Rich in history and hard at work, Mississippi is truly the essence of the South. A fertile land with magnolia flowers and warm summer breezes, this state is truly an exceptional place to live in. And even though the state is not yet urbanized like the other states and is still made up of small towns, you will never find hospitality and a warm welcome lacking. Proud residents of Mississippi are always happy to welcome newcomers to their beautiful state. And with our country-wide moving reviews, you will have just the right cross country moving companies Mississippi to help settle you in. Our database also has long distance moving companies Mississippi, so wherever you’re moving to, feel free to visit Verified Movers since we’ll be here to assist you whenever you need us!

The bigger the distance between your current and your future location, the greater the challenges of the relocation process will be. At the very least, you have to make sure your belongings will be ready to withstand the upcoming road. And, if that was not complicated and time-consuming enough, you will also have to sort all the documents, job situation, and utilities and fit all of it into your daily schedule.  While some of these tasks only you can address, when it comes to the move itself, know that cross country moving companies Mississippi can step in and help. With professional assistance in taking care of your move in the best possible way, you will be able to devote your attention to other things. And, with Verified Movers at your side, you will be able to reach some of the finest professionals in the industry quickly. Visit our website today!

A bridge in Mississippi with the USA flag on it.

Leaving the Magnolia State on a high note is more likely when cross country moving companies Mississippi are taking care of your goods.

Right away, let’s see how much moving out of Mississippi costs

Well, as with every other professional service, relocations assisted by experts in the field will cost, and you’re surely aware of that. However, what most people aren’t sure of, is how much exactly is going to cost. Coming up with the exact price is a complex process of calculations because many things need to be factored in before giving a final number. That’s why we invite you to use our free moving quote and share some details with us. That way, you’ll get the price closest to the one you’ll eventually have to pay. Now, until we find out those details, we’ll give you a few examples, and they will be based on average price ranges.

  1. Moving from Mississippi to Alabama; $1,900 – $3,500
  2. Moving from Mississippi to Louisiana; $1,900 – $3,500
  3. Moving from Mississippi to Texas; $2,200 – $4,000
  4. Moving from Mississippi to New York; $2,900 – $4,800
  5. Moving from Mississippi to California; $3,500 – $5,600

A thorough background check on interstate movers in Mississippi paves the way to a good choice

One big issue that easily goes unnoticed by people who have no experience with moving, is that not every company is legit. You simply can’t rely on everyone, because you’d be at severe risk of doing business with fraudulent movers. We want to help you avoid these unpleasantries. The way to do so is by giving you all the info you need on how to recognize these companies. Don’t worry, it’s really not that hard. Fraudulent movers are mostly taking advantage of people who are signing up with the first company they see, not bothering with any research. We’re here to make sure that this won’t be the case with you.

A woman researching cross country moving companies Mississippi on her phone with her boyfriend sitting in the background.

A bit of research on cross country movers in Mississippi will benefit you a lot in the long run.

Make sure that interstate moving companies Mississippi you’re considering are licensed and insured

The first and utmost thing you need to pay attention to is if the moving team you’re considering is licensed or not. You’d be surprised how many unlicensed movers are in the business. People who hire them really can’t know what they’re going to get. It’s a big risk, to say the least, so make sure to avoid going down this road. Check if your cross country movers Mississippi are licensed by heading out to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Each carrier is required to obtain a permit from the US Department of Transportation where they get a USDOT number. Once you get that number from them, use it to do a bit of research at FMCSA.

Analyze the cross country moving companies Mississippi reviews and decide which company you can rely on

An essential part of every background check is reading about the experiences of other folks. By doing that, you will get a full picture of what to expect from cross country movers Mississippi in question. What you need though, in order to save some time and not jump from website to website, is a platform where you can find all these testimonials in one place. That is exactly what Verified Movers reviews bring to the table. A platform that is easy to navigate with the reviews that went through a check to assess their legitimacy. Feel free to browse through cross country moving companies Mississippi reviews on our website for as long as you want, which will, in the end, lead to making the best possible choice.

