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    54 reviews for Mega Van Lines

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    • Chris Bryan
      5 2 months ago

      They did not try to upsell me on needing more time or more movers. Also, something that distinguished them from the others was during Covid they required a video estimate rather than just relying on photos. Their follow through was amazing. Impressed.

      Move cost: $2850
    • Joseph Edward
      5 2 months ago

      The guys conducted the relocation awesomely, and I had no problems with anything. They were timely; they respected our agreement and fulfilled their part of the contract. I did not feel overcharged at all, and I would suggest them to everyone I know. Where I am right now, I am looking forward to more resounding relocation experiences with them in future.

      Move cost: $2856
    • Dom Transue
      5 2 months ago

      I recently came here to rent a unit due to an unplanned move. Nancy was professional, patient, and extremely helpful. The facility is very clean and safe. The prices are great too. Of course I don't want to forget the security they provided.

      Move cost: $2650
    • Ofelia Wilkins
      5 3 months ago

      Excellent job for me, moving antique furniture from my late father's house. They were punctual, polite and very helpful. I'd recommend this company who made my move run like clockwork! Great value for money too.

      Move cost: $4360
    • Jennifer Roberts
      5 3 months ago

      SUPER SATISFIED BY THIS SERVICE!! The move was quick and painless, our things were handled with care, and all of our questions were answered - everyone was so friendly and knew what they were doing. And of course everything arrived at our new home in perfect condition! Thank you so much! Highly recommended from my side! Will use them again!

      Move cost: $2850
    • Joshua Moore
      5 3 months ago

      These guys were awesome.They got to my house at about 8:30A.M. In the morning and didn't stop until they were through at about 3:30 P.M. They worked at a very fast speed and yet were very concerned about letting us know what was going to happen next and let us check on what they had done. They were very friendly and polite. We would highly recommend them.

      Move cost: $2850
    • Ronald Gregory
      5 3 months ago

      Mick and John were the Best! Coincidentally they helped me on the first go round and they were here again. They called to let me know when they would arrive, and on time, and they worked efficiently, carefully, courteous, and always in good spirits. They went above and beyond my expectations.

      Move cost: $2850
    • Micheal Hood
      5 3 months ago

      They relocated me very awesomely. All my properties were safe and intact at the point of departure and on arrival. I did not know they were that marvelous. I will always be grateful to them.

      Move cost: $2680
    • Jackson Marian
      5 3 months ago

      So happy to work with these guys.Thomas and his crew showed up on time, helped wrap pack disassemble assemble the contents of my one apartment. Great attitude speed communication, and service! Would definitely!

      Move cost: $2850
    • James Charles
      5 3 months ago

      Jose and crew were super professional and flexible during the moving process and the price was very reasonable. Would definitely hire them again!

      Move cost: $2867
    • Dorine Smith
      5 3 months ago

      Most professional, careful, and clean movers ever! So hard working! I have hired these men twice and am about to hire them for a third move- they are that good! They arrive on time. I have been so happy with them!

      Move cost: $2800
    • Clarke McCleave
      1 3 months ago

      Told me they'd pick my stuff up Wednesday or Thursday, it's now Friday and they said they might be here tomorrow because the driver is three states away and has another pickup before me. Customer service manager, Eddie, hung up on me

      Move cost: $1900
    • George Riggins
      5 3 months ago

      Nothing says a great company like repeat customers. I have used them twice and both of the times they have been incredible. They are polite careful efficient and respectful of my things and the property. When it comes to packing a moving truck. Not a single thing was broken during the move.

    • Michal Fiszer
      5 3 months ago

      The team was prompt, polite, and got everything done in under the allotted four-hour window. All of my property was handled with the utmost care and nothing was damaged. And the guys went above and beyond in helping us with getting awkward furniture into the house and storing unwanted items in the basement. And, best of all, the cost was incredibly fair. I will definitely recommend using them!

      Move cost: $2850
    • William Wilson
      5 3 months ago

      Very easy to use service, arrived promptly, nice staff, great app. would and have definitely recommended.

