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101 reviews for Northern Star Moving Systems

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  • Unsatified Customer
    1 7 months ago

    This is the worst company EVER. The guys are very unprofessional and are LIARS and RUDE. You ask them to read the terms and conditions to you and they give you false information. I asked if they will be responsible for breaking my stuff if it happens and they said yes we have full coverage for up to 70k. I put in a claim for the damaged furniture and the items that they stole and they said that the claim is only worth $62 dollars. I have items that i have has for over 20 years and never broke them in a move i did on my own. They are for sure scammers who live in Florida with a foreign accent. I am definitely looking in to doing a small claims because they owe me way more for my items. They were in a hurry to leave because they knew items were missing. I was not able to write down the items they told me to just call in a claim... SCAM ARTIST.

    Move cost: $3600
  • Jocelyn Smith
    1 8 months ago

    This is the absolute worst moving company I have ever used, and I have moved several times due to my job. Do NOT use this company, they will break all of your furniture and dishes. They charge by the cubic foot, so they only fill boxes three quarters of the way and then charge you for the empty space. When our stuff arrived all the boxes were smashed down because they were left with empty space. And any promises they make are lies. I told them I need weight tickets for the full and empty trucks. They said I would get them. I got one for the full truck, but it's been seven months now and they stopped replying to emails or answering phone calls. This was by far the worst moving experience of my life BECAUSE I picked this horrible moving company.

    Move cost: $12000
  • Rahul Kumar
    1 9 months ago

    This is the worst moving company. I request to anyone who knowingly or unknowingly thinking of taking service from this company, please throw your stuff rather transferring your stuff with this company. Initially they will be very polite and will promise to you that it will tale only 9 working days to deliver your stuff but forget about this. It will take exact 30 working days, means close to 2 months if you are lucky. There is no guarantee that you will receive all your stuff. The worst thing about this company is that after they receive your stuff then after you will find no body to update the status. The crux is hire anyone except this company for your peace. I give 0 rating.

    Move cost: $2900
  • Rhema Trayner
    1 11 months ago

    THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST. Criminal at best. The sales person, Scott, lied about everything from the fact "they don't contract to other companies", that they wouldn't charge for stairs, that they would be responsible for packing all large art and appliances and properly covering/protecting furniture etc etc. He also rushed us through signing the contract while he was on the phone with us. Alex the customer care lady is extremely rude and unprofessional. They up-charged us at every turn. Both the pick up and drop off was contracted to random movers without their own trucks. We were told we were getting our own truck only to find out after the fact that our items were unloaded in PA and reloaded from their warehouse. When our things arrived more then 30k in furniture had been damaged and everything was thrown in the truck as if they were TRYING to break everything. The contracted movers hired to deliver our things looked like they just got out of prison and I literally caught one of them cursing to himself on the side of the house. Now after going through everything we have found that our Gibson guitar was stolen and a box was opened with 3k worth of computer electronics removed. DO NOT HIRE THESE SCAMMERS.

    Move cost: $7000
  • Barbara Quinn
    1 11 months ago

    I have nothing nice to say!! Don't use this company. Customer Service was down right horrible. Alex in customer service is the only one who answers the phone, although answers
    the calls friendly, never gives a true answer.
    Day of moving we were asked what window of time we wanted, 8am to 12pm worked for us. They showed up at 4:00pm , wanting water, bathroom use and cigarette breaks every 20 minutes. 3 people to unload our home stuff was all over the driveway, one person spoke English only. They brought a small truck rental by the way, so they had to come back the next day at 3:00pm again late.
    Tried to call for several weeks on delivery and Alex wouldn't give us any answer. Finally at 3:30 one afternoon we get a call that our stuff will arrive tomorrow in the late afternoon. They got here at 4:00pm. Nice gentlemen all very young, but were really sorry that we had such a mess to deal with.
    Now the real issue damage beyond repair on almost every piece of furniture. A teak outdoor table and 6 chairs is unusable, how do you break teak chairs to this degree and table legs. Couch has a hole in it. Bedroom furniture all split. Light beige couch all covered in dirt and grease. Tape all over my wood furniture that left marks. Missing legs for living room end tables, and sofa tables. Pizza oven broken stone and vent door handle and ignitor all smashed. This is not the full list, to long to keep going. If you hire these people you will be sorry, all liars. Tyler who told us this is an easy move no issues should arise, was no where to be found. He lied and lied through the whole process. Never return one phone call after they got their deposit. Buyer Beware!!! Scam Artists

    Move cost: $11300
  • Jen Iaukea
    1 11 months ago

    This company is worst ever...DO NOT USE!!!
    It was a nightmare from beginning to end. Salesman, James, was very convincing and gave us an estimate that later doubled after he disappeared.
    The movers arrived late and needed water. They took many smoking breaks and only one could speak English. They packed everything very haphazardly and didn't label any boxes. They threw lamps and TVs into big boxes with other things and they used our clean bedding and towels to wrap artwork. They forgot stuff and acted defensive when asked. A bunch of monkeys could have done better.
    Our stuff arrived late after calling everyday to get things going. The delivery guys didn't help unpack and also didn't take empty boxes. We paid top dollar for these services.
    All lampshade were damaged and other ceramic pieces were broken. We are also missing all pots and pans.
    We are now trying to get some compensation for our losses but it is a series of impossible steps.


    Move cost: $9900
  • Courtney Fitzgibbons
    1 12 months ago

    DO NOT USE Northern Star under any circumstance. They told us that our move would be no more than 2 weeks. WE WAITED OVER SEVEN WEEKS!!! The worst part was customer service. When we called (and we did call often) we were laughed at, hung up on, and repeatedly denied information on our items when asked where they were. They defaulted on their end of the contract. Even after the "30 BUSINESS days" as stated in the contract we didn't have our belongings. After seven weeks, we received some (that's right, not everything-several items on inventory list were missing!) and it was extensively damaged. Of course, customer service did nothing. We also received someone else's giant TV and sound bar, when we told them, they did nothing. I could go on and on, but please DO NOT USE...I never want another family to go through what we did.

  • Madeleine Herzog
    1 1 year ago

    BEWARE. This company is an absolute scam, so much to the point that we had to get an attorney involved. I do not even know where to begin, so I will keep it short. You will be held hostage, and sucked dry of all your money. Per our attorneys, what they have done is absolutely illegal and they will be reporting this business to the attorney general and the DOT. Please please go somewhere else.

  • Austin Burger
    1 1 year ago

    This place is an absolute SCAM JOKE. The movers who came to my apartment in Florida to load my stuff didn’t speak a word of English, took an hour and half lunch break, wore flip flops, and they’re currently holding my stuff hostage for more money. It’s been over 3 weeks and my stuff is sitting in a warehouse in Florida, where they won’t give me an address. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE my attorney is reviewing everything that happened. The lady Alex is so rude every time we speak. Please please please do not use this joke of a company. They’re just another South Florida Scam.

    Move cost: $7000
  • Jennifer and Thomas Lee
    1 1 year ago

    only going to echo the terrible reviews that are here previously. moving from DC to AZ. tyler gave a great quote but of course totally inaccurate. quote for 3400, ended up being 4050$. and this was with us throwing out stuff bc they said we didn’t have enough space leftover on the truck (mind you this was after we had included this furniture in our estimate - desk, side table, box spring for our mattress, lamps).
    arrived about 1.5 hours late to move us out.

    move out took 3.5 hours. decided to charge us 300$ there because it was a long carry (we lived in a nice air conditioned building with an elevator straight to the loading dock so this was a BS charge). also we ended up packing a lot of our own stuff because it was taking so long.

    customer service was awful (alex), i could barely get a hold of anyone, i wasn’t even sure when our stuff was supposed to arrive. i sent several emails and left messages.

    move in day comes around, the main guy was fine but there were only 2 people (i had a junk removal team with 4 people who were awesome). charged us another 350$ bc the truck couldn’t get into our apartment for the long carry (to be fair it was a long carry but this awful company should have known that you can’t get an 18 wheeler into this complex and accounted for a shuttle service charge in the quote).

    my couch and love seat were destroyed. they weren’t correctly and are now covered in black marks and oil spots (the couches are beige). obviously customer service (alex) can’t help me because they don’t do the claims portion of this. what is customer service even for then?! i’m not even including the broken dishes and glassware, missing tv cord and remote.

    anyways to some up - awful, don’t use. go with a more established/reputable mover.
    also they will tell you that some of the bad reviews are fake or for people who weren’t their customers... don’t listen to them, i bet they’re all true.

