Written by: Kate Becker

Moving to Seattle brings a world of opportunities right to your doorstep. After you’ve unpacked and settled into your new home, the real fun begins. Seattle, known for its lush landscapes and rich cultural scene, offers countless ways to explore and enjoy your new city. Moving is a hard and long process and everyone needs to unwind after something like that. You also need to think about finding a new school for your kid after moving. Here, we will list the top 5 post-move activities in Seattle you can enjoy, alone or with your family. Let’s see what this city can offer!

A Word About Seattle

After reading Verified Movers reviews and finding the right moving company for your relocation, you should explore your new city. Seattle is located in the state of Washington. It is the seat of King County with an estimated 3.87 million citizens. It is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of America. The city is a seaport on the Pacific Ocean, which means that it has a warm temperate climate, officially in the Mediterranean belt. Some other sources say that it has an oceanic climate, because of its winters. It has cool, wet winters and mild, relatively dry summers, covering characteristics of both.

photo of white Ferris Wheel across city buildings
The city of Seattle is one of the best places to live in the state.

Seattle is located between two mountain ranges. This makes the city and its surrounding area heaven for every outdoor enthusiast out there. With many natural parks and lakes, it is known as a great place for camping. Other than that, there are a lot of options in the city itself. Some indoor activities for yourself and your family to enjoy. There are many post-move activities in Seattle, whether they are indoor or outdoor. After moving here with the help of long distance movers Washington, you can enjoy these 5, or many more!

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is not only a majestic landmark near Seattle but also a stunning example of natural beauty and geological wonder. Standing at 14,411 feet, Mount Rainier holds the title as the fifth highest peak in the continental United States. Known for its impressive glacier coverage, it is the most heavily glaciated peak in the lower 48 states, boasting 26 major glaciers and numerous icefalls.

The park covers about 236,381 acres, offering visitors over 260 miles of maintained trails to explore. These trails range from leisurely walks through old-growth forests to rigorous climbs in the alpine wilderness. During the warmer months, the park becomes particularly accessible, allowing even those without extensive climbing experience to enjoy the heights. The Skyline Trail, for example, is a favorite among visitors.

Wildlife in the park is abundant. While hiking, you might spot marmots, black bears, or deer. Bird watchers can delight in observing a variety of species, from the majestic bald eagle to the colorful western tanager. For those interested in photography or nature studies, the diversity of ecosystems from subalpine meadows to lowland forests provides rich subject matter. Mount Rainier is also a significant cultural icon. It is revered by the local Native American tribes and has been a beacon for mountaineering enthusiasts from around the world. The mountain serves as a vital training ground for climbers preparing for the world’s tallest peaks, such as Everest.

For those who have moved to one of the best neighborhoods for families in Seattle, a trip to Mount Rainier National Park offers both adventure and tranquility, helping you connect with the Pacific Northwest’s unique environment!

two men hiking
Take your first post-move trip to Mount Rainier for breathtaking nature.

5th Avenue Theatre

The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle stands as a prominent landmark not only in its architecture but also in its contribution to the American musical theater landscape. Opened in 1926, this venue is much more than a theater; it’s a piece of cultural history that has brought forth some of the most significant productions in the American theatre repertoire. The theatre’s design is inspired by various elements of Chinese architecture.

This historic theater has been instrumental in launching new musicals that often advance to Broadway. Since 2002, the 5th Avenue Theatre has premiered 17 new musicals, many of which have garnered critical acclaim and awards, including Tony Awards when they moved to Broadway. Productions like “Hairspray” and “Memphis,” which started at the 5th Avenue Theatre, went on to achieve national success, drawing more attention to Seattle’s amazing arts scene.

The theater’s programming often includes a mix of classic musicals and innovative new works, providing something for all tastes. “Come From Away,” which recently played here, is a perfect example of the theatre’s commitment to bringing diverse and poignant stories to its audience. This particular musical, based on the true story of passengers diverted to a small Canadian town during the 9/11 attacks, showcases the kind of powerful narratives that the theater is known for presenting.

Attending a show at the 5th Avenue Theatre is more than just a night out. For residents new to Seattle, it offers an opportunity to connect with the city’s cultural pulse. The theater not only provides entertainment but also a gateway into the community’s shared cultural experiences. It is a good activity to enjoy after introducing yourself to your new neighbors, and one of the best post-move activities in Seattle.

Theater interior
Watch a Broadway show at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

Museum of History and Industry

The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle is an essential destination for anyone new to the city and eager to learn about Seattle’s rich history after finishing the unpacking process. Located in the lively South Lake Union area, MOHAI offers a comprehensive look at the many ways Seattle has evolved over the years. The museum’s “Essential Seattle” tour is particularly popular, showcasing a vast array of historical photos and artifacts that chart the city’s growth from its earliest days to its current status as a major urban center.