      Move cost: $2860
    • Justin Haevens
      5 3 months ago

      Great experience! Highly recommended! We booked an onsite visit by one of there estimators that came to our house to give us a price. This price never changed and everything went exactly as it was explained to us. Our furniture arrived as promised and it took them less than a week to deliver. The movers themselves were professional, polite and courteous. Thank you for all the hard work!

      Move cost: $4350
    • Matthew Melvin
      5 3 months ago

      McCall and Ralph were very patient and quick to get my boxes ready. Very fast and easy experience. It’s much more convenient than moving stuff alone. I have already recommended these guys to sister-in-law!

      Move cost: $2560
    • Jose Lean
      5 3 months ago

      Robert and Samuel made moving out a breeze. Quick responses to questions and prompt to pick up boxes. Very satisfied and will definitely use again next year! Recommending them to everyone in a heart-beat!

      Move cost: $2870
    • Darren Jensen
      5 3 months ago

      Showed up early, moved efficiently and were super nice. super super nice. They were professional and we'd recommend them to anyone.

      Move cost: $4350
    • Elvis Kirlin
      5 3 months ago

      Kudos to the crew on the day of my move. Both boys were absolutely fantastic - they worked with a smile and positive energy. They worked very quickly and efficiently - and they were willing and eager to help with ad hoc tasks. It was a real pleasure to have them help with the move. I would use them every time I needed to do a move.

      Move cost: $2680
    • Eldred Cole
      5 3 months ago

      We just coordinated with Rosario and we left the rest to them. They disassembled our 4x4 heavy Ikea Expedit shelving unit in record time and transported it with ease for us to put back together that night. It's already got the bar in it. Super impressed.

      Move cost: $2760
    • Keyon Okuneva
      5 3 months ago

      Mike and his guys came on time and went straight to work. They knew exactly what they were doing, how to wrap and protect the furniture and we didn’t not encounter any damage. They were fast, friendly and had a very positive attitude throughout the entire move. I am happy hiring them and I will definitely recommend these guys to others!

      Move cost: $2670
    • Kelsey King
      5 3 months ago

      They moved quickly, took great care of our furniture and even helped pack a few last minute odds and ends that I didn’t have boxes for. They showed up early on our move in day with an extra guy to help unload the truck into our new place and took the time to assemble furniture and place the boxes exactly where I needed them. Thanks guys. You were great and your professionalism was greatly appreciated by all.

      Move cost: $2450
    • Eric Smith
      5 3 months ago

      I highly recommend them for any move, large or small. They will make it a totally Smooth Move! Really great movers who are Responsive, quick, friendly & a great value. Outstanding Moving Company. Highly recommend movers.

      Move cost: $2680
    • Charlie Park
      5 3 months ago

      Very professional and nice. Super patient and easy to work with. Kept to all of the new health regulations, super quick! I would definitely use them again the next time I move in AL or the Tristate area.

      Move cost: $2870
    • Janie Parker
      5 3 months ago

      I used these movers to move out of my one bedroom apartment. I had quite a lot of boxes, a few pieces of furniture, my bed and all my clothes were packed except what I wanted in a wardrobe. They are amazing people. I love them. Recommended to all.

      Move cost: $2450
    • Grace Eaves
      5 4 months ago

      Mick and his team spent a long day moving us with patience, clarity, great work ethic and no damage. The final price for a very long day was still under the number expected. Much respect and thanks. Highly recommended!!!

      Move cost: $2350
    • Felicia Yates
      5 4 months ago

      The day before my move I was sent updates to ensure all went smoothly. All my furniture was protected with padding, cardboard packaging and bubble wrap. I would highly recommend this company. Recommended.

