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10 reviews for Boost Express Van Lines

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  • Dayna O'Brien
    1 2 months ago

    If anyone else has had problems with Boost Express, please contact me at [email protected] There are hundreds of people that have been threatened and treated unfairly by this company. I'm filing a class action suit.

    Move cost: $8000
  • Margaret blankenship
    1 6 months ago

    Worst experience. Was an expedite move set up per contract to move 3/21. mover called to say they would arrive 3/22 between 3 and 5. Unacceptable. Had to be in Mississippi Sunday for work. I called to cancel. No on answered. I am disputing the charge.

    Move cost: $3378
  • Mykola Laznik
    1 9 months ago

    Worst expirience ever. They move my belonunings 2 and a half month!! They give you "discount" of 800$ that will go away right after loading.
    they promises to deliver in 30 business days that is 6 weeks after it they have in contract 30$ a day penalty. After 26 days of delay after this 6 weeks they give me a discount of 480$ that is 300 less that they should.
    Wish me good luck in the court with them

    Move cost: $3000
  • Michael Winegrad
    1 10 months ago

    A Ukrainian group of thieves who are not professional movers. They stole ALOT of my property and broke the rest. Have attorneys and FBI on the case. If you have and interstate move then be warned that recourse to recover is nearly impossible. They can steal anything they like. Then they will hold your property ransom until you pay addition cash.

    Move cost: $9000
  • Mike Dixon
    1 10 months ago

    If you want a company that will show up late for pick up, let you know the charges for your estimate have changed from weight to sq ft, and to look at your drop off date as optional, then this is the company for you. If you are a normal human being who would like to do business with a company that makes promises and keeps them head elsewhere. They involve themselves with a company called Quality Express Van Lines. Between the the two of them, you will be given a low estimate full of promises, only to receive bottom of the barrel service from money hungry scumbags. If you hear from a man named Robert Kraft when planning your move hang up your phone and move on. I don't want anyone else sitting like I am paying 3500 dollars to move a one bedroom apartment, and waiting weeks to get your belongings. You'd be better off having Uhaul send you movers and driving it yourself.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Nanthawan Avishai
    1 1 year ago

    How long do you think moving stuff from OH to CA take? A month, two month?
    I had to relocate from OH to California in 3 weeks and I have a piano, which I want to keep it. So, I decided to hire a moving company to help. However, the first moving company cancelled me 2 weeks before the moving date. I had to find a new mover in a rush. I found Pricing Van Lines (PVL), which got decent reviews, so I signed a contract with them and paid $1,149.94 for deposit. PVL scheduled the pick-up date on June 25 and the delivery date was June 30.

    What I did not know is - PVL is just a broker company, they did not do the job themselves. They hire a subcontractor to do the job for them. I did not realized until the subcontractor showed up. The subcontractor who did the actual moving stuff was Boost Express Van Lines (BEVL). BEVL packed up my stuffs and loaded them on their truck. The first estimate was6 $6,840. After they finished packing my stuff, they told me the final was $9,182.57. They asked me to signed 2 checks $2,845.20 and $2,593.49. I had to pay another $2,593.49 on the delivery date. They also demanded tipping. I am a single woman, felt insecure, so I gave them $200 on the pick-up date.

    The delivery was not done on June 30 as PVL promised. I called both companies 2-3 times every weeks since July 8. To some certain points, both companies hung up on me. I cannot contact any of them, so I decided to file complaints on BBB against both of them on Aug 17. They then started to answer my call again. BEVL lied to me every Mon that my stuff was loaded in a truck and it was on its way, I could expected it between the coming Fri-Sun. This was absolutely lying that I had to listen every single week. I decided to filed complaints against BEVL on every organization which I could think of, to their city Mayer, the police department in their town, NJ State general attorney for consumer affairs. Some of them contacted me back but they cannot help me. It was sad that they allowed this company feed on blood, sweat and tears from other innocent people who work hard.

    I am alone in a new place with 2 senior cats to take care, I have no family which I can get any support. I spent my entire budget on relocation and I cannot afford buying new stuff. I had slept on a floor with a blanket and a pillow for more than 2 months. I had no light in my apartment except kitchen and restroom. This was very difficult and depressing. It ruined my day every time I had to talk to them. Even though PVL try to help but they cannot do much since my stuff was with BEVL.

    The actual delivery date was Mon, Aug 26. They came with semi truck and asked me to pay another $475 to rent a Uhaul. At that point, I wanted to get my stuff, so I agreed to pay. When they came back with Uhual. They demanded me to pay more beside $475+2,394 (they gave me $300 discount for late delivery) that I have to pay. I decided to call my friend and police. My apartment manager came to help. They finally unloaded my stuff but refuse to carry piano to my apartment. The contract I signed with PVL state the piano handling fee $250, which I already paid. They told me that I filed complaints against them, so they would not carry it. My friends finally persuaded the delivery guys to carry it to my apartment. There was lost and damage on my stuff. My bed end was cracked, my dresser was damaged, my standing fan was broken and my bookshelves was missing.

