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Moving is usually pretty hard. Especially if you’re planning to move far away. Luckily for you, though, moving from Tennessee to Mississippi isn’t as hard or as demanding as moving a much longer distance would be. Plus, since they’re neighboring states, Tennessee and Mississippi are also pretty similar in various domains. Still, there are some differences between the two. However, they’re not as drastic as they’d be if you were to move from California to Arizona, for example. But even though the states are quite similar, you should still learn at least the very basics about Mississippi before the relocation. Knowing enough about the state you’re moving to will help you get ready and even adapt to the change much easier. So without further ado, here’s what we think you should know about Mississippi before leaving Tennessee for good.

You won’t have to worry about having a cultural shock when moving from Tennessee to Mississippi

Let’s get this out of the way before we delve deeper into differences – Tennessee and Mississippi are pretty much the same thing when it comes to culture. That’s why there also isn’t much difference between interstate moving companies Tennessee and Mississippi have to offer. That means that you can choose either and your southern heart will be happy with the choice either way. Other than that, you should expect the same warmth and friendliness from the Mississippi residents as you had previously received from Tennesseeans. Everything after moving to Mississippi from Tennessee will still feel very familiar. Because of that, you’ll likely adapt to the change rather quickly.  Of course, it’ll take some time for Mississippi to become your true home, but rest assured that it will be a lot easier than if you were leaving the south and moving to another part of the country.

A group of elderly people having dinner.

Tennessee and Mississippi are very similar culturally. That means that in Mississippi you’ll still be among like-minded people!

The move also won’t be that exhausting

Local moving is obviously the easiest. But moving the next state over is the next best thing. That combined with amazing interstate moving companies Mississippi and Tennessee both have to offer, means that your move won’t have to be all that bad after all. You should definitely prepare well, but you should also relax knowing that moving to a neighboring state with experts by your side won’t be that hard. Just prepare well and stay positive, and your move from Tennessee to Mississippi will be super quick, smooth, and enjoyable!

Recognizable weather, just slightly different

The state of Mississippi is quite similar to Tennessee when it comes to weather as well. Fortunately for you, both states have quite mild and pleasant weather. That means no overly scalding hot summers and no freezing winters. In the summer, both Tennessee and Mississippi sit around 90F. There are, however, some differences when it comes to winter temperatures. Mississippi is slightly warmer with temperatures never dropping below 42F. Plus, there’s barely any snow in Mississippi. While Tennessee, on the other hand, can get pretty snowy during the winter months. Mississippi is also rainier than Tennessee. That being said, it seems like you won’t have much adapting to do. Aside from carrying a collapsible umbrella with you a bit more often, relocating to Mississippi from Tennessee won’t be much of a change weather-wise.

A group of young people having fun.

Both Tennessee and Mississippi have wonderful weather that’s nice all year round!

After moving to Mississippi from Tennesse expect your costs of living to dip a bit

Here, at Verified Movers, we’ve helped many a client find suitable movers. But because we help so many people each day, we know how big of a role money plays when it comes to moving. A poorly executed relocation can run you dry. Especially if you choose to move someplace that’s out of your budget. But after relocating to Mississippi from Tennesse, that’s one problem you certainly won’t have. That is, of course, if your income is staying the same.

Mississippi is on average a slightly cheaper than Tennessee. For example, groceries, utilities, and healthcare are around 6-8% more affordable in Mississippi than they are in Tennessee. That said, there’s one huge difference between the two states when it comes to pricing. Housing is roughly 90% cheaper in Mississippi than it is in Tennessee! That’s absolutely amazing for all those relocating to Mississippi. Especially for those looking to buy a house or an apartment. Obviously, there are some differences depending on the city you’re moving to. However, overall, Mississippi is slightly cheaper out of the two.

Mississippi’s population is significantly smaller than that of Tennessee

One huge difference between these two states is that Tennessee’s population is almost three times that of Mississippi. While the size of the state is a bit smaller. That means that Mississippi is nowhere near as densely populated as Tennessee. Because of that, the state has a bit of a more laid-back vibe. Plus, since there are fewer people, some communities within the state of Mississippi are even tighter than those in Tennessee. For that reason, you might have to get used to Mississippi in that sense, especially if you’re coming from a larger Tennessee city like Nashville.

A landscape of Mississippi.

Mississippi is much less densely populated!

Moving to Mississippi from Tennessee could be a pretty simple venture

Some might say that moving is always hard. And that is true to an extent. However, moving from Tennessee to Mississippi doesn’t have to be that hard at all, given the states’ proximity and similarity. These particular circumstances make it so that your move can be very simple and enjoyable. Just make sure to learn about slight differences, prepare well, hire expert help, and there’s no doubt your move could be a positive experience. Just because you’re moving to another state, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a laborious and tiresome endeavor that will drain both you and your bank account. Play it smart, and your move to Mississippi will be a cakewalk.