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    31 reviews for Trinity Relocation Group

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    • Dusty Hauck
      1 1 month ago

      This company is shady AF!

      To be clear, this is a broker who’s only responsibility is to give the customer a quote for the move and to schedule an actual moving company for you. Trinity Relocation really does nothing but add thousands of dollars to your move. You, as the customer, can do everything this company does.

      Trinity Relocation hired us a moving company with abysmal online reviews, who broke and stole (lost) a surprising amount of our things. Trinity costumer service claims to “be an advocate if unfortunate circumstances arrive,” but has done nothing to help or remedy our unfortunate situation.

      When I asked one of their customer service agents if they would suggest that own mother use this company, this person chuckled and said no. She would not elaborate as to why she felt this way.

      DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Call and book your own movers.

      Move cost: $6000
    • Abbas Shivji
      1 3 months ago

      Terrible Experience with Trinity!

      They outsource the move to third parties who, in our case, were unprofessional, unethical, rude, untimely and disrespectful. Trinity itself is not a reliable company especially when you have an emergency, like we did on the day of the move itself, as they did NOT return our repeated calls and emails. We tried reaching out to them on the move day itself and the next day in the morning and neither Dylan and Bruce returned our calls and emails.

      The movers kept changing their arrival time on us and when they finally came (3:45pm), they sat in their truck for 15 minutes and only came upstairs after we called them.

      They came up for a few minutes to take inventory and went back to their truck and sat in their truck for another 45 minutes until we kept calling and finding out why they were still sitting in their truck.

      The driver told us their company (SM Moving) would call us to sign a few documents and give us an estimate which was already provided by Trinity when we booked the move.

      When they finally came up, after us calling them a couple of times, the driver had a bad attitude, was rude and unprofessional.

      I told them to leave immediately.


      Move cost: $1800
    • Joanna Huff
      1 6 months ago

      Do NOT use this company for your moving needs. We were given a quote and a few days prior to our move, the price increased $1500, and when the movers arrived the price increased another $1500. Our moving costs went from $5400 to $8400. During our initial conversation with our salesperson (Bill Rosen) he said we were the most organized movers he had spoken with and offered us a discount if we had all of our boxes in the garage of our tri-level townhome. We personally moved ALL of our boxes into the garage and our movers only had to move large pieces of furniture out of the home. We were told our goods would arrive in 21 days, but 14 days was likely. Our move date was 6/29 and when the movers arrived they said it would take up to 40 days for our items to arrive. At that time we learned that Trinity Relocation Group brokered our move to NW Relocation, who informed us that they are not able meet that timeframe for a move over 2000 miles. After weeks of frustration and not being able to reach anyone by phone, we were finally able to speak with someone at NW Relocation 7/16 and there is still no ETA on when our items will arrive. Trinity Relocation Group will not return our calls or email inquiries surrounding this issue. Additionally, when we initially called Trinity to complain about the increase in cost, we were told that the initial $1500 increase "is normal" but that the second increase is "very unusual." The manager asked us to submit all documentation and email correspondence with her staff so she could review all correspondence surrounding our quote. We explained that we provided detailed spreadsheets with documentation and measurements of ALL of our items. She asked if the staff person requested this level of detail and we explained that we submitted it on our own to ensure we were getting an accurate quote and to avoid the shock that we have experienced. She basically said that their software program cannot accommodate this level of detail. In other words, you will NEVER get an accurate quote from them. We submitted all documentation she requested over a week ago and have yet to hear back from her, nor has she gotten back to us on our delivery date. Our final box count was 10-15 boxes LESS than what we provided during our QA call, yet our cost still went up $3000 from the initial quote. The manager and our salesperson will not return our phone calls or respond to our emails. This company is completely unethical and I do not recommend them. Moving is incredibly stressful and they have done nothing but add to the intense stress already felt during a cross country move. We have no idea when our items will be delivered and got completely screwed financially. Horrible customer service and business practices. Do not make the same mistake we made, READ all of their reviews, do not look at rating scores because they are FAKE. I repeat, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

      Move cost: $8400
    • sampath rachoti
      1 10 months ago

      I made a mistake of hiring these people. Owen Orvis either can't do his job or is really bad at it. They talk to you very sweetly before you pay the initial deposit. I was cheated at every step of the moving process. Pick up was late, delivery was late, I was overcharged when movers came to my house and several of the items were not delivered. One of the movers Shaarbay Carlos was openly making fraud deals with me. He said he won't list some of the items to be moved and in exchange wanted higher tips. And at the end of the day didn't deliver many of the items and was rude when I enquired about my missing items. Any other company is better than this company.

