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55 reviews for Safe & Secure Van Lines

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  • Kristen Chapman
    1 3 months ago

    Word to the wise: stay far away from this moving "company".

    You don't need to take my word for it...take a look at the Google reviews. The majority of people rating them 5 stars have 1 review. This looks fairly suspicious.

    As for my experience, moving cross country with a baby is stressful enough. Paying a moving company thousands of dollars should mean you get a positive experience. But it was far from that. Overall we paid about double the original quote.

    I started looking for quotes about 2 months before our move. I sat on the phone for hours with different companies describing how large our house was and the furniture inside. I decided to go with safe and secure van lines because Elan, my sales rep, was easy to reach and walked me through the process.

    The move creeped closer and there was a week where I couldn't reach Elan. The main line of the company was disconnected. That's very sketchy and disconcerting. I was finally able to reach Sandy who calmed me down and said Elan was no longer with the company. That was probably strike 1.

    Sandy explained how payment would be made out to the freight company they contracted with and I thought I'd have an advocate with this company as my contract with safe and secure states.T freight company (Atlantic Moving group) arrived late and then was surprised about the size of the job. Based on information Safe and Secure gave them they thought they were loading a 2 bedroom apartment, not a 5 bedroom home.

    Atlantic group then had to leave our job which messed up our schedule and stressed out our dogs. I had to make phone calls and manage the process myself to have a friend oversee the move. Atlantic Moving group damaged the staircase in our old home so we had to get that repaired at our own cost.

    Finally, we were in the town of our new home and just waiting for the movers to show. We closed on our house and then waited. We had a signed contract with safe and secure of a promised move in date as we had paid the expediting fee to ensure our items would arrive that date. Safe and secure doesn't give a darn about what your contract says, so that didn't happen.

    I hounded the company every single day and got all kinds of answers. Atlantic group refused to pick up the phone.

    I was in the middle of planning my daughter's first birthday party. Our items were nowhere to be seen so I had to rearrange plans for her first birthday party. I even had to step away from the celebration to get on the phone to call safe and secure as the situation worsened.

    These incompetent people only just realized that our new home was on a road where the moving truck couldn't go. Which I know now is a lie as I see semis on this road all the time. Safe and secure said we needed to come up with money to pay for a shuttle service that weekend. It was a Saturday evening, banks are closed Sunday, and they were now telling me the move would happen Sunday only if we came up with the money.

    This is what I call a hostage situation.

    Finally our stuff arrived. We stayed with family 40 minutes from our new house and were given no warning when the movers showed. We had to rush to get to our new house to be there to let the movers in.

    It has now been 3 months since the move and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. We have items that showed up damaged. We have items that have still never shown. My husband had important items that he put in a suitcase with his information in it, that showed up at someone else's home. We got an item of theirs. We arranged with that family to swap items. Safe and secure promised to cover the shipping costs. You won't be surprised to hear that that never happened. Based on the state of our items, they clearly keep your items in very hot warehouses and don't arrange them properly.

    Safe and secure promised us money back at multiple times. For the expediting fee, for the damage caused to our items, for the shipping of the other family's items.

    We've seen nothing.

    I can not say enough: DO NOT BOOK with safe and secure.

  • Loriel Whitehead
    1 3 months ago

    This company stole the deposit I placed for moving services!! I made a deposit of $715 for moving but canceled the request the very next day. Their refund policy states I am entitled to a refund as long as the request is made within 72 hours of the deposit. I placed the deposit July 1, 2019 and have STILL NOT BEEN REFUNDED. The company refuses to respond to my emails. It has been well over 60 days since I made the request. Do not let them steal from you!! They are not BBB accredited either so stay safe and don’t let this company take advantage of you.

    Move cost: $715
  • Jon DeVore
    1 4 months ago

    Nightmare. I’m going to sue.

    Move cost: $13000
  • Martha Leverett
    1 4 months ago

    They never showed up, I had to pay extra $4000 to move my stuff to local storage unit overnight after paying $2800 deposit.
    I gave them 5 days windows to come and get my things. I was on the phone every single day with customer service, they put me on hold for hours and kept me calling every hour for about two days until last minute they droped the ball and never answer my calls any more. After 3 days of asking for my money back or a solution to the problem my lawyer called them, then they commited to move my stuff with no extra charge.. and guess what? without my authorization they withrow $2000 from my bank account, sent a truck to Utah and the driver asked for other extra $2000 when he got to the storage to pick up.
    They are a complete scam. I'm still fighting to get my money back.

    Move cost: $12000
  • Lauren Murphy
    1 4 months ago

    WARNING:: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! They will scam you! I just received my furniture yesterday after waiting 35 days! The contract stated it would be delivered anywhere between 1 and 30 days but they will not give you an actual date. I was quoted $1700 originally, which was the lowest estimate I received from a moving company so I went with them. Due to my disability, I couldn’t do the move myself and on my limited budget I thought I got a good deal. They forgot a few things that I had listed on my inventory so they changed the price to $2100 after they made the corrections—even though Ryan told me there wouldn’t be a price change after the changes were made. They told me there was no extra charge for being on the third floor as long as there was an elevator (which there was). Come moving day, the mover FORCED me to pay extra even though I was told that I wouldn’t pay extra. The movers disassembled my furniture without asking or getting my permission, and quickly packed everything up.