A man taking a look at cross country moving companies Mississippi reviews on his laptop while sitting outside.

Don’t forget to check out cross country moving companies Mississippi reviews.

Communication is also very important

Ultimately, the communication that cross country movers in Mississippi establish with you can speak a lot of their legitimacy. For example, fraudulent movers are likely to push you into signing a contract without giving you all the info you want to hear. Sometimes, you can also encounter a legitimate company that simply doesn’t have great customer support and their employees are rude in general. Even if they are legitimate, you don’t need such people by your side during the relocations. So, choose interstate movers Mississippi you feel comfortable with, who are there to answer all your questions and are polite to you. This way, your relocation can become a much better experience.

For all the moving tasks you’re struggling to deal with, there will be a company that offers a service to deal with that

Now that we’ve seen how to identify true moving professionals, it’s time to proceed with your search for a perfect moving team. Because not every pleasant and polite team that is licensed and has good reviews is the right choice for you. That’s normal. Some companies are offering certain things that others aren’t and vice versa. That’s why it’s very important to really understand what is it that you’re looking for before hiring anyone. Cross country moving companies in Mississippi can provide you with a plethora of services, and rest assured that at Verified Movers, you’ll find a team that fits all your needs and wishes. Now, we’ll mention a few services that are usually on offer, and maybe it will help you understand which things you need assistance with.

  • Residential moving – A basic service and the one that’s most frequently asked for. Residential movers are helping people relocate their households, whether it’s locally, over long distances, across the country, or beyond the country’s borders.
  • Commercial moving – Office moves are pretty common in the USA, and Mississippi is no exception. Commercial movers are there to help you relocate your business in a safe and timely fashion.
  • Storage services – Bringing all your things at once on a cross country move is not always the best idea, especially if your household is huge. With various storage options that interstate moving companies in Mississippi are providing, you can store some items that you don’t need right away in a safe facility over a longer period of time.
  • Packing services – With all the tasks happening during the moving process, it’s sometimes hard to find time to deal with probably the most difficult one of all – packing. However, with packing specialists from cross country moving companies Mississippi, you can forget about this task completely and let the experts take care of it,

Specialized moving services are also commonly asked for

Needless to say, the services we mentioned in the previous section were just the beginning. Moving services are so extensive that you can ask for furniture moving, help with relocations of college students and seniors, junk removal services, etc. And now, perhaps the most fascinating part of all, cross country movers Mississippi can even deal with certain items that are especially difficult to transport from one place to another. They’re doing so through specialized moving services that movers are trained and qualified to complete. Here are some of them:

  • Piano moving
  • Auto moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Antiques moving
  • Fine art moving

When picking the moving date, beware of the weather

When moving from Mississippi, prepare yourself for the kind of weather you can expect at that time of the year, both in the Magnolia State and in your destination. Summers in Mississippi are long and hot, winters are short and mild.  But, maybe the most unpleasant thing about Mississippi’s weather is that it also includes regular hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. Since it’s located in a humid subtropical zone, rainfall followed by storms is fairly common, which you’re already familiar with since you’re a Mississippian.

Drops of rain falling on the ground

Avoid moving during the time of the year when there’s the most rainfall in Mississippi.

This is why spring is probably the ideal period to move from the Magnolia State, provided that the weather is nice that time of the year in the state you chose to call your new home as well. To make things even better, you might save some money if you decide on a spring move. This is because the cost of moving with interstate moving companies Mississippi is the largest during summer. And, summer brings higher costs due to most of the relocations happening during that period and movers being very busy. On the other side, winter moves, a few weeks after the Christmas period, are the cheapest, but the weather may not treat you nicely in that part of the year.

Verified Movers will be a useful companion in your interstate journey

Once you join forces with Verified Movers, your relocation experience is going to improve drastically. While we won’t move you ourselves, we will give you all the possible information you need on cross country moving companies in Mississippi. So, you can decide which one of these companies is worthy of your trust and will ensure the safety of your belongings. We have a wide selection of movers in our database, more than 21,000 of them to be exact. And, the best thing is, we’re not just listing these companies by their names. We have their profiles available for you to read, and most importantly, the reviews which we spoke of earlier.