    Move cost: $4050
  • Daniel Bell
    1 1 year ago

    Current move in progress.... Will update later. As of right now I can't recommend this company. Chris originally seemed helpful but once the initial payment was made, I lost all contact. The job order couldn't be tracked and it seemed like no one knew my job existed.

    I had a direct line with their subcontracted movers but their truck broke so it's been weeks since I've heard about my package and no one seems to be willing to help resolve the matter This company seems shady. As of right now I wouldn't recommend this company.

    Move cost: $2200
  • Carolina Hardacre
    5 1 year ago

    They brought plenty of blankets to protect our furniture, lots of extra care was paid to making sure our stuff was not damaged, yet they were incredibly speedy with loading and unloading. Everything you hope your moving experience to be, was with Northern Star Moving Systems. I'm referring them to all of my friends. We fed our crew breakfast and lunch (was a 2-day move) and tipped them well because they EARNED it. We got MUCH more than we paid for from Northern Star Moving Systems. Thank you for making this moving experience the best one we had!!

    Move cost: $2250
  • Thibaut Atrous
    1 1 year ago

    Same review and the 1-star review below. Move from PA to FL
    James Pearce (Chris his "manager") customer service rep, lied to us about insurance coverage. Packing crew came and packed our house then Nikita Egorov, the team lead and warehouse manager in Bensalem PA came the next day after the house was completely empty and showed us a revised estimate + 40% the original binding estimate. Tried to call James, Chris, left voicemails, emailed them both, + customer service. No response. Radio silence.
    Goods got delivered and it was a complete disaster. Stuff not packed even though we paid for a full pack, so much broken goods, several pieces of furniture broken, and everything else scratched or seriously dented. Clear evidence of intentional negligence. We realized too that several expensive items were stolen by Nikita Egorov and his crew for a total replacement value of $3500 or so. We reached out to Nikita who acknowledged by text being in possession of our stolen goods, with no intent to return them (that was 3 weeks ago). As of today (3 weeks after the move) no goods were returned. We reached out to Nikita again who said "I'm no longer in PA, good luck". This company is a complete scam, fraud and now I understand that all the 5 star reviews are just fake. We have filed a police report against Nikita Egorov for theft and entered a probably lengthy legal process with Northern Star. Out of principle, I will not let Nikita or the company get away with this stuff.

    Move cost: $16000
  • Dennis Culberson
    2 1 year ago

    They arrived late to pick up our goods at 3pm leaving at 9pm. They were rushed and didn't seem amenable to our unusual furniture. We trusted. This was July 28. We went into storage in Philadelphia, waited untill August 14 for afternoon delivery-- coming from Philadelphia to southern VA. At 2pm Philip called to say they were stuck in traffic in DC. They arrived at 9PM, only two people to unload. They left at midnight.
    Looking at the abuse our antique furniture took is heartbreaking. Table legs were broken, items bent, arms pulled apart. Scratches, gouges, boxes turned on sides so contents were squashed.
    I don't care that this is the busy season, we paid, in good faith, to have our goods delivered in a timely manner, in relatively the same condition in which they left.
    Nothing disastrous, just disappointing.
    I would look elsewhere for a moving company

  • Renee Rienecke
    1 1 year ago

    I don’t normally post like this but I want to spare others from my recent nightmare. Hands down the worst moving experience I have ever had. First...they said they would be there Monday morning. They showed up at 6 pm on Tuesday and finished late Wednesday night. They took so long that we packed up half our kitchen on our own, even though we paid to have them pack it. Of course they didn’t credit us for what we packed. When they did pack our house, they packed up things they were specifically asked not to pack, like my husband’s CPAP. Which means neither of us slept for the next two weeks because that’s how long it took them to get to our new house. There was absolutely zero communication from Northern Star about when they would get to our place or why it was taking so long, despite daily calls and voice mails, which were not answered and not returned 99% of the time. They finally got to our new place the day before I was starting my new job, and were there until 1 in the morning. They left half of our furniture and boxes in the garage, promising to return the next day and finish the job. They didn’t. When we unpacked we found an extremely shoddy job done packing, with over 20 items destroyed because they didn’t wrap them at all, or packed heavy boxes on top of boxes that were clearly marked fragile and couldn’t handle the weight. Worst, my initial quote was just under $10k, which was what my new company said they would cover. Then Northern Star kept adding and adding and adding, until the final cost was $16,792. And, in a very sketchy move, they added $1700 to my second to last quote without documenting anything on my receipt. I had no choice but to pay it because they had everything I owned and wouldn’t release it to me without a money order. Absolutely disastrous. Do not use this company. They have been a nightmare.

    Move cost: $16792
  • Jessie Rose
    5 1 year ago

    I was in doubts at first. After being convinced by my spouse, however, I relaxed and sought the services of Northern Star Moving Systems. She was so certain that everything was going to turn out the perfect way. On the day of the relocation, I was there to ensure all was ok. I woke up in the morning and started packing all that I needed to. The team came earlier than I expected and helped me with some of the packing work. As were doing this, others were busy with loading. With the combined efforts of every member, it was possible to relocate in an easy and unforgettable way.

  • Frank Evans
    5 1 year ago

    At first, I thought my wife was just too defensive about their Relocation Company. It took me personal moving experience to discover the perfection that comes with this mover. On the agreed date of relocation, Northern Star Moving Systems mover came very early in the morning. Apparently, they did not want any form of disappointment. As they started, I watched them carry out the packing and loading processes. I must admit that I was amazed. I loved the proceedings right from the beginning until the end. It was awesome.

  • Felicia Thomas
    5 1 year ago

    We hired them recently for a move, and it was a smooth experience. They sent a 3-men crew, and the whole process was easy. They were careful with our furniture and belongings, they called 30-minutes before arrival, and did everything we requested without any fuss. The place we moved into had limitations of where moving trucks can be parked, so there was a bit of a walking distance from the truck to our place. These guys made the trek back and forth efficiently. They even managed to get our furniture in with short turns and corners in the hallway. They were also friendly and polite the whole time. I highly recommend their service (their price is great too) and will use them again for my next move.

  • Cody Ramsey
    5 1 year ago

    Great moving experience. Making the arrangements with the people on the phone was easy and quick. They sent an estimator to look over everything we were planning to move at no charge. The crew showed up on time and called 30 minutes before they arrived at the pickup address. The crew was very polite and professional. All of our stuff was handled with care and arrived in the same condition it had been in when it was picked up. Would definitely recommend.

  • Lucy Madera
    1 1 year ago

    I don't want to say this will be your experience with them but here are some facts from my move.
    As for me, if I could, I would give negative stars. My specialist was James Pearce, the office representative was Lynn, and manager was Chris.
    Here are answers to some of my questions I had for James prior to the contract, what actually happened, and my interaction with the manager.
    -James said I would be able to contact him whenever throughout the move until I was happy with my belongings in my new place.
    After signing the contract, he was nowhere to be found. I did speak to him one time after signing when he said he never received my emails and that the extension stamped in his email signature wasn't correct. He gave me his cell phone number - never answered or called back. Never heard from him again.
    -James said no, they do not hire third party contractors to move our belongings. From pickup to drop off, it would be their movers in their Northern Star Moving trucks.
    Upon pickup, yes, it was their movers and truck but upon dropoff it was a third party mover.
    -James said our belongings would not be mixed with other people's belongings on the truck. Our belongings were stickered with pink tags upon pickup to avoid the mixing of other people's belongings. Upon drop off, our things were mixed with another person's belongings who also had pink stickers, so at one point the movers were giving us another person's bike and boxes. We totally could have taken them. Also, we are missing a bin.
    -James said the quote given to me would not change unless I requested that they hold my belongings longer than the free 30 days or if I added way more to my belongings. When going over the contract, he said the long haul and elevator fees would not apply to me because my things were being picked up from a storage unit on the 2nd floor and those fees were more for people in tall high-rise buildings.
    For pickup, I was charged $300 for the long haul fee ($75/50ft). So for dropoff I had to move my belongings myself to avoid the fees again, even though it was being moved into another storage unit.

    My interaction with Chris (the manager) about this $300 fee - These are some of his responses.
    "$300 is not a surprise, I could understand if it was over $1000 but it's only $300. Just pay it." -( when telling him that James said there would be no surprise fees)
    "I am not going to argue with a customer over a small job" - (guess we were considered a small job since we were only moving a 1 bedroom apt).
    "I am the manager. I am not in customer service so I do not need to speak to you in any kind of way so either pay the $300 or remove your things from our truck yourself" - (when I mentioned how stressful moving is and asked why he was speaking to me aggressively)

    Note: Insurance is a third party so if you are missing anything or it's damaged you do not contact Northern Star Moving Systems and apparently this third party company is not great. Still waiting to hear back about our missing bin.

