No matter where you come from, be aware that you are moving to a completely different state from what you are used to. Moving to Utah can be very hectic, stressful and onerous. That’s why Verified Movers decided to compile a list of cross country moving companies Utah to help you with a move in Utah. Whether you want to move to Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, or anywhere else, it’s important to get the best interstate moving assistance with a big move in the Beehive State. Also, if you happen to need a move between some of these cities, it would be better to do it with long distance moving companies Utah by your side. Verified Movers can introduce you to both intrastate and interstate moving companies in the Beehive State, so check out our platform!

You have probably heard of the reputation cross country relocations tend to have. The fact that they can be arduous, time-consuming, and energy-draining is no news. However, one can avoid having such an experience, and without much trouble. All you would have to do is get in touch with some of the best cross country moving companies Utah has to offer. And, with Verified Movers’ assistance, you will be able to reach some of the finest movers the industry has to offer. Our platform will provide you with all the important information you need for a smooth and simple move.

Contact Verified Movers today, and we’ll make your dream relocation a reality

If you are planning a move, be prepared to set aside a lot of time and energy for it to be successful. Every type of relocation requires lots of preparation from your side. Cross country, or interstate relocations, fall under the largest category of relocations, so, it’s only logical to think that they are the most complicated to do. However, everything doesn’t need to look so grim! With Verified Movers at your side, no move is impossible. Visit our website to access our database. There, after sharing a bit of information about the move, we will give you a list of many cross country moving companies Utah to choose from. Finding reliable interstate moving companies in Utah has never been easier.

A mover from one of the cross country moving companies Utah has to offer leaning on a van

With Verified Movers at your side, finding cross country moving companies Utah has never been easier

While we take great pride in our extensive databases, which contain more than 20,000 movers, there are a lot of other reasons why you should stick with Verified Movers. First and foremost, whatever you might need, we will be there for you. We will help you during the planning of the move as well as during its final phases. For any questions you might have, feel free to contact us or browse through our frequently asked questions. We will do whatever it takes to guarantee you a smooth and pleasant move.

How to plan your cross country relocation to or from Utah

In order to make your interstate move a success, you need to invest a lot of time in planning. Preparing for a move on a such big scale is impossible to do overnight. Furthermore, we recommend that you start planning at least a couple of months prior to your move. Optimally, you should start preparing for the move four to six months prior. The best way to start dealing with the move is to make a moving checklist.  There are many tasks related to relocation that you must do, but we can help you with one of them. Instead of wasting precious time and energy in finding the best cross country moving companies in Utah, we can do that for you. We have already mentioned our extensive database, so why not give it a go? With our help, you’ll have the best interstate movers Utah by your side.

a notebook with a numbered list

The best way to start planning for a move is to make a checklist

But first, what’s the right type of relocation for you?

When it comes to planning your move to or from Utah, it’s important that you realize what type of relocation is the right choice for you. There are two types of moves: intrastate and interstate. If you are moving to a place that is no farther than 100 miles, while staying inside one state, that is called an intrastate move. On the other hand, if you are covering more miles during your relocation, and what’s more important, if you’re crossing a state border, you will be an interstate move. If you plan on doing the latter, contact Verified Movers and find the perfect interstate moving companies Utah has to offer.

The financial side of cross country moving

Calculating the moving costs of any move is hard. You can never know the exact number, but there are ways to make a rough estimate. Pay attention to major factors that play a big role in relocations, such as:

