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    31 reviews for All American Movers

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    • lawrence chadwick
      1 2 days ago

      Show up late pick up and delivery. Missing, Broken, and damaged pieces.
      Also, the truck arrived nearly full with not enough space for all my property.
      I explained to the sales what I needed to move was given a quote and told that if more space was needed would not be a problem. the additional space would be charged at the same price per cubic foot. The estimate for the space needed was low and the truck did not have enough room for all my furniture so that had to be left behind.
      No return phone calls to try and solve the problem or help with damage claims
      If you use these people be sure to get full coverage of all your property. Detailed listing and many photos of the property before they load then prepare for a lot or paperwork making your claim

    • Stephen Schlaack
      1 2 weeks ago

      AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Took our deposit, never showed up, not answering calls. This is insane. Do not give them your money. Not BBB accredited.

      Move cost: $1795
    • LaTonya Mose
      1 2 months ago

      Don't know where to begin but my estimate was $2,798.54 for everything. Once David got there he stated it would cost 3,900.00. I showed him my gym was listed and some things weren't going: sofa table and end tables with glass, pantry and a few other things I had given away. He still insisted on his quote. I called the company and believe that I spoke to Emily and she stated that it was only a quote given and David's was now and pretty much that's that. She asked do I want to move or not. One of the movers said they ALWAYS do this. Meaning raise the estimate. I could understand that but another $1,000!!! He lowered it to $3,500 & I was forced to pay because I had to start my job within 4 days. Plus, I had already paid $900. David still stated some items couldn't go because of the weight and I removed a few more things. I paid $1,500.00 even though he only used bubble wrap on 4 items: dresser mirror, TV, glass cabinet and matching mirror. My belongings were to be stored until I called. I arranged for it to be delivered on May 16th, 2020 between 11 to 3p.m. They called at 2p.m. on the 16th stating they may not be able to do it that day. Then called hours later to say it will be delivered on thr 17th. I went to drop my family who were there to help me only to be called a hour later by dispatch saying they could be there in a hour with my furniture. I agreed then went to pick up food because we're didn't eat while waiting for them. Driver called 20 minutes later saying they were here. I told him I wad told a hour and will be there ASAP. The other driver called me and yelled away me, "OPEN THE DOOR!!!" I calmly told him off and got home 20 minutes later. There was a huge truck there that could move a mansion's belongings and only 2 movers. One guy was gone to get something to eat while the other gut who started he didn't speak English said that I had to pay $125 more because of the distance for moving my furniture to my house. He even tried to get the last $1,100 from me without moving anything. My family was upset and moved a few boxes until I forced them to stop. The driver even gave them a dolly!!! He sat some items in the rain while waiting! We debated until the other driver came and called dispatch who said it was $150. I paid $1,250 & they moved my items terribly. Left marks on my wall, took chunks off my basement stairs. stripped a piece off my tv stand and dresser, broke the door on my armoire and a knob was missing, the mirror to my glass cabinet is missing, crushed my lamp shade because they packed my lamp in a huge box with other items along with my remote to my bed, my box count was off and I have yet to remember what was in there, did not assemble my bed properly, etc. One guy started going through my dresser drawers to look for the remote where my clothes including my undergarments were until I stopped him. He wad asking me how to assemble the bed and we were helping him,
      including lifting the mattress to get to the frames. I explained to him that the furniture store had assembled it and that I didn't see this company disassemble thr bed. He was frustrated and swearing. They didn't finish unwrapping my cabinet, glass or dining room table. I thought one guys was going to look for my remote but he didn't come back. The other guy was still putting boxes away. He went outside and looked in the direction of the truck and took off leaving us females to finish!!! Since then I have called and left message on their voicemail AND emailed them concerning my horrible experience but NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME. EMILY WILL NOT CALL ME BACK. ROCKY THE GUY WHO DID THE ESTIMATE IS DODGING ME SINCE I CALLED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ESTIMATE. HE JUST GIVES ME A NUMBER VIA EMAIL THAT NO ONE RESPONDED TO. I'M DISTRAUGHT!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! YOU WILL BE PISSED TOO!!! THEY DON'T EVEN DESERVE 1 STAR!!!

