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22 reviews for Northern Star Moving Systems

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  • Ashley Kane
    1 10 hours ago

    If there was a way to give a negative star rating, this place would have it, based on my experience today and level of unprofessionalism.

    Last week, I entered my moving info into a website just to get an idea on costs. Immediately my phone starts BLOWING up, mostly this number for Northern Star Moving in Utah. I am currently working full time, like most human beings. However, leave a message. This company is savage and just keep calling, continuously, even when I send them to voicemail. Today. I was walking into an important meeting and this number called me THREE times, so I sent them to voicemail. No message left, they just called again, for a FOURTH time. At this point I start to cmwonder if it’s an emergency with my kids, or family or something that extreme that someone needs to talk to me like that importantly, so I quickly answer as I’m walking into an important work conference, no phones allowed. She starts her introduction asking if i was Ashley, I said yes and she starts with the whole moving ordeal. I’m just slightly annoyed, since this is 4 calls within 3 minutes, and I’m getting the look from my employers, so I ended the call on my cell, without saying a word. l didn’t say anything because I didn’t need my employers to think I was playing on my phone, so the next step...I get this TEXT message, that I kid you not, I’m copying and pasting here...

    “If you're not moving all you have to do is say so. Instead of being rude and hanging up in someones face. When you dont tell us you're not moving, you continue to get calls. FYI”

    Not sure how you hang up in someone’s face, but that’s besides the point of unprofessionalism. If there was ever a chance I would hire and trust them with my valuables and family heirlooms, that text message sealed the deal of HELL NO, and you can bet that I’ll spread the word of the level of immaturity that this business conducts themselves with. Would LOVE to hear from a manager or supervisor on that one. I’m my line of business, i help people on a regular basis relocate and make arrangements to do so,m, and this company will also be on the ‘definitely DONT call them” list. Hey management. Feel free to email me Then again, a lack of response will just justify my thought that this company is the furthest from professional ever, I can’t imagine what my belongings would look like after trusting them to be driven across the country, if they ever even arrived at all.

    Move cost: $1
  • Finlay Hunt
    5 17 hours ago

    A lot people talk that the moving industry companies are bad but I guess I just found a really good company. They kept their word on a few things. One, they were on time and also called me several times to make sure I was prepared for the arrival times. Two, all my items arrived without problems or damage. They kept in contact with me throughout the whole entire move.

    Move cost: $3100
  • Hollie Barrett
    5 1 day ago

    Reviews online influenced me to chose this company. I was impressed with my movers. I have a fairly big house, so moving is not an easy task. And they handled everything wonderfully. They worked very hard and made sure I was happy with the placement of my items when they reached my new home.

    Move cost: $2800
  • Emily Hall
    5 2 days ago

    I rented it to move my mother. She was very nervous and apprehensive about her valuables getting damaged in the move. I can't say enough good things about the guys that moved us. Our movers were prompt and efficient, and willing to do whatever we needed done. They explained every little step with us, and they were able to balance handling her property with care and moving everything quickly and efficiently.

    Move cost: $4300
  • Caleb Duncan
    5 3 days ago

    They really made me feel like they cared. Everyone at Northern Star Moving Systems did they upmost to answer my questions and make sure that I was happy or needed anything else with my move. When it came to the price the price stayed the same all the way to the delivery. I knew exactly what to pay at the time of delivery, they kept me well prepared and well informed during my move!

    Move cost: $3300
  • Maddox Carter
    5 4 days ago

    The movers were fantastic as well! Nothing was damaged and I believe it was because they wrapped everything up so well. Everything was super protected and cushioned. And the best part is that they were there when they said they would! I recommend them to everyone who wants the job done right!

    Move cost: $1800
  • Phoebe Lee
    5 5 days ago

    If it was not for my neighbor I would have not chosen them. I had my eye set on another company but my neighbor moved many times with Northern Star Moving Systems. And I have to admit it but he was right. It was a great job and they were great people. They were funny and fun to move with. My things were not damaged. I actually got my things on time and with no problems. I just really appreciate their efforts.

    Move cost: $3000
  • Aidan Matthews
    5 7 days ago

    If you want to get a very smooth and affordable move then you must hire the best movers for the job. Using professional movers is nothing new to me, but none of them were as qualified. They packed everything so well which made me feel a lot better about the move. They were prompt and time efficient. You guys made this move so much easier!

    Move cost: $1900
  • Brice Terry
    5 1 week ago

    I have to say honestly. When they offered me a partial payment (finance your move), I thought - well, I can say that I didn't like their work and I don't have to pay! But these guys had earned every cent! They were so helpful, caring and professional. All my items arrived without damage, nothing was lost. Thank you again for your excellent work!