  • Hiring professional moving help – Hiring interstate moving companies Utah to help you move is one of the biggest contributors to the overall moving cost. However, having professional moving help will go a long way. We will later discuss the pros and cons of hiring moving companies to help you on your cross country move.
  • Household size – It doesn’t simpler than this: The more you have to move, the more you will have to pay. To decrease the overall moving cost, consider decluttering your home and getting rid of unneeded items. Otherwise, these items will only drive up the cost.
  • Date of your relocation – Surprisingly, the date of your move can play a role in your moving costs. Firstly, it’s good practice to schedule the move-out date as soon as possible. However, moving during some seasons can make the cost cheaper or more expensive. Relocating during summer and late spring will be pricier. However, moving to Utah during the winter months, especially January, can be troublesome. Due to Utah’s elevation and latitude, heavy snowfall is expected during the winter months. If we’re talking about Utah, the best time to move to or from it is during fall or early spring. The day of the week also matters! Moving during the weekends, when there’s a higher demand, is more expensive than doing it on weekdays.
a piggy bank

Choosing the right date for your move can save you some money

The moving insurance can increase the cost as well

After choosing the movers and scheduling a date, the interstate movers in Utah will approach you with moving insurance. Usually, there are different types of moving insurance, each varying in cost. When planning for the move, study through each of these, so you can choose the perfect insurance for your relocation. Different insurance covers different scenarios, but the more expensive ones will offer more safety during your move.

Hiring professionals or doing a DIY? Here are some pros and cons of both

When calculating the moving costs, some decide to go the DIY route, thinking that they will save up some money. However, while the Do-It-Yourself move might seem appealing, there are some major drawbacks to it. Sure, you might end up saving some money, but you will be in charge of everything. And we mean everything: packing boxes, carrying them, loading them, driving the moving van, and so on. And since you are doing an interstate move, things will get only more complicated. You will need to hire a moving van and acquire a moving permit, which can be costly. And no to mention the potential injuries that can happen while you’re carrying heavy items.

A mover from one of the cross country moving companies Utah signing a package

Hiring cross country moving companies Utah has many advantages

Hiring cross country movers Utah will definitely be more expensive than doing a DIY move, but the advantages are numerous. First, the cross country movers in Utah will handle all the packing and carrying of the boxes. They have years of experience and a large supply of packing material. They know how to pack the boxes adequately, minimizing the risk of item damage during transit. Also, the movers will handle large items, like furniture and electronic devices. You won’t have to put your health at risk. And since the movers are handling your items, you can dedicate more time to other tasks of the relocation. If unforeseen problems arise, the experienced movers will deal with them better than you ever could.

How to choose the right cross country moving companies Utah

If you’ve decided to take our advice and visit our database, you might come across another problem. We might offer you a large list of many good cross country moving companies in Utah, and choosing the right one from the list might seem impossible. The best way to find the right interstate moving companies in Utah is to compare them. Look for the services the cross country movers in Utah provide. Also, contact them and ask for a free moving estimate. This will not only help you narrow the choice of potential movers, but it can also help you make a moving budget. If you compare the cross country movers Utah thoroughly, you might even end up saving some cash.

A man looking at a computer, searching for cross country moving companies Utah offers

The best way to find the right interstate moving companies in Utah is to compare them

What services can you expect from cross country movers Utah

There are many things that can go wrong during your move. If you forget one of them or don’t know how to solve the new problem, things can spiral out of control. This can lead to unexpected delays and moving costs. That is why the biggest advantage of hiring professional cross country moving companies Utah is the element of safety. During your move, you can rest assured that all the problems are being dealt with as soon as they come up. Even though Salt Lake City has pretty much tame roads and traffic, don’t risk getting stuck in jams and wasting much of your precious time. Also, if you choose to hire interstate moving companies Utah, the snow or other harsh weather conditions won’t be a problem. The movers are more than well-equipped to work in such conditions.

Some of the services you might need that cross country moving companies in Utah offer

Don’t hesitate to ask for specialty item care services

Art and culture are the heart of Salt Lake City, so it’s no wonder that a lot of Utahans choose to enrich their households with valuable art pieces. If you too enjoy the rich art scene in Salt Lake City, chances are that you have one or two items around that require extra care to move. Inadequately boxing and packing these items can ruin them. So, in order to keep your art piece intact and pristine, don’t hesitate to ask your chosen interstate movers Utah for specialty care item services. The movers we recommend are all experienced, and they will gently relocate these items for you. They will come with the necessary packing material, ensuring the highest safety of your valuables.

