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    55 reviews for U.S Moving Corp

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    • Eddy Marko
      5 2 weeks ago

      Arrived on time and the move went very smoothly. All items were handled with care with no broken or scratched items observed. The whole ordeal occurred during the estimated allotted time and within the original budgeted amount. This was the second time I used their services and would use them again if ever needed.

      Move cost: $2130
    • Nigel Brazier
      5 2 weeks ago

      US Moving was able to meet an immediate need to pack and move some furniture with a day's notice. The two man team was courteous, professional and very careful with some high value items.

      Move cost: $2130
    • Joseph Lombardo
      5 2 weeks ago

      Easy to work with. Patiently explained his services and costs over the phone. Wasn't easy for him because I was explaining the info to two others who were on another phone. Movers arrived on time, worked neatly, and efficiently on a 95 degree day. No issues at all.

      Move cost: $2140
    • Lucinda Niles
      5 2 weeks ago

      Excellent! Estimated time of 5 hours, actual time of five and a half!! Can't beat that. The three guys were friendly, hard working and very polite. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

    • Wes Locke
      5 4 weeks ago

      It is freezing here in Alaska but you know you get used to it when you love here as long as I have. It is nice to know that there is a company out there willing to help you with your move and US Moving Corp is that company. Thank you guys so much I will refer this company to other people I know that need to move in the future.

      Move cost: $2250
    • Carl Henson
      5 4 weeks ago

      Me and my mother recently had to relocate because of the damage to our last home so it was mandatory. My mother found some better work in the new area where we live now so it worked out in the end plus US Moving Corp moved all of our belongings. Very nice people and we’re more than happy to help us move into our new home.

      Move cost: $2100
    • Tommy Nuygen
      5 4 weeks ago

      My dad told me we were moving soon and so had no problem with that at all since he lets me live him forever just help pay some bills. US Moving Corp handled all of our furniture with care and movers were super friendly. I highly recommend them check them out.

      Move cost: $2430
    • Danny Phantom
      5 4 weeks ago

      My family and I recently moved into this new house up near the mountains and the lake is beautiful up here. First I didn’t want to move but my mom and dad had to due to work related reasons. US Moving Corp helped us out big time with the move everything was neat and organized.

      Move cost: $2110
    • Max Douglas
      5 4 weeks ago

      As you know here in Texas it can get really hot at times but you get used to it eventually when you love here me and my wife did. As of late we had to move because of income reasons but you do what you got to do and US Moving Corp was very reasonable and arrived on time to move all of our belongings. I highly recommend them amazing company and what they do.

      Move cost: $2400
    • John Carey
      5 4 weeks ago

      Me and my dog Jack recently found this amazing apartment in Idaho nice view and can be hot outside sometimes. Idaho actually has some really good potatoes everyone should try some of they can. I was troubled about the move at first but then I found US Moving Corp and they gave me an amazing quote so I decided to go with this company. Awesome people at great prices check them out.

      Move cost: $2300
    • Marty Rivers
      5 4 weeks ago

      I have been living in Hawaii for 2 years now and love it here my main concern was damaged items, but all of my items were in top shape when arriving at Hawaii. I recommend this company to everyone because it is a five star company and friendly staff. I loved working with this company and We live happily together and it is thanks all to U.S. Moving Company.

      Move cost: $2235
    • Jack Scott
      5 4 weeks ago

      Me and my mom recently relocated within Michigan and to be how’s the it’s nice we found this nice townhouse for under 100k and it has modern features too. Without US Moving Corp the move would have never been possible because of all of our belongings we had. They are very professional and nice people.

      Move cost: $2356
    • Jimmy Nissan
      5 4 weeks ago

      My girlfriend and I recently just found this new place listed on the internet for a great price in state and I just got a raise so it’s time for us to move. US Moving Corp I saw them online and decided to give them a try to help us with the move and I don’t regret it at all. Everyone I highly recommend them and nice staff as well.

      Move cost: $2160
    • Timmy Turner
      5 4 weeks ago

      It is really cold up here living in the city of Boston and my family agrees it’s time for us to move out and go somewhere warmer like the beach. US Moving Corp I saw this company online and immediately reached out to them and they responded back to my dad quickly said they be willing to help. All of our furniture got moved with no damage at all I highly recommend if you guys need help with a move to use this company.

