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54 reviews for New Era Relocation

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  • Wynell Frame
    1 2 days ago

    I hired New Era LLC, DOT License 3371822 for a move from Tucson, AZ to Columbia, MD. I paid the deposit of $839.42 for a binding agreement with pick-up dates from 08/05/20 to 08/06/20. New Era never showed up on these dates per our agreement. When I asked for a refund New Era sent me a "refund agreement" stipulating that they had 30 days to refund my deposit and that in exchange for providing me with my legally entitled refund I would have to sign an agreement to not post any negative comments on Yelp, complain to the BBB or complain to the DOT. What company holds your refund hostage so you don't file any complaints against them? Dishonest scammers. PLEASE - learn from my mistake and choose a different moving company.

    Move cost: $2240
  • Kerry Bell
    2 3 days ago


    My move has not been as smooth as it could have been. Mostly because of poor communication and lack of response, both via email or via the telephone.

    First issue is in their contract they said they would contact me 24 to 48 hours to let me know when they would arrive to pick up my things. I was given 14 hours.

    Second, upon finishing loading my things I was asked to sign some paperwork. In the contract provided by New Era it lists one free flight of stairs which was defined as 12 steps. In the paperwork they tried to have me sign it defined a flight of 7 stairs. First off, what flight of stairs is only 7 steps? Second, they tried to sneak this in to charge extra upon delivery.

    Third, I wanted to get an ETA for delivery so I called them six days after pickup. I gave them August 1st as my first available delivery date both in email and when my things were picked up. I was told because there was 30 days of free storage on the contract, something I never asked for or wanted, my things were still sitting in Oregon (I moved to Arizona). When I asked why I was told by Jennifer that I needed to cancel that if I wanted my things delivered. Frustrated already, I sent her an email on July 30th stating I was terminating the storage. Fine.

    On August 2nd I get an email from Jennifer saying she would follow up on Monday and try and get me an ETA. Didn't hear from anyone there. On August 5th, after multiple phone calls and emails, I get an email from Jennifer saying my things are still in Oregon because I have 30 days of storage on my quote and I needed to cancel it. I responded to her I had. Forwarded her the original email cancelling. I also forwarded her the email she sent saying she would follow up on Monday. I asked her to have a supervisor contact me.

    I then called and sent emails to their customer service department trying to figure out what the problem was. Did it again on the 6th. Nobody is answering phones, nobody is returning messages, nobody is responding to my emails. My things are in limbo.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Shannon Southall
    1 5 days ago


    Move cost: $2000
  • Shannon Southall
    1 5 days ago

    If I could leave a NEGATIVE 1 MILLION stars I would. WORST COMPANY EVER! DO NOT EVER CONSIDER USING! NEVER EVER! They tell you what you want to hear, make everything sound like it's legit and on track-just to get your money. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I was told lie after lie after lie...that my items were coming out to Oregon on an empty truck and would be delivered in 5 days. I gave away my furniture to families in need and spent the entire summer without couches, chairs etc because they took forever to deliver. Many countless HOURS, EMAILS, PHONE CHASING and SEVEN WEEKS LATER the majority of items that arrived were damaged beyond repair-water damage on furniture that my grandmother who recently passed away wanted me to have. So very sad and disappointing. Several missing boxes and items still with no recourse. "Let's give the driver the benefit of the doubt and five days to locate your items and then we can file a claim." "We have a 3rd party claims department that handles claims". Ha. of course they do-take NO responsibility themselves, no do they care at all. They change their contract without documented paperwork, apparently 30 business days is allowed for delivery, and then you are eligible for a whopping $25 off a day past 30 days. Required to pay in full on delivery even though items were damaged beyond repair and several items missing. Was told by the customer service manager (have it documented in an email too! )I would receive reimbursement for late pick up as well, and then of course that was also a lie. The customer service manager Sammi should be fired. They do not follow their contract with verbal notice of updates, or follow through with what they say. I was told FOUR different times that my shipment was loaded and en route, however then the truck broke, or something else happened BUT THEY NEVER BOTHERED TO TELL ME THIS. It was only after me calling repeatedly to chase my items I kept being told "let's connect next week". While my items sat in some place in New Jersey where they got damaged. They rarely answer the phone and never return phone calls. There was no one available in upper management, NO ONE CARES. Was told that New Era has it's own driver's and does not contract out-probably the biggest lie of all. Movers on both sides had no idea who New Era was! When the carrier finally arrived several weeks late, they did not have any type of invoice list at all! Said they asked for it but no one gave it to them! THEY HAD OTHER PEOPLE'S BELONGINGS IN OUR DELIVERY! No wonder my things are lost. The boxes were ripped and damaged upon arrival, some were also OPENED! The items I had are not something you can just replace- family prints and portraits, art, pottery made from my parents, family heirlooms. They are CARELESS and RUTHLESS. FIND A DIFFERENT COMPANY THAT is ACCREDITED BY THE BBB. I thought this terrible company was-biggest mistake ever DO NOT USE! EVER!

