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About the company

Gold Standard Relocation is the company that you can truly trust with your home or office move. They are a national moving company that provides the best moving services. They are conveniently located in the heart of Sarasota, Florida. This company believes that only the best should offer all different types of moving services. That is why they offer it all! If you would like some more information about previous moves, you can check out their customer’s testimonials on their website. You will be glad that you did. Their primary goal is to exceed your expectations and needs. All Carriers used by Gold Standard are vetted through multiple verification processes to pinpoint those companies who offer the highest quality of service at the most affordable rates. All employees go through the most extensive training to be sure that they have all the knowledge they need about the industry. Nonetheless, they will be able to answer any and all questions that you have.

Services Offered By Gold Standard Relocation

Gold Standard Relocation offers household moving, long distance moving, cross country relocation, interstate moving and also corporate relocation. If you are not ready to receive your belongings just yet on the other end, their storage services are probably the best option for you. They provide short term, as well as long term storage. Your coordinator will not only give you an estimated quote, but also figure out which option best suits your needs. When you are ready for your belongings, all you have to do is call.

Gold Standard also provides packing services. If you are a first or second time mover, consider having them set up the professionals to do it. The movers will ensure that all items are ready for the big move and will not endure damage. If you are looking to do a little more work yourself, you might want to consider a partial pack. They will do as little or as much as you would like them to! Visit the website and fill out your own inventory to save an additional $200 of your move, and one of their senior moving coordinators will call you and provide you with an estimate that is tailored to your specifics needs.