      Move cost: $2300
    • Stacy Wisner
      1 1 year ago

      They quoted me a "minimum move" which included a short list of items (one dresser, one tv) and up to 62 medium boxes for a cross country move from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

      I moved a total of 36 items - most of them small and medium boxes, a large tv (boxed). Upon pickup (AFTER they have loaded my things on their truck), they increased my price by 33% for "space" which was never properly measured or proven (and largely dependent on how well they are able to pack things tightly). My belongings fell well below what was included in the quote. (All of my stuff fit on ONE elevator ride!)

      Additionally I had made arrangements in advance to use a credit card on pick up, and they demanded cash. This was a huge burden on me because I wasn't planning or budgeted to have that kind of cash flow disruption.

      After the fact, they offered me a $100 credit, but ONLY if I removed any bad reviews (they had the nerve to send that in an email!!) This company is UNETHICAL and steals from its customers.

      DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY - They are a broker and do not have good relationships with the moving companies to ensure their quotes are adhered to. It's the classic moving scam - and I don't know how to avoid it except to help others by warning them of my experience.

      Move cost: $2170
    • Miss Musa
      1 2 years ago

      I'm going to start off with positives here. The only good thing I can say is that Trinity offered good customer service in that they answered my calls over 95% of the time. The actual carrier, Star USA did a great job wrapping and packing my items, even the fragile ones.

      Now for the BAD:

      Up to the date I was supposed to move, no one at Trinity could confirm that the movers were coming. Literally, the day of, no one at Trinity was sure if any carrier was coming. I was worried and frustrated and even called another moving company, that is, until a carrier truck actually showed up. The move from a one-bedroom apartment to a distance of less than 740 miles ended up costing too much, again, for just a one-bedroom apartment. The reason is that Trinity Relocation Group is actually a broker company, not a carrier. But they advertise themselves as both. This is not the case. Again, Trinity Relocation Group is a Broker company. The actual carrier, Star USA had their own paper work forms for me to complete in addition to Trinity. So you're signing several forms on the actual day of the move from the carrier. The price also increased greatly. Star USA actually said I was taking up more cubic feet space on the truck and raised the price more than $700, which puts you in a bind, because at this point, all your items have been loaded on the truck and so you have to agree to the ridiculous rip-off charge. I was shocked. So the estimates that Trinity gives you are not real, doesn't even come close. Trinity is the middle-man, just the broker here. So you’re paying two companies and getting ripped off.

      Also note that it can take up to 30 days to receive your furniture. YES. 30 DAYS, ONE MONTH. That means you will be sleeping on the floor for a long time. My advice is to READ THE FINE PRINT OF THE ESTIMATE THAT TRINITY GIVES YOU CAREFULLY OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I waited for my items for two weeks.

      On the day my furniture arrived at the new location, the driver was nice, but he was alone doing all the work himself until two more helpers showed up a little later. This was not professional. The truck was also massive, huge, like a semi-truck. For people living in a small apartment complex, this is a huge problem, because the company will have charge more if they cannot reach the entrance of your building at a close distance. The driver got out the semi-truck and walked around the perimeter to see if the truck could fit. Luckily it did, with much room to spare.
      Some of my most attractive items went missing. These items got lost in transit. Why? Because the truck Star USA used to load my furniture was not that same truck that arrived at my new place. So your furniture is going to be moved probably over and over again and things will get lost. Then you’ll have to file an insurance claim and that takes a long time. The problems are endless.
      I do not recommend Trinity Relocation Group because there is too much uncertainty that comes from booking a move with them. The huge price increase just for adding a few items to the initial estimate and the fact that there is no set day and time to pick up or drop off your furniture is awful. Plus all the waiting for your items to arrive is just not worth it. Trinity makes its own business irrelevant. There is so much they don’t want to take responsibility for. I am NEVER using a broker company for any future move I make.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Rose Paul
      5 2 years ago

      Trinity Relocation Group did a great move for us. They showed up on time and worked very fast. They were mindful of our belongings and didn't damage a single thing. They had the best rates of any place we contacted and we're truly happy with the experience. If you want a great move at a great price I really suggest giving them a call. Trinity, thank you!