    Move cost: $1550
  • Erica Lin
    1 6 days ago

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Using this moving company, New Era Relocation, LLC, has been the worst moving experience. Firstly, they arrived a day later than the stated two day window and not even in the time frame. The “professional movers” did not even have tools with them to disassemble my furniture. I was told the usual delivery time frame (when booking with Crystal) was 3-7 business days. I found out that my items were going to New Jersey to be loaded onto a truck instead of immediately being sent to Colorado (what I was told). Communication was horrible. The movers arrived June 29. My first available delivery date was June 30. It is now August 3 and my personal belongings have not been delivered. Every time I call or email I receive the same, lame, uncaring, unprofessional responses. My items are “loaded onto a truck and awaiting to be sent.” I have asked exactly where my items were being stored, I have asked for a time frame since they broke their contract with a maximum delivery of 21 business days, I have asked for them to call me and email me with updates. I have not heard from them in over a week even though I have sent emails daily. I’m to the point where I believe my belongings have been stolen. I am reporting them to the BBB and federal motor carrier association. I’m also seeking counsel to discuss my options. Save yourself the grief and do not use New Era Relocation, LLC.

  • Danielle Lane
    5 2 weeks ago

    I moved from a one bedroom house to a small apartment. The movers were fast and efficient. They carefully handled everything, from the smallest box to the couch that had to be disassembled. They were patient with both me and my dog. I would use them again and highly recommend. Thanks for great service!

    Move cost: $4577
  • Briana Levey
    1 2 weeks ago

    Literally the worst company to ever be in existence. I scheduled my move and payed the down payment they waited until 2 days before the move to tell me they were picking up a day early and that they didn’t know they were moving boxes. First off what moving company doesn’t know they’re moving boxes? Second they gave me the time frame in which they were coming and never showed up. No call, no text, I had to call multiple numbers to get anyone to even answer the phone. They answered and transferred to dispatch and then I had to wait another 2 hours for them to tell me the movers were no longer coming and that they would come tomorrow without even a reason. I’m a single mom just getting out of the military and trying to move me and my 1 year old home to family and they weren’t being understanding that I can’t just switch the days I’m getting out. I HAVE to be off base by the 29th because I will lose my access that day. I asked for my refund back and of course they can’t do that. Hopefully my bank will get the money back. They were extremely rude never even apologized for not showing up. I wasted a whole day just waiting around for them to not even care. I don’t even trust them with my stuff at this point if they can’t even show up with an empty truck what will they do with all of my belongings. Please do not use this company they need to be canceled. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY.

    Move cost: $2070
  • Amanda Robinson
    5 2 weeks ago

    I have used New Era Relocation three times now. They have moved my mother, daughter and niece and each time their work was excellent. I highly recommend this company and know you will be pleased.

    Move cost: $8755
  • Diane Pang
    5 2 weeks ago

    Impressed with their responsiveness. I had to reschedule so many times. The owners maintained professional throughout the ordeal.

    Move cost: $6466
  • Justine Uli
    1 3 weeks ago

    PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!! Worst mistake you could EVER make is using this company for your move and trusting them with your belongings!!! From start to finish it has been an ongoing NIGHTMARE! I never leave reviews but have had such a horrible experience that I needed to warn future customers. We were quoted pretty low: so we booked, never told about purchasing additional insurance (which we never thought we would need for such a small easy move) they charged us almost $1000 more than originally quoted once we updated our inventory with one additional item. Then we were told they would come same or next day for our move... WRONG ! they came almost 3 WEEKS LATER and missing 8 out of my 19 of my boxes worth over $10,000. The manager and workers are impossible to get in touch with and couldn’t care less about you , I have to call the emergency line about 20 times and leave multiple voicemails to get in touch with them only to be told they cannot give me any details or updates on where my belongings are. This has been a complete nightmare and we are still trying to find our missing things. This has costed me a fortune and I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy! Do NOT use them....I’m not sure who wrote these 5 star reviews that fooled us when we looked into them, but the 1 star reviews are exactly what we experienced! Seems like this has happened to a lot of people recently, and we were told this hasn’t happened all year and that we’re the only ones missing something. They are liars and I do not trust anything they say!