      Move cost: $2450
    • M Francesca Monn
      1 4 months ago

      Despite paying extra for guaranteed dates, they showed up 36 hours late for the move and subsequently delivered my items over a week late. And after 10 weeks, I still do not have multiple items or a receipt and they claim they are not responsible. Additionally, the company they subcontracted with sexually harassed me at the pickup of my items and via text thereafter. NEVER use them. They are horrible and dishonest and should not be allowed to remain in business. Their manager, Eddie Gates, has long promised to help but has repeatedly failed in his statements and did not even provide the updated contract that he was promising me even the day that my items were being picked up. Oh, and the company that did the physical move did not have a copy of the contract and stated that they would charge me significantly more. And they were not able to accept credit card which is what the parent company had promised. I never received a receipt and am still fighting for compensation.

      Move cost: $4000
    • Loicka Baille
      1 4 months ago

      The absolute worst company you can hire, terrible service quality, over charge at pick up, missing boxes, HORRIBLE & DISHONEST customer services, liars from a to z. DO NOT BELIEVE POSITIVE REVIEWS.

      We hired mega van lines to make a move from Texas to Massachusetts over the summer of 2020. We moved a student room worth of items, with just a bed and a chair as furnitures. We needed 3 months of storage, obtained the first 2 for free and would be paying for the 3rd one.

      They came a day late to pick up our stuff when promised a fixed pick up window (had to reschedule flights/reservations).

      They overcharged us upon pick up saying we had too many items even after signing a “binding estimate” and sending detailed pictures of every single items. We tried to fight it, but were told by customer services “if you don’t like it, you can just take your stuff back out of the truck”…

      When making the initial estimate, Michele Wright told us the additional storage month would be around $100. But when we called in the middle of the summer to set a delivery date and verify the price for the additional storage month we would need, we finally (after many many many insisting calls) were told by Eddy Gates that 1 month of storage for a student room worth of things would be $600, but “for us” he would do $450.
      Talking to the storage place directly, they assured us that the month would be at $400.
      This is way higher than what initially told ($100) and the “special $450 instead of $600” speech from Eddy Gate just show how dishonest and a full of liars this company is.

      Finally, we had to get delivered a month prior to original date to avoid having to pay the outrageous storage price. Upon opening the delivered boxes, several items are missing, possibly entire boxes never made it to the final destination. Mega van lines won’t even try to do anything about it.

      After calling and complaining about our terrible experience, we finally obtained a “$125 discount”. To receive this discount, we had to sign an agreement saying that we couldn’t share our experience or post negative reviews about the company. We were promised this money upon drop off. It has been 1.5 month since delivery date, we have been calling every single day about this $125 back. We keep hearing it’s under review , payment is on its way, it’s with the accountant ….. We will never see those $125.

      In addition to poor moving services, this company treated us so horribly: customer services yelling at you (Eddy Gates, Jamie, Jaquie, Jessie , Micheal, Jennifer), lying at your face, laughing at you in the background, putting you on hold for HOURS, telling you “they are making you a favor and you should be grateful”.

      Save yourself time, peace and money. Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES deal with them.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Missy Jamss
      1 5 months ago

      AWFUL, TERRIBLE and FRAUDULENT company. I pray this never happens to anyone else. They took our money and never moved us. You can’t get ahold of anyone and then when you do they hang up on you. Please be careful out there. It’s shameful and disgusting that people can do this but they did and they will! Don’t let it happen to YOU!!!!

    • Margaret Huemoeller
      1 5 months ago

      Wish I could give 0 stars! They tripled my price from the estimate, somehow took 6 hours to move a bed, 15 boxes, and a couch, still have not delivered 2 weeks after promised date, refused to answer calls, continue to push back moving date, and have been genuinely useless, irritating, and expensive! I could have hoofed my nonsense across the state faster than these fools.

      Move cost: $3200
    • Michael Melnick
      1 5 months ago

      We are in our 6th week with this terrible company. On July 12th my 93 year old father was coerced into trusting this company, giving them his bank account information and later his belongings and we are still waiting to get his belongs or even an accurate estimate of their anticipated delivery.