      Move cost: $3650
    • George Jackson
      1 2 months ago

      These people are flat out crooks. They lie. The cost is at least double what they initially estimate. The people who work for them are rude and just terrible human beings. They broke an unimaginable amount of our belongings. They simply do not do the job that you pay them to do. I am an honest middle class person with a lot of patience but I can truly say that I hate every single person that I came into verbal or physical contact with from this company. The world would be a better place without any of these people in it. Scum of the earth.

      Move cost: $8000
    • Corey C..
      1 3 months ago

      Price really was too good to be true. They were difficult to deal with. Did a horrible job packing, just throwing stuff into boxes. Charged us significantly more than the contract even though the contract actually said they wouldn't. Now we have to go to court.

      Move cost: $6300
    • Jack Bauer
      1 3 months ago

      They are the worst. Please do not trust this company use some one else they destroyed our furniture. Driver left early. Never ever will work with them again!!!

      Move cost: $6743
    • Lillian Montanez
      1 3 months ago

      Me entregaron todos mis muebles rotos y cuando llamo para reclamar me cuelgan la llamada o no me contestan y nunca entregaron a la fecha estipulada tampoco hubo comunicación de su parte para explicar lo sucedido, se pago por un servicio por el cual no se recibió nada de lo que anuncian en su página web y cuando entregaron el chofer no quiso entrar al complejo de apartamentos y entregó los muebles en otra avenida, no son profesionales y estoy decepcionada por el trato hacia mi persona no queriéndose hacer responsable por los daños causados. 👎

      Move cost: $2086
    • Kayla Davis
      1 3 months ago

      THE WORST! Literally the worst move ever. They were 2 days late ( stated they had a 2 day window to move me). I had to call to make sure they were coming several times. They scratched up and dented most of my stuff. Left a tape band on my stainless steel fridge. Then when I spoke the supervisor about my complaints, he said that there was nothing he could do and proceeded to tell me which time zone I was in and that his men were not late. Customer Service sucks with them. I am actively reporting them to the BBB and I will leave bad reviews on all social media outlets. Do not use this company. Buyer Beware.

      Move cost: $1854
    • Mike Madey
      1 3 months ago

      what a disaster! 75% or our furniture was either destroyed or mutilated.
      The insurance is a joke offering pennies per pound of the load hauled.
      They offered $177 for over $7000 worth of furniture. Please be aware
      that this company should be avoided at all costs. I am warning any of you
      considering these people s to run so you do not have to endure what we went through.

    • Angela Watkins
      1 5 months ago

      Don’t Do It !! Just Don’t. You will regret it I Promise!!

      Lies Lies Lies More Lies. !!! Our belongings transferred at least 4 times to the best of our knowledge. A lot of broken, missing, damaged items. Specifically we needed a box truck to get into our new condo as a semi would not fit. We discussed this in detail several times! Yep... a semi showed up. Over $1000 in damage and missing items. They offered $111 and a gag order to cash the check!! I told them to keep it cuz I’m not going to keep quiet on this!!

      Move cost: $4000
    • Chris Heinrick
      1 5 months ago

      I would strongly advise against using this company. They doubled the agreed invoiced amount after they received my initial deposit. Each time they gave to drop off my materials they didn’t show up and didn’t bother to notify me that they weren’t going to. It Wasn’t until the fourth attempt that they actually at arrived because I told them the time they wanted wasnt going to work since I would be at work and wouldn’t be able to let them in the building. Customer service was very unprofessional and several items were damaged upon arrival. Overall a terrible experience.

      Move cost: $5000
    • Doug Hayworth
      1 5 months ago

      First the good news. They did show up when scheduled and did deliver to our final destination within a decent time. Now the bad news, All American missed the quote for delivery by 50%. Due to time constraints, which they were aware of, we had no choice but to pay, however they still only took 80%, we now have to travel back and get the rest ourselves. The guys loading the trailer did a good job. I watched them. The people unloading the trailer at the final location did a good job. Again I closely watched them. However the people transferring the load from 1 truck to another did a terrible job. We had several pieces of furniture broken and a lot of breakage. When looking into the trailer, I could see other people's items crushed and broken also. I strongly suggest, looking elsewhere for a mover.