      Move cost: $4100
    • Michael Azcue
      1 2 years ago

      Here is our review of the broker Trinity Relocation Group:
      1. We were looking for a carrier. The sales rep Dylan stated that Trinity is a carrier, and he phrased it in a way that implied they were only a carrier. He never mentioned that they were also a broker, which ultimately led to three different companies becoming involved with the move. Simply put, Trinity charged us $1700 dollars for their “estimation fee”, which would not have existed if we worked directly with a moving company.
      2. Sales reps stated over the phone that shrink wrap is complimentary, when in reality, the shrink wrap costs extra. Trinity provided misleading information on potential costs, shrink wrap is only the first.
      3. We repeatedly asked what potential costs to expect over multiple days and no warning was given for the $200 packing fee per glass item. We sent Trinity pictures of the items in the house to be moved (which clearly pictured the glass dinner table) and no warning was given.
      4. Once again, after sending pictures of the house and included items - nobody mentioned that the live plants wouldn't be shipped.
      5. I called Trinity repeatedly to confirm how many movers would arrive, and they all stated 4. In reality, only 3 arrived.
      6. Trinity rarely replied to emails unless they needed paperwork/signatures for payments.
      7. The final price was $2,277.23 above the estimate. Granted, an underestimate is expected, but this seems out of proportion especially when considering the hidden fees.
      8. Sales reps said we could stack pillows onto couch, but movers highly recommended not to. Trinity’s sales reps should be familiar with what movers want from their clients, and should provide information that conflicts what the movers recommend.
      9. We have contacted Trinity repeatedly about our frustrations in hopes that we could both walk away satisfied. 2 weeks later, Trinity never reached back to us, and we are forced to post this upset review.

      All in all, their sales rep claimed that they were a carrier, withheld information about hidden fees, repeatedly didn’t hold up to claims and took a $1700 cut for it.

      Granted, Trinity paired us with a good moving company, Cross Country Relocation Services, who were experienced and moved our stuff well.

      Move cost: $6800
    • Anna Townsend
      5 2 years ago

      I've moved a number of times and to be honest it's always stressful for me but I'm really glad that we went with Trinity Relocation Group for our move. They did a fantastic job both with scheduling and our estimate and with the move itself. Each and every person on their team was confident, kind, and knowledgeable. It's clear that these guys are pros at what they do. On top of all of this we paid a very fair price for their services. I've already decided that any future moves we do will be through Trininty.

      Move cost: $3155
    • Laura Lagarde
      5 2 years ago

      This moving company is the best in the business. Their team was a pleasure to work with! The entire process was everything I could have hoped for. The communication was excellent as well. The movers were so courteous and respectful. They were also very careful. They really went above and beyond for us. I would never choose another moving coming after such an excellent experience.

      Move cost: $5188
    • Thomas Sears
      5 2 years ago

      This is the first time I’ve hired any type of moving company. For years any time I had to move for business I would save the money and pack up everything myself. However, this time I decided to use a moving company and save myself to stress. I went with Trinity because they came highly recommended by a colleague. Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever move without a moving company and more specifically Trinity Relocation Group again.

      Move cost: $5454
    • Ronald Marcy
      5 2 years ago

      I had a small move (only my 1 bedroom apartment) but it was out of state so I wanted professionals that I could trust with it. The quote I was given was very affordable and spot on. Their office staff explained everything to me and was very flexible with my scheduling. The guys they sent me were professional and friendly. The whole thing took much less time than I expected. No breaks or scratches any where.

      Move cost: $3155
    • Rose Troyer
      5 2 years ago

      They did great!! And I mean really great!! They let me know when they would be there and arrived on the dot. Their movers were very quick and didn’t waste a second of time. They honestly were so good they made it all look easy. The quote we got was both affordable and accurate. We didn’t have to pay anything extra. I would definitely use them again!

      Move cost: $2230
    • Mary Trueman
      5 2 years ago

      I chose Trinity Relocation Group because I’d heard some good things about them from friends who had recently moved. They gave me a quick estimate and were easy to schedule with. They were very professional and accommodating. The day of our move the guys were courteous and worked quickly. They are the main reason I’m giving them 5 stars and the reason I will be using them again if I need to.

      Move cost: $3800
    • Janice Wall
      5 2 years ago

      I really can’t say enough about Trinity Relocation. They were on time and very polite. Highly professional guys and they got everything done in less time than expected. The price was incredible, much less than anyone else quoted me. The quality of work was excellent and I definitely recommend them.

    • Evelyn Wilson
      5 2 years ago

      These are the best movers ever. They are fast, friendly, and helpful. I have moved before but never used a company this efficient. They worked so hard to get everything done and were able to get to work right on time. They have great attention to detail and didn’t scratch a thing. They really are the best out there. Highly recommended.

      Move cost: $4893
    • Allen Donovan
      5 2 years ago

      I found Trinity online and after talking to them on the phone they gave me a great rate and were very professional. They gave us a full moving service. The finished our move much faster than we expected and they were worth every penny. This is the best moving service we could have hired. I can’t say enough about them. They are truly professional and I’m glad to recommend them.

      Move cost: $2690
    • Joseph Becks
      5 2 years ago

      Trinity Relocation Group was exactly what I would have hoped for in a moving company. They were responsive, honest, and professional. When it came home for my move they moved everything quickly but treated it with care. The whole move took so much less time because of the expert help I had and even the drive time was faster than expected. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help moving.