    Move cost: $2200
  • Venus Larson
    5 3 weeks ago

    New Era Relocation had quite a challenge moving my large treadmill, they took on the job and kept at it until it was complete. They were eager to get it done exactly the way that I wanted. They will do a good job for you! Thanks.

    Move cost: $7588
  • Karen Brown
    1 4 weeks ago

    This company will confirm a delivery date with you on the phone, and then you will learn that it is only a processing day. First lie that cost me so much in my online job. Pick up day...was a nightmare. No driver was ever confirmed. Several calls to the so called emergency number, the salesman all relearned unanswered. Pick up driver did not have the correct inventory list or square footage for out move. BTW the salesmen will appear to be your best friend, but will never talk to you again after you sign. Was told by salesman a deliver date, but it turned out to be 11 days later. Don’t believe the deliver day lie!! Payment- be prepared to get a postal money order, even if your post office is not open due to the pandemic. I sent the manager 2 emails asking about money orders from the bank. These emails were ignored. Finally was told money orders would be ok, until delivery day. I ended up making multiple trips to the bank, the final one on the day of delivery when the response again was postal money order or cash. Had to re deposit money orders, and then get cash in a global pandemic. Lastly...missing items from my delivery. Almost lost my online job. Bank hated that I got money orders I couldn’t use. Have to purchase missing items. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING this company tells you!!! Don’t trust they have updated your inventory list with any driver.
    Oh, don’t live upstairs either - you’ll pay for steps, and the driver might park just far enough for you to get charged for that- which you won’t know until the deliver day, so have extra cash or an extra postal money order. STAY AWAY!

    Move cost: $4700
  • Lizette Medeiros
    5 1 month ago

    New Era Relocation was awesome! They moved a heavy, old, upright piano that we couldn’t give away. They worked fast to get the job done. I highly recommend them and would use them again.

    Move cost: $4566
  • Annie Fox
    5 1 month ago

    This company was wonderful from beginning to end! Responsive, reasonably priced and stellar service. Would definitely ask for their assistance again! Highly recommend!

    Move cost: $8457
  • Jeff Cyr
    1 1 month ago

    I am hoping to expose/report moving company New Era Relocation - Business DOT #3371822; MC #: 1081104 for Fraudulent and Deceptive Business Practices. New Era Relocation provided us with a estimated written quote via email on 5/4 in the amount of $5,881.14 for our move from Portland, OR to Sunny Isles FL. They had required us to remit a $1,881.14 "good faith" down payment which was defrayed via credit card the same day. The estimate was binding in terms of the estimated "cubic volume" assumed in the agreement for 973cf for a total of 41 items and 109 pieces. All dimensions and items were measured and confirmed via phone conversation before the pickup on June 8th and there were no changes to our estimate.

    When the movers arrived on June 11th, they packaged and loaded all our items onto a 26-foot straight truck and then told us that we had occupied 1,700 Cubic Feet in volume and thereby changed the pricing to $10,900 after the items were fully loaded onto the truck. Since we were closing on our property on June 12th, we had no choice but to continue to allow them to handle our move and were forced to present them with a cashier's check for $5,235 and the remaining balance to be paid on delivery with a contract stating the shipment would take 7-21 days. After several attempts to contact New Era during the allotted period, they finally confirmed the items were picked up from Seattle on June 22nd and that we would receive shipment in 7-8 days. On June 30th, we learned that the items would be available for delivery on July 2nd (day 22), but there would be an additional charge of $900 for having to unload our items from a 53' semi truck onto a 26' straight truck. They also said there was an additional $75 fee since they had to use our elevators. When we mentioned that we wouldn't be paying for their failure to properly plan the move according to their estimate (we provided the address to them prior to their pickup in Oregon on June 11th), they mentioned that they would HOLD OUR ITEMS IN STORAGE UNTIL WE PAID THEM IN FULL AND WOULD TAKE POSSESSION OF OUR ITEMS UNLESS FULL PAYMENT WAS RECEIVED IN CASH AT THE ARRIVAL.