      Move cost: $6700
    • Anne Wulf
      1 6 months ago

      Terrible experience. Movers showed up a full week later than promised. I would call the office and would be passed around from employee to employee. I dealt with Mike when setting up the move. He gave me a poor estimate on both the cost (ended up being $700 more, but I wasn't given the new quote until my belongings were on the truck so I had no choice but to pay it) and the delivery time frame. The truck my belongings were on broke down, which caused further delay. Nevermind being offered any type of compensation, no one even bothered apologizing to me. Lastly, several of my items showed up damaged.

      Move cost: $2400
    • Dia Ram
      1 6 months ago


      Move cost: $4000
    • Tori Scheer
      1 8 months ago

      I don’t have one positive thing to say. We hired a moving company to make our across the country move easier for our family. It was the opposite of that. I feel like i was stolen from. We paid this company several thousand dollars to with hold our whole life in a truck. Our things sat in the moving truck in Ohio for weeks. They lied to us several times about when it would leave and arrive. We felt helpless. Myself , my husband and our two small children slept on an air mattress in our empty home .After 23 days the truck pulls up. Two men smelling of weed finally arrived with our belongings. The first item they handed us was not ours. We were told our items were in the front and had a green sticker. The truck looked like an episode of hoarders. Things tossed around. Garbage and broken items covered the floors. Peoples belongings including ours on the floor of this moving truck like they were trash. There’s no regard for handling anything with care. They of course blamed whomever loaded the truck. We are missing several things. My child’s bed headboard, my patio table, a piece for our kitchen table to name a few. Every single large item our ours is scraped or has large marks and gouges in them. I could go on and on about the damages to our property. The mover assured us our things were only in the front. After we helped unload , yes we unloaded with the movers, we were missing several items and insisted on looking in the back. There lies my large wall clock in several pieces. Also there’s our chair and other items in the back , he was so confident nothing of ours would be back there. This company does not care about you or your things. Long story short , we paid $6,000 to have our items withheld, broken, damaged,lost and we unloaded the truck! Do not use this company. Or let anyone you know use them!

      Move cost: $6000
    • misty Richardson
      1 9 months ago

      I was promised to be able to pay with a credit or debit card since I am trying to move my mother-in-law who is sickly from New York City to Florida. After they took my initial deposit never received a follow up call or anything once they arrived at my mothers location they decided I needed to pay cash now mind you I’m all the way in Florida I finally figure out how to get them a money order and they arrive 10 days later in the Florida area I get a phone call the day before they’re arriving. Was also told extra fees occur because the room the storage room is too far for them to walk. Also was told an extra fee if I didn’t get there by 5:30. They are rude inconsiderate and even the mainline the answer the call and put you on hold when they don’t want to be bothered.

      Move cost: $1851
    • Thomas Vann
      1 10 months ago

      For those that do not do the research this is NOT an actual moving company!!!! They are whats known as brokers, they do nothing more than facilitate the initial process of moving and get anywhere upwards of $1000 to just get you to book with them. They then hire out someone else to perform your move with no recourse. If 1 item is different from the estimate they originally gave on the inventory then they can triple your charges because they will say it was a non-binding estimate. Brokers are helping to destroy the moving industry by charging by the cubic feet and not actually having a certified and published tariff!!! This is a quick way for these types of companies to scam honest customers by saying we can give you a deal. This company is also not located at 140 S Keowee St in Dayton as this building is up for sale, I drove by it today!!!!! They are actually out of New York and don't care what happens to your Items. If i could give it a 0 star review i would in a heart beat because they are liars out of the gate by starting with their address.

      These SCAM ARTISTS only care about that initial signature because once they get that, they get their "Admin Fee" and then pass your items off to guys that might be in u-haul trucks or plain vehicles. Honest Carriers will have a tariff you can lookup online and give you full breakdowns of what it costs to move. They also provide you with a pickup and delivery spread as there is never a guaranteed delivery date because trucks break down and other environmental factors. The sad part is that they pay to jump up in ranking on sites like this because their rep doesn't know anything truly about the moving industry or they would not have allowed them to pay for a premium package.