    In the time I spent waiting for my furniture, I had called several times to get an estimated date of arrival. Dominique and Whitney kept saying they’d call back and never did. I finally got fed up and tried to track down the moving company on the paperwork—which is an outside company, NOT Safe & Secure moving. The company is really sketchy and I was able to reach someone the first time I called, and they told me I’d receive my belongings before the 15th. When the 15th had passed and I still didn’t have my stuff, I tried calling back and the number was disconnected. Finally I had to threaten to get the cops involved in order to be taken seriously because I honestly thought that everything was just stolen and never going to arrive.

    Upon arrival, the movers demanded payment before they would unload. When they started unloading they tried to give me OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF. I said, “That’s not mine,” And the mover said, “Yes it is!” The other mover confirmed that it was not my stuff. They tried to give me someone’s blue storage container, and a cushioned camping sleeping bag (I hope the owner is reading this). The movers were very shady while I was in the room checking everything off. They waited till I left the room to start assembling furniture and placing them very specifically, which I thought was strange because they left everything else strewn about. They assembled my furniture incorrectly and missing pieces. They lost some bolts and screws that were crucial and didn’t bother assembling the rest. They tried to leave in a hurry and luckily I caught the broken furniture despite their strategic placement. I immediately broke down, and the mover demanded I sign the paperwork because he needed to leave immediately. I made him write down the damage, but I told him I hadn’t been given a chance to inspect everything thoroughly. He told me I had 9 months to make a claim even if it wasn’t on the paperwork and again demanded that I sign. He left in such a hurry that he actually left his tools behind! I had to move and assemble my furniture (including a queen sized bed) BY MYSELF. Part of the cost of the move is that they do that, not me. With no bed to sleep in and no help, I assembled it alone and was left in excruciating pain. As a result, the physical labor has exasperated my condition and I have to see a doctor. I will be contacting an attorney.

    To sum it up, I paid $2438.28 to have my furniture moved across the country while not receiving the service I paid for. The furniture that was damaged (so far) has totaled up to $2450! And now I am in constant pain from moving and assembling my own furniture with a disability! These people are heartless and should be in prison for fraud. KEEP IN MIND, THE POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE FAKE.

    Move cost: $2438
  • Devin Dierenfield
    1 4 months ago

    This company is a Sham. They took a $1100 deposit and canceled my move the day of and kept my deposit. Anybody who dose business with this company buyer be ware! Im now having to hire an attorney out of state and sue in small claims court. Its a scam!!!!!! Buyer be Ware.

  • Hyde Ply
    1 4 months ago

    I agree with all the others here. This is a really scam company. We should inform MOVING FEEDBACK, VERIFIED MOVERS, and GOOGLE that all their 5 STAR reviews are fake, then they have to remove them. I also recommend, write a honest review about their performance.
    So, write reviews!!!

    Move cost: $4000
  • Ingo Gra
    1 4 months ago

    This is a scam company. You are all warned. If you get in contact with them you should know they screw you. They have a drunk guy named Russell, I never talked to him and he was NOT intoxicated, always slurry speech, cannot remember what he said 3min earlier and making fun about everything.
    All their 5 STAR reviews are fake and written by themselves. Just read the 1 star reviews they show how they work.
    I recommend, write a honest review about their performance. I assume it will be not very good and that's the way which hurts them most. They refused to pay our money back because they were overpaid ($1,304). We are waiting since May 2nd, 2019
    So, write reviews!!!

    Move cost: $3400
  • Dallas Benson
    1 4 months ago

    Horrible. To say it was a negative experience doesn’t begin with to explain our nightmare. They “moved” us from Raleigh to San Antonio. Picked up our stuff on July 12th. We still don’t have our stuff. Last time we heard it was in Washington state??? No one is returning calls. My disabled husband is having to sleep on an air mattress. Still have no clue when or if our furniture is going to be delivered. 🤬😡 No one returns calls and one woman that I did reach hung up on me!

    Move cost: $5200
  • Paul Grove
    1 5 months ago

    DO NOT USE SAFE AND SECURE VAN LINES! They are not safe or secure.

    I never write reviews, but after this horrific moving experience, I felt I had to make sure others did not go through what I did.

    First, the five star reviews you read are front loaded. Don’t trust them.

    If you think the great quote from John at the beginning is worth it - it’s not.

    John is a salesman that makes you feel “secure.” Once they get your initial down payment, that John disappears.

    The fact that they mandate a direct deposit and don’t take a credit card is an automatic red flag. You will never see that money again.

    In addition, they play one company off another. They don’t even move anyone. They “hire” another company (in my case, Unique Van lines - both Miami based companies and both in “it” together) so they aren’t responsible for anything. Sandy, in “customer service” will promise to call back but never does. They’ve been doing this for a long time it seems and they know how to make you feel comfortable and then take you for everything you’ve got.