    If you still want to move forward with them, be sure to get everything in writing, in DETAIL and do not sign the contract if you do not agree with something. Even though I did all of that and it didnt help much, maybe it'll help you somehow. Also, take your own DETAILED inventory of your belongings. Their version of inventory is writing "some boxes, some bins" and when dropping off asking YOU if you think that's everything.


    Move cost: $3100
  • Deborah Connell
    1 1 year ago

    This company mis-represented the service that they relayed to me. My request was to have door to door transport without any other carrier involved or people involved. I was assured from Carol that I would have this service. They were great picking up our stuff and packing it into the truck. Then they informed me of the service that I was paying for. At that point I couldn't change anything but tried on the phone without success. The worst part is getting the stuff to my Florida took 10 days, and when it was delivered it was squished into a Tractor trailer truck. Every box was broken except some heavy duty boxes we put some valuable items in. 50% of lamps, knickknacks, and furniture was destroyed and dinged. A lot of stuff was missing, 21 speed bike, Air blower not even opened, 3 over pack boxes. I was hoping our pink tag boxes and material would just magically appear at my door but that was a wrong impression ....we just had to put in the claim...The worst part is putting the claim together and the process is just not user friendly. Over all I will not use a mover again. This was one of the worst experiences I could have imagined. These people should be ashamed of leading people who were trusting enough to believe, and yes it is the first time I have moved any distance to use a moving company. If this is a family owned business as I was lead to believe they sure don't take care of their customers as such....

    Move cost: $3500
  • Joseph Garvey
    1 1 year ago

    Please read carefully all the reviews on this company! This company is more than dishonest. We signed up for service and was told a specific window and they did not keep to the window. It was only a day off but if you are told a window of time and they don't stick to it should of been the first sign. Next we were told it would be delivered most likely anywhere from 2 to 7 days but because it was peak season it could be longer which was not really a big deal. Well almost 3 weeks to the day we get a call that the delivery will be the next day. The bigger issue was that the delivery was going to cost an additional 500.00 because they were looking at a google map and we had a gravel driveway. Now keep in mind that we had a 18 wheeler back up to the door when we first moved in 9 years ago. Well we were told that the company policy is that we cannot take a moving truck off road, and it would cost an additional 500.00 for a shuttle truck to bring us our furniture or it could be unloaded on to our truck at the street and we would not have to pay anything additional. The woman said just read your contract , its all in it. Well I did just that and called her back and said it is not in the contract. She said I did not say that the said that she said that the house is not accessible . No , that is not what she said. Now keep in mind they had this story was cooked up from the start when they called us the first time. So she said just call the Salt Lake City number cause someone is always there. Well it was Sunday and lie number 3 ,no one was there. I left a message and in a couple of hours I did get a call back and they would look into it. When I got a call back they said they would look into it. Well they said they looked at a map and it would be an extra 500.00 because there are laws on which roads they could bring and 18 wheeler down and weight limits. Sure enough I called the Sheriff Dept and the Highway Dept and there are no laws what so ever in this area. So basically it is all a scam and they hold for furniture hostage for additional extorsion money. There are far too many complaints on them for this not to be true. Lastly I did get a 100.00 reduction why I guess I don't know . the final lie I was told was I guess the first two lies didn't work out to well is that gravel is too unstable to drive on. So it wasn't the house was not accessible, or the road laws . According to them the gravel in a driveway is unstable. Its all a scam to keep your furniture hostage. Moral of the story. Use someone reputable!

    Move cost: $3400
  • Wallace Rodriquez
    5 1 year ago

    It is never going to be the same again - not with the kind of revelation, I have about movers. I am convinced more than ever before that I now have the best relocation company in place. When I relocated last week, Northern Star Moving Systems was in charge of the move and the services were perfect. There weren't case of troubles or disagreements. They worked together as a team and consulted me where necessary. I found the relocation so enjoyable and fruitful.

  • Ben Greer
    5 1 year ago

    I love being moved by them. They did it in such a glorious way. They made my move so wonderful. The whole experience was also peaceful. Next time I will be moving, you will be in charge of the relocations again. I did not expect everything to work my way after the relocations. Although I was expecting for the best, deep down my heart I was a disturbed man. That is why I kept a close watch at the relocation experts when they came over for the relocations. I wanted to ensure everything was okay. Thanks to this team, it all worked my way and I am so much grateful to this. You will forever remain a huge source of inspiration to me.

  • Caroline Bowers
    5 1 year ago

    You just need to hire them out - that’s all. You will always be assured of successful relocations. I have done that twice and it’s been awesome. Thank you so much. They did it and there is no doubt about it. These people are worth giving my cash. I will seek their services in future because they give back real value for people’s money. I am full of appreciations for the job well done. I involved one of the most reliable crew. These people were keen on details. With so much dedication and commitment, I was able to relocate in such a glorious way. Thanks so much.

  • Brian Conner
    1 1 year ago

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. This is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with in my life. The cost of the original quote double, could not get anyone to return calls. Was told we would have our stuff in 4 - 5 business days, finally get a call 7 days later that they would be there the next day. After telling us they wouldn't be able to get down our lane with a semi truck, they show up with a semi telling us we would have to rent a smaller truck or rent a storage unit, and would be an additional $700. They showed up with a crew that had answered an add in the paper. Clearly not professional movers . To make things worse, mattresses were not covered and things were damaged. I would never think of treating my customers in this way. Sad that's how companies do business.

  • Theodore Shaw
    5 1 year ago

    I will always be grateful to you. I wouldn’t at any time take the marvellous services you offered me for granted. When I needed your services most, you were there for me. You ensured that everything was smooth and perfect. There were no cases of broken furniture or damaged electronics. I cannot remember being involved in any arguments during the move. As such, I have every reason to be grateful to your team. I am happy because of them. They made my move from New Jersey to Alabama so successful. I am so much grateful.

  • Wesley James
    5 1 year ago

    I was relocated by the best movers and I am so proud of it. The best people were in charge of my relocations and I have every reason to be grateful for this. When I sought the services of Northern Star Moving Systems, they ensured that everything was perfect. There was no need to struggle to try to make everything to be in order. This crew took charge of the relocations and I am so much grateful for that. At least, I now have an idea of where to get ideal relocations when in need. Without wasting time, I will head to Northern Star Moving Systems. I am sure they will not disappoint me.

    Move cost: $4300
  • Brittany Maxwell
    1 1 year ago

    WORST COMPANY EVER. DO NOT USE THEM. Salesman, Sam, lied to us about the company having their own van line, they drastically underestimated the cost (original quote was under $7k), they didn't show up for pickup on time nor with their own trucks (they rented 2 Enterprise 26ft trucks) or the number of movers they promised, they couldn't finish loading in one day so they had to return next day which greatly inconvenienced our travel plans, the movers left some of our belongings behind, left their trash and cigarette butts all over, and just overall no respect for our stuff. Then when it came time for delivery, they didn't show up on the promised day, wouldn't call us back or give us an ETA on when we could expect it, charged over double of their quote because they unloaded the 2 rental trucks to put on a semi even though we told them not to so they upcharged for shuttling, our items sat in a warehouse for TWO WEEKS. We were forced to spend over $1500 on furniture and household items just so we could live in our new house until the trucks were delivered. When the trucks finally arrived there was EXTENSIVE DAMAGE to nearly everything. Boxes crushed and broken, all furniture was scratched and/or dented, items missing, many things broken and tossed around into different boxes when they broke them. The movers hired were so lazy that one of them quit halfway through because he wouldn't walk up a small flight of stairs. Everything about this experience with NorthernStar Moving Systems has been horrible, costly, frustrating, and downright unprofessional. I could go on about even more things that were wrong, but this post is already exhaustive. We will be filing an insurance claim and possibly a lawsuit. This company is a SCAM.

    Move cost: $13000
  • Edith Fleming
    5 1 year ago

    I believe in them. I am sure they are not full of disappointment like the movers I met before. I sought their services less than one month ago and it was spectacular. They came fully prepared for the relocations and delivered the services with lots of ease. I remained wondering and amazed by their perfection. In them, I truly believe.