    The movers were accommodated with an air conditioned loading bay, full access to our service elevator and a short 40 foot walk from the elevator to our unit. The movers even commented that the move was far easier than was their normally accustomed to.

    Upon examination of our items, we noticed that several items were damaged, destroyed and missing. I am currently submitting a copy of this complaint, as well as the items that have been damaged directly to them. This type of DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE needs to be exposed and alerted to the general consumer for several Fraud and considerable "Bait and Switch" examples. Their method for conducting business should not be legal and their reputation will be banished through all social media outlets that I can find. After all was settled our $5,881.14 ended up costing $11,935.00

    Move cost: $11935
  • Marilyn Humphrey
    5 1 month ago

    These guys were very punctual and performed every task I wanted done. Could not have asked for better movers and would recommend to anyone who has large furnitures and belongings that need moved or disposed.

    Move cost: $8755
  • Nettie Guajardo
    5 1 month ago

    Moving is never easy. Everything was put in it's spot and the furniture was put together very beautifully. I am happy with the outcome. Thank you.

    Move cost: $7543
  • Sharon Moring
    5 1 month ago

    Great moving company! I had a very good experience with them. They are professional and fast. Highly recommend them!!

    Move cost: $5223
  • Andrea Kern
    1 2 months ago

    Don’t be lured by the low price tag!! This mistake of a company will cost you! I submitted for a moving quote from multiple companies and there customer service reps called me almost every 30 minutes leaving messages. They gave me a cheap quote so I booked. When the time came to pick up my things, they pretended they tried to call me “but my phone was broken” so they couldn’t pick up my stuff. Yes, that was after I paid my deposit. Friends,family, pizza guy all rang my phone no problem. I called many customer service reps and they all said they’d call me back, but I got no reply! When I canceled because they didn’t pick up my belongings, they said I missed the cancellation period (you know, cause I cancelled cause they never picked up my stuff? Of course the cancellation period had passed, you never picked up my things!) they said I couldn’t get my deposit back. Now I have to clear this headache up with my bank and find a new moving company in a day (not gonna happen lol) you guys suck! Don’t make this expensive mistake!!

    Move cost: $1700
  • Carmen Phillips
    5 2 months ago

    Very professional, reliable and helpful movers. We would definitely recommend our friends to consider employing them, friendly, pleasant and effective services!

    Move cost: $9899
  • Bonnie Palermo
    5 2 months ago

    Great move with New Era Relocation! Extremely reliable and did a great job, efficient and didn't dilly dally either. Highly recommend!!!! Thanks for an easy move, New Era Relocation!

    Move cost: $5633
  • Amani A.
    1 2 months ago

    Do not use this company. I repeat STAY AWAY. I hired them to move 2 items from Georgia to Florida. Before signing I was given a lot of false promises including that my furniture will arrive immediately and that because I had extra allotted space I could add more items in my move. Upon arrival (which was late). They took the items and caused a lot of damage to the furniture and the property door is banged up with a bad dent. The worst part is I have been calling the company for the last week no one picks up, returns voicemails, or emails, and I have no idea where my furniture is despite letting them know I needed it right away.

  • Haley Selness
    1 2 months ago

    Service was TERRIBLE. Arrived late to pickup and left my items sit in the rain. Threw the boxes around like there was nothing important in them. Heard a loud bang when they left our house. Called all the contact list multiple times and no one answers. Still have not delivered our stuff and they are not helpful in speeding up delivery. Would not use their services again.

    Move cost: $2600
  • Ines McCartney
    5 2 months ago

    The 2 guys who came to move my treadmill were friendly. They worked quickly, yet carefully and did the job in the amount of time I expected. I would use the company again if I had a similar job to be done.

    Move cost: $4522
  • Doris Schilling
    5 2 months ago

    These guys were great! They got started late but things happen. They were super careful with everything and very accommodating given I had three stops. I'd use them again in a heartbeat.