Apart from moving gentle and frail art collections and pieces, you can ask your interstate movers Utah for piano and pool table moving. While these items might seem sturdy and tough compared to art pieces, they can still easily get nicked and damaged. And, not only do these small damages ruin the look of these masterpieces, they can be very costly to fix. So, don’t put yourself and your valuables at risk, hire cross country movers in Utah and they will move these awkward and heavy items easily.

Cars are another possessions that some consider art, and some not. However, one thing is sure, and that is that moving cars is troublesome. Instead of submitting your automobile to harsh and snowy Utah roads, contact Verified Movers, and we will help you find interstate movers who offer auto moving services. The professional movers we recommend will transfer your car without it ever touching the wheels.

Some other tips that might make your move planning easier

  1. Contact your cross country moving companies Utah and schedule a move-out date. Having a set date will help you create a time window in which to act, and it will make preparing for the relocation easier
  2. Gather all medical records and make hard copies. You are doing a cross country relocation, so medical institutions in the other state might not have access to your medical history.
  3. Gather important documents and make copies, both physical and digital. This includes work permits, marriage and birth certificates, and whatever other records and licenses you have
  4. Inform postal services about your upcoming change of address
  5. When the move-out day comes near, cancel all subscriptions based on your location or transfer them to your new address in the other state
  6. Go through your belongings and set aside everything you don’t intend to carry with you. For other items, instead of throwing them away, you could donate, sell online, or set up a garage sale
  7. And lastly, a few days before the move, do a deep clean of your home
A stack of notebooks with spirals

Gather all medical records and make hard copies before your cross country move

Migration trends in Utah

No other nation moves as frequently as the Americans. Migrations are happening everywhere, counting both intrastate and interstate relocations. Utah isn’t an example. Cross country moving companies Utah have their hands full with work. A lot of people are moving in and out of the Beehive state. However, the number of people moving out is very close to the number of newcomers in Utah. To be precise, the total inbound is 55.4%, while the total outbound number is 44.6%. However, the total inbound number is predicted to rise, as Utah is rising in popularity as an attractive state.

There are too many reasons why Utah is becoming an attractive state to count, but we can mention a few. Firstly, Utah is well known for its low living costs and affordable housing costs. Also, Beehive state has amazing landscapes and a low crime rate, making it a favorable target for young families. Utah has a strong art scene as well. Among many museums, events, and manifestations that take place throughout the year, the Sundance Film Festival definitely takes the cake. Some even say that Utah is a more affordable Colorado, with access to stunning mountain landscapes.

A photo of Utah's landscape

Utah is becoming a popular state for newcomers

Reasons people are moving to the Beehive State

While Utah definitely is a mesmerizing and beautiful state, there are some other reasons why people decide to move in and make it their home. The largest number of newcomers, 40.38% to be precise, come to Utah looking for a job. However, while a large number of people move in for job-related purposes, an even larger percentage (52.42%) move out for the very same reason. Another main reason why many people move to Utah is because of its family-friendly environment. To be precise, 27.56% of all newcomers move to Utah to start a family. Friendly communities, low crime rates, and an abundance of green spaces make it more than a desirable setting for raising children.

One of the main reasons why people move to Utah is for retirement. While it isn’t as ranked high as South Carolina or Florida, Utah still stands strong as a popular place among retirees. A large percentage of people who move in (15.38%) come looking for a place to live out their golden years. When you consider the age ranges of the newcomers in Utah, a whopping third of people moving in are 65 or older. It’s no wonder interstate moving companies in Utah have perfected their senior moving services.