    Move cost: $5800
  • don giordano
    1 1 year ago

    biggest scumbags in the world. They came at midnight and loaded rental trucks till 4 am . they broke furniture, crushed boxes,lost furniture, and upcharged or you didn't get your furniture. the whole office should be indicted for robbery. Chris plays the game like he cares when he is a piece of shit, the girls are useless they are just pawns that lie and mislead for the ringleader who's name is Bogdad (ukranian gangster wanna be). They will get there's someday when someone goes into that office and beats the shit outta someone. those girls are crazy for lying for these scumbags because they are on the front line when someone snaps. WHATEVER YOU DONT USE THIS COMPANY THEY DONT LOAD UP FURNITURE THEY DRAG EVERYTHING AND BREAK THE LEGS AND MARK EVERYTHING UP. I WANNA MEET THIS PIECE OF SHIT BOGDAD SOME DAY AND PUNCH HIM RIGHT IN HIS FOREIGN FACE AND THEN PUT MY DICK IN HIS FACE AND MAKE HIM BEG FOR MERCY. I HOPE YOU READ THIS YOU FUCKIN CHUMP AND COME CONFRONT ME . YOU WILL DIE IN HELL AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY SHOULD SPEND EVERY DIME YOU MAKE ON MEDICINE . I HOPE YOU SUFFER AND DIE OF A SLOW DEATH

    Move cost: $18000
  • Dominick Garza
    5 1 year ago

    I have never had it this way. It was spectacular if not adorable. The people in charge did everything to ensure my relocations were lovely. They planned the relocations in such a captivating way. They were there for me from the elementary stages of the relocations until the end. It was perfect and I am grateful. You don’t expect mediocrity when you involve experts. There will always be reasons to celebrate instead of a curse. There will always be reasons to be happy. When I hired them out less than one month ago, they left me smiling. All they did was to ensure the relocations were safe and enjoyable.

    Move cost: $4500
  • Hazel Reyes
    5 1 year ago

    Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Northern Star Moving Systems team. You were able to relocate me in such a lovely way. Your services were adorable regarding convenience. There wasn’t any point of me struggling or trying to strain to make the moving effective. It was all lovely and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the whole team.

    Move cost: $3000
  • David Powell
    1 1 year ago

    I have used 4 moving companies and this is the worst by far!! Stay away from this company, they come early to pack you, when you aren't read, their packers do not take care and mix areas of the home in the same boxes, they do not speak English and can not answer your question because "they don't understand" They increased the price it was going to cost by over 25% of what was quoted and insisted on cash before they would unload the truck. No type of check would be accepted. They did not have people to unload the truck, they had to drive 150 miles to get people to help unload and were 5 days and 3 hrs late getting to my house to unload. The boxes were not marked so the unloaders just put most of the items in the garage saying we would have to move them into the house. Many items were broken, all of the lamp shades were unusable and had to be replaced, they even "lost" a refrigerator. Of course when you try to file a claim the paperwork they give you does not allow it because it is all carbon and can not be read. I figure they lost, or broke about $2500.00 worth of items and I got $0 from it. They claim to be A+ rated with the BBB but they are not accredited with the BBB and will not answer a claim I filed with the BBB. STAY AWAY!!

  • Kim Cook
    5 1 year ago

    It was my second time moving and undoubtedly the best. The services of Northern Star Moving Systems came handy when I needed them most. They were able to help me with the bulk of the work. My work was only reminding them and making suggestions where necessary. They took all the other matters in their hands and did it so perfectly. You did me prod and I will always be. They were careful enough not to upset me. I am glad they succeeded in doing that.

    Move cost: $4700
  • Arnold Fernandez
    5 1 year ago

    The whole team was there for me to ensure I moved safely and wonderfully from South Carolina to Florida. I enjoyed the entire relocation and I have no regrets about anything. It wasn’t in my expectation. Moving in such an adorable way wasn’t something I was expecting. Naturally, I expected some disappointment because I was seeking their services for the first time. Luckily enough for me, that did not happen. Everything was awesome.

    Move cost: $2100
  • Patty O'Connor
    1 1 year ago

    This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Let me start with this, suppose to move this Friday 7/12/19 fro Delaware to NY, called today to verify p/u time & they tell me they don't have anything on schedule for me. Sam who took all the information & who I sent payment to last Friday has been fired & took off with my money. Just great now I have no movers, have to be out by Friday & suppose to start a new job on Monday. Chris at NSMS has been the ONLY decent person I have talked to but his hands are tied, so I talked to Lynn the MANAGER in Utah, she is totally useless and actually a bitch on the phone like it was a bother to her to have to talk to me.. She hung up on me when I asked her who she answered to don't worry Lynn I found the owners name & number . They don't feel the need to compensate in any way just said were sorry but Sam no longer works here, after reading all the reviews on several different sights (should have done that first ) I could kick my self for going with them . Do yourself a favor RUN FAST like other reviews say & Sam I hope your reading this, to steal 2090.00 from someone, your a real scum bag you will get yours some day! And shame on you NSMS for your lack of professionalism.

    Move cost: $2090
  • Deborah McLean
    1 1 year ago

    This was by far the worst moving experience I have ever had. It started with James who sold on us on a price, $5,000 for the complete move. We got a quote from somewhere else that was $15,000. We called back James and asked why the quote was so cheap. He explained that your stuff is moved with others in an 18 wheeler. However, the other quote sent a rep to the house to look at our stuff. When I shared that quote with James the price went to $9,000. At first we were told it was based on weight and them told it was based on cu feet. Either way, we actually had fewer items at the time of the move than during the quote as we decided to get a dumpster to get rid of things including two dressers, book shelves etc. We never saw an accounting of our pounds or cu square feet so these are all obviously made up numbers.
    A week before the move the company called telling us that they had to charge another $1600 because our street in CA would not allow an 18 wheeler so they would have to transfer. This was, in fact, false. They did not transfer when they got to LA. However,, we couldn't move forward without paying the additional money.
    The packers/moved showed up at 3:00pm-the day after they were scheduled.-a day and a half late. They packed until 2:00am. They didn't actually pack, they threw everything into boxes. All of our clothes were creased. We are missing a large clock, a wood full length mirror, our coin jar and all of our booze. I could understand if they couldn't move the booze but they did not leave it with the other liquids for us to spill out so I assume they took it with them.
    Then, a few days later we called to see where our stuff was, expecting it to be delivered in a few days. Nope. It had only made it to PA, If we needed a guaranteed date it would cost another $6500. Otherwise it would come within 30 business days! I was starting work the following Monday. We thought we were moving in on the previous Friday, according to our conversations with James. When they had asked about EARLIEST date for delivery it meant absolutely nothing. James had originally told us there were tons of loads going in the "busy summer season" so we didn't need to worry about an on time delivery. Funny, after we paid the additional $6500 our stuff actually made it cross country, quickly. These people are thieves-DO NOT USE THEM. My original $5,000 move cost $18,400 with items missing and broken. STAY AWAY.

    Move cost: $18400
  • Glenda Benson
    5 1 year ago

    Most importantly, they maintained high levels of diligence and perfection throughout the relocation. I was such a happy woman at the end of the services. Their services were indeed perfect. I must confirm. It took shorter time and my properties arrived safely. I was also able to relocate at manageable costs. I am not going to assume any of that. You are great. My happiness knows no bounds and I have Northern Star Moving Systems to praise for that. Your team expressed an amazing form of relocation. The kind of experience I went through during the relocation was extraordinary. You deserve my praises for sure.

    Move cost: $2840
  • Delores Robinson
    5 1 year ago

    I have known Northern Star Moving Systems for not more than three years and they have been the best years of my life. I was able to move in such a peaceful and lovely way. Contrary to the other relocations, this one was more peaceful. It was nice seeing them take charge and handle the entire relocation process with so such diligence. I have never met such a responsible team. I am looking forward to more relocations like that.