      Two weeks into “the move” we found out that Mega Van Lines submitted several fraudulent checks against his bank account. Four weeks into the move after not getting any updates or return calls from the company we reported them to the Better Business Bureau, the state of Florida, and US Department of Transportation. We got a handful of calls and a couple of e-mails within 24 hours and now, roughly six weeks into the move, again we are getting no information regarding the delivery and no return phone calls.

      I cannot conceive of any reason to do business with this company and I sincerely hope no one else has these experiences. It is truly heartbreaking to see how little a company cares.

      Shame on you, Mega Van Lines.

      Move cost: $8500
    • Tia Henry
      1 6 months ago

      This company is a complete scam. They scheduled my move for 06/15 and 06/16 for a long distance move due to the sale of our house. They did not call to tell us someone was on their way until the afternoon of 06/17. Needless to say we had to make other arrangements and they refused to give us a refund on our deposit.

      Move cost: $1800
    • James Giacometti
      1 6 months ago

      Do not believe the fake reviews. This company is dishonest and deceitful. Once they take your money they could care less about you or your move. They are a broker that doesn’t actually employ the movers. There is no recourse when the movers don’t show up. Mega doesn’t care because they already got paid. They contract with deceitful, unprofessional, wreck less moving companies. Do not get fooled!!! Run away from Mega van lines, don’t walk!!!

      Move cost: $10000
    • Gilberto Irvin
      5 6 months ago

      Mick and john called ahead, showed up about 10 minutes earlier than they estimated, surveyed the move, and got right to work. They were conscientious of my things, wrapping as needed. They packed the truck so efficiently and securely too! I know I'll call them for any future moves.

      Move cost: $3200
    • John Stultz
      5 6 months ago

      Michael and Rhys were great! They worked hard and hustled. They drove 200 plus miles to unload and they were equally as good. Nothing broken, no damage to our stuff or either place. I couldn't be happier and I will definitely use this company again.

      Move cost: $3500
    • Sandy Chapman
      5 6 months ago

      Five Stars for great service, best price, and professionalism. I definitely recommend this moving company.

      Move cost: $3100
    • Fred Park
      5 6 months ago

      Incredible job today! My wife is pregnant and we are moving into our first home so it was very reassuring that they all showed up in masks during COVID, worked efficiently and quickly helped us close boxes and move without a problem. Would recommend to anyone looking for speedy and kind workers. They had us laughing the entire time, great personalities.

      Move cost: $3500
    • Valerie Long
      1 6 months ago

      Angies List rated Mega Van Lines as A+. This company is terrible. They gave me a quote which I was prepared to pay and paid an upfront deposit
      I scheduled the move for Monday with a backup date of Sunday. They kept lying to me about when I would be notified of the time when the movers would arrive. First they told me I would be called on the Friday before. No one called on Friday so I finally called them. They then told me I would be called on Sunday. Same scenario. No one called so I finally reached out to Mega Van Lines again. Turns out the Denver office isn’t even open on Sunday. At least that’s what I was told.
      I could not get an ETA until Monday afternoon. They then told me that they would be there between 3:00 to 8:00 pm on Monday. They didn’t show up until Tuesday at 4:30 pm
      The worst part is that they stated there was more inventory than what was on the bid and it was going to cost more money. This is absolutely false. Example: they said they weren’t told that the bed was an adjustable bed. I pointed out that the inventory list on the binding estimate specifically stated 1 bed, adjustable queen. That is just one example. There were so many other examples which are too numerous to list.
      Of course now they won’t refund my deposit even though I was told it was refundable.

      Move cost: $2384
    • Amy Fri
      1 7 months ago

      Awful and dishonest brokers. Used to be Safe and Secure but changed their name a few months ago due to so many bad reviews. Michelle in customer service is the most dishonest person you could come across. My $3800 quote ended up being a $5k move with no recourse. Michelle promised me a pick up day of yesterday, 7/13, then didn’t even place me on the calendar. Absolutely terrible. Book elsewhere.

      Move cost: $5000
    • Danielle Farrelly
      1 7 months ago

      Canceled 24 hours after booking. Still waiting my refund. This company is a scam. Don't use them!!!

