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Moving from Indiana to Florida

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Are you trying to figure out if moving from Indiana to Florida is the right choice for you? And you can’t quite make that final call. You just need to do more research, and lucky for you, your cross country movers Florida have done the hard work for you. So let’s get down to business. First of all, thousands of people move in and out of Florida every month. Yes, we included moving out in that figure for a reason. Truth be told, moving from Indiana to Florida isn’t going to be for everyone. Moral of the story, it’s smart not to rush your decision. Whether or not you should move to the Sunshine State should be a choice that is made after you have spent considerable time deliberating on all of the possible impacts it will have on your life.

What is living in Florida actually like?

Now let’s look at some facts that could help you with this choice. We are going to investigate what the city is best for work or retirement. We’re going to go over the issues of extreme exposure to the sun. No, we didn’t forget one thing. Because as a moving broker that works in a network of some of the finest Indiana interstate moving companies, we love are a job, and we do it well. There are so many questions you should be asking yourself. And we hope that this article will help you focus on some of the more important questions.

Tablet, coffe mug, donuts
Read on carefully to learn how these factors could possibly influence your daily life in the foreseeable future.

First, learn about the pros and cons of moving from Indiana to Florida.

No matter where you end up after moving from Indiana to Florida, you will find that certain pros and cons apply to the majority of the state’s cities. And their residents. Just as an example, can you tolerate the heat well? Though points like this may seem avoidable, everyday lifestyle factors like the weather will undoubtedly affect the quality of your life. Even more, than you’d think.

1. Pros of Florida Living

First, let’s talk about why it would be a good idea to relocate to Florida. Here are some lifestyle points that Florida has going for it. Will they be enough to make Florida look far more attractive than Indiana?

  • Florida has no state income tax.
  • Housings costs are fairly low.
  • The Sunshine State offers world-class beaches and outdoor entertainment.
  • No snow – all sunshine – year-round.
  • Florida residents have discounts on local attractions.
  • There are many excellent communities committed to retirees and snowbirds. 
Florida beach
Florida is known for its beaches and attractions, but it also has a lot of hidden perks that longtime residents enjoy all year round. Make sure you find activities that speak to you and go out and do them.

2. Cons of moving from Indiana to Florida

So why are then cases of people flocking to Florida but end up leaving a few years later? Maybe it’s one of these cons of moving from Indiana to Florida that they no longer wanted to have to deal with:

  • Hurricanes and extreme heat along with humidity are a common occurrence.
  • The state is extremely flat, with mountains and valleys to gaze upon.
  • There are too many tourists.
  • Insurance costs are higher.
  • The Sunshine State is home to lots of snakes and alligators.

Research the top cities in Florida, then plan to visit them if possible.

Saying that certain cities are the best places to live in Florida is largely subjective. What works for us, might not work for you. It would require each individual to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of a city in question. Your choice in a city could make or break the lengthiness of your stay in Florida. Which city will become your permanent residence after moving from Indiana to Florida?

One major benefit of choosing Florida is that there is a vast array of worthy cities and metropolitan areas to choose from! And all of them are within close range to a beach paradise. Here’s the best way to decide. First, pick a couple of cities of interest in different parts of Florida. Then plan on visiting them and spending a few days in each. That’s the perfect way to ensure you’ve had a firsthand look at where you might be living.

Have a solid plan for dealing with hurricanes after moving from Indiana to Florida

  • You need to make sure you are always wearing sunscreen. And if you’re extra sensitive to the sun, wear a hat with a large brim. Also, find breathable clothing that can cover as much of your skin as possible.
  • Make sure you install the PC at your house. Always have an extra unit on hand if possible. Or have some cash stashed for unexpected and sudden repairs. Ensure that you don’t have to deal with the heat for long. 
  • Take advantage of the breeze and the nice weather during the morning and evening hours. Time of day is crucial for outdoor activities in Florida. Also, stay inside during the high afternoon heat.
  • Be responsible and educate yourself about hurricane zones. You need to know if you live in a mandatory evacuation zone for hurricanes. Prepare for an emergency by going over the evacuation routes both on paper and by driving them. 
  • Keep a hurricane kit in the house ready for use. Install necessary storm shutters in your home. It’s also smart to keep a safe with all-important family paperwork.


Insurance for moving from Indiana to Florida
Make sure your home has the best insurance that can cover your damage in case of floods and strong wind.


There are a lot of tasks to complete when relocating across the country. The most effective way when it comes to moving from Indiana to Florida is to create a checklist of those chores. Before doing anything from the list, break it down into weekly sections. It’s OK to start with four weeks out, but two months before would be best. Call us to help you relocate and let us also mark this important date in your life on our calendar. We’ll help you with every moving and packing tip that’s out there, like when you should transfer utilities or when you need to rent a storage unit. You can have a smooth relocation, just rely on us!

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