Written by: Nathan Steele

It’s always difficult to predict what the future holds for any industry. However, when it comes to moving, there are certain glimpses that you can take advantage of. Before exploring the Verified Movers reviews to find the right moving company, it’s important to get to know that your company follows the newest trends. For that reason, we want to go over the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond. Here are some of the details to look out for when it comes to moving.

Moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond for each state

When looking at an industry and its future, you want to have certain details in mind. With specific industries like the moving industry, there are plenty of factors that will have a huge impact. For that reason, let’s take a look at the impact of these improvements and trends all over the US and what those changes that 2025 and the years beyond will bring.

Movers making an inventory thinking about the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond
What does the future hold for the moving industry?

Overview of what to expect for the whole US

One thing is certain: the moving industry is benefiting more and more from technological advances. One of the more recent examples of this is virtual reality and how much it has changed the way people get their quotes. However, this is just one small example. People all across the country can get smoother moving services thanks to the involvement of AI and automation in the logistics department.

Another of the expected improvements in the industry is the fact that relocating has become more eco-friendly. There are more and more biodegradable packing materials, electric moving vehicles, and optimized routes to reduce carbon emissions.

We’ll talk more in detail about each of these improvements, as well as many others. However, technology and environmentally friendly moving are the two practices that almost every corner of the US can feel, and that’s why we wanted to highlight them as trends for 2025 and beyond. However, now let’s go over some of the more popular cities that can give you a better insight when it comes to relocation, including:

  • Florida
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Arizona
  • Nevada


As one of the more popular states to move to, Florida is a good indicator of the impacts of innovations in the moving industry. For example, when looking at the best moving companies in South Florida reviews you can see that a lot of them can offer you solutions that are environmentally friendly. Above all, the state overall is facing challenges for 2025 and beyond. That’s because the rising sea levels are a big concern for the future. Even if the true impact will be seen around 2050, there are already efforts to improve the situation in the best possible way. The moving industry is doing its part by providing more eco-friendly options.

However, even with these future challenges, it’s expected that the number of people moving to Florida will still be on the rise. Cities like Tampa and The Villages will be a great example of that as people of all ages flock to these areas and others in Florida. Overall, the state offers just so much that it’s difficult to see anything different from an upward trend in the near future.

A bridge in Miami
Florida is a great place to check out the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond


California is a state that many look to and hope they can live in. However, it’s interesting that the state has both a great number of people moving in and out of it. In such states, the moving industry can truly boom as there’s always work to be done. With so many people looking at the best moving companies in California reviews this makes it easy for companies to look for constant improvement. More and more companies in the area are showing interest in AI when it comes to efficient customer support. On top of that, companies in California usually plan out their routes and use modern trucks. This combination makes the carbon impact of your relocation low, and things are only looking to improve in the years to come.

When it comes to the state itself, there are several important details. For example, it’s projected that in the near future, cities like San Diego, Santa Maria, and Bakersfield will have the biggest percentage of people moving to them. On the other hand, places like Oakland and Anaheim are projected to have more people leaving.


Green living and digital innovations are more than visible in Colorado. As peaceful and quiet places like Boulder and Denver become increasingly popular, there’s plenty of work in the area’s moving industry. However, it’s also important to note that Colorado is not among the most affordable places, and projections don’t show that there will be plenty of changes in the future.

However, when looking for interstate moving companies Colorado and overall housing in Colorado, there are improvements that can make things easier for you. With virtual reality, it’s easier to see your new home from faraway states and countries. Virtual tours and online consultations are something you can count on from many moving companies and real estate agents in the state. Add to it the improvement in green moving practices in the state, and you can see why Colorado needs to be mentioned when talking about the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond.


Looking at Texas can give you a good understanding of what to expect. It’s such a crucial state, so any trends and innovations can be seen here first. For example, the interstate moving companies Texas you can explore will use biodiesel fuel for their trucks and pack your items in eco-friendly materials. Of course, route planning is already a standard for companies in the area because of how big Texas is. Even if moving companies might not be the pioneers of innovation, you can be sure that improvements will find fertile soil in Texas.

When it comes to trends in the state, there are plenty to observe. Texas isn’t anymore the place where you can find affordability at every corner, as the interest of people to move here is still there. However, this will leave room for future investments. Regional forecasts highlight areas like McAllen, Brownsville, and El Paso as hotspots for potential home price increases. When you analyze everything, the moving industry in Texas will surely keep on growing and improving.