    • Joe Halt
      1 7 months ago

      SCAMMERS!! Beware! They’ll promise the world and give excellent service up until signing. They are brokers and have no control or accountability for the people actually doing the move. Office insisted one day move when drivers were saying two weeks and were on second week of waiting. Price increased once already. Office says whatever to get you off the phone and doesn’t call back. Has resulted in the most frustrating and anxious move of my life. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

      Move cost: $1800
    • Jill Kul
      1 7 months ago

      Hi, my sister and I both called around looking for movers. I spoke with Frank from Tiger Express Movers and my sister spoke with Eric and Mike from Mega Van Lines. Frank asked if he could try to match their price or at least get close. She ended up going with Mega Van Lines but Frank told me that if things "go south" at pickup to give him a call. This was concerning to me why things should go bad at pick up but as it turned out, to say that things went south with Mega Van Lines would be an extreme understatement. First, the BINDING quote of about $2000 was IN WRITING and yet on moving day was increased by $1300!!! They know that it is intimidating to be a single woman standing there alone and have two male movers telling her to sign on the dotted line or they won't move her stuff. Later that day she called Eric at Mega Van Lines who told her to call customer service who said they'd "make it right" and yet she has been given the run around every time she has called over the last 2 weeks. Then said they'd deliver her boxes between July 3-8th. Today is July 9th and she still can't get get a hold of anyone to tell her when her things will be delivered. Mega Van Lines is a broker and they can't get a hold of the driver, the moving company's mailbox is full, every time she calls she gets different numbers to call - this has been a complete nightmare! This is not only unprofessional but at some point it is criminal. At this point we think the next call should be to the police. (UPDATE: MEGA VAN LINES IS HOLDING ASLL SHIPMENTS FROM THE LAST 3 WEEKS IN A WAREHOUSE IN NJ!) So while she didn't end up going with Tiger Express Movers, I think anything would have been better than Mega Van Lines and I do appreciate that Frank from Tiger Express Movers tried to help. He asked that I write a review, which is a bit difficult since we don't have experience with them as a moving company, but I can say that Frank was persistent.

      Move cost: $3600
    • Jenn Shasha
      1 7 months ago

      I guarantee that any good reviews here are fake. These people are scammers and pull the bait and switch. They dont show for the move, they keep your deposit & send you to the shadiest movers you can think of and then the movers hold your items hostage until you pay a huge amount additional. They keep your deposit even if you cancel due to no longer moving. I could write a novel and provide documentation proving this scam. Broker Armondo Blackwell lied through his teeth regarding my move on multiple occasions! Then he texts messages with his photos and his family photos to try to make himself seem less of a dishonest scammer than he is, but its all a joke. Ive emailed him over 10 times, text him more than that and called him and customer service more times than I can count and I get no response. Then magically when they are supposed to produce something its excuse after excuse from him and his customer service team. DONT use this company! They are brokers that take your money and run. They contract their moves out to very crappy companies who break and steal items. Eddie is the manager but isnt helpful so he passes off his customers. Jackie is supposedly a manager but very unhelpful and extremely rude. I actually referred this company to someone before my move date and she went through hell. Paid extra for a specific date and no one showed and a few days later when they did, multiple items were stolen, the workers were using drugs and making calls to drug dealers setting up meeting times for later that night when they should have been doing their job on top of it many items were broken and then they demanded an additional $2k because the cost Armondo quoted was fake (A tiny one bedroom studio thats no bigger than a large closet cost $6k!?! Seriously?!). I needed to cancel my move with them after her issue and because I was no longer moving and cant reach Armondo, the customer service people dont return my calls, I even sent a certified/signature required letter so that I could submit to my bank for a refund and charge back to them. These people are scammers. Russel is supposedly the owner but extremely rude and is fully committed to ripping people off. This isnt a review from someone who is just annoyed and wants to get her money back- this review is written to help protect anyone from using this company. I am so far past annoyed that I have obtained Legal Representation to resolve my matter with them. I can not tell you enough how awful and dishonest they are. I am still fighting to get my $1,600 back from them. Any feedback I placed on their facebook page from me was deleted and now they have turned off comments. They also dont allow reviews on their facebook page which is no surprise. They promise good, honest business but are the most dishonest people I have come across, so much so that I called other moving companies and described what was going on they knew exactly who these people were and what they do. The few I called knew most of the staff by name. Apparently well known scammers and they got me and a friend. Dont give these people a cent of your money, you wont see it again and if they do end up contracting your move it will be with some shady company that has one star ratings and doesnt work within the quotes that Mega Van Lines gives you. 100% scammers. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! 100% Scammers and Bait and Switch and then they disappear. Save yourself the grief and go with a real moving company. These people should be in jail for their high level scam

