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169 reviews for United Nation Van LInes

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Adam Faskowitz
2 months ago

DO NOT USE - PRICE GOUGING, MISMANAGEMENT, DECEPTION, POOR TIMELINESS, UNFULFILLED SERVICES Using them for our out-of-state move from Seattle to San Francisco was one of the worst experiences of my life. I kept a detailed list of all our grievances regarding the move that spans many pages. I'll try my best to summarize here: • The original quote that they "reel you in on" is predatory — we ended up having to pay thousands above the estimate (despite, ironically, ending up moving fewer items than were listed in our 800 sq ft estimate) • There were constant delays on their end with poor/little communication • When the mover finally showed up, the first thing he did was to attempt to change our estimate from 800 to 1200 sq ft — adding an extra $2000. This is despite the fact that when we spoke with two other folks from United Nation Van Lines (the salesperson and the QC person), they said our item list would easily fit in 800 sq ft — the QC person even suggested we had room for more! We ended up being coerced to negotiate it to 1000 sq ft — adding an extra $1000. Our mover said we could dispute this after the move was finished (spoiler alert: we couldn't). • Rather than actually measuring the space our stuff took up in the truck, the mover pulled out a calculator and showed me a number: 983 sq ft. When I was skeptical about the number and asked for him to measure, he acted in a rush and said that we would remeasure once our stuff was in San Francisco (spoiler alert: he didn't and we were forced to pay). • Our mover lied about when he would arrive at the destination. After missing the first arrival date (without proper communication), he actually called to tell us he would show up the next morning. He didn't show up. The next day, someone else from United Nation Van Lines called to tell us that our stuff is arriving the following day — a day we had warned the them ahead of time would not work (our new apartment had a strict rule that two tenants could not move in on the same day). They said if we couldn't do that day, we would be charged upwards of another thousand dollars. Their(!) mismanagement and poor timeliness would be the reason why we(!) had to pay. • One might think: maybe they had a reasonable excuse for these delays? Well, I actually packed up some Apple Airtags in my moving boxes to track where my stuff was. I noticed that one of the delays, which the company did provide a reason for, was a "pitstop" at a CASINO (!!!) for more than 6 hours. This casino was not right off the driving route — it was 12 miles away from the 5 freeway. • When my mover finally showed up, he came alone in the same truck that he picked up our stuff in. They added an additional $650 fee for a shuttle service in SF because they said that truck would be too big to drive in San Francisco — apparently there were rules against large trucks. However, we didn't get a shuttle, the truck that arrived was the same license plate! So the truck we didn't get charged for in Seattle, we got charged for in SF. • Because he showed up alone, I, the one paying for movers to move my stuff, had to help carry our heavy items. My back did not feel great the next day... Additionally, our bed frame did not fit in the elevator and he said he didn't have the tools to disassemble it. Rather than helping us figure what to do, he hastily got us to sign the form agreeing that our stuff was received and bolted out. He didn't even unpack a single thing for us — he left it all wrapped in moving blankets and fled. • As he was leaving, we asked about remeasuring as he had promised. His response: "Deal with the company! I am just the driver! Deal with the company!" • We tried to deal with the company. Every time we try to speak with them about these issues, it is frustrating, stressful, and hopeless. The claims site they pointed us to does not handle claims of our nature — only claims citing damage. When we tried to speak with a manager about our case, they would not give us a number and said that they would call us. They never did. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND AVOID!

Willy Nalon
3 months ago

We were eager to try United Nation Van Lines since they helped my brother move recently and he gave them an excellent rating. The movers were very professional and made sure to understand what the most fragile and sensitive items were. They then paid those items special attention when it came to packing and loading. Their courtesy really made a difference. We hadn’t moved homes before this so the little extra time the movers took to explain and show things to us was very illuminating and helpful. I also appreciated the fact that they provide assembly and disassembly. It made both moving out and moving it much easier. I enjoyed my first move for its novelty value and for the great job done by United Nation Van Lines.

Gabbie Simet
5 months ago

Reading the other reviews about United Nation Van Lines online, it is clear that this company is very highly respected by its customers. I can attest to that sentiment now that I have had the chance to hire them for my recent move to AZ. While I found their prices to tend to the more expensive side, I have no doubts after seeing their work that it is completely worth it. There are many companies that will deliver your consignment for a lower price but they will also be rife with delays, burden you with poor worker attitude and come with the common issue with movers, hidden charges. Avoid all that nonsense by simply picking United Nation Van Lines. You will thank me for it.

Landon Robles
5 months ago

A huge thank you to the entire team at United Nation Van Lines – you guys made a stressful move for us so much more bearable than we had ever imagined it could be! A big shout out to the sales manager who kept up with our litany of questions without ever being rude or curt. Another huge kudos to their pricing system that is low enough for us to afford while still giving us impeccable service in every way. The best part is the moving crew that moved us out of our 4 bedroom apartment and into our 3 bedroom house in California so smoothly – you guys were awesome! Love you all and wish you all the very best!

Riley Hackelt
6 months ago

I am very happy to give United Nation Van Lines this 5 star review. I had hired them to move from Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX. Our old place was a house with its own driveway so it was easy to manage but the new place is an apartment complex. The main hiccup was a restriction on the use of the lift to certain hours. That meant that the delivery could only be done within a narrow window on certain days of the week. When I told United Nation Van Lines, they said they would do it exactly in that slim time period and they delivered! I don’t know what hoops they jumped through to match the time but I am delighted that they did! Perfect!

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