      Move cost: $5500
    • Nick Johnson
      5 4 weeks ago

      My family realized recently that good things come to an end my dad got a new job in Virginia and now we have to move. My dad reaches out to US Moving Corp and they have him a very reasonable quote so he agreed to their terms and they helped us move everything in our house. Thank you guys so much very friendly company.

      Move cost: $3500
    • David Yang
      5 4 weeks ago

      Me and my buddy Jack recently moved to the D.C. area because of our new jobs and where we were assigned. Thanks to US Moving Corp honestly it wouldn’t have been possible because we have some much crap and heavy objects. I highly recommend them very professional and helpful check them out.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Patrick Clark
      5 4 weeks ago

      I recently left my parents to be independent you go to school and move into my own place it worked out cause my parents helped me. Thanks to US Moving Corp they were able to move all of my furniture and boxes to my new place with no problems. Great company and they gave us a reasonable quote.

      Move cost: $2150
    • Tim Duncan
      5 4 weeks ago

      Me and nice wife needed to move out of our old crappy house in Alabama but we found this new listing and it was perfect. The movers helped us greatly moved all of our furniture and clothing with ease. I highly recommend US Moving Corp they are honestly the best out there.

      Move cost: $2300
    • Francesca Tomasino
      5 4 weeks ago

      I am pleased with the way they laid out my furniture. My lamps look pretty good in their new spots. They are very strong. I will use these guys to move my mom into a nursing home. I was impressed with their professionalism in accommodating my boyfriend's wishes even though to me they seemed ridiculous. Call them for your next move.

      Move cost: $5500
    • John Rankin
      5 4 weeks ago

      The move was executed most satisfactorily. They exceeded my expectations by not damaging the walls along my stairs. I don't have to repaint now which is always a bonus. Their teamwork position my living room furniture perfectly.

      Move cost: $4200
    • Erik Columbo
      5 4 weeks ago

      I am satisfied with how they moved my red chair. They were able to put it in the corner that I wanted it in. They also are strong and not afraid of hard work unlike other young men these days. They should be keeping up the good work.

      Move cost: $2400
    • Julia Goldstein
      5 4 weeks ago

      I've had a wonderful experience with US Moving Corp from start to finish. They came on time, moved swiftly with care and were super polite. All of our belongings were safely moved to our destination. I would highly recommend US Moving Corp for anyone that needs to move.

      Move cost: $2787
    • Katie Goldsmith
      5 4 weeks ago

      My prized green couch and oak table have made the move successfully to my new apartment. Not to mention my plasma screen TV is also located at my new place because of the hard work of US Moving Corp's movers. This company was great to with every step of the way. Their communications with me kept me well informed of what was going to happen. I was less stressed than usual as they really took care of me by sending their employees to my old apartment to pick up my furniture.

      Move cost: $2177
    • john dough
      5 4 weeks ago

      US Moving Corp was very quick about it when I reached out to them when I needed a quick but organized move. They were very helpful and I told them exactly what I needed to move and they were very prompt about it. I highly recommend US Moving Corp very professional and nice people during my move!!!

      Move cost: $2200
    • Judith Godfrey
      5 4 weeks ago

      I am pleased with their quality customer service. Their employee, Brittany, took my call and was happy to connect me with the experienced movers Marcus and Tony. Marcus and Tony at US Moving Corp were a pleasure to work with. They were friendly and knowledgeable on how to pack everything into their truck. They worked closely with me to arrange my furniture in my new apartment. They definitely earned a thumbs up from me.

      Move cost: $6000
    • Ella Robertson
      5 4 weeks ago

      I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with my experience with US Moving Corp. They provided everything that I needed for my move such as boxes and packaging materials to keep all of my plates and cups safe. Not to mention they were very polite throughout the entire experience. I was impressed how Mike addressed me by referring to me as "Ms. Robertson". These guys also are strong enough to carry heavy desks.

      Move cost: $3000
    • Richard Cheatham
      5 4 weeks ago

      These guys worked so hard for us. They were fast and efficient. I had a total of 4 guys and they worked for almost 12 hours. They went over and above when we arrived at my new house. They helped me figure out where to put the furniture and moved some pieces more than once.

      Move cost: $2500
    • Seth Perkins
      5 4 weeks ago

      They want you to have the best moving experience possible, for a fair rate. They were definitely the best. Very professional, friendly, and responsive. They came a week before to check out our space. Gave us a really competitive quote and then on the day sent the greatest bunch of guys you could hope for! Recommended!

