Written by: Madeline Blake

It’s a known fact that kids are resilient little creatures. There is almost nothing they can’t overcome, learn, and get used to. But, while they might be superior to us grown-ups in certain aspects, the truth is that kids heavily rely on their parents to make all the bad things go away. And that’s precisely what will need to happen if relocating to a new place in the middle of the school year and during your child’s formative years. It will be your task to help your kid adjust to a new school, and we have no doubt you will give your best effort and make sure that happens. With plenty of experience in all things moving-related, Verified Movers are more than competent to give you a few tips. Stay tuned to find out all the important details.

A new classroom requires that you help your kid adjust to a new school.

Starting a new school can either be a great or horrendous memory. It depends on the parent!

Your attitude will reflect on your child’s attitude

It’s only natural that your kid will look up to you in pretty much any sphere of life. After all, that is what you wish and desire, isn’t it? So, how do you expect your child to remain happy and positive if you yourself are looking at this as the worst thing that could have happened? Instead of wracking your head over finding the best cross country movers Rhode Island, you should relax. Remember that your kid is keeping a constant watch, and remind yourself to be positive!

Make it fun if you want to help your kid adjust to a new school

What do kids love more than anything else? The answer is simple – they love to have fun and play games. Now, if you look at this transition as something tragic, your child will see it that way, too. But, if you decide to make it fun, your kid won’t be able to wait to start the new school! Sounds impossible? It’s really not! All you have to do is find and do the following things:

  • Request the school handbook in order to get to know it better
  • Search the website for fun facts, activities, as well as photographs
  • Point out cafeterias, auditoriums, fun classes, and extra-curricular activities
Two kids looking at a laptop and celebrating.

Get your kids excited about going to a new school! It’s easier than it sounds, trust us!

Give your child something to look forward to and he or she won’t be able to hardly wait for it. We understand that, as a parent, you can hardly be care-free. But, as you see, there are some instances where that attitude is not only helpful but also highly desirable. Learn how to be a fun parent from time to time, but also know how not to be a lenient one. That is a recipe for success that will make you into a fantastic parent, and it will certainly make it easy for you to help your child adjust to a new school.

Your kid could benefit from seeing the new school

What did you do when you found out that you were moving to, let’s say Oregon? The first thing you did was make a plan. Then you hired the best Oregon cross country movers you could find, got everything in order with them, and then? Then you most likely visited your new humble abode at least once. Why do you think you did that? The answer is simple – you wanted to see the new environment and get familiar with it as much as possible. People are creatures of habit, and we are not too fond of the unknown. Sure, your kids are small, but they are still persons. They share the same fears as you do, and they too could benefit from getting to know the new surroundings. So, make sure you take your kid to a field trip to the new school before the moving date. Who knows, maybe your kid will even meet a friend or two, which brings us to another point!

Help your kid adjust to a new school by supporting them to meet new friends

We all need friends when the going gets rough. Sure, as we get older, we have less time for friends. But when you are a young child, friends are all that matters. The hardest thing during this transition will certainly be the loss of old friends. While you should always encourage your child to maintain the relations with their existing friends (which in the days of Skype and Facebook is a piece of cake), you should also focus on helping him/her meet new friends. It really is one of the best ways to help your child settle in the new town, as well as the new school. So, what should you do?

A group of kids holding hands.

Your kid will need a support system at school.

When new kids start school, they usually get a buddy that walks them through those first few days. This is a good place to start, as it’s the first contact with the children from the new school. You could also help your kid adjust to his or her new school by encouraging them to take extra-curricular activities. If they are interested in ballet and the school offers it, there is nothing better to do than sign him or her up. It will allow them to mingle with kids of the same interest, and that same interest will be a great conversation-starter!

Don’t push it and have a lot of patience

Usually, parents lose their patience while on this difficult road. And we can’t blame them, as kids can get the best of you at times. But, if you are trying to help your kid adjust to a new school, you really don’t have the luxury of letting your emotions get the best of you. Instead, keep reminding yourself that your child is not intentionally being difficult to handle. They are going through a whirlwind of emotions and the last thing they need is a punishment. So, keep your cool, and you will see the fruits of your labor soon enough!