with other people’s items, and driven to Raleigh. My $1,300 Amish chair—leg snapped off of it, irreparable unless I can find an artisan to do it. My ironing board? Gone. My full-length mirror? Gone. My lamp? Broken. My cat tree? Broken. My bike? The front fender was broken off, and the chain was pulled off and broken. My sofa? Three of its four feet were removed, and who knows where that box went, so it no longer sits. My cookware? All scratched up. My large wall-mount clock? Broken. I tried to mark which items were broken as I followed the (incomplete and inaccurate) inventory when things were moved off the truck, but—surprise, surprise—no one from your company called me afterward to follow up on the items that I marked as broken or lost.

    You think, “Surely this can’t get any worse.” But oh, it does. When the movers did decide to show up, they called me at 9:40 at night to say, “We’ll be there at 8AM.” I kindly stated that that was not acceptable, as I’d be at work, and they told me I had no choice, and they’d be driving my things back to Chicago. I mentioned to them that their paperwork said I could pay a $250 fine to delay delivery by up to 24 hours, and happily said that I’d take that option, and they told me they were declining to abide by what their paperwork said. In the end, I told them I could take delivery at 6 the following morning, which they agreed to—and then they didn’t bother to show up, so I had to call repeatedly, starting at 6:10 AM, and they never picked up the phone, but did eventually arrive at 6:40 AM—making me late for work. And they did nothing but grumble and complain that they had to be up so early. And finally, I reached out to you asking for a comprehensive receipt, since I made multiple credit card payments and a cash payment, to provide to my employers in the reimbursement process—and you’ve failed to respond to me at all. Are you aware that it’s illegal to deny a receipt for a cash purchase?

    Through the unpacking process, I have found more and more items that were broken or missing. I have called your office. I have left messages. I have texted. I have emailed. I have asked who to put my attorney in touch with. I have called and asked to speak to a supervisor, at which point I was put on hold for 20 minutes until I finally hung up. I have lost literally thousands of dollars through my move with you (not to mention the anger and frustration and emotional stress you’ve caused), and you could not care less. This behavior is clearly acceptable to you. You are the worst company I’ve ever dealt with, in my life, bar none, and I have dealt with terrible movers—and other terrible customer service issues—plenty of times. You are cruel, you are heartless, you are careless, you are greedy bastards who only want money—to the detriment of people’s minds, health, and sanity—and you deserve every single bad thing that could ever come your way. I’ve tried to be decent. I’ve tried to be respectable. But at this point--I can’t believe a company could continue to exist with such despicable, illegal, and reckless practices, and I hope you get what’s coming to you, you bloody fucking sons of bitches.

    Move cost: $3007
  • Laura Richards
    5 9 months ago

    High Priority Movers made my move feel so smooth just like a breeze. I contacted the head office, and I now do not have to worry about my moving out in the future. I know High priority Movers got my back.

    Move cost: $1200
  • Rachael Hudson
    5 10 months ago

    High Priority Movers were fun to work with, they had to hustle all day but remained very professional and polite, and I know it’s a hard thing to come by nowadays. Thanks, High Priority Movers.

    Move cost: $1465
  • Kelly Sandos
    5 10 months ago

    High priority Movers did come to my house which I had put up on sale once I did contact them to give me a quote for all the stuff I did need to be moved. Within no time the Movers gave me an affordable ballpark quote. Long story short, the move was one of my best experience and will definitely use their services once again.

    Move cost: $1385
  • Jimmy Gray
    5 10 months ago

    Not a scratch, dent on anything. Very timely and helped me settle a bit earlier than I had anticipated. The move was smooth and not the nerve cracking as my wife thought it would be. Thank you High priority Movers.

    Move cost: $1540
  • Xavier Trace
    5 10 months ago

    I have had previous movers. My move was urgent, and I did not want to call the former company that handled the move. My dear friend, after listening to my agony, told me of High Priority Movers. I decided to try their services. From the way they talked to me and made enquires I could tell a huge difference. Thank you made me build trust with you and upon which you delivered very professionally.

    Move cost: $1570
  • Morgan Ryan
    5 10 months ago

    Ralph, Richard, if I remember their names correctly, from High Priority Movers, handled my furniture out of my apartment into my new warehouse and they did a fantastic job. They were efficient, polite and very cooperative. They made inquiries and had all my furniture moved, and I recommend highly to those considering a move soon.

    Move cost: $1860
  • Jacqueline Gray
    5 10 months ago

    High priority movers did such an amazing job moving our belongings. We hired them after a friend gave them a glowing recommendation. My husband is quite fussy about moving companies. He has trust issues clearly! But he felt much more confident after talking to the manager on phone. They seemed friendly and reliable. The real proof came during the move. The movers were all very experienced and they wasted absolutely no time. Their packing skills were amazing and they carried everything with ease. They were literally in and out of our house. We couldn’t believe how fast they finished the job. It must have saved us a fortune. The delivery was made sharp at 9:00 am on the scheduled date. All our valuables traveled excellently and we couldn’t be happier.

  • Jackson Arjun
    5 10 months ago

    This is my second time being in use of the services of High Priority Movers. My job requires me to move a lot. This company comes in handy and never disappointed with how they handle their clients and the items to be transported. Will use their services when the time comes.

    Move cost: $1400
  • Frank Perez
    5 10 months ago

    Our last move, that took place a month ago, was worth every penny. The crew of 3 young men sent by High priority movers worked hard straight for our move. They packed everything meticulously and even they moved our piano without a single mark on it. The delivery was made on time as estimated and they finished unpacking even quicker and nothing was found broken. Their manager was very friendly and available and the crew was very polite and hardworking. They finished on time and on budget with no problems at all with a final price exactly as they quoted me.

  • Laura Smith
    5 10 months ago

    As a single woman, I didn't really need a moving company given the amount of things I owned. But it became a necessity with the time constraints. I hired High priority movers and wasn't very sure them. Nevertheless, the movers were very careful while packing my belongings. I couldn’t let go of some of the things that belonged to my father and I asked the movers to take them carefully. They wrapped every piece perfectly in paper and bubble wraps. All my furniture and boxes were loaded into their vans and we were off. These guys definitely made my move easier and I'm thankful for it.

    Move cost: $1520

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