As you walk through the museum, the “Essential Seattle” exhibit unfolds Seattle’s journey beginning with Captain George Vancouver’s arrival in Elliott Bay in 1792. You’ll explore significant milestones such as the founding of Microsoft and the eruption of Mount St. Helens, events that shaped the region’s landscape and culture. This chronological journey through Seattle’s history not only educates but also connects visitors to the city’s past.

The artifacts on display are meticulously preserved, offering insights into the daily lives of Seattle’s early inhabitants, the city’s industrial achievements, and its cultural developments. From Native American crafts to remnants of the famed 1962 World’s Fair, each piece tells a story of resilience and innovation. For photography enthusiasts, the museum presents a stunning collection of vintage photos that capture the essence of Seattle through the ages.

Visiting MOHAI is an opportunity to see how Seattle’s spirit of innovation and community has carried through to modern times. For newcomers who have recently moved with long distance moving companies Seattle, understanding this historical context can provide a meaningful connection to their new home. The museum also regularly updates its exhibits and hosts special events, making each visit a new opportunity to learn!

man writing and reading about the best post-move activities in Seattle on his laptop
Find out about all the best post-move activities in Seattle!

When It Comes to Post-Move Activities in Seattle, Museum of Flight Is a Must Visit

If you’re moving to Seattle, or to one of the best commuter towns to Seattle, the Museum of Flight is a must-visit. Located at Boeing Field, this museum is a homage to the pioneers of aviation and the technological advancements that have shaped air travel. It houses one of the largest air and space collections in the US, making it a must-visit for anyone fascinated by the history of flight.

The museum’s location, the historic Red Barn, is significant as it marks the birthplace of Boeing’s first airplanes. This setting provides a unique backdrop for exploring the early days of aircraft manufacturing. Inside the museum, the famous Great Gallery houses around 20 aircraft suspended from the ceiling, creating a dramatic display that captures the evolution of flight technology from its earliest days to the late 1930s.

One of the standout exhibits is an early model of Air Force One. This particular plane served presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon and represents a significant piece of U.S. history. Also, the museum features a recreated air traffic control center, allowing visitors to experience the complexity and precision required in aviation operations. Another highlight is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird on display. Known as one of the fastest planes ever built. The Blackbird exhibit not only showcases the plane itself but also delves into its roles during Cold War espionage missions.

Beyond the main gallery, the museum extends outdoors where several more aircraft await. These include commercial jetliners, private planes, and military jets, each with its own story. The outdoor airpark allows visitors to step inside some of these aircraft, offering an up-close look at the interiors that have carried millions of passengers through the skies.

Boing flying
Explore the historic planes at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

Sports Events

Seattle is also a great hub for sports fans. The city has three big league teams. In the NFL, there are the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle also has an MLB team called the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle NHL team. It is good to unwind after a move by going to a sports event and getting to know the crowd. Whichever sport you like, it will be one of the best post-move activities in Seattle to visit one of the following sports events.

Kigoa football on green grass
Experience the energy of a Seahawks game at Lumen Field.

Experience Seattle Seahawks Football

Seattle has a lively sports scene, and the Seahawks are a cornerstone of this. Since their 2013 NFL championship win and the subsequent Super Bowl appearance in 2014, the Seahawks have captured the hearts of many. Attending a Seahawks game at the bustling Lumen Field is a thrilling experience. The stadium is famous for its “12th Man” crowd noise, where fans cheer so loudly they’ve set world records. Being part of this dynamic atmosphere offers a fantastic way to connect with local culture and unwind after a move.

Catch a Seattle Mariners Game

Baseball fans can enjoy watching the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park, a stadium known for its retractable roof—a boon in Seattle’s rainy climate. The Mariners, although they’ve faced challenges in clinching a championship, provide a spirited game day experience. The park also offers stunning views of Seattle’s skyline, making a game here about more than just baseball. It’s about enjoying the city’s scenic backdrop while rooting for the home team.

Cheer for the Seattle Kraken

Adding to Seattle’s sports repertoire is the NHL’s newest addition, the Seattle Kraken. The team plays at Climate Pledge Arena, which underwent significant renovations to become the first net-zero carbon arena in the world. Attending a Kraken game is not just about hockey; it’s also about embracing sustainability. The electrifying atmosphere during games and the chance to be part of a growing fan base make for an unforgettable night out.

Get to Know the Crowd

Sports events in Seattle are more than just watching the game; they are about being part of a community. Each match offers the chance to meet locals and share in the collective excitement, making it one of the top post-move activities in Seattle. Whether you’re cheering in the stadium or celebrating a win in a local pub, you’re sure to feel welcomed by the passionate sports culture of Seattle. Hire a professional organizer after a move, and make your transition into the city a memorable one.

people sitting on green grass
Cheer for the Mariners at a sunny afternoon baseball game.