      Real Moving Companies are places like, Allied Van Lines (Carrier), American Way Van & Storage Inc. (Carrier), Wheaton Van Lines (Carrier) and Greater Dayton Moving & Storage (Carrier). These companies have been in business for more than 30 years and can be traced back by their Tariff that can be requested, which will show actual rates and not cubic feet for a price. If you are using a company in Ohio and want to verify they are trusted ask them for their PUCO # as all Motor Carriers in Ohio have to carry this as well as for a copy of their tariff.

    • Anita Black
      5 11 months ago

      We had a great experience working with First United Moving and Storage. The movers and office staff were friendly, professional, and polite. Everyone was very knowledgeable in their jobs and roles in the process. I would highly recommend them. They knew what they were doing and got the job done quick and fast with no damage to my belongings or my wallet.

    • Ellan Mathis
      5 11 months ago

      Very courtesy, extremely careful with our items, and what could have been a very stressful event went seamlessly. They took the time to protect the furniture, floors, and walls with pads. The free use of boxes is really helpful. While I hope I don't have to move soon, if I did I would absolutely use all American moving again.

      Move cost: $2300
    • John Gwin
      1 11 months ago

      Absolute crooks. Run for the hills...seriously.

      Sale was great. Here's your price. It covers everything. We're white glove front to back. This includes pick up, drop off, move in, move out. Oh and you'll get calls from other guys that will charge you less, but don't listen to them they're crooks. Thanks guys appreciate your help.

      They list your items out. And then show up and their software has magically underquoted the 410 cubic feet...which was all of a sudden 610...weird? I guess my stuff is just bigger. Oh and I didn't bring my biggest couch. Thats 25% up-charge.

      No problem the service was great at point of sale...oh weird there's one person on duty who hung up on me no less than 5 times for asking for a manager on the day of a cross country move. After sitting on hold for 35 minutes I was told to pay up or they would unload my stuff. Oh and the only way I can move now is to sign paperwork under duress at that point in time to cover the up-charge. Set a delivery date and off they go.

      Next week I call in about the issues. Every day. No calls back. No one can answer. Get to the Dir of Ops, Tiffany. After speaking with Jennifer and Sierra, the managers. No one can return calls, but we're all real apologetic. Oh and yeah charges stand. And hey guess what. Your delivery date is your FIRST you're sleeping on the floor for two weeks.

      Ask for the owner. Given [email protected] email. Ask again. Get a call back three days later. Explain the situation and ask if its how he likes doing business. "No." Want to do something about it? "No."

      Delivery arrives two weeks late. And now there's a charge for a shuttle, because the truck they booked can't get to the regular building on the regular street. Oh and there's a charge for unpacking. What happened to included? Oh and only the first flight of stairs is covered. Oh and a flight = 7 steps, no 8, wait it depends on who you ask. And yes each additional flight is more money...oh and you have to pay cash or they won't unload.

      Can't wait to see how much of my stuff is broken...


      Move cost: $5000
    • Pete Jackson
      5 11 months ago

      Excellent customer service from the beginning to the end. I submitted an online form for a quote and received a phone call within minutes! They were great from the beginning till the end! The office staff was very helpful and personable! The moving team was careful yet fast and friendly!

      Move cost: $3300
    • Justin Luis
      5 12 months ago

      We had a great experience working with this company. The movers and office staff were both friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them. These guys were very professional. They knew what they were doing and got the job done quick and fast.

      Move cost: $3200
    • Nick Trace
      5 12 months ago

      They arranged everything, carefully packed!, coordinated all items and did everything perfectly. Nice, caring, hardworking guys. After a full day of packing and loading they drove seven hours the next day. Arrived on time with smiles on their faces. They went above and beyond to help me get things were I wanted and took extra care with getting my piano in a difficult spot.

      Move cost: $3200
    • Elliot Marcus
      5 12 months ago

      The moving professionals were very professional, helpful, and prompt. Very friendly and helpful people. They showed up on time, and carefully wrapped all delicate furniture, with no damage. Would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.

      Move cost: $3800
    • Sean Lauren
      5 12 months ago

      They even helped me in packing as well as in unpacking. It's truly ,reliable and trustworthy company. They were very courteous, responsive and professional. They moved all of my things within the day which amazed me very well.

