Written by: Kate Becker

Moving soon? Have you realized that decluttering is just as important as the packing and moving process itself? After going over your moving checklist, it’s time to take action. Do it now, when you’re in the thick of all the planning and arranging. And this isn’t your standard spring cleaning. Your home and all of your belongings will be thoroughly inspected. To make things a little bit simpler, we at Verified Movers have put up this guide on how to declutter your home in preparation for your next move.

declutter your home and get rid of the cluttered space
Decluttering your space prior to moving will make the whole process much easier.

Where to start?

After transferring everything, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the things you’ve already taken with you. To begin, make sure everything is in order. Taking a tour of the house and creating a step-by-step strategy are the finest approaches. Going room by room until everything is ready and packed. It’s best to start with the less-used parts of the house like the garage, basement, and attic. Everything from clothes to tools to outdated gadgets to seasonal stuff should be inspected. Assemble piles for each area and get your takeaway ready. You’ll be able to keep track of how many goods are still remaining to pack and ship. Afterward, you may get in touch with some of the best long-distance movers and go through the specifics.

Decluttering is an awesome way of saving money

Professional movers have a wide range of skills, expertise, and experience. The more details you can provide, however, the simpler and more efficient your move will be. Moreover, it will be less expensive. Reduce the weight of your belongings by eliminating one or two boxes from each room. It’s also easier to load and unload the truck because there are fewer goods to travel and move. This is a terrific approach to save money on moving charges because the procedure is much faster. It’s a great method to save money on your move without having to work too hard. To get rid of it all, you just gather up the willpower.

Additionally, by discarding some of the goods, you will create new possibilities. Perhaps you’ll require a smaller vehicle, fewer employees to transport your belongings, and less moving gear. This is why, prior to the relocation, you must tidy your home. It will assist you significantly in a variety of ways.

Once you declutter your home, you’ll feel a lot more refreshed

Pay close attention to your clothes, as well as the clothing of each family member. We’re certain there will be seasonal stuff, worn-out clothing, and ripped pieces. Perhaps some of it is OK to discard. Examine your socks, scarfs, and ties, as well as any other items that may be taking up room in your drawer. All of those goods may be neatly packaged and donated to a nearby shelter or The Salvation Army. Additionally, peruse the Christmas decorations, ski equipment, gardening tools, and other stuff. If you declutter your home prior to the relocation, you will find that your new home has more room. It’ll come in useful if you’re downsizing and have limited space for particular products.

a woman packing clothes
When trying to declutter your home, pay close attention to your clothes and see what you can do without.

However, if you choose to retain all or a portion of your belongings, there is a solution. Becoming a storage unit owner is not prohibitively expensive. Consult some of the moving businesses that rent storage facilities to find an affordable option. We propose that you check with some of the cross-country moving companies Aurora what your options are. Here you’ll find a variety of storage options in a variety of forms and sizes to suit your specific needs. Consider this alternative as well.

Getting rid of the old and replacing it with the new

It would be incredible if we could all replace our whole wardrobe every year. And everything else around the house. However, very few people can afford that. We tend to emotionally attach to certain objects and carry them through our lives for many years before finally deciding to sell. It has been proven that replacing objects on a regular basis actually saves more money than getting them repaired every so often. In order to achieve your goals and stay within your budget, create a strategy to replace your old items and stick to it. This is far better than having two televisions, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator sitting in the basement waiting for a repair.

Organizing and keeping up your new home

To keep your new apartment from becoming even more cluttered, there are a few methods you can follow to maintain it all neat and tidy. Several noteworthy examples include the following:

  • Excessive purchases – Count to 10 before purchasing that light. Do you truly need another? You already own five. Consider the following before succumbing to the 75% off bargain. Those goods are frequently left lying around the house with no function.
  • Declutter your home regularly – Remind yourself from time to time. At least once every three months, it would be prudent to plan a decluttering procedure akin to spring cleaning. Clutter appears out of nowhere, so make sure to discard it on a regular basis.
  • Cleaning – Okay, we all wash our dishes and clothing on a daily basis. However, if you set aside 15 minutes every day to complete one cleaning task, you will save spending hours cleaning your house over the weekend. Today, broom, and tomorrow, vacuum, and you will maintain your home clean.
  • Weekends are for cleaning – Although some of us may not have time to clean throughout the workweek. Therefore, if this is more convenient for you, schedule a weekly cleaning day. Examine your timetable and devise a strategy.
a woman holding cleaning products
Upkeeping and maintaining your new residence will ensure that you never have to deal with clutter again.

Finally, you’ve learned the best approach to declutter your home before moving. This isn’t going to be simple, but with a good strategy, it will be a lot less difficult. Yes, it’s going to be difficult on your emotions, but think of your new home, a fresh start, and all the new things you’ll be bringing into your home. Only keep the things that mean the most to you, but get rid of the things that can be replaced. Feel free to contact long-distance moving companies Aurora for help. The best of luck to you!