    I literally felt that they held my furniture ransom until I gave them CASH! They say you can pay by credit card and then at the last minute demand cash only.

    They demanded $3000 above their original and confirmed estimate.

    Dishes were broken, the movers never showed up on time, they crushed all my suits and dress shirts (dry cleaning expense is huge) because they didn’t use professional moving people.

    I actually filed a police report and I have continued to request the company give me some compensation but they ignore all calls and proof of the damage.

    Bottom line is, choose a moving company that doesn’t have so many red flags and an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Do your research. This is a way of life for these people. They sleep fine at night while you are in misery.  If you use them you will not be happy.


    Moving from Chattanooga to Tampa never seemed like it would be such a nightmare for my whole family.

    Move cost: $4600
  • Linda Wagner
    1 5 months ago

    DONOT USE Safe and Secure Van-lines! They are a fraudulent scam of a company!
    My niece and nephew, Cory and Dell Minott, trusted them with their belongings and have had nothing but grief from the beginning!
    Sean is a liar and a cheat. Russel actually told my niece that he won’t help her find her missing stuff until she removes the bad reviews she’s put on!
    Bad people , Bad company!
    They make up the own good reviews, they are not real customers! The real customers are the ones giving 1 star and complaining when they actually deserve no stars which is not an option.
    Disgusting, deplorable , wretched people!

    Move cost: $9200
    Linda Wagner
    5 months ago

    As you are reading all of the reviews left for Safe and Secure Van lines notice that they only get a1 star or a 5 star. Who do you think is telling the truth??? Disgusting company!

    Linda Wagner
    5 months ago

    I have watched their rating go from a 4.3 ( which was a lie) to a 2.69.
    I hope you get run out of business!!!

  • Susan O.
    1 5 months ago

    We were very disappointed with this company and we are not recommending them. My husband was livid after he had seen all our damaged furniture they delivered. The positive thing for me, I was allowed to buy all new furniture. But then the question came up, why did we move it at all?
    We had a lot of costs And a lot of trouble. Never again.

    Move cost: $4200
  • Sammy G.
    1 5 months ago

    My belongings are damaged and they didn't even feel responsible. I had pictures of all my furniture before they have packed and everything was fine. Almost everything was scratched, broken or damaged when it arrived in18 (!!!) days later. Instead of 2-4 days as stated in my contract.
    They don't pick up the phone anymore.

    Move cost: $3400
  • Taneshu Collier
    1 5 months ago

    Do not use them! They are a broker company who 1) quoted us very low at first 2) quoted us higher the day before our move 3) hired the worse company 1 out of 5 stars on most websites for our move and then wouldn’t intervene to help us. They took they’re money and ran then left us to deal with the most horrible moving company ever.

    Move cost: $7200
  • Dell Minott
    1 5 months ago

    DO NOT for any reason, use Safe and Secure Van Lines. They are the worst. Your belongings will be lost or broken. They go through your stuff. Your boxes will be tossed around like footballs. They do not answer your calls promptly and lie about what is going on. Complete fraudsters! My niece received part of her items, mostly broken or damaged. Her family is missing large items like a couch, mattress, bookcase, antique church pew and much more.
    The owner is beyond deplorable! If you remove the bad review I might be able to give you more money. I actually heard him say this!
    They also received several boxes that weren’t theirs! How does this happen?
    They have people they know do their reviews so they get a good rating.
    They are not reputable in the lease! Run the other direction folks, this company will screw you over and not look back.

    Move cost: $50000
  • Carroll McAdams
    1 5 months ago

    If you have read the negative reviews here on 'verified movers' and on Google and read their terrible BBB rating of F you know this company is a scam.
    Don't do business with them. They are very friendly at the beginning but the very moment they have your belongings they keep them until you pay a ransom and write positive reviews for them.

    Move cost: $4300
  • John Sinclair
    1 5 months ago

    We used these terrible people. Terrible!!!!! They keep your money hostage or your stuff, if you don't pay them more AND if you don't write positive reviews.
    I highly recommend: STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!



    Move cost: $3400
  • Scott Blakely
    1 5 months ago

    This company, Safe and Secure Van Lines, moved my sister's family. They lost and broke over $8000 of their stuff. They lost a family heirloom-a giant church pew restored by our grandfather who has passed away. My sister had boxes that belong to other people delivered with her things. They were also over 2 weeks late on delivery of their things. They have also refused to cover the costs of any items that were broken and lost. The company president, Sean Kirtz, lied about not storing their boxes when they actually did store the boxes in a warehouse in Texas. He is a scam artist that "owns" several companies. I do not usually get involved in these types of things, however, this company has lost a very important family heirloom. Seriously, how do you lose something as large as a church pew?? Well, I will hold Sean Kirtz personally responsible if this is not resolved quickly and to my sister's satisfaction.