    Move cost: $2200
  • Addyson Watson
    5 1 week ago

    I can be very picky and annoying, I admit, but not once did anyone make me feel like what I wanted bothered them. They were always happy to spoke with me and they always had a smile. They called me ahead of time to make sure I would be ready when they got there. Nothing was broken or damaged and I knew exactly what I needed to pay and that amount stayed the same throughout my whole move. I could have not been happier!

    Move cost: $4400
  • Eliza Gardner
    5 1 week ago

    I was searching for a good moving company last month. Reason is my husband and his new job. These people were great! And definitely the service was errorless. The guys who did the moving, were polite, worked steadily and efficiently asked questions when needed. Very professional people, I must say.

    Move cost: $4100
  • Charlie Phelps
    5 1 week ago

    Northern Star Moving Systems are a marvelous mover. I heard their name from one of my friends. Their manager was totally helpful with me. They didn’t delay a minute to arrive on moving day. They were decent and trained movers. Northern Star Moving Systems always informed me the status of my stuffs. They were responsible and replied at prompt pace whenever I phoned or sent email. It was a little difference between their previous and last bill. I was unable to raise finger only for this purpose. Because just before the loading day, I purchased some items those were not in my given inventory. They have been superb.

    Move cost: $4400
  • Leo Gray
    5 1 week ago

    Deep inside me, I was so much troubled. But the follow ups by the staff in the days leading up to the move removed any anxiety I had in hiring those company. They answered all my questions, kept me informed of all the movements of my crew, like the time of their arrival and so on. I am a cautious person when it comes to having unknown people in my personal space, but with this company, there were no awkward feelings or wariness. And even when I left them and they were still able to produce diligent and excellent results. The delivery was made on time and honestly I have nothing to complain about. I just wanted to thank you guys!!

    Move cost: $2800
  • Belen Keller
    5 1 week ago

    I am grateful for your services! The people who came for the relocation were great from the beginning to the end. They made everything look so simple and stress free that I can never say enough good things about them. The staffs were friendly and helpful. It was a very nice experience collaborating with them and they made sure that all my things were in good condition by the end of the relocation. I do not see why I should not seek their services in future.

    Move cost: $2000
  • Rachel Johnson
    5 3 weeks ago

    They were on time, polite, fast, and made moving actually pretty fun. Moving can be such a pain, but I would do it again because they made it so easy and quick. The wrapped the furniture fast and efficient and we were very impressed by the way they worked. They were quick and professional. No hidden fees and I would recommend.

    Move cost: $3200
  • Chelsea Underwood
    5 3 weeks ago

    Recently used Northern Star Moving Systems for a move. Great guys, they arrived right on time, were very professional and friendly, worked in a timely fashion. Appreciated that they took the time to carefully cover all large items to prevent scratches or damage to walls, etc. One item was slightly damaged and they promptly handled the issue and rectified the situation. Would use again.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Isaac Andrews
    5 3 weeks ago

    The young men who did our move were very respectful and went above and beyond what I expected. Thanks to their trustworthy movers, all our belongings were delivered to us without any problems. Their skill, precision and professionalism made the move so easy for us. Please give them a kudos for the excellent job they did.

    Move cost: $3800
  • Addison Blackwell
    5 3 weeks ago

    I am happy! They did it good way. The services were worth talking about. The relocation was smooth and undoubtedly reliable. I had no idea that it was going to be that glorious. Now I know whom to hire out next time :)

    Move cost: $2600
  • Isabelle Marshall
    5 3 weeks ago

    They were a little late when I was waiting for them in my new home. But these guys did a good job, despite the narrow corridors and a lot of stairs in my new home. All my furniture and walls were left without scratches. And also for me it was a very pleasant surprise that they cleaned after themselves!

    Move cost: $1800
  • Bradley Nash
    5 3 weeks ago

    I found their service to be pretty good. All I had to do was make a call to them and they answered all my questions with patience and gave me the assurance that I don’t have to worry a bit about the safety of my items. They were friendly and take pride in the work that they do.

    Move cost: $2200
  • Sherlyn Dotson
    5 3 weeks ago

    This was my first time using a moving company. I am glad I decided not to be so stubborn and finally pay somebody. Thank you for a job well done. Would recommend to everyone.

    Move cost: $1900
  • Maddox Macdonald
    5 3 weeks ago

    I was contacted by Bob at Northern Star Moving Systems he went through the inventory in my home. He was extremely quick and thorough! I was moving from California to Florida, a very long move, I was very nervous. The movers showed up worked very quickly, and professionally. The price was accurate the move was on time and we were very happy. I am no longer nervous, use Northstar they did a great job!

    Move cost: $3700

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