It’s clear that all the info you need during the process of hiring interstate movers in Mississippi is right here, on our website. In the end, knowing that people struggle to find a way to deal with certain moving tasks, not specifically related to companies, we have decided to help out via our blog. We’ve covered every moving topic in detail, and you’ll easily find what you need to know in a matter of seconds.

Three friends laughing in a room.

Verified Movers is here to help you make your moving process straightforward.

A few tips for your professionally-assisted move

There’s nothing like a good plan and some research to make your move to Mississippi a true sip of southern pleasure. Since we have been in the moving industry for a while, we truly got familiar with all its ins and outs. Now, we want go into too much details here, because this whole article is devoted to helping you move with professionals, and truth be told, it revolves around various tips. But, just in case, we prepared three pieces of advice that might come in very handy during the relocation process. So, keep this in mind before and after your move from the Magnolia State if you plan to hire interstate moving companies Mississippi:

  • Stick to cross country moving companies Mississippi that have been pre-screened, licensed and bonded, along with premium moving services.
  • Reputable moving companies will give you a free quote for your move. So, it’s important to call at least three to negotiate the best price.
  • Moving rates tend to be higher during summer, so keep this in mind if you want to save a few bucks.

How to get precise moving quotes?

Moving your business or even your household cross country can be expensive. And that is why you need to come prepared. Good organization is something that can help you handle your move with ease. Reputable country moving companies Mississippi can help you do that as well, but calculating your finances in advance is a step you must take before everything else. Here is what you can do:

  • Get your moving quote over the phone
  • Get your moving quote online
  • Get your moving quote in-person

But, which option is the best one? Here is an explanation that will help you make the right call:

Getting your moving estimate over the phone

Once you start comparing moving companies, you can compare the quotes they provide you with as well. And one of many options to get your moving quote is over the phone. Give your country moving companies Mississippi a call and ask for it. All you have to do is to list all belongings that you wish to move and the moving professional of your choice will calculate your moving estimate for you. However, this process can take longer than it seems at first. And above all else – an over-the-phone moving estimate will be as precise as the info you provide your mover with.

Getting your moving estimate online

This may be the best way to get your moving quote nowadays. All you have to do is to pick one of many country moving companies Mississippi has to offer, visit their website and find their moving quote page. On that page, you’ll be offered a moving quote calculator that you can use to determine your moving expenses. Even better – in most cases, you will be provided with a list of items that people usually move, so the chances of you forgetting some details will drop drastically.

Getting your moving estimate in-person

Not every interstate moving company in Mississippi has this option on its website. And that is where in-person moving estimates come in handy. You can ask country moving companies Mississippi to come to your home or business facility and provide you with a precise and detailed moving estimate on-site.

A mover from cross country moving companies Mississippi smiling while taking a break.

Some interstate movers Mississippi can give you an on-site quote.

Cross country moving companies by cities in Mississippi


What is white glove moving?

White glove moving is pretty much a moving service of all services. It’s a premium experience that revolves around a full service move, where you get assistance from interstate moving companies Mississippi with anything you need. They’ll even make a customized moving plan for you.

How can I file a complaint in case of a bad outcome?

If the movers you relocated with haven’t lived up to your expectations, or you suspect that they have scammed you, contact one of these three agencies up to 6 months after the relocation is over:

  1. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  2. American Trucking Associations (ATA)
  3. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

How long will my move last?

If you’re moving to another state with cross country moving companies Mississippi, the duration of your move will depend on the distance to your destination. Usually, these types of relocations last between 2 and 3 weeks, but it really could be a few days more than that, or even less.

Can I request moving insurance?

You are entitled to moving insurance. Not just that, but interstate moving companies in Mississippi, at least the reputable ones, will offer you several options so you can pick whichever one you like the most.

Do I get a notification before the arrival of interstate movers in Mississippi?