    I do not want anybody to go through this pain like me. My genuine suggestion to everybody who has to relocate is donate or sale everything you have, keep your relocation budget and buy the new stuff for your new places, start new life with new stuff. Do not repeat my mistake.
    If you really have to use the moving company, make sure they do the move themselves. You should have written contact on the agreement on late delivery compensation. Please make sure that you have a moving insurance and GOOD LUCK!!

    Before signing a moving contract, you are a client, after that, you are a victim.

    Move cost: $9658
  • Jena Doom
    1 1 year ago

    Dear reader,
    Congrats on your upcoming move! Whatever you do, do NOT choose Boost to move you. I wouldn’t wish our experience with them on my worst enemy.
    TLDR: Movers arrived 2 days late for pickup and delivered over a week late, movers downed a power line with their truck, broke out our front window and tried to hide it from us, ended up having our friends move half of our stuff into the truck because they were so slow and we needed to move the next morning, forced us to accept delivery on July 4 or pay $500 to put our stuff into storage and redeliver, customer service was awful (downright mean) and completely unhelpful

    We booked through PeaPack, who didn’t tell us they were a broker. PeaPack has great reviews. Boost does not. We were obviously not happy when we learned Boost was doing our move since their reviews are the stuff of nightmares. Boost reps said they’d be there on Thursday morning to pick up. They didn’t show and then said it would be 11-2 on Friday. They didn’t come Friday afternoon and eventually came at 6:45pm, which interfered with our plans to see friends on our last night in town and totally screwed with the move-out cleaner we had scheduled. My disappointment did land me a $30 discount. SO GENEROUS.

    First, only 1 guy showed up and his buddy didn’t show up until close to 8. We watched them back into a pole and down a power line across the street. We had to call 911 to get the line off the street (the movers never mentioned the line to us). Then we hear a crash. They made a huge crack in the front window. I asked if everything was OK and they said yes and tried to hide it. They saw me taking a picture of it and said, “Yes, the window broke.” No apology. 20 min later we hear another crash. They broke out the entire window. I asked them to be careful and the guy says, “It’s just a window.” UGH.

    The movers were excruciatingly slow. 2 ppl and I had loaded, moved, and unloaded our things in 3 hr when we moved in Ann Arbor with the same amount of stuff. It was 11:15pm (4.5 hours after they arrived) and they were only halfway loaded and they said they were going to leave and come back at 9am. I WASN’T BORN YESTERDAY, SON. WE KNOW YOU WEREN'T GONNA SHOW TIL NOON AT THE EARLIEST (online reviews of the company confirmed this suspicion). We were driving out of town the next morning, so I said, “No, you are not." Our friends helped us to load the rest of the truck. What a nightmare. We loaded the second half in 10 min. You can’t make this stuff up.

    That was Friday. We were told to expect our stuff on Monday or Tuesday. Every time we called, Boost kept saying to call in a few days. They said that they had 30 days to deliver it!!! (Of course, this is the contract they force you to sign when they arrive and you have no choice). A WEEK passes. They say they can deliver on July 3. I say that’s great, because they cannot deliver on July 4 since we will be out of state. On July 3 they tell us they can deliver on July F’ING 4th. 10 days late! They said that if we couldn’t get someone there, they would charge us an extra $500 and put our stuff in storage. I’ve never had customer service of any company be so mean to me and so unhelpful. Even when I was in tears, they did not care and did nothing to help me. They never apologized. Luckily our friend accepted pick up on the 4th of July. The movers unloaded everything quickly and were respectful, and we didn’t have any big things broken. The only good thing about this whole move. We’re still waiting on how payment for the window goes. Do yourself a favor and do not book Boost!

    Move cost: $4300
  • Amanda Jefferson
    5 2 years ago

    Boost express van lines were a major help on my moving day. They diligently answered all my questions and explained each step of the moving process so I knew exactly what to expect in terms of the logistics and pricing. Their quotes were affordable, neither too high nor too low. To be honest I don’t mind paying some extra cash as long as I get the quality service.
    The team worked really hard to complete all moving tasks within the promised time frame. All my goods were delivered on time and in good condition. There were no unpleasant surprises while I was opening moving boxes. I will be recommending Boost express to all my friends.

    Move cost: $3700
  • Eveline Wallice
    4 2 years ago

    This was my first time using a professional moving company and I am so thrilled with Boost Express Van Lines. They arrived, transported and delivered my items with no issues or delays. They did a great job at protecting my items and made sure that everything was delivered in the same condition in which it left. They also had great prices and caring workers.

    Move cost: $2400
  • Ivan Andrushko
    5 2 years ago

    I hired boost Van Lines this past year for my move from New Jersey. Everyone I spoke to answered all of my questions. They were able to tell me exactly what to expect with the move. They also went out of their way to assist me with all my needs. They showed up on the day that I wanted them to and started working very efficiently from the moment they arrived. Definitely an exceptional company. I would highly recommend them.

    Move cost: $3730

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