Two retired people hugging and standing next to trees

Lots of retirees choose to live out their golden years in Utah

While quite popular among the older folks, a lot of people are moving out of Utah, looking for a lifestyle change. 16.94% of people who left the state claim it was for this reason exactly. After all, Utah offers an idyllic setting with heavy snow during winters. You either love it or don’t. Around 5% of people moving in do it for a better healthcare system, and 4.49% of newcomers claim they’ve made Utah their home due to its low living costs.

Where are Utahns moving to the most?

We have already said that a large number of Utahns are moving out of the state. The most popular state, by far, is Texas. 11.4% of residents that moved out of Utah (around 10,000 on a yearly basis) moved to Texas. While Utah has mesmerizing scenery, great outdoor activities, and a slightly lower cost of living (living costs are 1.5% higher in Texas), The Lone Star State is rich in culture and history and has many better-developed cities. Another popular destination for people leaving Utah is Arizona. 10.1% of residents that left the Beehive State (8,917, to be precise) moved to the Grand Canyon State. Although living costs in Arizona are around 8% higher, Utahns are moving to Arizona due to better job opportunities and higher quality of health and education.

A person with their legs hanging out of an RV

Texas is the most popular destination among the people who are leaving Utah

Another popular state Utahns are moving to is California. 8,504 Utahns (9.6% of residents that moved) chose California. There are many reasons for moving from Utah to Florida, such as year-round sunshine, friendly communities, and many recreational options. Although you can get a break from snow and skiing in California, keep in mind that the costs of living are overall higher (around a whopping 30%). For those looking for cheaper costs of living, Idaho is a preferred state. 8.3% of residents (7,371) that left Utah moved to Idaho. While both states have low costs of living, low crime rates, and exciting outdoor activities, the Gem State has 5.7% lower living costs.

From which states are people moving to Utah

Surprisingly, the largest number of newcomers in 2019 (17,821) arrived from California, with the help of cross country movers Utah. Most of them are looking for more affordable places to live, but some prefer the colder weather Utah provides. 8.2% of new residents that moved from another state (around 7,800) come from Colorado. Most of them come to the Beehive State, looking for more affordable costs of living. After all, Utah is 18.6% cheaper than Colorado. Another popular state Utahns are moving to is Idaho. 6,750 Idahoans move to Utah yearly, which is 7.1% of new residents that moved from another state. While both of these states have similar living costs, it is presumed that Idahoans move to Utah looking for better employment opportunities.

Other states that send the most people to Utah are:

  • Arizona (a bit higher than 6,000 people from Arizona to the Beehive State on a yearly basis)
  • Texas (around 4,800 people come to Utah from Texas yearly)
  • Washington (surprisingly, Utah is rather popular among Washingtonians. Up to 4,500 Washingtonians come to Utah every year.)
  • Nevada (around 4,200 to 4,500 come to Utah from Nevada)

Utah has an excellent and growing job market

As we have said before, the economic situation of the country is more than stable and the job market is slowly but surely rising. Almost half of the people that come to Utah come looking for a new job or because they want to move their business to the Beehive State.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cross country movers Utah has to offer are constantly doing commercial moves for both old and tested businesses and new and eager people looking for jobs. This constant increase in population and job growth has increased the demand for housing, making Utah’s towns and cities grow and develop as well. Salt Lake City, St. George, and Provo have benefited the most from this sudden boom in population and market growth.

people shaking hands

Utah has an excellent and growing job market

The fact that the unemployment rate is 2.1% proves that Utah is a good place to work. The state has recovered well from the recent pandemic of coronavirus and it has recovered all jobs lost during the recession as well. Utah’s economy is strong and diversified. The technology sector is the most developed, constantly creating new employment opportunities throughout the state. The most developed and searched-for job positions are in the technology, healthcare, and tourism industries. The rich choice for job opportunities combined with low living costs and a business-friendly setting, make Utah a perfect place to build your career.