    Move cost: $4400
  • Rachel Goldner
    1 1 year ago

    I would absolutely never use this company!
    My next door neighbors used them last week and I witnessed a horrendous experience. The movers moved slower than another moving company I have ever seen (and I have used many). They were careless (not wrapping furniture leading to drawers falling out of a dresser), took cigarette breaks almost every hour, at times stood around doing nothing, and completely inefficient in moving boxes and furniture out of the house. They blocked a shared driveway with boxes and furniture unnecessarily as there was plenty of sidewalk space in front of the house. Additionally, they were scheduled to come on Tuesday. The date was pushed to Wednesday, then Thursday and finally they arrived on Friday (after a call that their arrival would be late due to being stuck out of state). DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

  • Llily Joh
    5 1 year ago

    I used North Star Moving System last week for my HUGE move. Jacob was very friendly on the phone & answered all my questions about pricing, etc. I had tons of heavy items and they both carried everything upstairs & worked pretty much non-stop for hours. They also took apart/put together a few pieces of furniture & tightened up some loose screws on some of my furniture that I didn't know about. At the end, there were no "hidden" costs (which I have also had happen in the past). As I unpack, there hasn't been any damage to any of my things or anything broken. I completely recommend North Star Moving System for your upcoming move.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Chole Gre
    5 1 year ago

    I would like to thank North Star Moving System for helping making my brother's recent move to San Jose a painless experience. The service rendered are impeccable and trustworthy. The crew are very helpful and courteous. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for good movers.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Jean Elliot
    5 1 year ago

    Great price, hardworking, efficient and professional moving company.. The guys back in the office are very kind and respectful, They took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. They showed up the day of the move on time and ready to work. 3 movers came and cleared our entire 2 story home. They make sure all items are taken care of and moved safely to the new destination. North Star Moving System is the best moving company I have ever used used.

    Move cost: $3500
  • Lillain Hamilton
    4 1 year ago

    I never thought my dad will handover such a big task to me, When i searched google i found North Star Moving System. I am so glad that i found them. As the name says Price is fair enough and work is superb. Thanks.

    Move cost: $3000
  • Tammi Slagle
    1 1 year ago

    My family and I made two previous 1,000 plus mile cross-country moves. Both times the movers packed and moved an entire semi of our belongings without breaking anything or tearing anything up. This move with Northern Star was a completely different story. The movers arrived with our household stuff and nearly every box I opened had something broken in it. Many of the items were antique and irreplaceable. They also broke my great grandmother's antique walnut table and the captain's chair that went with the set. They broke a 45" flatscreen tv, broke 2 legs off my antique treadle sewing machine, and the list goes on and on. I also had furniture items and an 8X12 rug that never arrived. The items were somehow lost. How does a moving company lose a customer's stuff?! I am so angry. Whatever you do, do NOT use this company.

    Move cost: $17000
  • Alice Fortson
    1 1 year ago

    HORRIBLE!!!! I paid for a full-pack and there were many, many things broken or missing. I can understand a few things breaking. However, MISSING FURNITURE??? No. Not to mention the terrible customer service once they actually loaded my items on the truck. Once they had everything, they basically did not care any longer about customer service. Argued with them about moving an adjustable base bed frame. I've NEVER heard of a moving company that WOULD NOT MOVE SOMETHING. Seriously. Yes, it's heavy. But it could have, and should have been moved. They basically told me it was my fault and they didn't care. Three weeks later I finally get my things delivered at the new location and there are large items that weren't do they "lose" a desk??? Of course, I call and they say I have to fill out a claim. Not "hey, sorry, we'll double check in the warehouse to see if it's there...." So many lessons learned with this long distance move. I will just say, I WILL NEVER use this company again. I would rather leave everything behind than give them a penny. I can't say enough how AWFUL this entire experience was.

    Move cost: $5400
  • Mary Stroud
    1 1 year ago

    Very unprofessional. Sam who I dealt with contacted me with a quote based on my inventory. I chose to go with a different mover based on recommendations and locality. Sam called numerous times like a telemarketer. I spoke with him and told him I went with another company. He argued and tried to get me to go with this company I once again told him I put a deposit down and have chosen a different company at which he said I don't want your business anyway and hung up on me.

  • Nancy Ganter
    1 1 year ago

    Shocked to see such good reviews for this moving company. It was HANDS DOWN the worst experience I have EVER had with a mover over the decades I have moved. Only a one bedroom move that I was given A BINDING quote of $2,400 and got a final walk away with numerous tacked on costs of over $1,000 more. Sam Cohen, or whatever hits last name is, was the WORST. Ghosted me after he had my $700 deposit after telling me he would be there for me. From the lies, under cut price, rudeness and MANY broken items. The list goes on. More to follow on here and with the BBB. RUN! Customer service was absolutely HORRIBLE. They did not follow through with ANYTHING! Didn't even know when I was getting picked up until the day before! Who does that? So much more to come when I have time.

    Move cost: $3700
  • Lauren Luke
    5 1 year ago

    I had a great experience during our move yesterday. The team was polite and professional. I really recommend this company. They had all the correct equipment to move furniture unlike some other movers who have showed up and forgot their straps or extra blankets to wrap the furniture.

    Move cost: $1200
  • Suzi Payne
    4 1 year ago

    Good service, nice people

    Move cost: $6500
  • Anne Burgess
    5 1 year ago

    These guys were great. No scratched on any of my furniture. They were careful not to scratch my floors. Northern Star Moving Systems as a company should provide their contracted movers with moving gloves, back braces, and lifting straps for their safety

    Move cost: $1600
  • Paul Wats
    5 1 year ago

    I didnt realize how much stuff we had until we packed it. There was no way I was going to be able to do all of that from a second floor apartment. With these guys helping, it all went smoothly. I appreciate the extra stop they made to get MORE from storage. THANKS!

    Move cost: $1460
  • Natalie Martiin
    5 1 year ago

    Great service. Could not say enough great things about the bellhops. Arrived on time, professional, courteous and detail oriented. Very pleased. Will definitely be using them again.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Saarah Timms
    5 1 year ago

    I found what I was looking for regarding relocation and I think I am contented. Northern Star Moving Systems gave me the perfect mover I was looking for a while. This was after they successfully relocated me to Illinois mid last month. I had never seen a dedicated crew like the one I used before. They carefully handled my stuff and ensured that nothing was broken. I frankly see no reason why I should settle for anything less than that the next time I am relocating. I only won't look any further.

    Move cost: $2900
  • Jonathan Long
    5 1 year ago

    I refuse to believe relocations are tough; not after what I experienced a few days back. From South Carolina to Alabama, I was moved in an incredible and captivating way. The relocation was smooth, enjoyable, and free of errors. For the first time in my history dealing with movers, I had my properties arrive safely and intact. Not a single thing was missing; that is not something that every client gets to experience when he seeks the services.
    I can confidently say the wonderful service was due to experience. From what I had learnt, they have remained operational for decades, and that explains why they were able to move me in a professional way.
    During the relocation, I observed many spectacular things about Northern Star Moving Systems. To start with, they were very fast with the relocations. Before the services, I had estimated a time frame for the relocations. They ended up doing the relocations faster. What’s more, the movers proved that they could be trusted with any relocation regardless of how hectic it seemed. I had so many properties to be moved. Most of them were bulky and some very brittle and delicate. Loading them on the truck wasn’t one of the easiest things, yet they managed to do in such a simple way. Looking at them, one could easily confuse the properties to be easy to handle.
    All the relocation crew were active from the beginning to the end. Every person had a role to play, and no one waited to be followed. The sense of positive self-drive that was deep within them inspired me. I envied how they were able to work in cooperation and coordination from the beginning until the end. The relocation coordinator only had to communicate the message and with minimal supervision, the work would be done.
    Honestly, I have hired out several service providers, but none of them was like Northern Star Moving Systems. These people were unique in their way. I love and appreciate them for ensuring my move was perfect. You are different, and I appreciate that.
    To any person who has plans of relocating in the future, I would recommend Northern Star Moving Systems. I have hired them out, and I know what they are capable of doing. When you involve them in your relocations, you will be certain of positive results. I tried them and received nothing but perfection. If they were capable of delivering such relocation services for me, I am convinced they can do much more for you.

    Move cost: $2800
  • Nicole Campbell
    5 1 year ago

    I was worried when I wanted to move to North Carolina. I had limited time to make the arrangements and yet there wasn’t a particular relocation company in mind. I went to my best friend John who had experience with movers. He suggested a couple of movers, among them Northern Star Moving Systems. I wasn’t so sure of the choices. I went online and checked the reviews. I realized one thing while doing this. Most of the reviews about Northern Star Moving Systems were positive. Eventually, I got interested and contacted them.
    When I got in touch with them, I had an amazing experience. I asked them a couple of questions about their services, and I got amazing answers. From the way they were talking, it was certain that they were experienced. Finally, we agreed on the actual relocation date, and I was given the quotes. On the day of the relocation, I was a little bit nervous. I was not sure whether they were going to live up to their promises. After exchanging a few pleasantries with them, they started the relocation. They started by sorting my properties into various groups. This way, they were able to pack the various items into the boxes.
    I had thought the loading would be hectic or even boring like in the previous relocation. However, it was different. They made the process easy and enjoyable. They started by loading the furniture and other bulky stuff. Afterwards, they went ahead to load the kitchen materials and other products. It did not take them so much time. They ensured that everything was in its right space before embarking on the long relocation journey. When I received my properties in my new home, they were intact and in good condition. As some were unloading, the others helped me with the arrangement of the various items in my new house. Ordinarily, the process would have taken long, but they ensured it was fast and perfect.
    When they were done, I could not help but smile in awe and amazement. Everything had worked out just the way I wanted. Honestly, I had not thought the relocations would be that easy and manageable. Because of what they did to me, I will always remain grateful. When I will be relocating next time, I will involve them in my move. They are so trustworthy, and I would like to thank them for the job well done. I also recommend them to anyone who would like to move in the future. You will not be disappointed.