All true moving professionals in the Magnolia State will let you know on time that they’re coming, and it’s usually 24 hours in advance.

Mississippi has been on the wrong side of moving trends for years

If you’ve come to a decision to leave Mississippi, know that many of your fellow Mississippians feel the same way. And this is nothing new. Moving trends in Magnolia State have been negative for a while, and considering the lack of opportunities here, at least compared to some of its neighbors and nearby states, there probably won’t be any changes in the near future. Last year, Mississippi recorded 48% inbound moves compared to 52% outbounds relocations. That alone is not too bad, but these results are repeating year after year, and Mississippi is slowly but steadily losing residents. As we mentioned, the lack of opportunities is the main reason people are leaving Magnolia State. First and foremost, job opportunities, or better said, jobs that pay better. Then, of course, young people are also motivated by educational and entertainment opportunities. Let’s see where are Mississippians moving to.

A capitol building in Mississippi

The Magnolia State isn’t an appealing destination to movers from other states at the moment.

In 2021, the majority of former Mississippians relocated to Tennessee, Texas, and Georgia

These three states were the most popular destinations for Mississippians in 2021, but it’s almost the same case for any other year. Moving from Mississippi to Tennessee was the most frequent route here, with 12,000 relocations. That is easily the most popular choice, considering a much lower number of relocations to other states. Mississippians are moving to Tennessee because it has a similar cost of living, but with better job opportunities. Now speaking of routes between the cities, with over 500 moves last year, Jackson to Memphis was the most popular choice, followed by Jackson to Nashville, and Gulfport to Nashville with 300 relocations on each of these routes.

Now, as with most other states in terms of outbound moves, we have Texas at one of the top places. The number of people that relocate to Texas from all over the USA is easily in six figures. So, moving from Mississippi to Texas, when you add the proximity of these states, really makes sense. Texas is the promise land nowadays, with the job and educational opportunities all over the place. And, it’s especially appealing to Mississippians (almost 7,000 of them relocated to the Lone Star State last year) because it’s fairly affordable with a very low tax burden. As far as the frequent moving routes go, the most popular is from Jackson to Dallas with 600 relocations in 2021, followed by moving from Jackson to Houston with 500 moves. However, Houston is more popular than Dallas among the residents of the Gulfport-Biloxi metro area.

The third most common choice for Mississippians on the move is Georgia. Interestingly, the motivation for this move remains the same as in the two examples above. Better opportunities combined with a similar, or better said, slightly higher cost of living, are the main reasons why around 5,000 people decided to move from Mississippi to Georgia. Needless to say, Atlanta was the most moved-in city. Out of the total of 5,000 moves, moving from Jackson to Atlanta was done by slightly more than 500 people, which is the only route that really stands out.

What makes people move to Mississippi?

Southern hospitality runs deep in Mississippi, and its people are genuinely helpful, polite, and generous. Even those who are not natives, and are just migrating in with the help of country-wide moving companies Mississippi, have an innate sense of community. However, one thing that stands out the most is the cost of living, and here’s why.  The cost of living in Mississippi is much lower than the national average by at least 15% and has remained relatively stable over recent years. However, keep in mind that the average salary tends to be lower here as well. Although, this won’t be a big issue since the cost of living and your income would be well-synced.

A person counting money.

Mississippi has the lowest cost of living out of all states, which is its trump card when it comes to attracting new residents.

When looking for jobs in Mississippi, it may be helpful to know that Jackson has one of the highest yearly salary averages in the state, while Meridian has one of the lowest. Mississippi has the lowest per capita personal income of any state. However, Mississippi is not just one of the most affordable states, it has the nation’s lowest living costs. And despite the low-income rates, Mississippians consistently rank as one of the highest per capita in charitable contributions.

Most people that Mississippi welcomes are from Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida

While the Magnolia State loses residents, we shouldn’t discount all those who are moving into it despite this. Relocations from Louisiana to Mississippi are the most numerous ones here (9,000 moves in 2021). New Orleans sends most people to MS out of all Louisiana’s cities, especially to Jackson where 500 people Louisianians relocated last year. The second most common relocation was moving from Tennessee to Mississippi, with just a few hundred moves less than from Louisiana. The route that stands out so much compared to the others is from Memphis to Jackson. Almost 1,000 relocations happened, so it’s not difficult to conclude that Memphians really love Jackson.