      Move cost: $6000
    • Christian Arce
      1 7 months ago

      This is a SCAM. Do not book with these people. Everyone one of them will lie. Ive dealt with Armando, Eddie, Paul, and 2 others. They will hook you quick then its time to play games. I canceled them and was supposed to have my refund and has not processed yet. They keep passing me around and telling lies.
      DO NOT LET THEM GET YOU. You will regret doing business with this group. I have emails as proof to back up my claims. Do not do anything without proof. They do not do anything they say they will. It is a game to these people. Do not let the 4 star reviews others post fool you. THIS IS A BAD BUSINESS.

      Move cost: $2000
    • Tyler Mineo
      1 7 months ago

      SCAM! Bait and switch scam operation! I hired Mega Van Lines to move me from WV to TN and the move was planned for 6/11 with an arrival of 6/13-6/14. Mega Van Lines gave me a binding estimate of ~$3,600. Under the terms and conditions of the contract, the total cost of my move would not exceed this final binding price. They outsourced my move to PackRite, which I did not find out until the day of my move. The guys arrived 4.5 hours late on 6/11 in a white truck with graffiti on it. They loaded our items and instantly the price doubled! They said the company underestimated the cubic feet of our items, which was an absolute LIE. I had to move immediately so I was left without any alternative at the time. I stressed the importance of my items arriving on 6/13 because I would be starting my new job. The men assured me a delivery date of 6/13 and even wrote "Delivery guaranteed" with the date on my contract. I wrote the company a personal check for $2,000 which they accepted. The driver immediately took a photo of it and sent it to the manager of PackRite named Jen.

      The following day, I text the manager of PackRite, Jen, who responded by saying my delivery was now on 6/15-6/16. I called her and she constantly spoke over me during my attempt to discuss the change in dates. I informed her about the delivery guarantee written on my contract and she asked me to send it to her. I sent her a photo of the receipt and she called me back SCREAMING at me and accused me of writing what her driver had in fact written. She followed by saying, "Your SHIT is going into storage and you're never going to see it again" and hung up. I attempted to call back numerous times, but she denied my calls. Eventually I got through to another person and upon attempting to discuss the delivery he said, "FUCK YOU. You'll get your shit when your check clears" and hung up. I then called Mega Van Lines and spoke with Eddie, who said he would call to find out what was going on and he promised to call me back, but never did.

      For the next 2 days, I called Mega Van Lines and spoke with Eddie on multiple occasions and each time he promised to "get to the bottom of it", but never once returned a phone call. I called and spoke with PackRite who informed me that my items would be delivered by different people and had to be loaded on to another truck first. They provided me with the phone number for my driver named "Pepe", but when I called, he had no idea about my delivery and said he would call me back, but never did. I was given a total of 3 different driver's phone numbers with the same exact result of no information regarding my move. Multiple additional attempts to get answers about my delivery date, location of my items, and driver information was met with no response from Mega Van Lines, Jen, or PackRite.