    Move cost: $5500
  • Terry Boyd
    5 1 year ago

    I have always had problems with movers. I was disappointed once some years, and that left me imagining that all movers were the same. When I was seeking the services of Northern Star Moving Systems, I was worried about the possibility of getting disappointed yet again. I was not sure whether things were going to work my way. That made it difficult for me to settle on a given relocation company. Knowing I would have problems getting the perfect mover, I went ahead to consult my uncle, and he proposed Northern Star Moving Systems.
    I called them and their response was fascinating. I loved the way their salesperson responded to my questions. At least there were movers who were different. However, I could not conclude that yet. I had to wait until the actual relocation date to be certain. On that day, they came a few minutes late, but it was understandable because the traffic was heavy. As soon as they set in, they started discharging their duties. At the time of arrival, I had dome much of the packing, so they helped me finalize the process. Luckily enough, they had carried the masking tapes, so the wrapping was easy.
    There weren’t any troubles during the loading process. From the lighter properties to the heavier ones, they handled everything with so much ease. I was amazed by their speed and professionalism. What made it even more interesting is the fact that they were doing it so passionately and without any struggles. I looked at them and was full of admiration. I had not imagined relocating in such a way before. The movers were kind enough to help me put my new home in order. Although it was late, they stayed a little longer to ensure all was perfect. By the time they were leaving, I was full of joy. I had not seen all that coming.
    When in need of relocation services in the future, I will contact you. The services you offered me were not close to anything I received before. You are the best mover that has ever worked for me, and I wouldn’t want that to change. I am also hoping that you will be able to relocate my close associates in a similar way when I refer them. Keep up the fantastic work. I appreciate your efforts.

    Move cost: $4400
  • Aubrey Larson
    5 1 year ago

    There is no doubt about Northern Star Moving Systems crew being the best team that has ever relocated me. In the past 10 years, I have moved four teams, and each relocation was handled by a different relocation company. On the last one, I decided to seek the services of Northern Star Moving Systems. Having heard about them from a close friend, I was convinced they could change my relocation life. Getting in touch with them was not a big issue at all. I made a quick phone call, and it went through within a few seconds.I do not know how best to express this, but I was impressed by the response from the other side of the phone. If there is one thing I could not fail to notice was here a high sense of courtesy. As such, I felt easy discussing with her the details of the relocation. I needed to know the possible charges and the number of days they might take to move all my properties to New York. After doing her calculations, she offered me a favorable quote. I looked at it and felt relieved. Saying it was an irresistible offer would be an understatement. Without wasting any time, we finalized the details, and the date was agreed upon.
    When their crew came for the relocations, they had one thing in mind; carrying out an exceptional relocation. From the look of things, nothing was going to stop them from ensuring safe and secure relocations. They were systematic in their relocation approach, and I found that exciting. They started by putting all the necessary items in their respective moving boxes, making it easier for the loading process. I observed the dedication and commitment evident in that relocation and was amazed. I did not believe that they were managing the relocations that perfectly. Also, I could not have failed to notice their perfect speed. In as much as they were doing everything so quickly, they were careful enough to ensure no damage on my properties. The fragile items, including the television and glass vases, were handled with uttermost care.
    For the first time, I felt a great difference and joy relocating.My encounters with the previous movers had not been as successful as this was. These people made a great difference in my relocation, and I must admit that. There is no doubt that everything was done to perfection. I did not have to struggle with anything. The self-driven movers ensured my properties were safe. I am yet to understand how they made possible such an amazing relocation. It was one of its own. Getting such services in this era is note something to be taken for granted. That is why I would like to express my heartfelt appreciations to the entire team, which was there for me when I needed them. The lovely work your performance they staged is something that will always remain in my memory. I will be looking forward to more relocation services like that; they are worth it!

    Move cost: $3100
  • Simon Butler
    5 1 year ago

    I am not going to be dishonest; I always feel uneasy trusting new people. It becomes even worse when I have to let them handle my properties. You can imagine how it was for me looking for a mover to relocate me to South Carolina. Previously, I had moved once, and the services that were offered were not impressive at all. As such, I needed new movers in as much as I was against. I was afraid of making compromised decisions, so I went to see one of my closest friends, John. I narrated my predicament, and he promised to help.
    A few days later and told me that he had found an awesome mover, which could assist me, relocate from Alabama in a memorable way. He offered me their details including the email address and their telephone. In as much as I didn’t want to doubt, I found myself feeling uneasy. Before advancing any steps, therefore, I did my research and found out what customers were saying about them. Most of their customers were contented with the relocation services and were willing to come back for more. That gave me a bot bit of confidence and was followed was a phone call. I got an opportunity of talking to one of their secretaries. From the moment we started until the end, she remained courteous. I was impressed by her eloquence and ability to elaborate all I needed to know. Before she was done, all the doubts in my mind had cleared off, so I went ahead to seek their services.
    On the agreed date of the relocation, they came in good time and carried out the relocation in one of the most captivating ways. I found myself staring at them in admiration. From what I could see, they were highly experienced and ready to do everything the perfect way. They had promised me a nice relocation and they were not going to fulfill. The expertise with which they handled most of the properties left me wondering how long they had been in that industry. Clearly, I had made a good choice, and I was enjoying the benefits.
    The positive self-drive they had made things even easier. There was no need for supervision because they were able to handle things on their own. Their sense of humility made the relocation even better. Given a chance to relocate again, I will choose this mover and never think of anything contrary. I do appreciate your relocation services, and I hope you will be able to offer me even better relocations in the future.

    Move cost: $2800
  • Clara Hopkins
    5 1 year ago

    Before I moved to North Carolina, I had so many doubts. Ideally, I did not believe there was one mover, which could assist me with awesome relocations. Based on agonizing experiences, I thought all mover were full of disappointments. If it were my wish, I would not have wanted to move at that time. However, the new business I had established in North Carolina needed my attention. Whichever way, I had to go for one relocation company to help me out. I chose Northern Star Moving Systems. I gave them a call, and we talked at length with their sales person. We agreed on the relocation date and time.
    On the agreed day of the relocation, the team arrived in the morning. From their faces, one could easily detect that they were out to do something different. I decided to compose myself and watch them carry out the initial relocation process. The organized team of relocation experts divided the tasks amongst themselves. With our cooperation, it was easy to handle the relocation. Unlike the previous cases, I was able to relocate in a peaceful and perfect way. Everyone involved showed a high level of commitment. From what I observed, they were willing to do everything it takes to ensure happiness on my face. Honestly, I cannot remember having any problems with them during the relocation. The entire team was disciplined. What inspired me is the fact that they were ready for consultations whenever necessary. They also made essential inquiries when they wanted to load certain items. Because of that, there was the safety of my properties. All my worries were melted down when the team was able to move all my properties without a single sign of damage.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Joyce Mackin
    1 1 year ago

    I am sad to say that I cannot give a good review to Northern Star Moving Systems. . Service representatives were all super nice and I was assured that using professional movers would be a good experience. But I was surprised at the condition of our furniture when all was said and done! My washing machine was dented and top corner smashed in. My foot board was cracked and most of the furniture arrived with visible scratches. Two of our small furniture items were destroyed beyond repair. Set up of beds and mirrors was not properly done and had to be redone later. I did not take out full insurance because I thought that professional movers would be careful with my property. It will not be worth filing a claim for the 60c per pound but I will learn from this bad experience and move on!

    Move cost: $6875
  • Joyce Mackin
    1 1 year ago

    I would give the service reps 5 stars because they were super nice to work with, but unfortunately I would have to give the move itself 1 star if that! I was very surprised at the

    Move cost: $6875
  • Annie Lim
    1 1 year ago

    This was an approximately 600 mile move between neighboring states that required a shuttle and I requested a pack of the kitchen. They were quick, but I noticed that they did not adequately pad all of the furniture as they loaded onto the truck. I had to go back through the kitchen multiple times as there were still full cabinets each time I looked. Tried to pack my TV in the box with moving blankets and no screen protection when I had all of the original packing material available. Put my printer in the box upside down with a little bit of bubble wrap. Just horrible.

