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Top 10 states people are moving out of

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Moving company business is rapidly growing and there are reasons for it. People are moving every day and moving companies are needed more and more. Some of these people are moving to a nearby place, locally or long distance but in the same state. But there is a number of people moving out of the state. That is affecting a moving business in a positive way since movers are growing and developing. The more people move, there are more diverse services that movers are offering. But there is a bad side to it as well since the states people are moving out of obviously have some things they need to work on. And the reasons are different from state to state.

Why is this happening?

There are many reasons people are moving out of their state. Many studies are conducted with the goal to discover the reasons for people relocating from one state to another. Sometimes it is the state nearby and sometimes people move far away. Some of these reasons are:

  • States people are moving out of are having higher expenses of living than the ones people are moving to
  • Climate is not suitable for these people any longer so they move to the sunnier of less sunny states
  • Better business opportunities
  • Starting college in the other state
  • Retiring and wanting to make a change
A moving truck on the road
Many people are moving to another state     since living there is cheaper or they can find                                 a job easier

States people are moving out of

Being aware of the reasons people are leaving the state, you probably understand that it doesn’t always mean that the state people are leaving had bad conditions. They probably just found better ones or the place that suits them more. Having this in mind, here is a list of the first10 states people are moving out of.

At the moment, New Jersey is the number one on the list of the 10 states people are moving out of

This is the state that has the most moves across the border. Even with beautiful art and culture scene, many of them are leaving for the job opportunities, but there are other reasons for New Jersey to be on the list of the top 10 states people are moving out of. Taxes are highest in this state. Also, it has the most residents compared to the size of the state. Long-distance movers New Jersey will move you anywhere you want. This is the first time ever for New Jersey to be the number one state people are leaving, with 66,8% of all the moves were to another state in 2018.

New Jersey is on the list of the states people are moving out of
New Jersey is losing the most                                   residents every year

New York

There seem to be many reasons for leaving New York City. First, there are cold winters in upstate New York. Some move out of the state, and some move across New York to another place. There is also high taxes and poor job market that are driving people away. Also, hight living costs are to blame. This city is known for being the place many people dream of since it has all the amazing events and places like Broadway, but there are just reasons some of them can’t afford it.


There have been a 65,9% moves to out of Illinois between 2017. and 2018. This is a huge number of people leaving their homes. Long-distance movers Illinois are here for your move. The state has been on a downfall regarding the number of citizens for 15 years now. Here, as well, high taxes and lack of jobs are the major problems. Winters are harsh as well. It is not a surprise Illinois is on the list of top 10 states people are moving out of.


Even with Vermont so close, the state of Connecticut has a downfall like neighboring New York. Long-distance moving companies Connecticut are working more and more here since altogether 62% of moves in this state were of people leaving it. Reason for moving out of the state seems to be high taxes. Especially the new laws regarding taxes are driving more and more people out of the state.

Connecticut is on the list of top 20 states people are moving of
Connecticut is a beautiful place but some               people would rather move away


For the last five years, more people moved out of Kansas than moved in. In fact, 58,7 of all the moves in Kansas were to another state, and not within the borders. Lack of job opportunities is the primary reason people are moving out of Kansas.


The main reason for so many people leaving Maryland seems to be a high crime rate. More people are leaving this state than moving in. Most people leaving are looking for better job opportunities. A large number of people are moving out so they can retire someplace else. In case you need to move out of Maryland, hire one of the many professional moving companies that Verified Movers has to recommend.


With beautiful beaches and palms and a huge number of tourists coming to Hawaii annually, it might seem impossible someone would wish to leave it. But long-distance movers Hawaii are having plenty of jobs moving people out of the state. The cost of living is unbelievably high here and property values are through the roof. This is the main reason Hawaii is on the list of 10 states people are moving out of.

Being one of the most beautiful states,         in Hawaii, tourism is ever-growing and prices                 of living are trough the roof


People looking for jobs are the people leaving Massachusetts. Not the long-distance movers Massachusetts. They have plenty. Weather is also one of the big reasons young people are not coming back when they finish college.


In 6 years, Louisiana lost about 50% of all the residents. It happened after Hurricane Katrina. Some of them moved back in later, but most stayed outside of the state of Louisiana. This is why long-distance movers Louisiana are ready to move you at any time.


Last on the list of top 10 states people are moving out of, California is struggling with high costs of housing. Long-distance movers California will move you with care.  People that want to own a house are mostly the ones leaving the state. Another huge problem is a commute since there is a big traffic problem.

With so many people moving out of these states, it is no wonder that moving companies are growing bigger every day. And moving out of a country is not always a bad thing. It means you did not give up and that you are looking for a solution and a better place to live in. And being on a top 10 countries people are moving out of is not always the bad thing. Maybe older people are moving out to retire and the young ones are moving in. It’s a good thing, even if the state is seemingly at loss.

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