      On 6/15, I called and was informed my delivery would now arrive 6/17-6/18. At this point, I had my attorney reach out to Jen from PackRite and Eddie from MVL. It was requested that Jen be removed as the contact for the remainder of my move and also that my attorney receive daily updates from Eddie regarding the status of my delivery. Neither PackRite nor Mega Van Lines complied with these agreed upon requests. Finally, on 6/19, I received a phone call from Pepe that my items would arrive by 6 pm. They arrived at 9:41 pm, which was almost 4 hours late and told me my money orders were no good and that my original check was not cashed and I needed to pay them that balance in CASH before they would unload the truck. I called the police at this point and they did their best to resolve this hostage situation of my items. I ended up having to go to an ATM to get cash out to finish paying these jokers and they finally agreed to accept my money orders as long as I also gave them the "customer receipt" portion as well, which is illegal. They finished unloading our stuff around 2 AM and did not assemble anything like it states they would do in the contract. Our furniture was damaged and many of our boxes smashed. This company needs to be put out of business!

      Move cost: $6496
    • Ariana Rehmet
      1 7 months ago

      DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! This is a scam. A total bait and switch operation. They stole over $600 dollars from me. Once they got my deposit, they continued to up the price, two men in a piece of shit rental truck showed up and demanded an additional $1300 to load the truck. When I demanded my deposit back they hung up on me. I know have to involve a lawyer. It's very sad but shitty people exist in the world and will fuck you over at any chance. This company is UNREAL. Do not use them.

      Move cost: $2200
    • Amanda Amen
      1 7 months ago

      I have had an absolutely terrible experience with Mega Van lines so far.
      - My MI --> CA move was subcontracted. The initial subcontractors  packed the truck and alleged that I was using roughly double the space included in my estimate and that I owed $1200 above my already increased quality assurance reviewed quote. After hours on the phone with Eddy I realized on my own that the subcontractors were lying about the size and available space of the truck and submitted photo and video evidence of proof to megavanlines. However, I never received an apology. Instead I had been yelled at and spoken to disrespectfully, had never been asked any questions to help problem solve, and then was even sent an NDA.
      - The newly dispatched subcontractors (American home relocation) arrived 4 days later than initially agreed. (6 days later than my scheduled pickup- May 30)
      - I am a new ER doctor moving across country to start work and was assured by Mega van lines that they would do everything to keep my move on schedule (my delivery date was June 5th).
      - 3 days later (June 1), I received a call from American Home relation that my things were in a warehouse in Chicago and would be there until I paid the additional $800 above my maximum contract amount they demanded while refusing to offer any verification of how I could ever owe such an amount. I obviously objected to this as extortion, but out of sheer desperation paid this ransom in order to get my things moving. However, despite paying, they were not loaded from the warehouse until 12 days later.
      - It has now been 2.5 weeks since my pickup and they refuse to provide me with the current location of my items, a more specific ETA, or the drivers contact info. They even refuse to offer any verification that my belongings are even actually in transit!
      - I have been calling Mega van lines every couple of days for updates and am always told I will be called right back but never am.

      At this point I am in the process of discussing my legal options and am desperate to receive my items. I have started my job without any of my belongings and can only hope my things arrive soon…

      Move cost: $2690
    • Liana Vizcarrondo
      1 8 months ago

      I honestly thought this company was great because of the good reviews, but wow was I wrong!
      From the first call I should have known this was going to be a scam.
      Promising me that my super small studio apartment would be the minimum cost after explaining in detail everything that I wanted to move, which now i’m having to pay almost triple the amount because of added costs they failed to mention that the actual movers (the people Mega Van’s HIRED that they did not disclose when booking them) would require to do their jobs.
      Not only that, customer service- the one they claim to be 24/7 is a lie. They never answer and never have the correct information or actually any information at all.

      The day they were supposed to pick up my stuff we were told they would show up between 8-10am and after trying to call and getting no answers from any phone number! Not from customer service, not from the guy we booked the reservation, not from the dispatcher, no one!
      When we finally got a hold of someone around 11 they said the time is now from 9am-12pm.
      They showed up at 1:45pm!!

      And now looking at the Mover’s inventory- we owe triple the amount we were told by Mega Van Lines. TRIPLE!

      This company is dishonest, not accommodating, they lack communication, and just an overall scam.