    Delivery date was set for the 15-18th of this month. I finally got my stuff yesterday on the 30th. They were supposed to arrive at 8-9AM. I didn't hear a WORD from anyone until around 3 PM, saying they were going to be there at 6:30 PM.

    On arrival, about half of the boxes were crushed (most of them the kitchen boxes that I did not pack myself), set upside down. Furniture that wasn't padded was scuffed and scratched. Completely broke the headrest off of my office chair, separated the rear wheel of my bike from the frame, bent kitchen implements, lost pieces of my vacuum. Lost an entire side table. Dented wine fridge and all trash cans. I've done double digit interstate moves and this has been the worst experience.

    Move cost: $4000
  • Nicholas Dolphin
    1 1 year ago

    Just got off the phone with the "foreman" after our move window time but not before contacting customer service multiple times today to try to get ahold of anyone who could put us in touch with our movers. Alex on phone was pleasant and nice. The foreman however didnt see this as his problem "you pay the company not me." Was his exact words. Communication between the foreman and the company is 0% you will not get the same story from foreman to customer service. Customer service told use the foreman said it was a mechanical issue with his truck... he didnt have a truck available is what he said when I got him on the phone I'm still waiting to hear from a supervisor and will have plenty of time to keep everyone updated from my ride to Colorado to tell you how long it takes for that to happen. Today is Friday and the movers will not be here till 4pm est. Our window was 12-2. The foreman's rental truck(he doesnt have his own) wont be packed till 7-8pm. We allotted 2.5 days time to get back to Colorado this will not be happening now

    Move cost: $4100
  • Duane Drake
    5 2 years ago

    I am so much sure that they are the movers to relocate me in a future. I wouldn't want to hire out another relocation company. Surely, why would I settle for the better option if I already have the best? I believe that no single mover is a match to this relocation company. They for sure earned my trust. I liked the way they carried out the movement off every single piece of property from New York to Maryland. It was such a fantastic experience. I expect even better next time because they are so promising.

  • Patrick Manning
    5 2 years ago

    I value loyalty as an individual, so much. If I get a reliable service provider, I will always stick to it because I know the benefits. I have hired out Northern Star Moving Systems more than three times and they have consistently continue proving to me that it is worth trusting them. At no time have they accorded me pathetic services or something that I did not expect from them. In contrary, they keep getting better with each growing day. I am so sure they will serve me even better in my next relocation.

    Move cost: $2760
  • Deanna Buchanan
    5 2 years ago

    It is indeed a great honor knowing a relocation company like Northern Star Moving Systems. Those who have tried them out know it better. Barely two weeks ago, I moved into my new apartment in Florida. The relocation was facilitated by Northern Star Moving Systems crew. I must agree that they did quite a commendable job. There were no mistakes and the job was done just right and to perfection. Lots of thanks and gratitude to the crew.

    Move cost: $2650
  • Jonathon Lowe
    5 2 years ago

    We are very excited with the response these guys accorded us right from the time we contacted their manager and when we talked with their customer service team and till the time we moved with their movers. It was fun and interesting all through and we had the best moves of our lives ever since we had been moving. I recommend Northern Star Moving Systems to every serious movers, you will have the best experience with them.

    Move cost: $4400
  • Jennifer Page
    5 2 years ago

    It was a great experience; being relocated by your crew. They were so capable and acted so responsibly and skillfully during the relocation. What inspired me most was the fact that they were doing it passionately. They loved what they were doing and that’s what impressed me most. There were no quarrel or hassles during the relocation. That makes them even greater.

    Move cost: $3600
  • Timothy Bradley
    5 2 years ago

    I have no doubt they are the best choice of Relocation Company. In the past few years, I have gotten the opportunity to hire them out on three different occasions. Every time, they did a perfect job that left me smiling at the end of the day. It is like their services keep on improving with time as the rates get better. Their relocation team has a sense of hard work and commitment that will leave you with a challenge.

    Move cost: $2400
  • Louise Hoffman
    5 2 years ago

    When it comes to Northern Star Moving Systems, the word quality and inexpensive comes together. This is because they are dedicated to render perfect packing and moving service to their clients at any point time without charging huge amount of money for the service. The guys rendered their perfect service to me making my move amazingly perfect at affordable and unbeatable rate. Thank you so much for the wonderful service.

    Move cost: $3170
  • Weronika Donnelly
    5 2 years ago

    They are everything I have ever wanted in service companies. They are all that I have always needed. They possess all the qualities I have always desired in a service provider. From the dedication to hard work to diligence, they are just so much different from many movers. I keep wondering where they got such a capable team of experts. Whichever way, they gave me their best and I trust them now ever than before.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Shyam Callaghan
    5 2 years ago

    This was my first move. And it frightened me! I was especially nervous as I'm sculptor and have a lot valuable monument that needed extra care. I read a lot of reviews on a lot of sites, but in the end this company was offered by my landlord. I decided to follow his advice and I'm happy I did it.
    The team did a fantastic job to help me moving! They were efficient and professional and nice. They were so careful with my values. Even though these are very heavy items, but from the side it seemed that it was not at all difficult for them. They was still as nice as they were in the first few minutes of work. When they loaded everything into the truck, they asked me to check everything. None of my items were damaged and they moved only after my approval. They promised me that everything would be delivered without damage and scratches and they did it! Unloading also went smoothly.
    Now the move does not scare me as much as before. Because I found my guys!

    Move cost: $1970
  • Saima Anderson
    5 2 years ago

    I had the pleasure of working with Northern Star Moving Systems recently and I am very glad that I chose them for my long distance move. They are very professional and they are everything you will need! They move you very smoothly and professionally. My long distance move was like a breeze. The moving team came on time and packed everything very nicely. The moving, loading and unloading were all done with a lot of care and there were no signs of damage. It really turned out to be a damage move! Thanks a lot guys! I also appreciated how you kept the price the same. You really are unique. I will highly recommend you to all.

    Move cost: $4190
  • Abiha Robertson
    5 2 years ago

    I contracted Northern Star Moving Systems approximately a month and a half ago, I moved from Los Angeles California to Toledo Ohio. I was contacted by Northern Star Moving Systems in regarding my move and they gave me a reasonable quote. Everything went fairly well, the guys were about 15 minutes late but the ethic of work these guys had was amazing. The price went up $150 only for the stairs so i was pretty pleased, it made me feel a lot better about it as well that the money for stairs actually went to the men themselves for the labor. I've always believed that good work should be compensated for. I was very surprised to see the negativity that other people are displaying below me. I watched the videos and they were about other moving companies, I don't see the relationship with Northern Star Moving Systems. I would always be more than happy to recommend these young men that are out there every day breaking their backs for a paycheck. THEY ACTUALLY CARE

    Move cost: $3850
  • Antonina Caldwell
    5 2 years ago

    Good Morning! I am happy to report a good move! Before I moved everyone warned me about moving companies and how disgusting they were, so I did a lot of research and think. These movers got to both locations on time and all of them were amazing! Each made sure that my things were loaded the right way!! If it was not for them my things would have been broken or damaged. This was the best decision I have made in a long time and I am glad that I chose them!

    Move cost: $3400
  • Sianna Ponce
    5 2 years ago

    They gave me a very reasonable quote to begin with. It was really easy getting a quote from them, unlike many other companies. And then their crew showed up on time. I have no issues about recommending them after such a good job. My valuables were moved to my new house without any damages.

    Move cost: $4400
  • Vinnie Keenan
    5 2 years ago

    Firstly, they really know what to do. They were so professional, friendly and fast. They downloaded my stuff in record time! And nothing was broken. They also figured a way to move some furniture through some tight spots.
    Secondly, they have a wonderful proposal - finance your move. I paid a part at once and now I pay the rest. It is very convenient!

    Move cost: $3200
  • Alex Barrett
    5 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, when my family and I had to move, I was been in an another city. My wife had to charge of the moving. And she had no issues with the move and that’s because we found these good people. The guys that showed up were simply awesome! These movers were experienced and friendly. They arrived on time and delivered our belongings when they said they would. I appreciated their effort to help her move everything in such an efficiently and stress-free.

    Move cost: $1800
  • Ashley Kane
    1 2 years ago

    If there was a way to give a negative star rating, this place would have it, based on my experience today and level of unprofessionalism.