      Move cost: $2890
    • George Wrentz
      5 2 years ago

      Wow! This was an exceptional move. Moving is always stressful but the crew from Trinity came with great attitudes. They were pleasant and friendly while working very hard. There wasn’t a single hitch in our move. They have my highest recommendation. I don’t think any other company could have done a better job.

      Move cost: $7100
    • Chad Dunkerly
      5 2 years ago

      Our movers from Trinity did an amazing job. I couldn’t have asked for nicer or harder working guys. They were so helpful and not only did their job but went out of their way to do things smoothly and keep things safe. Nothing was lost or damaged. I will be using them for future moves. They are outstanding.

      Move cost: $3900
    • Anthony Russell
      5 2 years ago

      This was our second experience with Trinity Relocation Group and both are positive. They did an excellent job and really respected our household. They are fast but so careful and neither of my moves have resulted in any damage at all. Nothing was broken or damaged. It was also nice that the estimate I got was accurate and I didn’t get any extra unexpected fees.

      Move cost: $3400
    • Arthur Felix
      5 2 years ago

      The service trinity provided us was just awesome. They did everything on a strict timeline and they handled every item we trusted them with with care. The price for their services was affordable and I would definitely recommend them. They’re very nice guys and super professional. I am so glad we decided to move with them

      Move cost: $1900
    • Sandra Berger
      5 2 years ago

      I haven’t really done a cross country move before this so I’m no expert but I can talk about my experience with Trinity which was all around positive. They were on time which for me was a big plus. We were on a tight schedule and they understood that. They wrapped everything and packed the truck tight so nothing would move around or get damaged. Of all the people I talked to from front desk to the actual movers I never once ran into anyone rude. They were courteous and customer service oriented the whole way through.

      Move cost: $5500
    • Donald Christiansen
      5 2 years ago

      Our move was pretty lengthy and because we were relocating permanently we had to literally move everything in our home. There was no way we could do it by ourselves so we contacted a few movers to get quotes. Trinity Relocation Group ended up being the most affordable but aside from that they also had the best service we could have asked for. They were so dedicated to doing a good job and helping us in every way they could. Would hire again. 10/10

      Move cost: $7000
    • Stephanie Fields
      5 2 years ago

      We bought a house in another state and while we were excited for the new start we were not excited about the prospect of moving. We decided to hire movers to try and ease the stress of it all. We ended up hiring Trinity Relocation Group and they are awesome. They moved us quickly and safely. It was all said and done much faster than we expected and we really appreciate all their help.

      Move cost: $6000
    • Alec Rusi
      5 2 years ago

      We used Trinity Relocation Group to move our daughter from New Hampshire to Florida for college. They did a really great job. The whole move was a process being that it was so far but they were on time and did everything by the book. My daughter didn’t notice any damage or anything missing so we will definitely be using them again. Our experience was great and they are a great company.

      Move cost: $7500
    • Alex Neuman
      5 2 years ago

      I used Trinity to move out of my previous home into my current home. We have dark wood furniture so any knock or scratch will show. They went out of their way to wrap everything and take as much care of it as possible. When we got all settled in everything was in perfect condition. Their pricing was great and I would recommend Trinity Relocation Group to everyone.

      Move cost: $2800
    • Larry Stein
      5 2 years ago

      We hired Authority Moving based on a referral and they didn’t disappoint me at all. They were quick and efficient. Their guys were also polite. They paid so much attention to the details and instructions I gave. They treated my furniture like it was their own. We will use them again and highly recommend using them as well. Thanks guys!

      Move cost: $4000
    • Kay Daniels
      5 2 years ago

      We had family friends who used Trinity Moving Group several times and they were very pleased with them. When it was time for us to move we decided to give them a try. Our experience was just as great as our friends said it would be. They are a great moving company that maintains high standards. Thank you so much Trinity for all of your help. I’m truly grateful.

      Move cost: $2500
    • Maggie Donnelly
      5 2 years ago

      My movers were timely and very quick. I was honestly shocked by how fast they were able to get everything done. Nothing was damaged or scratched in the slightest. They really did a gray job. I will absolutely be a return customer. The customer service is brilliant and using this company couldn’t have been easier or more pleasant. I’m happy to give them 5 stars.

      Move cost: $5800
    • Elaine Cooper
      5 2 years ago

      The office staff was great and explained every step of the process to me. The put my mind and ease and really made me feel like I was in good hands. The movers were very friendly and handled everything like pros. They did everything they could to help us. I would use Trinity Relocation Group again and I have already recommended them to others.

      Move cost: $2500

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