      Move cost: $3600
    • Michael Kwiatkowski
      1 8 months ago

      They provided an estimate based on a minimal list of items to move from a small apartment and then tried a bait and switch on moving day. We were promised a pick-up between 9am - 12pm and the truck didn't show until 5:40PM. They looked at the furniture, said it wasn’t that much but immediately demanded an additional $1000 above the original estimate. Prior to moving day, we notified them them of a mirror and TV, paid an additional deposit, and then wanted an additional $50 each on moving day. When the service was Initially booked, we were told the estimate was conservative and the charges would not be more. I refused to be a victim of extortion by such an unscrupulous and dishonest company. They wanted a signature on a cancellation form to relinquish claim for the deposits and we refused to sign and told them to get out. I called customer service for a return of the deposits and was greeted by the rudest, nastiest, detached, uncaring, unmoved person I've ever encountered for any business. Spoke with manager Eddie who is another very poor reflection on the business and just as uncooperative. Eddie says they are just the broker. and hung up on me. Fortunately the deposits were on a credit card and now have been disputed.

      Read the negative reviews on Yelp, Google and BBB. It's a pattern folks. Just say NO! I've contacted the attorney general of Florida to lodge a formal complaint as well as the BBB and the local news channels. This company has contempt for the law and their name should be Mega Scam Lines. You've been warned!

      Move cost: $2600
    • Emily Job
      1 8 months ago

      This company is an absolute nightmare. DO NOT BOOK MEGA VAN LINES. THE FIVE STAR REVIEWS ARE FAKE.
      Firstly, they did not show up during the agreed upon time range. Then we had to talk to 4 different customer service representatives to find out the van broke down because the first 3 did not call me back as they promised. Then when they finally showed up (FIVE DAYS LATE), they added hundreds of dollars to our original estimate upon arrival because we had forgotten to mention TWO STANDING FANS. We were told it would take 7-10 days for our belongings to arrive at our new home. 10 days came and went and it took hours and hours of calls to get a hold of them. That's when they told us a new time. That time came and went, and after several more calls, we were told the range was actually 5-15 days.
      Our belongings were picked up on May 4th. It is now May 30th and we do not know when our things will be arriving. It has been TWENTY SIX DAYS.
      We were lied to, ignored, and disrespected on several occasions. Don't waste your time or money, don't believe all the good reviews, which I'm convinced are probably fake.

      Move cost: $1800
    • Julie Roper
      5 9 months ago

      I have experienced two giant moves before, one across the country and one that was hours away. Having experienced the turmoil and loss of the second move, i wanted to make sure my next move would go smoothly. I wouldn't call myself materialistic but I also care about the condition of my possessions. When I researched this company with my partner, we were sold. Since I was picky and knew how I wanted my items packed and sorted, I just needed someone to move everything from one location in town to the other. Chuck and Christian arrived on time, were polite and professional. I felt safe knowing everything would work as the processional line of my belongings exited the old apartment. Despite no elevator for them on the unload, they managed to unload the truck in record timing and everything was as I had packed it. It was as if I had just sealed them into the box and was reopening them again. I highly recommend this company if you need a great price and good strapping men to get the job done for you in a timely fashion. Rest assured, you're in good hands! (Sorry this review was so late, life got crazy the day of the move and forward. I always intended to write this review and finally got the chance!)

      Move cost: $5248
    • Thomas Jones
      5 12 months ago

      When I first called in I knew that I found my moving company. I had all my questions answered by the gentleman on the phone. We then went through my entire home naming off each piece of furniture I was going to have moved. I have a big home but we got through this quickly. I was amazed to hear the estimate I got, considering it was close to 800 dollars less than 3 other people I spoke with. When the move date came the company arrived when they said they would, and really took care of my possessions. They really took the same care taking everything off of the truck as they did when they put it on. This was an amazing experience and happy I had nothing to worry about considering how stressful all other parts of the move were. Would recommend to ANYONE !

      Move cost: $4200
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