    Move cost: $500000
  • Dell Minott
    1 5 months ago

    DO NOT EVER use Safe and Secure Van Lines! They are cheats, liars and fraudsters! My niece and her family used them to move from Mississippi to Oregon and they have been an ongoing nightmare!
    Your belongings will be lost, broken, severely damaged and just plain handled poorly! Your boxes, if you are lucky enough to receive them, will look as if they were tumbled in a concrete mixer for days.
    They do not return calls promptly, they point their grubby fingers at others and lie all along the way to lead you to believe all is well.
    If you remove the bad review you wrote I might be able to pay you more. I actually overheard the owner say this! What?
    Run the other way!
    They do their own reviews to make their company look good!
    Oh... and don’t be surprised if you get someone else’s belongings . It must be really difficult to get people their correct stuff. WOW! That’s your job!

    Move cost: $9000
  • Cletus Jones
    1 5 months ago

    Read the reviews by Dell and Corey Minot. If you want to get all of your stuff moved in one piece, don't use this company. Seems that the good reviews on here were written by employees of this company. Bottom line is that they suck and you won't get all of your stuff.

    Peace out.

    Move cost: $9000
  • Dell Minott
    1 5 months ago

    DO NOT for any reason, use Safe and Secure Van Lines. They are the worst. Your belongings will be lost or broken. They go through your stuff. Your boxes will be tossed around like footballs. They do not answer your calls promptly and lie about what is going on. Complete fraudsters! My niece received part of her items, mostly broken or damaged. Her family is missing large items like a couch, mattress, bookcase, antique church pew and much more.
    The owner is beyond deplorable! If you remove the bad review I might be able to give you more money. I actually heard him say this!
    They also received several boxes that weren’t theirs! How does this happen?
    They have people they know do their reviews so they get a good rating.
    They are not reputable in the lease! Run the other direction folks, this company will screw you over and not look back.

    Move cost: $9000
  • Eric Rynerson
    1 5 months ago

    After an online search of the company and these type of moving brokers, I called Katherine to cancel within the 72-hour window after feeling very anxious about using a broker for our long distance move. I was told I was in good hands and that she would know on Monday who my mover was after their weekly job posting (on Monday). I felt persuaded into sticking with the company even though I had read of many bad experiences online using these type of moving brokers. I was told not to worry who the owner of the company was and that they have been in business for 5 years. Per records, the business was incorporated on 8/8/2018.

    More research into this company left me with a bad feeling and I attempted to receive a refund of my deposit. Not surprisingly this was met with a fierce no.

    Safe and Secure Van Lines has deceptive positive reviews online. In a review of most of their positive Google reviews, most are from reviewers with only 1 contribution, some have reviewed multiple moving companies in South Florida. Sean Kirtz (the owner) is one of the reviewers. Look him up if you have some time.

    They are not registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as required by Florida Law.

    These types of business practices are common for these moving brokers. They give low ball non-binding estimates (DOT regulations require binding estimates before a move can commence) and then proceed with deceptive business tactics to raise costs when it’s time for the move.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Ilonka Harezi
    1 5 months ago

    Safe and Secure are definitely NOT safe and secure, anything but! First they took $3000 out of my account without my permission. Then , what they promised never happened. Instead of 8 men that I paid for, we got 3. Wrapping supplies were supposed to be included, they didn't have any! What was to take two days took over five days and they left a very expensive marble statue in the driveway along with alabaster vases and pedestals. Of course, they were stolen. Many things were broken and mishandled, they did not wrap the furniture in blankets which we provided. I could go on and on. What was supposed to cost 6k maximum ended to be $13k. I do intend to file grievances with the FTC and the FMCSA. I have requested the 3k back but I am sure this will not happen as I have read other people complaints. I would be happy to start a class action suit against them . Horrible!

    Move cost: $13000
  • Jan Morales
    5 5 months ago

    I had a great experience from beginning to end. The representative was thorough and informative on the phone. He knew the industry and was able to provide tips to make sure my move was successful and uneventful. They communicated with me every step of the way and made sure I was ready for when the movers got there. The moving crew, although did not speak much English, properly handled my furniture and the driver even told me the route he was taking and called me before arriving. Also, when delivering to my new house, they placed the items exactly where I needed them, and I did not have to do any heavy lifting. Although moving is a costly endeavor, they'd price was right and the service was professional, and deserved a good tip. Thank you Safe & Secure for making a stressful event go smoothly.

    Move cost: $6577
  • Abby Damon
    5 5 months ago

    Fantastic work! Needed moving services last minute and these guys made it happen with just two days notice. Speedy service, careful handling and friendly employees. Would recommend!

    Move cost: $5500
  • Plymouth Move
    5 5 months ago

    These guys were a little more than some of the quotes I got but they picked me up on a very short notice. It did take a little over 2 weeks to get my things. My favorite part was the delivery. They put every piece of furniture where I wanted it which was a big help to me and my elderly mother. Kudos!

    Move cost: $7200
  • Christa Mcpheely
    5 5 months ago

    They arrived a half-hour late, due to bad traffic, which was expected and fine. The speed and efficiency the movers worked was pretty great! They were attentive and always asked how I wanted my things to be carried. Overall, great service!