    Last week, I entered my moving info into a website just to get an idea on costs. Immediately my phone starts BLOWING up, mostly this number for Northern Star Moving in Utah. I am currently working full time, like most human beings. However, leave a message. This company is savage and just keep calling, continuously, even when I send them to voicemail. Today. I was walking into an important meeting and this number called me THREE times, so I sent them to voicemail. No message left, they just called again, for a FOURTH time. At this point I start to cmwonder if it’s an emergency with my kids, or family or something that extreme that someone needs to talk to me like that importantly, so I quickly answer as I’m walking into an important work conference, no phones allowed. She starts her introduction asking if i was Ashley, I said yes and she starts with the whole moving ordeal. I’m just slightly annoyed, since this is 4 calls within 3 minutes, and I’m getting the look from my employers, so I ended the call on my cell, without saying a word. l didn’t say anything because I didn’t need my employers to think I was playing on my phone, so the next step...I get this TEXT message, that I kid you not, I’m copying and pasting here...

    “If you're not moving all you have to do is say so. Instead of being rude and hanging up in someones face. When you dont tell us you're not moving, you continue to get calls. FYI”

    Not sure how you hang up in someone’s face, but that’s besides the point of unprofessionalism. If there was ever a chance I would hire and trust them with my valuables and family heirlooms, that text message sealed the deal of HELL NO, and you can bet that I’ll spread the word of the level of immaturity that this business conducts themselves with. Would LOVE to hear from a manager or supervisor on that one. I’m my line of business, i help people on a regular basis relocate and make arrangements to do so,m, and this company will also be on the ‘definitely DONT call them” list. Hey management. Feel free to email me [email protected] Then again, a lack of response will just justify my thought that this company is the furthest from professional ever, I can’t imagine what my belongings would look like after trusting them to be driven across the country, if they ever even arrived at all.

    Move cost: $1
  • Hollie Barrett
    5 2 years ago

    Reviews online influenced me to chose this company. I was impressed with my movers. I have a fairly big house, so moving is not an easy task. And they handled everything wonderfully. They worked very hard and made sure I was happy with the placement of my items when they reached my new home.

    Move cost: $2800
  • Emily Hall
    5 2 years ago

    I rented it to move my mother. She was very nervous and apprehensive about her valuables getting damaged in the move. I can't say enough good things about the guys that moved us. Our movers were prompt and efficient, and willing to do whatever we needed done. They explained every little step with us, and they were able to balance handling her property with care and moving everything quickly and efficiently.

    Move cost: $4300
  • Caleb Duncan
    5 2 years ago

    They really made me feel like they cared. Everyone at Northern Star Moving Systems did they upmost to answer my questions and make sure that I was happy or needed anything else with my move. When it came to the price the price stayed the same all the way to the delivery. I knew exactly what to pay at the time of delivery, they kept me well prepared and well informed during my move!

    Move cost: $3300
  • Maddox Carter
    5 2 years ago

    The movers were fantastic as well! Nothing was damaged and I believe it was because they wrapped everything up so well. Everything was super protected and cushioned. And the best part is that they were there when they said they would! I recommend them to everyone who wants the job done right!

    Move cost: $1800
  • Phoebe Lee
    5 2 years ago

    If it was not for my neighbor I would have not chosen them. I had my eye set on another company but my neighbor moved many times with Northern Star Moving Systems. And I have to admit it but he was right. It was a great job and they were great people. They were funny and fun to move with. My things were not damaged. I actually got my things on time and with no problems. I just really appreciate their efforts.

    Move cost: $3000
  • Aidan Matthews
    5 2 years ago

    If you want to get a very smooth and affordable move then you must hire the best movers for the job. Using professional movers is nothing new to me, but none of them were as qualified. They packed everything so well which made me feel a lot better about the move. They were prompt and time efficient. You guys made this move so much easier!

    Move cost: $1900
  • Brice Terry
    5 2 years ago

    I have to say honestly. When they offered me a partial payment (finance your move), I thought - well, I can say that I didn't like their work and I don't have to pay! But these guys had earned every cent! They were so helpful, caring and professional. All my items arrived without damage, nothing was lost. Thank you again for your excellent work!

    Move cost: $2200
  • Addyson Watson
    5 2 years ago

    I can be very picky and annoying, I admit, but not once did anyone make me feel like what I wanted bothered them. They were always happy to spoke with me and they always had a smile. They called me ahead of time to make sure I would be ready when they got there. Nothing was broken or damaged and I knew exactly what I needed to pay and that amount stayed the same throughout my whole move. I could have not been happier!

    Move cost: $4400
  • Eliza Gardner
    5 2 years ago

    I was searching for a good moving company last month. Reason is my husband and his new job. These people were great! And definitely the service was errorless. The guys who did the moving, were polite, worked steadily and efficiently asked questions when needed. Very professional people, I must say.

    Move cost: $4100
  • Charlie Phelps
    5 2 years ago

    Northern Star Moving Systems are a marvelous mover. I heard their name from one of my friends. Their manager was totally helpful with me. They didn’t delay a minute to arrive on moving day. They were decent and trained movers. Northern Star Moving Systems always informed me the status of my stuffs. They were responsible and replied at prompt pace whenever I phoned or sent email. It was a little difference between their previous and last bill. I was unable to raise finger only for this purpose. Because just before the loading day, I purchased some items those were not in my given inventory. They have been superb.

    Move cost: $4400
  • Leo Gray
    5 2 years ago

    Deep inside me, I was so much troubled. But the follow ups by the staff in the days leading up to the move removed any anxiety I had in hiring those company. They answered all my questions, kept me informed of all the movements of my crew, like the time of their arrival and so on. I am a cautious person when it comes to having unknown people in my personal space, but with this company, there were no awkward feelings or wariness. And even when I left them and they were still able to produce diligent and excellent results. The delivery was made on time and honestly I have nothing to complain about. I just wanted to thank you guys!!

    Move cost: $2800
  • Belen Keller
    5 2 years ago

    I am grateful for your services! The people who came for the relocation were great from the beginning to the end. They made everything look so simple and stress free that I can never say enough good things about them. The staffs were friendly and helpful. It was a very nice experience collaborating with them and they made sure that all my things were in good condition by the end of the relocation. I do not see why I should not seek their services in future.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Rachel Johnson
    5 2 years ago

    They were on time, polite, fast, and made moving actually pretty fun. Moving can be such a pain, but I would do it again because they made it so easy and quick. The wrapped the furniture fast and efficient and we were very impressed by the way they worked. They were quick and professional. No hidden fees and I would recommend.

    Move cost: $3200
  • Chelsea Underwood
    5 2 years ago

    Recently used Northern Star Moving Systems for a move. Great guys, they arrived right on time, were very professional and friendly, worked in a timely fashion. Appreciated that they took the time to carefully cover all large items to prevent scratches or damage to walls, etc. One item was slightly damaged and they promptly handled the issue and rectified the situation. Would use again.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Isaac Andrews
    5 2 years ago

    The young men who did our move were very respectful and went above and beyond what I expected. Thanks to their trustworthy movers, all our belongings were delivered to us without any problems. Their skill, precision and professionalism made the move so easy for us. Please give them a kudos for the excellent job they did.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Addison Blackwell
    5 2 years ago

    I am happy! They did it good way. The services were worth talking about. The relocation was smooth and undoubtedly reliable. I had no idea that it was going to be that glorious. Now I know whom to hire out next time :)

    Move cost: $2600
  • Isabelle Marshall
    5 2 years ago

    They were a little late when I was waiting for them in my new home. But these guys did a good job, despite the narrow corridors and a lot of stairs in my new home. All my furniture and walls were left without scratches. And also for me it was a very pleasant surprise that they cleaned after themselves!

    Move cost: $1800
  • Bradley Nash
    5 2 years ago

    I found their service to be pretty good. All I had to do was make a call to them and they answered all my questions with patience and gave me the assurance that I don’t have to worry a bit about the safety of my items. They were friendly and take pride in the work that they do.

    Move cost: $2200
  • Sherlyn Dotson
    5 2 years ago

    This was my first time using a moving company. I am glad I decided not to be so stubborn and finally pay somebody. Thank you for a job well done. Would recommend to everyone.

    Move cost: $1900
  • Maddox Macdonald
    5 2 years ago

    I was contacted by Bob at Northern Star Moving Systems he went through the inventory in my home. He was extremely quick and thorough! I was moving from California to Florida, a very long move, I was very nervous. The movers showed up worked very quickly, and professionally. The price was accurate the move was on time and we were very happy. I am no longer nervous, use Northstar they did a great job!

    Move cost: $3700

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