A bridge in Dallas
Texas is a place where innovations are seen quickly

New York

New York is surely a place that needs to be analyzed when looking for trends and standards. With huge impacts on the state during the pandemic times, it’s only obvious that these numbers will grow and recover. Places in the state, like NYC, are always popular when it comes to moving. That’s why many long distance moving companies in New York will always improve and bring in innovations that are efficient and eco-friendly. That’s why improvements are seen when it comes to technologies and materials when booking your movers.

As for the environmental factors, New York faces severe risks of flooding, with 30% of properties at risk over the next 30 years, alongside major risks from wildfires and wind events, underscoring the importance of considering climate impacts in real estate decisions. All of these make it even more important for improvements in 2025 and above.


Moving companies in Arizona rely more and more on the help of electric or hybrid trucks and will make optimum use of recycling. On top of that, with booming urban growth, the future of relocating in Arizona lies within virtual moving consultations. Advanced technology like virtual and augmented reality, with time, will give many more correct predictions and planning with much ease. Moreover, home integration with smart devices is likely to be picked up by a state with such a tech-savvy population. The fast lifestyle of Arizona will be serviced by on-demand moving services, and the mobility solutions will be personalized to cover the various needs. All of this will make things so much easier to move with long distance movers Arizona and ensure everything goes by smoothly.


Moving in Nevada will focus on sustainability and innovation in the future. You can be sure that long distance moving companies Nevada will opt for electric or hybrid cars and work with recyclable efforts beyond what is considered basic. Virtual consults using VR and AR technologies are surely on the cards as well. Future services will be tailored to the Nevadan highly paced life, and all solutions will be tailor-made for each individual.

Roads  will be part of the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond
Nevada is the state where many improvements are seen

Moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond in the industry

Now that we’ve covered some of the trends per state, it’s time to get into what specifically is going to improve in the years to come. From small details that are already felt in the industry to things that will improve the future. Here are some of them we’re sure will stand out and continue to shape the industry, including:

  • More technology
  • Sustainable practices in the industry
  • Consumer expectations
  • Improvement of regulations and standards

More integration of technology

Technology integration in the industry has radically redefined the role of the organization and customer experience in processes related to moving. For instance, moving quote calculators bring transparency and convenience since the customer will get accurate quotes immediately online, breaking the tradition of in-house surveys.

Virtual meetings with customers have reduced the requirement for interfacing physically. The technology sets up processes that make the whole moving process efficient and very safe for customers and moving professionals. In addition, there is the availability of real-time tracking of their possessions to the clients, therefore encouraging trust and giving peace during the course.

Of course, there are so many other improvements to expect in the near future to make the moving experience even better.

A person wearing a VR set
Virtual reality will be among the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond

Sustainable moving

There has been a shift toward sustainability. Moving companies tend to adopt measures such as using bio-diesel or electric vehicles for the transportation of goods, packing with materials that can be reused, and ensuring the optimization of routes for less fuel usage. With such a consumer being environmentally conscious, he tends to prefer that they reduce their carbon footprint when moving.

Sustainable moving is expected to evolve further with changing technologies, regulations, and pressure from consumers to engage in ever-greener practices, all in light of an increased commitment by the industry to decrease its environmental footprint as 2025 years loom ahead. Overall, the moving industry definitely tries to improve and create a more positive environment.

Consumer expectations of the future

Of course, every company and industry will focus on their customers. Above all, there are always new things people are asking for and definitely require more attention from the industry. From eco-friendly options to improvements in customer interaction, there are certain improvements that are going to be expected in the industry. Of course, it’s difficult to expect what the customer wants. However, time will tell just what moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond will stick when it comes to customer expectations.

Regulatory and standard evolution

The moving industry has had plenty of changes since 2025 and beyond. Such rapid growth in technology leads regulatory bodies to adapt. This is why it’s important to consult the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and other important bodies. Following the standards and regulations of important bodies will help you find the right movers. However, it will also show you what the future brings for the moving industry.

A mover holding a couple of items thinking about the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond
Make sure to follow the evolution of regulations and standards

What does the future hold for the moving industry?

With all that awaits in the future, moving surely has some changes incoming. Looking at all the moving trends and predicted standards for 2025 and beyond, there’s a lot to look forward to. From practices that benefit the environment to technological improvements, there’s a lot to expect. Whatever the future holds, we’re sure that the moving industry will be constantly improving in the years to come.