Some of the most needed job opportunities with the highest growth

  1. Veterinary Technician – 179.5% growth
  2. Operations Analyst – 160.6% growth
  3. Software Developer – 158.8% growth
  4. Web Developer – 155.2% growth

Facts about Utah you should know before you hire cross country movers

In Utah, people are immune to snow. They commute and work every day no matter the weather, even if the roads are glazed over with ice, and temperatures are freezing. Moving through waist-deep snow to get to work or other activities is considered a fun everyday activity in Utah. So, be prepared for it and pack your winter clothes, boots, and skis. Make sure you hire cross country moving companies Utah with quality moving trucks and equipment to handle your move in the winter with ease.

If you don’t like skiing, don’t worry, Utahns will still be friends with you. There are also Utahns who don’t like skiing and other winter sports. But, if you are a fan of winter sports, Utah has amazing ski resorts all over the state, some of them are:

  • Alta Ski Area
  • Brighton Resort
  • Deer Valley Resort

Why moving to Utah with children is a good idea

Moving with kids, no matter their age, will always be tedious. Relocating with toddlers is the best option because the process of relocation will have hardly any impact on them. Moving with older children, especially teenagers, can be traumatic for them, so make sure that you are available for them throughout the move. However, moving with kids to Utah has many advantages. Utah has high education and health qualities, low crime rates, and an affordable living cost. All your child’s needs will be fulfilled here.

Parents walking with young children in the woods

There are many fun activities for the whole family in Utah

hile the Beehive State is famous for its hardcore outside activities, there is an abundance of family-friendly activities as well. From educational and interesting museums to carefree and safe natural landscapes, there are many fun activities for the whole family in Utah. Educational institutions in Utah are also very developed. Your child will go to one of the safest and highest in quality schools. For those a bit older, the universities in Utah can offer many options for further development and growth.

Some of the most common cross country relocations and their moving cost estimates relating Utah

If you are planning to do a relocation from Utah to Texas, which will cover 1401 miles, here are some estimates from the top movers in Texas:

  • Studio apartment – $1610 – $2020
  • 1 room apartment –  $1920 – $2410
  • 2 room apartment – $2260 – $2840
  • 3 room apartment – $2640 – $3310
  • 4 room apartment – $3040 – $3820
  • 5+ room apartment -$3480 – $4370

If you want to do an interstate move from Utah to Arizona, here are some estimates that cross country movers Utah have provided us with:

  • Studio apartment – $1050 – $1320
  • 1 room apartment – $1330 – $1680
  • 2 room apartment – $1650 – $2070
  • 3 room apartment – $2000 – $2510
  • 4 room apartment – $2380 – $2980
  • 5+ room apartment – $2780 – $3490

For state-to-state relocations from Utah to California, here are some estimates from the top movers in California:

  • Studio apartment – $1100 – $1380
  • 1 room apartment – $1390 – $1740
  • 2 room apartment – $1710 – $2150
  • 3 room apartment – $2060 – $2590
  • 4 room apartment – $2440 – $3060
  • 5+ room apartment – $2850 – $3580

If you are preparing for an interstate relocation from Utah to Idaho, here are some moving estimates to make your planning more efficient:

  • Studio apartment – $770 – $970
  • 1 room apartment – $1050 – $1310
  • 2 room apartment – $1350 – $1690
  • 3 room apartment – $1680 – $2110
  • 4 room apartment – $2050 – $2570
  • 5+ room apartment – $2440 – $3060

How to know whether cross country moving companies Utah are legitimate or not

Every time we are working with a customer, we carefully check all interstate moving companies Utah for their legitimacy. We care greatly about your experience as a customer and we would never recommend you a fraudulent moving company. However, just to be sure, we recommend that you see for yourself whether a moving company is legitimate or not. All cross country moving companies in Utah are regulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If your mover isn’t regulated by the FMCSA, reconsider hiring them. Also, all reputable interstate movers in Utah should possess documents and certificates that prove that they are legitimate moving companies.