A woman driving a car

The moving route between Tennessee and Mississippi is the most common one that involves the Magnolia State.

In the end, we have relocations from Florida to Mississippi, which is a bit surprising. We know that some Floridians are running away from the swift-rising costs of living there, but to see this state as the third main provider of residents for Mississippi is not something one could expect. Nevertheless, 4,000 Floridians opted for Mississippi last year, mostly due to much lower living costs. The majority of these people moved from Miami, and to be fair, Miami to Jackson is the most common route. However, with only slightly over 100 relocations it’s obvious that there is no clear favorite route between these states. Simply, a lot of cities are involved in this interstate move from FL to MS.

Why is it smarter to choose a professional move over a DIY move?

Now, we haven’t mentioned DIY moves in this article that much, so we wanted at least to give you some insight into what they’re like. We focused on professionally-assisted moves for a reason. They are, simply, much better options. But, we are well aware that many people are moving without any help. We provide some assistance in this scenario too. On our blog, we shared DIY moving tips, showing you the common DIY moving mistakes, etc. And, feel free to check it out if you’re looking to relocate without any professional assistance. However, we would certainly advise you to rethink, considering how difficult DIY moves are.

A couple talking with each other in the middle of packing.

Hardly anyone is aware of how much work needs to be put in to successfully complete a DIY move.

They are very complex, difficult to organize, and even more difficult to make. In some cases, you could do it without too much stress and hard work, but this mostly goes for local moves that are happening within one metro area. When it comes to leaving Mississippi and moving to another state, it’s a whole different thing. Even the cost of a professional move across the state won’t be too much bigger than the cost of a DIY. Not to mention all the benefits you get from hiring an experienced interstate moving companies Mississippi such as the safety of your items, smoother transition, and much, much less work.

What to expect from an office move across the country?

In theory, office moves are very challenging. However, you have nothing to worry about. We witnessed tens of thousands of businesses relocated across the USA on a yearly basis lately. This is mainly because moving professionals, including reputable cross country moving companies in Mississippi, have made this so much easier. If there weren’t for professional movers, commercial relocations would be a completely different story. And also, you have so much to take care of anyway, so it’s logical to leave the exhausting moving tasks to the experts. You just focus on dealing with the necessary paperwork, for example, business licenses. Keep in mind that every state regulates businesses differently. So, while you have the Business Services Division in Mississippi, there will be another agency you need to reach out to in the state you’re moving to. The success of any relocation lies in those tiny details.

Verified Movers are happy to help you find interstate movers in Mississippi

Cross country relocations can be hectic, tiresome, and onerous. Still, the one secure way of ensuring this process is more of a smooth ride is by turning to professionals. In order to find the ideal one for your particular case in a sea of choices, it would be smart to turn to Verified Movers. Our platform allows for simple and straightforward searches, providing you with all the information you may need for a sound decision. Head out to our website and find the team that can answer all your moving needs and wishes in a few clicks!

Facts About Mississippi

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Jackson, Hattiesburg, Tupelo, Biloxi


Tate Reeves

US Senators

Roger Wicker, Cindy Hyde-Smith

State Website

State Moto

Virtute et Armis

State Nickname

The Magnolia State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

807 ft

Lowest Elevation

Sea level

Time Zone



03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Eastside Elementary School, Della Davidson Elementary School, Jackson Academy, Petal Elementary School

Top 5 Middle Schools

St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Petal Middle School, Petal Upper Elementary School, Jackson Preparatory, Jackson Academy

Top 5 High Schools

St. Andrew's Episcopal School, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, Jackson Academy, Jackson Preparatory School, St. Patrick Catholic High School

Top 5 Colleges

Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson State University

04. Rates

Crime Rate

20.41 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate