Written by: Isaac Grant

When moving there’s always so much to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to a city right next to where you live right now or to a whole different state, hundreds of miles away. The fact remains – There’s simply too much to do for you to be able to move comfortably all by yourself. Simply put, hiring movers through Verified Movers is the best thing you can do for yourself right now if you’re planning a move. But, things are not quite as simple as that. You can’t just call us up and tell us you need a couple of movers. We wish it was that easy! Instead, you first have to think about what services you’ll be hiring movers for. And only then can we help you find movers that would be a good fit for you in other ways as well. Of course, one of the most compelling options by far is full service move. Doesn’t that sound great? Movers doing everything while you’re having a cup of coffee and overlooking the moving process. But what exactly does “full service” mean? Let’s talk about that.

A full service move includes help with planning

This part is often overlooked. But, you should know that movers who offer full-service will also help you with planning. And even though you’d likely first think of something like packing if someone was to mention movers, you should know that consulting and planning is just as much of a movers’ job as packing and unpacking. And, of course, that is included in the price of full service moving. You might not find this bit particularly important at first. But trust us, when push comes to shove, you’ll be happy that you have your movers right there helping you and offering you advice throughout the whole ordeal.

A woman talking on the phone.
Help with planning is something you can also expect.

Help with disassembly and packing is pretty much the core of it

Now we finally get to serious, physical work. There’s no way you’d be able to do any of this better and faster than one of the top movers in Minneapolis or some other state. The first step of moving is actually readying your home for the move. Well, of course, after hiring movers, that is. Furniture disassembly and packing are perhaps the most demanding tasks when it comes to moving. That’s why movers make sure to make those particular tasks the center of their service. Naturally, that then means that both are included in the price of full-service moving. Plus, your movers will provide all of the materials necessary for the job! Moving boxes and bubble wrap are definitely not something you’ll have to worry about if you decide to go with full-service.

Full service moving is not it without pickup and dropoff

Another perhaps just as demanding task is loading and unloading the boxes and the furniture. But this one, even though not as time-intensive, is just as hard. First of all, it requires a vehicle big enough to store all of the boxes and furniture. And secondly, it requires strength, stamina, coordination, and teamwork to actually carry all the stuff to and from the moving van or moving truck. That’s why hiring one of the top movers in Las Vegas is the best option. Especially if you don’t have prior moving experience and there isn’t anyone who’d be willing to help. That said, you’d probably be happy to know that this, too, is included in the price of full service moving. So far it seems that if you choose full service, you won’t really have to do that much at all! Moving without actually… Well… “Moving”? What a dream!

A movers carrying a sofa.
Your movers will take care of all the loading and unloading.

Transportation is also included

Another core part of moving is the actual transportation. And while you can just grab your bag and plant your behind in a bus or plane seat, your belongings aren’t as self-reliant, to say the least. Someone has to transport them from one location to another. And unless you’re willing to drive them by yourself, top movers in Orlando are your best bet. Plus, you can rely on them to deliver your belongings safely. And we’d argue that that’s just as important as actually delivering them. So basically, if you hire full service movers, you won’t have to do much even on the actual moving day. As we said, all you’ll have to do is grab your essentials and leave the rest to your movers!

You can count on full service movers to also unpack you and dispose of all the garbage

Sadly moving doesn’t end once you reach your destination. There’s a lot more to do even after the actual move. Actually, you could argue that post-moving tasks are in a way just as demanding as pre-moving tasks. That’s why full service moving includes them too! And while movers can’t really organize and categorize your bathroom towels, they can unpack your boxes and furniture for you. And on top of that, just like they provided packing materials, they’ll also dispose of them. That means that you’ll be able to take a breather after the move while your movers start setting up your new place for you. Totally worth the full-service cost if you ask us.

Used packing supplies.
If you decide to go with a full service move, your movers will even dispose of the used packing supplies for you.

If you can afford it and you need it, a full service move is the only way to go!

We should perhaps mention that not everyone requires a full service move. But, those that do can certainly benefit from it. Someone moving from a studio to a studio within the same city might actually be able to pull the whole thing off with a bit of help from friends and family. On the other hand, though, someone moving a family house two states away could definitely use the help full service movers can provide. And if you’re one of those people it would be best to find reliable movers right away. Obviously, there are numerous benefits to going with full service. So if any part of you is considering it, you should go with your instinct and make moving easier and simpler for yourself.