A pen and a notebook with info on cross country moving companies Utah has written on them

Ask for important documents before hiring cross country moving companies Utah

Some of the necessary documentation all legitimate interstate moving companies Utah must have are the PSC/ORS and US DOT documents. These numbers should be evident on their moving van as well as on their sites. If a company stalls to provide you with one of these documents, you should seek another moving company. Always be sure to do a background check for any potential moving company. You never know who might be looking for ways to scam you.

How to spot a red flag when looking for cross country movers Utah has to offer

When searching for cross country moving companies Utah, it’s always best to be observant and determined. There are many ways to identify fraudulent relocation companies, but here are some red flags. If a mover has some of the behaviors we are about to discuss, don’t hire them. They are most certainly frauds and scams waiting to happen.

One occurrence that should make you suspicious is when moving companies offer you an unbelievably low moving estimate. If it seems too good to be true, it’s probably a fraud. All reliable interstate moving companies in Utah will offer you estimates that are similar. Another prominent red flag that sometimes appears when dealing with movers is a non-binding estimate. If the moving company is trying to force you to sign a non-binding estimate, chances are great that the company is a fraudulent one. With a non-binding estimate, movers can charge you much larger sums of money than their services are worth. If you ever find yourself in a position where a moving company has deceived you, don’t wait and report them.

While not necessarily a red flag, cross country movers in Utah should always be available and friendly toward you. If a company is evading your calls, being rude, or keeps delaying their services, start looking for a replacement. You, as a customer, should never suffer because of a moving company’s bad management.

When looking for cross country movers Utah, reviews are your friend

Another good way to see whether a moving company is legit or not is to look at their reviews and ratings. A relocation company might have all the necessary documentation, but that doesn’t mean that they are good to work with. That’s where we can step in again and offer you guidance. Browse through our Verified Movers reviews and there you will find a lot of information regarding the mover’s behavior. This might help you choose between two equally good companies or it can even help you stay clear of companies that operate unprofessionally.

two women talking about cross country movers in Utah

Always choose movers that have left many customers satisfied with their services

If a customer has had a great experience with movers, chances are great they would leave behind a review. Positive cross country moving companies Utah reviews and high ratings can tell you a lot about a company’s behavior. Always choose movers that have left many customers satisfied with their services. This a great way to increase the chances of your move being a success. After choosing a mover, if you are content with their services, leaving a review is encouraged. This helps us match our future customers with good and reliable moving companies, and helps us keep our professional standard high.

Some other tips that will help you find reliable cross country moving companies Utah

  1. While you should always ask for documentation that proves the company’s credibility, another document you should ask for is a bill of lading. This document is strictly regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and it will set forth the terms and conditions of your move. When interstate movers Utah give you a bill of lading, study it thoroughly and make hard copies of it. That way, nobody can trick you into paying more than you should.
  2. When contacting interstate moving companies in Utah, always ask for a written estimate. Every professional moving company will offer you a written estimate before starting the process. However, keep in mind that the estimates aren’t fixed. By the time the move is done, the moving cost can increase or decrease a little bit, but nothing drastic.
  3. When packing by yourself, or even better with the help of interstate movers in Utah, don’t forget to make an inventory. Write down every item that was placed in boxes. Even better, use your camera to take photos or record the packing process. This way, if something bad happens and your items end up ruined, you will have proof that the damage to your items occurred while they were in movers’ hands. In that case, you will get compensated for your loss.
  4. We have already talked about this, but the point still stands. Always do background research on the moving company. This is the best way to keep yourself safe from fraudulent companies. Asko for required documents and browse through the mover’s ratings and reviews.

FAQs about cross country moving companies in Utah

To help you save some time, we have highlighted some of the most frequently asked questions about cross country moving to Utah and interstate movers Utah. If some of your questions are left unanswered, you are more than welcome to visit our site where you can find anything that might be of interest to you.