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Taleah Cummins
7 months ago

In Sept 2021, I was looking into moving services online. I put my info into a sight, and received numerous calls from many companies. One in particular reached out- Gold Standard Relocation. I spoke to John Campanella, who gave me great details, and the “best offer.” I wasn’t positive on any move at that moment, so he had Alicia V reach out to me and explain further, everything that is included in the move. She was nice, they both were. Were. After agreeing to the space and size of what I needed, I realized that I couldn’t rely on the given space versus the amount of money it would cost with the initial quote, as I felt like I shouldn’t have to get rid of any of my stuff just to fit in the size offered, or in boxes, as we all have stuff that won’t fit in standard boxes. I had already given my bank account information to have the deposit charged, to hold the spot/amount, in the amount of $810.21, as they ONLY accept bank account wire, Direct payment into COMPANY account , or credit card with an additional 3% fee. So I chose bank account. I then started doing more research and found out about this company more, and freaked out, thinking they were going to scam me for all the money I just paid. The reviews are terrible, and I didn’t want to be charged all these extra fees that I wasn’t told about, and for my stuff to be ruined, broken, stolen, or literally held hostage. I needed to know flat out, what I was getting myself into. So, I called my bank and closed my bank account before they could charge me. I then sent a message to Alicia (by the way her name is spelt differently via text versus what they have her listed under the company. When I asked about that, I was told the manager misspelled her name—- I should have taken that as a reg flag also!) I wanted to let her know that I’m not going through with the moving company as I didn’t feel comfortable. She then had John Campanella reach out to me via text to reassure me that my rate would stay the same, and more space would be given for my move. I still felt uneasy. He wanted to reassure me that 90% of the bad reviews were for another company that supposedly used the same name- weird! He didn’t want me to be “alarmed” with any of the reviews as he is in litigation with the other company that gave them a “bad reputation.” This is when I learned that this company are brokers, not the actual moving company. Something they decided to leave out up front. Had I known that up front, I would have walked away right then. These people are salesmen, they know how to sweet talk to make you trust and believe them. Trust me, this gets even better (worse really). I then started getting the back and fourth with John having a hard time reaching him. He is full of excuses! In a meeting now, sorry productive day, Driving now, Taking my 7 year old to Dave and Busters and can call later. John finally calls on the night of Wednesday 9/29/21 At 7Pm my time. I’m in California and he is in Florida, so quite the time difference. So, just a bit unprofessional! Also, I have all the text messages to prove these conversations and I will add them to my complaint. During this phone conversation, I had my mother present on speaker, while John Campanella and his wife Shannon Campanella were on the other end. Now I am informed that she too, works with this company. We all had a great conversation, and they again earned my trust. We had personal conversations even, about our dogs which is why we shared pics, about the current political issues/ covid going on in the world. I guess they probably do this to be relate-able, and seemingly trustworthy. I also sent pictures of my furniture to get a better idea of the amount of space needed. I made it VERY clear to John and his wife that because of covid, I am unsure that I will be able to land a job, prior to moving (my plan was to move to Colorado), and if I can’t land a job, then I can’t move. I was reassured by the both of them that they are not here to take their clients money. They will put my move on hold. If I can’t land a job then they would be sure to get me 90% of my deposit back. I made sure to reiterate that because that is a lot of money to lose and I can’t afford that, nor want to just throw money away, if I am unable to use their services. They made it clear that they wouldn’t just take my money. The other factor was that I didn’t feel comfortable giving my bank information again, and I don’t want to pay 3% more to use my credit card. So, Shannon offered for me to make my deposit payment to her PERSONAL venmo account (contract breach right here) which I had no idea they couldn’t do that until I went to get my deposit back, and found this in the fine print. Therefore, they are willing to make a breach in their contract when it benefits them, but not to give me my deposit back, when NO SERVICES WERE USED! Going forward, I received an email from the moving company on Oct 24th stating they would be there the following day, which I had called standard relocation a week prior to put the move on hold since I was offered a job and then it was taken away from me, because I chose not to be vaccinated. This is the issue I explained to John and his wife Shannon, that could happen to me. John stated via text that it was on hold and I was good. Nov 10th, I asked John to call me because I spoke to Standard relocation letting them know I’ll just need to set up for a refund as I will not be able to move. Several jobs offered a position for me, but retracted due to the vaccine mandate. I was told by the rude manager Samuel who told me that John never said anything about a refund because he would have written it down, as if I was a liar. Samuel was so rude, had no compassion, no empathy, simply did not care, and said they could only give me 10% refund. That is $81 of $810! This is when John turned on me, and changed his word, and stated they only give a 72 hour window for a 90% refund. I made it clear that there is no way for me to land a job in 72 hours from the time I give my deposit, and to make a definite decision, which is why via phone they said they would be sure to give me 90% of my refund back. Thus the reason I moved forward without hesitation or worry about getting my money back if need be. After this John went back and fourth with me saying he would call me in regard to my refund, and coming up with a “Considerable refund” and NEVER DID! I told him that it says a lot about he and his company, that I felt slighted and lied to. They do not care. All they care about is stealing your hard earned money, and lying through their teeth. Karma is real and I hope it bites them in the ass really hard. The last message I ever received from John on Sat November 27th, was him stating that he would call me in the coming week. Never heard from anyone after that. This is so wrong! $81 for a service never used, is a complete FRAUD, and rip off. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE COMPANIES. It’s a hassle and a pain, but use U-haul and pay a little more. This way you go through genuine people that aren’t out there to take your money, and gain your trust doing so, for nothing. Again, photos of the conversations and way of payment will be posted. I selected the photos in order of the conversation, but I am unsure if it will post in the correct order. Just take note of the dates. Hope this helps future movers, and also hoping for a better outcome for a refund. We will see. On to the next place to file the same complaint.

Hilary Gibson
10 months ago

This is an excellent moving company. They are incredibly professional, efficient, careful, and conscientious. The best movers we have ever hired. We would hire them again anytime. Thank you.

Candice Goode
11 months ago

This is the best company hands down. There were there for us through the whole process. Kerri took great care of us. The movers were great not one thing broke. Thank you to all involved.

Mark Stegman
12 months ago

Such a great experience. They went above and beyond with helping me and were prompt with getting to my new place. They made my long-distance move quick and easy. Would definitely recommend them for any major move!

John Dukes
1 year ago

Although I was initially put off by the amount of questions I was asked- I quickly realized that was exactly what kept my quote accuracy’s and made everything go smoothly. They did great work! Thank you!

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