    • Lewi Puss
      1 12 months ago

      A tale of two cities!
      The best and worst of moves.
      but mostly the very worst of moves and actually one of the worst experiences of my life (that did not involve a death or hospital visit -I have actually been in car crashes that were more pleasant. Car crashes often bring out the best in people as they try to help and render aid. However the mover who pick up my things was perhaps the worst person on earth).

      First they were 10 hours late arriving at 8 pm/dark. I was OK with that -traffic in Atlanta can be a beast. I had all small boxes packed on the driveway to help speed up the move. They showed up in a huge empty used yellow truck with another moving company emblem painted over - yet still visible. He and two younger guys started to put stuff quickly on the truck. They got half way through and said i had too much stuff. The empty 25 foot truck had 4 ft deep of my stuff; I measured it with a tape measure. The mover guy came up with a new price of three times the quote. I said that was too much and to cancel the move. He then said i had to pay 1500 cash to unload the truck. I don't have that kind cash. So he said he was going to drive away with my stuff until I paid and approached me in threatening manner - he actually charged at me in my driveway. So i called the police! Really figuring he was going to steal my stuff or hit me I called 911. The police came, were nice but said that since he loaded my stuff, i had to pay him for the service or it was"theft of service" Yes this mafia style moving guy knew what he was doing! so I managed to get the price down to only double the quote as he called his manager and both called me insulting names. He insisted on a check (despite the fact that the quote said i could pay by credit card) Feeling trapped and in the middle of a Good-fellows Mafia style take over of my life, i wrote him the check and the cops left. it's now 1 am. The mover guy said they would finish the move. I went to talk to my wife who was upset and hanging out with our pup in the backyard and i turned around and saw the moving truck was leaving with one third of out stuff left in house! They got the check and left!
      So my wife had to sell the rest of our furniture and possessions online which delayed our move to her new job by three days. I i left a small truckload of stuff in my old garage which I had to drive back a few weeks later - 20 hours round trip in rental van - to pick up.
      Also the head mover guy complained that I was keeping him from his wife and kid. Really! I used to be in the Navy on a submarine, so don't complain about family separation to me! Oh poor baby, you choose this job and now it's somehow my fault that when you rip me off and verbally/physically threatened me, it delays your trip by a couple of hours!
      "Honey, daddy's home. Sorry i'm late, I had to screw over this nice couple first"
      Worst worst worst experience ever.
      A week later, two different guys named delivered my stuff. They were the best. Earnest apologized for the other guys, unloaded my stuff quickly, blessed my wife and me and our new life in our new home. I tipped each 100$ experience ever.
      "A tale of two cities" the best and worst of moves --but mostly the worst!

      Move cost: $3000
    • carlos handid
      5 12 months ago

      Phenomenal experience. Reliable, professional, They were at my house packing me up every day, all day. On moving day, everything went off without a hitch. They were so patient with me, even as I changed my mind multiple times about where things should go. None of them ever complained, and they were each perfectly polite, conscientious and diligent gentlemen throughout the entire move. If you are stressed or overwhelmed about moving, just hand it over to them!

      Move cost: $3200
    • Richard Steve
      5 12 months ago

      They were very careful, and professional. Also very mindful. They arrived on time and called us an hour before arrival. Reasonable fees comparatively. Highly recommended to anyone. They have the best attitudes!

      Move cost: $2100
    • Derrick Mathis
      5 12 months ago

      I was very impressed! The movers were incredibly speedy. They also were incredibly flexible, as the entrance to my new apartment was blocked when we first arrived and they were able to adjust quickly and not lose any time! I would definitely use them again. Plus, very affordable!

      Move cost: $2800
    • Cheryl Markus
      5 12 months ago

      Very nice to work with and fast/efficient. Reasonably priced and extremely quick. Didn’t damage anything and wasted no time. They were reasonably priced and I would use them again.

      Move cost: $1900
    • Lillian Jason
      5 12 months ago

      Three man crew were on time, professional, courteous and took good care of the furniture and belongings. Their rates are very competitive. They even carefully wrapped furniture in saran wrap for me. I would highly recommend them.

      Move cost: $4100

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