  • Jason Byrd
    5 5 months ago

    Great guys helped me move today. Very professional and checked with me regularly if everything was ok. Helped me pack up my kitchen and 1 br in 2 hrs... I have a ton of stuff. They were able to move my 3 person couch up a narrow stairway. Does the job quickly and efficiently. Would recommend.

    Move cost: $4500
  • Lona Sargent
    5 5 months ago

    My experience with this company has completely changed the way I look at moving, forever. I never thought it could be so easy! The prices are very affordable for everything they do. They made what is usually the hardest and most stressful part of moving easy and simple. Couldn’t thank them enough. I definitely recommend this company and will definitely use them in the future.

    Move cost: $2200
  • Dave Elliot
    5 5 months ago

    Bruce took care of me and erased all the fears i had going in. He and his crew gave extra time to pack loose items and make sure I was protected. Can't thank him enough.

    Move cost: $3800
  • James Taylor
    5 5 months ago

    Safe & Secure Van Lines guys were fantastic with a local move I did a few weeks ago. They were earlier than the time they told me they would be there in the morning. They were the most professional moving team I have ever come across; every member of the team was so friendly and smiling. It seemed like they all took pride in their job, and it showed in the impeccable job that was performed for me.
    All of my belongings were packed carefully. The place I moved out of was left spotless neat as a pin and not a mark anywhere. They made sure that the job was not done until I was settled and comfortable in my new home. To me these guys Corey and this team they are pure class and the only way to go whether you are moving local like I did or long distance.

    Move cost: $5400
  • Franklin Alen
    5 5 months ago

    I had a great experience with Safe & Secure Van Lines. The staff worked with me to schedule my move on a fairly short timeline, and I paid a reasonable rate for an efficient three-person team. Everything was clearly explained to me in advance, and everyone I interacted with was courteous and helpful.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Davon Roberson
    1 5 months ago

    It’s been 29 days. Still no word on where my belongings are. Company is a scam. Don’t use them. Look else where. At least some ppl got broken items. I’ve received NONE of my stuff.

    Move cost: $5000
  • John Trelson
    5 5 months ago

    This moving company was a pleasant surprise in that it lived up to its press. We moved from Bay Ridge in Brooklyn to a town in central Connecticut. Russel gave us quotes of $3600 and $4800, the latter if the move required a second, smaller truck. Seven people arrived and emptied our 1000 sq. ft. apt. in about 3 hours, drove to CT and the five who made the trip unloaded the truck in 2 hours. Nothing, absolutely nothing was broken or damaged--and they used only one truck. The $3600 estimate p[roved to be the final cost. These folks were super friendly and real pros. A million thanks to Steve and the gang. I'm not into writing reviews, but Safe & Secure Van Line is the real deal.

    Move cost: $4800
  • Lori Dan
    1 6 months ago

    Interstate move from Louisiana to Illinois

    DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT use this company...Safe and Secure Van Lines. They are great on the phone to get you to use their business but that is it. If you need any kind of follow through you can forget it. Of course the initial estimate was one amount,$2327 and upon pickup it ended up being much higher, $4154. Plus they lied to me when they told me the driver was trying to contact me, when he clearly had not and that they had tried to call me and that had not happened either...I have the phone records to prove it. I contracted with them for a move on 6/3 or 6/4 which all went very well and sounded great until it got to moving day. The carrier never showed up and had all kinds of excuses and finally showed up on 6/5. Okay...I could deal with that. Then it all fell apart. I finally got my belongings today, 6/24, after they said deliver would be in 3-5 days and after more than 40+ contacts via phone. Plus...they had a carrier show up who was no longer authorized to do this kind of move. The carrier's federal regulation was revoked on May 20, 2019.
    Luckily for me the carrier did a good job of packing up the furniture but I am missing one box which I am still trying to find. When I called today regarding the delivery and suggested that I may need to assert myself with the final payment, I didn't want to pay the driver until I knew everything was accounted for, I had Amber tell me,"if you think you have the power to do that then go ahead," just goes to show you how cocky they are and how much they get away with because no one challenges them. So I am warning you...DO NOT UNDER ANY circumstances use this company for your move. Unless of course you like a lot of stress.

    Move cost: $4154
  • Cory Minott
    1 6 months ago

    DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!! Their sales reps will tell you anything that you want to hear to get your business. We were told by Frank that our items had to be picked up on May 28th in order to have our stuff to our new location by June 15th. Well here it is June 20th and we still haven't gotten our items. We were initially given a quote of $6,000 but now it has grown to over $10,000. We have tried to contact their office and just keep getting told that they will call us back but nobody ever does. They have subcontracted everything out so much that nobody knows what the other is doing.

    We were also told at pick up that if the truck couldn't make it up to our new house that we could rent a uhual and that they would offload it to the uhual and bring it up and put everything in the house for us. This is not the case....the delivery guy stated that if we were to offload and have them bring it to our house it would be an extra $1,100. These people are liars and don't care anything about you or your property.