      Move cost: $2200
    • Jackie Smith
      5 4 weeks ago

      My husband and I have made the trek to Scarsdale, New York. Our choice of mover was US Moving Corp. They did a satisfactorily job of moving us into our new home near the golf course. All our furniture made it to its new home. We didn't see any damage. My family gives US Moving Corp a thumbs up.

      Move cost: $2450
    • William Freeman
      5 4 weeks ago

      Thank god for this company. They got me to new home in time for my new job in security. They are very skilled at packing things into boxes and their truck. I swear these are the guys that I want on my team to solve puzzles. None of my things went missing. They care to please their customers. They satisfied me by being willing to rearrange my furniture twice.

      Move cost: $2500
    • Eisen Kaplan
      5 4 weeks ago

      I am happy that they were on time to my apartment. They are very strong and fit my red couch and purple chair in their Truck. Their foreman, Ronston, was very helpful and a good leader to his team. I am pleased with the affordable price of $2,000 for an in-state move.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Charlie Carpenter
      5 4 weeks ago

      Their team is reliable. They were on time and didn't break any of my valuable lamps and vases. They handled them well by making sure none of them got scratched up. I am satisfied with my moving job.

      Move cost: $5500
    • Sam Jefferson
      5 4 weeks ago

      This team made my day by packing my things in the truck with little direction for me. They knew which items were valuable and were extra careful with those items. They had bubble wrap to keep my valuables safe. My living room looks great because of them. Now I can relax because of the hard work of Brian, Jason, Seth, and Michael.

      Move cost: $2800
    • Raul Gamez
      5 4 weeks ago

      This company impressed me with the their resolve. They were far better than the last moving company that I used. Everything happened on schedule and I am pleased to see my man cave all set up. Their team is awesome, especially their mover Tyson.

      Move cost: $9000
    • Tommy Michael
      5 4 weeks ago

      Fantastic to deal with and very helpful. Moved two apartments to one. I understand this is their job but when you have people that genuine and understanding it makes the stress of moving much more pleasant.

      Move cost: $2560
    • Peter Kurowski
      5 4 weeks ago

      I would highly recommend U.S Moving Corp.The guys were well on time, highly efficient & extremely careful with items. They loaded our studio apartment items within two hours
      No hidden costs.

      Move cost: $2170
    • Hannah Bones
      5 4 weeks ago

      I am so happy I live in an accepting state. I am a lesbian and have lived in PA for my whole life. I wanted to live closer to Hersey Park and the city. I love how affordable the moving was and none of my items were damaged.
      I live with my wife Carol and with our bunny named Carrot. I thank U.S. Moving Corp. for all they have done as their team is supportive. I will work with them again if I need or want to move anywhere. Thank you U.S. Moving Corp.

      Move cost: $2483
    • Susy Binns
      5 4 weeks ago

      I have lived in Hawaii for a year now and love it here my main concern was damaged items, but all of my items were in top shape when arriving at Hawaii. I recommend this company to everyone because it is a five star company. I loved working with this company and would do it again.
      I love living in Hawaii with my cat, Ohana, we live together in a beach home and met my wife Lora Angel. We live happily together and it is thanks all to U.S. Moving Company. Thank you for all you have done and have a blessed day!

      Move cost: $3964
    • Jordan Jackson
      5 4 weeks ago

      I love the green bay packers. I had to go live near the football stadium. Now, i'm living the dream.

      Us Moving Corp did me good. The guy I talked to on the phone was also a big packers fan. They look good this season, even with all this covid crazieness.

      I do love my new home. They got my stuff over here without any damage. The movers got here a little early but they gave me time to put myself togethe.

      Move was done on time and the price was nice. I will hapilly use them agian.

      Move cost: $3500
    • Gordon Lumpkin
      5 4 weeks ago

      I love my country. I wanted a moving company that understood this. It does not get more american of a name than U.S Moving Corp.

      I called them up and toldem how proud i was to serve the american flag. As a military man, I wanted a company that really takes pride in our American heritage. The good man on the phone thanked me for my service.

      I was really grateful for how professional their customer service was. The cost looked good and turned out to be a good quote.

      thank yall.

      Move cost: $3300
    • Penny Hannon
      5 4 weeks ago

      I moved to Louisiana with my dog Bella. She loves to walk around and explore which, for me, Georgia did not have that. I decided to move to New Orleans in hope of a change. I did though get that change and it is wonderful. All my items for still in good shape when we arrived to the townhouse.
      I love it here so much, I had to give credit to the best five star review company, U.S. Moving Corp. I thank all the people who helped me move here. I enjoyed it and will move again with this company.