    Move cost: $4522
  • Denise Yarbrough
    5 2 months ago

    They did a great job, took extra care and wrapped everything very well. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Move cost: $6533
  • Lyaysan Saryanov
    5 2 months ago

    They show up little early and delivery 2 days late but considering NY/CA distance not bad .
    Great packing guys we’re professional same at delivery .!

    Move cost: $12700
  • Linda Meyers
    5 2 months ago

    Fantastic service!!! We were moving our daughter into her 1st apartment, and coming from out of state. He was able to squeeze us into his busy day. He & his staff were very professional. We will without a doubt be using them again in the future.

    Move cost: $6644
  • Lillian Golden
    5 2 months ago

    Great to work with. Handled everything quickly and professionally. Willing to accommodate requests. Super value for great work. Would definitely hire again.

    Move cost: $4533
  • Jazmine Dodds
    5 2 months ago

    The guys were on time and very careful with everything. I would recommend them to anyone making a move. I had to change my loading time and they were quick to take care of it.

    Move cost: $6533
  • Leah Elmore
    5 2 months ago

    Excellent service. The price they quote is the same when they complete the work. On time, very professional and accommodating Movers; did not waste time. I recommend them and if needed in the future I will use them again.

    Move cost: $6733
  • Elaine Butkovich
    5 2 months ago

    The crew showed up a bit early after calling to ask if that would be okay. Everything was handled very professionally and with care. I really liked the fact that the clock did not start until they actually started moving things and that there were not 15 waivers for me to sign/initial before we could get started. Everyone was friendly/helpful and they did a great job. They were very careful to understand exactly what needed to go where and if they were not sure, they asked to clarify. I had never used this service before but would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Move cost: $7334
  • Elizabeth Chavez
    5 2 months ago

    Service provided was moving furniture. The experience was excellent. Movers were phenomenal! They were both very professional and efficient. Also, fun to work with! They loaded up our furniture and moved it all in 4 hours which is way faster than we could have done it! Thank you SO much for the great experience.

    Move cost: $6733
  • Sven Andersen
    5 3 months ago

    I'm very happy with the process New Era provided. The customer service department was in contact with me 3 times before my pick up to see if anything had changed or if I needed anything.. They also picked me up on time and delivered in a timely fashion. I had scratches on my coffee table when it arrived, so I called them and had a check for the damages within a week. The fella that i originally talked to John kept in contact with me as well to make sure everything went smooth. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a stress free move.

    Move cost: $2150
  • Janine Jones
    5 3 months ago

    My movers we're Awesome. They arrived on time and got the job done. It was a lot to move. They didn't graciously. Their personalities were Great. Thank you!!

    Move cost: $8788
  • Easter Flowers
    5 3 months ago

    These guys were awesome! The move was a difficult one, as we were moving my mother in law who is a hoarder. She was not prepared at all and the movers were extremely patient with her and methodically packed up the truck without hesitation or judgement. I would recommend them to anyone!!

    Move cost: $6744
  • Sheila Ontiveros
    5 3 months ago

    Professional, friendly, and courteous. These guys were on time, efficient, and meticulous in moving our furniture. Prices are extremely reasonable and worth every cent. Everyone hates moving but these guys made it easy. I highly recommend them. They deserve more than 5 stars!

    Move cost: $7644
  • Robin Bracewell
    5 3 months ago

    Excellent service all around. The office was very receptive and attentive to my specific needs despite it being last minute. The crew matched the professionalism of the office. They were very upbeat and friendly while clearly demonstrating their experience. Superb service, absolutely no complaints.

    Move cost: $7445
  • Elizabeth Poole
    5 3 months ago

    Most excellent moving experience!!! Sounds contradictory to the event but these guys are awesome!! Superfast and efficient! Can't give them enough stars, what an awesome job!

    Move cost: $6334
  • Jeanette Bloom
    5 3 months ago

    EXCEPTIONAL! These gentlemen made the moving process easy. I would highly recommend using New Era Relocation. They were responsive, professional and efficient. Moreover the value is unbeatable! THANK YOU!

    Move cost: $5422
  • Melba Alexander
    5 3 months ago

    New Era Relocation did a great job moving me out of and into my apartment. Due to some complications with my POD, they were able to be flexible and accommodate me on a Friday evening. They did a great job and are terrific to work with.