    Move cost: $10000
  • Lindsey Holland
    1 6 months ago


    We have been waiting for our belongings since May 18, 2019 (posting this on June 18, 2019). We have been given 5-6 false dates for delivery. We were initially charged $2000 for our move then they tried to up charge us $3600 at our pick-up. The driver proceeded to threaten me if I didn't sign the documents or give them money. When I complained about the pick-up experience, I was yelled at by the supervisor, "Russell". "Russell" is now trying to bargain with our belongings by calling my significant other offering discounts and a guarantee delivery. They never can say where our belongings are located nor the driver name who has our belongings. It's excuse, after excuse. It's been an absolute nightmare working with these people. They have a complete lack of customer service, zero understanding of logistics and are hustling their customers.


    Move cost: $5600
  • Johnathn Kruger
    5 6 months ago

    I was moved by Safe and Secure 1 week ago. They were extremely thorough with my furniture and items list and were right on the money. once the movers go there they wrapped all my stuff and were really careful moving them but very quickly which surprised me. I was delivered right on time as well and the driver kept me updated as did their customer service dept.

    I move 2 times every 4-5 years and i will not use anyone else!

    Move cost: $4798
  • Keneth Matt
    5 6 months ago

    Excellent service and worth the price. I carefully read reviews for several companies before contracting with Secure Van Lines and could not be happier with my choice. The service shined from the initial estimate call to the completion of the service. The movers were true professionals and the crew, led by Corey , arrived promptly on the morning of the move. He was calm, clear, helpful, and efficient. My last move was with another company where the crew lead was a jerk who broke several of our plates and was unapologetic about it.

    Secure`s crew of three worked for five hours and took apart our Upper West Side one bedroom and put it back together in downtown Jersey City. Service was friendly and effective, nothing was broken, and no stress either. Good job, Corey, Patrick, and Sandy and thank you!

    Move cost: $3800
  • Elaine Wagenfeiler
    1 6 months ago

    Never in my life have I seen such a shoddy operation. This was a nightmare from the beginning to the end. First, they showed up an hour late, like 3:00 in the afternoon. The "supervisor" Jason (from Trans Van Lines) never explained what was about to happen...namely numbering the boxes and the reasoning behind it. He was too busy on his cell phone. I came out of my house and there's a couple and a baby in my garage. Turns out it was Jason's sister, brother-in-law and nephew visiting Jason. Well, the brother-in-law stayed the entire time; him and Jason chit-chatting the entire time...excuse're on my time clock now. They finally left at 6:30; could of been sooner had there not been so much wasted time. This was on a Tuesday and my stuff, minus my missing stuff showed up the following Monday, late in the day. I had all my boxes and some of the furniture already in the garage. The boxes were all labeled as to which room they would go into. Jason had me sign many documents, never bother to explaining what I was signing. BUT he wanted his money and gave me such a line of BS about the dollar amount he was charging me. This move started out at $2900 and the final cost was just under $6,000. Finally, I got a call Sunday night that they were delivering my stuff Monday 5/13 afternoon, again, LATE.

    Well, I'm not sure if my stuff was handled by a bunch of gorillas or what. My Bose stereo (that I packed) wound up upside down with a crushed side on the bin. The 40" TV was crushed on the corner, part of the rear housing gone. I had two double mattresses both under 5 months old they marked as faded on the documents. They were supposed to put back together all the furniture that they took apart - thats a joke. They put together my lazy boy all right, with one side of the back never put together with the base, leaving the back of the chair hanging in mid air. I have an electric base for my bed, still doesn't work because I don't have the strength to lift the mattress or the base to connect the wires and plug it in. They were the ones who took it apart. So if they tell you they'll put everything back together, they DON'T.

    The delivery guys told me about the TV being crushed yet carried it into my bedroom; does that make a bit of sense??? They called the office on 5/13 and I was told that someone would contact me the next day. That Never happened, I had to make the call the following day. I spoke to a Lisa Lipton on Friday. She explained to me that I had to totally unpack and make a list of damaged/missing items. I made the list and sent her an email telling her I would be ready the next day to file a claim which would been Saturday, she's not there on Saturdays. I called again on Monday 5/20 morning and told her that I was ready. We went over the list and I also explained to her about my Bose stereo that it arrived upside down inside of a bin that was missing the side of the bin. I was asked if I packed it and I said yes. She told me that they weren't responsible for it since I packed it. Well, If I would of moved it, it wouldn't of been delivered upside down and with a side part of the bin cracked off and missing. My TV was wrapped in a moving pad and then wrapped with cardboard and taped close. Yet it got here crushed on the corner? I had a piece of glass 33" x 19" that went on top of a dresser - that arrived in a shattered disaster, again wrapped with a moving pad and then cardboard. That was on Monday, May 20th. I was told by Lisa Lipton and I would receive an email in 2-3 days regarding the $75 "hush" money from them for the damages. I sent an email the next Friday 5/24 about getting the email. Sandi got back to me on Saturday 5/25 and told me she would definitely look into it and straighten it out. Seems that when Jason was hustling me to sign, he never mentioned that I would only get reimbursed for $.60 a pound for one section of the contract. So what exactly do these guys do while they're moving your stuff? I'm missing 2 Corning ware roasting pans, a Colander, measuring spoons, cups, a set of dishes, mixing bowls and the worse part a pair of diamond earrings and two gold bracelets.

