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How to relax after a long distance relocation

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    Editor Blog Post-move Activities and Tasks

    You’re finally done with your relocation, and the future looks bright. It has been a stressful journey, and, of course, you want to relax. Verified Movers is here to give you some sage advice on how to relax after a long distance relocation. There are many ways to do so. Indeed, depends on where you have relocated, there could be thousands of ways for you to blow off steam.

    To relax after a long distance relocation, find out about the local nightlife

    This, of course, depends on your location. Some countries are more liberal than others when it comes to nightlife, alcohol, and parties. However, there is no country in the world that would stop you from drinking alcohol. Again, depending on your location, there could be some additional rules, which depend on culture. For example:

    A mug of beer on a brown table - good way to relax after a long distance relocation, as long as you don't drive.
    Of course, you can relax after a long distance relocation by cranking it up to eleven, but be responsible while doing so – it’s illegal and you won’t be able to enjoy the culture
    • In El Salvador, if you’re caught drunk while driving, you face the death sentence. We understand the logic behind strict liquor laws. We would also never advocate drunk driving, but this is going over the line.
    • In Scotland, you can drink all you wish, but under no circumstances should you ride a cow after drinking. The legal precedent for this one (if there is one, actually) must have been a really awesome party or a cow race through the streets.
    • In France, for example, the drinking laws are pretty lax, even though you have to stick to the norm (for example, don’t steal a police car and ram it into the Eiffel Tower). Wines are cheaper than water, so you’ll have no problem drinking and being a wine elitist at the same time!

    Learn something new about the culture

    In order to relax after a long distance relocation, you may want to enjoy the finer specifics of the culture. No, it’s not all about drinking, or drunk driving. Well, to relax after a long distance relocation, you could visit:

    Eiffel tower at night with lights on.
    Do not forget to enjoy cultural localities after moving.
    • Religious objects – those are a pretty important part of human culture. If you’re, say, in Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca, or in Tibet, you will find no shortage of these. Jerusalem, for example, is the home of three different Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam);
    • Visit local sports events. For example, if you’re in Africa, you could visit the Dakar Rally (but I don’t think you can compete – it’s not exactly safe and a family van won’t survive the trip). If you’re in Eastern Europe or Central Asia, you could pay a visit to the Tank Biathlon. Yes, they’re racing actual tanks, and then displaying their firepower. If you like more mainstream sports events, well, there’s Tour de France, which is also extremely competitive, and Australian Open, if you’re a tennis fan.

    Learn about the local wildlife

    This, unfortunately, doesn’t apply to places that have a similar wildlife to the place where you live. You could relax after a long distance relocation by learning about those parts of nature that you’ve never seen outside the zoo (or not even in there, perhaps). This advice, also, has its limits. For example, if you live in Texas, wildlife in Nevada will certainly not impress you. However, if you go somewhere exotic, such as Brazil, China, Russia or Indonesia, you will bear witness to majestic creatures, such as:

    • Bengal tiger – these guys are up to 43.3 inches tall. They are an endangered species. Still, approach them with caution. Otherwise, you will help them survive by becoming lunch for their cubs.
    • If you’re going to Africa, you can see the African Elephant. They have a relatively friendly disposition towards humans and generally aren’t aggressive in their presence. Unfortunately, they’re prime targets for poachers thanks to their tusks. On a lighter note, they make great companions for Facebook profile pictures!
    • Komodo dragon. If you happen to be in Indonesia, you may run into one, but that’s very unlikely. You see, they’re 3 feet long lizards rarely seen outside of Indonesia. And, they don’t actually breathe fire.

    Relax indoors – decorate your home

    Even if your new home is perfect or almost perfect, there are still many ways through which you can relax after a long distance relocation. Sit down for a moment and think about your past home. It may bring out some nostalgic feelings, but you’re an adult and there’s an entirely new life waiting for you. So, the two questions you have to figure out are:

    1. What did you like about your old home, and do you miss it?
    2. What annoyed you and irritated you about your old home?

    Did you, for example, have a shelf with your entire miniature toy collection next to the window in your bedroom? Well, how about you do the same thing here? Use that shelf, or buy a new one if you’ve thrown that one away. Place your collection on the shelf and relax while enjoying the view. Is your room too dark? As in, not enough light enters through the window? Why don’t you paint it into a bright shade of green? Sure, this can be hard work, and most people don’t consider it to be relaxation. But think again. The feeling of satisfaction you get from having your own personal realm is both relaxing and rewarding. Try to dwell on that. It’s essentially the work that pays off multiple times.

    Well-lighted room with furniture in black and white.
    One way to relax after a long distance relocation is interior decoration.

    The problem with general advice such as this is that it’s not universal. It doesn’t apply to all people, and never will. In the end, all I can say is that you should do whatever it is that relaxes you – reading a novel, playing video games, holding a drinking contest with your friends (just remember not to drive while intoxicated). Humans are free to make their own choices. Relax after a long distance relocating by making yours.

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