Additional Post-Move Activities in Seattle

Each of these activities ideal for post-relocation relaxation, offers a unique way to connect with Seattle and start feeling at home in your new city. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or sporting events, Seattle has something to excite and engage you. Besides these five activities mentioned above, there are some more activities you can enjoy after moving to Seattle.

Discover Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market in Seattle is not just a market; it’s a lively hub of activity and culture. As one of the oldest continuously operated public markets in the United States, established in 1907, it draws both locals and visitors eager to experience its lively atmosphere. Here, you can find a diverse range of fresh seafood, seasonal produce, and unique handmade crafts. The market is famous for its fishmongers who toss salmon and other fish to each other, creating a dynamic show for spectators. This iconic scene captures the spirit of the market and highlights its emphasis on fresh, local food.

Besides the fresh fare, Pike Place Market is also home to the first Starbucks Coffee shop, which opened in 1971. This historic site attracts coffee lovers looking to see where the global coffee company began. The market spans nearly nine acres and includes hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, small businesses, and residents. Each stall and shop has its own charm, offering everything from artisan cheeses to vintage collectibles.

Exploring Pike Place Market provides more than just a shopping experience; it offers a taste of Seattle’s rich culinary and cultural heritage. Whether you’re picking up ingredients for dinner, searching for a unique gift, or simply enjoying the energetic environment, Pike Place Market encapsulates the heart and soul of Seattle. Visiting the market is a delightful way to connect with the city and its people, making it an essential experience for anyone new to Seattle.

Starbucks signboard
Discover the original Starbucks in the bustling Pike Place Market.

Relax at Kerry Park

Kerry Park, located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, is a cherished spot for both residents and visitors. This small public park provides one of the most breathtaking views of downtown Seattle, the iconic Space Needle, and on clear days, the majestic Mount Rainier in the distance. It’s a prime location for photographers aiming to capture the essence of Seattle’s skyline or for anyone wishing to soak in the spectacular panoramic vistas.

The park’s vantage point on Queen Anne Hill makes it a popular destination, especially at sunset when the city lights begin to sparkle against the twilight sky. The park is not just about the view; it’s a peaceful place for reflection or a romantic spot for couples. Visitors often bring picnics, relax on the benches, and watch the bustling city from their serene perch.

Kerry Park is easy to access and provides a quick escape from the city’s hustle without the need to travel far. It’s a must-visit location for anyone looking for some of the best post-move activities in Seattle, offering a moment of tranquility and a chance to connect with the city from a unique perspective. Whether you’re capturing photos, enjoying a quiet moment, or simply taking in the views, Kerry Park promises a memorable and refreshing experience. This park is not just a scenic spot; it’s a great spot to relax after a long distance relocation, making it an essential stop for anyone moving to the city.

Paddle Around Lake Union

Exploring Lake Union by kayak or paddleboard provides a unique way to experience Seattle. This urban aquatic adventure allows you to see the city from a fresh perspective. As you glide across the water, you’ll enjoy views of downtown Seattle’s skyline and the iconic Space Needle. The lake is also dotted with charming houseboats, including the famous one from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle,” which adds a touch of local culture and history to your excursion.

Lake Union is lively and dynamic, often bustling with activity. You can watch seaplanes ascend and descend right beside you, offering a thrilling spectacle. The lake’s central location makes it easily accessible for anyone looking to escape the city’s streets for a bit of water-based relaxation. Rental shops are conveniently located around the lake, providing all the gear and guidance you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable outing.

This activity isn’t just for seasoned paddlers. Beginners can also join in the fun, with many rental facilities offering introductory lessons and guided tours. These tours can enhance your experience by pointing out historical sites and explaining local wildlife and ecological features. Whether you’re seeking a vigorous workout or a leisurely paddle, Lake Union offers a memorable way to enjoy the outdoors and gain a deeper appreciation for Seattle’s natural and urban environments. This is truly an invigorating way to connect with Seattle’s scenic waterways while enjoying a day out on the water.

two men in kayak
Take a leisurely paddleboard session around Lake Union.

Enjoying Seattle’s Best Post-Move Activities!

Exploring post-move activities in Seattle offers newcomers an exceptional way to connect with the city and its amazing culture. From the serene views at Kerry Park to the engaging exhibits at the Museum of Flight, there’s something for every interest. Paddling around Lake Union provides a refreshing outdoor adventure, while attending a lively sports event can immerse you in local enthusiasm. Pike Place Market invites you to savor the flavors and craftsmanship of Seattle. Each activity not only helps you unwind but also deepens your appreciation for this dynamic city. Engage in these experiences to make your transition not just easy, but also memorable!