Should I be available during the packing and moving?

During any relocation, a move manager must be present to regulate the activities of the movers. These people are in charge of the other workers, and they will overlook, guide, and make sure that your items are adequately packed and carried out of your home. While there is no need for you to be available during the packing stages of the relocation, it can be helpful to the movers. You can give them detailed instructions and clarifications on how some items should be packed. This can reduce the time of the move. However, keep in mind that the interstate movers in Utah are more than experienced when it comes to packing. They might propose a way of packing items that is more space-efficient and safer.

Are there any items cross country movers Utah won’t move?

If an item can pose a threat to workers or their equipment, movers will refuse to relocate it. A moving company will use its right to refuse to move any hazardous items. Anything that is flammable, explosive, or poisonous will not be handled by your movers. For these types of items, you will be responsible for moving them to your new home. Try getting rid of them before the move, so that way you can increase safety during the process and slightly reduce the overall moving cost.

Some of the items that the movers will refuse to move:

  • Acids and weed killers
  • Lighter fluids
  • Fireworks
  • Gas cylinders and tanks (if you drain them first, movers shouldn’t have any problems carrying them)
  • Firearms and ammunition

Do I need to help movers?

Although it is a nice gesture, there is no need. You shouldn’t expose your health to any risks, especially when you have capable movers who will handle the carrying of heavy items efficiently. One of the best ways to help movers is by offering them some refreshments. If you have pets or children, make sure they are away from movers, so that the movers can properly do their job, or even worse, so that the animals or children don’t get hurt.

And, of course, if you really want to show your gratitude, tipping might be the best idea. A good rule of thumb is to give around $5 to $10 per person for each hour of work.

Movers from cross country moving companies Utah carrying furniture

If you want to help cross country movers in Utah, tipping might be the best idea

What happens if some of my items get damaged during the move?

Before your relocation, the moving company should offer you a few options for moving insurance. There are many scenarios they cover, and due to that fact, they can vary in price. Be sure to pick a fitting one. If something bad happens and your items get damaged, you will be compensated, but only if you have acquired the insurance.

Do I need to provide equipment for the move?

Of course not. All genuine cross country moving companies Utah will send movers to your locations with all required tools and equipment. The movers will come with enough packing supplies as well. Practically, you don’t need to do anything but open the door when they come. Sticking around and telling them which items should have priority during the packing phase can be helpful to the movers.

Cross country moving companies by cities in Utah

Moving cross country is never easy. With all the tasks that will require your undivided attention, it can be very difficult to survive this endeavor with your sanity intact. If moving to Utah, you have an option to prevent this from happening. By hiring our cross country moving companies Utah, you get to have the relocation experience you and your family deserve. The only thing that is up to you is to get in touch with Verified Movers. From that point forward, we will take it upon ourselves to go above and beyond and make your relocation a seamless one!

Facts About Utah

01. Main Information

Popular Cities

Salt Lake City, St George, Ogden, Park City, Provo


Spencer Cox

US Senators

Mike Lee, Mitt Romney

State Website

State Moto


State Nickname

The Beehive State

02. Geo Population

Area (sq mi)


Total Population


Highest Elevation

13,534 ft

Lowest Elevation

2,180 ft

Time Zone


Monument Valley, Utah

03. Education

Top 5 Elementary Schools

The Waterford School, Rowland Hall, Edith Bowen Laboratory School, Jefferson Academy, Canyon Rim Academy

Top 5 Middle Schools

The Waterford School, Rowland Hall, Salt Lake Arts Academy, Beehive Science & Technology Academy, Lincoln Academy

Top 5 High Schools

The Waterford School, Rowland Hall, Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering & Science (NUAMES), Wasatch Academy

Top 5 Colleges

The University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Utah State University, Weber State University, Utah Valley University

04. Rates

Crime Rate

24.96 (per 1,000 residents)

Employment Rate


Average Income (household)


Poverty Rate