    Move cost: $9833
  • Bonita Wilson
    5 3 months ago

    They were extremely professional and very efficient. They were on time, kept moving quick all day and very careful with all of our items. We would definitely recommend them!

    Move cost: $6433
  • Florence Jones
    5 3 months ago

    Excellent service, quick and very efficient!! Never used movers before and would only use them again. Contacted that morning and was able to schedule appointment with them that afternoon.

    Move cost: $5633
  • Christie Chambers
    5 3 months ago

    They called ahead to let me know their arrival time. They were very professional and worked hard. I would definitely use them again.

    Move cost: $5633
  • Frances Shepard
    5 3 months ago

    I am so happy we hired New Era Relocation for our move. They we're really easy to book and their service is beyond satisfactory. Awesome prices and friendly, professional service. I strongly recommend them!!

    Move cost: $7391
  • Leslie Parsons
    5 3 months ago

    He and his team did a great job with my recent move. Can’t say enough about their attentiveness to detail, work ethic, and professionalism. Also, great people to work with. I’ll definitely use them again or refer to friends.

    Move cost: $8755
  • Ellen Buteau
    5 3 months ago

    They were very professional and arrived when expected. They worked quickly and efficiently. The office was responsive and extremely courteous.

    Move cost: $4500
  • Rachelle Magee
    5 3 months ago

    These guys were AMAZING and so much so were having them back next week to do another move. Friendly. Helpful. Honest. More than I ever expected. Would 1000% recommend New Era Relocation to anyone.

    Move cost: $5422
  • Linda Clapp
    5 3 months ago

    They made my move super easy and put me at ease. I was comfortable being with them by myself. They were quick and easy to work with. I recommend them for everyone. I especially love them! Great job.

    Move cost: $6533
  • Veronica Cox
    5 4 months ago

    Excellent communication! Worked with us and our crazy schedules. Very impressed with how fast everything was done.

    Move cost: $5422
  • Kathy Suarez
    5 4 months ago

    I booked my move through New Era Relocation back in November and I moved at the beginning of this month. I can’t say enough positive things about this company and the quality I received. My sales rep Nick was so helpful and professional and really made me feel like he had my best interest at heart. The movers were respectful and efficient and took good care of us. The delivery did take a little longer than we expected but we were warned before hand that that was a possibility. All of our items were delivered without damaged and the movers went above and beyond. I can’t thank this company enough for making my move as painless as possible.

    Move cost: $1800
  • Ryan Foster
    4 4 months ago

    I used New Era Relocation for my first cross county move. The young man, Nick who helped me was very nice and very thorough and detailed. My wife and I downsized a lot to help with costs of the move.

    I was worried at first because of all of the bad stories with pricing increasing, but Nick ensured me that my price would not change as long as my inventory was accurate and he was correct. I even call a call from their quality assurance guy a few days before I moved to see if I had to add any more items to my load.

    Come move day the movers were a little late. Tension was high because I was worried that they weren’t going to show up. I kept in touch with the customer service team, Sam and Tina and they ensured me that the movers would be there the 2nd day of my window.

    The guys did show up and everything went smooth and according to plan. Delivery was a few days longer than expected, but I was okay with that. Overall after a stressful process the move went fairly well and I am pretty happy. I would recommend New Era to family and friends. Thank you and your team. I will be using you all again if I ever move again.

    Move cost: $2500
  • Tommy Bangs
    4 4 months ago

    I must say i was so nervous about my move until i spoke with the sales rep at New Era Relocation.
    Everything was great with my move my price did go up but i did add a few more item on my inventory but the driver and the workers did a fantastic job packing and unpacking everything.
    The only thing is that the truck did deliver me a day late but with everything going on in the world today i was grateful that it was only a day late and not a week like the last time I moved.

    Move cost: $2850
  • Jeannie Frazier
    5 4 months ago

    After having an outrageously expensive move go so bad last time I moved(A WELL KNOWN CORP), I went online to seek other options. I was nervous but I decided to move forward with Nick anyways, I am glad I did after all. The movers did a great job and were very careful with my belongings. The cost only went up a little but that was to be expected because the service elevator broke down at my new apartment building and they had to bring everything up 3 flights of stairs unexpectedly. They delivered everything and I am so relieved. Thank you to New Era Relocation. I will use them next time I move!

    Move cost: $4700

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