    They did leave a bed frame, not mine, but a bed frame...I hope whoever gets my stuff enjoys using it.

    Its now June 3, neither Lisa Lipton or Sandi have gotten back to me about this $75. Don't ever get involved with these people. Call a local mover, Don't use these people that take advantage of you and don't want to be responsible for their inactions. If there was minus stars, they would get minus 10.

    Move cost: $6000
  • John Donnelly
    5 6 months ago

    Great experience. Working with safe and secure has been easy from start to finish. Thank you for making the process easy and painless for me!

    Move cost: $3800
  • Jacob Caswell
    1 6 months ago

    Worst customer service I have EVER experienced in my life. The self-proclaimed supervisor, Sandy literally never once called me back when she promised she would. The salesman John berated me for being upset that I didn’t find out the time my movers would be at my house until 8pm the night before my “moving window”. We were given an arrival time of between 9am-12pm on Sat 6/1 (even though John assured me we could have Fri 5/31 during the sales call). Nobody ever showed and I finally received a call from the driver (although Sandy seemed to think he was the dispatcher) at 3:26pm to ask if it could be rescheduled for the next day. When I told him no he said he would call the office and call me back. Long story short, nobody ever showed and I never got a time for the next day. When I asked Sandy for my deposit to be returned she stated “I don’t understand what the problem is, you talked to him and he said he’d be there tomorrow” then she told me she’d work on it Monday and hung up.

    Move cost: $1800
  • Cari Madsen
    1 6 months ago

    THIS IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT WORK WORK WITH THEM!!! First off they arrived a day late and late at night. Second my price increased by 1400 even when I took several large items off of my inventory list. The workers are shady and they just didnt a new refrigerator on our rental house. The driver would only take cash. I will be reporting to immigration, IRS which I work for so that won't be hard, and better business. We have tried to call and complain but Sandy and Janice are liars!!! Dont believe anything they say this is the worst experience I have ever had and I have moved all over never experiencing this. I just hope none of my stuff is missing as i will also be contacting a lawyer. We have tried to complain for three days and no response. We r coming for this company I will being someone down u should not be able to operate like this

    Move cost: $4390
  • Sam Kline
    1 6 months ago

    This company is a big scam. They don't move anything. They just hire the cheapest guys they can find, load and unload your stuff 3 to 5 times and you have to deal with all the broken furniture. You cannot reach them after the move. They just take your money and then it is gone.
    I recommend to sue them immediately when they try to keep your money or stuff.
    But better don't use them.
    They write every day their own positive 5 star reviews.
    Look at their rating.. 80 x 5 stars written by Van and secure lines and the rest of the reviews are 1 star reviews written by their customers....

    Move cost: $5700
  • Nathalie Ambros
    1 7 months ago

    We moved with this company and it was a big big big disappointment. Almost everything was damaged and they claimed we have to pay $3,550 more for just a few pounds overweight. They couldn't even show us their weight card.
    They hold our private stuff in hostage until we paid this ridicules high additional prize. After the move we only had contact to a Russell. He is a mean person. Most of the time you cannot understand him because he is intoxicated and his speech is very slurry.
    Don't do business with this company. All the positive reviews are from themselves.

    Move cost: $5500
  • Peter Pannock
    1 7 months ago

    This company does not do your move. They hire a cheap company to pick up your stuff. These guys unload everything in a warehouse. From the warehouse it is moved in a long-distance truck. From there again in a warehouse close to your destination. And a local company picks it up and brings the few things which are not broken to you.
    They have a BBB rating of F !!!!
    They are the worst.
    And if you try to call them you only reach -always drunken - Russel.

    Move cost: $3400
  • Jonathan Lang
    1 7 months ago

    My belongings were hijacked and are currently being held for ransom. Let me go into detail with you to explain my experience with Safe and Secure Van Lines.

    We hired Safe and Secure for a Friday pickup of our 80 boxes. We sent all our measurements and box count to Michelle and Sandy Kenny at Safe and Secure Van Lines. We received our estimate and our date for pickup was set. Safe and Secure Van Lines contracted MDA Relocation LLC, Michael Aharoni, 7045 Stirling Rd, Suite 1208, Davie Florida, 33314. MDA didn't show up until Saturday night, 9:30 PM with the driver complaining about another pickup he had done in another state and that's why he was late. He didn't load up our boxes until Sunday after 4:30PM and didn't leave the property until almost 10:00 PM Sunday night. We were then told by Sandy Kenny that our truck was headed to Florida and that was confirmed by the owner of MDA Relocation LLC, Michael Aharoni. The next day we get a phone call from Michael Aharoni that our goods had been re-routed to one of his storage facilities because it was 60 pounds overweight and he wanted an additional $4,303.92. At this point we had already paid both Safe and Secure Van Lines and MDA for services. The extra $4303.92 would put this move over $10,000.00.