      Move cost: $3698
    • Holly Flaffer
      5 4 weeks ago

      Thank you for everything. Colorado was chill. But I needed a new pad. I got a sweet deal down in Idaho.

      Now I have a farm and can work on growing crops. I'm going to be investing in a nice tractor so I can get to work.

      This is the life. Thank you U.S Moving Corp. Your customer service really helped push me over and decide to make the move. My stuff got here safe and for a good price.

      Move cost: $3600
    • Harley Thomas
      5 4 weeks ago

      I am so done with the cold weather of alaska. It was chilly! Freezin! Snow Snow, and more snow!

      Then I got the great Idea I should move to somewhere warmer. And where better to do that than Florida? The weather is warm, and the men are hot too! hehe.

      U.S Moving Corp saved my life. I saw their cheap price and decided to give it a try. They really delivered, no pun intended.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Charlie Spruill
      5 4 weeks ago

      I always wanted to move into LA but because I grew up in Sacramento. I started to search for moving companies all were too expensive or had bad reviews. One of the reviews had a one star review saying "Rats got into my items, and chewed my wooden table up!" I kept looking until I saw this five star review company.
      All of my items were not damaged and in amazing shape when I moved here. I am now living in an apartment in LA and my life has been better here in LA. There is more to do and explore then Sacramento. I will work with them again if I need to move anywhere.

      Move cost: $2682
    • Madilyn Mason
      5 4 weeks ago

      I love working with this moving company, the people were were caring about how the move would go. I also have sadly lost valuable items the last time I moved. But U.S. Moving Corp. did not lose one single item; none were damaged either. I recommend this moving company to everyone I know because of how well they did.

      I don't know what I would ever do without them, as living in Iowa is amazing. The views and nature is what motivated me to move there. But all the other moving companies did not have affordable prices. They deserve a five star review.

      Move cost: $3552
    • Liz Naylor
      5 1 month ago

      U.S Moving Corp provided excellent service at very reasonable price. He and his colleague were the most helpful and friendly people we have had the pleasure to meet.

      Move cost: $3320
    • Shamantha Robertson
      5 1 month ago

      Well done move! Right on the estimate. Movers were nice, they even brought us coffee. Thanks again for movers. Thanks, U.S Moving Corp. Hope I do not move soon, but I will use you guys again if I do.

      Move cost: $2234
    • Nduta Kevin Moore
      5 1 month ago

      Thanks very much for moving us at short notice. I'm sorry I forgot driver's name, he was exceptionally brilliant. The service was fabulous and we're so happy we met a charming, wonderful person. We wish him a very long service in this industry as he's our go to man and company whenever we require it and highly recommend . Great service.

      Move cost: $33446
    • Vicky Wong
      5 1 month ago

      They were great guys who did their job quickly and efficiently. They made it very easy and wrapped all of my furniture really well to prevent damage. Dont forget to hire them for your next move.

      Move cost: $2320
    • Annette Olson
      5 1 month ago

      I had to move on short notice and US Moving was quick to respond to my questions and got the job done in a short time frame. They were friendly and made sure the moving experience was stress free simple as possible. You can tell they take their job seriously and enjoy helping people move their stuff I highly recommend.

      Move cost: $2130
    • Ethel Hall
      5 1 month ago

      Best moving company ever the guys are great they do a great job on packing I recommend them have great personality very responsible and respectful.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Rory Ebert
      5 1 month ago

      I just hate moving. A friend recommended US Moving . So I hired them. The move went well. With a quick delivery turnaround. They did not break anything and nothing was misplaced. I am thankful to this company. Will keep recommending them.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Ofelia Wilkins
      5 1 month ago

      This company has been so great throughout this whole process. I got my quote. He made sure we had all our inventory in correctly. We have moved 13 times and this has been the best moving company we have ever used. Thank you U.S Moving Corp.

      Move cost: $3240
    • Patsy Nelson
      5 2 months ago

      My experience with U.S Moving Corp was over the top. They worked in a professional manner, were punctual, used time wisely, and did a great job with the treatment of my belongings. They were courteous, and polite. They went above and beyond what I expected. I would definitely use this service again and highly recommend.

      Move cost: $3240
    • John Rich
      5 7 months ago

      US Moving did such a good job on my move that I promised I would write a review about them if it went well. I never leave reviews, however how professional my move was done I had to come here and talk about it. If you need a good mover US Moving is the way to go

      Move cost: $5500

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