Written by: Madeline Blake

Transporting a piano is always a feat that requires a great deal of planning. From the very first step and organization of packing the piano, up to the point when you’re supposed to put it into the right place, moving of a piano will be slightly complicated. What people usually don’t understand is that packing, loading, and unpacking of a piano isn’t all there is to the job. One of the aspects of a piano move is to know how to transport a piano across the country. You need to be able to do it safely. Otherwise, you may damage the piano or you may represent a traffic hazard. The last thing that you would want is to get pulled over by the police because you have not secured the piano in the right way. Therefore, stay with us and find out how to safely transport a piano across the country.

Man playing a piano into the sunset

Protect the piano well for the move

Your safest bet when you need to transport piano across the country

Let’s face it. There is only one way that will ensure that your piano reaches destination undamaged and on time when moving long distance. You will need to hire a reliable moving company in order to make your transport as safe as possible.

Moving by yourself is great when you have the means and the knowledge to do it. However, not many of us have the tools to move pianos. We certainly do not have the right tools to transport a piano across the country. Just imagine trying to fit your piano into your car. Funny though, isn’t it?

On the other hand, should you rent out a moving truck, what are you going to do with the piano? Carry it over your shoulder as if it were a bag? Or getting six of your friends to help it?

Therefore, in the case that you are looking to move a piano as quickly, safely and trouble-free as possible, get help from moving professionals. They are not called professionals for whatever reason. Therefore, we would suggest giving them a call immediately.

If you are eager to transport a piano across the country by yourself

In the case that you are staying firm behind your decision to transport a piano across the country by yourself, you should make sure to do it in the right way and lift properly. The flow should be the following:

  1. Prepare the piano for the move
  2. Safely carry it down the stairs
  3. Load it onto a moving truck
  4. Secure it tightly
  5. Unload
  6. Carry it to its place in your new house or in your new apartment

Preparing the piano for transport

Out of the six segments of the move mentioned above, there are three crucial ones. All of them include health security aspect. They are: preparing the piano for the move and carrying and loading/unloading combined.

When it comes to preparation for the move of the piano, you need to make sure that it is tightly packed. Pianos can be crated and this is the most common way that people move them. In the case that you are not that professional about your move, you should use what you have in your home in order to make it safe from damage.

Furthermore, choose the truck of the right size in order to fit the piano inside. Get well informed about truck rental insurance. Try the truck on the parking lot before renting it. It may prove too large for you to handle.

In order to transport a piano across the country, you are going to need the right-sized moving truck

Make sure to choose the right moving truck when you transport a piano across the country.

Make a detailed plan of what you are going to use for protection of the piano. Wooden boards with styrofoam and the best option. In the case that you do not have any wooden boards that you could use, you need to improvise. Another good option is to cover the piano in blankets. Given the fact that you would be moving with, probably, plenty if not all of your items, leave some of your blankets unpacked. Then, after you have safely loaded the piano onto the moving truck, cover its angles and weak spots in general with blankets. Should anything hit it or should piano move and hit the walls of the truck, blankets will be there to absorb the blow.

Carrying the piano

By now you should have made up your mind on how you will protect it during the move. Then, safely move the piano all the way to the stairs. Some pianos have wheels that you can use for pushing it on the floor. Others will need lifting from time to time. When you need to lift, make sure to do it safely. Otherwise, you may get hurt.

Cross country moving companies Delaware use small trollies for moving pianos around the house. If you have one, put it to use. Furthermore, you can use a lift in order to lower the piano down the stairway. Don’t have one? That’s exactly why we suggested hiring professional movers in this case.

Loading, securing and unloading

Loading and unloading should be performed in the same manner as you did when you carried the piano up or down the stairway.

When it comes to securing the piano, you should make sure to use straps to hold it into one place.


Choose the right tools to protect the piano for the move

Alternatively, in the case that you will be moving all of your items at once, you may choose to place the piano all the way in the back of the truck. Once you have done that, make sure to place other large items right next to the piano. Make sure that it does not move during transport. After you have finished doing this, you should put the blankets around and over in order to protect the piano.

Get help to transport a piano across the country

As you can probably imagine, you are not going to be able to move the piano by yourself. Given the fact that you are still reading this tells us that you are probably going to do it on your own. That’s cool. Still, make sure to call some strong friends to help you. When talking to them, make sure to point it out to them that they should wear long trousers and shoes with covered toes in order to protect them. It is up to you to provide them with protective gloves in order to help you transport piano across the country.