    We contacted Safe and Secure Van Lines for help, Sandy Kenny, who told us to e-mail her the documents to her private e-mail account. I thought this was a bit fishy, but we did so anyway. She told us she would get back to us, she never did. We reached out once again to Safe and Secure and received no call backs, e-mails or assistance. We were left to deal with Michael Aharoni, the hijacker, alone. We've notified the FMCSA, which is a branch of the Department of Transportation. We wrote a letter to both Safe and Secure and MDA. We'll be contacting the police next. Just so you know your rights:

    I'll try to keep this review up to date so that people can read this and avoid companies like Safe and Secure Van Lines and hijacking companies like MDA Relocation LLC, owned by Michael Aharoni. In all reality we're being told Mr. Aharoni, most likely, sold all our goods and giving him more money would only add to his wealth and our misery.

    Move cost: $10000
  • Anjali Gupta
    1 7 months ago

    This is a company that I am sorry I ever business with. We had to move from Chicago to Florida and were given a quote of $3400. We paid down payment of $1306. Our move was to happen May 2-3. John assured us— look at our reviews on Google he said. So we did and decided it would be a decent company.
    We waited on May 2, we waited on May 3. Nothing. We got a hold of the “person in charge” Russel. Oh, they will be there May 4 at 9 AM. We waited. We called Russel who was intoxicated and he said he will try to figure it out and give him 1 Hour. We waited. I had to start work on May 6.
    At 1 pm, we went to Penske, rented a truck, got help to load truck, and started driving. At 1 PM, we told Russel we were doing this and if he could refund our deposit. He said “sure!!”.
    We have been calling them(main number, John, Russell) inquiring about our refund. Russell states that my husband wrote a negative review and we would not get refund unless we took it down. We took it down. Still no refund. I called Russell this morning again asking about refund. He was drunk, slurring, and said “F*** you”. I told him that I would write negative review and expect my refund. And what he was doing was black mail.

    They are not good people.
    I do not expect to get a refund.

    If you have had a similar experience, contact us.
    Let’s file a lawsuit together.

    Move cost: $3400
  • Anthony Jonson
    5 7 months ago

    Sequre Van Lines moving was amazing. Moving team was truly amazing at their job. It was so kind to leave the mattress for me overnight....because it was late and to come the next day to pick it up. The pick up team was very picky with details on special care for my belongings. I can’t thank enough !!!

    Move cost: $5550
  • Lyel Jenson
    1 7 months ago

    Apr 26 2019

    Cost: $3,600
    Safe and Secure Van Lines has deceptive positive reviews online. In a review of most of their positive Google reviews, most are from reviewers with only 1 contribution, some have reviewed multiple moving companies in South Florida. Sean Kirtz (the owner) is one of the reviewers. One of their business addresses is a condo in South Florida, 1200 Hibiscus Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33062, and the owner Sean Kirtz is involved in multiple moving brokerages and in a crypto-currency company Clout for which he was sued for fraud resulting in a $405,000.00 judgment

    These types of business practices are common for these moving brokers. They give low ball non-binding estimates (DOT regulations require binding estimates before a move can commence) and then proceed with deceptive business tactics to raise costs when it’s time for the move.
    Move size: 4 Bedroom Home

    Move cost: $3600
  • Richard Steve
    5 1 year ago

    Excellent service. Fast and experienced guys. They worked efficiently to get me out of my building and move me in to my new place.
    The Team did a Fantastic Job! Came on time, with sufficient workers to get the job done faster enabling us to maximize our Sunday day off.

    Move cost: $1500
  • Nian Zhen
    5 1 year ago

    Worked with this guys few times. Awesome customer service. Always in time, good job. Special thanks to Matthew and Russel. Estimate was exactly as we agreed. Will use again with no doubts. Highly recommend.

    Move cost: $1800
  • Ruth Pierce
    5 1 year ago

    Secure Van Lines moving was excellent. Communication was great with the office and they showed up ready to work on move day. They got to work immediately and didn't stop, despite the degree weather! Couldn't have asked for a better team. Great job!

    Move cost: $1800
  • Tyler Lewis
    5 1 year ago

    This moving company is the best! They arrived exactly on time and we so professional and efficient. The didn't just move the stuff and put it anywhere in my new apartment. I gave them basic directions where i wanted things and they did exactly that but they also made a point of making sure everything was neat and orderly. They even fixed the pillows on the couch and put the light on in the living room. I give the highest recommendation to these movers and also to the guys that answer the phone.

    Move cost: $2300
  • Carolyn Chandler
    5 1 year ago

    Hello everybody. My name is Carolyn want to recommend '' Secure Van Lines "as an excellent choice for your move. Taking this company, you can not go wrong in his choice.

    Move cost: $2200

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